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Volume 18, No.9
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Narberth, Pennsylvania, December ;)N931
-- -- "'-,
Price, Five Cents

Legion and Men's Club Maroon Court Leader Pray Re-elected Head of Merion Title to Pay
to Give Xmas Parties Borough School"Board 10% on xhtas Funds
Kenlleth L. l\f. Pray was re-elected
Both Affairs Will Be Held on president of the Narberth School Loan of ~22,000 Made by
Board at its organization meeting held
the 23d for Needy at the school on Monday. Edward S. Murray, Director
),f rs. Harvey W. Monks was elected
Youngsters. vice president of the board, succeed- of the Bank.
ing ~frs. F. T. Van Auken, who was
not a candidate f6r··re~elcction in the
The ncwh' elected member. Mrs.
Christmas parties for needy young- Edna Rinehart, of 301 South Narb~rth A payment of 10 per cent. of
sters of Narberth and vicinity will be Avenue, and Dr. D. W. Steckbeck, Chrisltmls Club funds will be made to
re-elected member, were sworn into
given by two organizations the \\led- office. ~Irs. Rinehart, who has one depositors at the Merion Title and
nesday before Christmas. It is esti- daughter, Lois, a senior at Lower Trust Company beginning on Monday
mated between sixty and seventy-five l\ferion. has lived in Narherth for six at 9 A. M.
children in the Borough will he pro- years. She is a memher of the Parent- A fund of $22.000 was made avail-
Teacher Association. able by Edward S. Murray, a director
vided with a good meal, a party and It was announced that $26,000 on of the bank, for this purpose. Mr.
gifts and candy. deposit at the ),f erion Title and Trust Murray made the an nouncement of his
At noon on the 23d the Harold D. Company, covered by bond, had been loan at a meeting of the directors. on
Speakman Post. American Legion, will paid hy the Indemnity Company to l\.fonday night.
the school district. Christmas Cluh depositors availing
entertain needy children between the
ages of about six and twelve at their themselves of the offer will be re-
quired to assign 10 per cent. of their
room in the Community Building, Nar-
berth. There will be dinner. a magi-
Players Club Sponsor c1nb holdings to Mr. Murray. The
payments will have the status of a
cian and Punch and Judy show, and
a box of candy and toy for each child. of Xmas Entertainment personal arrangement between Mr.
Contributions of money, toys. games, Murray and the depositors.
etc., are solicited by the Legion to aid Christmas Club deposits in the
this party, and may be sent to John Dickelis' Christmas Carol to Be Merion Title total $220,000, and clerks
C" Nash. chairman of the committee Given at Celebration are now at work computing the share
in charge; Commander John A. l\low- each depositor may receive. Atl pay-
rer. Jr., or any other memher. December 19. ments will be made at the main office
The same day the new mcn's club at Ardmore.
of All Saints Cli-urch, \Vynnewood, At the directors' meeting Monday
will· give a part)' at the Parish House. :\ rcgular meeting of the Players the report of the committee on reor-
011 Montgomery Pike. Each of the Chili of Narberth was held at the ganization was received and discussed.
forty men will sponsor one or more home of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Keenan; Directors made the fotlowing state-
children who have been found by the -Photo by Rtchards. Avon Road, attended by about thirty ment: "It is hoped that details of a
Federation of Churches to be needy. mem bers. plan of reorganization will be ready
He will personally extend an invita- ROY WILLIAMS Plans were described in cOllnection for submission to the Secretary of
tion to his protegees, find out what 0/Narberth, captaill 0/ the Lower Merioll with the presentation of Charles Banking in the very near future and
they need and want, and bring chil- basketball team which opells its' seasoll Dickens' Christmas Carol, which is to if approved necessary steps witl be
dren and gifts to the church at 7 with Episcopal Academy at Ardmore this be given ·at the CommJtlity Christmas undertaken to make the same effec-
P. M. There will be Christmas music Friday a/teT/IOolI. celebration this year at the Methodist· tive." .
on the organ. a Punch and Judy show, Church. The Players Club, under the
candy and some surprises. -----------------1 direction of \c\'. H. Muller and :Mrs. Contrary to the report published in
a Philadelphia newspaper last week.
Names of Borough and other chil- Kathleen McConnetl, are organizing no orders have been received for liq-
Mr. Murray Bags Deer the casts and staging the celebration
dren are being furnished by the Fed- this year, but as usual the participants uidation of the bank, according to J. B.
cration of Churches. Names of un- A party of six men with two big Funsten, deputy of the State Banking
fortunate children may be given rec- deer attached .to the running board of will number those from various reli- Department, in charge of the affairs
tors or ministers of any Churches for gious and civic groups of the com- of the Merion Title. According to a
their car returned last Friday from munity. Rehearsals are taking place
investigation and relief. a hunting trip in the mountains of every night from now until Sunday, report from the Philadelphia office of
Both parties are being planned for Dr. William D. Gordon, State Secre-
scntimental reasons, with a view to Potter County. Pa. W. Baldwin, of December 19, when the entertainmellt tary of Banking, on Wednesday. Mr.
giving the men as much pleasure in West Chester; S. Reid, of Paoli; Hor- will be held, and it is expected that Funsten would receive notice imme-
being good-hearted as the children the community will greatly enjoy see- diately should liquidation of the bank
race B. l\f urray. of Dudley Avenue, ing this wetl-known classic produced.
will receive in being feted. and his two nephews. Edward Murray be ordered.
The club ,vas treated to some extra
and Harry Detwiler, of the vicinity special talent by one of its own mem-
Interesting Program Plannea of Pottstown, and also John Treidle, bers at the Monday night meeting, Missionary to China to
of the same place, were in the party. when Mr. l\Iutler performed numerous
for Community Club Tuesday Mr. Reid and M.r. Murray had ~he intriguing card tricks, to the mystifica- Speak at Local Church
luckY! shots. Continued un 'Ltun: PnK'e
An unusually interesting program Rev. Charles Ernest Scott, D. D .•
will be given at the meeting of the will preach in the Narberth Presby-
\\Tomen's Community Club of Nar- terian Church next Sunday morning.
berth in the Girl Scout wing of the Narberth is Preeminent as the Home of Dr. Scott has been a missionary in
Community Building next Tuesday China for over twenty-five years, and
afternoon at 2:30. Mrs. J. W. Darville,
who has prepared the program, has
Celebrities in Sports, Past and Present is able to bring a disclosure of Chinese
conditions that can be obtained only
promisc;d a number of interesting- sur- by close and extended contact with
prises. Mrs. John C. Nash, chairman That Narberth is the home of more the distinction of losing but one game the people. He has not only journeyed
of the dramatic committee, will pre- celebrities, past and present, in the to Cornell in the seven years he was over the greater part of China, in-
sent some of the members of the club field of sport than any other commun- in charge of Pennsylvania football. clUding provinces seldom visited by
in a Christmas play, "Solitaire." Mrs. ity in proportion to its size is borne A. C. (Allie) Miller, of 311 North aliens, but he has lived among these
W. J. Drennan. chairman of music, out by the exhihit of pictures and ~arberth Avenue, who played three people for all these years and has
has arranged an interesting Christmas trophies on display in the windows of years on the Penn varsity back in thereby had unusual opportunities for
musical program, including the sit'g- the Narberth Coal Company. 1907. '08 and '09, being captain of the understanding the psychology of this
ing of carols. There will be a Christ- 'What a coaching staff for a football eleven ·his senior year. also has a baffling race. All are invited.
mas tree. also. This is an open meet- team thc Borough could provide! formidable coaching record. He spent
ing and all the members of the com- There is Harvey Harman. just com- six years as assistant coach at Penn-
lIlunity are cordially invited to attend. pleting his first season as head coach syTvania, two as head coach at Villa-
of the University of Pennsylvania nova, three at W. and J., four at the In This Issue
foothatl team. Harman. who lives at Tome School and one season at Hav-
Celebrate Golden Wedding 15 Woodbine Avenue, was, as is well erford School. CII URCH NOTES 3
CI.. \SSIFIED Am; 19
l\·Ir. and Mrs. Joseph Boyle, of 118 known, head coach at Haverford Col- Wilmer G. Crowell, known the EIJITOIUAL 4
Conway Avenue, celebrated their fif- lege for nine years. country over as a football referee. also GARDEN NOTES 16
tietll wedding anniversary at the home Then there is "Lou" Young, former has an extensive coaching retord.The MOI'n:s ; 20
of their daughter, Mrs. William Bran- Penn head coach, who lives at 410 teams he has coached· include George BOOK REVIEW 15
agan. 1643 South Fifty-sixth Street, Grove Place. In his college days at Washington University, Swarthmore SOCIETY ; 6. 8. 17
Philadelphia, on Monday ~vening. Mr. the University "Lou" played end on College, .Central Manual Training SPORTS 14. 15
and Mrs. Boyle have five children and the football te"m in 1911 and 1912, and School, CoDtlnue4:
West Philadelphia High. La- I
on Next Pace ~ --l_
eight grandchildren. captained the team in 1913. He had

Page Two OUR TOWN December 11, '1931

der when one thinks of Bill Durbin,

Narb. Pre-Eminent as Home and Fletcher Stites, two of the best Fifteen Narberth Students Are Enrolled
of Celebrities in Sports pitchers the Philadelphia section ever
produced; Fred 'Walzer and Gene at State College, New Directory Shows
Davis, noted both as players and
Continued from First I"nge managers.
But to return to basketball for a According to the 1931-32 directory Miss Reevs belongs to the Phi Mu,
fayette College and Haverford School. of the Pennsylvania State College, women's fraternity.
This is just football. In addition he moment. The Borough harbors an- Narberth is reprcsented by fifteen stu- The Blue Band is represented by
has coached baseball at Lafayette, la- other head coach at Penn in the per- dents registered in ten different Suplee, who is also a member of
crosse at the Easton School's arch son of L. W. (Lon) Jourdet, of 10 courses. Of these fifteen only one girl Scarab, honorary architectural society,
rival, Lehigh, and baseball at Haver- Hampden Avenue, basketball mentor. was listed, Susan B. Reevs, in the and Alpha Chi Rho. Hartzler, Phi Mu
ford School. Mr. Crowell played Jourdet played end on the Pennsyl- School of Liberal Arts. Delta, is on the varsity soccer team
football at Swarthmore for four years, vania football team in 1910, '11 and as is Sigel, Alpha Sigma Phi. Sigel
captaining the team in 1905. He was '12, and for four years on the basket- William E. Bailey, A. Albert Blaess
and Robert J. Sigel are students in and Parks, Sigma Phi Epsilon, were
also a member of the lacrosse and ball team. He was captain of the elected to Friars, honorary sophomore
track teams throughout his college ca- court squad in 1913. From 1914 to mechanical engineering, while Robert
O. Graham, Jr., H. Keith Parks and society, of which Parks is president.
reer. A member of the Eastern Asso- 1920 he coached the Penn basketball
ciation of Intercollegiate Football Of- team and has acted in that capacity Frederick F. Van Auken are registered
ficials, he served as its president in since 1928. in industrial engineering. New Members Welcomed
1929 and 1930. Mr. Crowell refereed His assistant coach is Dr. L. R. George B. Suplee, Jr., and Gordon
the Yale-Harvard game this fall and Davis, of Avon Road, a former Penn C. Wolf represent Narberth in archi- to Bala-Cynwyd Rotary
also the charity round robin in New court captain in 1920. Dr. Davis has tectural engineering. Richard A. Sigel An old-fashioned spelling bee, :)Jld
York this Wednesday in which Penn- also coached the Haverford College and Frederick M. Robb are enrolled in the welcoming of several new mem-
sylvania participated. team for three years and Haverford the courses of electrical engineering bers, made up the program of the
J. Folwell Scull, of 127 Winchester School for two. and chemical engineering, respectively. Bala-Cynwyd-Narberth Rotary Club
Road, and Allan Cook, of Rockland The pre-veterinary course and the Tuesday. Walter P. Richards was in
Avenue, while living just outside of pre-medical course are represented by charge of the meeting.
the political boundaries of the Bor- Final Plans for Open House L. Pearson Deubler and Robert B. Two former members returned to
ough, are near enough to be claimed. McConaughy. Henry B. Hartzler is the fold and were welcomed Tlle~day.
Scull was a star end on the Penn team to Be Made by Mulieres a student of the School of Liberal Arts They are Dr. William L. Martin, of
in 1925, '26 and '27, as well as a mem- in the commerce antl finance curricu- Cynwyd, and J. Leon McCrery, treas-
ber of the track team. For the IJast The l\Julicres of the Narberth Fire lum. urer of the Narberth National Bank.
four years he has helped coach the Company will hold their regular H. Seaver Rose co'mpletcs the list. Two brand-new members were also
Friends' Central School football team. monthly meeting in Elm Han at 2 He is registered in the Schoul of welcomed. They are Eugene H. Davis,
Cook, who was seen in action this fall o'clock on Monday afternoon. All the Physical Education and Athletics. of Narberth, and Alexander J. Esrey,
at Franklin Field, has been an out- ll1cmbers are urged to be present, as Bailey is a member of Alpha Kappa new traffic manager of the Bell Tele-
standing tackle on the Lafayette the final plans for the Open House Pi. Sigma Tau, honorary engineering phone Company.
eleven for three years. At Lower Mer- on Christmas Day will be made. fraternitv, Phi Tau Sigma, honorary The spelling bee was conducted with
ion he captained the football, basket- mechanical engineering fraternity, and appropriate excitement, and at the
ball and tennis teams in his senior There will be a matinee for the chil- close of the meeting a few survivors
dren under sixteen at the Narberth Phi Eta Sigma, freshman honorary
year. Theatre on Christmas Day, given by scholastic fraternity. were on t heir feet. Among them were
The Borough's celebrities in sport the courtesy of the manager, Maurice B1aess is a member of Alpha Chi Barclay L. Jones, W. James Drennan,
are not limited to football, however. Rho, Deubler of Theta Chi, Robb of Dr. George Emerson Barnes and Mr.
Freed. The ti!~le of the Open House, Esrey.
The man who began breaking track for all those over sixteen, will be from Phi Kappa Tau, Rose of Beta Theta
records as a schoolboy in 1912, James 8 until 11 in the evening, whell there Pi and Van Auken of Kappa Sigma.
E. (Ted) Meredith, of 73 Wynnedale will be music and the singing of the Wolf, Graham and Sigel are on the
Road, is still the holder of the inter- Christmas Carols. There is no charge freshman soccer team of which \Volf
collegiate and world's record for the for the Open House. is captain. Wolf is a m,ember of Phi
440-yard dash (472-5 seconds). :Mere- Kappa Sigma. Graham and Sigel are
dith's records include an Olympic 800 The business meeting Monday will 11lembers of Alpha Sigma Phi and of
meters, a world's 880-yard dash, an be held from 2 until 2:30, when there the freshman R. O. T. C. band.
interscholastic 880 and American and will be a demonstration of milk and
collegiate 880. As an undergraduate dairy products
economist, by Miss Dairies.
of Abbott home II..
Mack, a There j
at Penn he won the intercollegiate
crown in the 440 in 1914, '15 and '16, will be a food picture shown on the
and the 880 in 1915 and '16. It was in screen. As all the women of Nar-
his last year there that he set the berth are interested in food products
record for the 440 which has' never and particularly women of the
been equalled. Since 1928 he has churches and other organizations, they
served as assistant track coach at the are invited to attend this meeting.
If one turns to baseball, Narberth Sign of the Dest ltlentll
can boast of Jack Jefferies, of Arling- First Cinaerella Dance
ton Road, in Penn Valley, who played Scheduled for December 26
for three years as a member of the
Princeton varsity, being its captain in --- I
1923. Both as a member of the Penn The first of the Cinderella dances never bOllght at Bradley's
Athletic Club nine and the Narberth will be held on Saturday, December
club in the Main Line League, Jef- 26, at the Bellevue-Stratford. Mrs. -But we'll warrant the THE MODERNISTIC ROOM
feries is known to every baseball fan Matthew Baird, of Haverford, is in
in the Philadelphia area. He coached charge of these dances which are for Corsican's exile at St. Tile Res~aurant •••
the Princeton freshman basketball the members of the school set. Helena would have been
team since 1924, and served as assist- The remaining dances will be held · . . Hostesses who value quiet chllrm
ant coach of the varsity basketball on Saturday, April 2, and on Thurs- more enjoyable could he in their surroundings find Pierre's THE
and baseball teams.
Narberth has the reputation for
being a baseball town. And no won-
day, June 23, at the Merion Cricket
Club, the affair on April 2 being a
fancy dress party.
have but enjoyed the
privilege of eating the
place to entertain at bridge .•• to give
a hllPPY Pllrty ••• to bring a specilll
guest lit luncheon or to dine.
meats sold here. Luncheon, 35 and 45 cents
Dinner, 85 cents and $1.00
Platters, 60 cents to $1.110
Rib Roast, thick end......Ib., 20c
Jeddo-Highland Small Pin Bone Roast, 5 to
6 Ibs. .. .Ib., 30c

Rump Steak .Ib., 35c' OTHER AFFAIR.
Skirt Steak :
Leg of Lamb
.Ib., 25c
.Ib., 22c
Loin of Pork, whole
half, lb., 22c
.Ib., 16c The Roof • • •
Shoulder of Pork .Ib., 15c • .• gay nightly with the dence rhythms
of Doc Hyder and His Southernaires
Through seventy-three years Jeddo-Highland Coal Fresh Ham .lb., 15c · .. moderlltely priced menu ... com·
has been prepared by the most modern and scien. Small Sugar-eured Ham, lb., 22c paniable atmosphere.
BACON, whole piece....lb., 25c
tific means available. Thus have the producer! sliced, lb., 35c Couvert, 50 cents Weekdays
Sauer Kraut, qt., 15c; pt., Bc 75 cents Saturdays and Holidays
added their part to the perfecting of Nature's splen.
Narberth Coal Company We Have One Address
2106-08 Market Street PIERRE I
Deliyeries Twice Daily to Your
Telephones: Narberth 2430-2431 Neighbors-Why Not You?
69tL Street

, . ..

December 11, 1931 OUll tO~ Page Three

First Church of Christ, Scientist

Athens and Linwood Aves., Ardmore.
Rally of Epworth Leagues ..•....... ~ ...
Church Notes Sunday service, 11 A. M. and 8
at Wayne This Sunday FOR CHRISTMAS!
I P.11.
Sunday School, 11 A. 11.
Wednesday evening testimonial
A rally of the Main Line Associa-
tion of Epworth Leagues wiH be held
Agiftsureofan enthuliosticwllcome-Maron'..
Order your Chri.tmas candy EARLY-famau.
candle. are popular candie•• Ask to .e. Our
very unu.ual collection of fancy ba.ke's,
boxel, compotl' and other contoinlrs. Alia
The Presbyterian Church meetings, 8 o'clock. d ••"ndivo gifts, favor. and novelties.
next Tuesday evening at 8 P. M. in

John Van Ness, D.D., Minister. Reading Room, 19 West Lancaster the \~ayne M. E. Church, coriler of
Meetings for December 13: Avenue, open daily, 10:30 A. M. to Wayne and Runemede Avenues.
9:45 A. M. - Bible School. Re- 4:30 P. 11. Wednesday evening, 9:15
hearsals for Christmas. to 9:45. Wayne.
11 :00 A. M.-1.·[orning worship. Dr. The subject for the Bible lesson !'er- The speaker will be the Rev. Percy
Charles Ernest Scott, mission- mon for Snnday: "God, the Preserver Crawford, gifted young preacher of the RITIENHOUSE 3680
ary from China, will preach. of Man." Young People's Hour of the Albert Famau. Candie. Since J857
Evening service, 8 o'clock.
11 :00 A. M.-The Junior Church, di- Barnes Memorial Church, Philadel- MARRON DEGUISES, MARRON
rected by Mrs. Digh)' and Mrs. phia, hroadcast over \VIP-\V.i.;AN
H. A. Smith. All Saints Church GLAcES, FRENCH BONBONS,
\Vynnewood. every Sunday evening at 5:30 P. M. CHOCOLATES, CANDY NOVELTIES
6:45 P. l\L-Meetings of tIle three
Christian Endeavor Societies.
7:45 P. l\L-Evening worship. Ser-
Rev. Gibson neH, Rector.
Rev. Edward J. Bubb, Vicar.
The public is cordially invited. A·····••••···••·•·•·•·••·
Services, Sunday, December 13:
Illon theme: "The Virgin Birth." 8:00 A. M.-Holy Communion.
Next Tuesday evening-Community 9 :-15 A. M.-Sunday School.
'Bible Class taught by Miss Harrison. 11 :00 A. ~L-~10rning prayer. Litany
Next \Vednesday evening-The con- and sermon.
gregational prayer meeting. SubJect:
"How May \Ve Best Prepare for St. Joseph's Chapel
Christmas ?" Gladwyne.
A large chorus choir will render a Re\·. Gihson Bell, Rector.
Christmas cantata on the evening of Rev. Edward ]. Bubb, Vicar.
Sunday, December 20. The Bible Services, Sunday, December 13:
School Christmas entertainment will 7 :00 P. 1f.-Evening prayer and ser-
be held on Wednesday evening. De- mon.
cember 23. 7 :00 P. M.-StlIiday School.

Hoir Trinity Lutheran Church Christian Science Topic

Rev. Cletus A. Senft, Pastor. "God, the Preserver of Man," is the
Sunday, Decembt:r 13, 1931: subject of the lesson-sermon to be
9:30 A. M.-Bible School. read in all Churches of Christ. Scien-
11 :00 A. M.-The morning service. tist. Sunday, December 13. The
Theme: "Jesus, a Realization." Golden Text is, "R e that dwelleth in
The vested Junior Choir of 30 the secret place of the most Hi~h shall
voices will be present. abide under the shadow of the AI-
mig-hty" (Psalms 91:1).
6:45 P. M.-The Luther League. Among the citations from the Bible
7:45 P. l\L-The evening service. is the following: "Blessed is he that
Theme: "The Arrival of the considereth the poor: the Lord will
Shepherds" based on the re- deliver him in time of trouble. The
ligious painting by Larolle. The
second of the series. Lord will preserve him, and keep him Special Get-Acquainted Offer
Wednesday, 7 P. M.-Jullior Choir alive" (Psalms 41 :1, 2).
Thursday, 4 P. M.-Week-day
Church School.
Mrs. John Parker to Address MARVIN K. LEBO
Thursday, 7:30 P. l.L-Choir re- Women's Missionary Society ( A Narberth Boy
hearsal at the home of Mrs. Senft, 300
Woodside Avenue. "A Silent l\Iissionary" wi1l be the
subject of the address to be given by
Stalls 622·624-626
Methodist Episcopal Church
Rev. Samuel MacAdams, Minister.
Mrs. John H. Parker, of Norristown,
before the \'Vomen's Missionary So- READING TERMINAL MARKET
Sunday, December 13: ciety of the Narberth Presbyterian Featuring
9:45 A. M.-Sunday School. Church next Thursday afternoon at
11 :00 A. M.-Morning worship and
6:45 P. M.-Epworth League.
2:30 in the church parlor.
Mrs. Parker is the president of the
Women's Auxiliary of Philadelphia
7:45 P. l\L-Evening worship and
sermon. Rev. George M. Brod-
Gideons, and Mrs. F. P. Hoopes, :Ilso
of Norristown, who is secretary and
Home Sugar-Cured Meats Exclusively
head will preach at both serv- treaS\lrer of the Auxiliary, will be the
ices. soloist. Mrs. Hoopes is sometimes Maple Sugar.Cured and Hickory.Smoked
Wednesday, December 16:
7 :30 P. M.-Preparatory
heard over the radio from Station
WRAX for Mrs. Neighbor.
Mrs. Edward Hans will have charge
HAMS 8 to 12-1b. average
8:00 P. M.-Prayer Meeting. of the devotions, and the Prayer Circle
9:00 P. M.-Meeting to elect a dele- will meet at 2 P. M. in the session
Slices of Home-cured
gate to the Lay Electoral Con-
Thursday, December 17:
The Prayer Circle was well attended
last month and it is earnestly hoped
Virginia Boiled
Hams, whole, lb. 27c Ham, lb. 40c
2:00 P. M.-Meeting of the \Voman's that a larger number of the women Goose Neck Liverwurst 13 c
Home Missionary Society in the will meet with us on Thursday. Pork Roll
Church Parlor.
Y-Jrlb. 13 c Y-J-Ib.
Best Strip Bacon
Baptist Church of the Evangel
Robert E. Keighton, Minister.
Contracts Are Awarded
by L. M. School Board Country Sausage
lb. 24c
Sunday, December 13:
9.45 A. M.-Church School. Last
\Vork was authorized on five con-
lb. 28c Best Dried Beef
~.lb. 17c
Sunday the Primary Depart-
ment was again awarded the cup tract agreements by the Lower Mer-
Home-made Scrapple
for leading the entire school in
the contest. New members did
it againl
ion School Board meeting in the
Township Senior High School Build-
ing. Ardmore, on Monday night.
2lbs. 25 c Sour Krout
lb. 5c
11 :00 A. M.-Morning worship. Ser- Board members authorized installa-
mon: "At the Mercy of Men," tion of fixtures for lighting the tower Quality at Sensible Prices
6:45 P. M.-Rehearsal of the young and clocks at a cost of $99.25 on the We Deliver-CALL WALNUT 0658
people's chorus for the Christ- new high school building under con-
mas service on the evening of struction. When completed the tower Free Parking 'Tickets ~----
December 27. will represent a distinctive contribution
7:45 P. l.f.-Evening worship. Ser- to the Ardmore skyline. The tower and
mon: "Feed My Sheep." clocks will be lighted only on special FREE! FREE!
Wednesday, December 16: occasions.
8:00 P. M.-Prayer Service. We shall The treatment of the composition One-half pound of Seiler's Sugar-Cured and Hickory
study the third chapter of the floors in the corridors, ramps and gym- Smoked Bacon FREE with any purchases. Just bring
Mi,,~:,," Rook, "Christ Comes to nasium of the Wynnewood School
the Village." with wax and varnish was authorized. this ad with you, or mail it.
The Community Christmas Service The cost of materials and workman-
will be held in the Methodist Church ship will amount to $256. My Name is .
(\" +I.ft ""A":"", of C::nnd"v. n"ftp",ber Award of a contract to the Wayne
20. The immortal story of Dickens' Iron Works for the construction of
"Christmas Carol" will be presented bleachers for the gymnasium of the Address ..
in dramlltizl'd form. 1<'urthl':l' ;"fnrmll- new high school building was ap-
tion will ·appear in "Our Town'" next proved. The contract was given to
week. the Wayne concern at a bid of $1600.
Page Four OUR TOWN December 11, 19j1


In the Theater
, ----- 1
OUR TOWN Shreds & Patches
Ethel Barrymore's en~agement, un- A Co-operatiye Community Neflls-Maga'{.ine, founded in 1914 by the Narberth More than 800 people thrice filled ,
der auspices of the Professional Play- CMc Association, and published eYer)! Friday at Narberth, Pa., by the the Methodist auditorium in Narberth
ers, in Sheridan's comedy, "The
School for Scandal," will open at the LIVINGSTON PUBLISHING CO.MPANY I.
I to overflowing 011 Sunday eveni·ngs last
win t er to atten d t he senes
. 0 f commu-
nity meetings at which the speakers
Chestnut Street Opera House on 1\1on- PHILIP ATLEE LIVINGSTON, President an d G eneral Manager , were D r. R u fus J ones, 0 f H aver ford ;
day, December 28. The current ver-
sion, made hy Miss Barrymore, is
noteworthy for a beneficial rearrange-I
THOMAS A. ELWOOD, Advertising Manager
Rabbi Fineshriber, of Philadelphia, and
James Weldon Johnson, of New York,
each of them nationally prominent.
Office-258 Haverford Avenue, Narberth 1 The enthusiastic comment of those
ment of scenes, now reduced from I who attended and their tangible ~up-
fourteen to six, and for a correspond- Telephone-Narberth 2545; if no answer, Ardmore 3100 I port, which paid the expenses of the
ing speeding up of action. In the sup-
porting cast are \iValter Gilbert, Mc-
SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: $2.00 PER YEAR IN ADVANCE I series and left a cash balance, bot;1 ap-
peared to indicate that there had been
~ Enterell nil "eeond-eln"" ntntter. Oetober 13, 1914. nt tbe Po"t Om..e nt started in Narberth a community serv-
Kay :,10rris, Charles H. ~roker-~i~g, Nnrbertb Pn.. unller the Aet of Mnreh 3, 1819 I'ice of real value and significance. The
Beatnce Terry, Harry Pillner, :,-111ta Vagrant was amazed, therefore, to be
Roth, \VilIiam Kershaw, Anne Sey- told the other evening that similar
mour, A. G. Andrews, Ernest Rowan,
Artlllt~ Treacher, Ralph Roberts, Ma.. · I
. December 11, 1931 I meetings would not be continued this
season. Everyone in the small group
cel Dill. Charles Romano , and John
I ,into which the Vagrant had wandere d
Drew Co~t .. Miss Barrymore s engalge- , A Chuckle from the Main Line Iexpressed keen regret, but seemed to
ment, ongmally for two weeks, las
been extended to three.
I • . ,! regard the situation as hopeless. Im-
' f h e various municipalities of the Main Line have been steadll) patiently the Vagrant asked the reason I
~ I
paring away at their school or civic taxes year after year. Hardly a 1 for such decisions and was told that
Baek to us from her native Germany I I I. . I .
ancl conquests overseas comes Mary; twelve-month passes JUt W lat one or more tax I e( ucttons appear 111 le who did attend and support those
. tl I regardless of the nearly 1000 people
Wigman on Thursday evening, De-!news. That is the result of a type of government prettv far removed meetings there were others, many of
cember 17, at the Academy of Music, f I' . B I k PI'I d 1 l' , • whom probably did not attend, who
to enchant us once again with her rom gang po ItICS. ut 00 at 11 a e p lla . objected to them as not being <uffi-
strange and compelling rhythms. I' Mass meetings, letters to the papers, enraged individuals. Such I ciently religious.
. ' PI'I d 1 I' I Of course, that was not the first
In this recital, Miss Wigman will
I I I f I f '
present a new dance cycle, "Opfer," or has been t le resu t o t le announcement 0 an II1crease 111 11 a e p lla, time in his life that the Vagrant had
"Sacrifice." The first number, "Song taxes.. Higher rises the tide of expenditures hv politics-ridden cities. come across indications of that peculiar
of the Sword," serves to acquaint the n' . 1'. .I I . I
ft'· II .'11 I t ' conlplacency of those who are religious
audience with the dancer's technique. vve S) mpat l1ze Wit 1 t le city taxpayer, W 10, a el a , \\ I lave 0 pa) in an organized way. that strange in-
The following number is "Dance for the tax in spite of the mcetings. But doesn't it all justi f v a little chuckle clination not only to decide what is I
the Sun," in which }.[jss Wigl1lan
sun, ~is profound humility before. it Ii
° 0 • fl' . . .
dances thc natural human's awe of thc I at the expense 0 t le annexatlO11Ists.
I hest for other people but an equally
amazing desire to enforce their deci-
They may he scarce, hut there are really somc folks who want the si.ons. .It is a sad sl?ectac1e... From the
and hiS sensual exuberance undcr Its 1 t'f 1M' L' t h s 'all
? I
>d ) b' Philadelilhia The "Bigger vlewpomt of orga!lIzc? rel~glOn alone,
~ I
leau I u am me e \\. owe U l ) . . .
and Better" element 111 thc City, who are anxIOus to whoop It up at. looked here in Narberth. Hundreds
An anl10UI1Celll~nt of interest comes someone's else expense look with greedv e)'es to this section.
a great opport1l11lt)' IS bhndly over-

!i churched,
of peopl~: many of th~m the "un-
from the ProfeSSIonal Players to the , . went voluntanly and ghdly
effect that they will bring"La Argen-! But if no argument in the past has been weighty enough, the to a chureh gathering which was re-
tina, the sensational Spanish dancer sllectacle of rising city taxes at a time when thousands of homes are Iigiousl~ conducted and wo.uld. gladly
whom they presented here last seasou go agalll repeatedly. Their mterest
back to Philadelphia again on Wcdnes~ b~ing sold hy the sheriff, should be sufficient to encourage every local and their financial support ~~erc
day afternoon, January 13, at the resident to <rive a deep and vulgar laugh when annexation is proposed. aroused... O~ course, non.e of th~ . uu-
Academy of MUSIC. h . churched Will attend strictly rehglous,
Under the auspices of the Bryn 'vVe must keep our II1dependent government and our true suburban evangelical services, if such should be
1Jawr .SuJII.mer School, they ~vi1l pre- status not onlv for the sake of the attractiveness of the region, but to substituted and held in t~e sam~ pl~ce
sent thiS anstocrat of dancers m a new ,- . , . . . and under the same auspices thIS WIII-
program of the dances which have savc ourselves the expense of supporting a lot of city politiCians. \\le ter. What then do the religious
made her a world-wide s~ns.ation. To must rcsist cven' effort to citi fy these towns, to put new business people g~iJ!? They .themselves can go
all who have seen her It IS easy to . . ' . . , to a religIOUS service. They would
account for her triumphs. They agree dlstncts where they encroach on resldcntlal properties; to cut roads go anyway. The others will not at-
with leading critics that she is the where they mean the destruction of trees and contours. tend, and so, as the Y'agrant sees it,
greatest personality of the dance t o . , M' L' , fl' d things will rcturn again to exactly the
visit this country since Uary \\Tigman. And we. wouldn t s~ap the. am .m~ s group 0 towns lip an place where they were hefore such a
In addition to being acknowledged the borough offiCials for the biggest city counCil m the world_ Independence I promising attempt was made reach the
world's greatest castanet player, she is a sweet possession in times like these. I entire community on a few SundaY
is hailed as a mistress of rhythm, cOlor'l I cvenings.

grace and beauty.

~ I


The Rad,o Brmgs ,t Home
• • •
: of
The New York Times printed re-
Christm,!-s night at the B.road Street
Theatr~ Will mark thc openlllg of Arc~ cven he that the voice of the cop giving the third-degree was only Amos the entire Ul1Ited States for the first
Selwyn s latest comedy, "The D e v I l . . . . .
Of course we all know that Amos is in no actual danger. It may cently ~ sumn~ary of bank failures for
ten months of 1931. It revealed that
Passes," from the pen of the talented 111 a dl fferent pitch. But has. anythmg 111 recent months brought closer so far as the total amount of deposits
Benn 'V. Levy, remembered for his to home the terrors of the third-degree? ! was concerned, the State of Pennsyl-
"Mrs. ,~oonlight" and "Art a!ld Mrs. The use of the rougher varieties of third degree were condemned vania led the list-over $300,000,000.
Bottle, two plays of outstand1l1g suc- . . . It revealed also that there had been
cess last season. last year on.a natlon-wld~ scale, aJ~d yet a few months ago ~v~ had a no failures at all this year in Yermont,
Arthur Byron, Basil Rathbone, Rob- sample of thiS type of police effort 111 our own county. Any citizen not Rhode Island, Delaware and the Dis-
ert Loraine, Mary Nas?, Diana Wyn- possessed of quick legal help or political pull might be subject to just ~rict of Columbia which ar~,. surpris-
yar.d and. Ernest Th~slger are names such an experience. : n!g~~, the fO~lr smallest pohtlcaL s!lb-
~vhlch Will make thIS play of great . . . . . I dIVISIOns havlllg control over bank1l1g
1I1terest to Philadelphia theatre-gJers. Hour upon hour 111 an uncomfortable chair With the dronmg vOices laws and practices. It can not be
Mr. ~elwyn has spent months in of relays of cops in the ears of the suspect. No slecp, no let-up, argue~ tha~ banking judgm~nt, skill
assen?~hng these .artlsts whose l?Cr- frequentlv a ready blackjack or a cowardly fist backed up by the protection and 1I1tegnty. are greate~ 111 small
sona1Jtles are particularly well SUIted •.
to the characters they will portray in of the majes!y of the law. ~? w01~der
T "e f . " I States. Certa1l11y the available bank-
on esslOns secured by such ing resources in them must be less.
this sparkling and sophisticated means are bemg frowned upon m enhghtened courts. Vermont is comparatively poor in per
comedy. Every newspaper reader recoils at the all-too-frequent samples of capita wealth. ~iVhat is th 7 reason for
1 • barbanc
. . fl' 1 UT 11 I T the poor show1l1g here 111 Pennsyl-
substttute or <ctectlve wor.;:. ne a rea< the New Jersey vania? New York State received last
incident of some months ago, and recoiled at the nasty exposures in our week a detailed report from an ex-
Honorable Mention own District Attorney's office. . But no reported example could bring pert. cOlllmission which had been
To Miss Anne Townsend, of the subject so sharply to attention as Amos' tired and pathetic voice apP01l1ted. to s~udy al~d recommend
Merion, who last week was se- . I f b 11 . ' changes 111 their bank1l1g laws. So
lected as a member of the 1931 punctured With the snar 0 a u ymg cop. far the Vagrant has noticed no sug-
All-American field hockey team. gestion, no demand from anyone, high
Miss Townsend has been a l11em- Work Well Done or low, that our own banking statues
ber and captain of every AII- ° and the administration of them might
American team since 1923. Con- Mr. WilIiam L. Austin, who retired from the Lower Merion School be looked into. Can it be that °there
sidered one of the best, and by Board on Monday night after eighteen years in office, affords an is a strong and influential desire to
many the outstanding player in e.xaml)le of llUblic spirited service which is rarel)' equalled. let things remain unaltered so that
the country, she is also president . . when the next boom comes along there
of the United States Field Through Ius long career as a school director he has seen the may he opportunities, equalling the
Hockey Association. Her other Township and the school system expand tremendously, and the unrivaled I last, to recreate a lot more small
sports: tennis (third ranking position the Lower Merion schools now occupy is due in no small I banks?
player in the Middle States dis-
. I I tl f II
trict), squash (member of the
Merion Cricket Club women's
measure to his unswerving devotion.
A ~, M r. A ustm . h 1 ·d·· 'k" 'I n Ie U ness 0
as ~ru y sat 111 spea I.ng on.e time of the school s. law provided, the Congress has at
off t; d· ' • b'"
Ime, an as >'
team) and golf. work, we are engaged 111 the greatest busmess m the world-that of /Iast convened again, and the heavens
L. ..: I developing Americans." Continued OD Pap 1'1
December 11, 19J1 OUR TOWN Page Pive

A Christmas Suggestion • • •
Small Early JUNE PEAS
2 cans, 25c
Give Canned Foods for Christmas SOUR KROUT
They Are 19. can, IOc
Long after the turkey and cranberry sauce have disappeared, the case of sml. pkg., 13c
Vegetables or Fruits will be a reminder of the giver's thoughtfulness. This Ig. Pk g., 21 c
is a year for useful presents. .
Note these specials of Colter's in force now to next Wednesday night, 3 pkgs., 23c
Norway Spruce ..- December :1~6 ~=======:::=j
Christmas LAND O'LAKES Stayman Winesap
Extra Fancy Large
Sweet Cream
in 7 si~es
6 for I5 c
from 18 inches to 7
feet high. These pot-
B8!~.::.!2.~.nd J FLORIDA ORANGES
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Effecti lie this Week. end Med., 4 for 19c; large, 4 for 25c

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2 cans, I9c I Sundstrand or Helmet
Brand PEACHES, Hal"es
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large pkg., 25c Ib·,I5 c Chipso Flakes or Schlorer's MAYONNAISE
20-oz. pkg. Jor Ie Extra Fanc')' Dried. Granules half-pint jar, 19c
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APRICOTS pkg·,I9c 4Ibs., 19c
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Gold Medal Crushed CORN OAKITE I I CORN

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Fresh • Loin for Roast . . lb., 25c pkg., 12c
Reiner's P 0 RK Chops ..... : . . lb., 29c
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Rib Roast of Beef (Thick End) " ... lb., 25c
qt.-bot., I5c CRISCO
Tender, Juicy SIRLOIN . . . . . .lb., 59c Ib.-can,2Ic
Ritter's Steaks· RUMP STEAK .lb., 39c
2 cans, I5 c . SPRING LAMB: Leg, lb., 29c; Shoulder, lb., 19c 2. cans, I5c


M A~J~~T Buying Co-operati'Yely
Page Six OUR TOWN December 11. 1931

An Attractive Hostess Auxiliary to Meet Monday Solitude," oy David Grayson, pseud;;

"Power and Glory," by Walter Daven-
THE FIRESIDE The Auxiliary of the Harold D.
Speakman Post of the American Le-
Fiction-"Kerry," by Grace Livings-
gion will hold a meeting in the Legion ton Hill; "Emerald Necklace," by
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. \Vilson, of rooms on Tuesday evening. Plans will Pryde and "Veekes; "Buried Treas-
Shirley R()ad, entertained at a dinner be made for the Christmas welfare and ure," by E. M. Roberts; "Hunting
dance at the Philadelphia Country hospital work. Shirt," by Mary Johnson; "Diary of a
Club last Saturday evening. Provincial Lady," by E. M. Delafield;
Mrs. Victor 1. Riaellour, of \VYllne- Handicrafters Sponsor Sale "Best Short Stories of 1931," ed. by
dale Avenue, gave a luncheon and The Handicrafters, a sewing organi- E. J. O'Brien; "So This Is Christ-
bridge 011 Thursday. zation which meets every winter, is mas," by Temple Bailey; "Opening- of
Mrs. Henry AinswQlrth Smith, of having a sale of their products in the the Door," b)' George Davis; "Jade of
Rockglen Road, Penn Wynne, enter- Arcade on Sixty-ninth Street today Destiny," by Jeffery Famol; "a.
tained the young people of the Nar- and tomorrow. The proceeds of the Henry MelJlorial Award of 1931," ed.
berth Presbyterian Church on Satur- sale will he dcvoted to charity. hy R. C. \ViIlialJls; uMaid in \Vaiting,"
day evel11ng following a meeting at hy John Galsworthy,
which the members made plans for a lIfystery and Detcctivc Stories-uOn
model mecting held on the following Engaged thc Spot," hy Edgar 'Vallace; "Murder
evening at the church. Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Dasher, of 246 in Four Degrees," hy J. S. Fletcher;
Mrs. Summer Bowmall and Mrs. T. lona Avenue, Narherth, announce the "Innocent Criminal," by J. D. Bcres-
F. Bradcnbaugh, of Millersburg, Pa., engagcment of their daughtcr. Miss ford.
will arrivc on Monday and be the Mildred L. Dasher, and Mr. Kyle T.
guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott "Mc- Marquett, of Philadelphia. No date ROBERT L. SPENCER
Fadden, of Valle)' Road, Merion, for has heen set for the wcdding. Funcral services wcrc hcld last Sat-
a week. urday for Robert L. Spcncer, who died
Mrs. Samuel K. \"'hite, of Bowman Needlework Guild Meets suddcnly· Deccmber 2 at his home,
Avenue, entertain cd the members of The Narberth Branch of thc Needle- Sabine Avenuc and Pcnwyn Road,
her club at luncheon and bridge last work Guild held an all-day meeting at \Vynncwood,
Thursday afternoon. Those who were the home of :l\frs. R. H. Durbin on Mr. Spenccr, who was 66, had becn
present were Mrs. Harold 1. Short, MISS MARGARETTA DUANE Wedncsday. 1lrs. A. G. Compton, of warehouse superintcndent of the Pcnn-
Mrs. Walter Y. Shaw, :Mrs. Ernest sylvania Railroad in Philadclphia sincc
Hughes, Mrs. ]. H. R. Roberts, Mrs. with "er jat"('/" alld mother, Mr.
\Voodbinc Avcnue, was co-hostess. 1919. He was a recognized authority
Henry ~[oller, Mrs. B. L. Troutman, llnd 1'o1rs. William Dl/alle, of Haver- on railroad warehouse storage practicc
Mrs. R. S. Touihill and Mrs. Joseph ford, mtertailled at dillller at the ACQI'I1 and was c10scly identified with the traf-
H. Shuff. Clllb ,"ecelltly ill hO'lor of Miss Eliza- fic and operating dcpartments of the
Mrs. Henry J. Moller, of Avon Road, beth Fis"er Wllrts, daltg!zter. of Mr. Pennsylvania system.
will entertain the club next Thursday alld Mrs. Chades Stewart lVl/l'ts, and The funeral services took place in
at lunchcon and bridge. Mr. OIll/lIIiIlS Cat"erwood, SOli of M,·s. East Liberty, Pa.
Miss Hclyn Brookhart, of Baltimore, D. R. CUIIIlIlins Catherwood, of Have,'- Mr. Spenccr is SUT\'ivcl! by his
Md., spent last week-end as the guest ford, w"osc cllgagelllcnt "as b.ell all- wido\\'.
of 1[iss Anne Compton, of \Voodbine llo/lIIad.
Mrs. John Van Ness, of Grayling 21 New Books Added to HEADQUARTERS FOR
Avenue, cntertained the members ot
the Thimble Club at luncheon last
nuc, cntertained at hridg(' last \Vedncs-
day evening. Library During November ~4risttUas Qrarbs
Wednesday. ~rr. Kenneth L. ~l. Pray, of \\Tood-
The following' books were added to
Mr. ]. P. '''hitc. of Esse" A"cnue, the Iihrary during November: Our Christmas Display of Cards
side A\:enue, president of the Mont- Non-fiction "Forsaking All Is the Largest in the City
will leave today on a deer hunting trip g-Oll1Crv County P. T. A., and Mrs.
ncar New Gretna, N.). He will reo Claren·ce T. \Voohnington, one of the Others," by Alice Duer Miller; "Best -oPEN-
turn on }.[ondav. vicc presidents of the association, at- Plays of 1930·31," cd. by Burns :Man- EVERY EVENING
Miss Euth Lee Cool,. of Dudley tcnded the executive cOllncil meeting tie; "Advance of thc American Short TO BETTER SERVE YOU
Avenue, entertaincrl at bridge on Tucs- Story," by E. J. O'Brien; "Forty-Nin-
day evening.
of thc ),lontgomery P. T. A. at the
ers, "1ly A . B. H u Ib ert; "The R 00 f ," Blode-A-Wee, 136 S. 15th
Phllalfel hlaSt.
Miss Betty. Cook, of Dudley Av~- Continued on P"ge tr. by John Galsworthy; "Adventurcs inI1l!555i!!!i!ii55i!!!i!ii~iiiii!ii3~ii§3iiii!5ii!ll


Christmas Tree .Pleasing Selection of
Ornaments Ladies' Silk
Ribbons, Cord, Underwear
Tinsel, Garl,mds Pajamas, Nightgowns,
Chemises, Bloomers
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STEEL from 5c to $1

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It real coaster for a rcal boy!
Goes IOlickety split" and is built to stand a lot of A gift for thc 'Whole family! BOYS'
tough knocks. One-piece steel body with disc
wheels that have real rubber tires. This set has the new type
hose and stockings,
of two-toned colored Maz-
ties, suspenders, hand-
Colored Hand-Dipped da Bulbs that give extra
kerchiefs and garters.
bright light.
CANDLES, 5c and IOc Ready
::..-=- -- usc
I • Children's

Extra Bulbs Silk and Wool
5" each
(Other Sets
S ,. _'" 98,,)

----_. u Pajamas, 69c & 89c

228 HAVER-
Narberth 5c to $1 Store FORD AVENUE

OUR TOWN Page Seven
December 11, 1931
-_lIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" ' - -


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and scores of styles. New initialed Bags. New patent leather Bags (one
sketched). Some with cigarette case, powder vanity and lipstick. Bags of
Morocco-grained leather that are so well done in Europe. New very rough
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. .
OUR TOWN Dec~be, 11, J931
Page Bight
0f her club at luncheon and bridge on wyd, whose marriage to Dr. Perry
Deb to Be Entertained Wednesday afternoon. Baird, of Boston, Mass., witl take place
THE FIRESIDE 1 Miss Hope Burlingame, of Bryn shortly.
_______________ I Mawr, will give a luncheon, bridge and wyd, Miss Virginia Chewning, of Cyn-
Continue.} from Pnge 6 I
shpwer next Satu!"day in honor of
MIss Margaretta GIbbons, daughter of afternoon.
entertained at a tea on Sunday

Continued on Poge 17 ,
New Century Guild in Philadelphia I\I rs. Mary Stewart Gibbons, of Cyn-
I ast Satu l' day. Atarecent Southeast- ""iii5ii!i5ii!~5ii!i5ii!ii5ii!i5ii!5ii!i5ii!i5ii!i5!!l5!!l5ii!i5ii!i35i5ii!i!!i2i!!i25ii!i5ii!ii5ii!i!!i25ii!i5ii!ii5ii!i5ii!i!!i2i!!i25ii!ii5ii!if~
ern district meeting. Mrs. \\Too!tnin g ,c
ton. in behalf of Montgomery County,
-! A graduate engineer from
received the banncr awarded to Mont- \
gomery .Connty for the best attendance
at tneetll1g~.
"DIfK'S" DUCKS Cornell, etDick" Bishop.
also developed another talent-that of etching. Following
Mrs. ]. R. Clausen, of Meeting
House Lane, rcturned on :Uonuay from this has won him a recognized place, together with Clark and
Atlantic City, where she was the guest
of Mrs. Clarence Burk, of New York, Benson, as one of the three outstanding Duck Etchers in the
at the ] 're~idcnt, over the week-cnd. United States. From now until after Christmas these lovely
Among the gue~ts who attended the
house party given by Dr. and Mrs. etchings will be on exhibition in our Studio of Art.
\ViIlialll G. Forrest. of \\Tihnington,
Del.. in honor of their daughter, Miss
Mary F(lrre~t. over the week-end were , SHULL LUMBER CO., 29 Bala Ave., Bala-Cynwyd
Miss ]o~ephine Stellwag-on. of Merion; I
l\lr. Julian Keenan, of \Vynnewood;
Mr. Ned
Speed, ] r., Bartlett
both of and Mr. Hugh B. I
Narberth. r~~~~55~~~~~~~555~~55~~~~~~~~~~ml
Miss Anne Speed. daughter of l'lr.1
and l\frs. Hugh B. Speed, of Chestnut
Avenue, will attend the Army-Navy
-Hollander and Feldman. game in New York tomorrow. MAKE SHEA'S
MISS CHARLOTTE !VES MONTGOMERY Mrs. Francis Ottinger, of Ocean
debutallte daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Lealllillg Montgomery, of
City, is the guest of her son-in-law
and daughter, Mr. and :Mrs. 'WiIliam YOUR GIFT
"Ardl'ossal/," Villallova, 'Who will be C. C1aghorn, of Chestnut Avenue.
thl! gl/I!st of hOllor at a dinller all
Thursday, Decel/1ber 17, to be given by
Mrs. G. R. Richardson. of Valley
View Ruad, Meriun, has just returned
the Bal'o/l alld Barolll!ss Rociolphe M. from a two weeks' trip to Birmingham
dl! Schaullsl!e, of DeVOll. and the University of Alabama and
also from Indianapolis, Ind. Her son,
1..1r. Clair Richardson, has just re-
I A really fine assortment of disti'Jcti'l'e and
Mrs. Town Speaker at Sub- turned from Nashville, Tenn., and the pleasing gifts, at moderate prices. Come
Univcrsity of Alabama, where he vis-
Junior Club on Monday ited his brothers, Mr. Elwood Rich- in and look around!
ardson and 111'. Clyde Richardson, who
are students at the university.
1lrs. Edwin C. Town was the .Mrs. F. C. Wilkinson, of Vatley
speaker at the meeting of the Sub- View Road, Merion, is spending some FOR HER:
Junior Department of the Women's time in Akron, Ohio.
COll1munity Club of Narberth on Mon- Mrs.' R. M. Cole, of Pittsburgh. is New Le Debut Compacts, $5, $7.50
the guest of Mr. and :Mrs. A. H. Rip-
day evening. per, of Dudley Avenue.
Mrs. Town prcsented plans for the l\Ir. l\lahlon Rodgers, of Woodside Three Flowers Double, $1.5.0
celebration of the forthcoming bi-cen- Avenue. entertained at a party last Houbigant Compacts, $1.75, $2, $2.50, $3.50
tennial celebration of George Wash- Saturday evening.
ington's birthday in February of next Mrs. ]. L. Minnick, of Woodside
year. Avenue. spent last week-end in "Vash- Coty Compacts, $1.
ington, D. c., where she visited her
The members of the club decided to
take part in the celebration. The futl daughtcr, Miss Erma Ruth Minnick. Perfumes: Coty, Houbigant, Hudnut, Eve-
details of their plans witl be announced who is a student at the National Art ning Paris, Toujour Moi, Guerlain,
later. The members of the club ar!' School.
planning tu donate articles for a Mrs. Ralph D. MacGuffin, of Chest- Golli W ogg, Corday.
Christmas basket for the needy. nut Avenue, cntertained the members
Talcums, Bath Powders, Lip Sticks, Rouges,
Perfumizers, $1 to $2
Writing Paper, Fancy Gift Stationery, $1,

Shaving Sets, After.Shave Lotions, Razors
Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes (Meerschaum, Kay-Woodie)

CANDIES-Whitman's, Goeblin
Schaeffer Pen and Pencil Sets
Cigarettes, Cases, Lighters

21 Attractive Christmas Greeting Cards and

folders, in a box-for only • • • • • . . • • •

At Narberth Station: Narberth 2838

...... ... ..

OUR TOWN Page Nine
December 11, 1931

William L. Austin Retiring From Lower Noted Sports Leaders Will

Address Neighborhood Club .For Holiday Wear
Merion School Board After 18 Years' Service give us a ring soon, and you'll
Prominent guests and speakers at
the annual Father and Son Night of the have your Clothes back in
Long Time Baldwin Official, He plenty of time for the holidays
Bala-Cynwyd Neighborhood Club to
Has Been School Board's be given at the "Toman's Club Tues- and other festivities - beauti·
Head for 12 Years. d:ly e,-ening, December 15, will in- fully pressed and free from
clude: Russell S. ("Rusty") Callow
blemish. Moderate prices at
and Lawson Robertson, crew and track
NOTED AS AN INVENTOR coaches respectively of the University all times.
of Pennsyh'ania, and residents of Bala-
\Vith the completion this mouth of
eighteen years of service to the Lower
Cynwyd; Connie ~rack, of the Ath- Adelizzi Bros.
Merion School District, William Aus- letics: Paul Scull, U. of 1'. hack field
football coach, and former :\ll-Alller- TAILORS, FURRIERS
tin. of Rosemont, president of the
school board for the past twelve years, ican star: Superintendent S. Edgar CLEANING, DYEING
will relinquish his duties. Downs, of Lower ~r erion schools, and 10~ l~oreHt Ave., Nln-hertlt ::00::
Since his election to the onice of Principals George H. Gilbert and E.
school director in 1913, and his selec- H. Snow, of the high schools here;
tion as president of the board in 1919. Coach Albert Adam and this year's
a post he has held ever since, his lead- Lower Merion football team and school
ership in school matters has been band.
guided by an unswerving devotion to In addition, accurding to Entertaiu-
his task and an executh'e ability that ment Chairman Barney Fischer, Eitner
was enriched by years of outstanding
husiness experience.
Unger, of the L. ?\L' H. S., will per-
form feats of magIc, and there will he Yes or No
Among his associates in industrial other novelties in what promises to be
and civic life, ~I r. Austin has been one of the most interesting programs
known as "a ma-n whose colleagues ever staged here.
and friends have always delighted to Plans for the future will he discussed Either your coal bills
serve and honur," A motto he adopted at an executive hoard meeting of the
in youth rcflects his personal philos- club to be held next Tuesda" at 8 satisfy you or they do
ophy. It was to "imitate the loco- The Austins have six children: Rebecca P. ~I. in the Cynwyd Cluh. .
motive; he runs along, whistles over Jennie, Mabel Henszey (Mrs. Bernard not.
his work and yet never takes anything Todd Converse). Helen Mary (Mrs.
but water when he wants to wet his Harry Pollard Converse), Anna Alcott,
.. whistle." Tcan Liseter (Mrs, William du Pont,
Narberth-Merion-Penn Valley
[.oenl .~
ICE Either your furnace is
Mr. Austin's ancestry is Englbh on Jr.) and William Liseter, Jr.
his father's side and Holland-Dutch on First as a member of the School
Servll'e easy to tend or else it
his mother's side. His grandfather, Board and then as president. Mr. Aus- CHESTER G. JONES
Charles B. Austin, settled in Philadel- tin has always taken an active interest 200 Woodbine Ave. Narb. 4058
phia in the year 1819. in every movement to increase the
\Villiam Liseter Austin was burn attractiveness and nsefulness of the
September 22, 1852, He was educated school plants.
W. P. MIESEN W hat makes the differ.
in the Philadelphia public schools and The major improvements made in
was graduated from Central High the Township schools during his Carpenter .:. Builder ,:••Jobbing ence between annoyance
School. At an early age he exhibited eighteen years of service include the 100 N. NARBERTH AVE.
• tendencies of a designer and inventor. following: Phones: and satisfaction?
"Very early I cali recall," said Mr. Ardmore Avenue-Erection of cir- Day-Narberth 3973-1\1
Austin, "drawing snow crystal forma- cular fire escape, insertion of cafe- Night-Narberth 2890·R
tions on the window with the help of a teria, paving of playgrounds. .
magnifying glass," Ashland-Purchase and grading of Just this-
grounds and erection of entire present " = ' ~ ~
After a year with a patent attorney plant, said construction covering three
as a draughtsman, :Mr, Austin went distinct contracts. GUS WELSH Coal that is cleaner, more
1~leetrlclnn-Ph. Arllmore 1125
with the Kensington Steam Engine Bala - Improvement of grounds, 49 ANDERSON AVE•• Arllmore
\;Yorks, builders of tug-boat engines. erection of retaining wall, insertion of
Electric Washer and Motor
uniform, slow burning,
After six months in the drying room he new heating plant and toilets. Repairs-Armature Winding
decided to resign because of the pro- Bryn Mawr-Purchase of additional E ..Umntlng 'VUllout Chnrge and yet quickly respon·
fanity of an understrapper. ground and construction of entire ContrncUng. 'Vlrlng. Jobbing
I t was then that he first became as- present builrling, covering two distinct si'JIe to drafts, is the coal
sociated with the Baldwin Locomotive operations.
that sa'JIes money and
'Vorks but this connection was short Cynwyd-Grading of athletic field.
lived as the Kensington officials threat- erection of retaining walls and con-
cned an apprenticeship claim and struction, in two distinct operations, of CHAS. S. EBERT time.
young Austin was forced to go back to the entire present building.
his old job for a few months. By Merion - Purchase of site for Jobbing Carpenter We Sell
working on a farm during the summer, school, grading of athletic field and
he voided the apprentice claim, paid erection, in two distinct contracts, of Phone: NARBERTH 4163.W
Kensington a sum for release, and on the complete building as it stands at

"Th~ coal
August 8, 1870, at the agc of eighteen, present.
entered the employment of the Bald- Merion Square - Enlargement of that
win Works permanently. athletic field, insertion of modern heat-
ing plant and erection of new addi- XMAS TREE PLATFORM Satisjid'
In the course of his long career he
was successively designer, engineer, tion, including classrooms. offices, WOOD PANELS
vice-president, prcsident in 1910 and cafeteria and gymnasium,
1911. chairman of the board in 1911

Among the many locomotivc parts
Pcnn \Vynne-Purchase and ~rad­
and 1912. He is now a director of the ing of grounds and erection of our
modern building, completed this
4 Ft. by 8 Ft.
$2.00 and $2.50
L. M. Thompson .
\Vynm:wood Road-Purchase and
invented by l\Ir. Austin arc a r-ast-iron grading of grounds and the erection Bala Avenue at Union
thimble used as a washer in the crown of the new complete building at the
sheet of boilers; equalization of brakes intersection of Ar~O'le and \Vynne-
J Miles Sons
for tenders and cars; first steam brake wood Roads. Lumber Yard
for locomotive driving wheels; en- High Schools - . Enlargement of
gineer's disc valve for control of grounds frol11 four to seventeen acres, ~ WEST MANAYUNK Cynwyd 280 and 3272
brakes; radial-stayed wagon boilers; grading of athletic fields, erection of
several forms of locomotive trucks and retaining walls, extension of Senior
other details used in the construction High School building, construction of
of locomotives. the Junior High School, the garage,
For his distinguished achievements the shop, the power house and the new
in the field of locomotive design he administrative building now in process
was awarded a gold medal by the Ex- of erection.
In addition to the improvements an additional school site in Penn Val-
IIrstmtul1trr Q!rmetrry
listed above the Board has purchased Icy. containing five acres, and one in
positione U niverselle Repllblique Fran- tIll' Cynwyd Estates, totaling eight Located on Belmont Avenue above City Linei
c~ise. acres. Adjacent to the Bala.Cynwyd Section, accessible
l\I r. Austin is an elder in the Bryn from all points. The Westminster landscape has
Mawr Presbyterian Church, life mem- all the charm of a picturesque rural countryside.
ber and former trustee of the Franklin
Institute life member of the Pennsyl-
vania Academy of the Fine Arts, mem- Plumbing : Heating For information-without obligation-call, write or telephone
ber of the Presbyterian Social Union 100 Forest Avenue, Post Office Address: . Station I, Pbiladelphia
of Philadelphia and the Union League,
On September 13, 1877, Mr. Austin Phone: Narberth 3652
married Mary Rogers. of Philadelphia. Pi. Q.!.
Page Ten OUR TOWN Deceftlher 11, 19;1

New Chevrolet Car Itures, the new car remai~s in the price
range .of the. current serIes, the lowest
Icross member in the frame.
Of the mcchanical changes, thc out.
. \\lhile the wheelbase remains 3t 109
I S on DOlSPIay H ere at whIch a Chevrolet has cver SOld.
Practically cvery proven antomotive
standing one is the new transmission
unit, which is cntirely Chevrolet-huilt
inches, the' car looks longer than last
year, lower, speedier and 1Il0re power-
featurc of recent years is incorporated and is said to combine for the first ful-promises borne out hy the greatly
in thc ncw 1932 Chevrolet, as well as timc in any car the combination of improved power plant.
Chevrolet's new car for 1932 is now
a new "stabilb:ed" front end constl'uc- syncro-lIlcsl; with simplified frec- The 1Il0st striking change in cxte-
on display at the showrooms of the tion cmbodied for thc first timc on any whceling as standard c'llllpmcnt at no rior appearance is the new front end,
Kirsch Chevrolet Company, 208 Bala car. Outstanding improvemcnts in thc cxtra cost. Frce-wheeling is provided .IS IJee!1 com[lletely redesigned
Avenue, Bala-Cynwyd, dealers for '32 Iinc O\'er last year's models are hy an o\"l~r-rnnniug' clutch, engagcd at this year.
Narberth and Bala-Cynwyd. down-draft carhuretion, counter-hal- the discretion of the drivcr by a con- I no:: nc\\" "stahilized" front end
-- Embodying silent syncro.mesh anced crankshaft, smaller wheels :lIld trol hutton on the instrumcnt panel. mounting is an important feature of
transmission in com hi nation with se- larger tires, radically changcd iront- This optinn;il feature cnables the the new car. In conventional mount-
lective free-wheeling, a twenty per end appearance, "fing'l'r touch" front (Iriver to utilizc the full brcaking ing the radiator, fendcrs and head-
cent. increase in power, top speed of Sl'at adjustment, cowl vcntilator on all powcr of the engine if he desircs, and lamps arc snpported from the sides of
65 to 70 miles an honr. streamlined model,:. hood doors instead of 10\1v:'cs, to use the free-wheeling fcature only the fralllc. and in driving ovcr rongh
hodies and a wealth of other new fea- impr<wed clutch and an additi'mal when tral1ic conditions make it de- CUl1th,u .. tl from l'I1j{" 1:1



!alilking lim'e O/l Mr. Tool'S farm /lear Oxford, This pholograph shQlI's par/ of his fille, /l/baCliIiIl-/med herd (om;'lg tip the lane from paS/Ufe,

In 18 lears. • He Has Never •

Failed to Earn the B.ONUS

Mr. Oliver' Toot was among the first
dairy farmers selected and trained by us
18 years ago to produce milk of Abbotts
teA" standard of purity.
Like all dairymen who produce this fine
milk for u~, Mr. Toot recejves a bonus
for the extra sanitary care he' must take.
Surely you want a milk supply of this
dependable extra purity. A week's trial
will convi'nce you.
For ur,'ife of Abbo/lJ "A'~
Milk, Abbo/lS de luxe "An'
Butler (Illfl other Abl>otls
dairy prodllels. s/ol' /be
Abbotls AI iI/multi or 'pbol/e
EVErgreen 0205.

Strict allen lion to the details of cleanliness at every

Through 18 l'cars, our uoerting labol'lllory milking, is paramount with Mr.Tootand his assistants.
leslS have becn II constant check on tbe
Puriry of the milk from Mr. Toot's farm.

The same exacting system of sanitation supervised by unerring laboratory control that surrounds AbbollS "A" Milk.
also prevails in the production of Abbotts t/' Iu:t:e Ice Cream, AbbollS de 11I:':e "A" Butter and Abbotts de lu.\'e" A" Cream
ABBOTTS DAIRIES, Ine. .. .. " "hiloll .. l"hio. (;011I11,'11. ~"UI" J ...")'. ~ .... ho ...
~ ... , ...... ,..

Dece;"ber 11, 1931 OUR TOWN Page Eleven

Dramatization of Joseph C. Lincoln Novel 1--

to Be Given by Main Line Repertory Theatre

:\n e\'ent oi' great artistic impor-
tailce, the first public performance of
OUf -Christmas
a CIramatized Joseph c. Lincoln novel,

Club Offers •••

is: scheduled to take plac(' on the
!\f~in Line.
The play will he the dramat ization
of "Galusha the ~[agnificent:' re-
christened "The neloved Meddler,"
and it will he prodnced hy the ~r ain
Line Repertory Theatre. The :\udi- 5 ecurity p & _5
torillln of Rohert:; HaIl. Haverford H appiness
College. has heen selected ior the per-
iormance. which is expected to be o pportunity Christmas
Shopping List
gi\'en about th(~ mi(ldle oj January. p. rosperity !
The periormance here will he in
the nature oi a tryout ior the play, P rogress
which. if successiul. wiil be taken to
Broadway ior professional presenta-
tion. The Mac Desmond Players wde
I nspiration
N ovelty
Iii I
also considered when a company to
produce it was lirst sought. :lut it C ratification
was decided to gin it to the ),lall1
Une Repertory Theatre. which in a' A lJmtted NumbeI'
few years has gained an enviable JOSEPH C. LIXCOLN
reputation in the Philadelphia suburbs. of 1·,'!lalltJ,-a. <c'host' IIm'd "CO/liS/ill lilt:
At a meeting on Tuesday the fol- Jla.'fllijitt'III." ",ill be /,rc'Swll'd ill a L uxury 30ln the new
lowing cast was selected: Galu~ha
dml/lali::;,'d 7!l'rsi{J1I a/ II m'l'rlord Co/-
/1'[/,' by Ih,' .11aill I.illt R"/,t'I'/{Jl'y Thl'a- I nitiative Christmas Club
Bangs, plaYed by George F. Joly, 3d, In ,I 5 uccess
of \¥ynnewood; :Martha Phipps. Elea-\ I
•• nor Payne, of \Vynnewood'
. . ' Pril11l11ie Company' UlJon the threat ot. gOIng . to I T hrift
Cash, Janet, CraIg;
. Luhe Hallet. . _Rose- C a" )0 t I' ln11se II' t 0 se II I'
11111 tl le stoc I,. I
mary - 0 Loughlm,
J .. of BOlla; ,?\ elson A s C'.Ja I us Ila (oes I· no t wan't C i t0
a )ot
_ ohn M. .CreIghton,
, or 'Bala; k'now tl la t IIe Ilas 1IOUg Ilt t IIe stoc'k Call Today for Your Shopping List-Free-
Zach Bloomer, (,eorge LIchty, of f \( I I I ' .
· 1 I' I .. \'7' I' rom .\ art la, le las to pay Cap n Jdh
H aver for;d R als I U clter, '\ II lam " .. mzd JOIN OUR 1932 CHRISTMAS CLUB
· k C ' J I I J II J I F 11Is. prH:e to keep hUH qUIet.
E• m b IC; ap H et 1 ~a et, 0111 '. .... t r I.... . I I' 1 J •
Greff. 3d, of Ardmore;. Augustus . c -.-- roOI11 m tIe Iglt ,el'per s
Cabot, L. E. Swinehart, oj l\'[crion house. :->everal weeks later. Lulie Last Week 500 Members of our 193 1
. Go.If Manor; Marietta Haag, Cynth!a' HaIlet. knowing- that her father is due
Flannery, of Hav~rford; Opheha to go out to one of ),1 arietta Haag-'s
B~ebe. ~rargaret CraIg Lank, of Arel- seances. has invited Martha and Ga-I
Club Received Checks for $30,000
1Il0re. lusha to dinner at the light keeper's
Snynopsis of the "Beloved Meddler" house, together witli N'elson Howard.
Act I-Living room of Martha Lulie has b~'en ad,·ised. by P~illllllie and
Phipps' horne in East 'vVellmouth, ~ach,. the .I~ght keeper s aSSIstant, who
Cape Cod. Evening. Martha Phipps, I IS Prllnl11le ~ sweetheart, to try to ~et
a New England spinster, who has Galusha to lI1t~rcede for I~oward "'lIh
taken in Galusha Bangs as a boarder he.r father.. l,alusha heSItates. to .do
from' motives of sympathy, finds her- ~llIs. kn,?wll1g what trouble. hiS prJ~r
self in financial straits. She has kept' Il1terce~slOn has brought h1lll, .but IS
this fact verv much to herself until the finally lI1duced to try. Galusha IS then
evening in 'which the play opens, at tl.lrown in.to con~ternation by the ar-
which time she is expecting Lulie Hal- ~Ival of .111;' cousIn Cabot to whom. he Here are the Classes of Membership:
let and Nelson Howard. two single IS forc~d to teIl ~he story of bUY1l1g
people who are in love with each other, Martl~a s and Cap n J eth~s stock. He 50 weeks starting now,
to corne visit her. Lulie is the daugh- then lI1duce.s Rmsh P~lclfer,. wh? has
tel' of Cap'n Jeth Hallet, light keeper cOIll.e to enilst yalusha,s services 111 tl~e
at East \Vellmouth. an old sea captain buyll1g of Cap n .Jeth sand :l\Iartha s YOU PAY WEEKLY YOU RECEIVE
who was the friend of Martha's father stock, to get MarIetta Hoag to advise
and who, with Martha's father, in-I Cap'n Jeth It? sell his stock to Pulcifer, 25c $12.50
vested a fair part of all his monev in uSll1g one 01 her seances as a means
the stock of the East Wellmouth'De- jar such inducement. Pulcifer, who is 50c 25.00
velopment ComfJan)'. Cap'n J eth is really the agent jar Galusha's cousin,
vcry much opposed to Howard because who ha~ bee!l quietly huying in the $1 50.00
he has been led to believe. through a s!ock hll11selt. c10es not know that
11arietta Hoag, who is also in love (,a~usha I~as al.ready bought the stock $2 100.00
with Howard, that Marietta Hoag is which he IS trymg to get. He arranges
able to get messages from the spirits !he seance as ~uglfested bY.C;alusha but $5 250.00
and the messages that Marietta de- 112st~ad of hav1l1f)' It at H arletta's house.
livers are from Cap'n Jeth's dead wife. Cap n Jeth de~ldes to have it at his $10 500.00
Galusha Bangs learns much of this O~"11 h,o1l1e and It become:; necessary to
while lying resting on a couch in an hIde. Howard. Aiean.while,C";alusha's
alcove of the living room. There he COUSIl1 has alre;~dy exposecl (;alusha to PLUS INTEREST
hears Howard and Lulie argue their ~{artha by start1llg to take up the (jues- AT 3%
affairs and Raish PulcHer. the village lion of. the <1e.ve!opl11cnt company's
real estate man, offering his develop- stock. with her. rhe se~nce ta~es place
ment stock to Cap'n J eth, and also and 111 the course of ,.t .1ranetta an-
hears Martha Phipps, to whol1l he is nounces that I~o\\'a1'(1 I~ III the hou~e.
deeply grateful, teIliug Cap'n Jeth how \Vhen she ad\'lses Cap n J ~th out of
badly in need of money she is. Things her ~uppo~ec1, trance tn sell hIS s!ock to
arc in such a pass that she wiII ha"e Pulclfer. Cap n Jelh calls her altar, ex-
to sell her house and send away Prim- poses Galusha as the real purchaser
mie, the orphan girl who works for and throws out the fake spiritualistic
her unless she can sell her OWIl '1\7 ell- crnwd. Galusha then produces How-
mo~th" development stock. Galusha. ar? ant! trie.s to illake Cap'n Jeth n'-
an impractical archaeologist, has had cel\'e hnn kmdly.
0111 his affairs manag-ed by his cousin, Act I II-Same setting as Act 1.
Augustus Cabot, and is so afraid of Galusha. fearing that he has lost the
his cousin that he hesitates to spend respect of his friends at \\7 ellll1Outh,
National Bank
the money which is his own to help particularly "lartha. tries to carr\' out Mtlllbtl' of Ftdtral Rtstl'l,t Systtm
oilt Martha. However, when :Martha his intention of leaving hut is' frus-
discusses with him her troubled affairs trated by his cousin Cabot who makes
he decideds to help her and pretends it clear to "Iartha that Galusha cares Open 8 A. M. Daily, and from 7 to 9 P. M. Fridays
he is buying the stock for his cousin, for her and also to Galusha that
paying her more than it is worth. )'lartha cares for him. Galusha there- for Your Convenience
Through Primme, Cap'n Jeth hears of upon gives up his resolve to leave and
this and forces Galusha to buy his gets busy, with the result that thl'ee
shares of the Wellmouth Development couples arc brought together.
Page Twelve OUR TOWN December 11,1931


The first and. only

low-priced car with

Syncro-Mesh Shift
and Free Wheeling .1'


The new Chevrolet Six combines the advantages of two inventions ..•
Syncro·Mesh and Free Wheeling .•• to assure quick, quiet, easy gear-
shifting and positive control of the car under every driving condition
~ One of the biggest driving thrilla in mod- ease and Car control, far beyond anything you h·ave
~ em motoring is now available at one of ever enjoyed before. They gin you quick, quiet, easy
the very lowest prices in the aU1;omobile market. shifting and complete mastery of the car, under all
Silent Syncro-Mesh gear.shifting is combined with simpli. conditions of road a.1(} traffic. They enable yeu to do
fied Free Wheeling in the new (lnd finer Chevrolet Si:d thingii in driving that are impossible to dl? in a car
No other car offers this double-feature for without both theliie fea tures.
80 little money. Syncro-Mesh is rec- PRICED AS LOW AS Then, along with these two hig lUotor-
ognised as the most advanced type of ing thrills-Chevrolet offers you 60-horse-
transmission ever developed by engi- power "six" performance, higher speed,
neering science. Free Wheeling is that new, faster acceleration, greater smoothness,
up-to-date I5Cnsation which adds so much smarter Fisher bodies, matchless econ-
to the zest of driving. The two make a l.OW Delivered Pric~s omy, and a first cost among the lowest
matchless combination! They bring Easy G. M. A. C. Tt'TIIIS in the mOlor car market. Certainly,
about an entirely new kind of driving All prices f. o. b. Flil/t, Michigal/ it'. the great American value for 1932!
Chcvrolet Motor Com pall)', Detroit
Mich. Divisiol/ of Gelleral Motors



SEE YOUR DEALER BELOW ==============================~


. _._ .. _P.hone: Cynwyd 81 208 Bala Avenue, Bala-Cynwyd
OUR TOWN Page Thirteed
December 11, 1931
Tonight's show at Hedgerow is the
The Philadelphia. Electric com-I Shaw and Morley on Next
Big Building Program pany's customer famIly now embr;f.ces
638,641 electric, 12,691 gas and 808 Week's Hedgerow Program repertory,
latest Shaw to have been added to the
"Heartbreak House;" to-
Announced by Utility steam-heat users, the speak~r an· 1 _
morrow's matinee is the :Morley-Black
"Thunder on the Left."
nounced.. Besides four performances of plays

Philadelphia Electric to Spend N
20 Million on Construction
ew Chevro1et Car
I from the active rep~rtory, the Hedge- 1ii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!i!!!!!~!!i!!!~!!i!!!!!!~~1
: row Theatre at Rose Valley is depart-
Is on Display Here ing from its customary "dark" Mon, HOW to dunk sponge-cake
During 1932. days and is presenting on Monday without using a NET • • •
Contlnuecl from Page 10 night Doris Canfield in a dance re-
EMPLOYEES AID RELIEF roads the front end weaves and vi- cital of he: own interpretive danc:e~ to 1. Break off a piece of sponge-
brates. This is annoying to occupants bOt!1 c1.asslc and modern composItIons cake and hold it firmly. between
--- of the car and frequently results in the: wlllch lI1c1ude works of B~ch,. Brahn.ls your thumb and forefinger. If
Announcement of a 1932 construc- orig-in of squeaks and rattles at points Arensky, Bartok and Scnabl11. MIs, you have no thumb, get yourself
tion budget of $20,519,645 and final re- of stress \. Canfield comes as a guest to Hedge a pair of pliers or use your elbows,
suIts of the employee-company cO-~P-1 y' I ' •. CI I t tl' f nders row for this special performance f:on, although in that event we strongly
erative plan in support of coml11ul1lty !1 tIe ne\\ levro e, Ie t: 'New York, where she has received
.. welfare and unemployment in Phila- rad!atr fnd I headlalllp~ ar\ c~~I:i~t°i~ high praise for her recent dances at
I urge you to take off your coat and
roll up your sleeves. Don't f~rget:
delphia and suburban area rep!'esent a s;n Cd e:H e~ ~U~I:I~: r u~; 'th~ front Town Hall and Carnegie Hall. you're at' the table-not til a
the hi~l? lights of an addre~s dehverid ~~I~s~~~I~eml~er I~f ethee frame. This On Thursday night Shaw's philo, laundry.
7 h
1 .Wllhal!? H~ Tay!or, president / Ie pivotal anchorage enalbles the front sophical and biting drama after the
J hlladelphla Electnc Company" e are end to sway with the bodv as a unit manner of Chekov, "Heartbreak 2, Dip the sponge.cake slowly
2500 Illember.s ~f the company s Em- thus reducing the annoyin'g weave a~ House" will be given by the Hedgerow into the coffee. Remember, you
ployee :\SSOcl~tlon l.ast week. , I wel'l as the possibi1it~' of squeaks and Company with J ~sper Deeter. in the can onIv go as far as the first
In connectIOn With the compan~" s rattles developing at points of stress. role of the ama7.lI1g sea captam,. and knuckle;' beyond that, it isn't
dunking; it's swimming.
construction program Mr. Taylor Said: The radiator is entirely new in de-j Jean Sweidcl and Ccle :McLaughhn ~'
"\Ve shall have expended at the sign and construction. The exposed his "demon daughters." J can Black ~
close of this year $15,667,104 u~on core area is larger than last year for dramatization of Christopher Morley'~
I 3. Lift the sponge-cake grace-
fully to your mouth, but be sure
various enlargement an~1 extensIon better cooling, and a new grille is "Thunder on the Left" is billed for I to avoid the chin on the way up,
works with a c.arry-over mto 1932 of built integral with the radiator in all \ Friday night, with Smith Dawless as because there's nothing more ob-
$5,443,000, makmg a grand total for models. This grille has square meshes the "Martin" who never grew up; Ferd noxious than a man walking
the year's program of $21,110,104. stamped in relief, with the vertical Nofer as the adult "George;" Dudley around with a chin full of spongc·
"Preliminary estimates for 1932 ~all lines accentuated to increase the ap- Vaughan as "Phyllis," the mother of cake.
for an expenditure on new construction I pearance of height. The radiator shell two lively children, played by Pete.
of $18,472,645. If we add the 1931 is chromium plated, and the top hand and Ruth Esherick. 4. Repeat the operation as per
carry-over just cited a~ld deduct the ha~ a narrow bead and a t?1? panel em- A Saturday matinee of Shaw's the above until somebody starts to
estImated carry-over II1to 1933 of belli shed only by the famIlIar Chevro- comedy on war in general and in the complain. Then jUlllp up, holler
$3,396,000, we re~ch a to.tal of $?O.S19.- let emblem in blue and white. Balkans in particular, "Arms and the "Hallelujah!" and run over to see
645 of cons~:uctlon WlllC.h, It IS J c?n: 'I The hood is :edesigned to conform Man," is. included next week at the
templ!1ted~ \\111. be done 111 tl~e 1 11I1~1 to the new. radIator shape and offers usual matmee hour. To compl~te the EDDIE CANTOR in
-, I
delphia Electnc Company S) stell1 II sevcral radical departures from last varicty and scope of the week s 1'1'0- "PALMY DAYS" at the
the year bef?re us. . . . year.
:rhe conventional pan~1. of gram Saturday night's performance. is
"Faced WIth a sltua~lOn which de- 10U\'res IS replaced by four ventllatlllg to be "Like Falling Leaves," by Gla-
manded a distin.ct sacnfice of us. we donI'S on each side, chromium plate.d cosa an Italian who writes in this play
Narberth Theatre this
have given liberally toward the caus~ on the de luxe and sport models, ~hls abol;t a particular family in his own week-end.
of th?se less fortun;~te than o~rselves,. "big car" refine.ment en~bl~s th~ dnver country forced by circumstances to re-
Mr. faylor stated, m presentlllg f~cts to control engme ventilatIOn III rela-! establish itself in Switzerland.
regarding the company-employee liol- tion to temperature. Each door has, ~~=======~===~~~====~========:=:-:~~
lar-for-dollar plan of raising" welfare a chromium plated handle and a heavy ~
monies. "Our contribution toward the spring to hold it in the desired position
GRUEN WRIST WATCH, IS-JEWEL - - - - - - $25 00
same cause last spring was $150,000," without rattling. Another improve-
he said. "It is with great pleasure that' ment is the replacement of the usual, Bracelet Attached
I make known the fact tonight that two extcrnal hood catches with only
the amount just pledged by 7400 or 96 one catch operated internally. This I
per cent. of all employees is $1701000 typc of catch is much neater in ap-
which with the company's contnbu- pearance and marc conveniently oper-\
tion 'makes possible a magnificcnt, ated.
sum' which will be available .for All models this year have cowl ven- I
warmth and food, clothing and medical tilators located just forward of the i 5.00
care for the helpless men, women and windshield and controlled by a regula-I PEWTER WATER PITCHER - -
children of the Philadelphia and subur- tor in the driver's compartment. I The Finest Quality
ban area this winter." The windshields of all models are I
Touchillg upon other activities slanted at a sharper angle, and the I _......:{f.e-•.-
clothed with a public interest Mr. Tay- streamlined bodies, with the outside I
lor spoke as follows: sun visor eliminated, greatly reduce air I
"r n accordance with our policy to resistance, increase the driver's vision I (;. R. S~IITII & SON
share with our customers the saving ill and add to the symmetrical appearance I
cost resulting from imprtl\'ed methods of the car. The sloping front pillars
of providing the service, w.e are hay- -strengthened by a heavier steel rein- . MARKET at 18th STREET
ing studies made at this !llOn?ent to forcing structure-blend gracefully
discover if a further reductIOn m elec- into the beautiful curving top. :l\1ould- WE HAVE SOLD JEWELRY FOR 94 YEARS
trical rates will he possible in 1932. ing lines are carried along the pillars
I cannot tonight foretell the result of and along the edge of the top just WHEN BUYING JEWELRY DEAL WITH A RESPONSIBLE FIRM
these stu.lies but it is proper for me over the doors and windshield.
to say that 'if the findings justify it With the elimination of the outside
we shall again, as we have done so sun visor, its previous function is per-
often in the past, \'oluntarily lower our formed by an intcrnal visor adjustable
charg-es to the public. to any position and affording greater
"It is hardly necessary for lIIe to protection than the old fixed external

dwell, in this connection, upon the visor. Its elimination, together with \
close relationship we have always d- the lowering of the top rail of the
fected between our costs of producing instrument panel, affords the driver I
and supplying the service and our greater vision, particularly in observ- I ~ gift. Come in and see what this electric shop
charges to those who enjoy the service. ing overhead signal lights. I
All of us know that the rates fairly ~ ............. _-~! I offers-Majestic Radios as low as ~44.50 com·
and honcsth· reflect those costs, so
that e1ectricftv has become a negligible Get Your
, plete. Majestic Electric Refrigerator, ~25 allowance on your
factor of exliense in American indus- 1.1 old ice box; Electric Clock FREE, in which to deposit 25c
try and home life. It is this tribu~e Christmas ,.
to the ingenuity and sense of pubhc
duty of the electrical industry which
we are seeking further to enhance by
I Goodies at
daily, which will pay for your new refrigerator and enable you
to save on ice bills.
th~ studies now in progress.
"Our pay-roll for 1931 will amount
to $14,700,000. From a social stand-
Easy terms for purchase of both radios and refrigerators.
point, from the point of view of per-
sons not connected with the company,
SWEET SHOP Guaranteed II'
this is a most satisfactory situation. It
is recognized, even by mcn who would
replace ollr whole economic order with
PIES-Pumpkin, Mince, etc.
Pfefferneusse, Springer e an
d I:
, ANCES. Christmas tree lights. Trees wired.

another more in keeping with their other Christmas Goodies.

r~::~t Fruit Cake on the Main
Ill' Majestic Electric Shop
service to the whole cOlllmunity. The George Albert
dollars of that pay-roll find themselves
in every line of business activity. They
help to keep other businesses going,
219 Haverford Avenue, Narberth
PHONE: NARBERTH 4005 II 250 Haverford Avenue-Narberth 2348
to keep other men employed, ttl pur- 14 Delicious Playors of Rich, Radio and Electric Repairs and Seryice at Moderate Price
chase other materials, products and Home-made Ice Cream
services-they support and vita Ii 7.call
form of productive effort." I\~::::::::::::::::::~~:::::::::::::::::::::::::~~:::::::::~~:::::::::::::::::::::::::::~ ~.~!!!!i!!!!!!!!!!i!i!!!!!!!!!!!i!!!!!!i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
"'. .-',"-

Page lI()urteen OUR TOWN . December 11, 1931,

before the game the outcome wil1

Tommy Macklin's All-Suburban Elevens
'Time First Team Second Team
not be printed now, but it is likely
the Orange and Black started
their season with a victory. They
Weaver of Radnor " .. ""." .. Lcft cnd""".. Purfield of Darby lost only three games in a twenty-
TOI11I11~' l\[acklin always picks an
All-Subu:han footbal1 t,ea m , and this
season \\'III be 110 exceptIOn. Our team
I PoIilIi of Lower Merion .".""Left tacklc"." ,
Newborg of Lower Merion . Left guard
McCahan of Haverford
Mongicllo of Radnor
Woolery of Haverford
Centre...... Rinchart of Lower Merion
game schedule last season, and
this year's squad looks almost as
fast and steady as the champion-
could probably beat any of the other
all-suburban teams picked by local I H'
lckn:tan of
W est. CIlestel. R'.IgIlt guar<I H·
...... • owson.o
f R d
.a nor
ship five which joined Bill An-
derson's group this year as sopho-
sport writers, but there is no way to, Radchffe of N ornstown. .. Rlght tackle '. Worster ot Ah111gton mores.
prove it, as some of the boys 1V0uld II Winfree of Radnor Right cn(L... . Loucks of Abington • • •
~e pla~ing on. al1 of the tea!l1s. Imag- Thomas of Lower Merion .. Ouarterl>ack...... Givens of Abington
The suburhan league this season is
Inc VIctor l'ewhorg startmg around i
end with the hall on a guards-around-;
ommg 0
f H avcr
. fOJ('1 -Ha IfIlaCk . ". . B k f I
, •. 1\'1 '0
likely to be a fight between Haverford
JO\\ CI • Crt 11
and Upper Darby with Norristown
play 011 our team and then darting! Smythe of Upper Darby Halfback.......... Marno11 of Eddystonc
having a slight say abollt the final
throuf.'(h the line from the other side
as "back('r tIP" on Herby Good's team
I O'Dorisio of Radnor Fullback Kurlish of Ridley Park
winner. Lower Merion will develop
into a big troublemaker before the
and tackling himself, Quite a situa- I · . .• 'k 11 year is vcry old, also, and as the final
tion. I guess we will just have to feel I Coach of hne from ta.ckle t(~ ta':.kle,
confident our choice is ~he best and i Adam of Lower M cn.on, hackheld
on Bll1 And~rson s }:>as etba team
last season, IS burmng up th~ blue half is played wi1l probably knock off "
let it go at that. Anvway here 'tis: coach, Snodgrass of Allington. gras~ of ol~ Kentucky. H~s at-
man\' of the favorites.
Coach of en(],;. l're~'ost of Radnor. i The two backfields arc practically
. '" • *
few fDook'S
J Vi. °DI
as the other. The combination of
Buek, 1Iarrion and Kurlish might even
gain more groul1d on fewer plays.
tending Umon cc;>l1ege. down In the
i equal. I would just as soon hal'c one Sunny South, nght In the heart
of the blue grass country, where
they. have fast hors~s and good-
loo~ng women, or vIce versa, ac-
With Ray Mentzer helping at
Haverford High School, the team
will be more formidable this year.
Mentzer was a star at Dickinson,
and the team from Carlisle always
Thomas outsmarted cvery quarterbaCK cordIn}t .to th~ tastes of the 01!e plays stunning basketball.
. I
in the suburbs, except Kavanaugh, and c?m!Dltting hunself. Johnny IS Good crowds turn out to see the
T ALL STORIES-The Rue and I he, iu turn, was colllpletely outclassed ~tngJng; on the college quartette, Main Line Protestant Church League
Triumph of the Great American by Gi\'ens of Abington, and Ridley IS presldent of the freshman class, in action each week. Ardmore Bap- /'
Who er _ b Lowell Thomas. Park's tackle, who called the plays. and .already a star forward on the
pp y This column'~ All-America t('am var~lty. basketball team. As tists have a team in the league, as does
the St. Paul's Lutheran. Local boys
(Funk & Wagnalls, $1.50.) wonld include Dothanl, of Haverford Umon IS a cC?-ed s.chool we p~e. make up the combinations and each of
Fr0111 the Tall Story Club come College, in the hackfield; "Lard" Cnn- s?me Johnny IS. t:'-~lng along with these teams has a strong line-up. The
these strictly untrue tales of people, ningham, of F. and ::\1. Colleg~, and hIS other aC~Vlt1eS a campus Ardmore Baptists have not dropped
animals fish. birds, weather and geo-I Allan Conk, of Lafayette, as tackles; course, a.nd WIll probably,. before a leaglle contest yet.
graphical wonders, The compiler re- Johnny Pennypacker, of Pcnnsylvania the year IS over, do everything ex-
ceived fhem hy the score from al1 parts j Fresh, at end: Bob Elmore, of Penn- cept wear the Kentucky Derby. • * *
The Ardmore, Haverford and
of the country. after telling a couple I sylvania, 150-pound team fullback, and * * * Narberth teams seem to be the
oyer the radio-you know him: suc-, Betnor, of Wayne, as centre. [sup- Ii Bill Anderson had a few Eatons cream of the Main Line League.
cessor to Floyd Gibbons, speaking just pose there are other Main Line boys around. his basketball troubles for an- Wayne and St. Katherine's have .,•
before Amos 'n' Andy. doing fine work at col1eges but right other year would be imagination only. strong squads also, but it looks as
Some of the tales were contributed 1 now the names slip us, Jack Rock- As it is, he really has an ache or two. if the first three mentioned wiD
hy residen ts of this yicinity. The PUb-I well, of Dartl11outll, is another back- * * * fight it out for the first half of the
lisher of this pape\" was on.e of the field candidate, and 1 suppose that L. B, Fowler's Junior High five championship fight.
tall tale t~l1ers about mosq~ntoes.. en- team would be about as good as many started their season yesterday
cou,ntered 111 the .course o! 1115. orl1ltho-1 other al1 teams. afternoon against Montgomery Shop early. 'and
" * don't
* forget our
logIcal ventures In Jersey s WIlds. He Johnny Eaton flashy forward Day School. As we went to press Christmas card.
receh'ed a copy of the hook this 1110nth '
with his name on the contributors',' .~~=============================~
index. Just another good dodge for

::;~~r~~~!;~?;~:~~~iE~~~;;~;~::;;;! ~~-~~-~-~~~~~-~~~~-~~-W.-~~--tr1
of the 5:1n](' talc' being heard from: ~
many parts of the country. There's I Get the Good .j,
one about a big- chub swal1owing- a 1
fishermau's ten-dollar gold piece, b~ing
caug-ht the following- year. and con-
I ~
taining. when opened. the shining coin I
and with it six dimes interest: vf a I
out of tht- s new Bud~upt
'0 ~
lake whose trout are so fierce they I
I Gas W
. ater-H eater ".
demand live. wiggling. fierce bait, so ~:
that fishermen bait their hooks with
live tomcats: of a lake where fish chew t
tobacco, and arc caught thus: YOI1 go ~
out in a boat and throw quids of to- oj,
hacco in the water. The fish get them ~
until start
the\' tocome
chew.to the
then you to wait
spit./ Du' rt·ng the .cJ.l
£Jolt-days.' Ii'
and you hit them on the head with a I .1
club, and there )'011 are. It is claimed ii
the only truthful fish storv appears in 'i!
the Gosnc1 of St. John. Chapter XXI'I ~.:I
Verse J: "Sil11on Peter saith unto You get piping hot water instandy for every ".
d ,il
them. I g'O afishinf.'(. They say unto
him. \;Ve also come with thee. They
went fnrth and entered into the boat;
I holi ay need- iii
and that night thev took nothing." I 1. Quick beauty baths for parties Ii
Thi~ naner's bookkeeper. who hears' I
tall tales herself occasiOliall u while at 2. Washitlg stacks of company dishes l!i
J 'Ii
of a dogwaswho most impressed
resclled from hy
his the story
l11aqter's I'~~ll 3. Washing out table lincns "Iii

hurning htlme the sleeping- children, 4. Quick baths for youngsters

one bv one. The parents returned in HOT Ji
time to count them. give thanks at Ir Designed especially to use little gas! It can't use more than 1:
thdr safeh'. ';IIHI note with surorise
that the faithful canine was making
,ll11 water a certain amount each month, and you knolV what your
another visit to the house. now hlazing : gi"es billwi1l be ahead of time. I'
fiercelv. He came out wit 11 h IS · 1,aIr
. I~~,. you ~.•'!.,
~~=~~&~~~I:.;~oWc1.~iSn~1~~I~tl~v~~~~~~~eit~r: I I'I~' rathda"atnt 1..··~·2·· D..·
....... ·o.~:·n....··. ·. . ~·3~O·:;5La":M·:o·~n";t·h"'''1 1~i
Our llreference is for the one about 1 '" 'P ~
fishermen who arrived. after some mis- .' I k'
i..-__ __ ! J:
hans. at a remote crepk and discoverec11
thev had no hait. Thev qaw an old·
water n1 0ccasin I\'ing- hannily beside a I
'III'itr 00 0

lo~ gett:l1lr re1.dy to swallow a froq
he was holding" in his mouth. The
:r'It On display at all our suburban stores. See it!
men clmnnl'd a forked stick over the
snake's hearl al1<\ took his froC( away
Ir PHI L li"l'
to u<e for hait. But he hac1 suph a ~ ~
sarI look on his fape. at the loss of his . l
meal. th'l t thev felt sorry. and ~ave ~ 1II111111111illllllllllillmlllllllllllllllllllmillilllllilimii111111II111111111~B1m~IIIIII11II·:... ~,
him a drink of old white oak 1110untain I ~~
moonshine, He went wigglinq alvav,
['" E LE ~ T R I of't.- Gas ~d~
C""A 0 M PANY 'IiJI,
ani! thev started fiqhing-. In fifteen
minutes they were surnrised to see the I r
~ .
,,0 ~
sn:lke rettlrn :md took un at them ex-
pect:lOtly. holding another frog in his J ~ ~ - - ~ - _ . _ - " t ,~.:<t .. ...._ _.....:ffo••_ •• ~ .._ .. .._ . . , ; ,...._ _ ~~r:;:._

111oolli, (~ A. E~ I

': ., .....

OUR TOWN Page Fifteen

December 11, 1931
Riley ..... 173 152 183 508 BATTLERS
Pilots Trail Camels by McCoy .... 167 201 175 543 McCarter .. 182 147 179 508
Nicholllon 201 151 185 537 Keirn 113 148 187
Two Points in Church League Handlcnll 26 26 W. Smedle~'
H. Smed1e~·.
48S Special
2 4
The Pilots moved into second place 866 901 87·1 2641 Handll'ap 2
.. in the Interchurch Bowling League by
defeating the Battlers two out of three Youn~ .. .
t:;s 1ij.j 140 ·132
'jj9 791 816 2326
last Friday. They are now but two G. DIl"I:; .. 141 160 178 -179 To all prospective radio buy-
Keenan ., . 160 167 ]5; 484 ers, before you buy that radio
pins behind the Camels. The Lions,
by taking two games from the Colts, Steven" ., . 157 2MI 221 GS7
Blind 133 1,,1 158 442 for Christmas: Call the Nar-
are now in fourth place. 10 16
The standing of the tcams and scores
Hnnd\('n!l Ii

;35 841 86~ 24010

1000 Mi. for ~1 berth Electric and Radio Com.
are as follows: pany, 3 Narbrook Park (for-
. . V. L. Pts. ,
Camels .......................... 20 10 26 peu Bo~'s, :l; Calnels, 1.
-that is what our Check-Chart merly Narberth Electric Shop,
Pilots ............................ 18 12 24 PI~P nays Narberth's oldest electric store
.. Battlers ........................ 17 13
H. Hamer 133 105
Lubrication guarantee and price I and the Main Line's oldest
Lions ••.••Uol.·.H•..• 16 G.Hu·lnphrie:; 1:10
n ••••••••

Colts .............................. 13
Meteors ........................ 14
F. Hamer
IIi 2
is (or your car. We'll gladly II radio store) for a special price
Boosters ...................... 13 17 17 Sheller 147 181 16·1 492 call for and deliver. I on the set which you contem-
Handlca\l 6" 62 (i~ IS6 I
Pep Boys ...................... 9 21 13 ).

II plate buying.
J.lons. 3: Colts, 1. 76;\ SSI 24!10
Alhert ..... 16S 1!1;l 168 529 CA?lmLH i Due to low overhead we are
Ruhi""n ., . 12S
Murra~' " .
Cauley ., .. 174
155 192
470 l\nesen .. , . 158
Mawhinnl'Y. 160

able to offer 15 to 25% off
on all standard make radios
Humphries. 190
17S 200
596 Johnson 162
Brownhncl, . 194
5:13 ERVICE I for cash purchases. No
Handicap .. 17 41
S02 715 soa 2320
finance charge on time pay-
SS2 947 867 269S Montgomery Pike at I
Pilot". :1: Balller:;, l. ,I
Brennan .. 167 170 214 551 Narberth Avenue
De Mott '"
;\Ieehnn .. .
494 MeCo nil(' II
160 148 174 482
i Tell us the name of the set
Lace)' 150 176 193 519 Odett" 159 159 Remember I
I you wish and we can supply it•
Blind 155 170 126 451 Goodrich .. 115 155 154 424 Narberth 2229
821 823 870
.Tenltins ., . 150
2514 Haw:; ..... 170
518 All Kinds of A nti.Free,e
Expert radio repairs, electrical
Follette ., . I GI ](i0 321 I repairs and installations.

., BooHters, 4: ?lreteors, O.
Eder ...... 192
Davis . , ... 133
j ..
7()S 859
Firestone Tires I\( Batteries I
II 24 rears at the electrical trade
and more than half of that
time de1loted to radio de1lelop-

This Christmas 13 rears of real ser1lice


at Davis' ... · No groping or guessing at

your expense. No fancy bills.
You'll find Christmas shopping easy, econom· Just definite expert service
ical and time.saving. In our large assortment. based on a thorough knowl.
of up.to.date gifts you'll find just what you edge of the subject.
need and what you like, for yourself and All makes repaired. Economy
others. is our keynote.
We also can save you money
on electrical appliances, vacu-
Christmas Tree Ornaments TOYS um cleaners, washers, electric
TREE LIGHT Outfits Dolls, Games, Paint and Crayon clocks and electric refrigera-
sets, iron and wood toys in scores of
Only 59c and 98c Lionel electric tt'ains repaired
varieties. Books for' children up to RIGHT. Have us set the
.Bulbs, 5c and toc Each 14 years. Candy canes and candy train up for the children be-
Dennison tags, cards, seals, labels, toys. fore Christmas.
boxes and tissue paper in beautiful
designs. FOR SMOKERS
Christmas Greeting Cards Cigarettes, "Cigars, Pipes, Tobacco
from 2 for 5c to.25c each in Gift Packages. Pouches, etc. All
Artificial Trees and Wreaths tobacco guaranteed fresh.

CANDY in. attractive HOLIDAY BOXES-

Whitman's, Schrafft's, Shellenberger's and Asher's
Phone your order to us for
Parker and Ingersol Fountain Pens tree sets and lamps. Let us
estimate on wiring outside
For Gifts for YOllng and Old, Trr trees and doing necessary
wiring in your house for the

DAVIS' Christmas tree.

The Oldest Store itl Narberth
224 Haverford Ave. Narberth 4035 Call Us at Narberth 4182
(We Deli1ler)
Page Sixteen I)URTOWN December 11, 1931

our native hirds we are more than e.ver Ilast

torium of the Montgomery Day School The wholesale destruction of forests
convinced that we should plant more
of our own n.ative. trees~ shrubs and
evergreens. 1 he bIrds hke them. be-
I Monday evening.
Mrs. Griscom held the interest of
her audience with the simple charm
for commercial purposes to provide
homes for this and former generations,
has been gradually driving many
cause they know them well.. It we I and enthusiasm with which she urged species of birds closer to our very
knew them hetter we would hke them I and pleaded for the preservation of doors, and we all should co-operate in
more. : wild bird life throughout Penn Val1ey. assisting them in "owning their own
~ I Though advance notices referred to "a homes" where they may enjoy life in
For a Christmas gift that will prove I lecture," the affair rather assumed the the knowledgc that they have true
a lasting joy to a real keen gardener ~varmth and personal touch o~ a dra~v­ friends for neighbors.
An informal reception was held
treat her, or him, to a year's member- i II1g roolll chat.. The first thIrty l?lln-
Christmas time is surely jolly- ship in the Pennsylvania Horticultural! utes of. Mrs. Gnscom's talk. was gIven after the meeting and many of those
\Vlth mIstletoe and berried hol1y. Society. \\lith membership goes ad-I to pertll~ellt. facts as to the l1:nportal.lce present showcd their appreciation of
-f mi~sion to the big flower shows an lof culhvatmg an ever IIIcreas1l1g Mrs. Griscom's remarks by offering
The mistletoe is a parasitic plant il1\:itation to visit al1 of our local 'gar- i "haven" in the respective gardens in their personal congratulations. It is a
livmg on the sap of the host tree to dellS at their best, twenty-four issues I Penll VaUey that will invite the. con- safe bet that during the coming year
whICh it attaches itself, and we care of the magazine "Horticulture," the use i fidence o~ our l~lany f~athered friends. man\' new "bird havens" will make
not If it is picked in quantity. It bea~s of acolllplete horticultural library and I The clos1l1g tlllrty. mll1utes were. de- their appearance throng-hont Penn Val- ".
little beauty but does carry much m admissions to a series of garden lee-I voted to the showlI1g- of man)' shdes ley.
legend and story from older days. The tIlres. AIso the member will reccive I showing the many possibilities avail-
berried holly, however, is a diffe~ent many circulars and catalogs because i able with which we all can assist nature
sUbject. Uur Christmas decoratIOns she will be listed as a reai gardener. I in this worthy enterprise. The man with the beard is the oue
seem to be built around the green
leaves and bright red berries ot the
For $3.00 this is a lot and for $5.00 a I In her remarks Mrs. Griscom who is never ashamed to wear the gift
copy of a History of the Pennsylvania stressed the importance that birds, like necktie.
hal1y but we I1IUSt stop and consider Horticultural Society will be included I humans, must have their daily supply
where the hol1y sprays of the future with the membership. This book goes I of both food and water, and for the
are conung from if it is to be gathered back over a hundred years of garden- I expenditure of very small amounts not
in huge quantities, to be used for a ing- in and near Philadelphia and is ani only provide these requisites, but the Give Me a Call
few days and then burned in the fire- inspiration to present-day gardeners. shelter that is so essential from the
place. Artificial holly is just as ef- The society office is at 1600 Arch winter storms. The planting of vari-
fective for thc purpose and along with
for Christmas Toys, Games
Street. Philadelphia. ous bushes (of thc berry bearing type)
our laurcl, ground pine and galax. we
must hnd SUbstitutes for these precIous
~ i provide much food; while the present- and Household Gifts
native plants before they arc extermi- Sometimes we are glad that this is i day tcndency to destroy old .trees,
nated by commcrcial intcrests who I
not the kind of a column that tries to oft~n robs many a feathered fanllly of W.H.HAWS
answer "fool" questions, the same ones! thclr. comfortable apartment; n~t
have no thought for the future. To
know these plants is to love ~hem. I
every week. on how to grow rubber speakmg of th,c woodpecker who IS
plants from slips, how to grow palms rated as I~ature s best tree pruner.
Hardwar~, Paints, etc.

Anyone who has grown a holly tree, 241 Haverford Avenue

or a gronp of them, to the berried frol11 seed. what to do with plants that Int~restll1g figures were. presented
stage would hardly want to strip the are dying- from overwatering in clay showmg- the. trel11.endo~ls !mportal:,ce Phone: Narberth 4134
soil or need a grcenhouse for their played by WIld b~rd hfe 111 ke.eplllg
plants and sel1 the sprays for a few
cents. care. \Ve pity the plants and sympa-, ~own the destructl\'c work of II1sect
thi7c with thcir keepers. "Ve wil1 trylhfe. ~ ~
w~ Deliver

some help-I i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;e~~~~~~mi
The green and red of holly is car-
ried out by euphorbia pulcherrima, dis-
from time to time
ful sug-gestions to giveplants-those
on house I
that may he cared for under average
covered in Mexico by Dr. Joel R. conditions. \Ve hope at the same time I
Poinsett, of Charleston, South Caro- that the majority of our readers, if I A REAL Christmas Gift!
lina, when he was American :Minister
to Mexico in 1828. That the plant has we have any, arc primarily inter~sted
in the hardy garden.
~ince been called poinsettia is not
strange. \Vhen your Christmas poin-
Treat yourself and your family to
settia has faded do not throw it away Penn Valley Residents Urged II' all.year.round enjoyment with an
hut lay the pot on its side in a cool
corner of the basement until next June to Create Bird ~Haven' I
at which time it may be started into
growth for another Christmas.
Residents of Penn Valley and guests
totaling close to seventy-five in nUI11-
Having heard the "bird lady" tell ber, thoroughly cnjoyed a talk by Mrs. I
lIS about the manners and customs of Florence Gri~~~~_given in the aU~i-1 Model R-to, Complete
Ready to Operate, Costs You Only

I $86.75
A Word to Motorists • • • Payments ca'l be arranged as low
as $2.50 a week.
We can prove that you . The R.I0 is an 8.tube Superheter-
get high quality at a BLUE GAS Ii odyne of latest RCA.Victor manu-
low price when you facture, with such features as the
famous RCA.Victor automatic vol·
buy our American Oil 11c per gal. or S I ume leveller, the marvelous new
Company gas.
gals. for SOc, or Pentode and Super.Control Radio-
trons, etc. In an extremely beauti·
Real performance, as
you will find out when
10 for $1 ful Early English cabinet (dimen.
sions: 40" high, 12%" deep, 24"
you fill your tank and u1Iti/ further notice at wide).
start up a hill•••• And the tank I
the price is the cheap- , Never before was such superb equipment
est I can remember in available at so Iowa price!
25 years•••• So cheap ,I Come in and hear it. Examine it from the back
that you can't bring GAS
water from where this where you can SEE the lasting value. OTHER
gas came from, for less 15c per gal. MODELS AS LOW AS $37.50.
cost per gallon.
Write Representative Fred VICTOR RECOROS--the latest hits-we have them. We'll
Peters, of Ardmore, and
Senator Boyd at Norristown,
protesting foolish progr:tm of
AMOCO GAS take your order for ANY Victor Record, and deliver it to
Governor Pinchot. - Why your home within 24 hours.
raise the tax on Blue gas, al· 18c per gal.
ready paying a 60% tax on
refinery price, to 100%?

Narberth Bridge Garage

Battery and Electric SERVICE
. c. P. COOK 108-110 Forest Avenue-Opposite Elm Hall
Narberth Avenue at the Bridge TELEPHONE: NARBERTH 2866
Phone: Narberth 3775 "\\'under Starts Them All"
Page Seventeert
December Ii, 1931 OUR TOWN
A Christmas Bride
. CIu b LeadOmg
Juntor 1 buckling
navy, the austere courts-all
these were reluctantly taken over from
THE FIRESIDE Of fA·· the European monarchial systems, but
L e 1 0 CtlVlty I the Congress, in name and in concept,
I that was American-of, hy and for the
--- people. It wa.; expected and intended
.. Contlnue,l from Page 8
Bridge Party Staged Wednesday that ~llngress should oft~n thw~rt,
Mrs. Frank C. Stiefel, of \Voodside i • SOlllctllllCS anno\, and occaslOnalh' ml-
Avenue, is entertaining the members i and Regular Meeung on peach other memhers of the go\'ern-
ment. No method of impeaching,
of her sewing club at a covered dish Th urs d aYe disciplining or arhitrarily dismissing
luncheon next \Vedliesday, The pro- Congress was prodded. \Vere the
ceeds of the luncheon will be used for UMMAGE SALE SUCCESS fathers wrong in their simple ei!-(ht·
the purchase of articles for Christmas R eenth century faith in democracy: The
baskets for the needy. Vagrant helie\'l's that thc\' were l:ot,
Miss Jane Alexander, daughter of The rlllllll1ag-e sale held on Satur. and so, with amazement. finds himself
day last by the J ullior Commullity in what secms to hc the conntry's most
. ~Ir. and Mrs. Howard M. Alexander,
of Brookhurst Avenue, entertained a
number of friends at a part)' last Sat·
Cluh was \'ery successful. Many girls conscr\'ati\'c minority-thosc few who
assisted at the sale, which was uncleI' still helil'\'c that a' go\'ernmenl "so
urday evening. Those who were !)res- thl' leadership (If l\ri,;,; Alherta Da\'!s, concei\'cll and so lledica ted" d",,'rves
ent were 11iss ~f ildred Sharpe, Miss chairman of the finance committee. IOllg to cndure.
Betty Schaison, M iss Helen Hansell, The finance committee was host-
r.liss Edith Thomas, all of N arb(~rth; esses to a bridg-e party for men and
Miss Jean Adams, of Ardmore; ~fiss women. held on 'Vednesday evening
Kay Garson, of ~[erion; Miss EI3.ine at the cOlllllltmity building, for the Stites, Connie Mack Among
Carson, of Brookline; l\I r. W ray henefit of Christmas charities. Approx- Father-Son Night Speakers
Crooks, 1\1 r. Charles Turring, Mr. imatelv twent\·-two tables were ex-
Ralph Good, 1\11'. Bob Henry, 1\11'. pected: and p'rizes and refreshmcnts
Jimmie Scott, 111'. Kauno Lehto, all were attractions offered. Forlller Slate Senator Fletcher \\".
of Ardmore; l\Ir. George Morgan, of On Thurs();\\' of this week the Stites. of l\arbl'l'lh, will 1)(' a pl'Omi-
Bryn Mawr; ~I r. Colin Barnett. of cluh's re).(nlar inecling took place at nent speaker at thc Father and Son
Bala; Mr. Henry Roser, Mr. .lames ),lISS l\lARGARETT:\ GIBBO:-':S the home of l\[ iss Virginia Stein ford. :\ighl which the Bala-Cynwyd ;\eig-h-
Alexander, of Narherth. and ~rr. and dUllY"'('/' of Mrs. Mar.\' S/,";:('ur/ (;i/I- ),1 r. :\ nderson, of Strawhridge I\: horhood Clnh will hold Tnesda\' at the
Mrs. H. M. Stites, of Nutley, N. J. bOilS, of Br.\'11 l1/U7('r .·IVCIIII,', C.\'I1'1('.\'d,
Clothier's, spoke on "Interior Deco- \Voman's Cluh of nala-C\'nwvd.
Mr. and !'-1rs. Eberhardt l\'1ueller, of ~('/IOSC lIlarria,l/e /0 Dr. Pcrry C. naird, rating." and his remarks will he re- Connie ),Iack will share heaeIlilie h:in-
Essex Avenue, spent the week-end in of [fOS/OIl. 11/ass., 7('ill lal,'" plllce at Ihc ported in the next issue of this paper. ors with hinl. l.ower ),Ierion High
New Yo~. ! hOlllc of Ihe bridc's lila/iter a/ six On Thursday, December 17, the club School heads. C'''lch:\ Ihert .\,Iam.
Mr. and l\[ rs. \V. Russell Grecn. of o'c/oc!.' nil Chris/milS nil.\'. will entertain the executive board of tlw foothall tealll and haud wiil be
'Woodbine A venue, will attend the the Senior Clnh at a Christmas party, present. OIYlupic and l'. oi I'. Coach
World Court dinner at the Penn Ath- to he held in the Scout Room of the Lawsl'n Rolll'rtson, /'enll Backfield
Community Buildill!-(. Special cnter- Coach Paul Scull aud Cr('\\' Coach
-0 letic Club this Friday evening. Monday Last Chance to tainlllent anel surprises arc plauned for Russcll S, Ca1low. 0111 oi Baja-Cynwyd.
Mr. and Mrs. Green attended a large
dinner party in Swarthmore on Sahlr- Join Bala-Cynwyd Choral this evening, which is in charge oi the wi1l he aUlllng thl' speake'r,.
day evening given by I'llI'. and :'Ilrs. social program. cOlllmittee, of which: ====="'"'===========~
Roland G. E. Ullman. :'I[ rs. Jallies D. ),Ioore is chairman.
nala-Cynwyd's Community Choral
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Wray, -which is open for nlemb~r,hip to The Juniors arc hi participate in UUMI:JTI£ t=UI:LJ
of Chicago, who have been spending th,' comillunit \' Christmas celehratioll
Fuel Oil Service,
several weeks with their uncle and singer, anywhere-will greet ne,,' to he gi\'en at the Methodist Church
aunt, Mr. and Mrs. John Vv. Joyce, of l1Iemhers at its r{'hearsal Monday the Snnday heforc Christmas. Their 7 A. M. 'Til Midnite
Narbrook Park, ha\'e returned to their night at the Ihla-Cyn\\'yel \Voman's part will he the portrayal iu tahleau
home. form 01 one of the \'isions of,
Club. After Monday, no new singers "Scrooge's" pasl life. in the presenta-I
Mrs. Luther R. 1\1 cKee will return will he permitted to affiliate with the tion of Dicken,' Christmas Carol.
to her home on Anthwyn Road from
New York, where she stayed for sev- organi7.ation of lifty men and \\'lllnen.
eral days this week. Plans are being made for the group's
Mrs. Frederick G. Stritzinger, of annual performance, which this year
\Vaban, Mass., will arrive on next will he a minstrel show, to be held
Shreds & Patches
l\[onday and will spend the Christmas at the \Voman's Club the e\'ening,; of
holidays with her parents, 1\1 r. :lnd
~Irs. August A. Blaess, of Ell11wood January 29 amI 30. There will he ha\,en't fallen \'et! That Conl!;ress
Avenue. singing. led hy Director H emy Hol7., dreaded. f('are(1 and a\'oidel! evcr ~ince
Mrs. Addie K. Hewitt, of 116 Essex and minstrd jokes, dances, a jau or- it was clected in Novemher, 1930! The
Avenue, entertained the directors of chestra and, following the perf.lrnt· President has not disguised his lack
the Home for the Aged, Narherth. at ance, a dance. of confidence in it. Dig busine"s, as
luncheon on \Vednesday. Refreslllllenls \\'ill he ser\'ed at re\'ea led 11\' both the liberal and the
Mrs. M. M. 'V'lalker, of Philadelphia. :'\[onday's rehearsal. All }'Jain Line conser\,ati\:e press. regards it with ap-' DECEMBER, 1931
was the week-end guest of 1\1 r. and vocalists arc invited to attend, with a prehcnsion. \\lhy: \\'IHl is the Con- i
l\[ 1'5. J. Taylor Darlington, of Hamp- \'iew to enrolling as memhers. Re· gress anyway? rt is the people,' LEHIGH COAL
den Avenue. hearsals ha\'e been held for the past thrusting their (Iisorderly and m<lny- (Per Ton)
minded lliscourse into the private
Mr. and 1\lrs. Archie G. Spark,;. of five weeks. The Choral is sponsored places of go\·ernment. It is the one Charge Discount Cash
\Voodside Avenue, will entertain at by the Bala·Cynwyd \V0111an', Club. denlocratic clement in our Federal sys- Stove Coal ..... ,$14.00 50c $13.50
a large dinner on Christmas Day. ]\( rs. Harold H. Happold is president,
Rohert A. :\nderson, vice president; tem. It received the interest and Chestnut Coal.. 14.00 50c 13.50
Mrs. R. J. Dothan[, of \\')'nne\\'ood )'Irs. \\"illiam K. ]\[iller. treasurer and thonghtfnl attention l~f the fathers of Egg Coal........ 13.75 SOc 13.25
Road, entertained the members of her librarian, ami \ViIliam Tuttle, :,ecre- the Con'lituti'ln. A one-man exccu- Pea Coal ... .'.... 11.50 50(' 11.00
club at luncheon and bridg-e on \Ved- tary. ti\'e. the gold-laced army, the swash- Buckwheat Coal 8.50 50l' 8.00
Mr. and l\1r5. C. Arle)' Farmcr, of ............
\Voodbine and Cleveland Avennes, (Per Gallon)
entertained at bridge last Saturday I I
Atlantic No. I.. .. 7~2C Metered Deliveries
l\lr. and Mrs. Harry H. Fishe,' are 'Doll Houses With Figures I Atlantic No.2, ...6c
Route Service
entertaining at a dance this Saturda\'
evening at their home on Bentle)' i (Per Ton)
Road. The guests wiil he 1\'11'. and I
Mrs. Lester Collier, of 'Vynncwood; I
cut to pieces, and each piece I Charge Discount Cash
l\fr. and Mrs. T. l\larshall Forsyth, l\lr. numbered for your convenience , Koppel's Stove
and Mrs. Thomas A. Elwood, all of
Narberth; Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Rich- I
Ii in assembling. These houses are i
Coke or
Nut Coke .... ~11.50 50c ~11.00
ards, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Michael, Mr. I the last word in Colonial archi- i CORD WOOD
and Mrs. T. R. Harrison, Mr. and I tecture, being made of bevel Sid-I Per Cd. ~2 Cd. ~4 Cd.
l\.rrs. Malcohn ]. Rawlings, Miss E(.lna :1
'Veldon, of V'lynnewood; Mr. and,' ing with shutters and real glass 24-inch Oak ~22.00 ~11.00 ~6.00
11rs. Alan \V. Graves, Mr. and Mrs. I windows. They can either have I 16-inch Oak 22.00 11.00 6.00
Thomas R. King, Mr. and Mrs. Wil-:
Ham S.· Davis and 1\1 r. Franklin! i a porch or not, as you choose and will be a delight to the chilo
Barnes. IIdren. They are simple, practical and ornamental and are sold
either knock-down or put together. One of these beautiful
Burlingame Succeeds Austin I! houses is on display in our office building.
as School Board Head·1 OPEN SATURDAYS UNTIL 3 P. M.
Everett E. Burlingame, of Bryn I
Mawr, was unanimously elected presi'I'1 Shull Lumber Company
dent of the Lower Merion School I
Board at its organization meeting- on
Monday night in the Senior High,
I: The !.ink Between Forest and HOllie J. J. SKELTON &SON
School, Ardmore. He succeeds Wil· i I 29 Bala Avenlle, Bala.Cynwyd C d 662\ FUEL DISTRIBUTORS
Ham L. Austin, a member of the board 1 ynwy I Cynwyd 700·701
since 1919.'·~
for eighteen years and its president lJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ii!!!!!i!!!!!!!!!i!~!!i~!!!~~!iiiiiii.i!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ Ij Greenwood 7484
"',",1,'. ..
: ':-:- ,. ' ,

Page Eighteen OUR TO\'VN December 11. 1931

i sions. Dr. Scott is also to speak at the
L. M. Basketeers Open W ears New Colors I Young People's Class main church service. Opportunity will
be provided for plenty of questions.
With Episcopal Today Chooses Study Topics All young people of busmess or col-
lege age, both young men and women
Inexperienced Maroon Team to IDr. Charles Scott to Discuss Mis. (married or single), who are not mem-
bers of other classes, are extended a
Face Veteran Academy i sions With Groups This cordial invitation to join this group
meeting in its own room at 10:15 every
Outfit. I Sunday. Sunday morning after the opening ex-
ercises of the main school.
I -- New officers have recently been
Bill Anderson's Eastern Regional I The Young People's Class at the
champions open the 1931-32 basketball Narberth Presbyterian Church is hav- chosen as follows: President, Amy En-
ing an unusually interesting series of ion; vice-president, Ed Gilfillan; secre-
season at Lower ;\1 erion this -Friday
afternoon against the only team that Ilesscms together in considering what
I the Bible has to say on a number of
.ary and treasurer, AI Lambert. The
teacher of the class is Peter Starn, Jr.
could defeat them last season in this ! topics of practical interest. S. J.
neck of the woods-Episcopal Acad- The .members of the class voted on
emy. The boys frol11 City Linc bring I
the selection of ten topics from the fol- L. M. High School Notes
an almost veteran combination with II
lowing list:
Amusements, Living the Christian
them to try and tame Anderson's crew. I Life, What Is Sin? Faith, Love and "'. A. ;\IACAS III
The two guards of last year's team are ' ;\[arriage, Stewardshi!>, Conditions of The results of the election of Year
back, and in addition they have Jim Book officers were made public on
Bradford, all-Suburban guard of last \ Answered Prayer, The Believer's Two Monday. Sherwin McDowell, of
year, to strengthen the teal11, and young I Natures, Assurance of Salvation, How
I to Study the Bible, Divisions of Books
Ardmore, has been chosen editor-in-
Hale, the best forward on the Mont-
gomery Day School team last season.
On the other side, Anderson has
of the Bible, Main Bible Doctrines,
Fundamenta Iism vs. Modernism, I n-
spiration of the Bible, Deity of Christ,
chief, with Harry Essley, of Wynne-
wood, business manager. The staff
of the literary department of the
only Roy \V i1Iiams back from the Miracles, Archeology and the Bible, Annual Class Book will consist of:
wonderful combination of last season. Fulfilled Prophecies, False Religions. Elfrida Landis, Cynwyd, associate
Roy was just one of the substitutes, i Christian Science, Evolution, The Holy editor: Mary Sue \Vescott, Ardmore,
but he knew his basketball, and he Spirit, Battle of Armageddon, God's literary editor; Elizabeth Smedley,
hasn't forgotten any of it. To help IPromises, The Second Coming, of Bryn }.Iawr, assistant literary editors;
Betty Stevenson, Narberth, and Betty
him in the first five will be Franklin
TaHey at center, "Sonny" Grace and
Christ, Reasons for Missionary Work, McNichol, Merion, feature editors;
Brotherhood of Man, Christianity and Dolly Deihl, Cynwyd, and Monica
"Peewee" Ray Stanley at forward and 'vVorld Peace, Social Principles in the
Herb Thomas at guard. Thomas is Batchelor, Narberth, art editors,
Teachings of Jesus.
likely to be the first of the gronp to be
supplanted if there is a change.
"Boots" Boutillier, though short, is a
The topics that secured the largest
numbers of votes quite naturally werc
Under Harry Essley, lbusiness
manager, t he assistant business mana-
gers will he \\1 alter Chewning, Cyn-
those that had the most direct bearing
nice handler of the ball, and an excel-
lent shot. He may fit into the guard
position if Thom:\s is not in shape.
to the actual life problems of the class
-Photo b~' Richards. Imelpbers and the method of study is to
learn first what God's \Vord has to
wyd, and David Thomas, Narberth.
The rest of the business staff will con-
sist of George Lutz, Ashland; Mildred
Jack Hinch,ey, a sophomore, may he JAMES BRADFORD Gehman, Cynwyd; David \Vilson,
stationed as a guarel with \Villiams. teach on each subject and find its prac- Cynwyd, and \"illiam Aurand, Bryn
a member of last year's champiollShip tical application to our own lives.
"Slim" Brubaker, a bean pole, may Lower Merion basketball team who will Mawr.
supplant one of the forwards during play against his former school this Friday Two members of the class have been This veal' the usual rnsh at the end
as a member of the Episcopal Acad"/1Iy chosen for the special study of each
of the ):ear to get out the book before
the game, as may "Pickle" Edwards.
I t looks as though Andy may ha\'e a five. I,
topic and their report is followed by a
general discussion under the guidance
the close of school wi1l probably be
lacking, for already the Senior Class
tough time this season, but though
things look dark now, the chances are I
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - of the teacher of the class, Peter Stam, and group pictures have been taken.
The proofs have been returned to the
good that he will have a dangerous This Friday evening they tangle Jr.
team before many games have been with the league-leading 'vVayne .five: at Topics, with leaders, are as follows: stndents, so that they may order prints
played. the s~hool gym here, and I~y WI.nn11lg, 1. "Conditions ot Answered Pray- in time for Christmas.
The team will face Friends' Central t~e Narberth team can clImb Illto a er" Faitl McAurffe nd AlE ion. of
next Tuesday, a conditioner for the tIe for first place. ' ".1. I.a. n. y " n . This Friday evening the third annual
The local scores Tuesday: I 2. Llvmg the Chnstlan LIfe, Ehas Play Night wi\) be held in the High
Upper Darby league opener on next NARBERTH Fouls F.G. Total Kline and Betty Needham.
Friday night. Both of these games School Auditorinm. Presented by
will be played away. No other games :Maguire 0 1 2 3. "Amusements," Annette \Vatson Showpeople, an organization of the
wi1l be played before the Christmas Burgess 0 I 2 and Helen Reiss. schoQI, three plays will be given under
Sherwood 1 2 5 4. "\Vhat Is Sin?" (How may we the direction of :Myrna Sheely, Eliza-
vacation. Callahan _........ 0 I 2 I
know what is right and what is beth Rush and Vincent Pearce, of the
Eiden~)erg 3 I :; I wrong?), Mary Dunlap and Mary Fer- faculty. Only thirty-five cents per l)er-
N arberth PIays W ayne Torchl<lll:l 2 2 6 I guson. son is the tax which will admit any-
. h B
T onlg D 22 16 I 5. "Assurance of Salvation," Dor- one to see the three one-act plays,
t, eats evon • M' B Iothy Bossert and Mildred McCutcheon. "A Night at an Inn," by Lord Dun-
-- erl0n oy Scouts I 6. "Love and Marriage," Ed Merkle sany; "Neighbors," by Zola Gale, and
"The Pot Boiler," by Alice Gester-
tea~;;, ~~~~~:;I~~;~gC~u:rb~rt~asi~et~h~ Collect Toys, Clothing I an~/ ~\~~~~~11~~~~~~~~· vs. Modern- berg. A committee has been appoint-
Main Line League, won its opening The Boy Scouts ofl\Ierton coilected! ism," Charles Henry anel John Hav- ed from the class to pick an appro-
gal11e at home and the second of the on Saturday, November 5, for the Fed- j lick. priate play to be presented by the
season hy the safe margin of 22-16, eration of Churches 961 toys and 5881 8. "Fulfilled Prophecies" (a proof seniors in February. Robert Braid,
Tuesday. Devon, the losing team, was articles of c1othin~, and they desire I of the Bible), Jim McCutcheon and Mildred Gifford, Bill Ferguson and
greatly strengthened by the addition to thank the residents of Merion for Hatfield Fowler. Vincent Pearce will make the choice
of big Tom Edwards, husky Villanova their splendid co-operation in giving 1 9. "The Second Coming of Christ," frol1l suggestions by the students.
College football star. With Dan Red- their time and loaning their cars. II Ed Gilfillan anel Peg Lambert. Tryouts will take place during the
monel, he kept the visitors in the The chairman of the committee was Dr. Scott to Lead Discussion week before Christmas.
running. Mr. T. Dunn Delfie1d. The others The tenth topic has been taken out of
For the second night in a row, I
serving on the <;ommittee were: Carey of its regular order and is to be con- The Lower Merion football banquet
"Jiggs" Torchiana was the individual
hi~h scorer for Narberth, with six
Box, H. H. L1I1eaweaver and James sidered this Sunday morning during
A, Emmons. The Boy Scouts have the class session when Dr. Charles
will be held in the cafeteria of the
Senior High School this Saturday eve-
points. AII the boys played well and also giv~n a moving picture benefit Ernest Scott, noted missionary frol1\ ning at (j o'clock. Only members of
gave promise of making a strong bid and receIved enough to feed fourteen China, is to discuss with the class the the squad and the coaches and mana-
for the championship. poor families, I"why's" and "how's" of foreign mis- ger will be treated to this dinner. Any


-the best for less
You'll find here a fine assortment of
games and toys, including velocipedes,
dolls, children's sets of dishes, etc.
p Also useful gifts for the house.
H. RICKLIN, Hardware
",.i:r::,nJ,cr wl!~MURPHY'S SONS CO. 203 Haverford Avenue, Narberth
of·famlIy 21 SQ. 16m s't Phone NARBERTH 2555-We Deli'l'er
Just 0 step fr()R/ toeSUDU/DOh Station
. ,~.'
December 11. 1931 OUR TOWN Page Nineteen

~OOClO~OCll:!OOOOOO:~OOO~OOCli'OOC:U'i:!~ G wth f Ed f . J-MiSS Mary Converse, Dr. Charles H

ro .0 uca Ion In
Frazier, Professor SolorilOn S. Rueb-
ncr, Dr. Horace Jayne, Dean Emory

-. I --- R. Johnson, Dr. Rufus 1\£. Jones, Dean

General Nofl·ce- Classified Advertisements wl11 be charged only

to residents of the Main Line whose nameR I
"A country
cannot rise above the \Varren P. Laird, Rev. Alexander
level of its womanhood," declared Mrs. MacColl, Miss Marjorie N. MacCoy,
appear In the telephone directory; to persons maintaining an account with
us, or to regular subscribers to either TliE MAIN LINER. OUR TOWN. or I Hoh Yam-Tong, of Lignan University, Re\'. Andrew l\[utch, Dr. ~[i1ton H.
Canton, China, speaking on the educa-
I tional emancipation of Chinese women Nichols, Miss Margaret
I before an audience in Haverford Union Thomas C. Potts, A. 1.. Register, Mrs.
lO cents a Une In each paper; 25 cents a Une In ail three
R af at Haverford College, Sunday after· Emily H. Taylor, Dr. Floyd \V. Tom-
eS-Mlnlmum cbarge, 35c In on" paper; 75 cents In all three AV-
erage of five words to tbe Une. No blacktaced type used. I 1100n. kins. Mrs. George Vaux. Dr. Frank D.
- Deadline fOJ" InseJ"tions- Classified advertill'Hnlln's will
! The meeting was held under the aus- \Vatson, Edward Cope \Vood, Edward
be ac~epted up to \Vednesdll" 6
o'clock for OUR TOWN or all three papers; Thursday. 1 o'clock. for THE I pices of the \Villiam Penn Branch of Woolman. D. Rohert Yarnell and \\'j)_
the Friends of Lingnan. Mrs. Hoh Iiam S. Yartlell.
... MAIN LINER; Thursday. 5 o'clock for NEWS OF BALA-CYNWYD. Yam-Tong was introduced by VV. \V.
Comfort, president of the college.
Phone Your Ads to ARDMORE 3100 "In ordcr to help China," said the
speaker, "we J1Iust help the women of PROPOSALS
China:' Bid~ fur the eolIeetlon of garbage,
\'t'C!0l~0l~~~0l~0lI~0l~~~~~0l~~~~~~~~ If' from alI hou~e~, apartments, stores,
-. In re crrll~g to ~hc cducatio~lal status hot.. l:< and restaurants In the Borough
At Your Se.",ice LADY clo>!ing hOll~e wl~hes to place 21 0f womcn 111 Chllla Mrs. )am-Tong of Narberth, for ·the ~'ear 1932, are
cxcelIent girls, sisters, ehal1lhermald said that in 1844 the first school for hereh~' re<lllested. The bids will be
DRESSMAKING and alteratlom.; In ~'our and waltres~, together or "e\lllrately.! Chinese women was establishcd by the received br the :-;ecretar~' of the Bor-
home or mine. 1\1rs. 1\[. Redlich, Ph. Write Miss Margaret E. E\'ans, Haver- I missionarics. And from that time ough Council llil to 8 P. :\C. Monda~',
Narberth 2365. (0-1-32)
ford, or,ph. Aord, 101., ~ .' (Oml~12~,l)~~ I until 1907 the school rcprcscllted the De""mber H, 1931, at which time a reg-
SEWING wanted by the da~', regular!)'. COI.OHED w man )' I~he~ house\\ I k lonlv education facilities for wonlen ular meeting of Ihc Boroug-h Council
Family sewing and mending, IIlso ex- I)o~itlon; good cook al\(l good worker. I - .
perienced In making curtain>; and Best refs. Ph. Narb. 2915. (umb12·11) 1 ~hc saa:. In 1907, statcd 11rs, ) am- wl1l Illlte place.
. , 'convenes and tlw "llenlng of the bids
draperies, Phone Narberth 4161. WHITg woman wl"hes part time fong, tIC gover.nlllen.t started a school Contract,.; will b., 1l\\'llrd<Jd to the
( a-tO housework as mother's helper, morn- for won1<:n. wIllIe WIth thc advent of low,'''t I".,,,ponslbh' hlddel', and Council
DRESSMAKING - Eliz. Pearson, 215 Ings or aftCl"nOons. Ph. C~·n. 886. . the rcvolution in 1912 other educational reserVe~ Ih •. rlghl to reject lln~' or all
Dudley Ave" Narb. Ph. Narb. 2728. (omb12-11) opportunitics hccame availablc. Genu- hlds.
~ (o-u) ::"\:V~O~M-=-t"""\N';--d""e-s"-lr-es--:'l""lI-:y'''''s-\-vo-r''';'lt~,
~c""le":":a:"'n"""ln:"'g' inc indepcndencc and cmancipation CoJlecUolIs will he required In ae-
DON'T discard worn shoes! Our "Shoe or laundry. Can coolt dinners. Ph. dated from thc time· of thc re\·olution. 1'01'(11'11"" with Ihe following' schedule:
CliniC" lengthens, widens, refinishes Ard.4640. (omb12-11) the speaker stated. 1'hree •·.. II ..dlons a weel< during the
shoes as good as new, In a shoe factory "\VANTED-Pol<ltlon as housekeeper or Speakin~ of the llanchurian sitl1a- month" of ~Ia~·, .•Iune, ,Tuly, AugusI,
Ilt reg. rep. prlees. John Drlzln, 127 first-clll"" cook. Be~t refs. Ph. tion Mrs. Yam-Tong declarcd: Sept (JIll "el' lind 0<'1 "hel·.

., N. Narb. Ave. Ph. Narb. 4053. (ob) Bryn Mawi' 2177. (O\llb12-11)'j "\Var at this timc involving China
LOCAL and long DIstance Hauling- COI.ORED nllln wl"he~ l)o~ltlon as would be a national disaster as it 111onlh~ of November, Decemher, .TlllIll-
The Service Co" F. H. Seely, Jr., Mgr..
5 Bala Ave., Cyn. 877.
chaufCe.ur and houseman, odd JOb~., would rctard this cducational dc\'c1op- ar~', I"ehruary, ~[arch and April.
(ob9-25) Good refs. Ph. Ar<1. 491-W. (Omhl~-~l) Imcnt for hundreds of ycars.'·
'fwo ,'"II('ctlon" It w.'el, 'luring the

Succ..,,,ful Ilidder \\'i11 be re'lull'ed 10

PIANO tuning and repairing In Your WO~[AN wanl~ da~"s W~I~lt, cleanll1g': "China:' she said, "is intcrpreting its furnish hond,
own town costs much less.
postal. Q. Ubertl, 317 Hampden Ave.,
Send 01 laundry. I
Ph. Ard. ],'.4. (omb-tO ancicnt traditions and customs into a J. H. H.\ LI.,
Narberth. (obtt> "\:VOMAN wi"hes po~ltlon as mother's new civilization that will ultimateI\' Chairman ~'atel', Lig"ht lllld Health
helper. Ph. Ar<1. 1~24. (omb-tO mean more individual freedom and hal;' C011lmlttee.
TYPEWRITERS sold, rented and reo
paired, rens.; omce supplies. Subur· REFINED woman wl11 care for chll-I pincss for Chinese mcn and womcn."
dren, late aftern.. on~ or evenlng~. Ph. I '['I I . I"
XOTF:-Throug'h el'I'Or, this notice
Ilred')lIs1~' g'llve dllte of meeting at
ban Typewriter Co., Times Medical C~'nwyd !l36-.J. (0Illb-11) I . " lose w 10 served WIth . rcsldent whl('h hid" wl11 be opened, as Monda~',
I Comfort to arrange the I11Cetlll~ wcre: 'fhls Is to ~erve notlce
Bldg. Ph. Ard. 1378. (omb-ttl '''A''TTED P It I 1 I I f)ecel1lhel' 4.
ALL kinds of cnrpentry work. Cel!ar" .. hou"ework. " • - os on ( 0 ng' g'encra: D A Ie' . ~
can ('(10k. S\eell In. nef~'I· r. ) rt Hlr . DaldwlIl. ~!ISS l~lea!lOr Ihat "01'1'1'('\ ,llltl' Is 1\[onda)', Decemhet·
cleaned, lawns cared for, painting Ph. Al'd. 2283·"\". (0Il1h12-11) O. Lro",nell. Herbert Cr. Campion, H.
very reas. C. 1\Iarshnl!. Cyn. 3273-W i ~Ir~. C. Rced Cary. Hcnry H. Collins. (012-1))

Garag('s for Rent

FOR RENT-Garage space in two car
I.OST: Blacl, to~' te1'l'l"r.
tan Found
Pat~~n Ntl~rb~'rt~~: Wahlert, 26 Nl11':~~~~I; i
He- I • - • • • • • - • - • • - - • • • • - - • - - - - --
private garage. Ph. Narberth 2926
after 7 P. 1\1. $8.00 per month.
(012-11 ) ~=====~~==~. I First Prize-West Chester Milk Contest A2-1931
For Sale
T h e Aof
I 1\ eeting of the litock-I
I IM-IkBrookmead Herds have won MORE FIRST PRIZES in
C t t t W t Ch t h h th M'
")'gNon BANJO-Good condition, $5.
See it at Majestic 1~lec. Shop, 260
holders nnua
the Narberth National Bank I on es s a es. es er t an any ot er on e aln L'me
will be held at Its office, Haverford and I
Haverford Avenue. (012-11) Es~ex Avenues, Narberth, Pa., on Tues- FIRST PRIZE MILK FOR YOUR CHILDREN
ONE 17 Ineh grate. Arco-Amer. boiler
Ilnd pressure tanl" 171 H<I. ft. of
da~', January 12, 1932, at 5 P. 1\1. for the
election of directors and the transac-
f rom B ROO K M E A D means
I'Ildlatlon, 1 hot·alr furnace, 1 gas tion of an\, other busine8s that ma~'
I})'o(lel'l~' ('o'me before the meeting.
- - by M aln. L'me B oard S 0 f H eaI t h
range, good as new. Will sac. Ph.
Xarb. 2717. (nmbI2-11) J. J,. MeCRERY, Cashier. Help to maintain Employment on the Main Line
FRESH-PICKED, tree-ripened oranges (01·8·:12)
and other" choice and unuRullI citrus Support for the best Milk Supply in Penna.
fruits in decorated rane~' packed 30-lb. A Vote for Clean Raw Milk
hampers containing 5 varieties, sent
prepaid anywhere, north and east, di-
Home-Made "A complete, dependable Dairy Service"
rect from grove for $2.25. Tlvo pounds
heavy-meated large pecans a.dded for
Fruit Cakes
$1 extra. Ideal for holiday presents,
family use, remembrances to lnvalid All sizes, lb., Brookmead Guernsey Dairies
friends, or the boy or girl awaY at
school. Attach check to this advertise-
W. Lancaster Ave., Wayne, Penna.
ment and mall direct to Win C. Sleight,
Trlwares. I·'lorlda.

Rooms for Re"t

243 Hav~rford Avenue
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . '¥
Phone Wayne 1121
.... ...... *'*' .... :; ....
ROOMS for gentlemen, \\'Ith or with- Phone Xnrberth 311fl.J

out board. Convenient to station and SpritlF:trle, Allise Drops, Pumpkill
hus. 108 Chestnut Avenue, Na.rberth. \
Phone Narberth 4161. (o-tfl dlld Millee Pies, etc.

Situations Wanted
YOUNG married Scotch woman would
lllte light housework, by 'lay eXcept
Sat. Would take care of clll1dren by
Believe It
hour. Ph. Cyn. 3273-W. (omb-tf)
Or Not- For 85 cents you can telephone to friends, rela-
YOUNG man, Ill, desIres worlt of any tives or customers more than 160 miles away_
kind. Can do office work. Ph. Narb.
3975-J. (omb-tfT. we are busy-our full forcc is For cXnlllplc: from Philadelphia to State Col-
YOUNG man, 22, Wishes position. Can employed_ There's a reasonl lege, or to Binlthamton, N. Y., or \Vaterbury,
assist a plumber. /lorlst or electrica.l
ftc I' 8: 30 p, M. you can .call them di1
contractor. Exp. Ph. Narb. 3975-J'.
(omb-tfT. Edwin M. Poole Conn. And II

for. 011 a," itO eents! ".;df

WOMAN desIres general housework,
cooktng or laundry. Refs, Write 8{. Co. The ~crvk'C is fust, clear, dependable ~lQl~, ~
-II", ~",~,·to",""O.JMt';"0 tho ~' ~
lIIrs. Gary, 1529 N. 10th St., Phlla.
(omb.tfl Decorators nllmber lo the operator (ask Infor- j:t. \l
COLORED man desIres catering, janl. PUl.erhanglng. Pnlntlng
tor, houseman or any odd jobs.
llilhol.. terill/.:'. 'Vln,)ow Shu,le"
malion if ~'ou don't know it) nnd _..J..? I~' s
Wrtte Harvey Gar~', 1529 N. 10th st., "bold thc line." ~ ~~ ~ {/)
Phlla, (omb-tf) .... "'@ ..\,u
Quality at Moderate Price (Rutes based on Easl. Standartl Time) a;:; T 1'Ho~.~
YOUNG colored man unable to /lnlsh
college course would like position as
105 N. Narberth Ave., Narb.
chauffeur or houseman. P. Lloyd. Ard-
1765-M. (omb-tf)
Phone: Narberth 2340 L PHONE
WANTED-Job, truck driving or
chauffeuring. Ph. "DalsY," Newton LET US ESTIMATE NOWl f'hlb_ 10
Square. 176. (omb.tf)

...•. ~,~
Page Twenty I)UR TOWN· December 11, J931

Heads Minstrels Comedian at Narberth humor adds greatly in ma~il1g "Palmy

Days" an uproarious musIcal extrava-
Players Club Sponsoring
ganza sure to be liked. Christmas Entertainment
"Politics" was so popular when it
played here before that the i\larie COlltillued from Flr.. t Poge
Dressler-Pol1y :Moran cOllledy of pub-
lic life has heen scheduled for another tion of the group. Later Mr. Muller
presentalion next Monday and Tues- pcrfornlcd with a waffle iron, and it
day, is hard to say which part of his con-
\Vcdnesday and Thursday Mae tribution to the evcning's enjoyment
Clark and Kent Douglas \Viti ~tar in pleased the marc. .
the arlistic and emotional love (Irama, The next club vehicle will soon be
"\Vaterloo nridge" ("\Vhere 1011ely chosen by the cast'ng committee, and
ladies strol1"). arranf.(elllents will go iorward to nro-
duce the second offerings of the Play-
.\nnl1uncement wil1 be lIIade next ers' season some time in February.
week of a special show for childl en
at Salurda~"s matinee.
There arc at present a linc number
of acti\'e 111c1l1her"hips in the club,
hut Ihere is room for plenty more.
MRS. MARTHA E. SANDERS Anyone who is dramatic minded, or is
~\ rs, ~I artha E, Sanders, age 83 artist, carpenter, electrician or just
years, mother of Mrs, F. E, Channcss, Jack-of-al1-trades, should enter his or
2-1 A \'IlIl Road, passl'd into eternal rest her na111(' for 111cmbership, writing to
.~ CantDrlnPalmy'Dai1s• N o\'ember 28, Private sen-ices were the me111hership chairman, Mrs. John
held here anel the hoelv was taken back Nash, of 80 \Vynnedale Road, who
with OharlotteGreenmood to the old home ncar i-TiIIsbnro, 0" for will gladly give the details of subscrip-
at Ihe .V"rkrlh 7'h(- fnneral anel burial. tion memberships,
"Irc Ihis Frida.\' mul S"'lInlay,

'1('IIO~'C l1Iillslr<'!s "1",' a/,/,,'(/rill.'1 II/! Ihe
sla.'/e oj Ihe J:m'/,Iialt Theatre ill C-""-
'(("I'd Ihis Prid(l\' a/1(1 Salllrda\', ill mldi-
all whether or no! the\' ulHler,land
technicalities of fnotha'll. Lon of
laughs and a few real tears in "The
li;'/1 1(1 Ihe rc!;,tlar I'illl'/I/a j,rngr,IIII, Spirit (If ~ otre Dame," stal'ring Lew
Ayres and dedicated to Knute Rockne,
Also playing, "The noy Friends" and
"~I ickey 11ouse."
NOW PLAYING-Get ready for a shower of joy!
J.:ocal ClrIovies Among- pictures cOllling ""In tn
C~ nwyd are "1'a1l1l)' Day,," "Susan
You can't hel" choking with laughter when 'V()u<pe

Lenox," "Sin of ~I aclelon ClaudeI"

Three Big Programs of anel "The (;nards11lan,"
Entertainment at Egyptian
Eddie Cantor in ~~PahllY
This \\l'ek-end's program at the Days" at Narberth Theatre
Cynwyd playhnusl' includes the fanled
Em11lell \\'('lsh :\Iiustrels, ou the ;\'>1 merl'ly ileautiiul girls and iU,ll\y
stage; Lionel J:arryulOre allli Kay songs a 1\(1 jokes, hut abo a well-
Francis in "( ;uiltv Hands," anll a delined plot, make pf "I'almy Days" a
11(:\\'S reel aud Zaz,i Pi\1s ill "Catch a"
pictUfl' eyell n1l\rc enjoyahle than
Catch Can," 'I'll(' ,uinstrl'1s will pl'r- "\Vhoopee," Ed(lie ·Cantor·.- previous
fort1l for thirty l11iuUks, ,I arting at big mOI'ie 'ucces,;. The ne\l' comedy,
7 :20 and I) :30; the feature picturc will playing at the :-Jal'herth Theatre this
com11lencc at i:50 and IU:OO, First Friday and Saturday, is about an
show will starl at (.:50 aud second at 9, "efficiency expert" in a donghnut iac-
So entl,rtaininf.( that they arc sched- tory, a 11(1 there art' mal1Y complica-
uled for longer-than-usual showings tions before the story iinally nnravels x(·",t :\IO;\,IJA Y ,,,,,I 'j'l'g!':J)A Y ,,·gnXBSD.\. Y lI'ul TllunSDA Y
arc next week's iea t ures. On :\\ on day. ilself. Eddie Cantor's vital spark of
Tuesdav and "'ednesdav, the new ad-
\'enture:s nf "r;el-Rich-Quick \Val-
Marie Dressler, Polly Moran ami
Roscoe Ates rctmll by popnlar
lingford," lo\'aille l1laf.(azine character, request in
will be performed hy \Yillianl Haines,
Jiml1l)' "Schnozzk" Dnrante and Leila
FOR CHILDUEN ((POLITICS" with Mae Clark and Kent Douglas
Hyams. Also on the program. are a
Charlie Chase comedy, a Fitzpatrick IIEID. -A nother lall riot! A great emotional love drama!
tra\'el talk on ~Iadeira, and a news :S};W YORK .\IH"IJI' C.\S'l'
reel. GARHICK THEATHE, Phila. Next Saturday Matinee-A Treat for' Main Line Children-
;\ext Thursday, Friday and Salur- TUtoM •• Bt·(,. 1:t
4 :15 ' •• :\1.
Tic·lu·tP-O. Sow
:ifh' to $2
Watch for announcement.
day the Egyptian will show " picture
al1l1ut foot hall that will he enjoyed by

CJ~ aA!fUId -ECilY AN

a ~-tItu A-llOVE CITY LINE.
MondJ,.y Tuesday
~~7lew Q.dven~ of
G-et Rich Qu iek
Jimmy TchnollllDurJIlte
rei Ia. Hyams

Pa.the News

COMING - - Christmas Week - - EDDIE CANTOR in ((PALMY DAYS"