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DF uses Ing and uses

3. Cod EPA – brain devt

DHA - brain devt

Vit A - eyes

Vit D – prevents rickets

4. Mg Cit Oral liquid Relief for constipation Magnesium 199mg – laxative

Sodium 36 mg – fluid balance,

nerve and muscle function

5. sulfurated lime Topical lotion/solution applied topical antiseptic and  Iodophors -disinfectant

externally scabicide lime sulfur -

Copper sulfate – fungicide,


zinc sulfate – oral rehydration


potassium aluminum sulfate -


6. SIS Oral solution reduces thyroid hormone Iodine - reduces thyroid hormone

can kill fungus, bacteria, and

other microorganisms such as Potassium iodide -

amoebas expectorant; salt of

prepare the thyroid gland for iodine that can help

surgical removal and treatment block

of overactive thyroid conditions radioactive iodine from

being absorbed 

7. powder - water and sewage calcium oxide- raise ph

treatment water
- pH modifier

8 syrup mask the taste of Sucrose –

bitter drugs sweetener
Water -
9. syrup  temporarily relieve Sucrose
symptoms caused by Glycerin
the common cold, Orange water
flu, allergies, or other

breathing illnesses

10. Ammonia
Aromatic Oils