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How to Find Guest Post Accepting Websites or

Currently, guest posting/blogging as a way to promote and build link mass has been one of the most popular
trends in SEO, and the existing trends definitely show that its importance and popularity will eventually be
increasing. This guide is devoted to guest posting and techniques for getting links to your website.

What is guest posting

Without too many complicated words, guest posting can be described with examples:

If you have an article and you want to pay to an authoritative website to publish that article - it will be called
advertising or a sponsored article or post.

If you pay to a person to write a post with links to your website or brand in the context of an article, then we
call it native advertising.

If you have a high quality post and you don't want to pay but the popular websites publish your article with
backlinks for free - then it is a guest post.

The crucial difference between guest posts and other types of sponsored content is that you don't have to pay
to post an article. Also, guest posts are usually better quality than sponsored posts.

Why everybody is after guest posts

First off, why would you need a guest post? The answer is quite simple: via a guest post you get your brand /
website mentioned through a link from a respected resource, and traffic from their page as visitors. These
three represent key ranking factors that are used by search engines to determine the ranking of a website in
search results.

Secondly, why an authoritative website would want a guest post from you? There may be different answers
to this because each guest post accepting website has its own reasons:

allow industry specialists to have their say on the website

write new content on the blog for its promotion
if they need editorial staff to constantly update their blog
receive free and high quality content

Guest posting is therefore a mutually beneficial strategy for both authors of guest posts and publishers of
new content.

Can publishing a guest post affect my website badly?

In most cases - no. Exceptions:

- Paid guest posts. In this situation a website offers to publish a guest post for a fee. This can be potentially a
problem since such links can be viewed by search engines as an attempt to manipulate search ranking.

- Irrelevant links. This is simple: users and search engines would not be happy if a culinary how-to guide is
presented on a football blog. So much wanted referral traffic cannot be generated from such a link; incoming
conversions will be inappropriate and worsen your website's bounce rate, and irrelevant links may be
perceived as spam by search engine algorithms.

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18.12.2020 gp.bizpages.org/guest_post_accepting_websites2.html

- Low quality website. It is the same as if you establish a link from a spammy website. Always verify the
donor before suggesting a guest post.

Where websites/blogs for guest posts can be found?

People are always looking for highly authoritative websites that accept guest posts. This can be done in
several ways.

Option 1: reach out to webite owners

Any website owner will be happy to publish good quality posts including for the motivation outlined above.

How website owners can be reached?

1. Search the website

The best is to look for contact information on the website. Usually, websites contain a page where owners
leave their contact information so that you can reach them easily.

2. Contact the editorial

If you don't know how to contact the editor or another person responsible for blogging, the best way is to
send a message directly to the website editor.

Start with finding a high value website that has editorial contacts. Then send them an email with a brief
explanation of your proposal.

If the editors like your offer and express interest in the proposed topic, you will surely be heard. This
approach works even with best platforms such as Huffington.

Option 2: find potential websites from an analysis of competitors

One of the fastest methods to find new guest posting opportunities is to do a detailed research into what
backlinks are leading to your competitors.

If you can analyze the link mass of your competitors, and you know that your competitors are actively
blogging and building up the links, you can utilize their strategy too.

Use any link analytics service that is available in the industry, such as, for example, MOZ or Ahrefs.
Competitors' links may look like this:

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18.12.2020 gp.bizpages.org/guest_post_accepting_websites2.html

Find a quality backlink from the list. Explore the website footer or menu to find a guide for those who want
to post an article on the website. Use the instruction to publish a thematic guest post. Use this strategy again
and again for every new website. Now you can find lots of websites to get a guest post published.

Option 3: search engines

Perform a search using special operators. They are different for each SE. For Google it should be "inurl:
submit-guest-post" or "inurl: write-for-us". The result can be like this:

A significant advantage of this method is that the websites that you find in the SERPS are well-ranked by
Google or another SE and it is safer for you to negotiate guest posting with them as they are free of various
penalties and spam.

Another option for finding sites and blogs that accept guest posts is to replace the inurl operator with the
intitle operator and look at the results:

You can try different search operators to find websites to publish your guest posts.
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18.12.2020 gp.bizpages.org/guest_post_accepting_websites2.html

Option 4 - use rated guides and lists of websites

Guest posting is gaining popularity in the SEO industry, among link builders and promoters, there are tons of
websites and blogs where websites that accept guest posts are provided as rated lists.

For example: Guest Posting Websites at Bizpages

The websites listed in such directories are checked manually and listed based on certain criteria. For users
convenience, they can be viewed in many sorted modes such as category, free or sponsored, dofollow or
nofollow link type in the post, individual website or aggregator, etc.

Option 5 - using specialized guest-post exchanges

Guest Post Aggregators are mostly used for placing sponsored posts and ads, though in some cases they may
promote websites that accept both paid and free guest posts depending on topic. Typically, the websites
included in such services are better structured by domain authority (e.g. MOZ DA), topic, price, and other

For example, Adsy.com is website which puts together publishers accepting guest posts and authors that are

looking for websites to publish their guest post.

Using the options above, authors will be able to spread a word about their ideas, services or activities
through guest posts on authority blogs or websites. Guest posting will provide valuable links in a natural way
through the value of publishing good content. It can be used as a great tool of digital marketing and

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