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Why is talking about the menstrual cycle is such a coy \ cliched \

hidden topic in society?

Let’s start from the beginning, what is the menstrual cycle? If you google “what is the
menstrual cycle?” the definition you will receive would be, the menstrual cycle is the regular
natural change that occurs in the female reproductive system that makes pregnancy
possible. The keywords here are the regular natural change that occurs in the female
reproductive system that makes “pregnancy possible” I am sure everyone reading this knows
what is pregnancy.
So why are we being shying away from discussing such an important topic? The other day I was
in so much pain because of my period pains, or cramps as we call them. And I opened my
WhatsApp and I typed a status, “does anyone know how to reduce period pains? Because IA
dying here” apart from a few of my closest friends the response I received was, are you mad?
why would you post something like that? Which influenced me to write this… why is it feel so
wrong to talk about periods of the menstrual cycle?
According to my, it's because of the culture which doesn’t evolve, or rather the people who
don’t let the culture evolve, since the people in Asian countries or rather the south Asian
countries, started to get civilized and started to get to know the duties and the responsibilities,
the main thing was, the woman should be hidden, coy, shy, their problems should never see
the light, and I am sad to say that, even after 100 years have passed or maybe more, still we
are in that same mindset.
In Sri Lanka, when we are having periods, we are prohibited from even worshipping the boo
tree, we can’t even go up or near it, why? Because having menses is considered as a very dirty
unclean scenario, the most important process of the occurrence of reproduction is considered
as dirty. That is the mindset we are carrying, and the main question is why is it like that.
Honestly even I can’t understand. But we can see that it’s another process of limiting women
from receiving opportunities
We should make people understand, who enforce these baseless rules in the name of the
culture that, they are born is because of this process of blood hood, which every woman goes
through her life with a smile on her face, until they reach a certain age. And they should
respect that. And we should never mix the culture with these problems.
All I want to say is that it’s not an easy thing for a woman to go through this every month.
When these restrictions come and we are shying away from talking about this. Making talking
about this equal to a shameful criminal offense like a thing is not acceptable at all. Talking
about our rights our difficulties and the problems which we face due to this openly is going to
make people aware. And easy to cop up with.
In the end, I want to say
Seeing a little bleed patch on a back of a skirt or a pant in a woman is not something to be
shame full
All you have to do is come to us politely and mention it. Not to make fun of getting scared.
Thank you for reading this
Kehansa Gunarathne.