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Titan Sea

Wooded Dale

Thunder Keep

Hammer Castle Jagwenar

Eagle's Crest


D Frog Lake

a Cottonberry Still's

g The Free City


Of Termace

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la G
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Gemstone Fortress
e Lake Zorn

M DragonSpell

o Twistedwood
Forest Vesphean Forest
a Quad Knights

n Silverywood
Gateway Keep
Western Hills

Port Salos Barlow Keep

Myth Drannor

Dragon Isles
Southern Sea
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Scale in Miles

Who Rules: The four Quad Knight Weather/Climate: The Quad Knights wilderness to their advantage in the illicit traffic
strongholds are each ruled by separate knightly strongholds locations are spread out in the of slave caravans and slaver raiding parties.
orders whose military leaders who have no major Western Hills region and are part of the humid
allegiances to any one power or state. subtropical climate zone. The region has mild Equipment Shops: Partial (poor in
winters and warm, humid summers. Winters spring).
Who Really Rules: Independent averages 40 °F, with lows averaging 32 °F and
Strongholds each are a member of the highs averaging 50 °F, though the temperature Adventures’ Quarters: The
confederation that votes on matters of state. The can fall into the upper teens, but rarely lower, or strongholds offer a very limited selection of
principles meet once a year at one of the rise above 70 °F. Spring is long and arrives places for travelers to stay, most are small
stronghold locations. The honor of hosting such early, and is the driest season. Summer averages military style barracks which can be rented for a
an event brings a great deal of business and other 80 °F, with hot days that usually range in the nominal fee. Food can be purchased at the
fortune to the host site. The various underlings upper 80s to lower 90s °F, and warm nights, market and cooked at the communal fire pit.
however meet much more frequently as the though the thermometer may read above 95 °F at Adventuring parties are common sight in the
conditions and situations dictate. times. The regions location puts it in the direct strongholds as they explore and reclaim the
path of subtropical moisture from the Southern lands. Often parties will stay or return 2 or 3
Population: 16,450 (enrolled); real Sea as it heads up the eastern seaboard along the season in a row to continue their forays in the
population varies but no stronghold has greater jet stream, thus the area receives ample unknown.
than 4,700 including travelers. precipitation throughout the year but also a very
large number of clear, sunny, and pleasantly Important Characters:
Demi-humans: Some warm days. On average, the region receives 44
• The Brotherhood of the Teutonic
inches of precipitation annually, including 6
Humanoids: Many Knights lead by Brother Abraham
inches of snow.
Shaddam the IV (LG hef Cav5);
Area of Control: The Quads Knight’s maintains a sizable force, 400 men-at-
Notable Mages: The Quad Knight’s
maintain only a small area of control no greater arms mostly F0’s through F1’s at the
strongholds do not have any notable mages, save
than 20 to 30 miles from the strongholds. stronghold on the western edge of the
for the occasional traveling wizard who may stay
for a season or two in the area. Western Hills region. They are the
Treaty Obligations: Mutual defense core of elite troops of the Quad Knight
treaty with Dragonspell, some trade rights with strongholds, while not a part of any of
Notable Churches:
Gateway Keep in exchange for materials and the individual strongholds forces. The
mineral rights.
• A Temple of Mishakal is located at Teutonic Knights can be found in the
the Quad Knight’s stronghold in the region on various missions and
Economy/Taxes: All of the taxes and
northeastern part of the Western Hills. explorations throughout the land.
levies come directly from the population and
It can be counted as the largest Upkeep is shared for jointly by the
rights of exploration in the region.
organized church in the region and is strongholds, each providing evenly
lead by Miguel Duffy (LG hm C4); 4 whatever funds and equipment that are
Major Products: Leatherwork,
priests, and 450 followers. needed for the group.
livestock (meat, cheese), coal, and wood.

• Most maintain small shrines to • Sir Ashaken Demanieck (LG hm

Armed Forces: The Quad Knight’s
whatever deities the local populations Cav12); is the leader of the stronghold
combined have a small standing force of 1,650
worship. Some may have a traveling in the northeastern portion of the
troops, of which 1,100 men-at-arms and 250
priest from one of the monastic orders Western Hills. While his prestige far
horsemen are combat troops on active service.
of Saint Vendel. outclasses any of the other stronghold
No reserve forces other then peasant levies
rulers, he remains an equal partner in
which can at best account for 1,900 additional
Notable Rogues’ and Thieves the goal of pacifying the region. His
troops that can be called up to service within 2
Guilds: No major guild activity, the Silver Picks close ties with Dragonspell and
month’s time. However doing so would almost
Society and the Black Hands each have small location in the Western Hills make it a
certainly cause significant economic disruptions.
operations throughout area but no organized strategic position to be held if the
Most of the strongholds can boast a guard force
factions of note. The Black Hands however, do hostile elements are to be rooted out
of just over 200 men in scale-mail armor, semi-
use the relative lawlessness of the vast and eliminated. In addition to the
trained and equipped F0s through F1s.
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Quad Knight’s standing forces, he region. The majority of the strongholds are no
maintains a personal retinue of 300 more than 25 years old since their founding and
men-at-arms and 75 horsemen. An its inhabitants know it will be several more
additional company of 50 heavy generations before anyone starts to see the fruits
knights, fully equipped, in full plate- of their endeavors. With the threat of goblin and
mail, mounted and barded Cav0’s orcish raiders every season, the local population
through Cav2’s form the backbone of is a hearty lot that will meet the dangers head on
his personal guard. These forces to make something out of the harsh land.
however are often encountered on
missions for their liege anywhere in
the lands. His wife Rachel Sorrel (NG
hef W14); is a noble from the
Vesphean Forest. She is well known
in the region as a caring woman who
often aids the poor and needy in the
area with assistances of food and

• Gilford Bedfield (CG hm R5); is a

ranger who has roamed the Western
Hills since he was a young boy with
his father. His family was killed by a
tribe of savage orcs over 10 seasons
ago and he has sworn to hunt down
kill every remaining member of that
tribe. Gilford can often be found
outfitting and resupplying in the Quad
Knight’s strongholds for his
continuing treks into the wilderness.

Important Features in the Region:

Several large tribes of Goblinkind and Orcs still
have vast sections of the Western Hills under
their domination. Those that adventure outside
the limited protections of the strongholds have
not always returned. Seasonal warbands cause
significant damage to the trading routes and
farmsteads that in turn disrupt the local
economy. It has been heavily rumored that a
powerful Orcish warlord is gathering strength for
a major incursion into the settled land to drive
out the populous.

Coal mining has become one of the

major resources in the region next to lumber and
iron ore. Several mining companies operate in
the Western Hills. Most of them are located near
the eastern portion of the Western Hills where
their mined materials can be easily transported
down to the river for shipping. These mining
sites are often the targets for attack by brigands
and other nefarious types. However the high
value of the mining operations has forced the
companies to hire mercenary soldiers for
protection of their holdings and assets.

The Quad Knight’s strongholds may

seem to be nothing more minor outposts in the
lands. Each however is part of the larger long
term goal of slowly pacifying and civilizing the
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Who Rules: Fleet Captain Lars Ulrich Major Products: (Trade), lumbar, flooding well inland up to 5 miles in some
(LE hm F14); is a grizzled and hardened sea horses (mounts and draft animals, bred and locations.
captain who has been the ruler of Port Salos for trained), armor, livestock (meat, hides), ships,
20 years. slaves, and wagons. Notable Mages:

Who Really Rules: The Council of Armed Forces: Port Salos has a • Alcar Izut (NG hem W9 S: chemistry,
Ships Captain’s and Fleet Captain Lars Ulrich standing force of 9,000 troops, of which 5,500 mathematics, and physics); resides in
control the region. Money however trumps just men-at-arms, 900 horsemen are combat troops Port Salos. He is runs a very popular
about all rule. If one has enough money than one on active service. A reserve force of another school for the arcane arts. Instructing
can get the desired results, provided that one 1,300 men-at-arms and 600 horsemen can be novice wizards the tools of the trade.
does not get double-crossed. called up to active service within 1 month’s time. He as a fundamentally opposed to the
Port Salos’ City Guard has a force of just over rulers of Port Salos and has been
Population: 84,250 (counted); real 1,000 men in ring-mail armor, well-trained and imprisoned several times because of
population averages are 91,000 during the winter equipped F0s through F2s. The City Guard is those views.
and about 85,000 in summer. commanded by Hydrich Groening (LE hm F6).
However the real power of Port Salos is found in • Helen of Arcadia (CG ef F4/W6); is a
Demi-humans: Few its naval warships which operate on the region high elven mage whom has settled in
waterways throughout the Southern Sea. Close to Port Salos at the behest of her
Humanoids: Few 35 warships of a 3rd Rate Ship of the line rating guildmaster and has been sending
or better makes up the bulk of the fleet. An reports on the affairs of Port Salos for
Area of Control: Port Salos many years now. She is an excellent
extensive support fleet of over 120 vessels
maintains a zone of control which extends to wizard and will also assist those
operate alongside warships supplying the fleet
about 75 miles away from the Iberian Inlet to whom she can find a common moral
while at anchor and other island outposts with
Port Salos. A strong naval presence is kept in the ground with.
food and other provisions. The fleet is
Southern Seas and the water approaches to Port
commanded by Lawrence Welk (NE hm F8). His
Salos. There are also several small outposts •
flagship, a 1st Rate Ship of the line, the Richter Krueger (NE hm W(N)7);
along the Southern Sea where warships can be infamous for the animation of many
‘Invincible’ has an extensive history of fighting
replenished. These outposts are where a majority undead sailors to serve on the Ships
prowess. The ship is armed with 3 very rare
of the fleet is often found operating from. Captain’s fleets during the last war.
cannons in a rotating turret which can fire a 32
pound solid shot cannonball over 350 yards. The He is a recluse devoted to furthering
Treaty Obligations: Port Salos has
various Ships Captain’s on the council have their his knowledge of the necromantic arts.
few alliances and trade agreements with any of
own ship or in some case ships. These vessels, He does not grant audiences to
the major kingdoms. A minor trade pact with
while not a part of the naval forces directly do anyone, save for ones that can
Gateway Keep allows for quick passage of goods
work in conjunction with the city forces. command his attention with their own
through the waterways. Port Salos also keeps
knowledge of the black arts.
several private under the table agreements with
Weather/Climate: Port Salos climate
the numerous pirate ship captains to look the Notable Churches:
is classified as humid subtropical. Prevailing
other way around the Dragon Isles.
winds from the south and southeast bring heat
from the deserts of Sea of Sand and moisture • A Temple of Hextor is located within
Economy/Taxes: A majority of the the city. The faction is lead by Kane
from the Southern Sea. Summer temperatures
fees are generated by all forms of government the Red (LE hm C7); 6 priests, and
regularly exceed 90 °F and the area's humidity
services and taxes on the sale of goods to 1,100 followers. The priests of Hextor
drives the heat index even higher. Winters in the
merchants and others in the region. The also run the city prison and use them
area are temperate with typical winter highs
remaining funds are collected by the sale of for their own personal needs.
above 60 °F and lows near 50 °F. Snowfall is
letters of marque to a privateer’s limiting activity
generally rare. Annual rainfall averages well
to a specific area and to the ships of specific • A Temple of Mishakal is located near
over 65 inches a year with some areas typically
nations thereby allowing the captains to intercept the northern city gate. Lead by High
receiving over 85 inches. Hurricanes are an ever-
ships operating on the high seas. Slavery is Priest Harold Saxon (LG hm C6); 5
present threat during the summer and fall season.
freely permitted throughout the region. priests and 450 followers.
The low lying bay shoreline faces significant
danger from storm surge which causes major

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• Shrines to Paladine, Tempus, • The Old Sail is a well known dive for work inside the city walls. Entry into these
Yondalla, and Pelor. the many sailors in the city. With its guilds is extremely difficult and a strict hierarchy
waterfront access more than one has established over the many years. The warrior
Notable Rogues’ and Thieves ship’s launch has been found adrift caste is another matter all together, membership
Guilds: There are many independent operators, nearby and it’s missing crew in the in the warrior caste ranks are filled with freed
but as soon as their repute grows to sufficient bar. (good/cheap). slaves, lower caste commoners, and many others
levels, they are hunted down and/or chased out whom seek more from life with a sword in their
of the city. Important Characters: hand. Many of these warriors gain experience in
the arena, where they fight one another is battles
• The Black Hands operates throughout • Brandon Frostbear (NG hm F5); runs for the enjoyment of the crowds. Many of these
the region without any major a mercenary and caravan guard hiring warriors develop a strong following of loyal fans
competition. Its members observe the hall, “Frostbear’s Fighters” (fighters that will often fill the seats to watch their warrior
only the most extreme boundaries of pay 1 cp to enlist; clients who hire fight.
the law and flagrantly disregard them pay Frostbear 4 sp per head, as
others. Several of its members are well as paying the fighter whatever Port Salos is dominated by overland
outright assassins and cutthroats. The wages he and the client agree upon; and seaboard trade and the need for storage have
current guildmaster is Alatos typically Brandon can get 2-40 given rise to the construction of several large
Theribold (CN hm T(A)8). fighters; each of F0’s through F3’s, walled warehouse districts outside the city walls.
and an occasionally a R1 or C1 (15% The various merchant guilds use these as the
Equipment Shops: Full. chance), at any time. common storage locations for all the many goods
that pass through the city. An extensive private
Adventures’ Quarters: Port Salos is • Harland Grimmerhand (LN hm F2, guard force patrols the area and will attack
the entryway for many travelers to the western retired); a wealthy moneylender and without provocation, those found in the area
lands, the cities of Racepeath and then farther up merchant investor who tutors warriors unlawfully or in some cases just by accident.
the western river, Kaneloon. With so many and breeds fine horses to entertain and
travelers passing through Port Salos in great occupy himself. He has a clay golem The stables, stockyards, tanneries,
numbers, the many locations offer a wide range guard which protects his residence. slaughterhouses, and other essential services are
of tastes and options to its guests in the city. located to the south of the walled city. Water for
• Mither Mandaroze (CN hm T3); a fat the wall part of the city is drawn from the many
• The Rusty Barnacle is operated by jovial weapons outfitter and fence of wells controlled by city. Outside the city walls
David Heitz (NG hm Bd2). The stolen goods. most of the water is taken from the river itself
restaurant and bar is a located just and the few smaller wells outside. Much of the
outside the waterfront district and is • Arnot Ironhammer (LE dm F2/C1); a sewage and waste water is dumped back into the
one of the most popular locations for shrewd and calculating merchant who river. This is a sewage major cause of insect
groups to gather. He is a Bard from can sell salt water to a thirsty man. He borne infections that plague to the city in the hot
Eagle’s Crest who purchased the is often found in his working in his summer months. More than one concern citizen
established 10 years ago. The bar is shop with his many retainers. has attempted to force the city clean up this
actually a front for the Silver Picks practice but they themselves have often been
Society as they spy on the leadership Important Features in Town: Port found floating it dead.
of Port Salos and the Black Hand. Salos has been built up over the many
(excellent/moderate). generations and the various layers sometimes do The harbor located on the north side
not always fit together well. The oldest parts of of the city is where the many vessels which stop
• The Charging Bull is an inn and the city in the citadel have had the massive at ort Salos dock at. The harbor stevedore and
tavern owned and operated by Rulf curtain walls breeched so roads and other porters guild is tasked with running the piers and
Halsted (LG hem F3/C2). The inn has passageways are now open to the rest of the city. wharfs in the city. A busy day normally sees
3 major buildings and over 250 rooms. The majority of the newer city is spread out over 20 major ships operating alongside the
Private dining rooms and great halls along the waterfront and is protected by a docks. A health inspection conducted by the
for parties and other meetings are smaller defensive wall made of stone. However priests of Hextor is required before any ship’s
available for rent (fair/moderate). there have also been several locations where crew and passengers may disembark. Disease
even newer constructions have been built up and other forms of pestilence are kept in check
• The Bar of the Bronze Horn is a against it and passageways again cut through the by these movement restrictions. Persons found to
tavern with has excellent selection of wall. Many back alleyways can confuse the be suspected are kept in the waterfront district
live music daily (good/cheap). unwary traveler who often meets a violent fate area and are not given papers to proceed into the
and untimely end. city. Persons found without papers in the city
• The Hobgoblin’s Lair is noted for its may be arrested and imprisoned for a period of
terrible food, but excellent gossip and Port Salos governmental services; the up to 3 months or worse off yet, impressments
information. Eat elsewhere, but get carpenter’s, masonry’s, millers and many other on one of the many ships as crew.
your information here. (poor/cheap). factions are tightly controlled by the various
caste factions. Workers must be a member in
standing good with the guild to be eligible for
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Who Rules: First Lord of Gateway Keep Aldolf registered will be seized and a prize crew large support fleet of over 120 vessels ply the
Cermank (N hm W10); a ruthless, and no awarded. Overland trade caravans from seaboard area supplying the fleet while at sea
nonsense merchant–mage devoted to Dragonspell are subject to the full tax due. Many with food and other provisions. The city guard
advancement of Gateway Keep and increasing Dragonspell ships will off-load their cargo to has a standing force of just over 2,250 men in
his own personal power (not necessarily in that other shipping carriers in Gateway Keep to take banded-mail armor, well-trained and equipped
order). advantage of the extra profit by avoiding the F0s through F2s. The city guard is commanded
long sailing times to Port Salos and making by Hector Hernandez (LN hm F8). Hector is the
Who Really Rules: Aldolf Cermank’s faster runs back to Dragonspell. third leg in the balance of power in Gateway
rulership is somewhat more then in dispute, at Keep. It is with his position and duty to the law
least two other merchant-mages via behind the Economy/Taxes: A series of taxes that provides for a very effective system of
scenes for the seal of Gateway Keep. It is this and levies is placed on all goods and stuffs lawful order within the city walls.
continued political strife which both protects and arriving in the region. Items are taxed on a
isolates the various freedoms of the citizens and complex table based on size, nature, and relative Weather/Climate: Gateway Keep’s
merchants within the large boundary areas of value of the products. Goods are inspected and location allows its harbor to remain ice free year
control. tax stamps are issued at that time. Goods found round. Gateway Keep's climate is classified as
without proper papers are subject to seizure for humid subtropical and is characterized by hot,
Population: 97,640 (registered); real the offense. The various guild factions use humid summers and cool winters. Due to its
population averages are 75,000 during the winter undercover shipments to avoid the steep taxes proximity to the Southern Sea coast, Gateway
and about 105,000 in summer, not including imposed upon them. Tax officials have been Keeps rarely experiences temperatures as
sailors or other travelers. known to leave or omit items from the levies extreme as those in interior. Nevertheless,
(common adjudication), taking the best for temperatures as high as 105 °F and as low as 3
Demi-humans: Some
themselves, of course. Slave traffic is another of °F have been recorded. Summers tend to be
Humanoids: Few (many along such goods, while the practice of slavery is humid with many thunderstorms. Nearly half of
Western Hills region) outlawed in Gateway Keep, the surrounding Gateway Keep's precipitation falls during the
countryside is however full of many slaver pens summer months, characteristic of monsoon-type
Area of Control: Gateway Keep has in which the trade goes unchecked. The practice climates. Due to the warm weather conditions,
a zone of control which extends to about 120 of slave trading occurring in the city is however farmers will grow crops almost year round filling
miles away from the Gateway Keep itself. The strictly a black market affair. With the slave lots out the fields with winter wheat and other grain
eastern most boundaries are well short of the being trading via proxy and then shipped from crops to take advantage of the cool winters. As
Vesphean Forest, only about 50 miles. Military their respect holding pens to all parts along the the city is south of the snow line, it rarely
units are stationed along the major roadways Southern Sea’s and beyond. While the slaves receives snow in winter. Occasional Arctic cold
leading into the region. A series of taxation never even set foot inside Gateway Keep and its fronts in winter can push nighttime temperatures
checkpoints are located along these routes, awaiting freedom to them. into the 20s, but usually not much further than
which also provide a local barrack’s for the that. Gateway Keep is at risk for hurricanes
military units operating in the region. A tax Major Products: (Trade), barges, during the late summer and early fall months,
official is almost always present at these posts. horses (fine mounts and draft animals bred and because of its location in the Vesphean Bight
trained), arms, armor, leatherwork, livestock (the arc of the Southern Seas coastline in region)
Treaty Obligations: Due to Gateway (meat, cheese), ships, wool, fish, dyes, and as well as the tendency for hurricanes to recurve
Keep’s close proximity with the Vesphean shubberies. up the coast.
Forest boarder. Elven flagged warships and trade
vessels are allowed to bypass all taxation Armed Forces: Gateway Keep has a Notable Mages:
checkpoints. Elvish trade caravans may proceed standing force of 13,500 troops, of which 7,500
without taxation permits for the first fortnight of men-at-arms and 1,550 horsemen are combat • Fivil Fingers (CG gm T8/I6); While
each new moon. Caravans traveling outside of troops on active service. Additionally a reserve listed in the notable mages section due
these periods are subject to the full taxes due. force of another 2,550 men-at-arms and 900 to his expulsion from the local thieves
Ships bearing the flag of Dragonspell are also horsemen can be called up to active service guild, he remains an active source of
subject to special taxation rules. Warships may within 1 month’s time. A strong naval presence intrigue for those that seek him out.
pass freely, however merchant vessels are is also maintained in the surrounding sea lanes He however seeks to out the current
subject to a reduced taxation rate to about 25%. and river regions. Close to 60 warships of a 4th thieves guild leadership at the earliest
This has lead to the deceptive practice of false Rate Ship of the line or better which carries out opportunity.
vessel registrations. Vessels found to be falsely constant patrols along the seaboard regions. A
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• Teresa Elmyna (CG hef W6, S: scenes and do not take sides in this ever • The Spitskull Inn and Tavern, located
chemistry); a diminutive, bright little expanding conflict. near the southern gate, is a wild,
whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm, brawling place that features a sand pit
who is greatly concerned with making • The Silver Picks Society operates used in gambling on fighting prowess
and perfecting her spells, items and within the city walls in many (fair/moderate).
potions. She operates out of small legitimate storefront businesses. They
storefront in the central market however are engaged in a secret guild • Whiskey Pete’s has two locations in
district. war to remove the Black Hands from the city. The main location being on
the city proper. Due to the heavy the waterfront itself. Whiskey Pete’s
• Zhundult “Stormshadow” Ulblesk handed approach taken by the law is a common port of call to all that
(CN hm W8); an aggressively private, enforcement, theft and pick-pocketing enter Gateway Keep via the seaport.
dangerous, and possibly deranged is greatly discouraged by its Whiskey Pete’s even has a separate
man, who spends his time researching membership as to not draw unneeded dock for cargo ships unloading goods
planar powers and conditions. attention upon themselves. The guild directly for the bar; some might
Zhundult is a former retainer of is under new leadership since the wonder why a bar needs its own dock.
Marlin Pintelli and has a great deal of removal of Fivil Fingers from the The second location is within the city
information regarding the layout of guild order. itself and has a larger selection of
the Keep. guest rooms and halls for rent. Both
• The Black Hands however operates locations, however offer a wide range
Notable Churches: with far more ruthlessness in the of food & drinks and a selection of the
countryside. Agents are known to best ladies of the night
• A major Asgardian Hall of worship is perform kidnappings for slavery and (excellent/moderate).
located within the city and is assassinations on travelers and others
dedicated to the various Asgardian found in the many miles of roads and • Red Flame Inn, a large popular place
deities save Loki. The largest faction waypoints in the region. The guild is with a clientele of many races, where
within the hall is dedicated to Thor very active in the slave trade and rare wild boar-pie cooks, pleasure-
and is lead by Ragerson Oloryn (LG operates many of the slave pens for girls and wine-vendors from across
hm C8); a shrewd investor in new profit to the various trading factions. the city offer room service
ventures, who enjoys ceremonially The guild is believed to be lead by (good/expensive).
consecrating new ships. He is a deadly Grumvar Headcleaver (LE hom
foe of the pirates and slave traders, C6/As9). He has been very rarely seen • DeGriss’s Other Tavern is run by
with whom he often sends his priests but can be identified as always Bendel DeFloris (CG hm Due5). A
to fight; 22 priests, 1,500 followers. wearing a patch over his left eye. wild and no nonsense locale which
The other deities in the mythos vary offers cheap drinks and even wilder
from one or two priests and may have Equipment Shops: Full (Few rare tastes to all present. The cost of
up to several hundred followers. Elven manufactured items). replacement tables and chairs is listed
on the menu board for those who
• A Temple of the Sun, dedicated to Adventures’ Quarters: Gateway
choose to destroy the furnishings.
deity Pelor is located near the eastern Keep has over a hundred places to stay, due to
Rumored to be owned by a second
city gate. Lead by High Priest the importance of overland and sea trade; it is
cousin to the original proprietor from
Cristobel Dreen (NG hm C7/Pal3); 12 impossible to visit them all in a season, let alone
Kaneloon (fair/cheap).
priests and 400 followers. list them here. All must be tolerant of a wide
variety of races, behavior, and customs on the Important Characters:
• The Ready House of the Right Strong part of their guests. Adventurers have found the
Hand, temple of Helm; Vigilant following establishments most useful, for widely • Aldolphus the Stout (LN halfm F1/T1,
Tathlo Brimmerbolden (LN hm F6 Str different reasons. S: astronomy, botany, geology, and
18/69); 11 priests and 200 followers. myconology medicine,); formerly a
• The Axe and Pick Inn is operated by resident of Racepeath, who fled the
• Shrines to Tempus, Tyr, Gond, Olga Stonebridge (LG df C3/F2). The city due to a wide variety criminal
Yondalla, Paladine, and Mishakal. inn is a large and quiet stone structure charges against him. He maintains a
built to the designs of a small fortress small stone keep about 12 miles to the
Notable Rogues’ and Thieves
within the city, and is heavily policed northeast of the city which serves as
Guilds: The guild factions tend to rely on
by its dwarven staff, all of whom his observatory and main laboratory.
unseen conflict to resolve the many issues
seem to be F1s or more. It is generally A huge glass greenhouse is located
between them. However a deep animosity
considered the safest place to stay in inside the courtyard with many rare
between them had lead to double and triple
Gateway Keep. Others dub it the “The species of flora collected from such
agents working to foil each other’s projects and
Coffin” for its all-pervasive silence far and away places such as deep
bring the attention of the City Guard onto its
and lack of merriment caverns of the underworld and the
opposition. Small independent bands go almost
(excellent/moderate). highest peaks of the Dragonridge
unnoticed, provided they remain behind the
Mountains. His family is normally in

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residence as well as several other of the city is on the western river edge and is several unique harbor tugs operated by Hector
friends and retainers. used as the base for the heavy metal chains Bearcloak (LG dm F4/C2 S: engineering); and
which are drawn between the river’s edges his clansmen. The tugs are powered using a coal-
• Barandows Hawklin (LG hm Cav6); is stopping and preventing ships from proceeded fired water-boiler steam engine allowing them to
the current Knight Commander for the without first entering into the port facilities for work and operate in all wind and most sea
noble order of Knights of St. John’s inspection. The strongpoint is always well conditions. This allows for faster docking
the Hospital. The Knights of St. John guarded and manned. While the harbor alongside the piers for cargo unloading before
of the Hospital, commonly known dominates the layout, the remainder of the city is being moved out of the way to the harbor
throughout as Knight Hospitallers, sprawled along the river’s edge. mooring quay lines. The Port Services controls
originated in the city of Termace and more than 6,500 ships' movements annually as
have expanded down the river Near the northern gate is the Grand they arrive and depart their berths.
avoiding conflict with the knightly Curia Hostilia of the Council (where Gateway’s
orders in Dragonspell. The governing body meets), the Barracks of the There are 2 river ferry points located
Hospitallers numbering about 90 Guard (Gateway’s jail, courthouse, armory, and just to the north of the city. The first point is the
strong (F0s through F2s) will assist main barracks of the Guard), and the forbidden light duty ferry located about 2 miles upstream
adventuring parties of good in grey tower of Marlin Pintelli, the first ruler and that will take travelers on foot and horsemen
missions throughout the region. They founder of Gateway Keep. Property taxes for the across the river. The ferry cannot take wagons or
will actively assist by providing grey tower are always paid via agents and very any other large carriages. The standard charge is
knights to those who confront the few servants are ever seen about the place, 1 copper per traveler and 2 copper for each
slavers preying on the weak in the however its upkeep remains pristine. The horse. The light duty ferry only operates during
region. southeastern portion of the town is home to the daylight hours. The ferry is winched across the
many warehouses, granaries, and storage river using power generated by a paddle-wheel
• Dhaerhaera Nanatar (CG ef W6); an buildings used by the merchant’s guild. The city engine located in the citadel on the east side of
adventuress who recently captured stables, stockyards and other essential services the river. The second, located near the western
and tamed a griffon, which she often are located in the southern corner of the walled river edge fort, is the heavy use, commercial
rides towards the Vesphean Forest in city. This is to take advantage to the nearby ferry which runs on a set schedule every half
search of adventure. major sewer system tunnels which empty into hour during daylight and every hour after dark.
the river basin well below the city and harbor. This ferry consists of a large floating bridge
• Emil Muzz (CN dgm T4/I3);
The slaughterhouses, tanneries, saw-mills, barge- section that is moved across the river by another
merchant, inventor and large-scale
makers and the shipwrights industries are located of Hector Bearcloak’s harbor tugs. The bridge
landlord in Gateway Keep, willing to
outside the city walls to the south and along the will fit about 80 fully loaded wagons, animals
trade in his own grandmother if it
river’s edge. Waste and rubbish is carted outside and teamsters. The cost is 3 copper per traveler
benefited him in real estate.
the city to the northeast about 3 miles away. A or horse and 7 to 10 silver per wagon load. A
• Nuygi Kurita (LN hm Yak3); an very small enterprise of rubbish traders has made second bridge section is moored in the harbor
adventurer from over the Southern a mini city around the site. and is available for use if an additional harbor
Sea. He has been a transplant of sorts tug is diverted from its normal duties to move it.
Gateway Keep’s water supply is taken
in Gateway Keep since his arrival. from upriver and channeled into underground
Due to the language barrier it has pipes providing each street block and major
taken an extremely long and difficult buildings with a water spigot for public use.
time for him to establish a base of Private water connections can be obtained for a
operations. However he has found a fee. A series of deep underground cisterns
niche and exploited Thieves Guild provide a secondary storage of water if the flow
conflict to his own advantage. He can of fresh water is cut off. The backup supply is
also assist those whom he can find a deposited into the four excavated reservoirs and
bargain with for his own needs. has a capacity of 1.8 million gallons. This can
Likewise he has also found a trade in provide the keep’s inhabitants with about 60
the training of pupils in the art of days’ supply (90 days if severe restrictions are
Jujutsu and is a sought after master for put in place) in time of emergency.
those skills.
Ships wishing to travel upriver must
Important Features in Town: unload cargo for inspection prior to embarking
Gateway Keep is laid out along the eastern upriver to Dragonspell or the city of Termace.
river’s edge and is one of the largest and busiest The largest port area is located outside of the city
harbors east of Port Salos. The city’s main walls where a majority of the fishing and other shallow
are over 120 feet in height and give a water boats are moored. The shipping harbor for
commanding view of the countryside outside the deep water vessels occupies about four miles of
walls and provide for excellent defensive waterfront space and has over seven miles of
positions to men-at-arms along the walls. pier and wharf space for shipping operations.
Defensive armaments line the towers, walls and Located within the city proper it has the use of
harbor entryways. A smaller fort just to the north
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Who Rules: The Council and equipped F0s through F1s. The force is Notable Mages:
of the 10 Noble Houses, lead by Aknor Gant commanded by Earnest Will (CG hm (formerly
(CN hm W(I)7 S: arcane); is the elected leader of Pal3) now F4). The noble houses provide a • Ailtho (LE hm W5); an outcast from
the Council of Termace. majority of the city’s actual guard force as they Kaneloon, who is an agent of the
each maintain various districts in which they Black Hands. He enjoys playing
Who Really Rules: The Council of have complete jurisdiction and control. Termace different factions against each other
the 10 Noble Houses, who will do anything they maintains only a very small naval force under its for his own pleasure.
are not actually physically prevented from doing control. The fleet consists of 10 6th Rate Frigates
if they see money to be made! and several Sloop-of-wars which make up the • Opert Ungert (CG gm F4/W(I)6 S:
bulk of the fleet. Some of the noble houses do engineering, metallurgy); is an urbane
Population: 62,500 (estimated operate their own vessels or have privateers and witty gnome who has found a
permanent residents). The real population which carry out their various duties at the behest niche in Termace. He is the leader of
averages are 65,000 during the winter and about of the benefactors to which they serve. It is the Tinkers Guild whose members are
72,000 in summer, including travelers. extremely rare to encounter any warships farther employed in great numbers in the city
than 2 weeks of sailing time away from massive foundries and ironworks.
Demi-humans: Some Termace. Little or no supply vessels operate in
support of the fleet. The ship’s captains often Notable Churches:
Humanoids: Few
must ply the local seaboard settlements to
purchase goods or forage on their own inland for • A Temple of St. Cuthbert is located in
Area of Control: The Free City of the northern corner of the city. It is the
Termace maintains an area of control which by far the largest faction within the
extends to about 60 miles away from the city Keep and is lead by High Priestess
Weather/Climate: Termace has a
itself. Lama Duatha Linder (LN hf C7); 9
predominantly maritime climate, but is mostly
sheltered from the more windy conditions on the priests, and 1,200 followers.
Treaty Obligations: No major
coast. The warmest temperature ever recorded is
treaties. A minor trade agreement is kept with • A Temple of Mishakal is located to
95 °F, and the coldest is −20 °F. The city
the gnomish settlements located in the mountains the east outside the city walls. Due to
experiences moderate snowfall in the winter
east of the city allowing them to bring goods into a schism between the church order
months, but mixed with mild weather and
the city at a greatly reduced rate. and the noble houses, it is prohibited
rainfall. There are on average 14 days each
winter with at least 18 inches snow cover on the from maintaining a location inside the
Economy/Taxes: A wide range of
ground and 30 days with daily minimum city walls and has since built this new
levies is placed on all goods and products
temperature 10 °F or colder. There is often location here. The church is lead by
produced in the region. The additional taxes are
substantially more snow in hilly regions to the Lama Cavalier George Brookstone
placed on the landowners in the form of property
east and west of the city. Spring often sees much (LG hm Pal7); 6 priests, and 900
taxes and other business taxes.
sunshine, but nights can be chilly or cold. The followers.
Major Products: Iron works (all daily high temperature can exceed 68 °F from
early part of the year to the fall, but not reliably • Temple of Hextor is built near the
kinds), horses (mounts and draft animals bred
so; on average are 30 days each summer warmer central district circle. Its huge stone
and trained), armor, arms, leatherwork, wool,
than 68 °F. Fall is the most typical autumn structure rises above most of the
and barges.
month with cool temperatures and fall foliage, surrounding buildings. The faithful
while early winter is considerably darker and are lead by Canon Manfred Kilborn
Armed Forces: Termace is protected
colder. Average annual precipitation is 32 inches (LE hm C6); 6 priests, and 800
by a standing force of 6,500 troops, of which
fairly evenly spread out over the year, although followers.
3,750 men-at-arms and 1,250 horsemen are
combat troops on active service. The noble fall typically sees twice as much precipitation as
spring. Exceptionally harsh winters can cause the • Temple of Pelor is situated among the
houses each maintain a personal force of about
river to freeze over and remain frozen for several merchant district by the southern gate.
250-400 men-at-arms. A small reserve force of
weeks at a time or until a major thaw. This Lead by High Priest Curate Brandon
another 1,000 men-at-arms and 425 horsemen
occurs at least once every 2 to 3 years. This Tremdle (NG hem C5); 3 priests and
can be called up to service within 1 month’s
blocks all traffic down the Eastern River until 300 followers.
time. The city guard has a small standing force
of just over 400 men in scale-mail armor, trained the ice breaks up.

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• Shrines to Garl Glittergold, Ehlonna, Important Characters: Important Features in Town:
Thor, Paladine. Termace is a city of striking house designs. It
• Augustus Wolle (LN hm F0); is the abounds with ornate mansions, surrounded by
Notable Rogues’ and Thieves founder of Bethlehem Ironworks. The topiary, statuary, and little ornamental pools,
Guilds: foundry is one of the largest of such fountains, and cascades. The city is laid out like
outside of Dwarven strongholds. And a compass, streets radiating out from a central
• Black Hands operates in the region it is rumored to be at almost as large district circle. In the central circle the Grand Hall
without any competition. Its as some they say. The massive works of the Council (where Termace’s governing
membership only observes enough of run night and day smelting, casting council meets), the Tower of the Guard
the boundaries of the law to ensure and crafting all sorts of iron goods for (Termace’s jail, courthouse, armory, and the
they do not meet the hangman’s use and sale in Termace and beyond. main barracks of the city guard), and the Boulder
noose. While not a member of the noble (Termace’s treasury and mint) are located. The
houses, he has a great deal of sway Boulder gets its name from the fact it is a
Equipment Shops: Full (Partial in over matters that affect his company massively large rock that has been carved out, as
winter). due to the volume of goods and well as tunneled underneath to house the monies
financial support he provides them of the state. No thief has ever penetrated its
Adventures’ Quarters: Termace has each with. defenses and lived to boast of it. A hereditary
many places to stay and this list is only a brief family of craftsmen lives within, fanatically
few of the more notable locations. • John Hopkins (NG hm Cav7); is the guarding the place.
current Knight General for the noble
• The Black Dragon Inn, a huge old order of Knights of St. John’s the The port facilities are located on the
wooden building with sloping floors, Hospital. The Knight Hospitallers, in northeastern edge and account for about 3 miles
well worn carpets and dusty old Termace is the parent chapter of the of the city waterfront itself. Ships heading out to
tapestries (poor/cheap). order. The order controls the general the Titan Sea or down the Eastern River are
direction of the other chapters docked here. Many of the merchants maintain
• The Forge, a busy tavern near the throughout the lands. The chapter, warehouses nearby so that goods can be moved
ironworks foundry. The place is an numbers about 95 members strong quickly to and from the ships. The harbor itself
excellent location to meet contacts due (F0s through F2s) and several (Cav0s is crowded and often jammed as the larger ships
to the heavy amount of traffic while through Cav3s). require a great deal of space to be moved to the
remaining unnoticed (fair/moderate). piers for servicing. Due to these delays, often
• Nathan Belemmor (LE hm fights between ships captains will break out as
• Proudfeet’s Hallow inn, fence, and (lycanthrope) F1); a gem-cutter of each jockey for position as well as fight the tidal
rental stables; halfling clients matchless skill – among humans – currents and river flow. The cold and harsh
preferred, due to the small make-up of whose fits of rage are legendary. He winters often cause a majority of the port to be
the rooms. Less than 10% of the these now only makes regalia for royalty iced over and then goods must be offloaded and
will fit a normal sized human man and nobility. His fits of rage are timed rowed to shore or the ice pack then transported
(fair/cheap). with the changing of the phases of the into the city.
moon and he has been known to
• The Red Goblin Saloon, a well The two open markets near the
disappear for days if not weeks at a
maintained building that has excellent western edge of the city is where the many
selections of beer, wine, and spirits merchant operate out of wagons and tents that
from all around the realms. Their vast • Wren Ironbreaker (LG dm F5); a come and go as the seasons change. All most any
cellar contains over 1,500 different dwarven weaponsmith known type of goods can be found in these markets.
barrels with all kinds of spirits. A fine throughout the realms as a master During the colder months of the year the
brewery/distillery is attached that craftsman. He has moved to Termace numbers of merchants is much smaller and the
additionally produces many more to take advantage of the famed selection is that much poorer, however.
local selections. (excellent/moderate). ironworks to craft what may be his
greatest masterpieces. Weapons of The foundry is located to the southeast
• The Roaring Griffin inn and tavern is and is an entire district itself. The massive stone
siege artillery that use gunpowder.
operated by Lauren Necker (CG hf buildings house hundreds of small workshops
Using the nearby foundry to cast the
T7); a retired adventurer who won it where the raw ore is first smelted then processed
huge pieces he has become one of the
in a game of chance and has operated and cast. Its location along the river allows for
foremost smith’s on such designs and
it for several years. She is known to coal to be brought right to the furnaces and large
is sought after by others whom wish to
provide assistance to those many in floating barged filled with raw materials are
learn these new arts. He has been
need, especially those whom must often tied up alongside. Much of the spoil is
commissioned to build several of
avoid the Black Hands. While she is dumped into the river and has been known to
these new weapons of war by the
not a member of the Silver Picks cause the water itself to catch fire from all the
various houses. Several underlings
Society herself, she does correspond waste and debris.
have started to craft less complex
regularly with them in Dragonspell
designs under his tutelage.

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Who Rules: Lord Ryan Vindarr (LG are actively prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Winter temperatures average around 38 °F from
hm Cav18); a battle hardened, driven, and hard- law. mid-winter to early-spring. Blizzards affect
nosed warrior who has built a major fortress and Dragonspell on average once every four to six
city and provided a bridge for relations between Major Products: Horses (fine years. The most violent storms are called "white
the Elven Kingdom’s of old in the Vesphean mounts, warhorses, draft animals bred and ‘blighters", which typically feature high winds,
Forest. trained), Elven wood, Elven armor, livestock heavy rains, and occasional snow. These storms
(meat, cheese), ships, and wagons. often affect large sections of the region.
Who Really Rules: Lord Ryan Summers are hot and humid with a summer daily
Vindarr Armed Forces: Dragonspell average of 79 °F and average daily relative
maintains a standing force of 12,000 troops, of humidity around 66%, which can cause medium
Population: 68,125 (as of last which 6,000 men-at-arms, 1,000 horsemen and to moderate personal discomfort. The
census); real population averages are 61,000 750 elite heavy knights are combat troops on combination of heat and humidity in the summer
during the winter and about 72,000 in summer, active service. A reserve force of another 2,300 brings very frequent thunderstorms, some of
not including travelers. men-at-arms and 1,000 horsemen can be called which occasionally produce tornadoes in the
up to active service within 21 day’s time. An area. While hurricanes (or their more likely
Demi-humans: Some additional force consisting of 250 Elite remnants) occasionally track through the area in
Dragonguard, fully equipped, in full plate-mail, late summer and early fall, as they have often
Humanoids: Few (some along mounted and barded Cav0’s through Cav3’s greatly weakened by the time they reach
Western Hills region) operate independently throughout the region. Dragonspell, partly due to the city's inland
Dragonspell’s City Guard has a force of just over location.
Area of Control: Dragonspell has a 1,300 men in banded-mail armor, well-trained
zone of control which extends to about 75 miles and equipped F0s through F2s. The City Guard Notable Mages:
away from the Dragonspell itself. The eastern is commanded by Dagan Kendrick (LG hm F6).
most boundaries are the Vesphean Forest itself. Dragonspell warships operate on the region • The ArchMage Flenywar (CG hm
waterways and can often be found in the Titan W25 S: arcane); can often be found
Treaty Obligations: Dragonspell
Sea and throughout the Southern Sea. Close to vacationing in Dragonspell during the
maintains alliances and trade agreement with the
25 warships of a 3rd Rate Ship of the line rating milder months of the year. He is aloof
major Elven holdings in the Vesphean Forest,
or better makes up the bulk of the fleet. A to the dealings of the city as an
largely because of his former fiancé, a grey elf
modest support fleet of over 55 vessels operate ArchMage can be, of course. When in
from the region. Dragonspell retains a mutual
alongside warships supplying the fleet while at town he does however enjoy assisting
defense treaty with the Quad Knight’s
anchor with food and other provisions. The fleet others in the solving riddles, and
strongholds. A minor trade pact with Gateway
is commanded by Nigel Cleatus (LN hm F7 S: matters of arcane and scholarly
Keep allows Dragonspell warships and merchant
naval tactics, nautical engineering). His flagship, endeavourers.
vessels access to the Southern Seas. Overland
a 1st Rate Ship of the line, the ‘Renown’ is often
caravans from the west pass through to the
found wherever it is needed most. In some • Violete Moonrose (CG ef W6); is a
Vesphean Forest.
reported cases having traveled hundreds of miles grey elven mage whom has settled in
in a single day to join up with the fleet at just the Dragonspell for several years to study
Economy/Taxes: A majority of the
right time. A squadron War Eagles and riders the many magical construction
levies generated by the sale of goods to
cover the skies around Dragonspell, and at least methods used in the city and fortress.
merchants and others in the regions. The
a few Dragonriders are known to reside in the She is an excellent guide to the
remaining funds are collected from the many
region. various unique sites around
commercial industries operating in the region.
Dragonspell. She will also identify
Being located in the central plains of the
Weather/Climate: Dragonspell is magic items for a fee from those
continent and along the great eastern river has
located in the humid subtropical climate zone, whom she finds agreeable to her.
lead to the rise of some of the finest shipyards in
exhibiting four distinct seasons. Its climate is
the lands, due in no small part to the fine Elven
typical of continental areas removed from bodies • Templeton Peck (LG hm W(I)4); is
wood from the Vesphean Forest. Slavery is
of ocean water. The city is located in plant the resident illusionist in Dragonspell.
outlawed throughout the region. Slave caravans
hardiness zone indicating a temperate climate. While the pursuit of the illusionist arts
and barges found are confiscated and the slaves
Spring and fall are warm, while winter is cool is but a minor focus for many wizards,
freed. Slavers and merchants dealing in slaves
with annual snowfall averaging 20 inches. he does provide those whom wish the

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knowledge a chance to better and rare creations known to cooking. construction spells. Along with creatures such as
understand its practices. Chef Paul selects each of the items stone golems and earth elementals which have
personally and no dish is served given Dragonspell is unique appearance. The
Notable Churches: without his personal touch. city and fortress walls are constructed so well
Reservations are often required to be that one cannot find where the different sections
• A Temple of Mishakal is located made and paid for several weeks in come together or are out of plane in any
within the city. The faction in advance. Those that fail to show for a direction. Its many tall and commanding towers
Dragonspell is lead by Jonathan reservation will not be able to get on cover the entire plain on which the city and
Frakes (LG hm C7); 9 priests, and the list again for some time or without fortress lie. Several siege armaments of all types
2,200 followers. A small private a lot of gold under the table. Nobles dot walls and towers all along the city and
chapel is located in the castle itself from the court are often seen at the fortress’s perimeter. The fortress itself is a
where private services are held for the many private tables, each of which has massive working of rock and iron built to almost
ruling family. an incredible scenic view of the unheard of defensive standards. The main
landscapes of the city, lake, or castle courtyard has a massive parade ground which
• A Temple of Paladine is located near itself (excellent/expensive). can hold over 7000 men-at-arms during review.
the western city gate. Lead by High Solid stone buildings with stone roofs are the
Priest Polonius Markum (LG hm • The Blue Pony is an inn and tavern norm within the fortress. An extremely large
Pal/Cav5); 7 priests and 600 operated by Hansel Furryfoot (LG aviary is also located within the fortress walls
followers. The priests from temple of halfm F2/T1); and his family. A fine providing a stable for the war eagle riders of
Paladine also serve as the war clerics place to rest and stay with many Dragonspell. A sizable armory is located in the
for the armed forces of Dragonspell. private rooms and halls for parties and dungeon of the fortress that can equipment
Newly ordained priests are often sent business meetings. Hansel himself several thousands of soldiers.
out to the various field camps to will offer to act as secretary for any in
perform with the troops operating in need to official written minutes The harbor located on the east side of
the region. (good/moderate). the city is where the many vessels which stop at
Dragonspell for trade and other business dock at.
• Shrines to Tyr, Yondalla, Pelor. Important Characters: The member’s stevedore guild are tasked
operated the harbor piers and wharfs in the city.
Notable Rogues’ and Thieves • Robert Strutzenburg (NG hef R3/C3); A busy day normally sees over 15 major ships
Guilds: a tracker from the Vesphean Forest operating alongside the docks. The many trading
who is an expert in field crafts and vessels have found that the shorter travel time
• The Silver Picks Society operates in trained in scouting. Robert is also a down river to Gateway Keep allows them to
the region without any major leader of the bounders, whom provide maintain higher profit margins then the longer
competition. Its members observe the service as guides to the forces of routes to Port Salos and beyond.
boundaries of the law and vigilant to Dragonspell as they patrol the forested
keep their activities from disrupting areas in and around the Vesphean Located in the middle of the lake is a
the lawful order of Dragonspell. The woods. He has a very close rocky island which is off-limits to all trespassers.
guild is lead by Bartholomew J. relationship with the aide-de-camp to The rocky mountain is the lair of Dragonspell
Flump (CG halfm T8). Several Dragonspell’s ruler, Dargeth. namesake, Spark, a grumpy and very old, huge
members are rangers from the silver-blue dragon, who is Lord Ryan Vindarr’s
Vesphean Forest whom occasionally • Seymour Krelborn (CG hm F0); ally. Spark can been most often seen taking to
provide guides to other guild members operates the Dragonspell Barber shop. flight in the early evening as the rising moon
conducting forays into the deep Due to the court of Dragonspell’s passes over his lair. Those that are willing to risk
forests. fascination with hair styles, it is a the life and limb have been known to violate the
popular location to have one’s hair no trespassing rule, even fewer have lived to tell
Equipment Shops: Full (Some rare done in the latest court fashion. For their tale.
Elven manufactured items). the last several seasons the prevalent
style has been a combination of The many of the city services such as
Adventures’ Quarters: Dragonspell lamplighters, sewer, and waste removal are all
windblown hair and the mullet.
has a great many places to stay. All of them offer paid for by the various block associations’
Another such style is powdered white
a wide range of tastes and options to travelers annual fees and provide a localized form of
horse hair wigs, which are fabricated
and residents to Dragonspell. Each of the government among themselves. This local
to the individual owner’s tastes and
locations provides guests with a warm place to at government handles the day to day affair of the
fashion requirements.
least temporarily call home. city and as such has a very strong voice with the
Important Features in Town: Lord of Dragonspell. The city council meets in
• The Chef Paul’s is operated by Dragonspell was founded on the west bank of the Grand Hall located near the center of the
Earnest Paul (LN hm F0). The the eastern river lake by its current ruler. He was city. This grand structure is the city headquarters
restaurant is a finest five star dining responsible for the basic layout of the for the scribes, engineers, and other skilled
location in the lands. The daily menu fortifications and was aided greatly by the noble artisans that run the various departments of city
features some of the most delightful ArchMage Flenywar by his many magical services.
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Who Rules: Castilian-Major Sir trained and equipped F0s through F1s. The guard Clinton (LG hm C5); 6 priests, and
William Howe (LN hm F9, retired); is an aging is commanded by Bjorn Bearcloak (LG dm F5). 800 followers.
compassionate warrior who has taken it upon
himself to establish a stronghold to bring Weather/Climate: Barlow Keep has • A Temple of the Sun, dedicated to
civilization in the region. a humid subtropical climate, with hot, humid deity Pelor is located outside the
summers and mild winters that are occasionally southern Keep gate. Lead by High
Who Really Rules: Due to Castilian- cold by the standards of the southern regions. Priest Lawrence Howe (NG hm C4); 3
Major’s advanced age, he is over 75 years old Winter averages 40 °F, with temperatures in the priests and 400 followers. Lawrence
and in declining health. The day-to-day outlands slightly cooler. Warm, maritime air can Howe is the younger brother of the
operations are now handled by his son–in-law bring spring-like highs while strong Arctic air Keep’s castellan and has a strong
William Danforth (NG hem F3/C2/M2); who has masses can push lows into the teens. High relationship with the other members of
since marrying into the family provided the temperatures in summer average 88 °F but the ruling family.
Castilian-Major’s daughter with an heir to the occasionally exceed 100 °F. Typical of the
throne. southeastern region receives abundant rainfall, • Shrines to Tyr, Yondalla, Paladine.
which is relatively evenly distributed throughout
Population: 12,325 (enrolled); real the year, though spring and early fall are Notable Rogues’ and Thieves
population averages are 10,000 during the winter markedly drier. Average annual rainfall is 50 Guilds:
and about 18,000 in summer, not including inches. Temperatures at or above 90 °F occur
travelers. more than 30 days per year; overnight freezing • The Silver Picks Society operates
can be expected over 45 days, but high throughout the region with no major
Demi-humans: Some temperatures that do not climb above the competition. Its members observe the
freezing mark are rare. Snow is not seen every boundaries of the law and work hard
Humanoids: Some (many in year and averages 2.5 inches annually. True to keep their dealings from making the
Silverywood region) blizzards are rare but possible. attention of the guards.

Area of Control: Barlow Keep has a Notable Mages: Equipment Shops: Partial.
zone of control which extends to about 45 miles
away from the Barlow Keep itself. • Hermann Footer (NG hem W4); a Adventures’ Quarters: Barlow Keep
carefree, honest wizard, who is enjoys has a modest amount of places to stay.
Treaty Obligations: No major
assisting others in the pursuit of
arcane spellcraft and increasing his • The Chestnut Hunting Lodge is
own scholarly knowledge. operated by Jerry Rushing (LE hm
Economy/Taxes: A small amount of T2). The inn and tavern is a large
levies is placed on all goods and stuffs produced
• Arail Sunpedal (CG ef F2/W3 S: wooden structure built to house the
in the region. The remaining funds are generated many travelers in the city. Several
avians, grasses & grains); is a cheerful
in part by logging rights and other commercial private homes are part of the
and outgoing elven wizard. She is
enterprises in the region. lodgment, giving travelers whom have
often found alongside Tramble
Wildbrush gaining new knowledge as the funds a private home to reside in
Major Products: Horses (mounts and while on business at the Keep. The
well as teaching as few things of her
draft animals bred and trained), armor, food and drink selection are well
own. It is rumored that they are
leatherwork, livestock (meat, cheese), wood. beyond what you might find in other
former adventuring companions as
well as lovers but no one really knows smaller settlement. He is a man of
Armed Forces: Barlow Keep has a
the truth. And neither of them is excellent tastes and shows his
standing force of 1,600 troops, of which 950
willing to tell either. affluence whenever possible.
men-at-arms and 250 horsemen are combat
troops on active service. Additionally a reserve
Notable Churches:
force of another 350 men-at-arms and 150 • The Mighty Mace inn and tavern, a
horsemen can be called up to service within 2
• A Temple of Mishakal is located busy place known for good food and
month’s time. The Keep’s Guard has a standing cheerful service at all hours of the day
within the city. It is the largest faction
force of just over 325 men in chain-mail armor,
within the Keep and is lead by Henry or night (excellent/moderate).

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• The Wild Pony Tavern is operated by Barlow Keep and has an excellent
a local Halfling Toby Boffin (NG standing in the court.
halfm T1). The tavern is the local
front for of the Silver Picks Society • Tramble Wildbrush (N hm D6); a
where its members can interact local druid who has been a close
without drawing attention to advisor to the Castilian on
themselves as they fence items in the determining where logging may occur
many back rooms. The bar carries an at. There are rumors that have been
only a very limited selection of local told of him communicating with at
beers and ales that are produced in the least 1 or more Treants that live in the
Halfling village nearby. However the Silverywood. Tramble has been an
hospitality of the proprietor makes up active and highly vocal advocate to
for this general lack is selection. He the citizens of the Keep urging them
will nightly sing and perform a stand- to take great care of their impact on
up routine for the patrons leaving all the land and its plants and animals.
grasping their sides in snitches of Tramble resides in a wooded manor
laughter (good/cheap). house some miles to the east of the
keep near Silverywood. He also
Important Characters: teaches agricultural methods to the
many local farmers helping them in
• Olga Ironstone (LG df C3); a she- greater harvests.
dwarf famed around Barlow Keep for
her skill at stonecutting and stone Important Features in Town: While
sculpture, and known to a few the Keep itself is the only major strongpoint built
adventures as a skilled weaponsmith up in the area. The remaining city buildings are
and weapon repairer. Fiery-tempered layout out around the stronghold in a concentric
and gruff, she takes no guff, but gives pattern. Only a small wooden wall protects the
none, either. Olga is a cleric of city itself. Several smaller stone structures are
Berronar. However she has very few built up as the owners have the funds to improve
followers among the dwarves that call them. The Knights of the Dawn maintain a well
Barlow Keep home. She will perform built stone barracks about 3 miles to the west of
services for all dwarves who request the keep. Along with the Halfling community to
such needs regardless of their own the north of the keep, the remainder of built up
religious faiths. farming settlements extends no further than 8 to
10 miles from the keep.
• Richard Breen (LG hm R4); is the
current Knight Captain of The Order Excellent hunting and trapping areas
of the Perpetual Day, otherwise abound in the Silverywood Forest and many of
commonly known as the Knights of the young men will often be found in this
the Dawn. The Knights of the Dawn, pursuit. Several lumber camps are located with 1
originated in the city of Kaneloon and or 2 days ride from the keep. These camps
been expanding their holdings provide a vast majority of the materials and
throughout the region. The order, lumber stocks for the keep.
numbers about 35 strong (F0s through
F2s). They are actively exploring the
large outbreaks of lycanthropy which
have been frequenting the region.

• Sheriff Bill (CG halfm F4); an

adventurer from Cottonberry Still’s,
who along with his family have settled
in the region. He has recently located
and recovered a treasure horde from
an unknown and presumed deceased
young adult blue dragon based on the
size of the lair. Sheriff Bill also is the
leader of the small community of
Halflings living in the region north of
the keep. He maintains a close
relationship with the leaders of
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