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Roderick Eime

Enrichment Speaker and Multimedia Tutor

Journalist, photographer, broadcaster and storyteller, Roderick

Eime, has held a lifelong fascination for exploration and discovery.
And for the last 25 years, it has been his solitary passion.

After his first Antarctic expedition in 1998, Rod turned his back on
motor racing and devoted himself to expedition cruising, embarking
on a media career that saw him travel many of the world’s oceans
and rivers on a wide variety of vessels while filing stories for a vast portfolio of outlets.

He developed industry-leading expertise on the burgeoning subject that included in-depth

knowledge of the destinations, vessels, geography and history of this increasingly popular form
of travel.

His work has seen awards and recognition from the ​Australian Society of Travel Writers​,
Pacific Asia Tourist Association (PATA)​, ​CLIA​ and ​AFTA​.

Now, after a quarter of a century at sea, more than million published words and many
thousands of nautical miles, Rod is sharing that knowledge and experience with passengers
aboard ships looking to expand their repertoire of enrichment speakers. He has already
completed programs aboard ​One Ocean Expeditions, Heritage Expeditions​ and ​Royal

Rod also brings with him 20 years as a regular travel correspondent for ​ABC Radio​ on the
top-rating Nightlife program. Apart from his own tertiary credentials in journalism from UQ, he
taught photojournalism at ​Charles Sturt University - Mitchell​ as well as running refresher
courses for rural and regional media networks.

Specifically, Rod offers:

● A beginner’s guide to travel writing. How to formulate and communicate an engaging

story from your travels with the view to producing finished ‘assignments’ during the
course of the voyage. Delivered during a series of informal sessions, tutorial style, at
convenient times during the voyage.
● Combining photography with your travel writing. An introduction to photojournalism and
how to visualise and create engaging images to accompany your writing. Ideally
conducted in tandem with ‘travel writing’.
● [optional] Participants can work as a ‘press corps’ to produce a richly illustrated
hardcover souvenir book, complete with stories as a lasting memento to be shared with
family and friends.
● Rod shares relevant historical stories about destinations visited during the voyage,
covering such topics as early exploration and historical stories. Rather than bland
‘PowerPoint’ presentations, talks are designed to be ‘chatty’ and interactive.

Member: Royal Australian Historical Society, Royal Geographic Society of SA

Contact: ​rodeime@gmail.com​ or 0418 214 028