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MBBS Programme

Aga Khan University enough to warrant selection are advised that the outcome
of the selection procedure cannot be anticipated at any
Under its Charter, Aga Khan University is open to all stage.
academically qualified candidates of any gender,
regardless of religion, race, creed, colour or domicile and In view of the intensity of competition for admission, all
no such person shall be denied the privileges of the applicants are advised in their own interest to apply to
University on the grounds of gender, religion, creed, race, other institutions as well.
class, colour or domicile.
Applicants must be able to demonstrate competence in
Admission to the MBBS programme English comprehension and expression, both written and
verbal, as the medium of instruction is English.
Admission to the MBBS programme is based on merit and
potential for leadership. This is assessed through It is in the best interest of students particularly from
several criteria including scholastic achievements, overseas, in order to gain maximum benefit from AKU, to
achievements in extra curricular and co-curricular have adequate knowledge of Urdu. The University
activities, participation in social work, productive use of would also make necessary arrangements for
time and other experiences indicating potential for acculturation and strengthening of language skills
leadership. These criteria cumulatively form the sole through coaching.
basis for admission.
Requirements of the Pakistan Medical and
Fulfilment of basic eligibility requirements or a high Dental Council (PMDC)
score in the written test administered by the University or
a high academic score in any single discipline or any The PMDC requirement for admission to the medical
other outstanding achievement alone is not sufficient for colleges must be met by all applicants. Candidates
selection. following systems of education other than the Pakistani
system will be required to submit an equivalence
It is hereby clarified that the University will evaluate certificate from the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen
applications on the basis of student achievements in the (IBCC) in Pakistan. The qualification must be
most current certificate examination. equivalent to the pre-medical qualification in Pakistan.

Experience over the years has shown that competition for The University has no lower or upper age limits for
admission is intense. Applicants and their parents or admission. However, applicants must meet the age
supporters who believe their candidature to be strong requirement as set by the PMDC at the time of

application. The IBCC may be contacted on the following Information on admissions may be downloaded from the
addresses: AKU web-site, or procured from any branch of the Soneri
Bank in Pakistan. Information may also be obtained free
IBCC: Inter Board Committee of Chairmen of cost by writing to:
(Islamabad Office)
The Admission Office,
FBISE Building H-8/4, Islamabad - Pakistan Aga Khan University,
Tel #: 051-9250452 Medical College,
Fax #: 051-9250454 P.O. Box 3500, Stadium Road,
Karachi 74800
IBCC: Inter Board Committee of Chairmen Email: student.affairs@aku.edu;
(Karachi Office) Website: www.aku.edu

Regional Office at: The University's Prospectus costs Rs. 600 in Pakistan or
Board of Intermediate Education, Karachi US$ 60 for overseas applicants. It may be obtained from
(IBCC office within premises) the Admission Office by cash payment in person. If
Bakhtairi Youth Centre required by post in Pakistan and overseas, please refer to
North Nazimabad, Karachi section on mode of payment below.
Tel #: 6639878
Application Requirements
Website: www.ibcc.edu.pk
Email: ibccpk@hotmail.com Application for admission must be submitted on the
prescribed application form. Candidates are required to
The candidate's qualification must be equivalent to the write their name on the application form as stated on their
pre-medical qualification in Pakistan. Secondary School Certificate.

The application for admission must include only the

Application for Admission following:
Applications for admission are accepted for the first year ! Attested copies of mark sheets/transcripts as
MBBS class only. These will be accepted until March applicable;
07, 2008. Applications received after the closing date ! The Admit card (for applicants writing the Aga Khan
will not be accepted. University Admission Test in Pakistan);

! Application fee: The non-refundable application fee The acknowledgement of payment given by the bank on
for candidates applying from Pakistan is Rs. 2,000 its deposit slip should be sent along with the application
and for applicants who will be overseas during the form to the Admission Office. Appropriate notification
admission process it is US$ 160. For making must be made in the application form check list.
payments, please refer to section on mode of
payment below. Alternatively, candidates may pay their fees by a demand
draft in favour of “Aga Khan University.”
Before submitting applications, applicants must ensure
that they have complied with the instructions given with For candidates overseas: Payment can be made by
the application form. demand draft in favour of “Aga Khan University”.

It remains the responsibility of the applicant to complete Submitting Applications

the application requirements according to the
instructions and time schedule. No reminders are sent by The completed application form should be posted by
the Admission Office. Once acknowledged, an registered mail or sent through a reliable courier service
application will not be returned. or delivered in person to the Admission Office from
Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon only.
Mode of Payment The last date to receive applications in the Admission
Office is March 7, 2008. There is no provision for
The candidates can make payments for the prospectus or processing applications after the closing date.
the application fee through following modes: Applications post marked March 7, 2008 will be
For candidates in Pakistan: Preferred mode:
The payment can be made by online deposit at any Provisional Applications
branch of Soneri Bank Limited. The banking details are
as follows: The Admission Office will receive incomplete
applications from candidates who will be writing their
Title: The Aga Khan University Higher Secondary Certificate examination/degree
Account # : 101-02 examination in the summer of 2008.
Branch code : 0024
Branch : The Aga Khan University Branch All such applications will be processed on a provisional
Stadium Road, Karachi basis.

In cases where provisional admission is granted, Academic Requirements for Eligibility:
candidates will be required to submit their Higher (For candidates applying from Pakistan and overseas)
Secondary Certificate examination results, or their
graduation / post-graduation examination results (as Applicants prepared in Urdu or English medium
applicable) by the dates indicated in the letter given by institutions, in Pakistan or overseas, who have
the Admission Office. successfully completed Higher Secondary School
Education or are graduates and meet the eligibility
If the Higher Secondary Certificate/equivalent/graduate/ criteria may apply. Applicants must present
post-graduate examination result of a provisionally qualifications, which are appropriate to the system of
admitted student is less than the minimum eligibility education in which they have been prepared.
requirement for application, or received after the
deadline, the candidate will be considered ineligible and The College has no preference for a particular type of
preparation and qualification.
the provisional admission will stand cancelled.
Applicants from Pakistan and overseas, who have
It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure that pending
pursued diverse curricula and present different
results are received in the Admission Office according to qualifications, are evaluated in comparison with others
the published schedule. presenting the same or similar qualifications. During
evaluation, NO attempt is made to relate achievements in
Repeat Applications diverse educational systems to a numerical equivalent of
the qualification in Pakistan.
Applicants not successful in their first attempt may apply
again with additional information supporting their Pakistani Higher Secondary Certificate
application. Candidate's most current scholastic (HSC) Education
achievements will be used for evaluation purposes.
An achievement of at least 65% in the HSC pre-medical
A fresh application together with necessary examination is essential for applying to the Medical
documentation must be submitted for a particular College.
admission session. The University does not have a policy
of carrying forward applications from one session to For provisional applicants, the shortlisting, interviews
another. Candidates who are not successful in three and ranking by the Admission Committee will take place
attempts are ineligible to apply. on a provisional basis while the HSC results are awaited.

It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure that pending Canadian or American High School
results are received in the Admission Office according to Certificates
the published schedule.
Applicants must present evidence of satisfactory
British or equivalent Advanced Level completion of Higher Secondary School with a minimum
Certificates of Education cumulative GPA of 3.25 or 85% or grade 'B'. It is required
for applicants to have studied biology, chemistry and
At the Ordinary Secondary School level, applicants physics at the Higher Secondary School level (grade 9
should have completed at least six subjects including through 12).
English, biology, chemistry and physics. Official O-
Level certificate with grades must accompany the Applicants are also required to submit SAT II in three or
application. more subjects. The subjects must include biology,
chemistry and physics. The minimum eligibility score for
At the Advanced Level of the General Certificate of each of the three SAT II subjects is 700.
Education or equivalent, three subjects are required with
a minimum grade “B” in each of the three subjects. The The above requirements are also applicable to
subjects must include chemistry, biology and physics. candidates having completed two years in
The requirements for applicants presenting Scottish,
West African or East African Certificates of Advanced Candidates may submit three required Advanced
Level Education are similar. Placement (AP) subjects in lieu of the three required SAT
II subjects. The minimum eligibility score is a '4' in each
The SAT II will not be acceptable as a substitute for the of the three subjects. A combination of SAT II and
Advanced Level grades. AP is not acceptable. The University will not accept
AP in lieu of the SAT II subjects after the 2008 admission
For provisional applicants, the shortlisting, interviews cycle.
and ranking by the Admission Committee will take place
on a provisional basis while the 'A' level grade / scores are For provisional applicants, the shortlisting, interviews
awaited. and ranking by the Admission Committee will take place
on a provisional basis while the SAT II or AP scores and
It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure that pending HSC transcript is awaited.
results are received in the Admission Office according to
the published schedule. The required SAT II transcripts or AP scores must be

received in the Admission Office directly through the their degree examination may apply. Achievements in the
Educational Testing Services (ETS) according to the Higher Secondary Certificate examination will be a
published schedule. The code assigned to Aga Khan threshold requirement for evaluation but will not qualify
University for SAT II reporting is 1746. a candidate who fails to secure the required grade or GPA
or percentage marks or equivalent in his/her degree
Candidates who have copies of their scores must submit examination. To meet the PMDC requirements, it will be
attested copies of the same to meet the published necessary for such candidates to have read biology,
schedule. These must then be followed up by original chemistry and physics as formal subjects at the Higher
mark sheets from ETS. Secondary School level and provide an equivalence
certificate, if required, to the Admission Office.

Higher Secondary Certificates of Education For provisional applicants, the shortlisting, interviews
(other than Pakistani Boards) and ranking by the Admission Committee will take place
on a provisional basis while final scores/ grades are
Applicants' qualifications will be considered only if they awaited.
present evidence of satisfactory completion of Higher
Secondary School with at least 65% achievement, grade Evaluation of Applications
'B' or equivalent. It is required that students have studied
biology, chemistry and physics at the Higher Secondary Applications are evaluated in two stages as follows:
School level. Students are also required to demonstrate
competence in the English language supported by Stage I Evaluation
documentary evidence, and write the Aga Khan
University Admission Test or equivalent. Applications are scrutinized for eligibility and all
eligible candidates are required to write the AKU
For provisional applicants, the shortlisting, interviews Admission Test or submit its equivalent.
and ranking by the Admission Committee will take place
on a provisional basis while the HSC scores are awaited. The Admission Test and its Equivalent
Graduates and Postgraduates All applicants residing in Pakistan are required to write
the Aga Khan University (AKU) Admission Test
Candidates from Pakistan and overseas who have irrespective of the curriculum or system of education
achieved a cumulative grade B or a cumulative GPA of 3 followed. This provides a uniform measure of evaluation
or have achieved atleast 65% marks or equivalent in for all applicants.

In Pakistan the Admission Test is conducted in authorize any publication or preparatory classes
Hyderabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Quetta, Peshawar for this purpose.
and Rawalpindi.
Applicants should note that minimum or even very high
Candidates applying with graduate or post graduate Admission Test scores only fulfil eligibility requirements
degrees from universities in Pakistan are also required to and may not be competitive during the later stages of
write the AKU Admission Test. evaluation.

Applicants residing overseas who are following the Candidates applying from Overseas
Pakistani system of education are required to write the
AKU Admission Test in Pakistan. For candidates applying with Higher Secondary School
Certificate and/or two years in college, and who are
Applicants will be issued an admit card enabling them to unable to write the AKU Admission Test in Pakistan and
write the Admission Test. In case the admit card is not are following systems of education other than the
received in time, applicants are advised to write the Pakistani Higher Secondary Certificate curriculum, the
Admission Test at a convenient test centre. A copy of the University will accept the SAT I in lieu of the AKU
application form or appropriate document for Admission Test. The eligibility requirement for SAT I is a
identification purposes will be required. combined score of 1250 (using critical reading and
mathematics only).
The Admission Test consists of five components: biology,
chemistry, physics, mathematics and English. It Candidates who are graduates from overseas are required
consists of questions designed to test recall of factual to write the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
information, application of knowledge, deduction and administered by the American College Testing Services
problem-solving ability. in Iowa. Minimum eligibility requirement is a combined
score of 24. Overseas graduates are not eligible to write
The Admission Test is based upon the current syllabi of the AKU Admission Test.
the Boards of Higher Secondary Certificate Education in
Pakistan for chemistry, biology and physics and the Applicants should note that minimum or even very high
Boards of Secondary Education for mathematics. The SAT I and MCAT scores only fulfil eligibility
English language section tests competency in the requirements and may not be competitive during the later
English language. stages of evaluation.

The Medical College does not provide any special The SAT and the MCAT tests are administered in many
preparation for the Admission Test nor does it countries. Information about the dates of the tests may

be obtained from the centres where they are conducted or written from May 2006 and MCAT written in April 2005
directly from the addresses stated below. and thereafter will be acceptable.

The SATs are conducted by the Educational Testing For evaluation purposes, the better test score will be used
Services of the College Board, SAT Programme, P.O. Box for shortlisting purposes.
6200, Princeton, NJ 08541-6200, USA. The MCAT is
conducted by the American College Testing Services, The Aga Khan University Admission Test score is valid
P.O. Box 451, Iowa City, Iowa 52243, USA. for two years. However, a previous test score will be
considered for shortlisting only if the applicant does not
The last date to receive SAT I and MCAT scores in the write the Admission Test in the year of application.
Admission Office is May 30, 2008. These test scores
must be received directly from the relevant testing Shortlisting of Applicants
services. Candidates may submit attested copies of the
same to meet deadlines which must then be followed up The University shortlists applicants on the basis of a
with the original documents. cumulative index determined on the basis of the
applicant's Secondary School Certificate achievement
It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all and the AKU Admission Test.
pending documents are received in the Admission Office
according to the published schedule. The achievements in the Admission Test or its equivalent
will weigh heavily in shortlisting applicants for
The code assigned to the Aga Khan University by the interviews.
Educational Testing Services for SAT I and SAT II is
1746 and must be used to report results. Shortlisted applicants are invited for interviews. The
College limits the number of applicants to be interviewed
Applications will be considered for further to those who have a reasonable chance of being selected
evaluation only if SAT I or MCAT scores are for admission.
received in the Admission Office within Aga Khan
University published deadlines. Those whose cumulative scores are borderline, but
whose origins, education or a significant period of
Validity of Test Scores residence or work experience has been in rural or under-
privileged areas may also be invited for interviews.
For admissions to the 2008 academic year, the SAT I and
SAT II scores are valid for a period of two years from the Stage II Evaluation
date the test is written; MCAT scores are valid for three
years. For admission to the 2008 session, the SAT Applicants who are shortlisted are considered for Stage II

evaluation. During this stage, as discussed earlier, Decisions for admission are made by an Admissions
applicants are interviewed and they are required to Committee in line with the objectives of the Medical
complete their dossiers as will be communicated by the College. The decisions of the Admissions Committee are
Admission Office. Selection is based on a review of all the based upon the profile of each candidate's scholastic
data pertinent to each application. achievements, work experience, interests, leadership
potential, and strengths and weaknesses relative to other
Interviews shortlisted candidates. Admissions are granted to those
applicants who display maximum promise and potential.
Applicants should note that interviews are only one
component of the application process. A deliberate effort is made to select meritorious students
from diverse backgrounds. This is in the belief that
Interviews are held in Karachi at Aga Khan University diversity amongst students greatly enriches the
and in Peshawar, Lahore and Rawalpindi. If possible, by educational experience.
special arrangement, overseas applicants may be
interviewed in their country of residence. The University has a provision to train those students for
an additional year, before joining the MBBS year I, who
Each applicant meets two interviewers, who are
qualify for admission, but are found deficient in certain
experienced evaluators, separately for approximately
half an hour each. Interviewers look specially for those skills, including English language.
personal attributes one would wish to find in a caring
physician. Communication of Results
The purpose of the interview is to assess a variety of All applicants will be notified individually of their
attributes, including integrity, motivation for and interest performance on the AKU Admission Test, their outcome
in medicine, maturity, social and cultural awareness, in the shortlisting process and final selection.
knowledge of health issues in developing nations,
initiative and leadership potential. Applicants are strongly urged not to call the Admission
Office or University offices through their relatives or well
Selection wishers to follow up progress on individual applications.
Applicants or their parents may correspond with the
Data based on criteria used during the earlier stages of Admission Office to submit documents, enquire about
evaluation, as well as the applicant's achievements in pending exam results, and if they have not received any
extra curricular and co-curricular activities are compiled information on the progress of their application, within a
for each shortlisted applicant. week of the published dates.

2008-2009 academic session
Applications accepted up to March 07

Admission Test Schedule

Venue Centre
Hyderabad St. Bonaventures School, April 06
Qasimabad Branch, Hyderabad
Karachi Aga Khan University April 06
Sports and Rehabilitation Centre
Lahore Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore April 06
Multan Zenabia Campus Shershah Road, Opp Garden Town, Multan April 06
Peshawar Islamia College, Peshawar April 06
Quetta Serena Hotal, Quetta April 06
Rawalpindi Army Welfare Mess, Opp. Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi April 06
(Timings will be stated on the admit card. In case of any change, applicants will be notified through the press)
Last date for receipt of attested May 30
SAT I and MCAT transcripts
Shortlisting May
Interview of shortlisted applicants June-July
Last date for receipt of attested August 22
SAT II, AP certification results/scores
for all systems of education Other
than Pakistani Intermediate Examination
Announcement of new class End August
Commencement of the new class October 06
Last date to receive Pakistani October 03
Intermediate examination results
for provisionally admitted students

Tuition and other Charges b) whether the student was educated in Pakistan or
abroad during the three years prior to the application
The annual tuition and other fees charged by the Medical for admission;
College from Pakistani students recovers only a fraction c) whether the student is eligible for state supported
of the total cost of the medical education programme for education overseas;
each student. The Medical College reviews its tuition and d) whether parents are reimbursed educational
fees annually to cover inflation and other cost increases. expenses by their employer.

For the academic year beginning in October 2008, tuition If the parents are Pakistani citizens in government
for students in Pakistan whose parents are resident and service and are deputed to a government mission
derive their income in Pakistan is Rs. 498,000. For overseas, the tuition fee will be Rs. 498,000 for the
overseas candidates the tuition fee will be US $20,700 academic year. Documentary evidence for such service
and is payable in US dollars only. will be required.

For students who have Pakistani or dual citizenship, In cases where a student withdraws or is asked to
factors affecting liability for the higher tuition include withdraw from the University after commencement of a
any one or more of the following criteria: term, tuition for the entire term will be charged.

a) parents' residence and source of income during the Applicants doubtful of their fee status should seek
previous three years and amount of earnings; clarification from the Admission Office before applying
for admission.
Tuition & Fees
2008-2009 academic session
Payment for Local Students Foreign/Overseas Students
Due On September 03, 2008
Tuition - First installment Rs.166,000 US$ 6,900
Student Activity Rs. 500 Rs. 500
Student Health Rs. 4,600 Rs. 4,600
Graduation Fee* Rs. 5,600 Rs. 5,600
Deposit* Rs. 5,000 Rs. 5,000
Due On December 03, 2008
Tuition - Second Installment Rs.166,000 US$ 6,900
Due On April 02, 2009
Tuition - Third Installment Rs.166,000 US$ 6,900
* One time payment on admission.
Financial Assistance Programme loans and grants-in-aid. The loan is repayable in easy
instalments after graduation from the programme.
Since admission to AKU is needs blind, the University Details should be obtained from the University's
operates a Financial Assistance Programme which Financial Counselling and Assistance Office.
ensures that no Pakistani student, residing in Pakistan,
who qualifies for admission to the Medical College is Merit scholarships are also awarded to students on the
excluded because of inability to pay tuition and other basis of academic performance during the later years of
fees. the programme. Merit-based fellowships and teaching
assistantships are also available in graduate
Financial assistance arranged by the University is programmes. Details should be obtained from the
intended to favour and encourage qualified students from Student Affairs Office.
financially disadvantaged families who have no means to
pay for their education at AKU. For the academic year, 2007-2008 about one-half of the
students enrolled were awarded financial assistance by
Assistance is offered on the basis of demonstrated need the University
as evaluated by the University from data provided by
students and their families and other avenues that the Applications for financial assistance for students joining
University may deem appropriate. Every student in October 2008 will be acceptable until September 1,
desirous of financial assistance must also demonstrate 2008. Application forms will be available on AKU's web
that he or she has thoroughly explored all other possible site or from the Students Financial Counselling and
sources of assistance. However, every student is required Assistance Office.
to make some contribution towards fees, living expenses
and other costs, so as to not totally depend on the
Note: Declaration of incorrect information or
University, for assistance. Continuation of financial
concealment of information while completing the
assistance is conditional upon yearly assessment of
Financial Assistance Application Form will result in
financial needs.
strict disciplinary action against the applicant including
possible denial of admission to the University or
Through the University's financial assistance
expulsion from the University.
programme, students are awarded a combination of soft

Accommodation Code of Conduct

Accommodation to outstation students is arranged in the Students are required to abide by the rules and
hostels managed by Aga Khan University. These hostels regulations of Aga Khan University. The University
provide single and shared, non-airconditioned, expects and will demand honesty from its students.
furnished accommodation and a limited number of twin Unethical behaviour during examinations or elsewhere
sharing flats for women. Preference in allocation of rooms will result in irrevocable dismissal from the University,
is given to those from outside Karachi. The hostel for as will serious social misconduct or infractions of civil or
women is situated on the University Campus. criminal laws.

Room fees are charged for all accommodation on campus. Other causes for dismissal include: submitting false
Single room charges are Rs.4,500/- per month payable in evidence, stealing, wilful destruction of equipment,
advance. Women BScN students, who share a flat, will be furnishings or property; physical violence against other
charged Rs.4,500/- per person per month payable in students, faculty or staff, or patients, possession and use
advance. of drugs, possession and use of arms on campus, violation
of the civil rights of others, organization of civil
Contested Decisions disturbances, plagarism and non-payment of tuition and
other fees without valid reason.
In all matters pertaining to the selection of students, fees,
grants, evaluation of scholastic performance, discipline Protracted absence, without permission, from classes,
and student affairs, the decision of the University shall clinics, laboratories and other scheduled instruction or
be final. Appeals in matters of student selection will be practical experience and the inability to cope with the
considered within 15 days of the announcement of the curriculum shall also be a cause for dismissal.
new class only if the appeal cites circumstances
suggesting that the University has violated provisions of
its Charter or that there has been a failure to comply with
the admissions procedure as described in the prospectus.

AKU Medical College Admission Process- Summary
Applicants writing their Higher Secondary Certificate or other certificate examination in the summer of 2008
may also apply. Results must reach the Admission Office according to AKU published schedule

Minimum academic requirements for application

Applicants with any of the following credentials may apply
I. At least 65% with Pakistani HSC (Pre-Medical).
II. At least six O-Level subjects including English, biology, chemistry and physics.
At least B grade in British GCE A-level biology, chemistry and physics.
III. Grade 12 diploma having biology, chemistry and physics, with a minimum GPA of 3.25 or 85% or grade 'B'. SAT II score of 700 each in
biology, chemistry and physics. Advanced Placement (AP) is also acceptable in lieu of SAT II in the above mentioned subjects. The
minimum score requirement is 4 in each subject.
IV. Complete International Baccalaureate Diploma with biology, chemistry and physics. Minimum overall score is 32.
V. At least 65% grade 'B' achievement in HSC (having biology, chemistry and physics), from other countries with adequate proficiency in
VI. A cumulative grade B /GPA 3 or at least 65% with BSc or higher degrees [evaluation will be based on most current qualification].
Candidates must also have biology, chemistry and physics at Higher Secondary School level.

AKU Test and Equivalent

For applicants resident in Pakistan
and for those following the Pakistani system of education overseas
AKU Admission Test: comprises biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and English
For applicants resident overseas as applicable
SAT I: minimum combined score for application: 1250
(for Critical Reading and Mathematics component only)
MCAT: minimum score for application is 24

Shortlisting and Interviews

Shortlisting for interviews is based on combination of Secondary School achievement and AKU Admission Test score.
(Number of applicants interviewed are limited)

Final Selection
Rank ordering of shortlisted applicants based upon review of scholastic achievements,
interview evaluations, reference letters, co-curricular and other accomplishments.