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Consumer motivation for burberry

Motivation is the driving force within individualsthat impels them to action.

 a business may try to motivate consumer purchase behavior through promotions or attractive

• Motivational levels differ greatly between individuals and are influenced by many external
variables. These include the social value of making the “right” decision, beliefs about brands and
alignment of brand values and personal values. If other people are involved in the decision, their
motivation also affects the behavior of the primary consumer.

• Maslow’s need hierarchy theory explains what motivates consumers to own or acquire a brand
of luxury product. The need for esteem and a positive self-image explains why consumers need
to own luxury brands such as Burberry. This kind of need produces such satisfaction as power,
prestige status and self-confidence. It includes both internal esteem factors like self-respect,
autonomy and achievements and external esteem factors such as states,recognition and

• Burberry has targeted the market segmentation of luxury fashion goods and utilizes various
marketing campaigns to motivate consumers to buy their products.

• One customer journey innovation is Burberry’s The Art of The Trench, described as “a living

celebration of the Burberry trench coat and the people who wear it.” This platform successfully
positions the customer as a hero, and provides a forum for him or her to proudly show off their
trench coats and individual styling via selfies posted on Instagram or Pinterest. Thousands of
selfies have been posted, with comments, likes and dislikes and the opportunity to shift any one
of those pictures into a purchase. Thus giving a sense of recognition and attention to the

Source- https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottdavis/2014/03/27/burberrys-blurred-lines-the-
integrated-customer-experience/?sh=606bcfab3cc6, 2017

Burberry has also focused on utilizing social media to learn about the latest fashion trends that are
driving the fashion circles around the globe. By listening to their consumers effectively, Burberry has
been able to introduce create your own style brand of clothing that appeals to the youth.

• Burberry looked at the target customer and realized that Millennials are more influenced or
motivated - by peers than by anything that a fashion house might have to say. And discovery,
advocacy and sharing among communities do a lot of the heavy lifting of brand-building. While a
company can make a potential customer aware of its brand, current consumers and advocates
help sell it.

Burberry makes its customers feel authentic and prestigious through it’s unique in-store experiences.

• Burberry also recognized that music is so interwoven into customers’ lives that it
created Burberry Acoustic, a platform for new British bands looking to get a break. A few years
ago, you might have seen Jake Bugg before he made it big or The Daydream Club posting videos
on the Burberry Acoustic website that streamed to Burberry stores around the world. Burberry’s
authentic dedication to giving young British bands an opportunity to break through, using all of
its multi-media platforms, is not only on-brand but plays right into the Millennial sweet spot of
getting access to music in unique and innovative ways.

Source - https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottdavis/2014/03/27/burberrys-blurred-lines-the-integrated-customer-experience/?
sh=48591d693cc6, published 2017