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A Lesson Before Dying

Assignment 1
Chapters 1-10

Multiple Choice – Chapters 1 & 2

1. Who says that all in the courtroom know what the outcome of the trial will be?
a) Tante Lou
b) The unnamed narrator
c) Bourgon
d) Miss Emma

2. Who is the young African American man at the center of the trial?
a) Bear
b) Grope
c) Brother
d) Jefferson

3. Which of the following men did not get into the car to go to the bar?
a) Brother
b) Grant
c) Bear
d) Jefferson

4. Where did the men in #3 end up going?

a) White Jackal Tavern
b) White Rabbit Bar and Lounge
c) Red Room
d) Rainbow Club

5. Who was the owner of this bar?

a) Jefferson
b) Brother
c) Bear
d) Alcee Grope

6. Who grabs a gun and starts shooting?

a) Bear
b) Brother
c) Grope
d) Jefferson

Multiple Choice - Chapter 3

7. Where does Grant drive Miss Emma and Tante Lou?
a) To their home
b) To Bourgon's home
c) To Guidry's home
d) To Henri Pichot's home

8. Who is the maid at the house in #7?

a) Vivian
b) Gertrude
c) Alice
d) Inez

9. What does Rougon's family own in a neighboring town?

a) A dry cleaner
b) A bank
c) A tailormaking shop
d) A supermarket

10. What was Jefferson called during the trial?

a) A dog
b) A chicken
c) A hog
d) A rat

11. What does Miss Emma want Pichot to do?

a) Arrange for a visit between Grant and Jefferson
b) Try to appeal the verdict
c) Nothing
d) Help Jefferson escape

12. What does Miss Emma want Grant to help Jefferson know before he is executed?
a) That he is a good father.
b) That he is a man.
c) That he was right.
d) That he worked hard during his life.

Multiple Choice - Chapter 4

13. Who is the fellow teacher with whom Grant is having an affair?
a) Emeline
b) Inez
c) Irene
d) Vivian

14. Where do the person in #13 and Grant meet up once she had arranged for a babysitter?
a) White Rabbit Bar and Lounge
b) The local market
c) Rainbow Club
d) Bill's Diner

15. What does Grant say that angers his lover?

a) That he wants to leave her
b) Says he is a bad person
c) Says that he wants to run away with her
d) That he is not a good teacher

16. What does Grant not want to spend his life doing?
a) Being oppressed
b) Teaching children on a plantation
c) Living in this town
d) Being bored

17. What does Grant long to have?

a) More sex
b) More peace with his family
c) More control over his life
d) More money

18. What reason does Grant give for staying in town?

a) He is ashamed to leave
b) He wants to be with Vivian
c) He was forbidden to leave
d) He doesn't have enough money to leave

Multiple Choice - Chapter 5

19. When does Grant teach the children?

a) From October to April
b) From April to October
c) Only in the summer
d) Only in the winter

20. What do the children do when they're not in school?

a) They perform musicals
b) They work in the fields
c) They read a lot of books
d) They play

21. What grades does Grant teach in his classroom?

a) Second grade to fourth grade
b) Kindergarten to second grade
c) Fifth grade and up
d) Kindergarten to sixth grade

22. Why does Grant decide to walk along the road?

a) He is meeting with Vivian
b) He snapped at a student
c) He is tired
d) He wants to run away

23. Why does Grant whack the student on the head with a ruler?
a) Because the student was asleep
b) Because the student was playing with a bug
c) Because the student is crying
d) Because the student sassed him

24. Grant tells a student to leave the classroom. Why?

a) Because he was mean to another student
b) Because she is unable to control her emotions
c) Because he looks like Jefferson
d) Because she made a smart remark

Multiple Choice - Chapter 6

25. How early does Grant go to Pichot's home?

a) 60 minutes early
b) 10 minutes early

c) 40 minutes early
d) 5 minutes early

26. Who is upset with Jefferson's fate and pours herself a drink?
a) Inez
b) Edna Guidry
c) Irene
d) Vivian

27. Who does NOT enter the kitchen at 6:45 PM?

a) Louis Rougon
b) Henri Pichot
c) Reverend Ambrose
d) Sam Guidry

28. Who is given permission to see Jefferson?

a) Pichot
b) Grant
c) Rougon
d) Guidry

29. Who is told that they are 'smart. Maybe you're just a little too smart for our own good'?
a) Ambrose
b) Jefferson
c) Grant
d) Pichot

30. How long until this person in #28 can visit Jefferson?
a) The next day
b) A month
c) A couple of weeks
d) A week

Multiple Choice - Chapter 7

31. Who is the superintendent of schools?

a) Dr. Radcliffe Barrier
b) Dr. Thomas Billis
c) Dr. Joseph Morgan
d) Dr. Reginald Morton

32. Who warns Grant of the impending annual visit by the superintendent?
a) Miss Emma
b) Pichot
c) Guidry
d) Ambrose

33. What is something Grant does NOT tell his students to do when the superintendent
a) To sing a song
b) To bathe each morning
c) To behave
d) To show up in nice clothes

34. What does the superintendent mistakenly call Grant?

a) Higgins
b) Smith
c) Joe
d) Wiggins

35. What does the superintendent inspect on the children?

a) Their heads
b) Their feet
c) Their hands
d) Their teeth

36. What does the superintendent lecture the children on the importance of?
a) Hard work
b) Books
c) Nutrition
d) Education

Multiple Choice - Chapter 8

37. What is delivered to the school?

a) Paper
b) The first stock of food
c) The first load of firewood
d) Books

38. Who does Grant see joking that makes him question his role as a teacher?
a) Children
b) His own students
c) Women
d) Deliverymen

39. Who was Grant's teacher when he was a child?

a) Joseph Morgan
b) Matthew Antoine
c) Bill Wallersten
d) Sam Guidry

40. What color was Grant's teacher's skin?

a) He was dark skinned
b) He was mulatto
c) He was causasian
d) He was light skinned

41. What did Grant's teacher tell Grant to do?

a) Stop seeing his lover
b) Keep teaching no matter what
c) Kill himself
d) Get out of the community

42. Why does Grant's teacher stay in town?

a) Because he likes Grant
b) Because he can't leave his family
c) Because he is a Creole
d) Because he needs the job

Multiple Choice - Chapter 9

43. Where is the courthouse located?

a) New Orleans
b) Bayonne
c) Birmingham
d) Baton Rouge

44. What is displayed in front of the court building?

a) A statue of a Confederate soldier
b) A placard with the Bill of Rights
c) A statude of an infantry man
d) A large statue of the scales of justice

45. What is searched before Miss Emma and Grant go to Jefferson's cell?
a) Their shoes
b) Miss Emma's purse
c) Their clothing
d) Her parcels

46. What does Grant give the prisoners as he moves toward Jefferson's cell?
a) Books
b) Change
c) Nothing
d) Food

47. What does Miss Emma promise the other prisoners as they leave?
a) Change
b) Books
c) Any extra food they have
d) Nothing

48. Where is Jefferson's cell located?

a) At the end of the cellblock
b) On the top floor
c) In general population
d) In a separate room

Multiple Choice - Chapter 10

49. What visit number is it when Miss Emma gets sick?

a) The fourth visit
b) The sixth visit
c) The second visit
d) The third visit

50. What is NOT a way that Grant feels he has been humiliated?
a) By being forced to see Pichot
b) By having to stay at the house

c) Be allowing himself to be searched at the jail
d) By allowing the parcels to be searched

51. How had Grant been taught to avoid this kind of humiliation?
a) Through education
b) Through money
c) Through persistence
d) He hadn't been taught that.

52. How did Grant's teacher say he would be broken down as?
a) A fool
b) A dog
c) A nigger
d) A hog

53. Who apologizes for the way they treated Grant?

a) Miss Emma
b) Pichot
c) Inez
d) Tante Lou

54. Grant is worried that the guards will do what when he goes to the jail on his own?
a) Beat him
b) Ignore him
c) Lock him up
d) Ask him to strip or to look in his mouth

A Lesson Before Dying
Assignment 2
Chapters 11-19

Multiple Choice - Chapter 11

1. Who reminds Grant that the visits will end at the first sign of trouble?
a) Rougon
b) Edna Guidry
c) Sam Guidry
d) Pichot

2. What does Grant notice through the barred window?

a) Spring buds
b) Dark clouds
c) Darkness
d) Blue sky and yelllow leaves

3. When Grant arrives, what does Jefferson ask?

a) If he has any good news
b) If he has brought any corn
c) If he has brought a radio
d) If he can leave

4. What did Miss Emma send for Jefferson to enjoy?

a) Home made candy
b) Cornbread
c) Turkey
d) Fruit

5. When Jefferson does not eat, what does Grant pick up and eat?
a) Vegetables
b) Chicken
c) Corn
d) The candy

6. What is Grant going to tell Miss Emma that Jefferson ate and enjoyed?
a) The pralines
b) The corn
c) The chicken
d) The bread

Multiple Choice - Chapter 12

7. What are the two men discussing with Joe Claiborne?

a) Work
b) Basketball
c) Drinking stories
d) Jackie Robinson

8. Who does Grant remember as someone who took great pride in his heritage?
a) An out of towner
b) A famous person
c) A worker
d) An Irishman

9. What does this person give to Grant?

a) A soda
b) Money
c) A handkerchief
d) An anthology

10. What is written on the blackboards?

a) Vivian Wiggins
b) Nothing, they've been cleaned
c) I love you/Je t'taime
d) Mrs. Vivian Wiggins

11. Where is Vivian's husband?

a) In the other room
b) Delaware
c) At home
d) Houston

12. Where does the couple meet to talk?

a) At Vivian's house
b) At the church
c) At the river
d) Rainbow Club

Multiple Choice - Chapter 13

13. Who does Grant hear calling his Tante Lou from the road?
a) Reverend Ambrose
b) Inez
c) Pichot
d) Eloise Bouie

14. As the women go to church, what does Grant do?

a) Goes for a walk
b) Prays
c) Eats breakfast
d) Grades papers

15. Who does NOT press Grant for details about his visit with Jefferson?
a) Miss Emma
b) Vivian
c) Tante Lou
d) Reverend Ambrose

16. What does Reverend Ambrose ask about the discussions between Jefferson and Grant?
a) Whether they are long
b) Whether they have discussed God
c) Whether they were civil
d) Whether they are hateful

17. The reverend asks Grant if it would be appropriate to take a ________ when his visits
Jefferson. Grant agrees.
a) Blanket
b) Book
c) Radio
d) Bible

18. What has Grant had less time to do?

a) To sleep
b) To be with Vivian
c) To eat
d) To worship

Multiple Choice - Chapter 14

19. Which day of the week is a sad day?
a) Sunday
b) Monday
c) Wednesday
d) Friday

20. Who is Grant's surprise visitor?

a) Pichot
b) Vivian
c) Irene
d) Miss Emma

22. What does Grant apologize for?

a) The shabbiness of the home
b) The time he's wasted
c) Nothing
d) The piles of work he needs to do

23. What does Vivian suggest Grant do to pass the time?

a) Go to church
b) Be with her
c) Run away
d) Exercise

24. Vivian insists that they __________, as it would not be fair to Tante Lou to not do this.
a) Wash the dishes
b) Invite everyone to dinner
c) Leave a note
d) Walk the dog

25. What do Vivian and Grant do after coffee and cake?

a) Hold hands on the porch
b) Go to the school
c) Go for a walk
d) Head to church

Multiple Choice - Chapter 15

26. When is Grant going to visit Jefferson again?
a) That day
b) The next Tuesday
c) Never
d) On Friday

27. Who is in charge of scheduling the execution?

a) The big boss in Baton Rouge
b) Rougon
c) Guidry
d) Pichot

28. Where is Vivian from originally?

a) Miami
b) Myrtle Beach
c) Free LaCove
d) Austin

29. Where did Vivian attend school?

a) Cornell
b) Community college
c) Brown
d) Xavier University

30. Why was Vivian shunned in this town?

a) She was a bad teacher
b) She had a child out of wedlock
c) She married a dark skinned man
d) She had a job

31. What does Grant tell the women of the house about Vivian?
a) That she's going to leave her husband
b) That he doesn't really like her
c) That he wants to marry her
d) That she's selfish

Multiple Choice - Chapter 16

32. What are Grant's students preparing?

a) A research project
b) A paper
c) A Christmas program
d) A story book

33. What was Jefferson doing when Miss Emma went to visit him?
a) Sleeping
b) Trying to escape
c) Reading
d) Staring at the wall

34. What did Miss Emma do when Jefferson said he is a hog being fattened for the
a) Slap him
b) Nothing
c) Yell for the guard
d) Hit him with a book

35. Miss Emma asks Tante Lou why _____ hates her.
a) God
b) Pichot
c) Grant
d) Jefferson

36. The Reverend Ambrose tells Miss Emma that God is just ____________.
a) Being quiet
b) Not interested in saving Jefferson
c) Vengeful
d) Testing her

37. What did Jefferson do when Miss Emma arrived in his cell?
a) Slapped her
b) Laughed at her
c) Ignored her
d) Yelled at her

Multiple Choice - Chapter 17

38. What seems to be the reason for Grant's better mood?

a) Miss Emma's kind words
b) The Christmas season
c) Jefferson's mood
d) A new job
39. Who does not plan to get close to Jefferson because he is sentenced to die?
a) Inez
b) Miss Emma
c) Reverend Ambrose
d) Bonin

40. Who gives Jefferson a haircut in prison?

a) Another prisoner
b) Miss Emma
c) Grant
d) Bonin

41. Does Jefferson speak with the other prisoners?

a) Bonin isn't sure
b) Sometimes
c) No
d) Yes

42. Grant is quick to point out to Jefferson that no one knows when they will ________.
a) Find God
b) Be released
c) Die
d) Be found innocent

44. What does Jefferson call Vivian?

a) The sack of ignorance
b) That harlot
c) The old ball and chain
d) That old yellow woman you go with

Multiple Choice - Chapter 18

45. Who does Jefferson talk to to tell that he will meet Tante Lou, Miss Emma, and Reverend
Ambrose in the day room?
a) Grant
b) Rougon
c) Pichot
d) Guidry

46. When is Jefferson brought into the day room wearing?
a) A hat
b) No shirt
c) Chains
d) A smile

47. The women prepare a smaller table with __________ and ________.
a) Alcohol, glasses
b) Bibles, a radio
c) place settings, food
d) a table cloth, china

48. When Jefferson wants to talk about his execution, what does Grant talk about?
a) Miss Emma
b) The weather
c) His school's Christmas program
d) The execution

49. What does Grant tell Jefferson he has a responsibility to do?

a) Become an educated man
b) Be a good man
c) Be kinder to Miss Emma
d) Learn to read

50. After visiting Jefferson, where does Grant go?

a) To the Rainbow Club
b) To the radio store
c) Home
d) Out for a walk

Multiple Choice - Chapter 19

51. What is the weather like as the Christmas program approaches?

a) Clear and calm
b) Warm and sunny
c) Snowy and cold
d) Cold and rainy

52. Who does Grant dedicate the Christmas program to?

a) Jefferson
b) Miss Emma
c) Grope
d) Vivian

53. When does the program start that night?

a) 6:00
b) 8:00
c) 7:00
d) 5:00

54. Who does Grant invite to speak at the beginning and at the end of the Christmas
a) Reverend Ambrose
b) Guidry
c) Miss Emma
d) Pichot

55. What does Reverend Ambrose open with at the program?

a) Silence
b) A prayer of gratitude
c) The Lord's Prayer
d) A song

56. What is the present the sits beneath the tree in the classroom?
a) An envelope of money
b) A bible
c) A pillow
d) A wool sweater and socks

A Lesson Before Dying
Assignment 3
Chapters 20-28

Multiple Choice - Chapter 20

1. During what month is Jefferson's execution date finally set?

a) March
b) February
c) June
d) May

2. When Grant is called away to Pichot's house, which student does he leave in charge?
a) Johnathan
b) Bill
c) Andrea
d) Irene

3. When is the actually execution date for Jefferson?

a) The second Friday after Easter
b) Pentecost
c) Ash Wednesday
d) The first Friday after Easter

4. Which doctor does Guidry suggest calling for Miss Emma?

a) Dr. Gillian
b) Dr. Morgan
c) Dr. Rogers
d) Dr. Gillroy

5. What religious season did the execution have to avoid?

a) Easter
b) Lent
c) Christmas
d) Advent

6. What is the actual date of the execution?

a) April 1
b) April 15
c) April 8
d) April 9

Multiple Choice - Chapter 21

7. Whose car is parked outside of Miss Emma's house when Grant arrives?
a) Guidry's
b) Miss Emma's
c) Tante Lou's
d) Reverend Ambrose's

8. What is Miss Emma doing when Grant arrives?

a) Lying on a bed
b) Praying
c) Crying
d) Making coffee

9. Grant senses that Miss Emma is pleased by something. What is it?

a) Vivian whispers something in her ear
b) Jefferson's execution date
c) Grant's presence
d) The fact that Grant has been saved

10. Who wants to be liked by Grant's family?

a) Vivian
b) Guidry
c) Bourgon
d) Pichot

11. Who does Vivian think is in love with Grant?

a) Irene Cole
b) Caroline
c) Edna
d) Inez

12. What did Vivian whisper to Miss Emma?

a) That she was leaving
b) That she could be at peace
c) That she would love Grant
d) That she would pray for her and Jefferson

Multiple Choice - Chapter 22

13. Who searches Grant when he arrives back at the jail?

a) Paul Bonin
b) Pichot
c) The fat man
d) Sam Guidry

14. Who is Jefferson's first visitor since the announcement of the execution date?
a) Miss Emma
b) Grant
c) Reverend Ambrose
d) Pichot

15. What does Jefferson want now because he doesn't think he had enough when he was
growing up?
a) Fruit
b) Steak
c) Ice cream
d) Milk

16. What does Grant offer to bring to Jefferson?

a) Porterhouses
b) A radio
c) A new bible
d) Oranges

17. From whom does Grant get the money for the item in #124?
a) Bourgon
b) Guidry
c) Vivian
d) Thelma and Joe Claiborne

18. Who does Grant annoy when he insists on a brand new radio?
a) Miss Emma
b) Vivian
c) A white clerk
d) Thelma

Multiple Choice - Chapter 23

19. Jefferson refuses to go to the day room at first because he can't bring what with him?
a) A friend
b) His journal
c) The newspaper
d) The radio

20. Who offers to remove the radio from Jefferson's cell?

a) Bonin
b) Grant
c) Sam Guidry
d) Tante Lou

21. What do Tante Lou, Miss Emma and Reverend Ambrose call the radio?
a) A sin box
b) A necessity
c) A plesant treat
d) A piece of junk

22. Who sticks up for Jefferson and his radio?

a) Grant
b) Irene
c) No one
d) Vivian

23. What does Grant NOT bring with him to Jefferson the next day?
a) Apples
b) Candy
c) Pecans and pralines
d) A new radio

24. What else does Grant bring to Jefferson for his cell?
a) A picture
b) A notebook
c) A sculpture
d) A plant

Multiple Choice - Chapter 24

25. Who is late in arriving to visit with Jefferson, but does not offer any explanation?
a) Miss Emma
b) Reverend Ambrose
c) Tante Lou
d) Grant

26. What do Miss Emma and Tante Lou serve for Jefferson in the day room?
a) Pasta
b) Cake
c) Gumbo
d) Bread

27. Grant tells Jefferson to be a ________ and more than a ________ to Miss Emma.
a) Friend, godson
b) strong person, coward
c) son, stranger
d) god fearing man, black man

28. Grant also encourages Jefferson to be a _______ to Miss Emma, the children of the
quarter, and to him.
a) Man
b) Mentor
c) Example
d) Hero

29. Why can't Grant be what he suggests in #136?

a) Because he is a teacher
b) Because he is with Vivian
c) Because he wants to run away
d) Because he isn't strong enough

30. What does Grant say about whites who have called Jefferson a hog?
a) That they don't know any better
b) That they are always looking for scapegoats
c) That they are right
d) That they are idiots

Multiple Choice - Chapter 25

31. Who is suspected to be jealous of Grant's relationship to Jefferson?

a) Pichot
b) Edna
c) Reverend Ambrose
d) Miss Emma

32. Who serves Grant a drink as he waits for Vivian to arrive?

a) Irene
b) Joe Claiborne
c) Inez
d) Thelma

33. Grant's involvement with Jefferson has greatly affected his ____________ with Vivian.
a) Sexual performance
b) Relationship
c) Attitude
d) Honesty

34. Who are so prejudiced against darker skinned African Americans that they drop out of
school to become bricklayers?
a) Africans
b) Mullatos
c) Whites
d) There is no one like this

35. When the bricklayers begin to criticize Jefferson and his effect on the African American
population, who tells them to shut up?
a) Pichot
b) Joe Claiborne
c) Grant
d) Vivian

36. Who is knocked unconscious during the fight with the bricklayers?
a) Grant
b) Thelma
c) Joe
d) Edna

Multiple Choice - Chapter 26

37. Who takes Grant home after the fight?

a) Joe Claiborne
b) Bourgon
c) Vivian
d) Pichot

38. What did Joe Claiborne knock Grant unconscious with?

a) A gun
b) His hand
c) A brick
d) A bottle

39. Who is disgusted by Grant's behavior?

a) Edna
b) Vivian
c) Thelma
d) Miss Emma

40. Why doesn't Grant want to stay at Vivian's house?

a) Miss Emma is expecting him
b) He doesn't love her anymore
c) He's afraid he will ruin her reputation
d) He just wants to go home

41. What does Vivian's husband want in their divorce?

a) Money
b) A part of her savings
c) To see the children every weekend
d) The house

42. Why is Vivian already in trouble?

a) Grant hit her
b) The police were called
c) Her husband already knows
d) She was summoned from the school to go to the bar

Multiple Choice - Chapter 27

43. Who asks Grant to talk to Reverend Ambrose?

a) Vivian
b) Tante Lou
c) Miss Emma
d) Jefferson

44. What does Reverend Ambrose have to say about Jefferson?

a) He ain't saved
b) He's not a grateful godson
c) He's a bad man
d) He's gonna die well

45. Whose responsibility is it to bring God to Jefferson, according to Grant?

a) Miss Emma
b) Tante Lou
c) Jefferson
d) Reverend Ambrose

46. What does Grant not believe in?

a) God
b) Capital punishment
c) Prayer
d) An afterlife

47. What does Grant believe in?

a) God
b) Ghosts
c) An afterlife
d) Spirits

48. What will Reverend Ambrose not allow Grant to do?

a) Have a false set of beliefs
b) Talk to Jefferson anymore
c) Send Jefferson to hell
d) Convert Jefferson

Multiple Choice - Chapter 28

49. What does Grant bring with him when he next sees Jefferson?
a) A bible
b) A piece of fruit
c) A new pencil
d) Sweet potatoes

50. What has Jefferson recorded in his notebook?

a) A dream about his execution
b) A note to Miss Emma
c) A list of his sins
d) A will

51. Grant suggests that Jefferson speak to ________, and it would be good for Miss Emma to
know that he does.
a) Christ
b) Pichot
c) Guidry
d) Reverend Ambrose

52. Grant suggests Jefferson pray for ____________.

a) Reverend Ambrose
b) Bonin
c) Grope
d) Miss Emma

53. Grant believes that Miss Emma is ill and so she wants Jefferson to meet her in
a) Heaven
b) A dream
c) Her house
d) The courtroom

54. Who is the reason that people care for others, according to Grant?
a) God
b) Miss Emma
c) Bonin
d) Reverend Ambrose

A Lesson Before Dying
Assignment 4
Chapters 29-31

Multiple Choice - Chapter 29

1. What does Miss Emma tell Jefferson she wants for him?
a) Happiness
b) Peace
c) To pray for her
d) To ask for God's forgiveness

2. Jefferson says in his journal that God only helps ____________.

a) Rich people
b) White people
c) Poor people
d) Black people

3. What does Jefferson question when he talks about the fact that he cares for Miss Emma?
a) Whether right and wrong are possible
b) Whether Miss Emma will go to heaven
c) Whether he will go to heaven
d) Whether chores can be an expression of love

4. Who does Grant bring to visit Jefferson?

a) His students
b) Irene
c) Inez
d) Vivian

5. Who kisses Jefferson, causing him to cry?

a) Thelma
b) Vivian
c) Estelle
d) Miss Emma

6. Why does Jefferson stop sleeping at night?

a) He does not want to dream
b) He wants to make the time go slower
c) It's too quiet to sleep
d) He just can't fall asleep

Multiple Choice - Chapter 30

7. What moves through the town, causing people to become anxious and nervous?
a) An unnatural fog
b) A heavy rain
c) A stranger in black
d) The truck carrying the electric chair

8. What can turn an execution into a torture, according to Vincent?

a) Water
b) A full stomach
c) Hair
d) An audience

9. Jefferson tells Bonin to give his notebook to ___________.

a) Grant
b) Miss Emma
c) Reverend Ambrose
d) Tante Lou

10. Who does Jefferson offer his radio to?

a) Vincent
b) Bonin
c) Grant
d) Miss Emma

11. What gift does Bonin accept from Jefferson?

a) Money
b) A card
c) Marble
d) A notebook

12. Who agrees to return Pichot's knife?

a) Jefferson
b) Bonin
c) Vincent
d) Grant

Multiple Choice - Chapter 31

13. Grant wonders if _______ is with Jefferson.

a) Bonin
b) Vincent
c) Reverend Ambrose
d) God

14. Grant knows that Jefferson is dead when the butterfly leaves ________________.
a) The jar
b) The window
c) The house
d) A patch of bull grass

15. Jefferson asks that Miss Emma be told that he __________ to his execution.
a) Skipped
b) Sobbed
c) Walked
d) Crawled

16. Bonin says that ___________ was a great teacher for Jefferson.
a) Miss Emma
b) Reverend Ambrose
c) Grant
d) Tante Lou

17. Grant suggests that Bonin tell his students about Jefferson's ________.
a) Courage
b) Smile
c) Execution
d) Sense of humor

18. Bonin is deeply sorry for what happened, and asks for Grant's ________.
a) Friendship
b) Marble
c) Notebook
d) Forgiveness

Multiple Choice Answer Key

Chapter 1 | Chapter Chapter 3 Chapter 4

2 1. d. 1. d.
2. d. 2. c.
1. b. 3. b. 3. c.
2. d. 4. c. 4. b.
3. b. 5. a. 5. c.
4. b. 6. b. 6. b.
5. d.
6. c.

Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

1. a. 1. b. 1. c.
2. b. 2. b. 2. b.
3. d. 3. c. 3. a.
4. b. 4. b. 4. a.
5. b. 5. c. 5. d.
6. b. 6. c. 6. c.

Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

1. c. 1. b. 1. a.
2. d. 2. a. 2. b.
3. b. 3. d. 3. a.
4. b. 4. b. 4. c.
5. d. 5. c. 5. d.
6. c. 6. a. 6. d.

Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13

1. c. 1. d. 1. d.
2. d. 2. d. 2. d.
3. b. 3. d. 3. b.
4. a. 4. c. 4. b.
5. b. 5. d. 5. d.
6. a. 6. d. 6. d.

Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16

1. a. 1. d. 1. c.
2. b. 2. a. 2. a.
3. a. 3. c. 3. a.

4. a. 4. d. 4. a.
5. a. 5. c. 5. d.
6. c. 6. c. 6. c.

Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19

1. b. 1. d. 1. d.
2. d. 2. c. 2. a.
3. a. 3. c. 3. c.
4. c. 4. c. 4. a.
5. c. 5. c. 5. c.
6. d. 6. a. 6. d.

Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22

1. b. 1. d. 1. a.
2. d. 2. a. 2. b.
3. a. 3. a. 3. c.
4. d. 4. a. 4. b.
5. b. 5. a. 5. d.
6. c. 6. d. 6. c.

Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25

1. d. 1. d. 1. c.
2. c. 2. c. 2. b.
3. a. 3. a. 3. a.
4. a. 4. d. 4. b.
5. d. 5. c. 5. c.
6. b. 6. b. 6. a.

Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28

1. c. 1. b. 1. d.
2. a. 2. a. 2. a.
3. b. 3. d. 3. a.
4. c. 4. d. 4. d.
5. c. 5. a. 5. a.
6. d. 6. c. 6. a.

Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31

1. d. 1. d. 1. d.
2. b. 2. c. 2. d.
3. d. 3. a. 3. c.
4. a. 4. b. 4. c.
5. c. 5. c. 5. a.
6. a. 6. b. 6. a.