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LEARNING ACTIVITY SHEET NO.___________9____________

Title: Problem Solving Involving Addition

Learning target: - Solve word problem involving addition of whole numbers including money with sumps up
to 1000 using appropriate problem solving strategies and tools
Values in focus: Understanding how to solve problem and apply it in real life situations.
Learning Competency with Code

Solves routine and non-routine problems

involving addition of whole
numbers including money with sums up to
1000 using appropriate problem
Solving strategies and tools.

Background Information for Learners

Mylene brought 302 newspapers and 152 magazines to a recycling facility. How many magazines and
newspapers did she bring in all?
Step 1 Retell or restate
How many newspapers and magazines did Mylene bring in all?
Step 2 Note
She brought 302 newspapers and 152 magazines.
Step 3 Illustrate either using visual blocks or expanded notation.
302 numbers of newspapers
152 number of magazines
? total number of newspapers and magazines

Step 4 process and solution

Number sentence: 302 +152 = _______
You can solve for the answer this way:
454 total numbers of newspapers and magazines
Step 5 Check
Step 6 Answer Mylene brought 454 newspapers and magazines to the recycling facility.

A. Solve the following word problems

1. Rowena used 235 white, 323 red, and 362 yellow plastic caps in the parol she made. How many bottle
caps did she use?

2. George uses 456 red plastic straws in making a small parol. He adds 300 green plastic straws to make it
large. What is the sum of the plastic straws he uses in making the parol?

3. There were 543 cars at a parking lot. After an hour, 251 more cars were parked. How many cars in all
are there now?

4. The local food bank opened 18 days in January and 21 days in February. If it will be opened for 15 days
in March, how many days is it open in these three months?

5. After spending ₱260 on a notebook and ₱75 on a pad paper, I still have ₱25left. How much did I have at
the beginning?
B. Read and answer each question.

1. Peter sold 421bottled water on Monday. He sold 133 more bottles water on Tuesday. How many bottled
water did he sell in 2 days?

2. Two hundred fifty-four children were seated on the floor of gym while 230 adults were seated on the
bench. How many people were there in the gym?

3. Richard collected 220 tin cans for the “Save the World” project. Marlon collected 123 more tin cans
than Richard. How many tin cans did they collect in all?

4. Jennifer baked 284 cookies in the morning. She bakes 326 cookies in the afternoon. She then baked
another 89 cookies in the evening. How many cookies did she bake the whole day?

5. Laiza saves ₱ 40 to buy a gift for her sister. Her mother gives her another ₱20 and her father gives her
another ₱ 10. How much does Laiza have now?


What are the steps in solving word problem?

References for Learners

Math for Global Understanding 2 (Authors: Dominic M. Dial, Marites L. CUI.

Phoenix Math for the 21st Century Second Edition Learners (Authors: Ellenbelle S. Bibi, Loreta I.
Cepriaso, Roberto J. Degolacion, Simon L. Chua, D.T., Catherine E. Alvarez
Answer Key


1. 920

2. 756

3. 794

4. 54

5. ₱360


1. 554

2. 484

3 563

4. 699

5. ₱70

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