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План-конспект урока английского языка по теме: "An Apple a Day Isn't

Enough"  5 класс
Цели урока
1. Совершенствование речевых навыков и умений.
а) Развитие и совершенствование навыков диалогической речи (умение вести диалог-расспрос,
диалог-обмен мнениями, умение запросить дополнительную информацию о себе).
б) Совершенствование навыков монологической речи, умение высказываться логично и связно,
продуктивно, умение анализировать и выражать свое мнение, описывать происходящие события.
2. Развитие навыков чтения с выборочным извлечением нужной информации.
3. Совершенствование навыков аудирования (аудирование с полным пониманием (listening for detail).
 Учить логически мыслить, излагать, обобщать, сравнивать, анализировать, воображать;
 Развитие личностной активности (перенос учебного материала на личность учащихся);
 Развитие умения работать в парах;
 Развитие учения воображать, драматизировать.
 Воспитание отрицательного отношения к вредным для здоровья привычкам;
 Воспитание положительного, уважительного, толерантного отношения к Британской
культуре и осознание своей культуры, правил поведения.
 Знакомство учащихся с некоторыми факторами, касающимися здорового образа жизни
людей в Великобритании и России, их отношении к полезным и вредным для здоровья привычкам.
Оснащение: Word-web chart (Ключевое слово “Health”; Факторы, влияющие на здоровье: хор. и плохие
привычки, пища, которую мы едим, регулярность в жизни, активная деят-ть, средства по уходу за собой,
медицина, влияние окружающей среды); карточки со словами и фразами; аудиозаписи песни и текста;
плакаты против губительных для здоровья привычек (табакокурения, алкоголизма, наркомании); афиша;
выставка восковых фигур “На грани…”, посвященная теме “Нет наркотикам”; текст “The luncheon” (Sоmerset
Maugham); вопросы к тексту; четыре картинки к ролевой игре “Регулярность в жизни способствует
здоровью”; необходимое оснащение (медицинские предметы) для ролевой игры; карточки-опоры для
ролевой игры — 2 шт.; карточка ролевая — 1 шт.; карточки для работы в парах — 9 шт.; проект “An average
student”, таблица; проект “What measures should be taken to be healthy in our school”, 8 картинок к проекту,
круговая диаграмма.
Ход урока
I. Начало урока. Приветствие. Сообщение учителем целей и задач урока.
T. Good morning!
I’m glad to see you! Are you in a good mood?
How do you start your morning?
Предполагаемые ответы уч-ся
In the morning I usually do exercises.
My morning begins with a shower.
My morning begins with a cup of tea; a glass of juice and so on.
T: Our lesson is devoted to health.
The topic is “An apple a day isn’t enough”
Today we are going to discuss some health problems.
II. Работа с лексическим значением слов (объяснить значение слов по-английски).
Ta Cl.
T: Try to explain the meaning of these words and expressions. (см. Приложение 1). 
1) Meal – food we eat a certain times of the day.
2) Food – what people eat in order to grow or stay alive.
3) Fast food – food that is prepared and served quickly to customers.
4) Healthy food – special king of fool that people eat because they think it’s good for their health.
5) To be hungry – to have a feeling caused by a desire to eat.
6) To be thirsty – to have a feeling caused by a desire to drink.
7) Breakfast – the meal eaten in the morning.
8) Dessert – course of fruit, etc. at the end of the meal.
9) Fast food restaurant – restaurant where you can order hot food, which is served quickly.
10) Protein – body-building substance essential for good health, in such foods as milk, eggs, meat,
cottage cheese.
11) Overweight – excess of weight above what is usual or legal.
12) To be fit – to be healthy and physically strong.
13) To keep fit – to remain fit by doing exercise, sport.
14) To exercise – to practice physical activity in order to stay healthy and become stronger.
15) To be slim – to have an attractive thin and well-shaped body.
16) Slimmer – a person who follows a diet.
17) Disease – illness.
18) Wholemeal bread – baked from flour containing everything in the grain.
19) To snack – to eat something in a hurry.
20) Fish and chip shop – shop, which sells hot food such as fish and chips, fried chicken, sausages,
meat pie, etc.
21) Health care products – beauty products help us look great.
22) A calorie is the energy value of food.
T: Well done! Thank you!
III. Заполнение таблицы и обсуждение некоторых факторов, влияющих на здоровье.
T: Health depends of several factors.

1). Обсуждение   полезных и вредных для здоровья привычек.

T: Speaking about healthy life, we realize some people care about their health (they have good health habits),
others don’t (they have bad health habits).
T: What good health habits do people have?
Предполагаемые ответы уч-ся.
People with good habits follow well-balanced diet, eat wholemeal bread, high fiber food, low fat food,
vegetables and fruit, which are rich in vitamins and minerals.
People exercise every day, go in for sport, try to have regular rest and avoid sleeping too much or too little.
T: What bad health habits do people have?
Предполагаемые ответы уч-ся.
It’s bad for health sleeping too much or too little. Snacking or skipping regular meals lead to stomach disease.
Eating high fat food, overeating lead to obesity.
Eating too much sweets leads to obesity, teeth disease.
Physical inactivity is a bad habit too.
It’s bad for health when a person smokes or drinks alcohol.
Taking drugs is harmful for teenagers and grown-ups.
T: These bad habits are really deadly.
T: What measures should be taken against bad health habits?
Предполагаемые ответы:
It’s necessary to think about your health. You should eat low-fat food and more fiber. You should exercise
more not to be fat. You should follow well-balanced diet. Go to bed in time and get up early. You should avoid
gaining weight cutting out snacks. Eat less of everything. Don’t eat at night.
2). Аудирование.
Ex 4 3)b) p106 (см. Приложение 2).

In recent years smoking has received a lot of bad publicity in G.B. Many companies have banned
smoking in their offices and canteens. Smoking is banned on the London underground, in cinemas
and theatres and on most buses.

There are special smokers carriages on trains. An official warning printed by law on all cigarette
packets. Cigarette advertising is banned on television and radio.
T: What measures should be taken against smoking?
Listen to what measures are taken against smoking in G.B.
: What measures are taken against smoking in G.B.?
Предполагаемые ответы:
P1: Smoking is banned in public places. 
Cigarette advertising is band on television and radio.
T: I would like to add some firms don’t employ people who are smokers.
T: What is the situation in our country?
Предполагаемые ответы:
People don’t smoke in public places, there are official warning on all cigarette packers too.
Cigarette advertising is banned on television and radio too.
T: But unfortunately, a lot of teenagers have been smoking when they are at the age of 13 or 14.
Do you know why?
Предполагаемые ответы:
Maybe, some of them start smoking because they think it’s “cool”, others don’t think it is harmful.
T: What diseases can smoking cause?
Предполагаемые ответы:
Smoking causes a number of heart lung diseases such as pneumonia, cough, cancer.
Smoking harmfully effects to teenagers and people around them.
T: About 70% of teenagers are smokers.
: Go to the blackboard and read a poster.
P1 (зачитывает информацию о вреде курения).
T: Say “no” to smoking.
3). T: Another serious problem is drinking alcohol.
T: What’s your attitude towards this bad habit?
Предполагаемые ответы:
Drinking alcohol affects your social control and your knowledge, cause a lot of serious diseases, such as heart
disease, brain disease, headache.
T: P2 go to the blackboard and read a poster. (зачитывает информацию о вреде алкоголя)
T: Say “no” to drinking alcohol.
T: Taking drugs is dangerous for people’s health.
, go to the blackboard and read the information.
(зачитывает информацию о вреде наркотиков).
T: Two weeks ago we visited the museum in the town of Abakan.
There was a new exhibition of wax figures devoted to the problems of drugs.
 tell us some words about it. (см. Приложение 3).
The aim of this exhibition was to show the destroying power of drugs.
There are no light drugs!
Use of drugs changes the way people think and the way they view the world around them.
Use of drugs leads full destruction of the body.
The video film was shown on TV
It was awful. Using drugs leads to different diseases, such as cancer, AIDS.
We saw wax figures of famous musicians Kurt Kobein, John Lennon, Elton John, Freddy Mercury.
T: What did they have in common?
P2: Using drugs.
4). T: Let’s say “no” to taking drugs and sing a song.
P1 P2 исполняют песню под музыкальную фонограмму. (см. Приложение 4).
The Show Must Go On (a song)

Freddy Mercury, the soloist of “Queen”

Empty spaces – what are we living for

(Пустые места – для чего мы живем)
Aboundoned places – I guess we know the score
(Оставленные места – думаю, мы знаем причину)
On and on, does any body know what we are looking for ….
(Вновь и вновь, знает ли кто-нибудь что мы ищем…)
Another hero, another mindless crime
(Очередной герой, очередное бессмысленное преступление)
Behind the curtain, in the pantomime
(за занавесом в пантомиме)
Hold the line, does anybody want to take it anymore?
(Не теряйте связь, хочет ли кто-нибудь поддержать ее еще)
The show must go on
(Шоу должно продолжаться)
Inside my heart is breaking
(И хотя мое сердце разрывается)
My make-up may be flaking
(И грим мой, быть может, осыпается)
But my smile still stays on
(Но улыбка по-прежнему играет на устах)
Whatever happens, I’ll leave it all to chance
(Что бы ни случилось, я полагаюсь на волю случая)
Another heartache, another failed romance
(Вновь страдания, вновь неудачный роман)
On and on, does anybody know what we are living for?
(Опять и опять, знает ли кто-нибудь, зачем мы живем?)
I guess I’m learning, I must be warmer now
(Надеюсь, я учусь, должно быть, я душевнее теперь)
I’ll soon be turning, round the corner now
(Скоро я испытаю превращения, теперь уже совсем скоро)
Outside the down is breaking
(Снаружи разгорается, рассвет)
But inside in the dark I’m acting to be free
(А внутри во тьме я жажду быть свободным)
My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies
(Моя душа раскрашена, как крылья бабочек)
Fairytales of yesterday will grow but never die
(Волшебные сказки прошлого изменяется, но никогда не умрут)
I can fly-my friends
(Я могу летать, друзья!)
The show must go on
(Шоу должно продолжаться)
I’ll face it with a grin
(я встречу тебя с усмешкой)
I’m never giving in
(Я никогда не пасую)
On with the show
(Пусть идет шоу)
I’ll top the bill, I’ll over kill
(я стану гвоздем программы, я использую все возможности)
I have to find the will to carry on
(я должен найти в себе силу воли, чтобы быть на высоте)
On with the – (Пусть идет)
On with the show
(Пусть идет шоу)
The show must go on
(Шоу должно продолжаться).

P1 Freddy Mercury couldn’t give up using drugs. As a result he got AIDS. He knew he would die. At his last
concert he sang a song “The show must go on”
IV. Проектная работа.
Обсуждение среднего ученика нашего класса.
Правильный ли образ жизни он ведет? (Приложение 5).
“An average student of our class”

To begin with an average student of our class sleeps 7 or 8 hours a day and goes to school in time.
He sleeps for 10 or 11 hours at his days off. I think it is not bad to relax on Saturdays and Sundays.
As all normal students he likes to watch TV in the evening or read till late at night.
He always has his breakfast regularly.
I'm sure it's good for his health. Usually he snacks between meals. He tries to eat some rolls and tea.
About 1500 rolls a day are eaten in our school canteen.
About 1000 pancakes are eaten during dinner time.
It is not good for our health because these rolls are baked of white flour.
He doesn't care of gaining weight.
An average student of our class has dinner at home but if he is a short of time he goes to our school
canteen to have dinner.
It's good because he doesn't skip regular meals. He eats many sweets every day. It's quite evident he has
a «sweet tooth». He cares what food he eats but he has never kept a diet or counted calories.
He doesn't do morning exercises but he goes in for sport regularly.
It takes him 2 or 3 hours to do homework. By the way, he has a lot of additional lessons a day as
economics, math, technology informatics. He has some activities at home: walking pets, cleaning rooms,
doing shopping, looking after his brother.
Almost all of us take part in outings. In addition to it, he is fond of sport games: volleyball, swimming,
basketball, etс.
He has fun playing computer games, watching video, reading books, going for a walk.
I was surprised to learn that an average student of our class doesn't have bad health habits.
I'd like an average student be a healthy person. What would you like to suggest to him?
P1 рассказывает по таблице анализ своей работы, делает выводы и задает вопросы уч-ся.
V. Развитие навыков диалогической речи.
Обсуждение фактора, влияющего на здоровье человека: пища, которую мы едим.
1).  диалог-расспрос. (Приложение 6).

Dialogue 1 .

1 . People in Europe think that British food is not very good, don't they?

2.Yes, British & American food has a bad reputation in Europe. It's not like this. Traditional home cooked
British food is as good as European food.
1 . What do Englishmen eat for breakfast?
2. Breakfast usually consists of cornflakes with milk. Some people also eat sausages, eggs and bacon for
their breakfast. It is usually finished with toast spread with jam and a cup of tea, served with milk and
However there is a lot of calories in this kind of breakfast so nowadays people prefer to eat a healthier
one. They start their day with wholemeal bread, honey and yogurt or fruit juice. Such breakfast is
healthier because it contains less fat food.
1 . What does the traditional British lunch consist of?
2. Lunch consist of fried fish, crisps, some kind of vegetables usually carrots, cabbage, cauliflower,
potatoes. Rise and macaroni are seldom served. The dessert consists of fruit and cheese with biscuits.
1 . What do they have at midday?
2. Traditionally the British have tea at 5 o'clock.
1 . Are there many restaurants in Britain?
2. There is a great variety of restaurants, pubs, cafes in Great Britain.
1 .Are "Fast Food" restaurants very popular with young people?
2. Yes, they are. "Fast food" restaurants where you can snack are very popular with grown-ups and
young people.
1 . Do you know that fast food is/ unhealthy?
2. Yes, I know many countries want to ban fast food because it causes a lot of diseases.

(Приложение 7).

Dialogue 2.

1.Do Russians like to cook?

2. Russians like to cook and treat their guests.
1. How many meals a day do Russians have?
2. There are three meals a day. The main meal is dinner.
1. What do they have for dinner?
2. For the first course they usually have soup. There are many kinds of soup: cabbige soup, beetroot
soup with sour cream, rise soup with meat and potatoes, chicken soup, pea soup, fish soup and bean
Fried, roasted meat, beefsteaks, chicken goes for the second course.
If you don't eat meat fried, boiled or stewed vegetables are prepared for you.
1. What do Russians take for dessert?
2. For dessert they usually have tea with milk and biscuits.
1. What meal is the most common among Russians?
2. Russian "borshch" and "pelmeni" I think.
1. What's your favourite food?
2. I'm not a vegetarian so 1 prefer fried chicken.

T: Our health depends on the foods we eat. Each country has its own eating habits.
2). Listen to the dialogues to see which food is better.
(Обсуждение диалога).
T: Which national food is better?
Предполагаемый ответ:
I think, Russian and English food is nice, but it’s quite different. I think it’s necessary to follow well-balanced
T: What is a well-balanced diet?
Предполагаемый ответ:
It is food contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.
T: Schoolchildren need …. Calories a day.
T: What kind of food should be used by teenagers?
They often eat unhealthy food as well.
What is useful for their health?
Предполагаемый ответ:
Food, which is rich in vitamins and minerals.
Vegetables and fruit are good for their health.
T: What products are rich in vitamins?
Предполагаемый ответ:
Fish, eggs, poultry, meat, cottage cheese are rich in proteins.
T: What food gives us energy?
Предполагаемый ответ:
Fats, oil, carbohydrates give us energy but they should be used in small quantities
T: Teenagers in Britain also think about what they eat.
T: What do they do in order to stay healthy?
Предполагаемый ответ:
In order to stay healthy they have personal healthy living guides. They learn how to follow well-balanced diet.
T: Do all people keep well-balanced diet?
Предполагаемый ответ:
Of course, not.
T: As Jerome K. Jerome said “We are the slaves of our stomach”
Food influences our mind and our behaviour.
A lot of examples are given in literature.
VI. Развитие навыков чтения. (Reading for gist).
Задание: Прочитать текст и ответить на вопросы.
T: Look through the story “The luncheon” by Somerset Maugham and be ready to answer the questions.
Questions: (Приложение 8).
The Luncheon
(After S. Mаugham )

This happened twenty years ago when I lived in Paris. I had a small room and very little money.
A lady had read a book of mine and had written to me about it. She was in Paris and wanted to
have a talk with me. She asked me to give her a small luncheon at a restaurant which she named. I
was very young and I could not say "no" to a lady.
I had only eighty francs; all the money I had till the end of the month. "A small luncheon will not cost
more than fifteen francs," I thought, "and if I don't take coffee for the next two weeks, I shall have
enough money till the end of the month." So we met at the restaurant which she had chosen.
She was a woman of forty. She talk a lot, but as she wanted to talk about me, I was ready to listen to
her. When the waiter brought the menu, I saw that prices were very high. But she said, "I never eat
anything much for luncheon." "Oh, don't say that!" I answered.
"I never eat more than one thing. I think people eat too much in our days. I can eat now a little fish
only. Have they any salmon?"
They had, and I ordered it for my guest. The waiter asked her: "Will
you have anything while we are preparing it?"
"No," she answered, "I never eat more than one thing. But if you have a little caviar - I like caviar."
I knew I had not enough money to pay for caviar. But I could not tell her that. For myself I ordered the
cheapest thing on the menu, a beef-steak. Then came the question of drink. "What will you drink?" I
asked her.
"My doctor lets me drink only champagne." It seemed to me that my face became white. But I
ordered half a bottle of champagne.
She ate the caviar and she ate the salmon. She talked of art. Literature and music. But all I wanted to
know was what the "small" luncheon would cost me. "Shall I be able to pay the bill?" 1 asked myself again
and again. "What shall I do if the bill comes to more than have?" If the bill comes to more, I shall leave my
watch and say that I shall come back and pay later, I decided.
The water brought another dish. She ate and I spoke of literature. At last she finished. Then the
waiter came up to us with a large basket full of peaches. They were not in season then and their price
was very high. My guest took one of them. "Coffee?" I asked her some minutes later. "Yes, just an ice-
cream and coffee," she answered.
"You know," she said as she ate the ice-cream, "I usually don't eat luncheon. I have a cup of coffee in
the morning and then dinner. But if I must have luncheon, then I never eat more than one thing."
The bill came, and when I had paid it, I had the whole month before me and not a penny in my
1 am not a bad man. But I am glad that today she weighs more than three hundred pounds.
So I had my revenge at last.
What was written in the letter which the young writer received ?
What health sins had she got ?
What did she eat at the luncheon ?
VII. Диалогическая речь.
Обсуждение фактора, от которого зависит наше здоровье через диалогическую речь “Средства по
уходу за собой”
Диалог – отстаивание своего мнения. (Приложение 9).

Dialogue 3

Hello! I haven't seen you for ages! Oh, let me see... You look great!
Oh, thanks! I always take care of myself.
1. What do you do to look great?
2. 1 follow good health habits. I think it is very important to be fit and healthy and look
nice. Besides a lot of health and beauty products help us to look great. Mainly, these are
American and Swedish products.
1 . 1 can't agree with you. There are a lot of beauty health products in Russia.
2. Do you mean that Russian health products help you to look great?
1 . Yes, of course. I have been applying “Linda” shampoo for 3 years and it leaves my hair fairly soft and
shine. It makes my hair grow faster.
2. Oh, I see your hair is thick. And your smile is charming.
1 . My teeth are white, because I have been brushing them with "Zhemchug” toothpaste since I was a
2. 1 have discovered "Colgate" toothpaste and my teeth are white and strong too.
1. My skin is very smooth because I have been washing my face with soup “Harmony”.
As for my mum, she prefers the cream "Clean line". This company is well-known in Russia. I think our
cosmetic is natural. It contains only natural ingredients without any artificial colourings.
2.Your arguments seem quite convincing to me. Tastes differ.
T: People usually pay much attention to their appearance. A lot of health care products help us look great.

T: Now you see it’s not easy to be a healthy person.

VIII. Ролевая игра. Часть I.
Обсуждение фактора “Regularity in life” через ролевую игру.
T: Regularity in life promotes your health.
Let’s play role game.
The task is to describe some pictures. (Приложение 10).
Приложение 10
T: Look at the first picture. (вывесить на доску).
P1 is ready to “sound” it.
Listen to him very attentively and then your task will be to complete the story! (Приложение 11).

Р1 Hi!
I'm Mr. Michael Rich. I'm a businessman. The last time I have a real holiday was three years ago I'm very
busy. I work from morning till night. I have to do several things at the same time. Now I'm in a hurry. You
see I'm driving my car, listening to music, eating a hamburger (I've bought it at a "Fast Food" shop),
speaking over the phone and smoking at the same time. I have no time for dinner. There are so many
things to do. New technology makes me possible to multitask all day! It takes me easily!

T: These two pictures I’ll give to P2

T: In our role game P2 will take the part of a doctor.
I’ll give you two cards: a role card and a cue card with words and expressions. I’ll give you all the necessary
T: The last picture I’m going to give to Mr. Michael Rich.
T: Your time is 2 or 3 minutes.
IX. Работа по карточкам.
Обсуждение факторов, влияющих на здоровье человека, это “медицина” и “влияние окружающей
среды”. (Работа в парах).
T: As for the other students I want you to talk about medicine and environmental influence in pairs with one
person asking the question and the other answering them.
T: Ask you classmates for a more focused information.
Запросите более подробную информацию, покажите, что вы интересуетесь.
T: I’ll give you 2 or 3 minutes for preparation! (Приложение 12).
Приложение 12

Card №1

A lot of schoolchildren are coughing, sneezing and blowing their noses now. The most common
diseases are cold and flu.
People have muscle aches and headaches when they got flu.
Предполагаемая реплика:

I understand this, but could you explain the differences between a common cold and flu?

Card №2

Garlic prevent heart disease

Yes, of course.
Предполагаемая реплика:

Do you mean that it is a scientific fact?

Card №3

To prevent these diseases you should take a cold shower, wash your hands, use vitamins,
exercise a lot.
Yes, you must
Предполагаемая реплика:

Do you mean I must do it every day?

Card №4

People who breathe polluted air with gases have lung diseases.
We must protect our air and water from pollution
Предполагаемая реплика:

What exactly do you mean?

Card №5
Acid rains, global warming, air and water pollution are the problems nowadays.
Our planet is in danger.
Предполагаемая реплика:

What exactly do you mean?

Card №6

Nuclear power stations are dangerous

We all know Chernobyl disaster.
Предполагаемая реплика:

Can you give an example?

Card №7

Together we can save our planet.

We can plant trees, flowers, recycle bottles and paper.
Предполагаемая реплика:

Can you give me an example of this?

Card №8

Aerosol sprays have made a hole in the ozone layer.

Too much ultraviolet radiation now enters the Earth.
Предполагаемая реплика:

I understand this, but could you explain the result?

Card №9
People have cut down millions of trees.
Many types of animals and plants have disappearing
Предполагаемая реплика:
What exactly do you mean?

X. Ролевая игра. Часть II.

T: If you are ready, we’ll begin.
P2 is acting the role of a doctor. Пользуясь карточкой – опорой и картинками (вывешиваем картинки на
Предполагаемый ответ:
Mr. Michael, come here, please.
I’m your doctor.
Well, what’s the trouble?
Let me examine you!
Show me your tongue!
Well, I’d like to examine your heart and lungs.
Your heart and lungs are not so bad.
What about your pulse?
Oh, you have high blood pressure.
Have you got a headache?
I don’t find anything seriously wrong with you!
I think your way of life is unhealthy and it causes a stress.
If you don’t take care of yourself, you may have a nervous breakdown.
So I advise you to stop worrying, have regular meal, give up smoking, take a rest somewhere.
(Thank you, doctor).
P1 (озвучивает последнюю картинку). P1 is acting the role of a businessman.
I follow doctor’s advice and now I’m on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea.
But there are so many things to do!
Oh…. ! no……! I’ll be soon!
T: As for P1, your acting was great.
T: Multitasking is a bad thing for him. It makes him stressful! He couldn’t relax even having a rest
Regularity in life is necessary for him.
XI. Защита проекта.
“What measures should be taken in our school?” (Приложение 13, Приложение 14).

Приложение 13
«An apple a Day Isn't Enough»

Unfortunately, in our time almost everybody suffers from different diseases. And what
about students in our school? There are 1739 students studying in our school. Speaking
about their health, 125% of them are unhealthy. They suffer from different diseases.
Among them there is a great amount of eyes diseases (544), orthopedic diseases (425).
Each student has one or two diseases. Children come to the first form being unhealthy.
Last year there were 128 first — year — students. And everyone had several diseases.
The headmaster, teachers and doctors have become very concerned about children's
health. What measures are taken to be healthy in our school?
First of all students are able to go in for different kinds of sport: table tennis, volleyball,
football, basketball, wrestling and swimming. For pupils who suffer from orthopedic
diseases or obesity there are special groups in our swimming - pool; swimming reduces
pressure muscles and bones.
Junior schoolchildren exercise everyday. Our students have a good chance to skate at
our skating - ring in winter.
I must say cleanness and order are very important too. Students on duty look after it.
There are a lot of flowers in classes and corridors. They don't only decorate our building
but also they support fresh air. Besides classes are usually ventilated. So it's always clean,
fresh and warm at school.
I must say it's rather difficult to study at school. There is much information at the
lessons. In order to be out of tiredness we have long breaks. It's enough time to have a
rest. Besides music is transmitted during the breaks. It helps us to relax. It's important for
our brain.
We have a medicine room at school. So the doctors care about pupil's heath. Those
who have problems with teeth visit the dentist.
We have a wonderful large canteen. Amount of pupils having their meal in canteen is
about 1000, but the real amount of pupils going to our canteen is much higher. The menu
is differentia vegetable salad, meat or fish dishes, cereal. The teachers prefer to have
dinner at school canteen too. But it's a pity there isn't any special food for children
suffering stomach and other diseases.
Bad habits are not allowed at our school. The relations between teachers and students
are quite friendly. The teachers are patient, kind and considerate. Most students like to
go to school. On the whole these facts promote children's health.
But not only doctors and teachers should care about our health, we also should think
about our way of life.

An apple a Day Isn't Enough!

Какие меры применяются по охране здорового образа жизни в нашей школе?

Проект сопровождается картинками, затрагивающими основные моменты по охране здорового образа
жизни в нашей школе.
XII. Заключительный этап урока.
Подведение итогов урока .
Оценки за урок (прокомментировать).
T: Well done! Thank you for the work you have done.
Фотографии (Приложение 15).
Приложение 14
“An Apple A Day Isn’t Enough”.