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0 Evaluate Jeff Gaspin’s statement, ‘I don’t think it’s wrong to take chances…sometimes they
work. Sometimes they don’t. What does it says about his decision-making style.

Asghar Afshar Jahanshahi and Alexander Brem characterize the non-rational thinking right-
brained this is because they depend more on inner sentiments, impressions, imagination, and
creativity when making critical organizational decisions. Nonlinear or non-rational define as
thinking styles known as an organization with nonlinear styles of thinking has a more outside
natural orientation, such as imagination, intuition, and perceptual adaptability when making
important organizational decisions. Based on Mohammad Shahabinezhad Characterizes
nonlinear thinking style as inner feelings, processing this data to form information,
understanding, or a choice for guiding action.
Based on a case study of Mr. Gaspin tend to have a non-linear thinking style. This is because of
a lack of existing information so Mr. Gaspin had taken action by using his felling and knowledge
as a guide for the action he did. However, if someone with a linear style will request more
information about the issue or problem before making a decision.

4.0 Describe how NBC executive could have used each of the following to make better

a) Rationality

b) Bounded rationality

c) Intuition

d) Evidence-based management.

A) Rationality

We believe that managers will use rational decision-making; that is, they will make rational
decisions to maximize profit, logical and consistent decisions. After all, have all kinds of sorts of
tools and methods to assist them to be rational decision-makers. Assumptions of rationality it
must be fully objective and logical for a rational decision-maker. The issue must be clear and
unambiguous, and the decision-maker would have a clear and exact reason and would get all
potential solutions. Rational decision making as well can characterize as a multi-step technique
for making logical decisions, from issue recognizable proof to a solution. Based on the case
NBC should have taken into thought all the causes of the issue to make a more fitting solution.
Fairly logical to consider which viewpoints will be affected when a decision, or in this case a risk,
is made. It says that Jeff is a risk-taker. Jeff took risks in arrange to maximize their benefit. Once
you take risks, rewards will take them after. Unfortunately, misfortune will follow if risks are not
carefully considered.

B) Bounded rationality

The concept of bounded rationality in making decisions rationally however limited

(bounded) by their capacity to handle information. Since they cannot possibly analyze all data
on all alternatives. That is, they accept solutions that are good enough. They are being rational
inside the limits (bounds) of their capacity to process information.  The hypothesis of bounded
rationality holds that an individual’s rationality is limited by the information they have. This
hypothesis was proposed by Herbert A. Simon as a way of understanding decision-making.
Bounded rationality offers that decision-making may be a rational process. Since decision-
makers require the resources to reach the perfect arrangement, they instep apply their
rationality to a set of choices that have as of presently been limited information. Based on the
case study NBC might have fairly attempted to extend the staff's commitment to the show. This
way, it'll make the show way better. Hence, it will get higher ratings which means greater
benefit. In place of sparing cash, the show may fair make more cash.

C) Intuition

Intuitive decision making choice based on experience and feelings. Intuitive decision making
can complement both sounds and bounded rational decision making. For example, a manager
who has had experience with a similar type of issue can act quickly with what shows up to be
limited information because of that experience. Based on Dr. Jeremy Sutton, Ph.D. Intuition
refers to a feeling in your gut when you instinctively know that something you're doing is right or
wrong. Based on the case study on the off chance that NBC made the choice based on their
encounter, they might not have taken the risk of knowing what the results are. NBC as it was
considered budget as their criteria. They as it were considered it because it was the current
disadvantage in their company. It is common for TV systems to face issues like insufficient
funds that lead to budget cuts.

D) Evidence-based management.

The four basic components of evidence-based management are decision maker’s

expertise and judgment, outside evidence that’s been evaluated by the decision-maker,
opinions preferences, and values of those who have a stake within the decision, and important
organizational (internal) components such as context, circumstances, and organizational
individuals.  The key for managers is to recognize and understand which components are most
important and should be emphasized in making a decision. Evidence-based management is that
management decisions should be based on a combination of basic thinking and evidence.
Evidence may come from logical investigation, but internal business data and even professional
experience can check as evidence. In principle, all managers base their decisions on evidence.
Based on the case study NBC used the best available evidence and relevant data upon making
the decision, they could have come up with a more appropriate solution. In this case, there was
no available evidence that changing the show's format is the best way to cut the budget.


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