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Course Syllabus

Course Information
Thursdays 7 – 10 pm AH1 1.106

Professor Contact Information

Instructor: Kathryn Evans Office AS1.106 Phone: 972-883-2828
email kcevans@utdallas.edu (preferred method of contact)
Accompanist: Michael McVay Office JO1.206 Phone: 972-883-2764
email michaelmcvay@att.net
I am available by appointment only. Please email me if you wish to make an appointment. I am always
available after class.

Course Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, and/or Other Restrictions

Admission to Intermediate Voice is by audition only. Students must have prior experience in vocal

Course Description
We will be working together on three pieces of solo music for each student. Each student will
have different pieces, chosen in conjunction with the instructor. The first piece will be classical; the second
will be a Frank Sinatra song for A Tribute to Frank Sinatra, March 24, 25 and 26, 8 pm, University
Theatre, in conjunction with Chamber Singers. Acceptance for this concert will be by audition later in the
semester.; and the third will be from a Broadway Show or Opera. All students will perform on the Spring
Arts Festival, May 6, 2011 (time TBA). This concert is a required part of the course. An absence at a
concert, except in the case of illness or death in the family, will affect the course grade. Students will be
invited to perform in other concerts at the discretion of the instructor. Please put these dates on your
calendar now. We will discuss dress for performances at a later date.

Attendance is the most important part of this class. No unexcused absences will be allowed. The
only legitimate excused absences are illness (with a doctor’s note) or death in the family (with written
proof) or religious holydays in accordance with University policy set below. Please arrange the rest of your
schedule accordingly. Every unexcused absence will drop you ½ of a letter grade. Students will meet with
the instructor for class times, alternating between master classes and individual work with the instructor
and the accompanist. The course will require regular attendance. We will be working together on three
pieces of music chosen by the student with the consent of the instructor.


All dates are Thursdays at 7 pm unless otherwise indicated.

January 13 No class (instructor out of town at a conference), syllabus, listening assignments via
email, prepare repertoire sheet
January 20 Sing for the class, choose first piece
January 27 technique and lessons
February 3 technique and lessons
February 10 Master Class I on piece #1; choose Sinatra piece
February 17 technique and lessons
February 24 technique and lessons
March 3 technique and lessons
March10 Master Class II on Sinatra piece – final selections for concert
Midterm – written exam on Copland/Holst book
March 17 no class, Spring Break – be thinking about your third piece

Course Syllabus Page 1

Tues Mar 22 Sinatra Concert, rehearsal in University Theatre (TH), 7:00 pm
Wed Mar 23 Sinatra Concert, Dress rehearsal in TH, 7:00 pm
Thurs Mar 24 CONCERT, 8 pm, TH – your call 7:00 pm.
Fri Mar 25 CONCERT, 8 pm, TH – your call 7:00 pm.
Sat Mar 26 CONCERT, 8 pm, TH – your call 7:00 pm.
(Students not selected for the concert will attend on Thursday night only. If you have a major conflict, with
any of these times, tell me now. I will assist those with Tues/Wed night classes with written excuses for
your professors.)

March 31 Choose third piece, technique and lessons

April 7 technique and lessons
April 14 technique and lessons
April 21 Master Class III on piece #3 – theory worksheet due
April 28 Attend “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”, 8 pm University Theatre
May 5 rehearsal for Festival performance (this the final exam time for this class); graded jury of
three pieces for the term
May 6 Festival performance, time TBA

Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes

Students will demonstrate understanding of music terminology and notational practices.
Students will master the basics of vocal techniques, including placement, diction, projection, tone
production, breathing, characterization and interpretation.
Students will demonstrate understanding of the stylistic elements of musical interpretation and
employ them in their performance of intermediate-level repertoire.

Required Textbooks and Materials

You will need a black, 3-ring binder with pockets for this class. Please purchase it by the second class
session. Required textbook: Copland, What to Listen for in Music (first semester) or Holst, The ABC of
Music (second semester). Third semester students will be given a special assignment in harmony.

Assignments & Academic Calendar

Written Work:
Papers: Each student will also be required to prepare in writing a brief historical summary, a
biographical sketch of the composer, and translations (if necessary) of their three pieces. Minimum
requirement is three pages per piece of music (9 pages total). You should include a bibliography of at least
three sources. Due dates for each paper will be announced in advance and are generally on the same dates
as Master Classes. A specific assignment sheet for papers will be distributed.
Midterm Exam: Each student will be required to take a written test over the material in What to
Listen for in Music by Aaron Copland (first semester students) or The ABCs of Music by Imogen Holst
(second semester students) during the term. For third semester students, a harmony assignment over their
three pieces of music replaces the final exam.
Final Exam: Each student will be graded on a juried performance of their three pieces of music.
Theory worksheet: Each student will be required to complete a basic music theory worksheet to
insure a minimum proficiency of knowledge.
Concert attendance: You are also required to attend four concerts this semester and submit a
two-page review. Reviews are due no later than 2 weeks after the date of the concert.
Attendance at the following concert is required:
Saturday, February 5, 2011, 8 p.m. Dallas Pro Musica in concert, JO Performance Hall
You may chose any three concerts from the UTD season.
Please go to http://ah.utdallas.edu/news_events/events_calendar.html for a list of these concerts. Most of
them are free for UTD students. Other off-campus performances may be substituted only with prior
approval of the instructor. If you chose to attend concerts off-campus, the admission cost is your

Course Syllabus Page 2

Last day to drop a class without a W Wednesday, January 26
WP or WF withdraw period begins Monday, February 7
Last day to withdraw with WP/WF Monday, March 14
(After this time, a non-academic withdrawal requires approval and lots of signatures)
Your performance on May 6 is the performance final exam in this course.

Grading Policy
Grades are based on the following:
Attendance at lessons and master classes 30%
Papers 20%
Theory worksheet 10%
Concert attendance 10%
Final exam (jury) 20%
Final exam (written) 10%

Course & Instructor Policies

I follow all University policies and procedures as listed below. Absences will be excused for only the
following and with the following documentation. Notification of absences MUST BE IN WRITING. All
other absences are unexcused and will affect your course grade. Pleased keep me informed of any
circumstances that will impair your ability to sing.
Illness Doctor’s Note
UTD Activity Letter from faculty member/coach/club advisor
Family emergency Letter from student with explanation (ie death in the family)
Religious holy days as determined by the University policy listed below.

I follow all University Policies for Field Trips, Student Conduct & Discipline, Academic Integrity, Email
Use, Withdrawal from Class, Student Grievances, Incomplete Grades, Disability Services, and Religious
Holy Days. These policies are listed on the UT Dallas website at http://go.utdallas.edu/syllabus-policies

These descriptions and timelines are subject to change at the discretion of the Professor

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