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First, we would like to thank God Almighty Allah who give us courage to
complete this project and also thank our parents who supported us in all
matters, And also our …………who gave us the opportunity to enhance our
abilities, implement our marketing knowledge and to make research on a firm
and provide us a platform to express our views about the company and their
A special word of thanks to for his invaluable guidance, help and assistance
in the completion of this project.


We would like to dedicate this report to our most dear parents

and respected teacher who guided us.
Thanks to Sir


Haleeb Foods was established in 1986 and its first product was Haleeb milk. Since then,
it has continued to provide quality products to its consumers with product and packaging
innovations. Other products and their dates of launch are as follows:

1997 Haleeb Asli Desi Ghee

Cream, Candia Skimz Milk Powder

1999 Candia Milk, Candia Skimz Liquid Milk

2000 Tropico Juice Drink, Haleeb Dairy Queen

2001 Haleeb N'rish Instant Full Cream Milk Powder

2002 Haleeb N'rish Fortified Instant Full Cream Milk Powder

Candia Tea Max Dairy Whitener, Haleeb Butter, Haleeb Plain Yogurt, Haleeb
Lassi Drink

Haleeb Good Day Pure Juice, Haleeb Fun Day Juice Drink, Candia Candy'Up
Flavoured Milk

Haleeb Cream With Honey, Haleeb Tea Max with Cardamom, Haleeb Labban,
Haleeb Good Day(Mix Fruit, Red Grapes, Mango Pineapple)

2006 Haleeb Reshmi Pack, Candia Classic, Skimz Pouch, Tropico Nectar

2007 Haleeb Cheddar Cheese

Haleeb Foods is Pakistan’s number 1 and fastest growing packaged Food Company. As
of fiscal 2006, its annual turnover is Rs.9 Billion. Recently, Haleeb Foods has built yet
another plant in Rahim Yar Khan whose purpose is to provide Haleeb’s quality products
to maximum number of consumers.

About company
Basic Information
Company Name: Haleeb Foods Limited
Business Type: Manufacturer
Product/Service: Uht Milk, Butter, SMP, Fcmp, Pure Juices, Juice Drinks
Above 1000 People
Number of Employees:

Ownership & Capital

Year Established: 1982

Registered Capital: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Corporation/Limited Liability Company
Ownership Type:

Trade & Market

North America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid East,

Main Markets:
Eastern Asia
Main Customer(s): Consumers and manufacturers for bulk products
Total Annual Sales Volume: Above US$100 Million
Export Percentage: 1% - 10%
Total Annual Purchase Volume: US$50 Million - US$100 Million

Factory Information
Factory Size (Sq.meters): Above 100,000 square meters
QA/QC: In House
Number of Production
Above 10
Number of R&D Staff: 11 - 20 People
Number of QC Staff: 91 - 100 People
Contract Manufacturing: OEM Service Offered

Company Profile
Building an excellent reputation over the years, Haleeb Foods continues to be at the
forefront of product and packaging innovation. By the grace of God, it has achieved
market leadership in several food categories with a very strong portfolio, consisting of
leading national and international brands – Haleeb, Candia, Dairy Queen, Tea Max,
Skimz, Tropico and Good Day. Apart from its extensive nationwide distribution
networks, Haleeb Foods is also serving several export markets including South Korea,
Bangladesh, Afghanistan and the Central Asian states.

Haleeb Foods has the distinction of being the first company in Pakistan to use Tetra Pak’s
novel packaging formats, Tetra Brick Aspetic (TBA) and Tetra Fino Aseptic (TFA).
Haleeb Foods has also introduced a number of unique products previously unknown to
the Pakistani market, like Haleeb Labban, delicious traditional lassi (buttermilk) prepared
with pure thick milk and yogurt, Candia Tea Max, cardamom flavored tea whitener,
Candia milk, packed in distinctive food grade plastic bottle, and Haleeb Good Day, 100%
pure and natural fruit juice, free of added sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives.

All this and more makes Haleeb Foods Pakistan’s number 1 and fastest growing
packaged food company. As of fiscal 2006, its annual turnover is Rs. 9 Billion.

International Certifications
Haleeb Foods’ products are made with great care, and marked with our quality seal of
recognition. We are the only dairy company in Pakistan that undertakes 21 rigorous
quality control tests on every portion of the milk collected by our teams. These
internationally recognized tests are used to check for: a) adulteration, b) microbiological
contamination and c) adequacy of nutritional contents. All processes, from preparation to
quality assurance to packaging, are undertaken employing state-of-the-art technology and
equipment. Therefore, we take great pride in the fact that Haleeb Foods is the only food
company in Pakistan that has the following international certifications of quality and

 HACCP (in process controls for safer products)

 ISO 9002 (better quality for greater customer satisfaction)
 ISO 14000 (environment-friendly operations)


Build Branded food business to improve quality of life by offering tasty, affordable and
highly nutritional products to our consumers while maximizing stake holders' value


Most Innovative and fastest growing food company offering products enjoyed in "every
home every day"


 Enterprise

 Empowerment

 Accountability

 Trust

 Teamwork


We are committed to:

 Build branded food business to improve quality of life by offering tasty, sage,
hygienically processed, and affordable, highly nutritional food products through
environment friendly processes to our customers while maximizing stake holders'

 Meet the requirement of all relevant legislation and regulation related to consumer
satisfaction & safety, environment and other applicable laws etc.

 To prevent pollution through controlling levels of harmful emission, effluents and

other wastes.

 Contribute to safe and healthy environment for our country.

 Promote mutual trust with customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and


 Provide all the necessary resources for the continual improvement in quality,
safety of our products, processes and environment.

Our Location

Marketing Plan

It is the set of control able, tactical marketing tools that the firm blends to produce the
respond it want in the target market.



Any thing that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use, or
Consumption that might satisfy a want or need.
Product is attached with customer i.e. customer see there buying value or
Solution to there problem
HALEEB FOODS have already having different types of milks.
Our product having


Quality Good
Packaging Attractive
Variety more than customer needs
Focus On Customer needs
Aim Customer Satisfaction

Following are the products offered by HALEEB FOODS



 Asli Desi Ghee

 Haleeb Butter
 Haleeb Cream
 Haleeb Yogurt
 Tea Mix
 Cheddar Cheez


 Funday
 Good Day
 Tropico Juice Drink
 Haleeb Labban
 Tropico Nector


 Haleeb Milk
 Dairy Queen
 Candia Milk
 Haleeb Skimz Liquid
 Haleeb Skimz Powder
 Candy Up
 Haleeb Gold
 Haleeb Reshmi
 Haleeb Bottle

Asli Desi Ghee

Haleeb Asli Desi Ghee is obtained from pure milk through the traditional procedure of
heating butter slowly. Haleeb Asli Desi Ghee is free from all artificial ingredients, it has
pure and natural taste and is nutritionally preserved.

Shipping Units

 0.5 kg pouch: 10 packs/carton

 1 kg pouch: 5 packs/carton
 1 kg tin: 6 tins/carton
 5 kg tin: 2 tins/carton
 16 kg tin: 1 tin/carton

Haleeb Butter

Haleeb Butter is the best natural source of Vitamins A & D for everyone, and by far the
ideal way of starting yet another busy day. It is rich in its taste and revitalizes your energy
for a long tiresome day.

Shipping Units

 20g pack: 300 packs/carton

 50g pack: 120 packs/carton
 100g pack: 60 packs/carton
 200g pack: 30 packs/carton
 1000g pack: 1 pack/carton

Haleeb cheddar cheese

Haleeb Foods makes a new addition, Haleeb Cheddar Cheese, to its healthy and
wholesome product range. Discover great taste, premium quality and the power of Vital 3
in every recipe made with Haleeb Cheddar Cheese. Vital 3 is the right combination of
calcium, protein and vitamins in Haleeb Cheddar Cheese, which acts as a source to
enhance the brainpower, especially for growing children. Haleeb Cheddar Cheese is
specially made with Halal ingredients at the state-of-the-art dairy plant conforming to
international quality standards. And for the first time in Pakistan, it is also offered in a
customized 2 slices pack. The product is sealed and packed in air-tight packaging, which
keeps the product fresh and tasty.

Shipping units

 2 slices pack (20 packs per skillet)

 10 slices pack (48 packs per carton)
 100 g block (72 packs per carton)

Haleeb cream

The premium cream processed hygienically from pure fresh milk, Haleeb Cream is
luxuriously rich in its thickness and nutritional value. It promises the richest assortment
of tempting toppings, delicious desserts and creamiest coffee with its unique taste, also
great for eating with bread etc. Packed in 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic packaging.
6 months shelf life.

Shipping Units

 250 ml: 27 packs/shrink-wrapped tray

 65 ml mini pack: 24 packs/dispenser, 6 dispensers/carton

Haleeb yogurt

Haleeb Plain Yogurt meets the highest quality standards and gives consumers
unmatched quality, freshness and taste with every spoonful. Offered in 450g, 200g and
900g packing, with a freshness seal that keeps the product attributes fresh throughout its

Shipping Units

 Plain Yogurt 450 gm: 12 Units/Tray

 Plain Yogurt 200 gm: 24 Units/Tray
 Zeera/Mint Raita 250 gm: 24 Units/Tray
 Raita 250 gm: 24 Units/Tray

Haleeb Tea max

In tune with the Haleeb Foods tradition of providing consumers high quality and value
added products, Haleeb Tea Max is the ideal choice for all tea and coffee lovers. Tea Max
is special milk that provides a rich taste in your beverage. It is also available in the unique
and delicious cardamom flavor, packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic

Shipping Units

 200 ml (plain) pack: 27 packs/carton

 200 ml (cardamom) pack: 27 packs/carton


Haleeb Funday is a delicious juice drink especially for kids, enriched with calcium, and
vitamins A, C & D. An exciting treat, packed with health and a great taste, Funday juices
will surely be an instant success with kids with their unique and amusing names,
Aamonka (mango) and Arrochee (peach and lychee). They are packed in a 6-layered
Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic packaging.

Shipping Units

 200ml Pack: 36 Packs /Carton Shrink wrap units

 200ml Pack: 27 Packs/Carton

Good day

Haleeb Good Day offers consumers a range of 100% pure juices with the essence of four
fruits in each glass, without any added sugar, flavors or preservatives. For consumption
absolutely anywhere and anytime, Good Day's six premium juices (apple, pineapple, red
grape, mango, orange, and mixed fruit) give you the absolute delight in taste, and
revitalizes you at the same time. It is packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic

Shipping Units

 250 ml Pack: 27 Packs/Cartons

 1000 ml Pack: 12 Packs/Carton

Haleeb labban

Lassi is an age-old traditional beverage in the South Asian continent. Haleeb Labban
aims to give its consumers the same satisfying traditional taste of thick lassi, along with
hygiene, convenience and accessibility. Haleeb Labban is the only ready to drink
packaged lassi available in Pakistan. It is available in salty and sweetened variants,
packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic packaging.

Shipping Units

 250 ml pack: 27 packs/carton

 1000 ml pack: 12 packs/carton

Haleeb Tropico

With the quality assurance of Haleeb Foods, Tropico is the premium juice drink, superior
in taste and pulp contents, for that invigorating fruity refreshment. Tropico is available in
three flavors: apple, mango, and mix fruit, packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick
Aseptic packaging.

Shipping Units

 1000ml Pack: 12 Packs/Carton

 250 ml pack: 36 packs/carton
 250ml Pack: 27 Packs/Cartons


Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is standardized and homogenized pure UHT Milk with 3.5% fat and 8.9%
solid non fats. At an affordable price it has won the hearts of consumers everywhere. It is
available in 6-layered Tetra Pak Fino Packaging, introduced for the first time in Pakistan
and has 2 months shelf life.

Shipping Units:

 250 ml: 24 pouches per carton

 500 ml: 16 pouches per carton
 1000 ml: 9 pouches per carton

Haleeb Milk

Consumers everywhere know that only Haleeb Milk makes the best tea ever because of
its thickness. Haleeb is pasteurized, homogenized, and standardized pure UHT milk of
the highest standard with 3.5% fats and 8.9% solid non fats. It is Haleeb Foods premier
brand, and the choice of quality-conscious consumers who only go for the best. Packed in
easy to open, 6-layered Tetra Pak Brick Aseptic packaging, it comes with a 3 months
shelf life.

Shipping Units
 1000 ml: 12 packs/carton
 500 ml: 12 packs/shrink-wrapped tray
 250 ml: 27 packs/shrink-wrapped tray

How is Haleeb milk made?

Haleeb milk is not actually made but it is processed milk. We collect raw milk from approved
dairy farms and process it ensuring the highest standards. Some people think that perhaps
Haleeb milk is made from chemicals or synthetically but this is not true.

Haleeb Skimz Milk

Candia Skimz is the only completely fat-free milk with the richness of pure milk. Minus
fats, it is an ideal choice for weight-watchers and heart patients. It is also high in calcium
content, which prevents osteoporosis. Packed in a 6-layered Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic
packaging, it comes with a 3 months shelf life.

Shipping Units

 200 ml: 12 packs/carton

 250 ml: 27 packs/shrink-wrapped tray

Haleeb Skimz powder

Skimz is a fat-free milk powder, naturally low in cholesterol; yet high in proteins and
calcium. There are mainly two types of milk powders, full cream and skimmed. SKIMZ
is a skimmed milk powder. Full cream powder contains 28% fat, whereas SKIMZ
contains less than 1% fat. Moreover, the protein and calcium content is higher in SKIMZ
as compared to full cream milk powder. It is best suited for weight conscious people as
well as those trying to maintain a low cholesterol level.

Shipping Units

 200 g: 12 skillets/shrink-wrapped tray

 500 g: 12 skillets/carton

Candia Candy up

With the backup of Candia, Candy Up has been launched especially for flavored milk
drinkers, in chocolate & strawberry flavors to the sheer delight of children. The fact that
it comes in a bottle makes up for convenient usage as well.

Shipping Units

 500 ml: 12 bottles per carton

Haleeb Gold

Dairy Queen is standardized and homogenized pure UHT Milk with 3.5% fat and 8.9%
solid non fats. At an affordable price it has won the hearts of consumers everywhere. It is
available in 6-layered Tetra Pak Fino Packaging, introduced for the first time in Pakistan
and has 2 months shelf life.

Shipping Units:

 250 ml: 24 pouches per carton

 500 ml: 16 pouches per carton
 1000 ml: 9 pouches per carton

Haleeb Reshmi Pack

Haleeb Reshmi pack is long life packaged milk and offers consumers premium quality
milk at an attractive price. Due to its multi-layered packaging material, Reshmi pack not
only retains the natural thickness of milk for a longer time, but also protects the milk
from light, heat and bacteria.

Shipping Units

 125 ml :48 packs/carton

 1000 ml : 6 packs/carton
 200 ml:24 packs/carton
 250 ml: 20 packs/carton

Haleeb Bottle

The good thing about the Haleeb Bottle is that it is made out of material that is 100
percent recyclable. Haleeb Milk bottle comes in two sizes. Feel free to have your own
pick according to your need. With 1 liter and quarter liter bottles available on the racks,
Haleeb Milk is all about making your life simpler and easier.


The Milk Bottle's convenient screw cap makes it easy to use in our day to day life.
The aluminum that covers the mouth of the bottle ensures that the milk that reaches you
remain fresh.
Approved by CCTPA the Haleeb Milk Bottle has multi protected layers that keeps it safe
from bacteria and sunlight.

Haleeb xtra energy milk

Haleeb Xtra energy milk contains high cream content and essential vitamins A, D, E and
K that provide extra nutrition to your children. It is pasteurized, homogenized, and
standardized pure UHT milk of the highest standard with 5% fat specially formulated to
meet the energy needs of growing kids. Unlike adults, children are busy in non-stop
physical and mental activity throughout the day - and they need Xtra energy for
maximum performance and physical growth. Packed in easy to open, 6-layered Tetra Pak
Brick Aseptic packaging, it comes with a 3 months shelf life.

Shipping Units

 1000 ml: 12 packs/carton

 500 ml: 12 packs/shrink-wrapped tray
 250 ml: 27 packs/shrink-wrapped tray


Price is the most important of the classic marketing mix. There can be two objectives
is to maximize market share through market satisfaction and customer value.
Now the question is arise that which price is suitable for customer? For this question
we have found an answer by studying “Pricing new product strategies.”
Strategies are:



 Cost Oriented
 Demand and suply

With the passage of time i.e. After getting suitable market share we may use
cost oriented tool from the above mentioned tools.

Cost oriented
“Calculation all the expenses which are incurred on product and by adding a
suitable profit”………set the price.

 Haleeb Milk
250 ml: 14/-
500 ml: 27/-
1000 ml: 48/-


Haleeb fods is available all over the Pakistan


Promotion means to promote our product among the user who want to buy
and consumer product, it refers techniques for communicating information
about our product.
There are four major sub-points of promotion.

 Advertising
 Personal selling
 Sales promotion
 Public Relations

‘ Variety of communication devices for carrying a seller’s message to the
potential customer”

Comparative advertising:
Advertising strategy that directly compare two or more products.

Reminder advertising:
Advertising strategy that tries to keep a product's name in the consumer mind.

Advertising media:
It contains variety of communications and Haleeb Foods is using almost
all varieties of advertising Sources.

There are plenty of advertising media which are used by Haleeb foods like:

 News paper
 Televisions
 Mobile advertising
 Direct mail
 Radio
 Magazines


Promotional tools play a important role in the success of Jazz. Advertising helps
Jazz to communicate its intended message to target customers. Sales promotion
helps Jazz to stimulate final as well as business consumers like retailers. Public
relations play a important role in getting favorable publicity and successful
working of Haleeb milk.

Differentiating Factor

 Consistent quality.
 Hygiene.
 Aesthetic sense.
 Strong distribution channel.
 Brand loyalty.
 Advance promotional tools.
 Taste.

Pakistan is the market, on which Haleeb foods focus on.
The market consist on many types of customers products and needs, Haleeb foods have to
need determine which segments offers the best approaching for achieving company
Haleeb Foods Market segmentations consist on followings:
 Geographic segmentation
 Demographic segmentation
 Physiographic segmentation
 Behavioral segmentation

Geographic segmentation

A class superstores and grocery stores in the high traffic markets in posh areas of all
the cities of distribution throughout the Pakistan.

Demographic segmentation

Income: People having income 50,000 and above.

Age: Youth an old age people are taken as the
most important targets
Gender: Females in emphasis, while males also are
Family-size All family sizes
Life-cycle stage That life cycle stage is given more
importance which includes more young
people but old ones are also not ignored.

Physiographic segmentation

Social Class: upper, Middle, Lower Classes

Behavioral factors

Benefits Convenient, Quality , Service

User rates Medium user
Attitude Towards products Positive, indifferent


Following are the major environmental factors which impact on the marketing
1. Micro Environment
2. Macro Environment

Demographic environment is also important for company. Pakistan’s economic environment,
technological environment like introduction of mobile TV by Telenor and political environment like
political uncertainty and government laws, People’s perceptions and point of view about the Mobilink
also affect Mobilink ability to serve its customers.
Micro Environment includes different kind of forces these forces are:
 Demographics Forces
 Economical Forces

 Political or legal forces
 Technological Forces

Demographics Forces

Demographic is the study of human population in term of size, age,

Location, occupation and statistics.
 Increase population
 Income Increase Effect The Purchase of Haleeb Milk.

Economical Forces

Changes in major economic variables have a significant impact on

the marketplace.

 Inflation & Interest Rate

 Personal Saving Rate
 Disposable & Discretionary Income
 Energy Availability & Cost

Political or legal forces

Laws for Labour:
Labour is being privileged here having all the laws.

Laws of Environmental protection:

They do concern for environment and contribute more and more for the betterment of

Government Stability:
It does not affect the “HALEEB FOODS”. Because Government does not offer any
subsidy to them. About importing the martial have no restriction imposed by
government. Government does concern for the documentation bout the registration

of the company. Afterwards just sales tax is paid to it. Government stability has
effect in “HALEEB FOODS”

Taxation Laws:
Milk has no tax except sales tax. But the product having more tax is butter and cream.

Attitudes towards foreign companies:

They have no any agreement with any foreign company but if any company will offer the
business to them related / unrelated they would think about it according to terms and

Laws on hiring & promotions:

Hiring & promotion is followed by law. People with better capabilities are privileged
because they deserve it, for the betterment of the organization. As well as a well
educated & skilled experienced person is a precious asset for the company suit should
be hired on better term & conditions and be promoted on the basis of it capabilities.

Technological Forces

Technological development are the most manageable un controllable

forces face by the marketer. Company needs to be aware of new
technologies in order to run these advances into opportunities and completive edge.

Product innovation:
Product innovation is becoming more necessary for the organization because of
globalization people are becoming aware about the changes being taken place around
them so in order to tackle the situation HALEEB FOODS is focusing on product
innovation by introducing milks and with the passage of time HALEEB FOODS will

introduce new flavors in milks.

New communication technology:

All the modern as well as traditional ways of communication are being adopted by
HALEEB FOODS including own emails, letters, faxes and monthly visit in different
offices of HALEEB FOODS for better communication among supplier, distributor
and customers.
HALEEB FOODS has also established own website which can be visited any one for
most recent news innovation and activities being taken in the organization.
Current job vacancies are also available HALEEB FOODS website.

Productivity improvement through automation:

Automation don’t matter a lot but to some extent it contribute towards productivity
and improvement. Imported milk filled in machines for processing after the final form
of milk it is packed in 250 and 1 liter packing.

New Products:
HALEEB FOODS s focusing concentric and multinational diversification because in
present era it is not possible for any organization to exist in market for long run by
providing just one product. So HALEEB FOODS is diversifying according to
changing demand of customers and trends.

Total spending on Research & Development

Spending on R&D is long term investment for any organization. HALEEB FOODS
has R&D department head of R&D department is Mr. Arshad Bhatti. HALEEB
FOODS total spending on R&D 73 millions.

In micro environment the company’s internal environment has a big impact on the
marketing ability to serve his customers, Suppliers role is also very important.
Distributors, Whole sellers and retailers also affect company’s marketing ability.
Micro Environment includes:
 Company
 Suppliers
 Intermediary customers
 Customers
 competitors


Suppliers the “raw milk” is basic raw material for milk. As for as supplier of
“raw milk” is concern their main supplier are from “All major countries and also
small cities of Pakistan”. They can arrange pulp from Pakistan but its processing
is very costly here and sophisticated machines are not available here so they
import it.
New supplier not entering in the industry so that their bargaining power of
supplier is high but bargaining power of “Haleeb Foods” is low.

Intermediary customers:

“HALEEB FOODS” Have distribution channels in all over the Pakistan excluding
some none developed areas. The “Haleeb milk” is available every where. But due to
high price it’s milk available on superstore where upper class people shop.
For the concise detail of distributors a form is attached as appendix at the end but the
thing which was note able that “HALEEB FOODS” do not ask for qualification of
the distributor but their main concern is the financial background and how much
experience they have. A part from these requirements they do ask infrastructure of

distribution centre, warehouse etc.
They have set performance appraisal system for its distributors. For the sale of
specific target set by “HALEEB FOODS” distributor would get cash bonus as well
as good performance certificate. It motivates distributor to do more & more for the
sale as well as well being of the company which is ultimately his own well being.


They have segmented the market & through distributor they provide juices to end
users or intermediary. ”HALEEB FOODS” attain & retain customers through all
promotional strategies like adds, billboards ,broche, special packages on different
events like Ramadan Jashne Azadi etc. A part from all these efforts its slogan”
PURITY” is enough to attain & retain the customers.
End user mostly consume “HALEEB MILK” because 70% people live in villages
they cannot afford costly milk & the main revenue of “HALEEB FOODS” is
generated from pure milk.

Evaluating that how organization is competing in the market place to take
advantage of opportunities & over coming the threats in order to take competitive
advantage over the rivals.
In order to evaluate the competitive position we have to take a look on the
competitors of “HALEEB FOODS” in MILK CATEGORY.


1. Nestle milk pak

2. Olpers

3. Good milk
Nestle and olpers are the main competitor of “HALEEB FOODS” offering pure


It is a multinational company operating in broad range of products but from the juices
point of view “HALEEB FOODS” consider it the competitor. Nestle has strong
financial backup its requirements to retailer, distributor are most sophisticated as
compared to “HALEEB FOODS”.

“Nestlé” is a Swiss-German word which means “Little Nest” which is its trademark.
Nestle is the worlds’ number one food company.5th largest company of the world
according to its turnover.2 million 20 thousand people employed from all over the
world. Present in 80 countries of the globe having 500 factories.
Over 700 products renovated or innovated in the past five years, with wellness in
As the business of milk is profitable many new competitors are entering in the
market. Some existing companies are also going to diversify and introduce the milk
“HALEEB FOODS” pursue the strategies of the competitor so it is market follower
not market leader.

Doodh ki qudrati ghizayat

Pure, Nutritious Goodness of Milk

Pure, rich and delicious NESTLÉ® MILKPAK® standardized UHT milk benefits from
Nestlé’s expertise in bringing you the very best life has to offer and benefits from 140
years of consumer trust.

Our extensive milk collection system ensures that the milk you get is of the finest quality.

Encourage your family to exercise regularly, eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and drink
pure, nutritious milk for good health. Milk is a must-drink for your children as it is a rich
source of Calcium that helps in the growth and development of strong bones and teeth. It
is equally beneficial in keeping grown-ups bones strong. So live to the fullest and enjoy
the pure, wholesome goodness of milk with

A 250 ml glass of NESTLÉ® MILKPAK® fulfills your daily requirement of 27-30% of

Calcium, 15-18% of Protein, 31-34% of Phosphorous, 6-9% of Vitamin A and 160-169
Kcal of energy, as Recommended Dietary Allowance by the National Academy of

Sciences, USA.

Comperative Analysis between two milk producing companies



NAME OF ORGANIZATIONS Haleeb milk Nestle milk pack

Coverage Good Very Good

Quality of Service Fair Good

Distribution Fair Good

Price High Very High

Services Offered Fair Good

Brand Strong Strong

Packaging sizes of Nestle milk pack &

Haleeb milk



S Strengths
W weakness
O opportunity
T threats


 Quality

 Service

 Brand name and image

 Germs proof packing

 Latest plant technologies

 Qualified staff


Policies are made but sometimes not implemented.


 The concentric diversification in different juices products.
 There are a lot of untapped markets in different areas of Pakistan
 Haleeb Foods Company can become multinational and can target different market
of different countries.
 Backward integration can use in juice products of Haleeb Company.


 There is strong competition in food products market.

 Different strategies adopted by competitors Nestle in juices products
 New product advancement by different competitors.
 Government policy changes and fluctuation in tax rates on food items.
 Imported tin juices are great threat for good day.
 Changes in Custom duties on plump.

Haleeb milk’s
Key to success is their delicious taste that meets market demand in addition it ensures
total customers satisfaction if these keys are successfully achieved then company will
achieve more market share than now.


The following are the strengths over their competitors.

 High Market Share.
 Highly technological equipment.
 Highly innovative R&D department.
 Only multinational company in Pakistan.
 Strong Distribution Network (covered almost 98% Pakistan).
 Giving maximum Distributor’s Margin.
 Giving maximum Retailer Margin.

 Ingredients 100% imported.

Weakness from competitors

 High price.


 Maintaining positive growth in each quarter.

 Add new features of packaging i.e. new packaging style.
 Decrease customer acquisition cost 3 P.A.
 To increase sales volume by 15.
 Achieve a steady increase in market penetration.
 To increase market share of HALEEB MILK from 24 to 34%

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Proposed marketing mix strategies

Product Strategies

Following is the Product strategy of HaleebFoods. Product attributes Branding

Packaging Labeling Product support services (in case of services)

Product attributes

The major characteristics of products of HaleebFoods are its quality.
According to them:

“Our customer’s comeback and not the product”.

Other features are:

 Long expiry date

 Fresh smell
 Fresh and rich taste
 Rich color


The sign of HaleebFoods and pictures related to the products are printed on the
back of all Haleeb products.


HaleebFoods pay special attention towards the packaging of their products.

Therefore they use six layered tetra pack for their products.


Ingredients used in the product, price of the product, manufacturing date, expiry date,
batch number; etc is also printed on the pack of the products.

Pricing strategies
Prices of the products of HaleebFoods are set on the basis of cost of the ingredients used
in the products plus other operational costs like packaging, weighing, etc…

HaleebFoods also position their juices on Psychological Pricing i.e.

“High price for high quality.”

Place/Distribution Strategies

 HaleebFoods distribute their products through authorized distributors, selected on

qualification, previous experience, storage place of the distributor, etc…
 Competitors’ distribution strategy is also considered while distribution of the
 Demand and Supply rule is also taken into account.
 HaleebFoods always maintain inventory level above the demand in order to fulfill
the needs of the customers.
 HaleebFoods place their products especially juices in posh areas.

Promotional Strategies

Haleeb Foods use following strategies in order to create awareness among the customers
and to persuade them:

1. Advertisement

Ads are published in newspapers, magazines. Television adds are also used for the
promotion of the products. In addition to this holdings and billboards are also

2. Personal selling

In case of launch of new product HaleebFoods greatly emphasize on personal

selling. They record the interaction between the user and company representative
and make improvements accordingly.

3. Sales Promotion

When HaleebFoods launch new product the company representative is present in

the stores in which they place their product. Those representatives interact with
the customers and convince them to use their product by offering free samples
and discount to them.

4. Sales promotion (for retailers, whole sellers and


When Haleeb Foods introduce new product they offer free samples and discounts
to the retailers, whole sellers and distributors on the basis of bulk purchase.

Description of Segment:
 HaleebFoods highly emphasize on the income level of their target customers.
 Children, youth, old age all are considered.
 Both male and female are included in their target consumers.
 Family size of the target customers is also considered.
 Every life-cycle stage of the target market is considered.
 All upper and middle class super stores are targeted for the placement of their
 HaleebFoods products are not meant for special occasions rather customers may
use them as a part of their meal.
 Quality and taste are very important features of the HaleebFoods products.
 The sales frequency of HaleebFoods products is moderate as their products are
not occasion specific. So the customers may or may not use them consistently.

(RS, 000)

2007 2006
Trading Results

Sales-net 8,086,175 7,941,780

Gross Profit 1,090,860 870,368

Operating Profit 644,711 517,773

Profit Before Tax 486,114 380,673

Profit After Tax 389,697 332,888

Balance Sheet

Shareholders’ Funds 2,060,133 1,755,620

Reserves 275,000 275,000

Operating Fixed Assets 1,071,235 926,645

Net Working Capital 46,189 (59,748)

Current Assets 811,306 761,179

2007 2008

Sales Growth % 21.54 22.64

Gross Profit Margin % 16.79 14.25

Operating Profit Ratio % 7.87 7.63

Profit before Tax % 6.48 6.12

Profit after Tax % 5.00 4.78

Pretax Profit Growth % 27.70 23.00

Net Profit Growth % 48.44 21.35

*Current Ratio 1.07 0.90

Fixed Assets Tunover Times 6.99 6.40

Return on Equity % 32.61 30.82

Return on Total Assets % 16.12 15.99


Haleeb milk Dairy Queen

skimz Candy up

Porter’s five Models

1) Threats of new entrants:

There are following barriers of entry for new entrant for milk in market.

 Accesses to distribution channels are vary high form all companies exist in
 High capital requirement for new company to enter in market due to high
 Product differentiation is good feature from all companies which is also a barrier
for new comers.

2) Bargaining Power of supplier:

Suppliers of the raw material of milk following are the main factors:

 They are dominated because they are few numbers.

 Supplier product has high switching cost for Haleeb
 Food Company.
 Supplier of Haleeb has no substitute

3) Bargaining Power of buyer:

There are in following point Haleeb food company is strong

 Haleeb present the threat to supplier of backward integration.

 Haleeb food purchase plump of different juices from different companies so
Haleeb purchases are more as compare to one supplier.

4) Threats of substitute products:

There is only one threat for juices of Haleeb in substitute products that is cold
drinks in form of Pepsi and coca cola

Trade Budget For 2006

Product Name JUL- DEC JAN - JUN JUL- JUN

Dairy Queen sales 35,908 54,214 90,122
Trade 1,400 1,600 3,000
% age 3.90% 2.95% 3.33%

Product Name JUL- DEC JAN - JUN JUL- JUN

Skimz sales 5,203 9,455 14,658
Trade 300 500 800
% age 5.77% 5.29% 5.46%

Product Name JUL- DEC JAN - JUN JUL- JUN

Haleeb milk sales 52,792 61,975 114,767
Trade 5,700 6,510 12,210
% age 10.80% 10.50% 10.64%


Product Name TV.Advertisment Trade incentive BTL(holdings) Promotions

Skimz 10 million 5 million 5 million 6 million
Haleeb milk 20 million 8 million 3 million 8 million
Dairy Queen 0 2 million 1 million 2 million


Total population of Pakistan = 162419946

Target people having age 5-above

People having age above 5 = 90 % of 162419946

= 146177951.4

People who like other juices

And drinks = 75 % of 162419946

= 109633463.6

People who willing to drink

Haleeb juices = 36544489

Price range = 10 + 25 + 65

Average price = Rs.33

Avg Quantity =2

Sales = 33 * 2 * 36544489

= Rs.2411936274



Sales = 2411936274

Cost of goods sold = 2098360250

Gross profit = 313576024

Administration Expenses = (34691250)

Distribution cost = (81477000)

Operating profit = 197407774

Other income = 2591400

Profit before interest

and taxes = 199999174

Tax = 49145950

Net profit = 150853224

From all the above data we find out that there is a lot of demand for Haleeb juices but
they are spending low as per requirement. As far as promotional activities are concerned
they have introduced many product as concentric and conglomerate diversification but
when we talk about Haleeb to a common person he knows that they are offering just milk
at market place , he does not know that they have introduced other products like juices ,
ghee, rita , powder milk etc.

So in order to remain competitive at market place they have to focus extensive marketing
campaigns so that they can capture potential customer.

In order to attain and retain the existing customer they have to offer discounts, occasional
offers etc.


• Sales representatives target all the untapped markets and niches,

by using current products.

o Revenue objectivity should be given high attention, and it

should increase by 45% every year (for the next 3 years.)
o Product line should be extended by adding new flavors of
milks & juices.
o Related and unrelated diversification in the form of
eatables, made up of fruit extracts and food pulp.
o Role of R&D should be increased to help

a) Target markets most effectively

b) To get knowledge about consumer’s table and preferences.

o More budget and resources should be allocated to

advertisement and sales promotion.


Develop desirable skills in the employees who are assigned the basics of
target implemented these skills may include.

o The ability of sales force, personnel in finance department,
expert in R&D etc, should first understand the nature of the
tasks or task’s importance for the company.
o To increase the ability to put right people on right jobs .i.e
the person of finance dept. should not be given the tasks of
R&D, which is highly sensitive and innovational field.


o Create the effectiveness of the personnel to focus on critical

aspects of their job.

Other remedies to enhance implementation includes

1. Organizational Design

Organizational design should consist of multifunctional teams,

including at least 1 member of each department to solve the problem or
to achieve the targets.

2. Incentives

Various rewards may help achieve successful implementation.

For Example in case of Haleeb juices, bonuses or commission should be

given to members of sales force/personal selling teams who sales more
units of juice packets.

3. Communication

Rapid and accurate movement of information should be

confirmed .To do so efficient and effective feed back systems should be
introduced. For example in case of Haleeb the smooth flow of
information should be confirmed from a single member of sales force /
distributors up to the brand manager and vice versa.


Proper time period should be given for the start and end of the task and
each personnel related to that specific job should be given complete
information about the geographic area of his/her sales and the volume to
be sold in case o personal selling and sale promotion.(the balanced score
board technique may be adopted)



Haleeb competitive position is quite superior to other competitors. haleeb is having the
major threat of local brands because they are prospering day by day in the market is the
major competitor in the market for Bata because they took advantage from Haleeb’s
strategies rather than using their own strategies. The relative market share of Haleeb is
18.3%, MAZA is4.17%, Shezan 12.5% and the local competitors are having relatively
larger share than the other competitors which is 50%.

In the next three years Haleeb competitive position should be stronger, company seems to
have more quality features and better products. There will be more improvement in
current products but company is also willing to enter in some new projects. They should
go for more innovations and fashionable products must be introduced in ladies.They must
increase their relative market share with aggressive sales and promotion. More
advertising campaigns should be made to augment it in the coming three years.


• Haleeb should introduce more innovative products in the market to
increase its demand. Those innovations must be according to the
customer’s demands and their preferences.

• Whenever Bata open its new distribution centre Service take

advantage from its strategies and open a store in front of their store,
Haleeb should take steps to overcome this threat.

• Bata should gain the sustainable competitive advantage.

• Most of Bata’s wholesales were in the northern areas, when earth

quake came it suddenly fall down. Bata should wind up wholesale from
northern areas and should shift it towards the cities of Rawalpindi, Lahore
and Hyderabad because more footwear units are located in these cities.


Market size (Value):

Current size: $ 16 million

Market projections Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

$ 18000000 $21000000 $23000000

Current market share:

Projected market share Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

(Via new strategies)

65% 69% 73%

Estimated value of existing

Products in existing markets:

(Market projection x

Market share) Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

150100.7$ 153102.7$ 156164.75$



Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

2311550$ 2357782$ 23194937$



Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

480322$ 489929$ 499727$



Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

60040$ 61241$ 62466$