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Primary logo  Logo element

On less formal and animated materials parts of the
logo can (and should) be extended beyond the
bounds of the logo and media to create a
distinguishable graphic language.

Euclid circular A
Euclid circular A
Euclid circular A
Euclid circular A
Euclid circular A

Euclid Circular A - a geometric sans-serif typeface in five
weight. Strict, precise and versatile. Supports latin and
cyrillic languages and features a wide set of options
(fractions, numerators, oldstyle figures etc.).
The color palette is vibrant, bold and borderline clashing.
All brand visuals and graphic materials should show high
contrast in colours while the number of colors should not
Pantone 205 C
exceed two per visual whenever possible.  Secondary C0 M83 Y16 K0

Preferred companions

Pantone 3115 C

 Primary C83 M0 Y16 K0


Pantone 5255 C

 Secondary C97 M100 Y15 K72


Preferred companions

Pantone 361 C Pantone 7499 C

Accent C77 M0 Y100 K0

Accent C1 M2 Y24 K0
#43b02a #f1e4b2

Preferred companions
Logo usage is not limited to the primary color but should
rather follow the scheme of the visual in question.

Preferred companions

Preferred companions

Preferred companions
Icons are for the most part not custom created. Icon font
Font Awesome is an aordable, easy to use, professionally
crafted and constantly expanding library of icons that
covers most UI / collateral needs. The light version should
be used and any additional custom icons and illustrations
should follow the style.