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2. C

3. A

4. B

5. A

6. A

7. C

8. B

9. D

10. D

11. D

12. A

13. B

14. C

15. D

16. D

17. D

18. C

19. A

20. C

21. A

22. C

23. A

24. D

25. A

26. B

27. B

28. B
29. D

30. C

31. C

32. A

33. A

34. A

35. C

36. C

37. D

38. C

39. B

40. C

41. A

42. B

43. D

44. C

45. A

46. B
:: Electronic Commerce Quiz

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1. Which of the following is a benefit of EC?

A. Insufficient telecommunications bandwidth

B. Individuals can telecommute more easily

C. Customers may be unsure of EC security

D. EC theory and practice is constantly evolving

2. Which of the following is a limitation of EC?

A . Ability to operate 24 hours a day

B . Integration of distributor and supplier IT systems

C . Special network and hardware requirements

D . Increased market area

3. Company XYZ sells products to individuals. What EC classification do they fit?

A . B2C

B . B2B

C . C2C

D . P2P
4. Which of the following is not a limitation of EC?

A . Some customers like to physically inspect products before buying.

B . Customers now have nearly unlimited bandwidth.

C . The standards for security are still evolving.

D . Software tools change frequently.

5. EC reduces cycle time in all of the following ways except:
A . Customer satisfaction.

B . Development of marketing materials.

C . Product distribution.

D . Time to market.
6. Lowering a customer's search cost allows them to:

A . Research more items to find the best price.

B . Make correct purchasing decisions.

C . Apply the savings to the cost of the product.

D . Negotiate the best price.

7. Which of the following is not the function of a market?

A . Matching buyers and sellers

B . Facilitation of transactions

C . Ensuring profits of brokers

D . Provide institutional infrastructure

8. Which of the following is not used to decrease quality uncertainty?

A . Free samples

B . Low price

C . Return policy

D . Escrow and insurance

9. Under a product differentiation strategy, pricing is based on:

A . The cost to produce the item.

B . The cost of similar (but not exact) items.

C . The marketspace the item is sold in.

D . The customer's willingness to pay for that specific product.

10. What is NOT one of Porter's Five Forces?

A . Threat of Substitutes

B . Power of Suppliers

C . Rivalry of Competitors

D . Effects of EC Systems
11. A Web site offers content for free, but has banners at the top of each page. What
business model is being used?

A . Sponsorship Model

B . Transaction-fee Model

C . Subscription Model

D . Advertising-supported Model
12. Which of the following is not a driver in the electronic job market?

A . Size of labor market

B . Cost

C .Search time

D .Speed of communication
13. Jeff wants to purchase online, but is concerned about a company's
privacy policy. What online purchase decision aid should he use?

A . Shopbot

B . Trust verification site

C . Business rating site

D . Shopping portals
14. Which of the following is not a typical service provided by online travel agents?

A. Purchase and reserve tickets

B. Informational articles

C. True bargains on airfare cost

D. Currency conversion calculators
15. Which of the following is not one of the advantages of the electronic job market for

A . Speed of communication

B . Ability to search a large number of positions

C . Ability to asses your market value

D . Lack of Internet users

16. Which of the following is not an environmental variable in EC purchasing?

A . Cultural variables

B . Climate variables

C . Psychological variables

D . Social variables
17. Mark is using an intelligent agent to help him determine which CD to purchase. What
type of agent is he using?

A. Negotiation

B . Merchant brokering

C . Auction support

D . Product brokering
18. Which of the following is the most popular online customer service tool?

A . FAQs

B . Chat rooms

C . E-mail

D . Call centers
19. Which of the following is not an organizational buyer?

A . Student purchasing school supplies

B . Employee purchasing desks for the company

C . Computer reseller purchasing CD drives

D . Government employee purchasing red tape

20. Janice and Tony decided to buy the new computer system Paul suggested after
careful analysis. Janice directed Rich, her assistant, to order the system. In this example,
what purchasing role does Rich play?

A . Initiator

B . User

C . Buyer

D . Decider
21. Why is e-mail popular with advertisers?

A . Fast response from potential customers

B . Customers have a decreasing volume of messages

C . No potential backlash from customers

D . High cost has left few marketers using this method

22. Which of the following is not a reason why Internet advertising is growing?

A . Ads are easy to update.

B . Ads can use a variety of media types.

C . The overall use of the Internet has reached a plateau.

D . WebTV has expanded the base of the Internet audience.

23. A Web site owner claims that his Web pages are viewed 10,000 times per day, but
he is unaware of how many different people look at the site daily. The site owner has
10,000 _________ per day.

A. Impressions

B . Unique visitors

C . Hits
D . Cookies
24. Which of the following is not a benefit of banner advertising?

A . Transfer users to the advertiser's siteิ

B . Customers are forced to view banners

C . Customize content to a target market

D . Low overall cost

25. Which of the following is not an advantage of online catalogs over paper catalogs? [

A . Computer skill of customer required

B . Simple customization

C . Easy to update

D . More comparative shopping์

26. Cindy browses an online catalog. Based on the items she has viewed, the Web site
builds a product list for her based on her preferences. What type of catalog is Cindy

A . Static catalog

B . Customized catalogิ

C . Comparison catalog

D . Pointcast
27. Which of the following is not required for an intranet?

A. Web server

B . Access to the Internet

C . Web publishing tools

D . Web browsers
28. E-government can generally include all of the following except:

A . Providing benefits to citizens.

B . Selling commercial items.

C . Providing government forms.

D . Providing access to government information.

29. Which of the following is not a characteristic on an intranet?

A . Designed to serve a company

B . Used internally only

C . Can be browsed like a Web page

D . Uses proprietary stands

30. Which of the following is not an established application of e-government?

A . G2G

B . G2C

C . G2P

D . G2E
31. Which of the following is not an example of B2E?

A . An employee uses training materials on the company Web site

B . Employees request office supplies online

C . A business advertises for new employees on their Web site

D . A business places memos on their intranet

32. Which of the following is an example of peer-to-peer EC?

A . File sharing

B . Personal services

C . Consumer exchanges

D . Classified ads
33. Which of the following do businesses consider the least important when creating
portal services?
A .News services

B . Knowledge bases

C . Business process support tools

D . Learning tools
34.Which of the following is a major characteristic of m-commerce?

A . Reachability

B . Ubiquity

C . Convenience

D . Localization
35. This technology has been in existence since 1992 and is the global wireless
communication specification.


B . 4G


36. This wireless standard is used to accommodate voice.




37. Which of the following is not a limitation of m-commerce?

A . Usability

B . Bandwidth

C . Health hazard

D . Potential user base

38. This transmission media is used for short distance, wireless communication between

A . Microwave

B . Satellite

C . Radio electromagnetic

D . Radio
39. Which of the following is not currently a factor in the development of m-commerce?

A . Availability of devices

B . Reluctance of vendors

C . Bandwidth improvements

D . Declining prices
40. Which of the following is a limitation of auctions?

A . Market size

B . Diversity of offerings

C . Potential for fraud

D . Dynamic nature of sales

41. Which of the following is not a limitation of traditional auctions?

A . Technical ability of buyers

B . Time to examine products

C . Duration of sale

D . Physical presence required

42. Several identical items are offered with a minimum bid. The winner pays the exact
price of his bid. What type of auction is being described?

A . English auction

B . Yankee auction

C . Dutch auction
D . Free-fall auction
43. One unique item is offered. The price starts high until someone bids and becomes
the winner. What type of auction is being described? ์

A . English auction

B . Yankee auction

C . Dutch auction

D . Free-fall auction
44. Which of the following is not a benefit of using wireless phones in auctions?

A . Convenience

B . Privacy

C . Security

D . Speed
45. What is the typical order of the phases of the auction process?

A . Searching and comparing, getting started at an auction, the actual bidding and
post auction follow-up

B . Searching and comparing, the actual bidding, getting started at an auction and
post auction follow-up

C . Getting started at an auction, searching and comparing, the actual bidding and
post-auction follow-up

D . Searching and comparing, the actual bidding and post auction follow-up
46. Which of the following is a free method used to help deter fraud in online auctions?

A . User identity verification

B . Grading services

C . Feedback forum

D . Escrow services

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