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Jupiter In

Dual Signs
Ashok Upadhaya, India
Copy editor: Andree Leclerc

I t has been quite some time since the

scribe wrote on Jupiter. Readers who
read the article titled Jupiter in Chara
Signs gave excellent feedback asking for
the results of what happens when Jupiter is
in Fixed and Dual signs. Unfortunately
scribe has not been able to write on it for
which we humbly apologize. Like the
previous article of Jupiter in Chara Signs,
this is a new concept based on Parasari
Principles presented before the astrology
readers. We would like to transgress and
remember the words of the Legend of
Ashok Upadhaya hails from Gujarat Legends, who was instrumental in the
selection of the Muhurta for Independence
and within a short span of 2 decades has
India, one who was the family astrologer
emerged as a predictor of extreme rare
of the Nehrus, the Late Suryanarayain Rao
ability & propagator of Astrology in
of Ujjain who said ‘Laghu Parasari is the
Gujarat. He is known in Gujarat for his
Gita of Jyotish’. It is probably the smallest
ability to remove rare knowledge out of
of works on astrology ever but is the most
those classics available to all. His gurus
potent of all.
were his grandfather Shri PrabhaShankar
Trivedi, C.S.Patel the man who taught the
modern understanding of Ashtakvarga & The Learned should make themselves
from the legendary blind astrologer Sri Sri familiar with fundamentals of astrology
Swami. through other works, here only the specific
principles will be explained.
– Laghu Parasari, Chp: 1 Shl: 4

Snap Shot Technique

‘If Jupiter is placed in Dual Signs

(Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces)
it would spoil/destroy/delay One of the
results of the 7th house from it’.
What is presented below are some examples from internet forums. Some of them were
shown as blind charts to Shri Ashok Upadhaya and he fared bang on in all cases. Some
charts taken at the end are celebs or well-known from astrodatabank.com – especially those
where Jupiter is in Sag or Pisces in the 1H where possibility of marriage being spoilt is seen.
Readers are cautioned not to use this technique blindly since each house has several
significations so one requires lot of experience or intuition before one uses snap shot

By the above concept you would realise that the most famous dictum of Jupiter is actually a
half-baked truth. What is this dictum? It is an accepted dictum that Jupiter protects and prospers
the house where he aspects. We will also take cases of Jupiter in its own sign (swagrahi) & in
his moola trikona sign in the end to show you that this is just a myth that has not been
unraveled till date in the last 10,000 years of astrology – our past astrologers only believed it
since others before them said it and this was blindly passed on and on. Astrologers kept on
giving solace to colleague astrologers that ‘oh, your Jupiter is in Sagittarius or Pisces so don’t
worry it would give great results’.

Chart: Lady

Chart belongs to a lady born in 1966. In 2009, at the age of 43, she consulted a writer of
Saptarishis Astrology. Note Jupiter is in Asc and as per the theory of Ashok Upadhaya it
will destroy one thing in the 7th house from it. Here the 7H would be the house of marriage.
The lady at the age of 43 consulted to find out if she would get married. Jupiter in Asc has
spoilt the results of the 7th from it.

Chart: Murdered By Muggers

From our notes

Timing Accidents

Death by hitting on head by strangers / Muggers ===================
03 Feb, 1981, 18:52 hrs, Carson City, Nevada, USA ===================
P L Chakraborty, chakrabortyp2@iocl.co.in =================== The data was used as a
\Blind Quiz\ in Ancient_Indian_Astrology Forum, provided by Bhagavathi-ji. The person was with
friends at the beach. While returning, the incident happened. I checked through BCP system & 360
days and it tallies.

See Jupiter is the 8L of death & longevity in the sign of Virgo with Saturn who signifies
thieves & muggers. The 7th sign from it is Pisces which is a watery sign. The native went to
a beach (where water is found) and it activated the dual sign where Jupiter is placed with
Saturn (mugger) and he aspected the 7th from it which is the 8H of longevity and death and
he got murdered. If readers will remember a BSP rule article by Andree in previous issues, it
was mentioned that when Jupiter Saturn are together, Aries is destroyed – Aries is the sign
of head and he was murdered by being hit on the head as per Bhagavati Hariharan who
posted the quiz.

Chart: R Teacher’s Husband

When you start astrology and till you die you are taught only one thing: if a planet aspects
his own sign it gives great results – this has been passed on from generation to generation for
thousands of years as a blind instant dicta. See above chart Jupiter is in the Asc is happily
placed and aspecting the 7th house of marriage so his marriage life should be great. Here is
the data from our notes.
Two marriages, first child done court case against him for property
Now unemployed since 2 years
Jupiter has spoilt the 7th from it which is the house of marriage

Chart: Bhagya Problem

Jupiter is with 4L of Home or one’s own house and in the dual sign of Gemini in 3H. Jupiter
aspects the 7th from it being the 9H of prosperity, fortune and bhagya. So this Jup should
spoil the 9H of bhagya. See what was posted in Jyotish Remedies Forum.

i face very tough time from last February 2008 . i lost my

hard earned rupees 10 lacs in share market . now i am in zero kind of
situation . our family live in rented house i thought that i buy own
small house but i don’t know now which time i buy my own house .
plz guide me as per my horoscope and tell me about my current year
and future year prediction , can i buy my own house or not ? plz give
me reply

Chart: Rajashri Nandy Case

Jupiter is in Virgo in 8H and aspecting Rahu in the 2H; astrologers seeing this chart would
say Jupiter signifying wisdom kills Maya signified by Rahu. Astrologers love to create lot of
theory since poor Americans love to buy philosophy and theories, it appeals to their mind
until a few decades later they realize that all the theorization that anyone offers in Jyotish is
all crap – by that time they have lost their youth and money. 7th from Jupiter is the 2nd house
of right eye. Now see this case posted in one of the yahoo groups:


Very rare eye disease.

Namaste to All,
I recently came across the child who has been suffering severely because of a very rare form of eye
disease as a result of which her right eye keeps swelling and then popping out of the socket, when
operation has to be done to fix it, temporarily.
She first faced the problem when she was 18 months old, and almost all doctors in India refused to treat
the case because it was so complex and rare. Finally they found one doctor in Mumbai who decided to
try an operation for temporary relief. The ailment is so rare that it is supposed to be the 3rd such case
in recorded history. After that every few months she has to undergo an eye surgery to remove tissue
growth from her skulls which keep pushing her eyes out of the socket. And without a doubt a very
painful procedure.
Now she is 4 years old and has already undergone quite a few surgeries. Her father is almost broke
now, trying to finance her treatment. The family has no money left. And the doctors are saying this
will keep going on till the age of 16/17, and chances are the girl may not survive. I am providing the
chart details below. Kindly go through it and suggest if any remedies are possible.

Note the line where it says the kid faced problem when 18 months old which means in the
2nd year; use Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi (BCP) and 2nd year would be the 2nd house where one
sees the right eye. One can presume that in the 2nd year one may get a disease that is not
easily curable (Rahu) which is what happened. The event matches with BCP and also Ashok
Upadhaya’s technique.

Chart: S.K posted on Jyotish Group List

Jupiter is in its own sign of Sagi in 2H of wealth. Jupiter and Saturn form a great yoga
combining 4th and 5th lord, kendra and trikona combination in a good house. One would say
excellent results regarding wealth and family. Now use this new revealed technique of
Jupiter is Dual Rasis you would see that the 7th from it is the 8th house containing the lagna
lord (whole life) Mars who is also the 6L of health/diseases and job. So all these 3 areas of
life should be destroyed. Keep in background the karaka of Jupiter which is putra karaka
(significator of children) and analyse the chart. Jupiter will destroy the 8H, sustenance of
life will be badly affected. Jupiter will take omen (Nimitta) of children and plays its role.
Now see what he wrote below in 2006 and posted it on several forums and many famous
astrologers replied to him but he still has not gotten job (at least not till 2009). This was
posted in the forum in 2006:
currently he runs Saturn mahadasa and he is without
a job for the last 2yrs after he was relieved as
a vice president (marketing in a pharma company).
His only son had to undergo surgery of pancreas which
costed him 11 lacs so all his savings got spent.

Marriage & Jupiter In 1H in Own Sign

I nternet forums & books are filled with Gurus who keep on promising the readers that
Jupiter in 1H will protect the 7H – yet, when time shows that the 7H is not protected,
they claim that a malefic aspect or position of malefic in 7H spoilt the 7H. Then they
will still give solace that at the end of the day, Jupiter in the 1H will always protect the
native. Decades pass by but, nevertheless, Jupiter in the 1H does not protect or beautify the
results of the 7H – only tight lipped clients will tell you this but not astrologers. Here we
will take cases where there are no planets in the 7H, other factors of lordship of 7H will
surely effect the results but that has been ignored for now since the bhava is supposedly
protected by the straight aspect of Jupiter and, in many cases, it is conjoined with the Asc
degree thereby offering more protection – but, as you would see, this is not the case. Yet
there are numerous cases where Jup in own sign in 1H has protected the marriage, which
means that there is something more to it and not just Jupiter in own sign.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Chart: Carmen Electra – American Actress

American actress who has carved out a relatively successful career as a replacement for
departing stars like MTV’s Jenny McCarthy and "Baywatch" star, Pamela Anderson Lee.
Although she has achieved some measure of success in her career, her personal life has been
tumultuous. Carmen’s infamous short-lived marriage to the flamboyant and controversial
basketball star, Dennis Rodman, made her personal life fodder for the tabloids. They were
married on 11/14/1998 and almost immediately reports of their estrangement were in the
headlines. She was married 9 days to Rodman. They divorced on 4/06/1999 but since then,
have been often seen as a twosome.

Electra and Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Dave Navarro, engaged for a little over a year,
bought a house in Beverly Hills together in October 2002. In a ceremony that got under way
at 5:30 PM, she married Dave Navarro in Los Angeles on November 22, 2003. Not even three
years later, on August 10, 2006 in Los Angeles, she filed for divorce from musician Dave

Jupiter is in the first house has not protected the 7H.

Chart: Bruce Lenny - Comedian

American satirical nightclub comedian, known for biting and controversial subject matters,
who changed the landscape of standup comedy and cleared the way for Richard Pryor,
George Carlin and others. At one time he was married to a stripper and drug user, with
whom he had one daughter before divorcing. Married Harriet Lloyd in 1951 and divorced in

Jupiter is in the 1H has not protected his marriage and destroyed the 7H of relationships.

Chart: Gwen Scott - Broadcaster

American broadcaster. The first female anchor person on television on Channel 6 in

Philadelphia. She has been divorced twice and has no children.

Jupiter is in the 1H and has not protected the 7H of marriage and relationships.
Jupiter in Pisces

Chart: Terry Cole-Whittaker

American Religious Science pastor from 1977, a fireball who took San Diego by storm with
her up-beat, you-can-do-it message. A former beauty contest winner as Miss California in
1968, she became a housewife and mother of two daughters when she made the first of her four
marriages. She is the author of "How to Have More in a Have Not World."

Jupiter in its own sign of Pisces has not protected the 7H of marriage and has given her 4

Chart: Bruce Dunlevy

Australian apprentice plumber who became manager of a large plumbing supply company.
Bruce collects and restores antique furniture. He married in April 1964 and had two sons. It
was a shock to his family in November 1974 when he left his wife and boys to move in with
a neighbor, the mother of a deaf son. He divorced his wife and married his lover. He had a
very good relationship with his step-son, who was killed in a car accident February 1988.

Jupiter is in the 1H in the sign of Pisces and powerful as per some and has not protected the
7H of marriage.

Chart: Roberto Alagna

Italian-French singer, born to Sicilian immigrants and discovered in a Paris pizzeria, where
he sang popular opera arias eight hours a night for tips. Number of Marriages: 2

Alagna married on 7/21/1990 and was later widowed. He made a second marriage on
7/26/1996 to Romanian star soprano Angela Gheorghiu; they have one daughter.

Jupiter is in the 1H and no planet in the 7H, Jupiter has not protected the 7H of marriage.
Chart: Guru of Pisces

I was given this chart as a test of Mangal Dosh, if it would destroy marriage of the native – I
said it is not the Mars or Mangal Dosh which will destroy the marriage of the native but the
Jupiter in Pisces. They said he was married once and then re-married again but the reason
must be Mangal Dosha. When I kept on insisting that it is not Mangal dosha but Jupiter in
Pisces, how could I prove my findings… Until one person in the group said that as soon as
the person became a guru and started giving school tuitions, the pointers for the second
marriage started during tuitions with another female student – that’s when Jupiter got
activated and destroyed the first marriage as Jupiter in dual signs destroys the 7H from it.

Chart: Vincent Van Gogh

Jupiter occupies the 7H and will implement/spoil the dual sign opposite it which is Gemini
(hands) that is the 1H of one’s body/self/. On 27 July 1890, aged 37, he walked into a field
and shot himself in the chest with a revolver. He died two days later. One can note that his
Vimshottari Dasa of Jupiter started on 11th July 1890 just few days before the event and see
the result.

T he story of one’s life and theories in astrology must always match. If you say that
Jupiter is creating an event like spoiling the 7th from it in dual signs, then this
Jupiter must get activated in the person’s life either by tatva (like in the above case)
or by lordship (action, etc.) and then the result will flow. The above teacher started teaching
and his marriage got spoiled.

Do not take this blindly but test it aggressively – use this as a clue and hint and mark it in
your reading, then use other techniques to assimilate if you are getting similar hints; if you
get the same hints 3 times then you can predict very strongly.