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SA – I
CLASS IV (2015-16)
Time: 2 ½ hrs M M:50
Q1. Tick (√) the correct answer: (5)
1. From which glacier does the river Ganga originate from?
a. Distributary b. Sangam c. Gangotri
2. What is an accumulation of Sand grains shaped into a mount called?
a.Oasis b. Sanddune c. Keekar
3. Which river is also known as ‘Dakshin Ganga’?
a. Krishna b. Kaveri c. Godavari
4. Name the coast that stretches from Gulf of Khambhat to Goa.
a. Gujarat b. Konkan Coast c. Malabar Coast
5. The highest peak of the Aravalli range is __________
a. Mount Abu b. Vindhyas c. Anaimudi
6. What is the other name of Cape Comorin?
a. Panaji b. Kanyakumari c. Chennai
7. Which islands are called coral islands?
a. Lakshadweep b. Andaman c. Nicobar
8. ________ canal provides water for irrigation in Rajasthan
a. Rajiv Gandhi canal b. Mahatma Gandhi canal
c. Indira Gandhi canal
9. _________ separates the Andaman Island from Nicobar Islands.
a. Arabian Sea b. Bay of Bengal c. Ten Degree
10. Punjab and Haryana are located in which basin?
a. Satluj Basin b. Ganga Basin c. Brahmputra Basin
Q2. Name the following: (10)
1. River basins of the Northern Plains.
2. People travelling from one place to another in search of food.
3. The famous falls on the river Sharavati
4. Mountain range in the west
5. Saltwater lakes
6. Island in Arabian Sea.
7. The place where Ganga and Yamuna meet
8. The river in Thar Desert.
9. Two hills stations in the Indian Plateau
10. The Southernmost tip of mainland India.
Q3. Define the following terms: (5)
1. Basin
2. Lava
3. Oasis
4. Delta
5. Lagoons

Q4. Fill in the blanks: (6)

1. River ___________ is a tributary of River Sutlej.
2. The city that divides the Sutlej and Ganga Basins________.
3. The __________ is called the ship of the desert.
4. ________ region is also known as the ‘black cotton soil area’
5. __________ is the biggest city on the Konkan Coast.
6. __________ is the most common tree of Thar Desert.
Q5. Write True or False: (2)
1. Sand dunes are found in deserts
2. The Nicobar Island is in the Bay of Bengal
3. The Plateau region is not titled.
4. Ships travel on the backwaters.
Q6. Answer the following questions: (10)
1. Describe the location of the Western Coastal Plains.
2. Why is the Chota Nagpur Plateau important?
3. Why are the Northern Plains called ‘the rice bowl of India’?
4. How does a camel adjust to the climate in the desert?
Q7. Answer in detail (Do any 2): (8)
1. Describe four main features of Indian Plateaus?
2. Write short notes on:
a. Lakshadweep Island
b. Sutlej Basin
3. Write two features each of Coromondal Coast and Konkan Coast.
Q8. On an outline Map of India, mark any two states where the
following soils are found in India (4)
1. Desert soil
2. Alluvial soil
3. Black soil
4. Red soil