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EOI Ref No: EOI/WIFI/10-2020/001A Date:30th October 2020
Expression of Interest (EOI) is invited for the empanelment of “partners” working as system
integrators for supply, installation & commissioning of Wi-Fi (Access Points with Solar Power), etc,
in villages.
CSC e-Governance Services India Limited (CSC SPV) under its Wi-Fi Choupal program makes
requisite policy for facilitating internet service by integrating it with BharatNet end point at Gram
Panchayats (GP) for providing last mile connectivity in villages.
CSC Wi-Fi Choupal essentially facilitates a Service Delivery ecosystem which can be used to deliver
the following services: -
 Hi Speed Internet Access across village
 Free Wi-Fi calling solution
 Video Calling between local Smartphones possible without using telecom billing
 Streaming of Audio/Video Content (entertainment, edutainment and infotainment) over Smartphones
and Tablets


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Brief Scope of Work:
Physical Survey & Fiber Estimation: Partner shall undertake the ground survey activity for
deployment of Hotspots and complete detailed survey reports will be shared by the partner in the
prescribed format (App or desktop applications).

Implementation Schedule & Timelines: Partner will prepare and submit a detailed project plan for
the entire project duration. The project plan should clearly cover entire scope along with project
milestones & responsibility matrix. The Format of Report shall be approved by CSC SPV

Service Level Agreement (SLA) applicable during the operations and maintenance step shall fall
under the following categories

 Network / Infrastructure related performance requirements

 Maintenance of End-to-End infrastructure

 Resolution of faults and subsequent repairs

 Availability of manpower

 Helpdesk SLAs

 Others

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) would be strictly monitored and the same will be basis for the
levy of penalties upon their breach which will be finalized at a later stage.

Manpower and equipment mobilization: The Partner to mobilize the manpower in accordance to
the manpower deployment schedule and project plan.

Implementation & commissioning as per project plan: The Partner would be responsible for
supply, installation, integration and commissioning of the end-to-end solar powered Wi-Fi network
infrastructure and maintenance in the requirements finalized during the network design phase.

Partner will be required to set up Network Operation Control (NOC) / Share the Monitoring
Mechanism of the infrastructure as per the project requirements, implementation schedule and in
compliance with the network architecture.

Hand Over - Take Over: The entire network shall be transitioned for maintenance after final
installation & commissioning certificate in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the
contract agreement. The detailed procedure will be furnished in due course

Warranty: The obligations under the warranty shall include all costs relating to labor, spares,
maintenance (preventive as well as unscheduled), insurance and transport charges from site to
manufacturer‟s works / service facilities and back for repair or modification or replacement at site of
the equipment or any part of the equipment, which under normal care and proper use and

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maintenance proves defective in design, material or workmanship or fails to operate effectively and
efficiently or conform to the specifications.

Partner will provide on-site support for all the equipment and services. All the components,
equipment‟s or devices should be under warranty for a period at-least 5 years from the date of
commissioning. However, all the passive infra / components, equipment‟s, or devices to be under
warranty for minimum 10 years from the date of Handover of the infrastructure of the planned sites
after installation and commissioning.

SLA Maintenance & Reporting: The Partner will own the SLAs, in principle the SLAs would cover
all aspects of Network such as Network uptime, Hardware replacement, Alert Related etc.

The penalties for not meeting the work timeline, for not meeting the SLA, for not carrying out the
O&M or FLM, for non-working of Wi-Fi APs/Hotspots etc. will be finalized by CSC SPV and will
be binding on the Partners.

Preventive network maintenance:

The Partner shall undertake all preventive measures of the infrastructure (including the active &
passive components) with the information to respective authorities for maintaining the end-to-end
continuity of infrastructure.

Attending to any failure & breakdown maintenance within minimum time which will be specified in
the work order. The preventive maintenance should be carried out with prior intimation and during
planned shutdown period only granted by CSC SPV. The additional shutdown is not guaranteed as
number of customer‟s traffic will be in operation. The replacement of the network elements by
Partners shall be of the same or similar quality as already installed.

Schedule & Corrective maintenance:

Partner will prepare a schedule for network maintenance. The schedule Infrastructure maintenance
shall be governed with the industry best practices.

The Partner will put all safeguards to ensure malicious attacks such as “Denial of Service” etc are
prevented as much as possible Breach of SLAs will attract penalties which shall be effective yet
reasonable to get the remedy in place and keep the Partner in the proactive maintenance mode. The
details of penalties shall come subsequently.

Partner would undertake the responsibilities to maintain and upkeep the infrastructure created and
shall handover to CSC SPV in good working conditions

Inspection, validation, certification, and acceptance testing of each area of work assigned at any later
stage may be by Third Party Agency.

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Non-Execution of Project
Time is the Essence of Contract. Any delay in execution will invite penalties. Notwithstanding any
dispute or claim of the pendency of any arbitration or other proceedings, the partner shall continue to
provide the service as per the contract terms.

Eligibility Criteria:
The following criteria shall be met by the potential Partner partners to participate in this EOI and only
by those potential Partner partners who qualify with the following conditions/criteria may be
considered for empanelment: -


a. The partner shall be a Company registered/incorporated in India under the Indian

Companies Act 1956/2013 or as amended
b. The company should have been in existence for a minimum period of three years as on
30th September, 2020.
c. The Company should have a cumulative turnover of INR 25.00 Cr in the last 3 years. of
which at least INR 15.00 Cr. of turnover should be from System Integration of Solar
Powered Wi-Fi Access Points.
d. Turnover from the System Integration of Solar Powered Wi-Fi Access Points in Rural
Areas will be an added advantage.
e. It should be a profit-making company with positive net worth.
f. Audited financials i.e. Balance Sheet, Profit and loss account along with all the annexures,
notes to accounts and auditors report for last 3 years to be submitted.
g. Companies where the audit of accounts are yet to be completed may submit provisional
financials for Financial Year 2019-20 i.e. the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss account along
with all annexures and notes which have to be certified by the management and the statutory
auditors of the company. For all other previous years only, audited financials will be accepted.


h. The Company shall be the SYSTEM INTEGRATOR having supplied and deployed
equipment for at least 8000 Solar Powered Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points/Hotspots in
rural areas. This experience requirement of minimum 8000 outdoor Wi-Fi APs can be
met from multiple clients/orders etc. Client certificate with contact details of person
signing including official email-ID shall be submitted in this regard. Also, copy of work
order/purchase order highlighting the scope of work and value of the contract/order
i. The Company shall have experience in Supply & Installation of minimum of 8000 solar
powered mesh Wi-Fi Hotspots (APs) as on 15.10.2020. The Partner shall submit list of
the locations having these 8000 solar powered Mesh Wi-Fi Hotspots (APs).
j. Undertaking for doing POC of minimum 15 villages within 15 days from date which will
be advised in due course at its own cost.
k. The Company will share their technical Team & field support team structure (PAN India,
State Wise)

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l. The Company should produce documentary evidence of all the criteria including and not
limited to audited Balance Sheets, Customer work completion certificates.
m. The Company should not be blacklisted by any Public Sector Undertaking, central or
State Govt. department in India at the time of bid submission date.
n. The Company must submit a declaration that bidder has never been barred, defaulted,
blacklisted, or banned from having business dealing with/by any of the Government
Agency. Also, the undertaking should include that they have not been declared ineligible
for corrupt and fraudulent practices in any department of Government of India or State
Government. or any agency in India or abroad. If the undertaking is found to be false
later, after the selection of bidder, the said selection is liable for termination with
immediate effect without any notice.
o. The Company or its directors should not be a non-performing asset with any bank /
institution / NBFC or the promoters are not in the serious offenders list of banks.
Declaration to this effect has to be submitted.
p. The Company shall have valid PAN issued by Income Tax Department.
q. The Company shall have valid GST registration number. In case of multiple numbers, all
the numbers shall be provided.
r. The company shall be solvent and not have been referred for Insolvency to any authority
in India.


S. No. Company Documents (In case of Company/Firm/AOP

a. Certificate of Incorporation/Commencement of Business-In case of Public Company
b. Memorandum and Articles of Association/Charter Document/Partnership Deed
c. Company Brief Profile
d. PAN card of the Company
e. Certified List of Director & Shareholder/List of Partners/Governing Body
f. Directors' Profile/KMP Profile
Audited Balance Sheets and ITR & Computation of Income of Last 3 Financial Years
g. and Provisional balance sheet of current year. CA Certificate indicating company‟s
Turnover, profitability&Net worth.
h. List of GSTIN Registration along with GSTIN certificate, Wherever Registered.
Certificate/Undertaking - Company and Directors' are not under any default, not
i. blacklisted or banned from any Govt project/undertaking and any other undertaking
mentioned above
j. List of Top 5 Clients
k. List of projects completed in last 3 years along with the value of the project.
l All the declarations as mentioned in this document
m If Distributor/Dealer of the products, Documentary Proof

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Other Conditions:
1. This Expression of Interest (EOI) is not an offer and is issued with no commitment. CSC SPV
reserves the right to withdraw the EoI and change or vary any part thereof at any stage. CSC SPV
also reserves the right to disqualify any Partner, should it be so necessary at any stage
2. The bidders who meet the Financial qualification, Technical qualification, General qualification along
with the mandatory and supporting documents as asked in the EOI shall be empaneled. However,
detailed BoQ and technical specifications of the relevant products/items/equipment shall be conveyed
at later stage and financial quotes will also be asked at a later stage.
3. For all the EOI received before the last date and time of submission, the proposals and accompanying
documentation of the proposal will become the property of CSC SPV and will not be returned after
opening of the EoI.
4. CSC SPVis not restricted in its rights to use or disclose any or all the information contained in the
proposal and can do so without compensation to the Partners. CSC SPV shall not be bound by any
language in the proposal indicating the confidentiality of the proposal or any other restriction on its
use or disclosure.
5. By submitting a proposal, company shall be deemed to acknowledge that it has carefully read all
sections of this EoI, including all forms, schedules and annexure hereto, Expression of Interest and
has fully informed itself as to all existing conditions and limitations.
6. Neither the company nor any of the company representatives shall have any claims whatsoever
against CSC SPVor any of their respective officials, agents, or employees arising out of, or relating to
this EoI or these procedures.
7. Applicants who are found to canvass, influence or attempt to influence in any manner the
qualification or selection process, including without limitation, by offering bribes or other illegal
gratification, shall be disqualified from the process at any stage.
8. Each applicant shall submit only one proposal.
9. CSC SPVreserves the right to register and place orders on more than one empaneled
10. CSC SPVreserves the right to extend the last date of submission of the EoI.
11. CSC SPVreserves the right to amend, add and modify the terms and conditions at any time during the
implementation of the project.
12. All the policies and code of ethics of CSC SPV shall be complied and will be binding on the partner.
13. Time is the essence of the contract. In event of delay CSC SPV at its sole discretion cancel the
contract / Purchase order and award the work to any agency to achive the results.


The EOI should be submitted in the sealed envelope with the following details. Partners are
requested to submit their responses for the EOI, clearly labeled according to the following:
Covering Letter from the partner, non-refundable EOI fee, Board resolution authorizing the Partner to
sign/ execute the proposal as a binding document and also to execute all relevant agreements,
Organization Detail, Certificates, relevant supporting Documents, Experience Certificates, List of

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technical professionals, work force and support staff and all the documents as asked in eligibility
criteria and mandatory documents.

The self-attested documents shall be submitted in a sealed envelope super scribed „EOI FOR
following address:


Plot No. 238, Okhla Industrial Area Phase-III,
New Delhi-110020
Contact Details:
Name: Mr. Pankaj Dang
Contact No. 011 – 4975 4975 EXT. 302
Email ID:Pankaj.dang@csc.gov.in

Name: Mr. Ravikant Rai

Contact No. 011 – 4975 4975
Email ID: ravikant.rai@ csc.gov.in


This shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts at New Delhi.


The empanelment will be valid for one year from the date of floating of the expression of interest for
Partner empanelment.


Non-refundable fee for empanelment is Rs. 25,000/- (In Rupees Twenty-Five Thousand Only). The
fees will be submitted through demand draft/NEFT/Cheque in favor of CSC e-GOVERNACE


An EMD of an amount of Rs. 15,00,000 (In Rupees Fifteen Lakhs only) should be submitted through
demand draft/NEFT/Cheque in favor of CSC e-GOVERNACE SERVICES INDIA LIMTED.

If the Successful Bidder submits Security Deposit for the stipulated value in full by way of Bank
Guarantee, the EMD will be refunded after signing the Contract Agreement between Bidder and

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The Successful Bidder shall be required to remit a Security Deposit (SD)/Performance Bank
Guarantee (Percentage of the same shall be conveyed at the stage of financial) in the form of
unconditional irrevocable Bank Guarantee which shall remain valid for a period of sixty days beyond
the validity of order which is equivalent to the delivery period from the date of acceptance of the
tender on receipt of confirmation from CSC-SPV. The SD/PBG shall be paid within 7 days from the
date of issue Letter of Acceptance (LoA) by CSC-SPV. The SD/PBG furnished by the Successful
Bidder in respect of the tender shall be returned to them after successful fulfilment of work. The
Security Deposit held by CSC-SPV till it is refunded to the Successful Bidder shall not earn any
interest thereof.

S. No Description Detailed Information

1. EOI Reference Number EOI/WIFI/10-2020/001A
2. Date of Commencement 30th October 2020
3. Last Date of Submission of EOI 16th November 2020 (2:00 PM)
4. Opening Date of EOI 16th November 2020 (3:00 PM)
Rs. 25,000/- (Non-Refundable Security Deposit)
5. EOI Fee
(Demand Draft/NEFT/Cheque)
6. EMD Rs 15,00,000/- (Demand Draft/NEFT/Cheque)
7. Registered Address
Plot No. 238, Okhla Industrial Area Phase-III,
New Delhi-110020
Address for Communication & Quote LIMITED.
submission Plot No. 238, Okhla Industrial Area Phase-III,
New Delhi-110020
Mr. Pankaj Dang
Contact No.: 011 4975 4975 Ext. 305
Contacts from CSC e-GOVERNANCE Email Id: pankaj.dang@csc.gov.in
9. Name: Mr. Ravikant Rai
Contact No. 011 – 4975 4975
Email ID: ravikant.rai@ csc.gov.in

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