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XXXII, Issue 8 | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What the Snow!?
By Siobhan Cassidy
The current accumulation of snow
this winter in Stony Brook is 54 inches.
With parking problems, safety hazards
and less money to cover snow removal,
students and faculty said the colossal
amount of snow has made life at Stony
Brook difficult, to say the least.
On January 31, 10,000 students
were scheduled to move back to campus
to begin the spring semester. With no
Welcome Wagon or resident assistants to
help students move back into their
dorm rooms, students and families
hauled their luggage over snow banks.
“They did a really horrible job,” said
Caryne Litcher, AMS and biology
major. Although major pathways within
the quads were clear of snow and ice,
many students were unaware of that,
and instead hauled their supplies via the
Siobhan Cassidy/The Stony Brook Press
most direct route anyway.
Campus Residences Operations sight. icy galore that crystallized the cam- on campus is not neglect or the budget.
and Campus Operations and Mainte- Business and residence owners with pus—sheets of ice covered quad path- It is simply Mother Nature.
nance are responsible for clearing the fire hydrants located on their property ways and thin black ice covered the It snows; pathways are cleared. The
snow, with the help of an outside con- are advised to clear it of snow within 48 Tabler Steps and academic mall. Snow sun shines the next day; the snow melts.
tract with Terranova Landscaping. hours. The campus priority of clearing and ice tumbled down the roofs of At night, the temperature drops and
Campus Residences is responsible for snow is as follows: main road and path- dorm buildings and the SAC. The stu- puddles freeze. The next day students
clearing the quads and parking lots, ways, building exits, pathways in quads dents were told to walk around areas are sliding their way to class. “It is a lit-
while Campus Operations is responsi- and parking lots, fire hydrants, blue that were blocked off or look up before tle bit of a battle,” Sparano said. “We
ble for the roadways and the academic lights, curb cuts and bus stops. they had stepped outside a doorway to have to salt and shovel and keep going
mall. “It makes things complicated,” avoid falling ice. back.”
Normally, major roadways and Degen said. “When we make a call, and Students have even taken the snow Campus Operations and Campus
pathways are first to be cleared. But there is snow covering the fire hydrants, obstacle into their own hands. When a Residences track snowstorms, predict-
after the January 28 storm, three days we have maps of the locations, but we huge snow mound was piled in front of ing when they will hit. During interses-
before move-in day, the main priorities are only guessing where they are exactly. Tabler Quad, which was blocking the sion, some administration officials,
were clearing the parking lots and We would like them to work on this.” sidewalk, students were walking in the such as Edward Byrne, assistant direc-
major walkways. “Every main route was Sparano said he believed the fire street. One student dug a ten-foot-long tor for campus residences, stayed
plowed,” John Sparano, the director of hydrants and blue light systems were tunnel through the mound, which was overnight to prepare for snow removal.
Campus Residences Operations, said. cleared of snow after every storm dur- about 10 to 15 feet high. Harrigan said For the 2010-2011 operating
“No one should have had to lug their ing winter session. Pictures and student he was unaware of the situation near budget, the university has $50,000 in an
luggage over snow or be walking in the accounts are proof the snow was not Tabler Quad. In Mendelsohn Quad, stu- interchange account to spend on snow
street.” cleared from fire hydrants and blue light dents erected a snow castle with nearby removal. An interchange account is a
Rewind four weeks to intersession systems during intersession. Terence trees whose branches broke apart under sum of money that can be accessed if
when hundreds of students were taking Harrigan, executive director of Campus the weight of the snow. the University needs extra funding for
classes and living on campus: during Operations and Maintenance, had no “It is absolutely unacceptable,” said snow removal. “It’s hard to say how
that time, New York was hit with six explanation for the snow not being Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, an H Quad resi- much we are going to spend on snow
snowstorms. Campus Residences Op- cleared on January 31. Oddly enough, dent who fell on the ice and hit her removal,” Harrigan said.
erations and Campus Operations and the day after Campus Operations and head. Although Fitzpatrick did not re- Since the 54 inches blanketed the
Maintenance both failed to clear fire hy- Maintenance were called for comment port the incident or seek medical atten- campus, a 40 percent increase from the
drants and blue light systems of snow on this issue, the fire hydrants and blue tion, she ended up with bruises and 33 inches Stony Brook experienced last
on the active campus. lights were cleared of snow. scrapes on her face. According to Uni- year, administration officials are still
“The university should set an ex- Chief William Lenihan of Univer- versity Police Department, there have adding up numbers for the amount of
ample in this fire district to more com- sity Police Department said, “Incidents been six reported incidents related to money spent.
mercial needs,” said Paul Degen, when students use the blue light system the snow or ice since January 2. “It’s Harrigan recommended that stu-
Brookhaven task force and fire com- when it is an actual emergency are vir- worth having students pay a little extra dents stay in populated areas. If stu-
missioner. Degen said the Stony Brook tually non-existent.” Students are more in tuition for plowing,” said Fitzpatrick. dents see areas that have not been
Fire Department has had issues with the likely to use cell phones during an ac- “They should be out plowing right away cleared or are icy, they should report it
university not clearing fire hydrants in tual emergency, he explained. when it snows.” to UPD, RSP or Campus Operations at
the past, but would not give further in- Fast forward to February, there was But the problem with the plowing 631-632-6400.
The Stony Brook Press News 3

These Dog Days Ain’t Over

program cuts to both the university and we cannot hope to maintain the same in a statement on the Assembly’s web-
By Carol Moran the hospital and a reduction in the
amount of accepted students.
level of educational quality,” President
Stanley wrote in his message to the
Gondar also wrote that SUNY stu-
While stable tuition is desirable for campus community. dents think it unwise that Cuomo didn’t
What little praise Governor Cuomo current students, Englebright said in a In a recent testimony, SUNY Chan- include a tuition increase plan in his
received for keeping SUNY tuition as-is phone interview that it’s “for better or cellor Nancy Zimpher called for the cre- proposal. However, the assembly web-
in his recent budget proposal was site claims that all representatives are
trumped by criticism of the proposed elected by their student peers, which is
elimination of all direct state support, not true in the case of Stony Brook. And
$55 million, to the Stony Brook Univer- if our representatives are not elected,
sity Medical Center. That loss, plus a they do not fairly represent the opinions
slash of $12 million in direct state fund- of the student body.
ing to the University, adds up to a po- “These people work very closely
tential loss of 30% in Stony Brook’s state with administrators and lawmakers, en-
allocation. joying access to a political elite that
While it’s true that Cuomo is at- eventually yields lines on a resume and
tempting to alleviate a $10 billion dol- letters of recommendation for the stu-
lar deficit, Assemblyman Englebright dents and the ability to claim the “voice
called the cuts “a complete turning away of the students” for the administrators
from the promise and the premise of and lawmakers,” said Mike Carley, a
the university and the hospital.” founding member of the Radical Stu-
So what happens if the budget dent Union, or RSU, a group on campus
passes, and those cuts—or eliminations that works to secure student rights, in
rather, become a reality? an email.
The two prospective sources of rev- In an effort to take direct action
enue that are receiving the most atten- against Governor Cuomo’s proposed
tion are tuition increases and cuts to higher education, the RSU has
public/private partnerships. However, it for worse.” If incremental tuition in- ation of a five-year tuition increase plan, planned a rally to take place March 2 in
is not likely that tuition will rise this creases don’t occur during a longer pe- one that is supported by the SUNY Stu- the SAC plaza.
year, and public/private partnerships riod of time and state support continues dent Assembly. “The only way for students to have
take a significant amount of time to de- to dwindle, future students could face a “We feel keeping tuition at the cur- their voices heard is to pressure the gov-
velop before they generate revenue, ac- sudden skyrocket in tuition rates. rent level is simply not sustainable, and ernment collectively,” Carley wrote. “In-
cording to Assemblyman Steve Though either way, they would pay. does not support access and affordabil- dividual students acting alone are
Englebright. This could mean the elim- “…Without some form of revenue ity in the long-term,” said SUNY Stu- powerless.”
ination of hospital services, lay-offs, relief in the form of increased tuition, dent Assembly President Julie Gondar

Tunnel of Tabler Love

of snow, and I wanted to play in it as He was plan-
long as I wasn’t working.” ning on tearing it
By Evan Goldaper That day came on February 2, down himself and
& Sarah Evins when a delay allowed Mittiga to fulfill creating a normal
his dreams of being a modern-day John walkway when time
Sometimes, men do great things
Henry and tunnel where machines was available again,
not for good reasons, but just because
could not. He worried at first that the but the plow beat
they can. Why climb the tallest moun-
plows and police cars driving by would him to it. “The only
tains, dive to the bottom of the ocean or
take issue with his efforts, but initial re- thing I was annoyed
jump to the moon? Why? Because
actions proved to be positive. “A couple about was the poor
they’re there, that’s why. For sophomore
of people went by, and they were really plowing job,” he
physics and philosophy double major
interested. And in the end, everyone said, claiming he felt
Thomas Mittiga, this mentality has led
seemed to appreciate it.” the main reason the
to great things, specifically the con-
Even though aiding the student plow tore down the
struction of a ten-foot long, igloo-esque
body wasn‘t his original intention, many igloo was just to de-
tunnel in a mound of snow piled up by
people chose to use the igloo route stroy it, not to pro-
snowplows near the steps to Tabler
rather than walk on the street. It made vide a path.
sense; the mound had originally cov- Still, with similar public works project, Mittiga
“It’s something I did as a kid,
ered the sidewalk completely. But in the the sidewalk now cleanly-plowed and simply noted, “Make sure that your
when there was piles of snow, and, you
end, the tunnel was destroyed by a temperatures rising, it seems unlikely shovels are good enough for it.” When
know, once or twice, I carved it out and
snowplow. Mittiga, however, was not that Mittiga will be able to dig another asked to give more general advice, he
there was an igloo,” he said. “But that
bothered. “My plan was to make a path igloo. When asked for advice by other remained stoic. “No punchy quotes for
wasn’t the reason. I saw that we got a lot
for people to go through.” people who might want to undertake a you.”
4 Vol. XXXII, Issue 8 | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Editorial Board editorials

Executive Editor
Najib Aminy

Managing Editor
Almost There...
Nick Statt
The Student Activities Board’s ac- off publishing the prospective artists for So far, there hasn’t been too much of a
Associate Editor complishment in bringing Aziz Ansari contractual reasons. complaint about which artists SAB
Evan Goldaper and Immortal Technique to Stony Brook “I guess one thing is you can use the brought—they all seem to be high pro-
in the same week highlights what can word artists plurally,” said David Mazza, file, which advertises itself, diverse, both
Business Manager now be called a successful transition USG Vice President of Communications. in genre and style, and generally favored.
Kenny Mahoney from the old SAB to the current one. “That’s an improvement.” But current members of SAB and
As the one-year-anniversary of the The attendance records of last year’s USG are setting a precedent of exclusivity
Production Manager
Carol Moran drastic reformation of SAB approaches, end-of-the-year concert have already in the decision making process that
it’s clear that what the current members been surpassed in much smaller and less brings artists to campus.
News Editors of the Undergraduate Student Govern- funded events, such as the Aziz show that “I think that it’s open in the sense
Amanda Douville ment and SAB are doing is benefiting the attracted more than 1,000 students and that all of our meetings are open,” said
Bobby Holt campus as a whole. the Immortal Technique concert, which Mazza. “It operates in a very similar way
From last semester’s events that in- attracted 800 people, 700 of whom were to the senate. Does anyone really ever
Features Editor cluded comedian Christian Finnegan and students. show up? No not really, unless there’s a
Desiree Keegan indie band Best Coast, to last week’s per- “It’s the small events that bring simi- particular issue.”
formances by Aziz And that mental-
Arts Editor Ansari and Immortal ity, which appears to
Inquire Within
Technique, Stony be in the back of
Photo Editors Brook has thus far everyone’s minds at
Carolina Hidalgo hosted artists in USG and SAB as they
events that could go forth in planning
Copy Editors very easily rival this semester, is ex-
Zach Knowlton those held at other tremely dissatisfying
Alyssa Melillo universities, except and disconcerting.
for SUNY Purchase The idea that $404,000
Social Media Editor (those kids are mad of the student activity
Kenny Mahoney cultured). fee being handled by
Ombudsman But the semester just a few students
Tia Mansouri is far from over and should concern all of
so are the events. us who are looking for
Christopher accountability and for
Staff Hitchens, a promi- great artists to bring
nent and well-re- on campus.
Vincent Barone
Raina Bedford spected author and At some point,
Michelle Bylicky journalist will be this issue needs to be
Lionel Chan
Natalie Crnosija coming to campus addressed, albeit in
Mike Cusanelli
Eric DiGiovanni on March 8. Former the form of a town-
Brett Donnelly presidential candi- hall meeting or some
Lauren Dubinsky
Lauren Dubois date and life-long consumer advocate larity between the people who attend, but student-input structure included in SAB.
Andrew Fraley
David Ginn Ralph Nader will also be coming in mid- that’s not what the student government Having a concert team of roughly 15 stu-
Mark Greek
Colleen Harrington March as part of SAB’s speaker series. ought to be doing,” says Moiz Khan, Stu- dents and additional volunteers is not
Samuel Katz And before the close of the semester, dent Programming Agency Director. enough to accurately represent the entire
Iris Lin
Erica Mengouchian SAB plans to bring a television-comedian “They should be working towards creat- student body.
Carol Moran
Frank Myles and stand-up legend valued at $40,000 to ing events that bring everyone together. If nothing is done, the very recent
Alex H. Nagler campus. This would take place just a In some way you have to do events that success of the large-upscale and well-at-
Howie Newsberkman
Jessica Rybak month before an end-of-the-year concert force people in the same room together tended events that strive to build a larger
Emily Torkel
Matt Willemain that is slated to host artists who per- that are different,” said Khan. This, he and more vibrant campus community
formed in the 2011 Grammy Award thinks, builds community. would be all for naught. You can’t have a
Show. The price of this concert is valued What doesn’t build community how- community of more than 15,000 with less
About Us at more than $100,000 and the show will ever, is a small, selective group of stu- than 1 percent making all the decisions.
be part of a national tour. dents, near 15 or so out of more than Sure it looks like it’s working now,
The Stony Brook Press is published fortnightly
during the academic year and twice during sum- Contracts for the two events are still 15,000 students who are to represent and but at some point, to be truly successful,
mer session by The Stony Brook Press, a student
run non-profit organization funded by the Student pending, and The Press was asked to hold choose which artists to bring to campus. that has to change.
Activity Fee. The opinions expressed in letters, ar-
ticles and viewpoints do not necessarily reflect
those of The Stony Brook Press as a whole. Ad-
vertising policy does not necessarily reflect edi-
torial policy. For more information on advertising
and deadlines call (631)632-6451. Staff meetings
are held Wednesdays at 1:00 pm. First copy free.
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Something to be Hopeful For

During an Executive Council Meeting held in Roughly 30 percent of SUNY’s operating budget is a great change. The members of USG should be able
early February, Undergraduate Student Government has been cut in the past few years. Last year alone, to clearly see what’s best for its student body.
President Matt Graham did something unheard of. He SUNY faced $442 million in cuts and unfunded Students should let their voices be heard in oppo-
voted against the Faculty-Senate and their support of mandatory costs. With Governor Andrew Cuomo’s re- sition of this ridiculous idea that tuition hikes are the
a resolution that would increase tuition as a means to cent proposal to cut SUNY funding by another 10 per- solution for higher education, let alone the notion that
of generating revenue for SUNY and Stony Brook Uni- cent, the future of state-support for Stony Brook the privatization of the University’s land, which takes
versity as they face another string of proposed budget doesn’t look too bright. years to set-up before reaping any sort of revenue
cuts. But the student representation does. Despite the stream, would be good for the students.
This marks one of the rare times that USG has fact that the SUNY Student Assembly, a collection of You don’t support a state-institution that benefits
taken a stance in clear opposition of both President student representatives elected by their peers to rep- New York in the long-run with an educated and
Samuel Stanley, a staunch supporter of raising student resent the SUNY student body, has repeatedly voiced highly-skilled workforce by stripping its money away
tuition and increasing the privatization of the univer- its support of tuition increases and public private part- and then, have your university president, professors
sity through public-private land-leases, as well as the nerships, both Graham and the Graduate Student Or- and university administration repeatedly lobby to
administration as a whole. ganization voted in opposition. have their students pay a higher tuition, adding insult
“It is a very touchy issue,” Graham said about his “We decided to vote against the resolution mainly to injury.
vote. “I really think my stance should reflect a thor- because we did not think that asking for a tuition in- The recent vote by both the USG and GSO is just
ough discussion not only with senate executive coun- crease reflected the opinion of most of the students we one of many hundreds of steps that need to be taken
cil but with the undergraduate students.” should represent,” said Froylán Encisco, president of to preserve students’ interests. It’s clear that President
While Graham has yet to publicly announce his the GSO. A survey conducted in the fall showed that Stanley and the Faculty-Senate have completely disre-
personal support for tuition hikes, he feels that stu- 65 percent of grad students were opposed to tuition garded what’s best for the student body. Now is the
dents should be given the opportunity to voice their hikes. time for students to voice their opinion in order to
concern on the issue. As for USG, which in the past has made decisions prevent USG and GSO from making the same mis-
“I don’t know if gallivanting, blowing your horn without consulting the student body, such as President takes.
saying we need tuition hikes is what students want to Graham’s decision to support President Stanley in the
do,” he said. large closure of Southampton University last year, this

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening...

A comic by
Vincent Barone
6 Vol. XXXII, Issue 8 | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Women’s Mag Ain’t No Online Rag
In addition to its regular con-
By Alyssa Melillo tent, HCSB also features two cate-
gories called “Campus Cuties” and
“Campus Celebrities” where read-
On February 1, a new online mag- ers can nominate someone they
azine called Her Campus Stony Brook feel “personifies” Stony Brook, or
(HCSB) joined the populous list of stu- they think is a “great catch,” to be
dent-run publications at Stony Brook. featured on the site. Right now
The magazine, geared towards women, they are being picked by Ryan.
features news, blogs, photos and infor- “I have a pretty big network on
mation on upcoming campus events, all campus, so I know a lot of the stu-
written by Stony Brook students. dent leaders and can interview
Founded by three female Harvard them easily,” said Ryan. “We hope
students and launched in September once the site gets more popular
2009, Her Campus is a national online that readers will start nominating
magazine that includes content on style, their own choices.” She and Feng
beauty, love, life and careers written by predict that these will be the mag-
female college journalists. Women can azine’s most popular features.Ryan
create branches for their own schools added that although the magazine
that feature content related to their in- is targeted towards women, men
stitution. According to the magazine, can find it interesting too.
more than one hundred schools have “This magazine, though mar-
Her Campus branches. She also adds content of her own, she book. “We’ve had so much positive keted to women, isn’t just for
“Her Campus is a magazine for said. The business team includes Events feedback, and [I’ve] even had people women,” she said. “There are also great
smart, empowered and globally con- Coordinator Stephanie McCourt; the pull me aside at school to tell me how features for men to enjoy, like our up-
scious college women,” said sophomore Social Media Directors Lillian Hua and much they love the site,” said Ryan. “I coming events tab. It’s always valuable
Rhoda Feng, HC SB’s creator and Cam- Julieana Magriz; and Publicity Director am contacting clubs and organizations to know what’s going on around cam-
pus Coordinator. “The purpose of the Alicia K. Ryan. Because the magazine is to collaborate, and networking with fra- pus.”
Stony Brook branch, and other college still new, Feng said it is working on ternities and sororities to bring in an Feng and Ryan are both confident
branches, is to supplement the national building up an editorial team this se- even bigger constituency. We really that HC SB will be very successful and
content with school-specific content.” mester and finding staff, feature and want our readers to be involved, and gain many readers throughout the se-
Feng, who heard about Her Cam- contributing writers.The magazine wel- [we] plan to hold contests and other fun mester.
pus from a friend at another school, comes all types of writers. “I strive for interactive programs.” “I think HC SB will be a great suc-
thought that having a branch at Stony diversity,” Feng said. “Even those who Besides establishing a strong fan cess on campus because it’s totally
Brook would “provide an important have no journalism experience can con- base, the magazine hopes to inspire unique,” Ryan said. “It’s like reading
outlet for women on campus to express tribute to HC SB … Essentially, I want readers with its articles and content. Cosmo, but with stories that relate per-
themselves.” to include as many different views as “We really just hope to allow college sonally to our students. How can it get
As Campus Coordinator, Feng possible on the site.” students to progressively become moti- any better than that? It can’t!”
oversees the activities of the business To get ready for the launch and to vated through informative articles, For anyone who is interested in
team, edits the articles, updates the site publicize the magazine, Ryan and the which will ultimately lead to a more contributing to Her Campus Stony
at least once a week, communicates with rest of the business team used flyers, successful lifestyle and dedication to Brook, Feng can be reached at
the writers and solicits contributions. mass emails and a fan page on Face- hard work,” Ryan said. rhodafeng@hercampus.com.

Your Classes May Shorten!!!

mistic about this possibility, as paying five minutes really wouldn’t make a dif- would lose as much as 150 minutes of
By Alyssa Melillo attention in the longer 80-minute
classes for the whole time can be diffi-
ference because by the end of a class, the
attention span of a student has most
in-class time each semester.
Junior Krystal Calvano, on the
cult. likely diminished. other hand, said she would prefer more
It’s not a $35 million savior to Stony
“Listening to a lecture for such a “Whether the five minutes will earlier classes than shorter ones.
Brook’s budget issues, but it’s one way to
long time period at once, even with a make a difference, probably not,” he “Instead of shortening classes by
offer students the opportunity to take
great professor, can get tiresome, and it said. “I’m more concerned about the five minutes, just add an early morning
more classes.
is easy to lose concentration,” he said. lengths of the semester[s].” class,” she said. “I wouldn’t mind being
At a faculty-senate meeting on Feb.
“The added flexibility the extra time Math professor Ljudmila Kamen- here from 6 am to 12 pm and having the
7, University Provost Eric Kaler sug-
slot would create would definitely be ova said that there are pros and cons to rest of my day to myself.”
gested the option of shortening some
beneficial.” shortening classes: the pro being that If Provost Kaler’s suggestion be-
classes by five minutes, which would
Some professors do not see a prob- professors and students would get more comes a reality, and a new time slot is
potentially open up a new time slot so
lem with this suggestion. Ned Lands- time to travel across campus to their added, students may have more of an
more classes would be available. 55 and
man, a history professor, said that while next classes if they’re back-to-back, and opportunity to take the classes they
80-minute classes would be shortened.
he remembers a time when SB classes the con being that courses with “inten- need every semester in order to gradu-
Jon Freeman, a sophomore, is opti-
were shorter, cutting down classes by sive” curricula that meet twice a week ate on time.
The Stony Brook Press News Opinion 7

Seatbelts, Everyone!
I sat in the rect me. “This is not a mall run,” he said, though there was some anxiety over entire fleet was revamped to run on this
SAC Atrium, wait- “It’s just a drop-off.” Seizing the oppor- driving this new and expensive equip- blend of vegetable oil (presumably
ing. A group of tunity, I smoothly replied, “I’m writing ment, he was getting used to them and waste from the Wendy’s in Roth) and
people moved an article for a newspaper about the preferred them to the old buses. When traditional diesel gas. From the Power-
about clumsily on new buses; do you mind answering a I wondered aloud whether or not any point file of a Town Hall Meeting that
a small ice rink few questions?” other truth-seeking students, such as took place last March, I deduced that
that sounded and “Fine,” he replied, “Just come up myself, had made inquiries about the these buses actually seat 40 people, and
Ginny Mulé looked suspi- and sit down; I have to take the bus back buses, he replied, “I’ve had two people thus my row-counting abilities are
ciously un-ice-like. to the lot.” comment on them, exactly two.” I won- rather rusty. All in all, it turns out that
But that was not I sat down in the first row of shiny dered who these mystery students were. besides the shiny novelty of the new
why I was there. No, I was there for gray plastic seats. Black seatbelts lay Could they be rival reporters from The buses, which will invariably fade as the
something bigger, better, and more ex- strewn across the rows of four, of which Statesman, or another publication on salt and snow continue to wreak havoc
citing. I was about to embark on a won- I counted nine. “Thirty-six people,” I campus? on automobile paint across the North-
drous journey, one that threatened to calculated in my head, “That seems When confronted with the more east, they really aren’t all that different
shake the very foundations of every- fairly economical.” But I was getting dis- technological aspects of the fleet, he was from the fleet they are replacing, at least
thing I thought and felt about Stony tracted, missing my chance to get the apologetic about not knowing whether from a student’s perspective.
Brook University Transit. I was about to real scoop, the big story on these buses! the buses ran on BioDiesel. He said that But what really struck me about my
go for a ride on one of the new buses. I pulled myself back into reality and as far as he could tell, the gas mileage experience with Roberto, perhaps the
Since my return from winter break, started searching for answers from the seemed to be about the same as the old most important lesson I drew from
these red-and-white behemoths had bus driver.
taken up a troubling residence in the I found out that
back of my mind. I found myself not his name is Roberto,
paying attention as my professors intro- and that he had
duced themselves and their curricula, been working for
my mind instead wandering on to more Stony Brook Transit
pressing questions such as “Are the seats for about 6 months
more comfortable?”, “Do they run on now. “Perfect,” I
biodiesel?”, “How do the bus drivers feel thought, “He’s been
about this?”, and, most importantly, here long enough to
“Can I shrink it down and hide it in a have experience
cheese doodle to explore the human di- both types of buses.”
gestive tract?” I knew I’d never be able He drives the bus
to get my homework done until I got part-time on Friday
some answers, so I joined The Stony nights, Saturdays,
Brook Press as a way of getting unre- and Sundays, as well
stricted access to these magnificent ma- as acting as a case
chines. manager for the
Not wanting to look suspicious, I health clinic on
casually moved out to the bus stop campus full-time.
benches. Pop music was blasting He enjoys driving
through the speakers in the SAC Plaza, the buses and told
and I wondered how people could be me, “The people are
worried about such trivial things as air- great,” and the “Stu-
planes in the night sky when an even dents are very po-
more critical transportation incident lite.” This seemed a
was unfolding right before our eyes here little fishy to me,
at Stony Brook. There were new buses! given that my experience with college fleet. He estimated that there were be- those 5 fateful minutes, was the idea
They could be magical! If I could have students in general had taught me that tween 5 and 6 new buses and was un- that maybe it wasn’t about the buses
had a wish right then, it would be for a somewhere between half and all college sure about whether Stony Brook themselves. Sure they were shinier on
bus to arrive so that I could begin my students were obnoxious, entitled, and planned on replacing all of the buses the outside, and the uncomfortable
path to enlightenment. overall, an extreme displeasure to be with the new model in the near future. plastic seats were cleaner and newer, but
Then, possibly because an airplane around. I asked him if students were When we finally arrived at South P, the experience of riding the new bus
had flown by and granted my wish, I ever rude to him. he offered to bring me back to the SAC was actually sort of anticlimactic. We
heard the chug of a diesel engine and “You gotta be patient sometimes, at 2:15, when the next mall run would didn’t turn it into a submarine to dis-
the familiar hiss of the air brakes releas- take your time to explain certain things be leaving. Seizing the balmy 40-degree cover how undersea volcanoes work or
ing. The sign on the front glowed with to them.” As I digested these words of weather, I politely declined, thanked blast off into outer space to learn about
orange letters- “Mall Route,” and the wisdom, I realized that we were getting him for his time, and instead walked the stars. What made the bus ride mag-
snowy white sides provided a sharp closer to our destination, South P Lot. back to Toscanini, taking the time to ical was not a zany elementary school
contrast to the red block lettering, “Go “How about these new buses,” I contemplate the previous few minutes. teacher and her pet lizard, but Roberto,
Seawolves!” As two students stepped off asked, “How do the bus drivers like Through further research, I discov- one of the many unsung heroes of SBU
of the bus, I timidly peeked in at the them?” ered that the buses do indeed run on Transit, whose chipper attitude and pa-
driver and began my ascent up the He explained that they were a lot BioDiesel, which has been a hallmark of tient nature outshines even the shiny
stairs. The bus driver was quick to cor- nicer to drive than the old buses, and al- Stony Brook buses since 2005, when the new hubcaps on our new bus fleet.
8 Vol. XXXII, Issue 8 | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The last place Stony Brook com-
muter Mathew Christoforou would
think he’d be on a Friday night is back
on campus. He usually at home or at a
party, both far away from the Academic
Mall, he says.
Only this Friday evening, he is
The Cost of Fun By Najib Aminy
standing outside the SAC waiting inline
with more than 700 people, eagerly an-
ticipating the night’s main attraction: a
free Immortal Technique concert. This
is a change for Christoforou, a junior
mechanical engineering major, who
says events on campus are non-existent.
“Some schools have a lot of con-
certs during the year. Students at those
schools say it’s awesome,” says Christo-
forou, before addressing the stark con-
trast with his Alma matter to be. “I’ve
come to expect it to not have many
events. It’s Stony Brook.”
But last week that perception
changed for Christoforou and for many
students at Stony Brook, when, courtesy
of the Undergraduate Student Govern-
ment and the programming of the Stu-
dent Activities Board, Stony Brook Carolina Hidalgo/The Stony Brook Press
students were given the opportunity to being heard by USG, and thus removed 117-101 to raise the student activity fee nity atmosphere that’s been ever-so-
see prime-time comedian Aziz Ansari themselves from the planning of the from $94.25 to $100. The USG Supreme lacking at Stony Brook.
and rapper Immortal Technique live in concert. They instead focused their ac- Court ruled against the raise, citing a “We’re working so hard this year to
concert—both free of charge. tivities on the carnival aspect of Brook- claim that the vote was not heavily pub- build community and pride,” says Gra-
And it’s only the beginning of a se- fest. licized, resulting in a lack of votes and ham. “We’ve taken a completely differ-
mester packed with SAB planned events Towards the very end of the spring factual errors in the document. ent philosophy. We want to put on these
that include other prominent figures 2010 semester, USG disbanded the old Khan saw this potential increase in big events that the entire campus talks
like Christopher Hitchens, Ralph SAB and centralized the current struc- activity fees to equate to an extra about, get them hyped.”
Nader, a $40,000-dollar-comedian and ture that exists today. The current struc- $163,000 for USG to allocate, money he Thus far, the events held both in the
an end of the year concert to be priced ture operates with an executive board sought to use for SAB. “Pragmatically, fall and spring have attracted near ca-
at more than $100,000, both soon to be that includes representation from the it’s only $5.75. It will legitimately bene- pacity crowds, including Christian
signed. Residence Hall Association and Com- fit students, either if it’s SAB, which es- Finnegan, Best Coast and Banachek.
It’s what the current administration muter Student Association, as well as a sentially means large events for this This coming March, the likes of sci-
of SAB and USG has been planning for student nominated director, who is in semester, or if it’s put in the general entists, political figures and commenta-
months as it approaches the one-year charge of planning events. fund,” says Khan, who has criticized the tors are scheduled to appear at Stony
anniversary of its tumultuous transfor- *** vote void, arguing that it sets a ques- Brook, breaking the short-term tradi-
mation from “old SAB” to “new SAB.” For the past few years, the SAB re- tionable precedent. tion of attracting only entertainment.
*** ceived a budget of roughly $200,000, But thus far, the SAB budget has Speakers that include Nader, Hitchens
The 2010 spring semester marked a plus $70,000 budgeted for an end-of- paid for many of last fall’s events that in- and a slew of New York City based sci-
rapidly growing rift between the mem- the-year concert, the amount that Moiz clude the bi-weekly RockYoFaceCase entists are meant to diversify the events.
bers of the old SAB the previous mem- Khan allocated for the organization as concerts held in the University Café, the But there’s still planning and fund-
bers of USG. At the time, SAB was the USG Treasurer. Khan then resigned student-run Modern Art by Modern ing for that too. SAB is pursuing a tele-
criticized for largely consisting of mem- and was appointed by USG President Artists show, a mentalist known as Ba- vision-actor and prominent stand-up
bers from African-American and Matt Graham as the Student Program- nachek, the Upright Citizens Brigade comic valued at more than $40,000.
Latino Fraternities and Sororities, ming Agency Director. It is currently Touring Company, as well as the The large end-of-the-year concert,
which in part led to a lack of diversity Khan’s job to plan and coordinate $10,000 bill to bring comedian Chris- which will bill to more than $150,000
and outreach in events, critics would events with the $270,000 allocated from tian Finnegan and the $5,000 tab to including security and booking the ath-
say. funds paid through the student activity have Indie band Best Coast perform. letic complex, will not be named
The breaking point between the fee. But only a quarter of the $404,000 “Brookfest,” breaking a short-term tra-
then independently-operated old SAB Since Khan resigned, SAB has re- reserved for SAB has been spent, leav- dition.
structure and USG occurred at the end ceived an additional $144,000 in it’s ing more than $300,000 left for upcom- Instead, it is likely that it will take
of the last spring semester when there budget, which comes from the closure ing performers and artists. That’s the the name of the national tour of the
was no clear artist planned for the an- of ALIRRT, a $20,000 program that plan, at least. prospective artists that SAB is currently
nual end-of-the-year concert called would provide students discounted “It’s still incredibly difficult to plan pursuing, artists who performed at the
Brookfest. It was then, through a series LIRR tickets, and $80,000 from the a semester of large events with Grammys. Due to contractual issues,
of bills and legislation, that USG, specif- streamlining of the USG accounting of- $300,000,” says Khan. The Press was asked to withhold the
ically through the office of the Vice fice budget. An additional $30,000 came *** names of these artists.
President of Student Life, coordinated from an additional readjustment of By dishing out $51,000 for Aziz “I honestly think it’s for the better
Brookfest. USG operations. Ansari, SAB has cemented its philoso- because we are having these big events
The old members of SAB felt their In another attempt to raise the SAB phy that hosting large, high profile that Stony Brook hasn’t had in a long
voices, opinions and input was not budget late last semester, students voted events will foster a unifying, commu- time,” says Graham.
The Stony Brook Press Features 9
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is taken aback by the lack of student in-

volvement in the planning process.
“When too much power is in very few
hands, that’s almost like a dictatorship.”
In old SAB, each meeting was set
up similar to a town hall, where gallery
members, around 20 to 30, would vote
for each proposed event. In new SAB,
there is a small concert committee com-
prised of less than 15 members, who
work on coordinating and planning
events with SPA Director Khan.
USG President Graham would
agree that the openness has been an
issue that hasn’t been heavily addressed.
“It’s been a lot a lot of work. We just re-
ally wanted to get it done,” said Graham
about planning for this semester. “So
we haven’t really had the ability to focus
in on having a lot committees, input
and event planners.”
For junior Kristin Agathos, the
change has been for the better. Agathos
was involved in the marketing of old
SAB and now helps run the new SAB
Vincent Barone/The Stony Brook Press funded RockYoFaceCase showcases.
But the access to such events is that takes too long. It hasn’t been wel- $60,000 to bring Wale and Matt&Kim. “The events coming out of this new
quite limited. For example, only 1,500 coming to anyone.” Roughly 800 people showed up to the structure are significantly better than
students got tickets to see Ansari per- One of the biggest delays, and often Immortal Technique concert, mostly what came out of the old,” said
form, leaving more than 14,000 stu- the reason that USG fails to book a cer- students, compared to the 540 students Agathos, who has some reservations as
dents without a seat or a laugh. Of the tain artist, is the security check process who bought Brookfest tickets last to how the transformation between old
800 people who showed up at the Im- in which a performer must provide spring semester. and new SAB took place. “SAB was
mortal Technique concert, roughly 100 three college events they have previ- But the same criticism that was taken down and reconstructed by Moiz
people, including some Stony Brook ously performed in. The University Po- raised with the old SAB has been raised Khan and a few USG senators. Now
students, were turned away after the lice Department confirms with the with the current one—it is too exclu- Moiz Khan is in charge of all that
room reached capacity. police departments of each respective sive. money. I don’t know, does that seem
It’s an increasing problem with university or college and either ap- “It’s not fair. It’s a small amount of corrupt to you? I don’t know.”
little growing space, and it’s also one of proves or denies an artist. Recent ar- people who are planning the events,” “It’s not I’m just sitting here pick-
many. rests or charges lessen the chances that says senior biology major Nadine Peart. ing every artist I like,” says an agitated
*** an artist will be booked. “There is no type of communication be- Khan days before Aziz Ansari is set to
The largest venue on campus aside This process has stifled SAB opera- tween the student government and the perform on campus. “It’s legitimately a
from the athletic complex, is the Staller tions. students regarding events,” she says. team process. There are some people
Center, which seats near 1,050. How- “If you wait 6 to 24 hours on a se- Since she was a freshman, Peart was in- who understand how to work part of a
ever, Staller is often booked for live per- curity check, a particular artist could al- volved in the old SAB as a general body team and some people who don’t,” he
formances and events planned months ready be booked by a competing offer,” member until it was disbanded. She is says, dismissing the criticism.
in advance. And even when a show is says Adam Taylor, an employee of now part of the Senior Committee, ***
not taking place, there is often stage Concert Ideas that is contracted to work which plans events for senior students. Standing next to Christoforou in
construction and preparation for up- with USG in coordinating events. “It’s At the time, Peart says, she was opti- line is computer science major Imran
coming events, which makes it more been one of the biggest hurdles at Stony mistic in the transition, waiting to see Brown. The Brooklyn native who lives
difficult to book the venue. Brook.” how things would pan out. on campus has attended just a few USG
Even areas like the SAC Audito- Amy Wallin, who is in charge of se- But after a fall semester of few funded events in his three years at
rium, which seats roughly 600 people, curity checks from the Student Activi- events, and a denial of Peart’s request Stony Brook, but already feels that this
are booked many weeks in advance by ties Office, could not be reached for for funding of an $8,000 senior formal, semester is different.
other clubs and their respective events. comment. Peart founded the Students for Change, “It’s been better this year. Defi-
An even bigger curveball to pro- *** a group of discontented students or- nitely. It seems they’re pushing forward
gram planning is the administrative pa- As SAB approaches its one-year an- ganized to protest against the leader- for us to have more fun,” he says.
perwork required, from security checks niversary of its radical transformation ship of USG and SAB at the time. But Brown still believes in the
to guests lists and contracts. under the 2010 Establishment of Stu- Following the denial of Peart’s formal Stony Brook stereotype that it’s difficult
“There are not enough events… dent Life Act, the contrast between old request, the senior committee’s budget to have fun on this campus. But this
The main reason is that planning any SAB and new SAB has been stark, based was rescinded for claims made by Khan Friday night, that stereotype was
scale of event is difficult on this cam- on the attendance of events. that its services were repetitive and the proved half wrong.
pus,” says Khan. “We have lost artists, To put it into perspective, the Im- committee was not diverse enough. “I mean the stereotype is half true,
lost plans, we have paid more money mortal Technique concert, was priced “I think they are doing a great job but it’s not as bad as it sounds,” he says.
constantly because there are not many at $9,500 for a DJ and three performers, planning. It could’ve been more effec- Asked why, he replies: “Because I have
venues on this campus, [and] it’s in- which included the headliner. This tive if done from the beginning,” says Immortal Technique and it’s free.”
credibly difficult to lock one artist when event proved to be as successful as last Peart, who says she is pleased with the
there is this whole security check policy year’s Brookfest concert, which cost types of events that have been held but
10 Features Vol. XXXII, Issue 8 | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nookie With

By Lauren Dubinsky
The long line to buy books at the about 300 titles being sold. plication last year called NOOKstudy to textbooks to digital textbooks because
beginning of each semester at Stony E-readers, such as the Amazon Kin- Stony Brook University and other col- of the lower cost, convenience and mul-
Brook, let alone many universities, is dle, Nook and Sony E-book Reader, are lege campuses that allows students to timedia features. As he moves his fin-
shortening because students are buying changing the way college students view read and study their e-textbooks on ger across his mouse pad, he can
more and more e-books. their textbooks. Instead of students flip- their Macs and PCs. highlight his text in yellow. With a click
As Stony Brook University students ping open a textbook to begin studying “Barnes and Noble has been selling of a button he can add a red textbox on
walk into the University Bookstore at for their exams, they are tapping into e-textbooks since 2003 and sales were the side of his e-textbook for com-
the bottom level of the Melville Library, their Nooks to scroll through the pages extraordinarily low until they recently ments.
they are immediately confronted with of their digital textbooks. It provides experienced a huge increase in sales this And what caught Nicolescu’s atten-
bright green signs saying, “Your Choice: students with unique and modern mul- fall,” said Jade Roth, the vice president tion about the e-textbooks was the
New, Used, Rental, E-textbooks,” scat- timedia tools that have never before of books and digital strategy at Barnes price. Digital textbooks can be 40 per-
tered all around the store. been possible in paper formats and in- and Noble. There are a growing number cent cheaper than the print versions. “I
The e-textbook option was intro- stant access to all of their course mate- of textbooks that are now available in like the print texts, but sometimes they
duced to the university about five years rials and notes in one place. With a click digital format and the NOOKstudy ap- are more expensive,” said Nicolescu.
ago and has become popular after of a mouse they can look up definitions plication allows students to download “Sometimes I can’t afford to buy them.”
roughly 300 were sold last fall semester. and formulas. the e-textbooks and use new features He said that he saved around 400 dol-
Students are beginning to ditch the A study by the educational software and functions. lars by only purchasing e-textbooks this
print textbooks that are stacked on the developer Xplana predicts that the dig- “Every one of our stores including semester.
bookshelves for the digital textbooks on ital textbook market will surpass 18 per- Stony Brook has seen an increase this Aside from saving money, the e-
their laptops and e-readers. cent of combined new textbook sales for fall and we expect that increase to con- textbooks provide a new level of inter-
And the bookstore has taken no- the Higher Education and Career Edu- tinue in January simply because stu- activity and convenience. Students can
tice. The e-textbook titles available in cation markets in the United States by dents are looking for something less read multiple textbooks at the same
the university bookstore rose from 112 2014. The study also said that overall expensive,” said Roth. The e-textbooks time with the use of different tabs that
in Fall 2009 to 430 in Fall 2010. digital textbook sales increased by 100 are cheaper because the publishing the application offers. By typing a word
“Students have become increasingly percent in 2010 and continue to grow at costs are significantly lower than the into the search box, students can find
interested in digital content this fall and rates of 150 percent and 120 percent in cost of publishing print textbooks. that term in any of their books, notes,
the university bookstore has embraced 2011 and 2012. Ioan Alin Tomescu Nicolescu sits in tags or links. “It gets you to the words
that,” said Boon Teo, the university Even some of the larger bookstore the Student Activity Center Lounge as and scrolls it down for you,” said Nico-
bookstore manager. Prior to this fall se- chains are positioning themselves for he studies his e-textbooks on his black lescu. “You don’t have to look with
mester, very few e-textbooks were sold this largely growing trend. Barnes and laptop. Nicolescu, like many other Stony your eyes, you use the program to find
but last fall semester, the sales rose to Noble released a free downloadable ap- Brook students, has switched from print the words.” The application also lets
The Stony Brook Press Features 11

you highlight the text and add notes di- mart. “The growth CourseSmart has ex- cause e-textbook sales to grow more. dollars in 2014 as a result of factors
rectly in your digital textbook. perienced is a clear indicator that the CourseSmart and other e-textbook within the publishing and educational
“We think the technology is catch- digital model is being embraced by stu- companies project that by 2014 the iPad market and technology trends. They
ing up to how people wish to use it,” dents and faculty and will continue in will become the preferred personal also predict that digital textbooks will
said Roth. “Its an entrance to a whole the future,” said Jessica Nelson, the ac- computing device for students. “We be- make up more than 50 percent of the
new world of content.” Barnes and count executive at Kwittken & Com- lieve Apple’s iPad tablet will further entire market by the end of the decade.
Noble does research at Stony Brook pany. Kwittken & Company is a boost demand for digital textbooks as it Although digital textbook sales
University and other college campuses marketing and public relations agency will capture the imagination of the next have increased and will continue to in-
by sending out surveys to general that CourseSmart called on to position group of students who haven’t yet tried crease in the future, many people be-
NOOKstudy users to get feedback. its e-textbooks to college students. A e-textbooks,” said Nelson. She said that lieve that print textbooks will not
“Every time they get feedback, they look become extinct. “The printed textbook
at it as something that they should be will probably not be eliminated by the
building into the product,” said Roth. digital textbook in the foreseeable fu-
Carrying around a 500-page Alge- ture,” said Teo. The digital textbooks
bra textbook can take a toll on a college will become another option for stu-
students. E-textbooks have an advan- dents alongside new and used books,
tage because they weigh next to noth- custom materials, loose-leaf texts and
ing—the only thing that a student course packs.
would have to carry around is their e- E-textbook signs will not replace
reader or laptop. Nicolescu says that the bright green signs in the university
carrying around his physics and chem- bookstore in the foreseeable future. In-
istry textbooks in his backpack is very stead, e-textbooks and print textbooks
heavy but carrying his laptop is sub- will coexist as competitors. More and
stantially less weight. more publishers are partnering with
In the past year, the world has companies that provide digital course
changed because of the introduction of material to give students more options
e-readers and downloadable applica- on how to consume their assigned
tions to view e-textbooks. An Interna- course material. But the companies said
tional Digital Publishing Forum report that they are well aware that although
said that e-book sales in the United digital content is becoming more popu-
States have increased from seven mil- lar, print content will still survive.
lion in 2006 to about 56 million in 2009. “I think there always will be some
CourseSmart is the world’s largest growing number of publishers are part- the browser-based interface that the things that are just better in print but I
provider of digital course material. Its nering with companies such as Cours- iPad provides will be able to run some also think digital is a great opportunity
collection includes over 90 percent of eSmart to give students a number of of the best existing interactive learning to start creating a different learning ex-
the main textbooks that are used in options for how they consume their as- products for computers. perience,” said Roth.
North American Higher Education as signed course materials. The Xplana study predicts that dig-
e-textbooks. There was a 400 percent An Xplana study said that the iPad ital textbook revenue will raise from 54
revenue growth last year at CourseS- and upcoming Android tablets will million dollars in 2010 to 1.1 billion
12 Features Vol. XXXII, Issue 8 | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Than Just a Rock Jock

“When I first came here, there were
By Natalie Crnosija about 3,000 students,” said Hanson, his
voice low with a slight Minnesotan lilt,
as he sat at his desk. Photos and topo-
Stony Brook University’s diverse graphic maps hang on the walls behind
profile in geology extends beyond the the desk. A red quilted hanging of Min-
university’s grounds and into the com- nesota State hangs across from the desk.
munity, largely due to the efforts of Pro- Hanson grew up in Minnesota and
fessor Gilbert Hanson. attended the University of Minnesota
Apart from his research and teach- for both his undergraduate and gradu-
ing efforts, the energetic Hanson, 74, ate degrees. Hanson didn’t go into col-
has headed the Long Island Geologists lege knowing he would study geology,
and revamped the Master’s of Arts in the study of Earth’s materials and
Teaching Earth Science education pro- processes. He had interests in science,
gram. He also led a proposal for a pro- history and the outdoors and had taken
gram for secondary school students, aptitude tests to decide what he should
funded by the National Science Foun- pursue. It wasn’t until an undergradu-
dation’s Directorate for Geosciences, to ate advisor suggested the science to the
increase diversity in geosciences. The young Hanson that he began to look
commonality among these projects and into the Earth’s make up.
others produced over his 44 years at the “And she said, ‘You sound like you
university is Hanson’s passion for geol- should be a geologist.’” Hanson said.
ogy and getting people involved in it. “And that’s when I took geology.”
“I think he’s done so much for the Over 50 years later, Hanson pro-
university,” said Marcia Lane, an Ac- motes the Earth Science Research Proj-
compsett Middle School teacher and ect, a program that offers prospective
Hanson’s student, at a Geology Open and practicing secondary school teach-
Night. This monthly event created by ers opportunities to engage in geologi-
Hanson, affords Stony Brook geology cal research projects.
professors the opportunity to present “I think that you don’t really under-
their research to the public, after it was stand a subject unless you do research
suggested that the Geology department in it,” Hanson said. He emphasized that
have an Open Night like the Astronomy doing research in a subject really allows
and Planetary Sciences department. Caitlin Young, a graduate student South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Green-
a teacher to know the subject well and,
Naturally, this push for education is who is studying nitrogen contamina- land, India, the United States, Canada,
therefore, teach students well.
strong within the classroom as well. tion, is advised by Hanson. She said Switzerland and Germany.
“Would you hire a music teacher
“[Professor Hanson] challenges Hanson is a very hands-on advisor but Looking forward, Hanson said
who couldn’t play an instrument, does-
you. As a student, he pushes you,” said allowed her to take charge of her own there is a need for young geologists. In
n’t sing, has gone to a concert or two,
Erin O’Sullivan, one of Hanson’s Mas- project. 2009, the Hanson-led proposal for a
who has read a lot or taken a lot of
ter’s of Arts in Teaching students. Han- “My research focuses on nitrogen program to increase diversity in geo-
classes about music?” Hanson asked.
son taught her in undergraduate and contamination in groundwater and nat- sciences was funded $1.5 million for
“No. But do we hire…that way for [sci-
graduate courses, and O’Sullivan said he ural nitrogen attenuation mechanisms,” five years by the National Science Foun-
ence] teaching? Yea.”
has high expectations at both levels. Young explained via email.  She said she dation’s Directorate for Geosciences.
As a faculty member of a state uni-
O’Sullivan is following the Master of hopes the work will lead to a better un- “So that’s an important part of my
versity, Hanson said he felt obligated to
Arts in Teaching curriculum as revolu- derstanding of nitrogen attenuation, or life,” said Hanson. The GeoPREP Track
look into the local geology of Long Is-
tionized by Hanson. loss, and what can be done to manage 2: Expanding the Geoscience Pathway
land. This belief in the importance of
Hanson increased the program’s the nitrogenous pollution of Long Is- program includes a residential summer
studying local geology, which was com-
focus on math and its hands-on, scien- land’s coastal regions, which can result camp at Stony Brook University for high
monplace when Hanson was studying
tific aspects, making sure students don’t in the overgrowth of algae and the de- school students who do research proj-
in Minnesota, spurred Hanson to form
just learn about geologic processes from pletion of marine oxygen. ects. Hanson personally worked with
the Long Island Geologists, a group
books, said Professor Troy Rasbury, Among the many things she has teachers from high-needs schools to
which holds an annual conference and
Hanson’s colleague and former Ph.D. learned from Hanson, said Young, is the help them develop curricula.
visits Long Island’s places of geological
student. importance of communicating science. Hanson said he will continue to
“[He’s] an idea factory,” said Ras- “One crucial thing I’ve learned is teach as long as he is highly functional
Another permutation of Hanson’s
bury. “He’s delightful.” how to frame science as a story,” Young and able to perform his duties as an in-
local focus has been his investigation
The bearded and bespectacled dis- said.  “Professor Hanson stresses the structor and a researcher. “If you’re
into Long Island’s groundwater, specif-
tinguished service professor, who stud- importance of effectively communicat- only functional, you can walk into the
ically its nitrate levels. The water Long
ies geochronology and isotope and trace ing science to a wider audience.  He door and that’s about it.”
Islanders drink is pumped from the
element geology, has taught at Stony does this in many ways: simplifying the Though 44 years may only be a
ground, where it collects between sedi-
Brook since 1966—Hanson’s tenure pre- objectives of the study, only presenting blink of geological time, Hanson’s
ments. When chemicals like fertilizers
dates some of the university’s buildings, useful graphs and creating illustrative tenure has and continues to be excep-
are applied to the ground, they can in-
including the Earth and Space Sciences models to describe our work.”  tionally rich for and supportive of geol-
filtrate and contaminate the water des-
building, wherein his office is housed. Hanson has not always focused on ogy education.
tined for drinking.
local geology. He studied geology in
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14 Photos! Vol. XXXII, Issue 8 | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aziz Ansari at Stony Brook (Carolina Hidalgo); Stony Brook Defeats Maine in OT in ESPN BracketBuster
(Vincent Barone)
The Stony Brook Press Photos! 15
RA Union protest delivers Valentines to President Samuel Stanley on Valentine’s Day (Carol Moran);
Immortal Technique performs at Stony Brook (Vincent Barone)
16 Vol. XXXII, Issue 8 | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jokes In A Flash
By Nick Statt
Clad in what looked like a multi-
thousand dollar grey and black suit, co-
median Aziz Ansari strolled onto the
Staller stage Wednesday night to an ex-
plosive crowd. Even Aziz himself didn’t
quite know how to receive the fervor,
spouting coy and sarcastic stabs like,
“Believe me, I’m only here for the
money.” Unfortunately, Aziz’s demeanor
throughout the remainder of the show,
which granted was absolutely hilarious,
made it pretty clear that that statement
may have actually been somewhat true.
Aziz Ansari, known best for his
lead role on NBC comedy Parks and
Recreations and the outrageous, in-
your-face comic Randy in Judd Apa-
tow’s Funny People, was given a $51,000
check that night for only one hour of
stand-up. He was original contracted Carolina Hidalgo/e Stony Brook Press
for an even 50, but asked for an addi-
tional thousand for additional travel ex- to be there. But then again, it was the ican teenager with a love of bagel bites hand. The whole crowd fell silent for a
penses after the show was pushed back pre-show interview and Aziz, an infa- and B-list sitcoms. Aziz was kind few seconds, and then the murmuring
a week due to the weather. Aziz even re- mous foodie whose frequent tweets enough to read his college essay draft began. No one could tell if it were an en-
quested to be flown onto campus via about restaurants and homemade and the revision he offered Harris, mak- core situation, which honestly makes no
helicopter (the helicopter landing re- dishes decorate his Twitter account, ing for easily the most enjoyable string sense with a comedian, but no one
quired clearing out the entire South P didn’t have his food yet. of jokes that night. seemed to want to believe that Stony
lot, which would have been impossible All things considered, the perform- One of the sour moments of the Brook students actually pissed him off
at that point). ance was amazing. All of his jokes were show, and apparently of Aziz’s sensitiv- enough to make him walk off stage.
This level of sensitivity about his fresh and delivered in Aziz’s trademark ity, trickled in at three separate mo- Turns out we did.
performance, arrival and paycheck gave style, which involves a variety of out- ments. Prior to starting his Aziz came back on and explained
Aziz a heightened image of being high landish voices and loud and ridiculous performance, Aziz gave a small speech that yet another person had emitted a
maintenance, and a bit of an asshole, to deliveries. Sure, there was a lot of dick about hating flash bulbs in his crowds camera flash and that was apparently
those clued in to the pre-show arrange- jokes, maybe too many if you eaves- while he tries to meander around his act enough to disrupt his flow. He delivered
ments. But none of the crowd members dropped on a few of the conversations with a little improvisation here and a few more rushed jokes, but not before
who eagerly lined up outside Staller in drifting outside Staller at the end of the there. It’s understandable, and the resuming his stand-up with a disgrun-
the biting cold were aware of these facts. show. But that’s what makes Aziz a crowd didn’t seem to mind, especially tled, “So what else do you guys want to
They had beat the absurd rush during modern, and highly popular, comedian considering the fact that Aziz posed for talk about?”
the first few days back on campus, and - reviving something as seemingly pro- the camera as if he were telling jokes Aziz was absolutely justified to de-
that meant they were claiming their au- fane and childish as dick jokes and spin- (even one that made it look like he was spise the rudeness of the crowd consid-
ditorium seat without reservation. ning them into a hilarious reoccurring arguing violently with a crowd mem- ering how many times he had to explain
Aziz’s pre-show press interview was theme in your stand-up is both difficult ber). his hatred of cameras, but it felt like a
a clear foreshadowing of his attitude to- and ironic (I highly doubt any crowd It was a funny and smooth way of bit of an overreaction. For $51,000, it
wards college-level performances and a member would say yes if asked before getting a pet peeve out in the open, but doesn’t seem unreasonable that you
discomforting amount of insight into the show if they would laugh at a joke it unfortunately came back to haunt the bend to your audience. After all, as a
the real Aziz Ansari. Like he would at revolving around hippopotamus ejacu- remainder of the show when rude performer, and one now as fast growing
the beginning of his performance on lation). The beauty is that these trade- crowd members didn’t heed his warn- and popular as Aziz Ansari, you have an
the Staller stage, Aziz repeated his line mark Aziz jokes are both absurd on the ing. Twice throughout the first 50 min- obligation to suck it up and at least pre-
about just being here for the money surface and self-critical on a deeper utes of the hour-long act, Aziz had to tend like you want to be there, despite
after campus media reporters thanked level of the comedian and of comedy in stop practically mid-punch line to re- the pitfalls and annoyances. It’s an age-
him for coming through. When asked general. mind people to stop taking pictures. old illusion, but at the same time a
questions, whether tongue-and-cheek The shining moment of the per- The first was with a little jest, and every- word-less contract that entertainers and
ones about upcoming Valentine’s Day or formance was Aziz’s now-famous fam- one was able to shrug it off and con- their audiences sign up for. Aziz may be
serious inquiries about whether or not ily update on his cousin Harris. tinue laughing. The second reminder able to make any dick joke in the world
he takes his ethnicity into account when Whether or not he is that ridiculous in was a shouted outburst of, “Please stop the funniest stand-up bit you’ve ever
writing jokes, Aziz gave straight-for- real life (he does exist, as well as his al- taking pictures!” that startled a great heard, but a look at his personality is
ward two or three line answers while in- most-as-funny older brother Darwish, many attendees. about as disenchanting as a stereotypi-
fusing little to no wit at all. whom a friend of mine actually met at With ten minutes left in his stand- cal Hollywood face can get.
He really didn’t seem like he wanted Northwestern University), Harris is up, Aziz cut himself off, said a thank
painted as a nerdy disillusioned Amer- you and walked off stage with mic in
The Stony Brook Press Arts & Entertainment 17

Hip-Hop Ain’t Dead

independent and fairly less publicized. goes beyond the simple ecstasy enjoyed cized. Many of his songs will question
By Najib Aminy “What the industry offers I think, to
people, which seems lucrative, is the
by a catchy-club song or a popular bass-
driven beat. It makes you stop, think,
the conventional idea of history and will
even go as far to as make reference to
idea of working with very accomplished and analyze, which is very rare for most specific presidential administrations
The commercialization of hip-hop, producers who are very professional. other musical genres. and foreign governments.
its overabundance in mainstream air- I’m gonna say that much for them,” says “I don’t think everyone’s gonna get Much of that message comes from
waves and the overall declining quality Technique after his Friday evening per- every single thing that I say, but I think his heavy involvement in various char-
in its music has led me to believe that formance at Stony Brook. there are so many references within the ities, political activism and advocacy.
hip hop is dead, or at least it should be. “I think there are factors that are music to things that aren’t just part of The 32-year-old Peruvian native has
There is that broad yet very disappoint- overlooked in the greater scheme of pop-culture, that they’ll say ‘You know even gone as far as to purchase acres of
ing stereotype that hip-hop, rap and what I do. I have to be a good rapper; I what? That’s interesting. What does that land in his native country in order to
everything in between is a reflection of have to be in tune with what I have. mean? I wanna discover it for myself,’” correct an on-going problem regarding
catchy rhythms and socially lyrical People have to trust what I say. You Technique says. “At some point, you agricultural business. He advocates for
flaunting. know, I’ve never taken corporate bribes make music for people in different in- locals to sell crops locally rather than as
Cars, hoes, sex, money and jewels— for stuff. People respect my opinion be- stances. There’s music for people when exports. Technique has also been a
the lyrics are new but the topics are not. cause they know I’m honest at least, they go to the club, there’s music for staunch advocate of Palestinian rights
Whether it’s Lil B, the latest artist or Wizeven if they don’t agree with every as- people when they’re in their car and and has heavily criticized the Bush Ad-
Khalifa who as of recent sits near ministration for its occupation
the top of the Billboard, hip-hop of Iraq and Afghanistan as well
music has been saturated with as the Patriot Act. Technique
what sells and what is catchy. partnered with Omeid Interna-
That’s why it was so refreshing tional, a non-profit human
and entertaining to listen last Fri- rights organization that works
day to underground hip-hop leg- with orphans in Afghanistan, to
end Immortal Technique and the fund the construction of an or-
acts that preceded his, including phanage.
local Long Island performer Dia- “I feel that if I weren’t doing
bolic. this rapping, I’d be doing what
Whereas artists like Khalifa, I’m doing in some other fash-
who in his single “Say Yeah” sam- ion. It’s just who I am. I don’t
ples the popular 1999 techno song, feel comfortable walking past
“Better Off Alone,” and Lil B, who someone who’s suffering know-
in his song “Exhibit Based,” at- ing that I don’t really need to do
tempts to establish his dominance much to help that person,” says
over the rap game while address- Technique, without a hint of
ing his life story, there is both a boastfulness. “There are other
lyrical and social appreciation people who don’t give a shit,
when it comes to listening to Im- who think that doesn’t affect
mortal Technique. Vincent Barone/e Stony Brook Press them. I don’t believe in the way
For example, his song, “Point people define Karma, per se, the
of No Return” covers everything way that it’s like ‘Oh if you do
from the slave rebellion of Nat pect of what I say.” they wanna be in a mood where maybe something good, then some-
Turner, to the Holocaust and 9/11, pro- The beauty of independent hip- they’re a little more pensive about thing good’s coming back to you.’ This
viding historical insights that rhythmi- hop, fully evident during the perform- what’s going on in their life. I can make isn’t pay it forward homie, it’s not like
cally flow and would make any liberal ances of Diabolic and Technique, is the music that’s reflective. I can make music that,” he adds.
arts major appreciate each individual rich intensity and poetic verse that fuses that’s very, very hard edge but at the And from listening to Technique
lyric. You could call comparing under- the beat of an individual song to that same time I cant expect everybody to sit perform and listening to him talk, there
ground hip-hop like Technique’s to the specific message. So while you might there and grasp every single aspect of is no doubt that he is as truthful and
mainstream music that is heavily played have themes that may overlap with what I say, and that’s a process that honest as they come, a straight no-bull-
and prostituted for mass consumption some mainstream rap about the social comes with time.” shit type of guy who’s ego appears unaf-
like the comparison between apples and confidence of one’s particular domi- At many points during the concert, fected by his success.
oranges—or good music and bad nance over the industry, it’s done re- Technique’s crew of performers would “I think if I’ve learned anything
music. But what’s unique about Tech- spectfully, even though it’s doused with provide anecdotal advice to everyday through all my travels, I’ve learned that
nique is the where the root of his mes- profanity and insults. Often absent in life, from challenging authority, suc- humanity is so similar, and strives to be
sage comes from. the music younger artists, Technique’s cessful leadership qualities. They quite so different from one another, and so
In this industry where icons and in- music has diction that is full of passion often expressed their support of mari- superior. And that is where it’s truly
fluential figures like Eminem and Sean with each verse uttered, clearly crafted juana. But as juvenile and simplistic as flawed.”
Combs remind audiences of their through years of experience and per- that might seem, there is a plethora of If there is anything to take away
stature by appearing on Super Bowl formances, which binds the audience to substantially thought-provoking mate- from Immortal Technique, let alone the
commercials, Immortal Technique, each song. rial in much of the music played that various talented independent rappers,
whose name is Felipe Andres Coronel, Listening to Technique and most night. Often is the case that much of it’s that hip-hop isn’t dead. It’s just un-
and many like him choose to be strictly other underground rappers, the music Technique’s material is heavily politi- derground, untouched and left pristine.
18 Arts & Entertainment Vol. XXXII, Issue 8 | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Which Lemuria Grows Up

By Zach Knowlton
Ever since the news broke that pop-
rock trio Lemuria signed to Bridge Nine
Records, fans have been moderately
concerned over how their new album
would sound. Bridge Nine is known for
its roster of hardcore acts such as Have
Heart and Agnostic Front. Lemuria was
an odd fit at the very least. Luckily, their
latest, Pebble, released January 11, does-
n’t sound like they have changed their
name to xXLemuriaXx.
This album is a reflection of getting
older. The songs address the issues of
long-term relationships and being a
professional, but not very well-paid,
musician. The wild naiveté and raw sex-
uality they previously built their sound
around isn’t there anymore. They have
gotten older, and so have their songs.
And it’s always interesting to see where
this maturation takes a band’s music.
Lemuria has accepted it and turned it
into some of their most interesting and
honest material yet.
Pebble does mark quite an evolution “Gravity” gives away that this seems to have dialed it back a bit too “Pleaser” is easily the best song on Peb-
in Lemuria’s sound. Album opener album is going to be slower and more much. His patterns are at times too ble; it says in 21 words what other bands
“Gravity” is an incredibly sluggish, sub- thoughtful. For the first time in their mundane and predictable. Fortunately, dedicate entire albums to. It really is
dued song with just enough drums and history, Lemuria’s songs actually feel there are a few highlights. His work on brilliant.
guitar to give the song cohesion. Over long. Before, they plowed through with “Durian” really elevates what is other- For those not ready to listen to a
its two-and-a-half minutes it builds in such intensity that even a three minute wise a rather mediocre song, and slower, more mature Lemuria, a couple
intensity a number of times, only to fall track would feel like it was over in 30 “Bloomer” is reminiscent of material off of the songs sound like they could have
back to where it began, never breaking. seconds, but the songs on Pebble have their first EPs, but otherwise, it really been on Get Better, and will hopefully
It was a bold move to make it the first room to breathe, they take their time, does match up to previous efforts. become live staples. “Bloomer,” as men-
track, but it really does set the tone for and it really allows them to sink in. Lyrically, the songs on Pebble are tioned earlier, is fast and lyrically very
the rest of the album. Pebble is refined Even if the song isn’t slow tempo-wise, just as raw in their frank honesty as similar to earlier material, reminiscing
and polished in a way that is a stark the instrumentation just feels slower ones of their first full length, Get Better, on the awkwardness of adolescence.
contrast to the barely constrained en- and more thought-out. The sluggish and their earlier EPs and splits, but they Ozzella’s sole lyrical contribution, “The
ergy of previous efforts. Whereas those guitars that make “Gravity” stand out more so acknowledge the hardships of One,” is similar to her other songs,
first releases were like Superchunk on are really a feature on the whole album. becoming a real adult. The dual vocals which are on average simpler than
speed at times, their latest effort really “Irregular,” one of the faster tracks, still from Kerns and Ozzella work together Kerns, more focused on raw emotion
shows how this band has not just ma- feels slower because of the thick fuzz much as they have in the past, providing than storytelling or metaphor. And then
tured as musicians and songwriters, but and strumming patterns of Sheena a familiarity through which these more there is “Pleaser,” fast-paced and in-
as people. Ozzella. Because she is the sole guitarist emotionally difficult lyrics are con- credibly basic, but also very similar
and there is typically only veyed. “Different Girls” and “Yellow- sounding to frequent set closer, “Me-
one guitar track on the stone Lady” examine the hardships of chanical,” off of Get Better. “Pleaser” of-
songs, she has a lot of space being in a relationship and in a con- fers more in terms of song structure, it
to fill, and it’s done quite stantly touring band. In “Different builds and breaks in waves of emotion.
well. Girls,” Kerns sings “Every night on tour, Yes, that’s cheesy, but Lemuria often
One downside to this I sleep with different girls/And we laugh deals in these visceral, raw reactions.
new, slower approach is the about you/While you are at home/I am “Pleaser” may be the best song they’ve
lack of more complex the worst/It’s in your imagination, of released to date.
drumbeats. Drummer/vo- course.” It acknowledges the hardships Pebble refines the fast-paced, emo-
calist Alex Kerns has and arguments that arise from a rela- tional honesty Lemuria has become
demonstrated in the past tively unorthodox career. “Pleaser” only known for. Some may not instantly take
that he is extremely talented contains the refrains, “I am hinting to this more mature sound, but this is
in coming up with interest- hard/I am a hard hinter/I am a pleaser,” an album that definitely grows on you,
ing beats that don’t take and “I never feel understood/and I un- and is a worthwhile investment for any
focus away from the rest of derstand why.” The simple honesty of fan of the band, or of good indie-tinged
the song, but on Pebble he shortcomings is one of the reasons pop rock.
The Stony Brook Press Arts & Entertainment 19

The Decemberists Get Folked Up

one selling album upon release, a first
By Nick Post for The Decemberists and a rarity for
folk pop artists. But at 94,000 units sold,
it comes nowhere near the record for
Released in January by Capitol opening week sales, currently held by
Records, The King Is Dead marks a de- Taylor Swift’s Speak to Me, which
parture for The Decemberists, a band cracked one million days after issue.
long associated with erudite lyrics and Considering 2010’s list of top albums
lofty melodies. Brimming with catchy was dominated by rap and pure pop
choruses and rousing harmonica solos, records, it raises the question – who
frontman and principle songwriter, bought it?
Colin Meloy, swoons on songs celebrat- According to Mark Mulligan of
ing the simple pleasures of country life Forrester Research, an organization
and the changing seasons, weaving war which analyzes consumer habits, last
cries (“This is Why We Fight”) and sor- year’s declining iPod sales and the rapid
rowful reflection (“January Hymn”) into cultural permeation of smartphones de-
a rich soundscape. Featuring Gillian note a shift in the demographics of In-
Welch and REM guitarist, Peter Buck, ternet music downloaders. Because
the album shows steps in a new direc- consumers are increasingly using their
tion for the group. The commercial success of bands like relevant? Does it actually reflect the
cell phones as mp3 players and because
Meloy sounds as though he has MGMT and Arcade Fire created many popularity of the album?
of the relatively higher cost of these de-
loosened up since 2009’s The Hazards of new fans, and its use in many popular Well, if three sold-out shows at
vices, older and more affluent people
Love, an intricate narrative focusing on films of the past decade certainly rein- NYC’s Beacon Theatre in late January
are becoming a larger percentage of the
Margaret and William, the archetypical forces that notion. A genre dominated are my indication, then the answer
downloading community. What this
star-crossed lovers in folk and their fan- by college kids and Pitchfork-reading would be yes. And with the growing
means is that with CDs still popular
tastical tale of love and loss. Drawing twenty somethings now finds itself ac- popularity of other indie folk acts, no-
among listeners thirteen and under and
less from the British folk revival and ex- commodating a multitude of listeners tably Seattle’s Fleet Foxes and Portland’s
downloads dominated by working
ploring the musical themes of his native ranging in age and social standing. The experimental sextet, Blitzen Trapper, it
adults, the college age crowd, to whom
North America, he strips the new facts of the matter, coupled with con- could be that the zeitgeist is placing folk
The Decemberists largely appeal, is
album’s story to its bare essentials and sideration for the methods people in its crosshairs. If pop and rap are king,
caught in the middle. And yet, the folky
condenses his vision to a mere forty choose in acquiring music, pose an- then the king certainly is not dead. But
group with indie roots reached number
minutes while retaining the scope and other question. In an age where illegal only time will tell if folk is fit for the
beauty that fans expect. file sharing undercuts the financial suc- throne.
But with indie music garnering a lot
Perhaps this and the album’s acces- cess of many artists, is The King Is
of attention over the last few years, per-
sibility are what made it to the number Dead‘s sales ranking even accurate or
haps this feat should not be a surprise.

Even Brooklyn Decker Can’t Save This

soon to divorce. Having a fake wife was- with all the same jokes you find in a typ-
By Nicole Kohn n’t enough, and the lies kept coming
when he invents having two kids,who
ical Adam Sandler comedy: poop jokes,
gay jokes etc. This stuff doesn’t belong,
are actually Katherine’s. What follows is and it prevented the movie from ever
Lets just start with the obvious, and a series of ruthless situations including making a emotional connection with it’s
point out that Adam Sandler hasn’t a trip to Hawaii, in which everyone tries audience, like it had the potential of
made a good movie in years, and Just to pull off multiple lies at the same time. doing. Sandler relies on punchlines
Go with It, to be fair, is not his worst but If you guessed the experience causes nearly identical to those found in his
still very sloppy to say the least. Danny and Katherine to look at each other films, especially since the director
In the film- a loose remake of the other in a different light…well, you’ve is again Dennis Dugan, who also di-
Walter Matthau/Goldie Hawn comedy obviously seen a romantic comedy be- British accent, though it wasn’t as an- rected Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, I Pro-
Cactus Flower - Sandler, who plays fore. noying as Danny’s sidekick cousin(Nick nounce You Chuck and Larry, and
Danny, a sleazy plastic surgeon, who Surprisingly Sandler and Aniston Swardson) who shows up uninvited to Grown Ups. Another thing that doesn’t
discovers that, though single, he can at- have good chemistry, and Sandler join the group to Hawaii playing belong is the fact that Sandler again sur-
tract women by wearing a wedding brings out the best in Aniston, who is Katherine’s supposed new boyfriend, rounds himself with his less then hu-
ring. Minutes after meeting a young more relaxed and vivacious then we’ve “Dolph Lundgren.” morous pals( Peter Dante, Allen Covert
busty blonde (Brooklyn Decker), seen her on the big screen in a very long Swardson doing many utterly irri- and Kevin Nealon). Granted, Sandler
Danny (Sandler) takes her on a moon- time. Besides Aniston’s shockingly en- tating German accents, and making up has made a lot of hits with his group of
lit stroll on the beach, and they quickly joyable performance, the problem with his job working as a sheep seller was just comrades, like 50 First Dates, but the
hit it off, till she discovers a wedding Just Go with It is everything else. The a pathetic way to make a comedy. What movies now are starting to seem irritat-
ring in his pocket. Rather then tell her kids played by, Griffin Gluck, and Bailee I mean is that instead of trusting the ingly similar. Let’s just say if they were
the truth, he invents a wife, Katherine Madison, were tremendously annoying, performances and the characters that showing this on an airplane, I’d ask for a
(Jennifer Aniston), who is his longtime especially the girl who kept doing a fake were created, the material was loaded parachute.
assistant, and who he is supposedly
20 Arts & Entertainment Vol. XXXII, Issue 8 | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oscars 2011 Preview

For movie geeks, the Oscars are The nominees are: Annette Ben-
like Christmas in February. They are ing, The Kids Are All Right; Nicole Kid-
the most well-known awards ceremony man, Rabbit Hole; Jennifer Lawrence,
in the industry and the telecast is set to Winter’s Bone; Natalie Portman, Black
air on February 27, so get your DVRs Swan; Michelle Williams, Blue Valen-
ready. Though this year’s race seems tine
rather predictable, there could be a few The winner is: Natalie Portman.
upsets. Hands down, a performance worth
Keeping this in mind, I thought it every nomination and award it re-
would be fun to provide my predictions ceives.
for who will win big this year and who Who I think should win: Portman.
is going to go home in tears. I also The movie itself is one of those rare
thought it would be fun to say who I ones that appeal to both the art-house
think deserves to win, but might go and mainstream crowds, and Portman
home empty-handed. I’m not going to seriously gives it her all. She deserves it.
go in depth for every category because disappointed with that as an end result. Possible upset alert: While Port- Best animated feature film of the
that would make this article never-end- My other choice is Eisenberg, because I man is the frontrunner, she does have year:
ing. That or it would constitute an en- absolutely loved The Social Network, some viable competition with Annette The nominees are: Paramount’s
tire issue of The Press all by itself. and if the awards decisions were up to Bening. The two were in different cat- How to Train Your Dragon; Sony Pic-
By the way, if my predictions are me, I would give them all to that movie, egories when the Golden Globes came tures Classics’ The Illusionist; Disney’s
all dead wrong, then I am the worst because it was seriously that good. If around, Bening for best actress in a Toy Story 3
movie geek on the planet. Without fur- you haven’t seen it yet, you should go comedy or musical, Portman for The Winner Is: Do we really need
ther delay, drum roll please! rent it immediately. drama. And while Portman has consis- to guess this one? Toy Story 3.
tently won every other race in which Who I think should win: Anyone
Performance by an actor Performance by an actor in a sup- the two faced off, Bening is a veteran who disagrees with me about Toy Story
in a leading role: porting role: who has had three previous nomina- 3 being an amazing movie and worth
The nominees are: Javier Bardem, The nominees are: Christian Bale, tions in 1990’s The Grifters, 1999’s every second of the eleven year wait for
Biutiful; Jeff Bridges, True Grit; Jesse The Fighter; John Hawkes, Winter’s American Beauty and 2004’s Being its release last June should go crawl
Eisenberg, The Social Network; Colin Bone; Jeremy Renner, The Town; Mark Julia, but hasn’t won yet. Portman has back into the hole in the ground they
Firth, The King’s Speech; James Franco, Ruffalo, The Kids Are All Right; Geof- only been previously nominated for came out of. It was the perfect way to
127 Hours. frey Rush, The King’s Speech Best Supporting Actress in 2004’s end the franchise, and the fact that they
The winner is: Colin Firth. He The winner is: Christian Bale. Also Closer. It doesn’t always happen, but de- waited so many years to release it was
does a phenomenal job portraying the frontrunner in his category, he has pending on who exactly makes up the actually smart, as their original fan base
King George VI, who suffered with an garnered the most nominations and voting body this year, they may just de-
embarrassing stutter for years before wins. No one can come close to touch- cide to throw Bening a bone and give
hiring Lionel Logue, a speech therapist, ing him. Portman more chances to prove herself
to help him. The performance is truly Who I think should win: My heart worthy in the future.
moving and certainly worth the recog- kind of wants Mark Ruffalo to win it,
nition. He has also been the major but Bale’s performance was pretty Performance by an actress in a
frontrunner the entire awards season, damn good. And like I said, no one supporting role:
snagging Golden Globe, BAFTA, Crit- could come close to matching his per- The nominees are: Amy Adams,
ics Choice, and Screen Actors Guild formance, so what’s the point in hoping The Fighter; Helena Bonham Carter,
nominations, and winning in all those someone else will come out of nowhere The King’s Speech; Melissa Leo, The
races except the BAFTAs (which will and steal the biggest prize of all? Fighter; Hailee Steinfeld, True Grit;
take place on Sunday, February 13th). Who is missing from this list: An- Jacki Weaver, Animal Kingdom
The only other nominees that have the drew Garfield, Armie Hammer, and The Winner is: Melissa Leo. Like
potential to steal it from him are Jesse Justin Timberlake, all from The Social Christian Bale and Colin Firth, she has
Eisenberg and James Franco, both of Network. Timberlake and Hammer won every single award in this category, grew up just like the characters in the
were both completely overlooked this facing almost the exact same competi- movie did. It made it even better to see.
awards season, which was a major tion every time. The only new edition Possible Upset (but not very likely)
shock after they did such amazing jobs to this crowd is the 14-year-old Stein- alert: Dragon swept Toy Story at the
portraying Sean Parker and Tyler and feld, who doesn’t really fit as a support- Annie Awards this year, which means
Cameron Winklevoss. Garfield got a ing actress anyway. it has a chance at beating it for the
Golden Globe nomination, as did Who I think should win: It’s going Oscar, but a weak one, because Toy
everyone else nominated in this cate- to either Leo or Adams. No one else Story won the Producers Guild Award,
gory, except for Hawkes, whose only stands a chance when two actresses which is generally a good indicator of
other nomination was from the Screen from the same movie are nominated in who will win.
Actors Guild. Granted, I didn’t see the same category. One of them will
Winter’s Bone, so I don’t know his per- win it. If I felt she belonged in this cat- Achievement in directing:
formance, and as previously stated, I egory, I would love to see Steinfeld win The nominees are: Darren Aronof-
am a little biased towards The Social it. For a 14-year-old whose only previ- sky, Black Swan; David O. Russell, The
Network. But I still think it’s a shame ous role consisted of a Kmart commer- Fighter; Tom Hooper, The King’s
whom have been recognized with four that Garfield wasn’t at least given a cial, I thought she was phenomenal. Speech; David Fincher, The Social Net-
nominations prior to Oscar. chance. However, she is in virtually every scene work; Joel and Ethan Coen, True Grit
Who I think should win: I’m okay Performance by an actress in a of True Grit, so why she only got a sup- The Winner Is: David Fincher
with Firth winning. I actually like him leading role: porting actress nod baffles me. Who I think should win: Fincher.
as an actor, so I wouldn’t be In case I haven’t mentioned it already, I
The Stony Brook Press Arts & Entertainment 21

Oscars 2011 Preview

loved loved LOVED The Social Net- Land; Winner: Inside Job, A Represen-
work, and Fincher is one half of the ge- tational Pictures Production, Charles
nius formula behind the actors that Ferguson and Audrey Marrs.
made the movie so amazing.
Possible Upset: Tom Hooper won Best Documentary short subject:
the Directors Guild Award, which is Nominees: Killing in the Name, Poster
almost always a direct line to the Girl, Strangers No More, Sun Come Up,
Oscar. The Warriors of Quigang; Winner: The
Warriors of Quigang, A Thomas
Best motion picture of the year: Lennon Films Productions, Ruby Yang
The Nominees Are: Fox Search- and Thomas Lennon
light’s Black Swan; Paramount’s The
Fighter; Warner Bros. Inception; Focus Achievement in film editing: Nom-
Features’ The Kids Are All Right; The inees: Black Swan, The Fighter, The
Sorkin, The Social Network; Michael Achievement in sound mixing:
Weinstein Company’s The King’s King’s Speech, 127 Hours, The Social
Arndt, Story by John Lasseter, Andrew Nominees: Inception, The King’s
Speech; Fox Searchlight’s 127 Hours; Network; Winner: Black Swan, An-
Stanton and Lee Unkrich, Toy Story 3; Speech, Salt, The Social Network, True
Sony Pictures Releasing’s The Social drew Weisblum
Joel and Ethan Coen, True Grit; Debra Grit; Winner: Inception, Lora
Network; Walt Disney’s Toy Story 3;
Granik and Anne Rosellini, Winter’s Hirschberg, Gary A. Rizzo and Ed
Paramount’s True Grit; Roadside At- Best Foreign Language Film of the
Bone Novick
tractions’ Winter’s Bone Year: Nominees: Biutiful, Dogtooth,
Who will win: Aaron Sorkin. His
Who Will Win: Good question. In a Better World, Incendies, Outside
script, based on Ben Mezrich’s book, Achievement in visual effects:
This one is actually a toss-up between the Law (Hors-la-loi); Winner: Biuti-
was the other half of the genius behind Nominees: Alice in Wonderland,
The King’s Speech and The Social Net- ful, a Menage Artoz, Mod Produc-
the film. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
work. For the longest time, The Social ciones and Ikiru Films Production,
Who I think should win: Place
Network had it in the bag, winning Mexico
your bets now.
more critical prizes then it knew what
to do with, and it pulverized King’s
Original Screenplay: Achievement in makeup: Nominees:
Speech in every category at the Golden
The Nominees Are: Mike Leigh, Barney’s Version, The Way Back, The
Globes except for Best Actor. BUT
Another Year; Screenplay by Scott Sil- Wolfman; Winner: The Wolfman, Rick
King’s Speech did just win the Screen
ver and Paul Tamasy and Eric John- Baker and Dave Elsey
Actors Guild Award, which suddenly
gives it more game, and chances are son, Story by Keith Dorrington and
Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson, The Achievement in music written for
high it will beat Social Network at the
BAFTA’s, mostly because the Fighter; Christopher Nolan, Inception; motion pictures (original score):
BAFTA’s are the British Oscars and Lisa Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg, Nominees: How to Train Your Dragon,
The Kids Are All Right; David Seidler, Inception, The King’s Speech, 127
The King’s Speech Hours, The Social Network; Winner:
Who will win: Christopher Nolan. The Social Network, Trent Reznor and
He won the Writer’s Guild Award, Atticus Ross Part 1, Hereafter, Inception, Iron Man
which is the precursor to the Oscar in 2; Winner: Inception, Paul Franklin,
this category. Achievement in music written for Chris Corbould, Andrew Lockley and
Who I think should win: Nolan. motion pictures (original song): Peter Bebb
Nominees: “Coming Home” from
Every other category: Country Strong, “I See the Light” from So there we have it, the entire break-
Tangled, “If I Rise” from 127 Hours, down for the 2011 Oscars. If by some
Achievement in art direction: “We Belong Together” from Toy Story chance I’m right on 50 percent of
Nominees: Alice in Wonderland, 3; Winner: “If I Rise” from 127 Hours, these, I vote that I get my own Oscar.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows music by A.R. Rahman, lyrics by Dido Just a thought.
Part 1, Inception, The King’s Speech, and Rollo Armstrong
True Grit; Winner: Inception, Produc- The 83rd Annual Academy Awards will
generally favor films that are either tion Design by Guy Hendrix Dyas and Best animated short film: Nomi- air live on ABC February 27.
British or deal with British royals. So Set Decoration by Larry Dias and nees: Day & Night, The Gruffalo, Let’s
there are no guarantees here. Doug Mowat Pollute, The Lost Thing, Madagascar,
Who I think Should Win: Like Nominees: Black Swan, Inception, The carnet de voyage (Madagascar, a Jour-
anyone couldn’t guess at this point
what my opinion is. Well, for those
King’s Speech, The Social Network,
True Grit; Winner: Inception, Wally
ney Diary); Winner: Day & Night,
Walt Disney By
who are just starting to read this, I
loved The Social Network. So I think
it’s a safe bet as to what I want to win.
If you want to put money on that in-
Achievement in costume design:
Nominees: Alice in Wonderland, I Am
Best live action short film: Nomi-
nees: The Confession, The Crush, God
of Love, Na Wewe, Wish 143; Winner:
Love, The King’s Speech, The Tempest,
stead of which movie actually will win Na Wewe
the award, then your chances are much True Grit; Winner: Alice in Wonder-
higher of winning big. land, Colleen Atwood Achievement in sound editing:
Nominees: Inception, Toy Story 3,
Adapted Screenplay: Best Documentary Feature: Nomi- Tron: Legacy, True Grit, Unstoppable;
The Nominees Are: Danny Boyle nees: Exit Through The Gift Shop, Winner: Inception, Richard King
and Simon Beaufoy, 127 Hours; Aaron Gasland, Inside Job, Restrepo, Waste
22 Comics! Vol. XXXII, Issue 8 | Tuesday, February 15, 2011
The Stony Brook Press Comics! 23
24 Arts & Entertainment Vol. XXXII, Issue 8 | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moms Aren’t Supposed to Play Games Anyway

By Kenny Mahoney
EA and Visceral Games want you to
know that your mother hates Dead
Space 2. Seriously, she’s pretty fucking
freaked out. It’d be strange if she didn’t
turn away in disgust as you take Isaac
Clarke on his second romp through his
alien-infested survival-horror shooter.
“Now you’re playing with other people?!
This orgy of death and dismemberment
can only end in tears, shame and hours
of family counseling!” she screams as
you tear into the brand new multiplayer
mode. And whatever you do, don’t tell
her you’ve already beaten it and are
playing through the story mode again
using New Game Plus; I don’t think she
could handle it.
If you don’t remember the name I
threw out last paragraph or don’t feel
like looking up, Isaac Clarke returns as
the main character from his mind-al-
tering experiences aboard the USG
Ishimura in the original Dead Space.
Previously, Isaac went onboard the I told you not to touch my Oreos!
Ishimura when their communications
system suddenly went out, and instead shut the hell up. Second, I’ll tell you. sticks and other sharp objects and nail a revolver and a pack of ammo. I’m not
of fixing a phone line or replacing some The Dead Space franchise takes sur- necromorphs to the wall – they tend to saying it could happen, but if it does,
fuses, had to shoot the limbs extraneous vival-horror beyond the creepy atmos- stop moving after that. just try not to mistake which one to put
limbs off of the infected crew. Basically, phere and the shortage of bullets by Other than your special abilities, in your mouth.
Dead Space is what happens when the asking you to block out the side of your the game also offers you a slew of Workbenches allow you to spend
Maytag Man goes on a repair call and is brain that says “holy crap, that monster weapons to choose from when battling hard-to-find power nodes to upgrade
ambushed by a pack of bloodthirsty is scary” and “I better pump it full of the extraterrestrial undead. You’ll find your gear in a variety of different pa-
monsters instead of lonely housewives laser-death” and think things through. space-ified versions of more traditional rameters, including damage and ammo
with nowhere to be at 1:30 on a Mon- You won’t get anywhere in Dead Space weapons like the plasma cutter, line capacity. What I really liked was the
day. 2 if you go into Rambo mode, because gun, and pulse rifle that double as your fact that I could re-do the power nodes
Dead Space 2 continues shortly you’ll turn Isaac into a pile of steaming standard pistol, shotgun, and sub-ma- on a weapon for a small fee if I wanted
after the original, with the ramifications meat faster than you can say “Mom, can chine gun, respectively. However, the to try something different or screwed
of Isaac’s ordeal wearing his nerves thin. you clean the fear-induced shit out of game does add in its share of unique up- a much needed improvement over
And, despite popular belief, being my pants?” By focusing and taking killing tools, my favorite being the rip- the “you’re fucked” permanency in the
forced to survive on a desolate space- some time to aim, you’ll discover that per – a gun that shoots floating saw original game.
ship overrun with monsters will turn you need to shoot, stomp and punch off blades. Unfortunately, most of the But what Dead Space 2 does change,
you into a basket case much faster than any and all arms, legs, tentacles and weapons are far too impractical and far more than anything else, is the set-
it will turn you into a badass. Through- other appendages in order to stop the specialized to be kept in your limited in- ting. What seems like a somewhat ob-
out the game, the player watches Isaac necromorph epidemic. ventory slots, or are just so terrible that vious point to make becomes a serious
attempt to overcome the effects of the “But that sounds scary. I don’t you never want to use them. Combine point of discussion for a survival-hor-
first game, with disturbing hallucina- think I’m quite smart enough to handle that with the fact that most of the ror game. The first game had Isaac al-
tions and dialogues with his “dead” girl- that or to ignore my self-diagnosed weapons are recycled from the first most entirely alone and devoid of any
friend. These are some of the most ADHD and the trigger-happy state it game and you’ll be even less impressed. contact with anyone on (mostly) one
interesting, disturbing and truly fright- puts me in,” you say. Well, fear not These weapons, as well as your suit spaceship. The game frequently had
ening moments of the game, as the sur- young pants-shitter, as Dead Space 2 af- and stasis modules, can be upgraded you doubling back through areas of the
prisingly deep story and background fords you plenty of opportunities to and purchased at one of the games ship, pushing a sense of isolation and
slowly piece themselves together. slow things down. Using your special many workbenches and stores. I’m not loneliness that change drastically in
Now you might be saying to your- powers of “stasis”, you can temporarily sure what’s more ridiculous, the appar- Dead Space 2. The massive space sta-
self, “I think it’s really cool that my mom “freeze” monsters and other objects in a ent use of typewriters in a modern set- tion you awake to in Dead Space 2 is
doesn’t like the games I play because I’m super slowed-down state. This not only ting seen in the old Resident Evil games breathtaking in its scope, but robs you
such a rebel, but what’s so great about allows you to carefully pick off limbs, or the weapons-dealing vending ma- of the feeling of total isolation in a con-
Dead Space 2, anyway? I’ve already but also allows you to step out of the chines in Dead Space 2. You think the tained environment. Also, the amount
played other survival-horror games; way of charging monsters and pass US has problems with gun control? of interaction you have with other char-
why is this one different?” First of all, through other hazards. Or you can use Imagine trying to buy yourself a can of acters has increased dramatically, losing
your telekinesis to pick up rods, broom- Coke only to have the machine spit out that sense of loneliness even further.
The Stony Brook Press 25
Dead Space 2 Review cont.
I’m not saying that Dead Space 2 is no and health supplies are at their mini- hill’ or ‘capture the flag’ game with the come as no surprise when I say if you
longer scary, but it’s scarier in signifi- mum, the monsters are at their tough- human team vs. the necromorph team. enjoyed the original Dead Space or sur-
cantly different ways from the first. est, and you can only save the game There’s also an obligatory “level-up” vival horror games, you’ll probably
As a way to extend the experience, three times. And, if you die, you return feature to the multiplayer, now present enjoy this one too. The subtle changes
Dead Space 2 offers a brand-new multi- back to your last save. You should in nearly every online shooter, as an at- they’ve made have been mostly for the
player mode, as well as New Game Plus, probably ask Mom to stock up on some tempt to keep you hooked. The multi- better, and have reached a near perfect
which lets you carry over all of the suits, adult diapers, as trying to complete a player works, to say the least, but it’s balance between keeping things the
weapons and upgrades from your pre- nine hour game in such strict parame- certainly not the main draw of the game same and changing them up. You may
vious game into a new one. This is ters affords little to no bathroom time. by any stretch, and I doubt the player not stay for the multiplayer or have
great if you want to breeze through I was fairly unimpressed with the base will last beyond curious first-time time for New Game Plus, but this
what was previously more of a chal- multiplayer, though I never expected it players. unique twist on survival horror as well
lenge, or tackle harder difficulties with to blow me away. The game type varies Despite an ad campaign so laugh- as the harrowing tale of Isaac Clarke
an updated arsenal. And, completing by each map, with different objectives ably ridiculous that it’s almost embar- should be more than enough.
the game will give you access to Hard- indicating different game types. For the rassing to say I bought it, I don’t regret

core Mode. In this mode, your ammo most part, it’s your standard ‘king of the picking up Dead Space 2. It should

The New York State Budget:

SUNY, Student Assembly, and Stony Brook
I write this let-
ter as a student
with an informed
opinion and not as
a representative of
the Undergraduate
Student Govern-
Moiz Khan ment or any other
entity. My words
are entirely my
own, and not necessarily representative
of the rest of the student government. I
just simply cannot sit back and allow for
the only student opinion on the New
York State Budget be that of the fantas-
tically inarticulate, incredibly out-of-
touch, and obviously corrupt opinion of
the SUNY Student Assembly.
In the recent discussion of the New
York State budget, the leadership of
SUNY is suffering from an inability to
comprehend complex issues, the lead-
ership of Stony Brook is suffering from
elections or their own rules than the the return of tuition to the campuses SUNY SA President wants so desper-
an inability to articulate an agenda, and
very harsh realities of budget cuts that that pays it. They should lobby for the ately to pay more tuition, she can do-
the SUNY Student Assembly is a sick
face the students of SUNY. state to responsibly fund SUNY and not nate her undeserved stipend from
joke. For this editorial, I will focus pri-
use SUNY as a source of revenue that SUNY SA to her University.
marily on the SUNY SA, as it infuriates
The SUNY SA has recently taken balances its budget. Further, they imply The SUNY Student Assembly is
me the most.
the stance that they favor tuition hikes that students actually want to pay more simply not representative of any under-
I have attended two SUNY SA Con-
(so as long as they are planned). What money. Who have they been talking to? graduate student that I have ever met.
ferences, and I quite vividly remember
kind of lobbying is that? They argue that Certainly it cannot be students who ac- This is because they are a puppet or-
its criminal incompetence, and its total
the Governors budget is irresponsible tually pay tuition. ganization that was established by the
disregard for the students they suppos-
because it does not include tuition I suppose it is not a coincidence administration of SUNY to reaffirm the
edly represent. What is at all times clear
hikes. Well, the SUNY SA is far worse that the President of SUNY SA aligns administration of SUNY’s agenda with
is that the overwhelming majority of
than irresponsible for lobbying for tu- herself with the Chancellor at every op- the illusion of student representation. If
students who attend SUNY SA are there
ition hikes; it is out of touch with the portunity, and I suppose it would not be the State Assembly wants to know what
to further their career goals and not the
students they supposedly represent. a coincidence when the Chancellor the students actually want, they would
agenda of the students of SUNY. They
Any responsible and representative writes her recommendation letter for ask the students, not the sick joke that
talk more about internal issues such as
student organization should lobby for graduate school or hires her. If the is SUNY Student Assembly.
26 Vol. XXXII, Issue 8 | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Power of the Interweb
Knowledge is most every American youth. mask that it wears over its pornography in Egypt, the Internet played a major
power. It’s not just It has made the world smaller, but and exploitation. role in escalating the conflict in the first
an aphorism to be at the same time, created an entirely Companies like Google and Face- place, and the eventual success in the
hung on the wall digital reality where an unfortunate book have a massive amount of pull on unseating of Dictator Hosni Mubarak.
of an elementary number of humans spend an equally a global scale. The multi-billion dollar An anti-Mubarak Facebook page
school library. We unfortunate amount of time. As clichéd dynamo that is Google can easily write started by a  Google Inc.  marketing
find examples of as it sounds, the net is basically a conti- off the Peoples Republic of China as po- manager in the Middle East was cred-
Mark Greek its validity every nent all it’s own. Populated by Warlocks, tential customers. Literally a billion ited with helping embolden millions of
day. Our own na- Second-Lifers, Rangers and Op. Forces, prospective clients became instantly ex- Egyptians to take to the streets to de-
tion finds itself at with their own laws and ruling bodies, pendable because of friction between mand that Mubarak step down after
an interesting impasse; the technology frighteningly separate from the juris- the Chinese government and the com- three decades of authoritarian rule. En-
we covet serves its own interests, bring- diction of world powers. Governmental pany, due to their mandatory restric- gineers from Twitter and Google devel-
ing us a frightening preview of the fu- sanctions and security have barely made tions of content they deem detrimental oped a “Speak-to-Tweet” service
ture. That an organization like an embassy in the ubiquitous shell of a to their control over the populace. The (verbally calling in FB statuses and
Wiki-leaks can shake the Tweets) after the Egyptian gov-
foundations of our ethical ernment cut its people off from
makeup, make us question the Internet, intentionally un-
our rights as citizens of a dermining the wishes of the
country that clearly has work regime in the name of free
meant to be done in the dark speech. The simple Facebook
with a simple disbursement of group that lay at the heart of the
diplomatic wires and commu- uprising still sits comfortably at
nications, stands as proof that 90,000 members. A massive
something as ineffectual as weapon that fired on the real
text documents can threaten world, lying dormant, as unas-
the integrity of the strongest suming as it was powerful.
nation the world has ever This isn’t meant to demo-
seen. nize the Internet or its massive
It’s hard to overstate the influence far from it. It must be
power of something as wide- appreciated, but feared at the
spread and universally ac- same time. The idea that an on-
cessed as a network that line company, completely of its
connects almost every com- own volition, can aid and abet
puter in the world, offering members of a foreign country
trillions of trillions of bytes of that it perceives as being op-
information. The Internet has pressed is something to be ad-
been growing intermittently mired and viewed with
since ARPAnet in 1969 into the domi- country without borders, an epic mon- power of an entity that can choose to do skepticism. A similar situation could
nant technological force of the last 50 ster that answers to no one. business that way is a force to be reck- arise in the future and could put Amer-
years. It has consumed and regurgitated If recent cyber attacks on online in- oned with and one that faces little to no ica in hot water diplomatically, receiv-
everything, from entertainment and in- stitutions like eBay and Amazon are any sanctions of its own. Though it is based ing all of the blame of inciting rebellion
formation, to communication and com- indication, there is potential for massive in America, Google sits comfortably in without any of the influence. Google
merce, and there’s no end in sight. resistance and unrest in a future that the aforementioned land without bor- and Facebook are viewed as being in-
Dial-up gave way to high speed, and can only become more reliant on the In- ders, and has no limit on its own juris- herently American; therefore their tres-
now wireless Internet is literally perme- ternet. Stalwarts like those .com’s can be diction, save for the whims of its passes become a problem for the U.S. to
ating us at all times. Wi-Fi is as com- taken out easily by a moderately angry employees. Social networking services deal with. Whether Egypt is better off
mon as oxygen and almost as cheap at group of hackers, a frightening prospect like Facebook and Twitter too, were now in the twilight of it’s old regime is
this point. Social networking is a term for a society whose lives and livelihoods being used to incite rebellion against impossible to tell. One thing is certain
that used to apply only to meet-and- are entirely conducted on the web. Even regimes in countries like Tunisia and however, the U.S. doesn’t need any more
greets and business cards; now it’s the worse than the seedy underbelly of the Syria. problems.
primary form of procrastination for al- Internet however, is its public side: the At the center of the recent uprising
The Stony Brook Press 27
Stony Brook’s Lacrosse Boss:
The First Round Pick
By Vincent Barone
Back home, way out near the west-
ern coast of Canada, in New Westmin-
ister, B.C., Kevin Crowley was fiddling
with some cables, connecting his laptop
to his television. His family was over.
They were about to watch the 2011
Major League Lacrosse Draft on
Crowley had an inkling as to where
he would place in the draft. Rick Sowell,
his head coach at Stony Brook, told him
that the Hamilton Nationals, who had
the first pick, were interested. As ex-
traordinary as the news was, Crowley
kept taciturn about draft projections.
“I didn’t want to sound like, ‘oh,
here’s where I think I’m going to go’
when people ask, right?” Crowley said.
“Because if that didn’t happen, it would
be pretty embarrassing.”
For premiere athletes, draft day is
the culmination of years of dedication
to a sport, and Crowley’s case is no dif-
ferent. Growing up in Canada, his fam-
ily is steeped in lacrosse, the national
sport. “My grandpa played lacrosse. My
uncle played lacrosse. It’s just something
you do when you grow up in New West- year’s preseason coaches’ poll, Stony all” midfielder. And at 6’4, 200 pounds, “We have the Call Of Duty: Black
minster,” he said. Brook was unanimously picked to win he is certainly a tall glass of water. But Ops going on right now. Pretty much
However, Crowley appears to do it a the America East Conference. with the plaudits, Crowley keeps a gen- everyone has a system in the house,”
little better than most. During his junior Along with the esteem, Stony Brook uine smile and is careful to stay Crowley said. “I live with four other
year at Stony Brook, as a first team All- was featured in the February edition of grounded and focused on the upcom- Canadians [Jordan McBride, Kyle Bel-
American, Crowley notched one of the Lacrosse Magazine, with Crowley, ing season. ton, Robbie Campbell, Greg Miceli] and
best seasons in the history of the Coach Sowell and McBride on the “We want to win the conference,” one guy from Long Island, John Bella.
school’s lacrosse program, nabbing 51 cover, donning Seawolves red. Crowley said. “We’re confident, but It’s just a big gaming house.”
goals and 26 assists during the 17-game “That was cool. They had a profes- we’re not overconfident, and that’s im- Even as the number one pick in the
season. He was just the fourth junior sional photographer come in. It was my portant. Given the success we’ve had draft, the sport alone usually does not
since 1995 to be awarded the 2010 first time doing something like that,” and the media exposure, I feel like some provide enough financial support for
USILA Enners Award, which given to teams will let that go to their heads; but players. Lacrosse is a labor of love for
the nation’s most outstanding Division I we’re a focused group, and we know Crowley—playing and teaching it—and
player. what we want to achieve.” he hopes he can make it his career.
This year, to add to his already clut- Crowley also praises his coach, say- “I want to play both indoor and
tered mantle, Crowley was named a “I didn’t want to ing that “[Coach Sowell] is great for outdoor for the pro league. Hopefully
keeping us levelheaded. He always re- I’ll get endorsed,” Crowley said. “Not
preseason All-American and given the
Division I Preseason Player of the Year sound like, ‘oh, here’s minds us that we have a target on our many people can make a living on
award by Lacrosse Magazine. He is just where I think I’m back this year because teams saw the
success we had last year, and now Stony
lacrosse, but it would be a dream of
mine. I love doing camps and teaching
26 points away from breaking the Sea-
wolves’ career scoring record. And per- going to go’...” Brook is the team that they want to beat. kids how to play. If I could keep on
haps more importantly to Crowley, who And that’s good for us because people doing that, it would be ideal.”
despite all the personal accolades, re- are going to get up to play us, and that On January 21, come the hour of
mains team-conscious, as he was desig- should hopefully lift our game to the the draft, surrounded by family, Crow-
nated a team captain for his upcoming next level.” ley realized that his Internet provider
senior season. Crowley said. “Any time you get put on Crowley and the Seawolves are in didn’t supply ESPN3. In lieu of watch-
Crowley is surrounded by talent at the cover of a magazine it’s awesome. It the final leg of prepping for their opener ing the broadcast on TV, they had to
Stony Brook. Teammates Tom Com- was great that we got the recognition on February 26 against top-ranked Vir- rely on a live blog of the draft to break
pitello, Adam Rand, and Jordan and that they wanted to put us on the ginia. He practices six days per week, the news that the Hamilton Nationals
McBride were all selected in the first front like they did.” but during his downtime, Crowley dab- did indeed select him first overall. It was
round of the MLL draft. The 2011 Sea- Out in the blogosphere, Crowley bles in the other kind of gaming with a little less romantic, but a neat way to
wolves are ranked 8th nationally. In this has been regarded as a “lanky,” “do-it- his housemates. end winter break, nonetheless.

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