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John Dunn

Jason Walton

Alida Saxon, David Jarvis, Karl Keesler

David Jarvis, Thomas Shook


Jason Walton


Carinn Seabolt, Ron Blessing, Susan Schmitz

Sean Huempfner, Paula Huempfner, James Hepburn, and Neil Jensen

This game references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group
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Entertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the
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SCENE I: INTO THE FRAY �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������6
SCENE II: WORKING THE STREETS�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������8
SCENE III: THE AUCTION���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������13
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SCENE IV: SOLVING THE MYSTERY ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 20
CAST OF CHARACTERS���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 22
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NEW CYBERTECH���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 30
NEW VEHICLES���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 31
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Vans and trucks��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 31
Table of Contents

ADVENTURE SUMMARY PCs receive their rewards for various degrees of
success. While the PCs are well compensated if
T his scenario charges the player characters
with recovering a stolen package and the
criminals who obtained it. Their motivation may
things go smoothly, the adventure can turn out
quite poorly if they have bad fortune or make
poor choices.
be to assist the victimized corporation, bring jus-
The adventure concludes with a Cast of
tice, or to try to help the criminals escape from
Characters. This section presents NPC game
the corporations who would do them harm. In
statistics and a few roleplay notes. Consequences
any case, the initial challenge is simply to find the
follows, discussing game rewards and seeds for
criminals and the package. With that done, the
follow on adventures. Depending on how the
characters must then decide how and when to
adventure concludes, the characters might have
try to retrieve the goods and punish the criminals.
a broad range of future opportunities, or they
While this scenario describes a few specific
could be the scapegoats in a sprawling disaster.
locations and personalities, these are generally
deliberately left without too much context. The
intent is that the GM can place this scenario into ADVENTURE BACKGROUND
any metroplex, based upon the parts of the cam-
paign world that are of greatest interest to the
game group. Consequently, some adjustments
L ast night something valuable was stolen from
one of the city’s major mega-corporations.
The goods were in a secure, chrome briefcase
may need to be made to adapt the loyalties of
when taken. The thieves clearly knew their target
some NPCs to better suit different locations.
and were largely successful. The corporation has
Scene I offers ways to draw characters into
not been able to identify them or the vehicle they
the adventure based upon different campaign
used. They have turned to outside help, to try to
themes. Once that is done, the characters meet
locate the goods before the criminals can escape
with the person hiring them for the assignment
their grasp.
to discuss the precise objective and terms of the
The thieves were a team of relative novices, who
job. Their contact also provides them with limited
just happened to get lucky. When they went
information about the criminals and the crime.
to sell the goods, their fence—Phineas “Finn”
Scene II presents the information characters can
Bacon—realized the case could be much more
uncover as they research the crime. This includes
valuable than the thieves realized. He agreed
information obtained via networking, meeting
to take a percentage of the sale and negotiated
with specific contacts, and searching the Data-
a high stakes auction at a private club—Edison
Net. Ultimately, the PCs discover the criminals
Towers. He gave the team a secure place to lay
are planning to sell the goods at an auction in an
low within the towers. He then had the team’s
expensive club in a secure part of town tonight.
hacker go to extreme lengths to ensure the event
Scene III describes the events of the auction and
would remain secure from DataNet intrusions
includes a timeline of events. It also discusses the
during the auction. After that, the adventure
facility—Edison Towers—where the auction takes
simply proceeds as Finn tries to promote and sell
place and the criminals are hiding. Presumably,
his valuable goods to the highest bidder. The PCs,
the PCs plan to disrupt the presented timeline, so
in contrast, seek to stop the auction and recover
they can recover the stolen package and capture
the goods for their employer.
the criminals.
In generalizing the location, city neighborhoods
Scene IV offers suggestions for the contents of
are given names that could easily be replaced.
the package and discusses the consequences for
The Corporate Enclave or Downtown is a part
what could happen if the package is not safely
of town where several mega-corporations have
recovered. It also considers the consequences for
large offices. Uptown refers to an expensive part
the criminals who stole the goods and how the
of the city where the wealthy live and play. The

city’s airport is assumed to be at least a 30-minute
drive away from Uptown. Similarly, the mega-cor-
porations are deliberately not named. If the GM
does not wish to specify these, the names pre- If the GM needs a fixer NPC, use Mad
sented can be used and the victim corporation Mary. The team has worked with Mad
can be deliberately left unidentified. After all, they Mary in the past. She has provided them
might not want to have their name associated with quality assignments, she pays on
with losing such a valuable commodity. time, and she has been able to get them
An important consideration in running the deliveries of rarer equipment at a tolerable
adventure is maintaining the Campaign Theme mark-up. Mary only ever deals with the PCs
the characters follow. Depending on their through the DataNet. They are reasonably
background, the characters have very different confident she’s a straight shooter, but they
goals for the adventure. A team of Cyberpunks are don’t know her full story.
not concerned about obtaining the goods, while She uses an avatar to interact with them,
that remains the highest priority for the Cleaning which is a woman wearing a nun’s habit
Crew. Law enforcement operatives expect to with devil wings sprouting from her back.
have free access to different facilities, due to the Mary uses precise diction and a patroniz-
authority they wield. Characters of other themes ing tone when dealing with the PCs, always
must contend with far more interference in referring to them as “my little ones.”
bypassing physical security to obtain the access
and information they desire. As a consequence,
The adventure opens with a call from the team’s
this same adventure can be used for the same
usual fixer (see Sample Fixer sidebar if the GM
group of players, yielding a very different
needs to create one). That fixer has a lead on a
experience if it uses a different Theme each time.
job they believe is a good fit for the characters.
Changing the city and the nature of the stolen
The characters need to negotiate the fine details
goods might even leave some players not realizing
with the person hiring them, but the job should
they were playing through an adventure they
pay $5,000 per character, with a possible bonus
previously completed!
for early completion. The fixer believes the job
should only take a day or two.
THE HOOK The meeting takes place at The Art Hall. This is
a popular nightclub in an affluent neighborhood.
D ifferent groups of characters have different
motivations to adventure. This section
presents three ways to draw groups into the
It is a place to be seen, as much as it is a place
to visit. There is always a long line to enter and
a steep cover charge that goes with it. The PCs
adventure based upon Interface Zero campaign
are on tonight’s VIP list, and their entrance and
themes. The GM can select the option most
drinks are pre-paid. The club’s different rooms
appropriate for the PCs or may customize another
are themed on different artistic periods. Hyper
hook specifically suited to them. In all cases, the
Reality automatically adjusts the appearance of
contact reaches out to them early in the morning
everyone’s clothing to match the artistic style and
and wants to meet as soon as possible.
period of the different rooms as individuals pass
through them. The different rooms change hourly,

so guests never have the same experience.

I n the Cleaning Crew theme, the PCs are sea-

soned professionals. While the players might
be new to the setting, their characters already
A Hyper Reality host directs the PCs to the
pointillism room, where a private booth of float-
ing dots forms around them, the walls constantly
know the city and the dangers of operating on fluxing and reshaping into different famous pieces
society’s fringes. Money and goods motivate of art. The contact has the mannerisms and
them. They undertake assignments for personal speech style of a corporate executive—though
profit, not because of a code of honor or a Hyper Reality here conceals his actual clothing
moral compass. and blurs his facial appearance. He claims to be

If the GM needs a commanding officer T he Protect and Serve theme is for PCs who
operate in law enforcement. Note this
does not necessarily mean they are government
NPC, use Chief O’Reilly. He has run the
precinct where the squad is based for 10 employees. Many corporations maintain their
years. He knows their abilities and their foi- own security officers or hire contract profession-
bles. While he may like the characters, he als, granting them legal authority in the territories
never admits this. Instead, he brings up past they control. These characters act upon a moral
disasters and warns them against repeating imperative to maintain order. Typically, their high-
those same mistakes. est motivation is to ensure the places for which
Chief O’Reilly is a gruff stereotype, they have responsibility are safe and secure. They
chewing on the end of an unlit cigar and never choose this career for glory or greed.
speaking with the affectation of a thick— The adventure opens as the team learns a crime
and poorly done—brogue. He has access has been committed. The characters receive
to the team’s camera feeds at any time, and orders through official channels to meet with a
may contact them throughout the adven- corporate executive about a crime. The initial
ture, particularly if there is an opportunity contact comes from the squad’s commanding
for him to berate them for not properly officer (see Sample Chief sidebar if necessary). He
following procedures. informs them the crime needs to be kept quiet,
though he has some concerns that the news
media might be interested in this one.
a representative of the company that lost the The meeting takes place in a booth at Jack-O’s
package. The PCs are to bring the package back Diner. The restaurant is a typical greasy spoon
in good condition, and the contact doesn’t care for the neighborhood. The foods are all synthetic,
who gets hurt. but the short order cook knows his way around a

flat top and can cook things up just the way the
characters like them. Police get a steep discount,
so they make up more than half the clientele. Any
time the characters need to meet with a suspect Ideally, the PCs have already established
somewhere off the books, they know this place is a bit about their neighborhood, preferably
safe. No one is going to disrupt them or listen in including a few of the people who inhabit
on them—including reporters. it. If the GM needs to create a character,
The contact is clearly a corporate security Juanita “Junebug” Yang is an option. She is a
executive. He has a buzz cut, a poorly tailored suit, teen member of a local gang. She is strictly
and a look of stress mixed with exhaustion. He small-time, with a few arrests for dealing,
presents the characters with crime scene images petty theft, and resisting arrest. She clearly
and a detailed report of the theft. However, he idolizes the PCs as examples of what she
refuses to provide the name of the corporation might someday become. Junebug tries to
that has been victimized. He also cannot permit play it cool but is clearly out of her depth.
the characters access to the crime scene. He She knows she has nothing of substance
simply needs the package recovered as quickly to offer the characters, though she tries to
as possible. He would prefer if justice is served, promise favors, personal service, and may
preferably capturing the thieves alive. commit her gang to a favor for the team.
The Cyberpunks recognize she lacks the
ALL THE ATTITUDE resources to fulfill any such promises.

P layer characters who prioritize style and

attitude, while following a moral compass,
participate in the Cyberpunks theme. Scenarios
The adventure opens when the PCs learn some-
one from their territory is in trouble. A neighbor
for such groups often focus on helping the needy calls to ask for help with a problem (see Sample
and disenfranchised, while overcoming affluent Neighbor sidebar if one is needed). They explain
corporations. These characters may need money their cousin—Andy “Warlock” Yang—took a job
and equipment, but not because of greed; they that spiraled out of control. The neighbor is pretty
want the tools to attain their goals. Cyberpunks sure Warlock and his team are out of their depth.
are not selfless, though. They demand their The contact begs the PCs to meet with them
nanosecond of fame and the street cred that immediately to discuss the job.
comes with it.


T he crime has already been committed. In

this scene, their contact hires the PCs to find
the criminals and resolve the situation. Note that
section based on the contact’s personality and
the meeting’s location.

different NPCs request the characters to solve THE JOB

the problem in different ways. How the charac-
ters respond to the assignment differs based on
their backgrounds and their consciences. In the T heir contact explains a corporation recently
lost a valuable, physical commodity. The

process of hiring them, the contact provides the goods were taken from a research facility, else-
PCs with limited background information about where in the city. For several reasons, the stolen
the crime. In response, they may negotiate the materials are to be considered time sensitive,
terms of their compensation. The hooks on page moderately unstable, and fragile. They must be
4 provide different ways to frame this scene, based recovered within 48 hours. Unfortunately, the
on the campaign theme. The adventure proceeds contact cannot provide the characters with
after the GM introduces the scene and the NPC the name of the victimized corporation or the
from that section. The GM must adapt this contents of the case. Depending on the contact,
they may not know this information, or they may

simply be unwilling to share it out of necessary agree, in principle, to accept the job, they may
discretion. Regardless of the reason, the contact is wish to discuss the matter of compensation for
polite and apologetic for this inconvenience. They their time and efforts. Even if things go perfectly
appeal to the characters’ sense of professionalism smoothly, they are certain to accrue expenses—
and prudence. both physical commodities and favors—in order
The contact explains the goods are contained to complete the job. In some themes, recovering
in a chrome briefcase. They were in the case those costs is more likely than others.
when it left the research facility, and the hope A corporate contact expects to pay the charac-
is they remain within it. The case is hermetically ters with money and access to perks in the form
sealed. Opening it—or even attempting to open of rare or equipment and other luxuries. The PCs
it—could have serious consequences. The goods may make a Persuasion roll against the contact’s
must remain within the case. Further, the fewer Spirit (d6) to increase their payment. A success
people who know about the specific contents, improves the compensation to $6000 per PC. A
the better. Note that Scene IV: Solving the Mys- raise can provide the PCs with a $500 advance or
tery (see page 20) provides a discussion about the additional perks in the form of equipment, favors,
briefcase’s contents. At this time, however, the or luxuries at the GM’s discretion.
PCs do not have an opportunity to obtain any of Justice is the primary motivation for law
that information. enforcement operatives, but their contact is
In addition to this basic information, the con- understanding and may have past experience in
tact provides the characters with images and their field. With a Persuasion roll opposed by the
video of the thieves, their vehicle, and the heist. contact’s Spirit (d4), they gain additional favors
The video is somewhat degraded and in generally and perks. For each success and raise, the con-
poor focus. At several points it becomes badly tact offers them a small luxury such as tickets to
pixelated. The contact concedes the thieves a game, a meal at a nice restaurant, a bottle of
likely hacked the recording system during the expensive spirits, or a similar item. The contact
heist, resulting in the poor-quality recording. His makes it abundantly clear these are not bribes.
experts have already done everything they could They are just a way of saying thank you for a ser-
to enhance the images. While the footage might vice well done. None of these items are provided
be enough to exclude some individuals based on until the job is complete, but a compelling sob
body shape, the recordings are not of sufficiently story told when undertaking the job lets the con-
high quality to definitively identify a person. The tact know what to have ready for later.
getaway vehicle was a white delivery van, prob- If the PCs are performing a favor for a neighbor,
ably a rental or stolen. The license plates are not they have little to offer the characters beyond
visible, and there are no distinguishing marks on it. personal gratitude. Further, the PCs are unlikely
The contact did learn the case has a tracking to be financially motivated to undertake the job.
beacon on it. They can provide the PCs with Instead, the contact simply promises the char-
information to use the beacon. Unfortunately, it acters to sing their praises far and wide, doing
is not currently operational. The contact believes everything possible to improve their Street Cred.
the device has been deactivated. This could be the
result of hacking or it might simply be contained EARLY LEADS
to block radio transmissions. If the PCs are able to
overcome those defenses, they may be able to use The contact has little information to offer the
the beacon to confirm the case’s identity. characters about where to begin the investigation.
The package is valuable, but it is not something
COMPENSATION AND people could use without having a network of
NEGOTIATION resources. The thieves are most likely to try to sell
it, rather than try to use it. The contact suggests

C ompensation for the assignment is primar-

ily based on the campaign theme and the
hiring NPC’s resources. Once the characters
the PCs may want to ask around the underworld
community. The criminals might even have

already sold the goods; in which case the PCs When the PCs begin their investigation, proceed
could use the buyer to track them down. to Scene II: Working the Streets.


I n order to find the criminals and recover

the stolen case, the PCs need to track down
the suspects. Initially, their leads are limited. The
the list below. Rumors should be awarded in the
order listed, as the information builds sequentially.
Failure does not return any relevant information,
criminals did not broadcast their theft nor have while Critical Failure returns false leads. If the PCs
they been promoting their success. To find out earn more success than these rumors represent,
more information, the characters need to work additional successes and raises can confirm these
their network of contacts throughout the city. rumors or provide entries from the Discretionary
Some of these informants are likely to have seen Rumors List (see page 12).
something or heard a rumor that could provide
more information. • 1. A heist happened last night at one of the
Some PCs may prefer to use the DataNet to find Corporate Enclaves downtown. People have
information. Others prefer face-to-face conversa- been asking around.
tions, where they can rely on body language and
• 2. Sounds like there was a white van that left
other cues to uncover the full truth.
the enclave. Nobody seems to know who was
In order to complete this scene, the PCs must
driving it.
learn the thieves are holding an auction tonight
to sell the stolen case. Once they find out about • 3. The stolen goods were extremely valuable.
the auction, they need to learn its location and The folks asking about it are not just from
the type of clientele attending the event. Over the victim corporation. Other groups want
the course of their interactions, the PCs are to recover the goods for their own purposes.
likely to hear rumors about the auction before
• 4. In addition to the corporations asking
they uncover the full details. Apply a +2 to fur-
around, the crime families are also curious.
ther Networking rolls when they mention the
auction, in order to uncover more details. Once • 5. It looks like there may be foreign govern-
the PCs know about the auction and decide to ments asking about the stolen goods, too.
target it to recover the goods, proceed to Scene
• 6. Whoever stole these is going to need to
III: The Auction.
move them soon. Security is ramping up
already, and that makes work for everyone
RUMORS on the fringes difficult.

O btaining general rumors about the missing

goods through connections and allies
uses Networking (see Savage Worlds core
rules). Characters depend upon Persuasion or
Intimidation to recover information, depending
upon their approach. Note that characters may
O nce the PCs have uncovered general rumors,
they may wish to reach out to specific con-
tacts. This section presents different types of

also choose to use their Street Cred when all else NPC contacts. If offers a suggested name for each
fails. Savage Worlds core rules suggests generalized archetype and discusses the type of information
Networking can provide all of the necessary the character may present. In some cases, the
information. Because this scenario is investigative, PCs may have already created contacts. When
the characters need to spend a bit more time than that applies, the GM is encouraged to use them
a single die roll could represent. Consequently, instead, simply adapting the information pre-
the Networking rules provide general information. sented here.
Each character may choose to make a Persuasion In addition to the contact information, each
or Intimidation roll. Different characters may example provides the information contacts of
recover a rumor for each success and raise from that type might possess. If multiple PCs have

the same type of contact, the GM may choose Sample Names: Cooper “Coop” Ahn, Gretchen
to provide duplicate information or may wish to “Maybe” Stone
substitute information from a different source for Success: There has been a lot of buzz about a
the second and latter contacts. When checking in job that went down last night. Somebody stole
with an NPC contact, have the PC make a Persua- something from one of the downtown corporate
sion or Intimidation roll, bonuses apply for good enclaves, and it was awfully valuable. Sounds like a
roleplay and any information or bribes offered as lot of different groups are interested in recovering
part of the interaction. it—not just the ones from whom it was stolen.
At the GM’s discretion, if a PC achieves more Raise: The Edison Towers needs bartenders and
than one raise in dealing with a contact, the servers tonight for a private function. That place
character may receive information from the Dis- is swanky, and the rate is off the charts, but they
cretionary Rumors List (see page 12). only hire people who pass a background check.


A n arms dealer provides grey and black market

armor, weapons, and ammunition to those
in the underworld. They sometimes take other
T he corporate rumor mill extends far beyond
the people involved in any project. Some-
times, those not in the direct loop are all too
goods in trade for their gear. They also often happy to share the secrets they know—some-
learn about jobs when criminals equip times to try to impress others, other times to
themselves in advance of an assignment— try to make a buck.
or after, when they try to fence weapons Sample Names: Gordon Fairchild, Angela
used in a crime. MacGovern
Sample Names: Sergei “Sarge” Success: There was a robbery last
Oliphandi, Chloe “Edge” Artoise, night at one of the black book
Buck “Guns” Houston projects. Now, everyone is doing
Success: A weird call came security checks and practice drills.
through last week looking for The whole neighborhood is on
discrete armor. The buyer was high alert.
looking for something that Raise: A couple of the bigwigs
could be worn under formal are going to a meeting at Edison
attire. The dealer made a few rec- Towers tonight. I heard them talking
ommendations, but she did not save about needing to secure a lot of money
the contact information. from the discretionary budget.
Raise: Someone called this morn-
ing looking for a custom pistol with ECOTERRORIST
all the features. It sounded like they
expected to come into a lot of money.
They said something about having the
V arious events of the twentieth and
twenty-first century left much of
the globe badly damaged and unlivable.
funds after the auction. The arms dealer
Ecoterrorists are willing to do whatever
does not have the contact information,
it takes to stop people from repeating
as no order was placed.
those actions.
Sample Names: Malcolm “Greenie”
Mahon, Betsy “Sharkbait” Yi

B artenders often overhear conver-

sations that customers assume
are private. Sometimes a patron who
Success: Something was stolen from one
of the corps last night, and it has the whole
enclave neighborhood in a buzz. Security
over imbibes shares particularly valuable is certain to crack down on anyone that
information. tries anything out of the ordinary over
the next few days.

Raise: Something is happening at Edison Towers freely—instead choosing to exploit it to their own
tonight, targeting a few of the richest people in advantage.
town. We want to get a protest organized, but Sample Names: W8-W8-I-N0, Pair-o-Dice
all of the extra security is really disrupting things. Success: There has been an unusual amount of
high encryption traffic heading out of the Edison
FENCE Towers today. Someone there is reaching out to
power brokers on a large scale.
A fence helps a thief sell stolen items. Many
fences also deal in legitimate goods—often
as a cover for their underworld business. Fences
Raise: The Edison Towers ballroom is a com-
plete video dead zone. Something is blocking any
signal coming in or out of that room, and all the
typically have a network of buyers and thieves
cameras are off. This almost motivates someone
whom they profitably connect with one another.
to go out in the real world to see what is causing it.
Sample Names: Jackson “Money” Vasquez,
Nikki “Grills” Fedorov
Success: Phineas “Finn” Bacon is running an
auction for high rollers at the Edison Towers
tonight. He has several bidders attending, and
that’s part of the reason security is so tight.
M ob enforcers perform the essential work to
keep the syndicates running. This includes
shake downs, pick-ups, and distribution. While
Raise: The item up for auction is almost cer- they know little officially, higher ranking members
tainly the object that was stolen last night. The often discuss matters in their presence, treat-
thieves are probably holed up somewhere with ing them as little more than furniture.
Finn. Sample Names: Vincenzo “Fingers”
Matisse, Zhongqiu “Eights” Syau
GANGER Success: Today has been awfully
busy. The syndicate has called in
G angs are where the tire meets the road in
the criminal underworld. They often
learn relatively private information, simply
markers and collected advance
payments from contacts.
Enforcers have been run-
because they need it to complete an
ning all over town trying
assignment. While sharing it can risk
to secure every bit of
their lives, few gangers value life highly.
currency that they
Sample Names: Eric “Wheels”
could in short order.
Francesco, Mei “Razor”
Raise: Something
big is going down in
Success: An
Uptown tonight. Word has circu-
event is happening uptown at
lated that everyone should cancel
Edison Towers tonight. There has
their plans and be loaded for bear
been a lot of chatter about security work.
near uptown. Someone is awfully
Raise: The syndicates have been looking
angry about something.
for people to be ready for contract work
tonight. It sounds like something is going

HACKER E xhibitions of violence draw

viewers and gamblers.
Criminal syndicates host regular,
C omputer hackers are constantly in
search of any information that they
can exploit. In the process, they often
discrete fighting matches, and
skilled combatants desperate
or brave enough to demon-
uncover secrets. They usually recognize
strate their skills risk their
the value of those secrets, which means
lives to participate in them.
they seldom share information

Sample Names: Yuri “Hammer” Owens, Eileen
Success: The arena is shut down tonight. It This optional complication may be
might have something to do with all the extra inserted for teams on the Cyberpunk
security in place after last night’s heist. theme. After the PCs have finished their
Raise: The syndicate needed somebody showy networking, but before they begin plan-
to work security for a high profile event tonight. ning how to infiltrate the auction, one of
They wanted people with extra chrome and a phy- the thieves—Cloud9 the Drone Jockey—
sique to match it instead of someone who knew contacts the PCs. She is scared about the
what they were doing. current situation. The job escalated further
than she expected, and she wants out of
STREET CLINICIAN the situation. She thinks things are going

G unshot and knife wounds draw police atten- to turn ugly.

tion at the emergency room. Some patients Cloud9 explains that her team is currently
need procedures without questions and for the holed up in Edison Towers. There are only a
lowest possible cost. Street clinicians perform few hours before the auction is set to com-
surgery and sell medications with no license or mence, and she wants to escape before that
oversight and little training. happens. Further, Cloud9 does not want her
Sample Names: Garth “Vampire” McAllister, teammates to think that she is abandoning
Shakti “Doc” Jones them—even as she does so. She needs the
Success: I had four different former clients PCs to make it look like they are taking her
call me, wanting to make sure that I would be out of the situation against her will.
available tonight. It sounds like something dan- All she can offer in return is access to
gerous is going down, and I need to resupply my the stolen package before the auction
antibiotics. takes place.
Raise: One of the clients asked how long it
would take to reach the clinic from Edison Towers.
That is not in a neighborhood where my patients
awarded in the order listed, as the information
usually spend time. It seems likely that whatever
builds sequentially. At the GM’s discretion, if a
is happening is going to start there.
PCs earn more rumors than the ones listed here,
the character may receive information from the
Discretionary Rumors List (see page 12).

S earching the DataNet for information about

the crime and its criminals uses a Research
roll if the characters choose to go through public
• 1.Valuable goods were stolen from one of
the Corporate Enclaves downtown last night.
There is speculation on the DataNet about
channels. Alternatively, the characters can use what was taken and from whom it was stolen.
secure systems and private databases, if they
• 2.Crime syndicates, governments, and corpo-
hack into those systems first. To do so, make a
rations are all interested in trying to recover
Hacking roll. Each success or raise adds +2 to the
the goods. Whoever has them could com-
Research roll.
mand quite a ransom for them—assuming
Further, if the team already has some worth-
they can survive the sale.
while leads, they may add additional bonuses to
search. If they already know about the Auction, • 3.Security throughout the Enclave is elevated
the Edison Towers event, and/or Finn Bacon add right now, and it looks like it’s ramping up in
+2 for each of those elements to the Research roll. Uptown too.
Researchers may recover a rumor for each suc-
• 4.Something is happening at Edison Towers
cess and raise from the list below. Failure does
in particular. There’s an unusual amount of
not return any relevant information, while Crit-
secure traffic flowing through that building.
ical Failure returns false leads. Rumors should be
There’s also a dead zone in the building’s

ballroom, with no network traffic or video with a $1,000,000 initiation fee. Admittance
feed. Something has to have completely iso- to member status is also contingent on a vote
lated that room. of approval from all existing members.
• 5.After descrambling some of the encrypted • 2.There are conflicting rumors about the con-
traffic, there are references to an auction tents of the package. All agree that it is high
taking place at 9 PM tonight at the Edison value, but the precise description varies. It
Towers ballroom. may contain an unstable biological weapon,
a nanotech device, a bit of dangerous viral
• 6.“Finn” Bacon is the fence hosting tonight’s
code, or a biological identifier that verifies
auction. He usually deals in far lower profile
the ownership stake in a mega-corporation.
sales. The auction must be for the goods
stolen last night, and the perpetrators are • 3.Three different mega-corporations are send-
certain to be in attendance to collect their ing representatives to participate in the auction.
payment and enjoy the party.
• 4.Three different crime syndicates are send-
ing representatives to attend the auction.
• 5.Four different governments are sending

I n some cases, the PCs may meet with tre-

mendous success Networking, talking to
specific contacts, or Hacking the DataNet. In any
representatives to attend the auction.
• 6.Edison Towers is very well secured physi-
cally and against Hackers. Entering the facility
of these cases, they may be able to recover more
discretely requires additional work.
information than what was presented in that
section. At the GM’s discretion, they may earn
rumors from the following list. Rumors should be
awarded in the order listed, as the information
builds sequentially. In a few cases, the GM may
need to refer to Scene III: The Auction (see page
12) prior to awarding these rumors, as the infor-
mation is based upon decisions made in setting
up that scene.
• 1.Edison Towers is a members-only social
club. Membership starts at $250,000 annually,


This optional complication may be inserted for any theme. After completing their leg-
work, one of their contacts leaks that the PCs have an interest in tonight’s auction to the
wrong people. In response, a crime syndicate reaches out to the party. The representative
provides them with an ultimatum. (The GM needs to pick the syndicate. If choosing one
already participating in the auction, this is certain to color interactions during that scene.)

They can steal and turn over the package to them for a flat $30,000 fee, or the syndicate
begins targeting their loved ones for elimination.
This forces the characters to make a difficult moral decision. If they give in to the syndi-
cate, then they are likely to be linked to them for an extended time. In the course of that
relationship, they may have to undertake assignments that they find unsavory. Further,
they are likely to lose Street Cred when they fail to complete the job for the organization
that hired them. Conversely, if they refuse to help the syndicate, then the PCs must take
steps to keep their friends and families safe.


P rior to the auction, the package and the

thieves are secured within Edison Towers.
The auction is scheduled to take place within that
is complete, or they could have their own plans
to hijack the goods.

facility at 9:00 PM tonight. Refer to the Auction EDISON TOWERS

Timeline (see page 19) for the default sequence
of events. Unless the PCs interfere, the winning
bidder departs with the goods once the auction is
complete, at roughly 10:30 PM. This scene details
E dison Towers is normally a private retreat
for the wealthiest members of society. The
complex is a single structure that takes up an
the auction events, the security at Edison Towers, entire city block in the Uptown neighborhood.
and the attendees. Note that innovative players The building is structurally divided into three
may choose to approach the event and its secu- sections—the subterranean sublevels, the base,
rity in unexpected ways. If that happens, the GM and the spires. A bank of elevators connects all
must use judgment in determining an appropri- of the levels, in addition to discretely placed ser-
ate and proportionate response to their approach. vice stairs.
Phineas “Finn” Bacon (see page 22) is the host of The first five floors are, essentially, an art deco-
the auction and acts as an auctioneer. Prior to the style, squared-off building that fills the block to
event, he remains hidden within a private room at the edge of the sidewalk. Swirls in the red and
Edison Towers with the criminals who performed turquoise brick patterns and decorative inlays
the heist. Use the Ronin, Smuggler, Hacker, and artfully conceal security cameras mounted
Drone Jockey archetypes on pages 25-26 to rep- on the walls. There are no windows on these
resent the team of thieves. Their respective street floors, and there is only a single entrance at
names are Dagger, Wheelie, Eyes, and Cloud9. The ground level. That entrance is a beneath a grand
criminals are present for the auction as well. They marquee, proclaiming the Edison Towers. The
are fully armed and provide security. While Finn is marquee’s awning extends out over the street
calm and professional throughout the process, the parking adjacent to the building. Human valets
criminals are clearly nervous and anxious to get park and retrieve vehicles for approved guests at
their share of the payment and leave this neigh- the marquee.
borhood. They are also the most underdressed The ground floor includes the club’s recep-
people in attendance, wearing gear appropriate tion area, offices, kitchens, and the gym’s pool
for a heist instead of a cocktail party. If playing complex. The second floor contains the track,
the Cyberpunk theme, their inappropriate dress weight training, cardiovascular exercise, private
and attitudes may disrupt the conversation and physical therapy facilities, and locker rooms. The
bidding, requiring the PCs to calm the situation third floor includes the basketball, racket ball,
before the auction can proceed. volley ball, and tennis courts. The fourth floor
During the cocktail hour, preceding auction, the is devoted to the club’s bar and restaurant. The
criminals and attendees mingle and make small formal ballroom dominates the fifth floor—site
talk. This is an opportunity for all of the parties of the auction.
to gauge one another regarding their approaches A ramp on the opposite side of the building
to the bidding and how highly each values the from the marquee entrance provides access
package. This also gives the PCs time to interact to the parking garage and other sub levels.
with these parties and to potentially disrupt Entrance to the parking garage is limited to
the auction. the club’s employees only. They must pass TAP
After the winning bidder departs the auction, and biometric screening to gain entry. The
several of the losers collectively ambush them database includes information for the club’s
(see The Hit page 19). This happens on the road employees only. Members do not have access
between Edison Towers and the airport. If the to the parking garage. They are expected to
PCs are present for the encounter, they can par- use the valet. Security can also provide entry
ticipate in a complex firefight and melee. They for special deliveries. In addition to parking, the
might choose to attack the victor after the battle subterranean complex has a loading dock and


freight elevator that serves the sub–basement patterns, subject to the whim’s of the club’s
up through the fifth floor for deliveries, a laundry, members and administration. Each of these
the building’s HVAC system, and an emergency spires add another thirty floors to the building.
generator. All connections to utility services are The spires are conical and spaced evenly from the
accessed through the sub–basement. base structure. Each of the spire’s floors become
Four spires extend from the building’s base progressively narrower as they ascend, and an
structure. The spire’s are faced with bulletproof antenna tops each. The lowest floors of the spires
glass that fronts programmable screens. They are fifty feet in diameter.
constantly cycle through different images and

The spires contain private meeting rooms and invitation the characters use in interacting with
guest rooms. Some members maintain personal the guards also provides an appropriate modifier
offices and living spaces within the spires. Other to that roll.
rooms are available to rent for members. A few Because this is a private club, law enforcement
put up guests for extended stays within a spire. officers are not permitted on the premises
Rooms in a spire include configurations for without a warrant, unless they are called in. The
complementing Hyper Reality experiences. Prior security guards actively defend the facility against
to the auction, the criminals remain with the any potential intrusions. If PCs following the Pro-
package in one of the guest rooms in the spire. tect and Serve theme attempt to force their way
Retractable bridges can extend between floors into the building, the GM may remind them that
of adjacent spires. These connect to the elevator they need a warrant to enter. If they do obtain
lobby on each floor. The bridges can unfold to a warrant—requiring substantial evidence that
accommodate a helicopter landing. something illegal is taking place—the guards step
aside and permit them to enter.
M embers of Edison Towers highly value their
privacy and security, and the club’s admin-
istrators appreciate this fact. Consequently, the E dison Towers have three separate networks which
manage the various parts of its infrastructure.
building is normally a virtually impregnable
fortress. Biometric information is stored for PHYSICAL SYSTEM NETWORK
all of the members. Heavily armed guards (use
the Security Guard on page 23) use automated
systems to verify that only members and their
A ll of the physical systems—including ele-
vators, lighting, HVAC, maintenance, and
similar functions—are all controlled through
pre-authorized guests receive access. Admission
a Tier 2 network (-1 penalty to all Hacking skill
to the towers requires TAP and biometric valida-
rolls). Completing a Challenging Dramatic Task
tion. Due to the small membership, the guards
gives characters access to the afore-mentioned
are on a first name basis with all of the members.
devices and functions.
This further complicates entrance attempts that
depend upon disguise attempts. Physical Systems Network Sprite: d4 Smarts, d4
Two guards are stationed at the marquee Hacking, d4 Notice Toughness: 4
entrance. The parking garage entrance only uses
an automated system to prevent entrance, but an SECURITY SYSTEM NETWORK
automated camera (Notice d10) monitors it. In
the event of an unauthorized entrance, the facil-
ity’s guards are notified. Other guards regularly
A ll of the building’s security systems—includ-
ing door locks, parking garage gates, and
cameras—are on a network with Tier 3 IDS (-2
patrol the building’s hallways—always exercis-
penalty to all Hacking skill rolls). Completing a
ing discretion to avoid noticing anything that
Difficult Dramatic Task gives characters access to
happens in the member areas. Four guards are
the afore-mentioned devices and functions.
stationed outside of the entrance to the ballroom.
There are a total of ten guards on duty within the Security Systems Network Sprite: d6 Smarts, d6
complex. Attempting to sneak in through any of Hacking, d6 Notice, d6 Research, Toughness 5
the entrances requires Stealth rolls to overcome
the guards’ Notice. DATABASE NETWORK
Events open to outsiders, such as tonight’s
auction, are quite rare. Consequently, the guards
are not experts at screening people using other
T he final network maintains a database of
members and current guests as well as the
club’s financial and business records. The network
types of identification, including invitations. PCs
has a Tier 4 IDS (-3 penalty to Hacking skill rolls).
attempting to bluff their way past the guards
Completing a Complex Dramatic Task gives char-
receive a +2 to Persuasion or Performance rolls.
acters access to the database.
Note that the quality of any identification or

Database Network Sprite: d10 Smarts, d6 Spirit, presentation. Game mechanics are otherwise
d10 Notice, d10 Hacking, d6 Language d10 identical for them.
Research, d10 Taunt, d6 Intimidation, d6 Per- Depending upon the strategy that the PCs
suasion, Wild Die Toughness 7 employ, they may have an opportunity to inter-
act with these individuals. That could happen at
If the PCs wish to insert a false identification into the auction or even prior to it. In some cases, the
the guest list for tonight’s event, they may do so characters might attempt to impersonate these
using the database. Alternatively, they could grant groups. The GM can use the roleplay notes for
member access to their existing identification or each faction to determine how those interactions
proceed with similar approaches. If they instead might go. If the PCs are simply observing the
wish to deactivate security systems, they must use other groups, the same notes can help to direct
the security network. While these two networks the interactions between the factions during the
do communicate with one another, they must auction and the events preceding it.
pass through their respective firewalls to do so.
If the PCs successfully hack the financial systems NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS
database, they may also obtain the guest list of
auction attendees. In this case, they may choose
to contact one or more of the attendees before
F our different national governments have sent
representatives to participate in the auction.
These are likely sent from that nation’s nearest
the auction begins. Refer to Auction Attendees
embassy. No representatives should be present
(see below) for ideas as to how each individual
for the nation where the adventure is set. Instead,
might interact.
all of them are forced to operate on foreign soil.
Note: The security cameras are physically dis-
This limits their ability to draw on military assets.
abled in the ballroom throughout the course
In all cases, the security escorts for the govern-
of the adventure. Further, wireless interference
ment parties include soldiers of their respective
devices are actively running in the ballroom. There
militaries, wearing full dress uniforms.
is no convenient way to obtain a video feed from
that area, nor can a TAP or drone connect to the
network from that room. The interference does
not extend beyond the Edison Towers’ ballroom.
T he Brasilia representative drinks heavily
throughout the auction, constantly tipping
back a bottle or glass and speaking boisterously.
In spite of this, the individual seems to still have

T his section presents a sample list of attend-

ees for the auction. Note that the GM is
encouraged to modify this list to better suit the
their wits about them as they banter. Brasilia pre-
fers to obtain the package, but they are willing
to let one of the mega-corporations obtain it, as
adventure’s location. The organizations presented long as it does not go to another government.
here provide examples of ones that could be com- Suggested Representative Names: Rafael Aze-
monly found in many major metropolitan areas. vedo, Andressa Pedreira
However, it may be appropriate to customize
these to better fit a specific location or to match CHINA
up with the player character concepts.

he Chinese representative seems affable,

Each attendee group includes four people. This
but is very concerned about watching the
is the bidder, their attendant, and their two secu-
activities of the Restored United States represen-
rity guards. All bidders and their attendants are
tative and the Yakuza representative. This person
dressed in the very latest fashions. Notably, they
actively opposes any R.U.S. move, while acting
also wear body armor beneath those clothes. In
to support the Yakuza. They seem surprisingly
all cases, when game mechanics are required
unconcerned with trying to obtain the package
use the Bidder, Attendant, and Security Guard
for their nation.
entries (see pages 22 and 23). The differences
Suggested Representative Names: Meifen
between the groups are purely in their roleplay
Zhao, Quan Tse

F rance is interested in obtaining the package,
but they are even more concerned that
the North American Coalition does not obtain
In addition to providing security for
the auction, Edison Towers also provides
it. In any negotiation, they side first against the bartenders and wait staff for the auction.
Restored U.S., then for themselves, then for any Beyond that, there are a few maintenance
other group that does not directly harm them. workers and physical trainers in the athletic
The French representative is full of bluster and section of the building. The club’s restau-
prattles on incessantly. Much of that conversation rant remains open and fully staffed during
focuses on the glories of France and the evils of the event. The restaurant’s kitchen provides
the Restored United States. the hors d’oeuvres for the auction, so the
Suggested Representative Names: Algernon freight elevator actively moves food and
Wagner, Adeline Reeves wait staff between those floors. The total
staff on duty throughout Edison Towers
RESTORED UNITED STATES during the auction is about forty employ-
ees, including the ten security guards. Shifts
T he R.U.S. representative proudly displays
a large cross on a lapel pin. They seek
to obtain the package, but they are equally
change at 5:00 PM, a few hours before the
auction begins. If the PCs wish to attempt
to replace the staff, their best opportunity
interested in making sure that China fails to get is at that time.
it and are willing to go to great lengths to stop
them. They have no patience for interacting with
anyone whose appearance differs from that of an
unmodified human. own advantage rather than attempt to obtain
Suggested Representative Names: Billy Sand- the package for their syndicate.
erson, Jo McNamara Suggested Representative Names: Osya Ste-
panov, Pasha Mikhailov
T hree different crime families have sent rep-
resentatives. Each of these groups maintains
a presence within the metroplex where the T raditionally Italian themed, the Mafia rep-
resentative is most concerned about profit.
adventure is set. Consequently, the syndicates are They only attempt to purchase the package if it
able to draw upon their connections and agents seems like they might be able to resell it to some-
within the metroplex to assist them. one not in attendance. The representative may try
Many criminal organizations have an ethnic to negotiate other deals that do not concern the
basis for their history and organization. Those can package over the course of the auction.
carry over to the NPCs presented, but that is not Suggested Representative Names: Giovanni
a requirement. For the sake of convenience, the Marino, Rosa Bianchi
names presented here tie into the traditional eth-
nicities, but GMs may choose to use very different YAKUZA
names and backgrounds.

T he syndicate originally from Japan is most
interested in the power that they can obtain
from controlling the package. They believe

G enerally considered the Russian crime syndi-

cate, the Bratva are most interested in how
they can weaponize the package. The representa-
that obtaining it to resell later could grant
them a substantial influence, so they actively
seek to obtain the package. They may direct
tive is initially withdrawn, but constantly surveys their contacts in the Chinese delegation to
the room noting the interactions between the compromise other bidders from participating in
other parties. They manipulate others to their the auction.

Suggested Representative Names: Ito Kinji, EMPEROR PHARMACEUTICALS
Tanaka Emi

T he bidder for Emperor Pharmaceuticals
seems profoundly disinterested in the entire
proceedings. They spend their time in Hyper

T hree different mega-corporations send teams

of agents to participate in the auction. At
least one of these groups should have a signifi-
Reality, far more concerned with some distant
events, ignoring any interactions with the other
people present. However, once the bidding opens,
cant presence in the host city, but this need not they bid attentively and aggressively up to a strict
be the case. At the GM’s discretion, one of these limit—below that of Black Knight Industries.
corporations could be the one from whom the Suggested Representative Names: Arjun Wil-
case was initially stolen, but this is not required. liams, Naomi Lynn



lack Knight’s representative is professional heir representative wants to talk to everyone

but driven. They are direct and willing to present at the auction, including staff, secu-
negotiate honestly with the other parties present. rity, and the thieves. By all appearances, they are
The representative seeks to obtain the package, more interested in turning the experience into a
but they have a strict bidding limit and refuse to story for broadcast than in participating in the
exceed it. auction. They do not actually make any bids if the
Suggested Representative Names: Alexander auction happens.
Hawkins, Christine Farooqi Suggested Representative Names: Jordan
Gottfried, Vanessa Tengku

Criminal agents complete the theft of the goods, arrive at Edison Towers, and
1:00 AM hole up in a private room. Video cameras for the Edison Towers Ballroom
are disabled.
8:00 AM Contact reaches out to the PCs asking them to investigate last night’s robbery.
~8:30 AM PCs meet with their contact to discuss the assignment.
Phineas “Finn” Bacon sends out invitations to various organizations with
9:00 AM information explaining a package was stolen last night and is being auctioned
off tonight at 9:00 PM at the Ballroom of Edison Towers.
Organizations begin inquiring about the nature of the package, assigning
9:30 AM — 12:00 PM
bidders, and confirming attendance at the auction.
If running either the Unexpected Contact or The Offer You Can’t Refuse
4:00 PM
optional encounter, the NPC reaches out to the PCs.
5:00 PM Staff shift change at Edison Towers
Edison Towers evening shift workers prepare the ballroom for the auction. This
5:30 PM — 8:30 PM
includes organizing tables, seating, the wet bar, the podium, and decorations.
8:50 PM First guests begin to arrive for the auction.
Ballroom opens and guests are served cocktails. Discussion ensues between the
9:00 PM
various guests. The stolen case is on display, but remains sealed.
Bidding opens on the stolen goods. Phineas Bacon runs the auction aggressively.
He notes only people physically present are able to bid. There are to be no
10:00 PM bidders via the DataNet. Electronic payment is expected as soon as bidding
closes. Bidding ultimately ends at $25,000,000. The Great Lakes Union secures
the winning bid.
A Great Lakes Union Security vehicle arrives to carry the goods to the nearest
10:30 PM
airport for secure transport.
A Mafia sponsored team of gangers ambushes the security vehicle on its way to
the airport. As the battle continues, a Black Knight Industries security vehicle
11:15 PM
and a Yakuza sponsored biker gang join the conflict. All four groups battle for
the package.
Black Knight Industries agents load the package aboard an aircraft bound for an
12:00 AM
isolated research facility.

THE HIT After all of the losing bidders have left, Edison
Towers security escorts the winning bidder’s team
W ith the auction complete, the DataNet and
security feeds are re-enabled in the ballroom.
The winning bidder transfers funds to Phineas
to a Honda Uphl Delivery Vehicle (see page 27)
parked in the subbasement garage. The vehicle
has an additional 2 Armor, but no weapons. One
Bacon. He discretely transfers shares to each of
of the security guards drives, while the other rides
the team members and presents the package to
in the front. The bidder and assistant ride in the
the winning bidder. The losing bidders depart
van’s interior with the package.
with varying levels of grace. Some offer their con-
The criminal team and Finn depart the ballroom
gratulations, a few glare bitterly, and one or two
last, only after the van has left Edison Towers.
offer only obscenities. None draw weapons within
They transfer the necessary funds to the private
Edison Towers, though a few obviously consider
club before leaving. Then, they head to the park-
doing so.
ing garage where each has a motorcycle waiting.
They quickly part ways as they exit the facility.

Neither the sellers nor the buyers feel any further extending over several miles of city streets. Local
obligation toward one another. Unless the team law enforcement take no action to interfere with
does something to stop them, the thieves imme- the conflict, having received generous bribes to
diately depart the city, spending a portion of their stay out of it.
profits to establish new identities in distant lands. After securing the package, the Knight Indus-
The delivery vehicle begins a circuitous route tries team takes it to a secure, private airfield.
toward the airport. About fifteen minutes out The case is loaded onto a transport and taken to
from the Towers a dozen Gangers (see page 23) an isolated research facility. The plane is ready
on Harley-Davidson-Indian Cruisers (see page to take off when the combat truck reaches the
27) attack the van working for the Mafia. Three runway. The bidding team abandons the vehicle
combat rounds into the battle, a Marsworks and quickly boards the plane to depart, leaving
Engineering Combat Truck (see page 27)—piloted little further opportunity to disrupt the transfer.
by the Knight Industries bidding team—joins
the battle, initially targeting the courier van. AUCTION TIMELINE
Two rounds after that, eight more Gangers on
Nakamura Motors Motorcycles (see page 27)
join the melee in service of the Yakuza. Unless the
T he auction is scheduled to take place at 9:00
PM tonight. This timeline of events proceeds
as indicated, unless the PCs disrupt it. If that
PCs interfere, the Knight Industries team secures
happens, the GM must make appropriate adjust-
the package after overcoming the other groups.
ments to accommodate any necessary changes.
The high speed combat is violent and gruesome,


T he adventure presents several different issues

that need to be resolved, and which can be
addressed in different ways. This section offers
including the PCs. Organizations desire it simply
for the power it represents. Those with the capa-
bility to carefully open the briefcase without
suggestions for the three largest. First, it presents triggering the explosive may wish to reverse engi-
different ideas for the box’s contents. Secondly, it neer the technology. The company that lost the
discusses how to deal with the criminals. Finally, it device is concerned about saving face. Acciden-
explains how the contact who brought the team tally unleashing such a weapon creates a public
onto the job is likely to deal with success or failure. relations disaster.


T he box can have a broad range of different

contents. Running the adventure repeatedly
A storage system within the computer could
hold a fragment of extraordinarily malicious
computer code. If allowed to propagate through
using variant boxes leads to completely distinct
the DataNet it could pierce security and bring
scenarios. This section presents a few different
down countless vital systems. A user capable of
boxes and discusses what happens if opened. It
controlling it could access information that others
also talks about why different factions want each
felt was perfectly secure. Groups seek to acquire
of these. The GM can pick one of these options or
this tool both to use it to steal information from

may devise something completely different.

others and to prevent others from using it against
them. If the code escapes from the case into the
wider DataNet, it could corrupt countless systems

T he case may simply contain an extremely

powerful weapon, potentially including an
explosive device. Under this approach, the case
and expose critical data for the world to see.

is sealed with a tamper proof device. Opening it
improperly triggers a massive explosion, wiping
out a significant portion of the metroplex, likely
T he victim corporation had been dabbling in
dangerous biotech—experimenting on an
already dangerous virus or trying to weaponize

a common one. In either case, they had an unex- Use the Ronin, Smuggler, Hacker, and Drone
pected level of success. They have created a new Jockey archetypes starting on page 25 to repre-
plague that is both virulent and deadly. While sent the team of thieves. Their respective street
it could be a perfect weapon, the problem is names are Dagger, Wheelie, Eyes, and Cloud9.
there is currently no cure or way to contain it Cyberpunks are hired to assist the criminals.
once it begins to spread. The corporation needs Cloud9 is the cousin of their initial contact, and
to recover it before it triggers another global potentially the person who wants to escape the
catastrophe. Other organizations want it to wea- job. The PCs are expected to assist the team.
ponize it or to use it as a negotiating piece with The biggest issues are making sure the auction
the original designers. Breaking the hermetic seal proceeds smoothly, that they receive a fair share
could trigger a massive, deadly infection. from Finn, and that the thieves can escape town
safely afterward. Note the victimized corporation
NANOTECH may play a larger role in this approach, attempting
to find and track the criminals—possibly using
T he case holds a prototype nanotech
device the designers believe is capable of
manipulating materials at a subatomic level. If the
a Cleaning Crew team. In this case, the PCs may
have to take a more active role defending them.
In the other two themes, the criminals are
prototype works the way its intended, this could
important villains of the scenario. The PCs must
be a technological game changer, altering the
bring them to justice. After such a high profile
value of virtually any material. The corporation
heist, word is certain to leak concerning how the
that lost it is desperate to recover their secrets,
PCs handle the perpetrators. Either killing them
while outsiders would love to be the first to
or letting them escape colors their reputation.
control this new technology. Improperly opening
Ideally, the characters need to capture the thieves
the case could badly damage the device, leaving
so they can face justice—or at least the wrath of
it unworkable and much more difficult to
the person who gave the assignment. Notably, the
reverse engineer.
criminals do have solid equipment. Some charac-
ters may wish to take those goods, which could
also cause issues with friends and family of the

T he case holds a vault of financial records,

which could make the owners among the
richest people on earth. This includes biometric
thieves in future scenarios.

data, electronic verifications, and physical
certifications that can prove the bearer to have
a controlling interest in one or more mega-
corporations. Losing it could compromise
O nce the adventure is complete, the PCs need
to meet with the person who hired them to
obtain their payment. The hiring agent expects a
a mega-corporation’s ownership. Gaining it physical meeting where they initially met to dis-
could make any organizations substantially cuss the assignment. The nature of this meeting is
wealthier and more powerful. Opening the case contingent upon the level to which the characters
improperly causes the destruction of all of the succeeded with the mission.
contents, enabling the current stakeholders to If all goes according to plan—the PCs recover
retain control. the package and capture or punish the criminals—
the hiring agent is satisfied. The characters receive
THE CRIMINALS the compensation originally discussed. If there
were complications, those modify the payment

A team of four criminals performed the

heist. They succeeded beyond their wildest
expectations due to incredibly fortunate timing.
and the agent’s attitude proportionately. Compli-
cations could include collateral damage, opening
the box, embarrassing the victim corporation, or
The facility’s security experienced a power letting the criminals escape without consequence.
fluctuation at the same time as a new team of In any of these cases the agent feels the job terms
guards underwent training. were not properly fulfilled and attempts to

renegotiate the contract. The GM must use dis- approaches require a Persuasion or Performance
cretion in deciding how severely to restrict any roll as appropriate. Failure results in the PCs not
payments given to the PCs. Note the agent is also being paid and suffering the wrath of the agent
concerned about the company’s reputation and and potentially a mega-corporation. Even with
their personal one. They prefer to give the PCs success, there may be consequences in the future
at least a partial payment, assuming they have when the corporation realizes they have been
earned it. misled. Under those circumstances, the corpo-
Some PCs might double cross the hiring agent. ration sends a well-equipped security team to
They could deliver a fake package, lie about the apprehend the PCs for punishment.
criminals’ fates, or pursue other scams. These


T his section presents game statistics for the

major NPCs in the scenario.
Gear: Tier 3 Tendril Access Processor, Languages:
Native Language (Native), (d4), Nakamura
Motors Motorcycle
F inn became involved in this whole event
only after the criminals had stolen the goods.
When they tried to sell him the goods, he realized
Race: Human
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d8,
this was far more valuable than they expected.
Strength d6, Vigor d6
Consequently, he immediately reached out to
Skills: Academics d6, Athletics: d4, Common
his network of contacts and hurriedly organized
Knowledge: d6, Driving: d4, Fighting: d4, Intim-
the auction.
idation: d8, Language (Native): d8, Notice: d6,
He is a greedy showman. He wants to squeeze
Persuasion: d8+1, Research d6, Shooting: d4,
every bit of money out of this deal he can for him-
Taunt: d8
self, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to
Pace: 6, Parry: 4, Toughness: 6 (1)
obtain it. He willingly embraces extra risks if the
Hindrances: Ruthless (Major), Stubborn, Suspi-
result convinces potential buyers the package is
cious (Minor)
more valuable.
Edges: Attractive, Command,, Inspire, Killer
Finn is unsure about the exact contents of the
Instinct, Provoke
package. He just knows it is tremendously desir-
Cybertech: Tier 2 Tendril Access Processor
able and likely fragile. That in no way limits his
Armor: Executive Decision Boardroom Jacket
willingness to hype up its desirability.
Weapons: Holdout Pistol (2d6, 12/24/48, ROF 1),
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Unarmed (Natural Attack, Str)
Strength d6, Vigor d6 Languages: Native Language (Native), (d4)
Skills: Athletics d4, Common Knowledge d8,
Fighting d6, Gambling d6, Intimidation d8, ATTENDANT
Language (Native) d8, Notice d8, Performance
d6+1, Persuasion d8+1, Research d6, Shooting Race: Human

d4, Stealth d4, Taunt d6 Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d8, Spirit d6,
Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 7 (2) Strength d6, Vigor d6
Hindrances: Greedy (major), Overconfident Skills: Academics d8, Athletics: d4, Common
Edges: Attractive, Charismatic, Level Headed, Knowledge: d10, Electronics: d6, Hacking d4,
Level Headed Language (Native): d6, Notice: d4, Persuasion:
Cybertech: Tier 2 Tendril Access Processor d6, Research d8, Stealth: d4
Armor: Bombs on Broadway formal suit Pace: 6, Parry: 2, Toughness: 7 (2)
Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Hindrances: Hesitant, Loyal (Minor), Obligation
Str), Holdout Pistol (Range 12/24/48, Damage (Major)
Str+2d6, ROF 1, AP , Edges: Scholar (Academics)

Cybertech: Tier 1 Tendril Access Processor Languages: Native Language (Native), (d4)
Armor: BOB Formal Suit
Weapons: Holdout Pistol (2d6, 12/24/48, ROF 1), GANGER
Unarmed (Natural Attack, Str)
Gear: Nakamura Motors Motorcycle Race: Human
Languages: Native Language (Native), (d4) Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6,
Strength d6, Vigor d4
SECURITY GUARD Skills: Athletics: d6, Common Knowledge: d6,
Driving: d4, Fighting: d6, Intimidation: d6, Lan-
Race: Human guage (Native): d4, Notice: d4+2, Persuasion: d4,
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Shooting: d8, Stealth: d6
Strength d6, Vigor d6 Pace: 6, Parry: 5, Toughness: 7(3)
Skills: Athletics: d6, Common Knowledge: d6, Hindrances: Big Mouth, Cautious
Driving: d6, Fighting: d6, Intimidation: d6, Lan- Edges: Alertness, Dead Shot
guage (Native): d4, Notice: d6, Persuasion: d6, Cybertech: Tier 1 Tendril Access Processor
Shooting: d8, Stealth: d6 Armor: Kevlar Vest (police issue), Leather Jacket
Pace: 6, Parry: 5, Toughness: 7 (2) Weapons: Knife/Dagger (Str+d4), Molecular
Hindrances: Loyal (Major), Obligation (Major) Sword (Str+d8+2, AP 4), Sawed-Off Double-Bar-
Edges: Marksman, Soldier rel Shotgun (1-3d6, 5/10/20, ROF 1), Unarmed
Cybertech: Tier 1 Tendril Access Processor (Natural Attack, Str)
Armor: ED Boardroom Jacket Gear: 2x Bullets, Medium (50), First Aid Kit (basic
Weapons: Knife (Str+d4), Machine Pistol (2d6–2, supplies), Harley-Davidson-Indian Cruiser or
15/30/60, ROF 3, AP2, Auto), Unarmed (Natural Nakamura Motors Motorcycle
Attack, Str) Languages: Native Language (Native), (d4)
Gear: 2 spare magazines ammunition, first aid kit

C ompleting a high profile adventure has
ramifications for the characters. Some of
these are handled with game mechanics, but
others can change the campaign setting in
O ver the course of the adventure, the PCs had
opportunities to interact with a range of
NPCs. Those characters who survived are likely
subtle or obvious ways. For concluding the
to have strong opinions about the people with
adventure, the characters receive the following
whom they interacted. This is particularly relevant
explicit rewards:
for representatives of major powers, such as the
• One Advance
auction attendees, but could also be a factor for
• Payment as negotiated with the hiring agent
NPCs involved during the investigative phase. At
• Any ancillary gear or items they negotiated
the GM’s discretion the PCs might want to note
with the hiring agent
one or more NPCs as contacts, whom they could
• Street Cred raises by one die type
reach out to during future scenarios.
Other elements can depend more upon the
The GM must keep track of any favors the PCs
level of success the characters achieved. If the
earned or offered. Each of these could trigger a
characters were largely successful through the
future scenario as one or more of the characters
course of the adventure, increase their Street
must repay a debt. Similarly, PCs may have an
Cred by one die type. Conversely, if they failed
opportunity to join an organization based upon
and embarrassed themselves badly, reduce it by a
their interactions or favors earned during the
die type. If the characters had mixed success and
adventure. Membership could certainly lead to
were discrete, their Street Cred need not change.
further obligations.
Anyone the PCs harmed—either physically or
through their reputation—may want revenge.

This is again most relevant for the auction bid- course of a future adventure. Alternatively, if the
ders. Those characters have substantial resources. package left the metroplex, the PCs might just
If they believe the PCs were responsible for their later hear about a disaster—or major technologi-
failure to win the auction, they may choose to cal breakthrough—on a news broadcast. The GM
enact revenge in a future scenario. At a com- must consider the extent to which they wish to
pletely different level, if the PCs were involved in have the PCs’ actions influence the game setting
combat with gangers after the auction, surviving before permitting sweeping changes to take place.
members of those gangs may recognize the PCs
are local targets for their fury. FUTURE EVENTS

I f they succeeded in the assignment, the PCs
now have a reputation for participating in a

I f someone opened or broke the seal on the

box, there may be serious repercussions.
Alternatively if someone other than the hiring
high stakes event. This could lead to similar jobs
from other organizations. Some PCs may be reluc-
tant to have this level of exposure, while others
company obtained the box, there may be a shift might eagerly embrace the opportunity. Future
of power. This discusses what could happen and negotiations might begin with NPCs verifying
how that affects the PCs. they were the characters who foiled the auction
Depending upon the contents of the box, open- at Edison Towers.
ing it could have triggered a major disaster for the Any of the groups whom the characters crossed
city. In some instances, the PCs might not even could seek revenge in the future. Ideally, this
have survived exposure. In others, a portion of the happens at the least convenient moment during
city could be devastated. In either case, the PCs another adventure. When things are already going
are likely to be the scapegoats. This leaves them badly, the PCs might come across a biker gang
on the run with the city’s major organizations or a security guard whom they fought during
seeking vengeance against them. The GM must this scenario. This provides a great way to raise
use discretion in pursuing this approach, because the stakes.
not all groups find the storyline compelling. One or more of the organizations may become
If the PCs recovered the package and returned interested in hiring the PCs based upon their suc-
it to the victim corporation, the city’s balance cess. This could even include groups whom the
of power is unchanged. If another organization PCs crossed. Some of these recognize this was
obtained it, this could change things substantially. a business opportunity for everyone. If the PCs
If a criminal syndicate ended with the package, demonstrated competence and professionalism,
this might trigger a gang war across the city. One respective human resources departments may
or more corporations might even join that con- target them for hiring.
flict, as they seek to obtain the package. This may
lead to the package being opened through the

ARCHETYPES Mega-Conglom) needs to make sure someone is
dead, the bounty hunter brings back the body.
AGENT Race: Human 1.0
Origin: Bounty Hunter
A gents engage in a variety of operations rang-
ing from deep cover operations, to retrieval
missions, counter-insurgency campaigns, disin-
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6,
Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills: Athletics d4, Common Knowledge d4,
formation campaigns, and assassinations. Agents
Fighting d6, Notice d8, Persuasion d8, Research
are experts with small arms and masters at hand-
d8, Shooting d6, Stealth d4, Survival d8
to-hand combat. Agents have extensive training
Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 6(1); Strain: 0;
in various subjects including counter-terrorism,
Street Cred: d6
tradecraft and interrogation. They use those skills
Hindrances: Mean
to protect and promote the interests of the gov-
Cybertech: Tier 2 Tendril Access Processor
ernment to which they pledge allegiance.
Edges: Investigator, Strong Willed
Race: Human 2.0 Gear: Armored hoodie (+1 armor [arms, head,
Origin: Agent torso]), Light Tactical Pistol: (Range12/24/48,
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Damage 2d6+2, RoF 1, Shots 12, AP 1).
Strength d6, Vigor d8
Skills: Atheltics d4, Common Knowledge d4, DRONE JOCKEY
Driving d4, Fighting d6, Gambling d6, Hacking
d4, Intimidation d6, Notice d8, Persuasion d6,
Research d8, Shooting d6, Stealth d4
T he drone jockey is an expert when it comes
to using drones. More then just the get away
driver, the drone jockey relies upon a stable of
Pace: 6; Parry: 8(5); Toughness: 9 (3); Strain: 4;
drones with various abilities to become a one
Street Cred: d6
person army. No matter what the situation, some-
Hindrances: Overconfident, Secret (Major,
one out there has designed a drone for the job.
The drone jockey is truly alive when their rapidly
Edges: Alternate Identity
leaping from drone to drone, taking complete
Cybertech: Tier 2 Tendril Access Processor, AGA
control of her machines.
Guardian Vambraces
Gear: Armored business suit (+3 armor [arms, Race: Human 1.0
torso, legs] increased armor modification), shock Origin: Drone Jockey
truncheon with 1 battery (Str+d6: Knockdown, Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6,
Parry), light tactical pistol (Range12/24/48, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Damage 2d6+2, RoF 1, Shots 12, AP 1), SMG Skills: Atheltics d4, Boating d8, Common Knowl-
(Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6−1, RoF 3, Shots edge d4, Driving d8, Electronics d4, Fighting d6,
30, AP 1, Auto). Notice d6, Persuasion d4, Piloting d8, Repair d6,
Shooting d6, Stealth d4
BOUNTY HUNTER Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 6 (1); Strain: 0;
Street Cred: d6
W ith the balkanization of the world in 2095, it
is a simple matter for criminals on the run
to hop the nearest border or go off-world, and
Hindrances: Greedy (Major)
Edges: Ace, Strong Willed
Cybertech: Tier 2 Tendril Access Processor
leave local law enforcement in the dust. Bounty
Gear: Armored vest (+1 [torso]), goggles (flare
hunters solve this problem. When someone must
compensation), light pistol (Range 12/24/48,
absolutely be brought back to stand trial, the
Damage 2d6+1, RoF .1, Shots 12), light recon-
bounty hunter finds them and drags them kick-
naissance drone.
ing and screaming back. When a government (or

EX-SOLDIER Cybertech: Tier 2 Tendril Access Processor, Berg-
er-Suisse Ocular Implant
T he soldiers of 2095 operate on battlefields
that contain real-time hacking and military
virus attacks, drones controlled by the very minds
Gear: Armored hoodie (+1 armor [arms, head,
torso]), survival knife (Str+d6+1), light pistol
(Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots
of their operators, and golemmechs that can lay
12, AP 1)
waste to battlefields faster and more efficiently
than any tank can.
Race: Hybrid (Polar Bear)
Origin: Insurgent
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d6,
T he Hackers of 2095 have a proud legacy span-
ning just over a hundred years. While the
digital world is now more advanced then ever, the
Strength d8, Vigor d6
old lessons from the forefathers (and mothers!)
Skills: Athletics d6, Common Knowledge d4, Driv-
back at the birth of the information age still hold
ing d4, Fighting d8, Intimidation d6, Notice d6,
true. The hacker is a force to be respected in the
Persuasion d4, Shooting d8, Stealth d6, Survival d6
age where everything is wireless, and everything
Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 7(1); Strain: 0;
can be hacked. Any group looking to be success-
Street Cred: d6
ful needs a hacker to really prosper in 2095. From
Hindrances: Cautious, Mean, Quirk (Lethargic),
the local biker gang, to ronin, and even the police
Vengeful (Major)
and military, hackers see more demand for their
Edges: Brawny, Soldier
talents then ever.
Cybertech: Tier 2 Tendril Access Processor
Gear: Armored hoodie (+1 armor [arms, head, Race: Human 1.0
torso]), Claws (Str+d4, +2 Athletics (climbing)), Origin: Programmer
SMG (Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6−1, RoF 3, Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6,
Shots 30, AP 1), medical kit (+1 to Healing rolls, Strength d6, Vigor d6
3 uses). Skills: Athletics d4, Common Knowledge d4, Elec-
tronics d8, Hacking d10, Notice d6, Persuasion

T he more things change, the more they stay

the same. The only thing that has changed
about gangs in the era of 2095, is they are even
more dangerous than ever. With the rise in pov-
erty and the dissolution of the middle class, more
and more people turn toward the gang lifestyle
as the only means of getting by. A gang means
friends, a surrogate family, money and prosperity
for those living in the gutters.
Race: Human 1.0
Origin: Ganger
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit d4,
bonus content

Strength d8, Vigor d8

Skills: Atheltics d4, Common Knowledge d4, Driv-
ing d6, Fighting d8, Intimidation d6, Notice d4,
Persuasion d4, Shooting d8, Stealth d4, Survival
d4, Taunt d6
Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 8 (1); Strain: 2;
Street Cred: d4
Hindrances: Bad Rep, Loyal
Edges: Brawny, Cyber Tolerance, Strong Willed

d4, Research d6, Shooting d6, Stealth d4, Taunt Skills: Academics d4, Athletics d4, Common
d6, Thievery d6 Knowledge d4, Driving d6, Fighting d4, Intimida-
Pace: 6; Parry: 2; Toughness: 6(1); Strain: 0; tion d8, Notice d4, Performance d8, Persuasion
Street Cred: d4 d12, Research d6, Shooting d6, Stealth d4, Taunt
Hindrances: Bad Rep d6
Edges: Hacker, Strong Willed Pace: 6; Parry: 4; Toughness: 5(1); Strain: 2;
Cybertech: Tier 2 Tendril Access Processor Street Cred: d8
Gear: Armored hoodie (+1 armor [arms, head, Hindrances: Big Mouth (Minor), Clueless (Major),
torso]), shock truncheon with 1 battery (Str+d6; Driven (Minor), Jealous (Minor), Mean (Minor)
Knockdown, Parry), light pistol (Range 12/24/48; Outsider (Major)
Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 12, AP 1) Remote Edges: Attractive, Reputation.
Access Trojan (+1 to Hacking (Operate Device) Cybertech: Tier 2 Tendril Access Processor, Octa-
rolls, 3 uses). gon Inc. Diva Bone Sculpting Treatment
Gear:Fashionable clothing, ornamental knife
IDOL (str+d6+1)

M any idols are manufactured by the entertain-

ment industry from virtual constructs which
have been run through focus groups to find the
broadest appeal with their audience. Idols stay
in the spotlight as long as the corporations can
T he news taken in by the majority of people
in 2090 has been massaged, molded, folded,
spindled, mutilated, and finally crafted to fit the
make money off their manufactured fame, milk- preferred image the governments and corpora-
ing them as much as they can before tossing them tions of the world prefer. While it hasn’t reached
aside in favor of the next big thing. the levels of totalitarian control of the media, to
say the news is sanitized for the public is putting
Race: Android
it mildly. While there are those journalists even
Origin: Media Icon
within the mega 24-hour corporate-controlled
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d8,
news networks who seek the real truth — the
Strength d6, Vigor d6
real story behind the scenes — the majority of
actual news is reported and blogged by indepen-
dent sources.
Race: Human 1.0
Origin: Detective
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6,
Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Athletics d4, Common Knowledge d4,
Electronics d6, Fighting d6, Hacking d6, Notice
d8, Performance d6, Persuasion d6, Research d8,
Science d6, Stealth d6
Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 7(2); Strain: 0;
Street Cred: d6
Hindrances: Curious
Edges: Investigator, Strong Willed
Cybertech: Tier 2 Tendril Access Processor
Gear: Armored duster (+2 [arms, torso, legs]),
shock truncheon with 1 battery (Str+d6; Knock-
down, Parry), heavy pistol (Range 12/24/48,
Damage 2d6+2 RoF 1, Shots 15; AP 2).

RONIN but there are exceptions. While in the minority,
there are those who still believe in the antiquated
D eniable assets, street operatives, urban war-
riors—ronin do the jobs nobody else wants
or can do. Whether it’s a raid on a rival corp, a
motto “To Protect and Serve.”
Race: Bioroid
smuggling op, a data snatch, a retrieval mission, or Origin: Patrol Officer
a simple milk run through hostile gang turf, ronin Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6,
are the people with the skills to get the job done. Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Tier 1 Tendril Access Processor, Academics
Race: Cyborg
d6, Athletics d8, Battle d6, Common Knowledge
Origin: Bodyguard
d6, Driving d8, Fighting d8, Healing d4, Intimida-
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6,
tion d6, Notice d6, Persuasion d6, Shooting d8,
Strength d6, Vigor d6
Stealth d4, Taunt d4
Skills: Athletics d8, Battle d4, Common Knowl-
Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 7(2); Strain: 0;
edge d4, Driving d4, Fighting d8, Intimidation d6,
Street Cred: d6
Notice d6, Persuasion d4, Shooting d8, Stealth
Hindrances: Ruthless (Minor), Secret (Major,
d6, Taunt d6
Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 13(8); Strain: 5;
Edges: Martial Artist
Street Cred: d6
Cybertech: Tier 1 Tendril Access Processor
Hindrances: Code of Honor, Outsider (Minor),
Gear: Armored combat vest (+2 armor [torso]),
Suspicious (Minor), Vengeful (Minor)
shock truncheon with 1 battery (Str+d6), tac-
Edges: Alertness
tical light pistol (Range12/24/48, 2d6+2, RoF
Cybertech: Tier 2 Tendril Access Processor,
1 Shots 12; AP 1), scattergun (Range 10/20/40,
Armor Plating (+6 [racial trait]), AGA Gunhand
Damage 1–3d6, RoF 1, Shots 4).
(Range 15/30/60, Damage 2d8, AP 4, RoF 1,
Shots 15), Stone Warrior Anchoring Spikes
Damage 2d8, AP 4, RoF 1, Shots 15)
Gear: Armored Coat (+2 armor [arms,
torso]), Monofilament Katana
(Str+d6+3, AP 2 collapsible baton
S mugglers are those who spe-
cialize in moving contraband
across borders without getting
(Str+d6), Armor Plating detected. In 2095, where there
are more borders than ever
SECTOR COP before, smugglers are seeing a
boom in business unlike any
T he sector cop has one
of the toughest jobs in
sprawl: enforcing law and
other. Smugglers come in a
large variety, from those
who specialize in
order in an environment
ocean or air travel,
antithetical to such con-
to those who spe-
cepts. The badge makes the
cialize in getting
sector cop a target, and not
across the
just for bullets. People both
border on
hate and fear the sector cop,
bonus content

foot or on
and, all too often, for good
whe els .
reason. One wrong move, one
All that
word spoken in anger, will get you
marked as a potentially hostile
is the
civilian, and that is all a sector
smuggler is
cop needs to take the law into
able to move his
his own hands. Many sector
cargo without being
cops are just as corrupt as
the people they bring in,

detected, or having the authorities trace the Hindrances: Impulsive, Secret (Major)
cargo back to his employer. Edges: Arcane Background, Streetwise
Cybertech: Tier 1 Tendril Access Processor,
Race: Android
Mindstorm Neuro Booster
Origin: Smuggler
Gear: Urban Punk Street Jacket (+2 armor
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6,
[arms, torso]), heavy pistol (Range 12/24/48,
Strength d6, Vigor d6
Damage 2d6+2 RoF 1, Shots 15; AP 2), Medical
Skills: Academics d4, Athletics d6, Common
Diagnostics Band
Knowledge d4, Driving d8, Intimidation d6,
Arcane Background: Psionics
Notice d6, Persuasion d6, Piloting d6, Shooting
Power Points: 18
d6, Stealth d8, Thievery d8
Powers: Bolt, Boost/Lower Trait (Limitations:
Pace: 6; Parry: 2; Toughness: 5; Strain: 2; Street
Touch), Environmental Protection, Fear, Mind
Cred: d6
Hindrances: Outsider (Major), Thin Skinned
Edges: Thief
Cybertech: Tier 1 Tendril Access Processor, Kenta
Cyberdynamics Mule bags (2 lbs [Right and left
Gear: Armored coat (+2 armor [arms, tor-
so]),heavy pistol (Range 12/24/48, Damage
2d6+2, RoF 1, Shots 15; AP 2) A s an unlicensed zeek, you must keep your
head down, your abilities secret from those
who would lock you up if you used them. Life
ZEEK is uncertain, and you never know who you can
trust. Keep your powers a secret—it’s a twisted
Z eeks are individuals who have manifested
supernatural abilities. Often persecuted for
their abilities, zeeks tend to keep
affirmation you tell yourself every day.
You have learned to be self-sufficient. You can
generally fix what you need to and if need be,
to themselves for fear of
steal what you don’t have or learn
drawing the attention of
to live without it. Still, that doesn’t
organizations (both gov-
always put food on the table or
ernment agencies and
pay the rent. You must work,
civilian groups) that seek
but the life of a blooper has
to monitor them or even
too many variables—too many
worse—wipe them out.
chances for your abilities to
Race: Human 1.0 manifest in front of the wrong
Origin: Unlicensed people. So, you live in the
Zeek shadows, where most people
Attributes: Agility d6, don’t ask questions or look too
Smarts d8, Spirit d6, closely. That brings danger, because you
Strength d4, Vigor d6 have to let someone in; you have to reveal your
Skills: Athletics d6, secret to those few who rely on you to watch
Common Knowledge their backs.
d4, Driving d6, Hacking
Origin Skills: Repair and your
d4, Language (Native)
choice of Thievery or Survival
d8, Language (Spanish) d4,
Gear: Tier 1 Tendril Access
Notice d4, Persuasion d6,
Processor, Heavy pistol (Range
Psionics d8, Shooting d6,
12/24/48, Damage 2d6+2 RoF
Stealth d6, Survival d4
1, Shots 15; AP 2), Urban Punk
Pace: 6; Parry: 2; Tough-
Street Jacket (+2 armor [arms,
ness: 7 (2)’; Strain: 4;
Street Cred: d6

NEW CYBERTECH Psionics skill for pushing cybertech) causes
physical damage rather than Fatigue. The char-
T he following cybertech introduced in the
archetypes section are provided for you to
use in your games.
acter must make a Vigor Roll rather than a Spirit
roll. Failure causes 1 Wound, and a Critical fail-
ure generates 2 Wounds.

N eed some added protection on the bat-

tlefield or urban jungle? Check out our

Guardian series of combat vambraces! Made with

the finest polymers for defense and modded with
K enta Cyberdynamics’ is pleased to unveil
our Stone Warrior line of Anchoring Spikes!
Tired of being knocked down because some
extending blades honed to razor thin edges, these
rhino hybrid bull rushed you? Now you can stop
vambraces extend with a simple blocking motion,
that bad boy in his tracks! Just roll back on your
covering the entire forearm with thick composite
heel and the Stone Warrior Anchoring Spikes
plates so you can block incoming attacks. With a
drill down into the ground, securing you firmly
flick of the wrist, razor-sharp blades extend to line
in place. They work on all hard surfaces, even
the vambraces to give you an extra edge when
tempered steel!
fighting off your opponent.
Base Cost: 600 per point of strain
Base Cost: 1,200 + 600 per additional bonus.
Base Strain: 1 (maximum of 2)
Base Strain: (Streetware) 2 +2 per +1 bonus to
Abilities: The cybertech negates up to 2 point
Parry (max +3 bonus)
of penalties to Athletics rolls to avoid being
Abilities: Act of God Armaments’ Guardian
knocked Prone
Combat Vambraces provide a +1 bonus to Parry
Quirks: Anchoring spikes take an action to acti-
per 2 points of strain. Additionally, they add +1
vate. If attached to a cyberleg, the anchoring
damage to unarmed Fighting attacks per point
spikes are hackable. If the wearer falls prone
of Strain.
while this cybertech is active, the spikes are
Quirks: Hackable only if attached to a cyber arm.
damaged and must be repaired before they can
The character must spend an action to ready
be used again.
the blades.
N eed some extra cargo space? KCD has you
covered! Our Mule Bags are made of cus-
T his one’s for all you zeeks, freaks and brain
burners out there lookin’ for an extra punch
when you do your psychic mojo! The Doc’s nailed
tom-fitted lightweight, bio-friendly polymers to
ensure you get maximum storage space without
losing your precious flesh and bone! Each Mule
it again with the Mindstorm Neuro Booster! This
Bag can hold up to four pounds of…well what-
hot piece of cybertech hijacks your cerebrum
ever you want! We don’t judge, nakama!
and dials up the activity like a nitrous injection
boosts a car! Careful though, nakama; use this Base Cost: 2,400 per point of strain (customware
bad boy too often and you could find yourself only)
bonus content

breathing through a tube for the rest of your life. Base Strain: 1 per mule bag
You’ve been warned! Thanks again for choosing Abilities: Mule bags are form-fitting compart-
Doc Pango! ments built into various parts of the body that
may hold up to 4lbs of gear. Notice rolls to
Base Cost: 150 per point of strain
detect them are made at a -1.
Base Strain: 2(Gutterware, maximum of 8)
Quirks: None
Abilities: Each point of Strain gives the user an
additional 4 Power Points
Quirks: Hackable, takes an action to activate.
Attempting to push this cyberware (Use the


T he following vehicles introduced in this VANS AND TRUCKS

adventure are provided for you to use in
your games.

T he UPHL “uphill” is a simple ground vehicle,
designed for delivery. Armored models are
available for deliveries in dangerous areas or valu-
able cargo.
• Size: 8

T hese cruisers have been in production for

decades. They are sold in every country that
can afford such a luxurious ride.
• Handling: 0
• Top Speed: 80
• Toughness: 14(2)
• Size: 1 • Passengers: 1+1
• Handling: +1 • Cost: 22,000
• Top Speed: 120 • Notes: Typical delivery van
• Toughness: 8
• Cost: 5,000 COMBAT TRUCK
• Notes: Exposed Crew


F our-wheel steering, independent all-wheel
drive, and coaxial pintle mount are all stan-
dard. It is oversized for use as Power Armored
ground transport.

W ith a top speed of 250 mph, the Steel Wind

beats out the competition in both acceler-
ation and top speed. The Steel Wind is for real
• Size: 7
• Handling: +1
• Top Speed: 120
riders, as it has no advanced computer system. • Toughness: 23(8)
• Size: 1 • Passengers: 1+2
• Handling: +2 • Cost: Military (500,000 cryptos on the black
• Top Speed: 250 market)
• Toughness: 7 • Notes: Heavy Armor, Four-Wheel Drive.
• Passengers: 1 Weapons: LAC-15 (Range 50/100/200;
• Cost: 5,000 2d10+1; ROF 4; Shots 120; AP 5, Auto, HW,
• Notes: Exposed Crew Turret, Stabilizer)


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