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1 Initial Information
Product: Imaging Dynamics X-series detectors with model numbers ending in K. Also
identifiable by serial numbers starting with D6, D7, D8, D9, DB, DC, DD
Technical Bulletin Number: 07-020
Priority: Medium
Category: Serious
Issue Date: September 28, 2007
Units Affected: Any of the above models of detectors manufactured by IDC between May
2007 and October 2007.
Deadline Date: None

Please ensure all personnel working on IDC equipment are notified about this
important bulletin.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call the IDC Help Desk, toll-free 1-866-
XPLORER (1-866-975-6737) or e-mail service@imagingdynamics.com.
This bulletin can also be downloaded through the IDC tracking site under the project of
IDC-Service Technical Bulletins.

Imaging Dynamics Company • September 28, 2007 • Technical Bulletin: 07-019 v0.1
2 • Revision History

2 Revision History

Revision Number Revision Date Details

Release 1.0 September 28, 2007 Released

3 Issue Description
In some cases, the electronic mechanism for clearing charge from the surface on the CCD
image sensor fails to function correctly. This can increase the noise in clinical images and in
extreme cases may result in a ghost of a previous patient's image. The impact of the noise is
increased if the system has not been used for imaging for a long period of time.
For example, in a busy x-ray room the problem may only be noticeable on the very first image
of the day, if the system has been on and unused over-night.

4 Resolution Description
In the work instructions below, a work-around for the problem is described. As well, a
software patch will be available for download October 1, 2007.

5 Materials and Tools

In order to download the software patches described in the Resolution Description, an account
on the Tracking System is required. Please contact your dealer to apply this patch, if

6 Safety Considerations

7 Work Instructions
If the detector was manufactured after October 1, 2007, no action is required.

7.1 Software Patch

If the detector was manufactured between May 1, 2007 and October 1, 2007, install the
appropriate patch for the version of Magellan currently installed.
After October 1, 2007, download the appropriate patch for Magellan 3 from the IDC Magellan
3 Updates project on the Imaging Dynamics Company Tracking Site at (http://
No patch is currently expected for Sirius.

Imaging Dynamics Company • September 28, 2007 • Technical Bulletin: 07-019 v0.1
Contact • 3

7.2 Work-Around

This work-around is not needed if the aforementioned patch has been applied.
If images are noisy or contain ghost images from previous patients, power cycle the detector
as soon as possible. Power cycling the detector can be achieved by restarting the Magellan or
Sirius Acquisition workstation.
Acquiring an image from the detector before commencing clinical imaging after a long period
of disuse will clear any residual and accumulated charge from the detector. However, if the
detector is in a state where the clearing mechanism has failed, the only way to reset it is to
cycle the power on the detector. Without a power cycle, the residual image will continue to
build up.

8 Contact
North American Contact
Imaging Dynamics Company
151, 2340 Pegasus Way, NE
Calgary, Alberta
T2E 8M5, Canada
IDC Help Desk, toll-free 1-866-XPLORER (1-866-975-6737)
E-mail service@imagingdynamics.com.
Fax 1-403-251-1771

European Contact
IDC Europe B.V.
Victorialaan 15, 5213 JG, s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)73 751.1742
Fax: +31(0)73 751.1744

Asian Contact
IDC Beijing Rep. Office
Room 1007A China Resource
No.8 Jianguomenwai Bei Avenue
Beijing 100005, China
Tel 00 86 10 85192196
Fax 00 86 10 85192198

Imaging Dynamics Company • September 28, 2007 • Technical Bulletin: 07-019 v0.1