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Учитель английского языка Малеваный А. В.

Tale time
Module 2
• обучающие:
ͦ Повторить ранее изученные и освоить новые ЛЕ по теме книги: “Книголюбы”;
ͦ Научиться делать сообщение на основе прочитанного текста;
ͦ Научиться писать заметку о своем любимом писателе
• развивающие:
ͦ Развивать навыки и умения во всех видах речевой деятельности;
ͦ Развивать умения систематизировать новые знания и на их основе составлять
устные и письменные высказывания.
• воспитательные:
ͦ Воспитывать интерес к чтению классической литературы Великобритании и

Урок 2а Книголюбы
Задачи урока: активизировать изученную ранее тематическую лексику, мотивировать
учеников на дальнейшую работу по теме; закрепить в речи активную лексику “Школьные
предметы”; развивать навыки диалогической и монологической речи, навыки
аудирования, чтения, орфографические навыки.

Lesson 2а
1 Aim To present vocabulary for types of literary
• Read the list of literary genres direct Ss’ attention to
the pictures.
• Allow Ss’ time to complete the quiz.
• Check Ss’ answers .
• Elicit what types of literary genres various students like
to read.






Exercise 1 page 16

Answers Key
1b, 2c, 3a, 4a, 5c, 6b

Exercise 1, 2 page 16

a) Aim To read for gist

• Explain students the meaning of new words
• Refer the Ss’ to the texts and ask them to recognize authors/characters in the pictures.
• Play the recording. Ss’ listen and follows the texts in the books.

Suggested Answer Key

neat (adj): tidy and carefully arranged
appearance (n): the way someone or something looks to other people
obsession (n): worry about something
order (n): something can happen or someone can do something
glance (n): a quick look
inspire (v): to make someone have a particular feeling
solve (v): to find the correct answer to a problem
mysterious (adj): situation are difficult to explain
case (n): a situation that exists
cape (n): a long loose piece of clothing
magnifying glass (n): a round piece of glass with handle
imagination (n): the ability to form pictures or ideas in your mind
several (adj): a number of people or things that is more than a few
underwater (adj): below the surface of an area of water

Who are the authors/characters in the pictures ?

Suggested Answer Key
Agatha Christie’s success with millions of readers lies in her ability to combine clever plots with
excellent character drawing, and a keen sense of humour with great powers of observation. Her
plots always mislead the reader and keep him in suspense. He cannot guess who the criminal is.
Fortunately, evil is always conquered in her novels. Her main characters are Hercule Poiro and
Miss Marple.
b) Aim To read for specific information
• Aks Ss to read the text again and answer the questions

Exercise 3 page 16
Answers Key
1. Sherlock Holmes
2. Hercule Poirot
3. Miss Marple
4. Jule Verne
5. Captain Nemo

Exercise 4 page 16
Find out the synonyms
well-known – famous
unusual – strange
amazing – extraordinary
clever – intelligent
ordinary – typical
loyal – faithful

3. Speaking
Exercise 5 page 17
Aim: To give a talk
You are one of the authors/characters in the texts
Introduce yourself and talk to the class about your life

Suggested Answer Key

My name is Miss Marple. I am an ordinary lady who loves knitting and gossip but I can
solve the hardest of mysteries and put many criminals behind bars!

4. Grammar
Exercise 6 page 17
To present The Past Simple Tense
We use the Past simple Tense for.
• a single completed action in the past;
• repeated actions in the past;
• a series of actions;
• situations that finished in the past.

Answer Key
1. did
2. was
3. did
4. did
5. did
6. was

Exercise 7 page 17
Regular and Irregular verbs
Answer Key
1. caused
2. heard
3. used
4. fought
5. travelled
6. created

5. Speaking
Exercise 8 page 17
Aim To talk about reading preferences
Suggested Answer Key
Are you fond of reading ?
What books do you like to read ?
Do you read much ?
Do you put aside a book that seems dull to you ?
What book are you reading ?
What do you think of the book ?
What are the main the characters ?
Who is the author of the book ?
What is the book about ?

6. Homework
6. Writing (an article)
Exercise 9 page 17
Collect information using the Internet, then write an article for your school
newspaper about your favourite author. Write
• where he/she was born
• what he/she did before writing
• what famous character(s) he/she wrote about
• what the famous character(s) are like
Summing up
Awarding grades

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