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TAKING CONTROL OF A GROUP. ORGANIZATION, SOCIETY, ETC., THROUGH OCCULT MANIPULATION Nathan Elkana TAKING CONTROL OF A GROUB ORGANIZATION, SOCIETY, ETC., THROUGH OCCULT MANIPULATION Nathan Elkana Copyright © 2008 FINBARR INTERNATIONAL. res The information I am about to impart to you has rarely been in print. In fact the only time I can recall seeing it in print was in a privately circulated correspondence course costing $500 — and that was 40 years ago! Value what you are about to learn. It may seem like fiction; and in point of fact, I would never discuss it with anyone outside these pages. Even some occultists would say it was impossible to influence a group of people, let alone an entire organization or even a government! There are occultists and there are occultists. The information I am about to give, whilst rare and little discussed, is not new but very ancient indeed. Certainly the magician-priests of ancient times had access to it and applied it (my study of ancient sacred texts revealed that it was particularly true of the Sumerians and Egyptians). Occultists who disbelieve may do so because of the effort involved or because of its chaotic nature, for the reasoning goes that if mere individuals can influence entire organizations then chaos would be the result; society wouldn't be able to function. But this is a false rationale and also unrealistic. Organizations of every kind are always subject to some kind of outside influence or threat, even governments. If they disintegrate because of exterrial pressure then they deserve it. Religious fanatics and terrorists would not exploit such occult information because they believe it ‘the work of the Devil’: in any event they prefer tyranny, death and destruction, and psycho- logically the individual is disadvantaged by the mere thought of just himself up against so formidable an opposition. But it isn’t formidable, itis only the chought of it that is. Conventional thinking has i that the individual can only influence his own circumstances - and that’s 2 not always certain ~ and that he has no way of influencing two or more people. The larger the number of people, the more unattainable the goal of influencing them, so goes the thinking, Occultists, like the rest of us, are limited by their thoughts and beliefs. Most of the occultists I know are not rich, and some are sick and infirm. They will boast about having attained such and such ‘a degree’ in a prestigious lodge of esoteric teaching, and they may be very learned and knowledgeable; and some might have even written books. Then there are those occultists who are successful, rich and healthy; but these are indeed in the minority. The information here will never pose any threat to society or organizations in general for hardly anyone believes. Which is a good thing. The infamous Satanist Anton La Vey would always say how good it was when others didn’t believe: it always made his work so much easier! ‘Whatever occultists may believe, the whole system of belief in things unseen rests on the premise that there are different levels — or ‘planes’ — of existence which all co-exist together. To describe this concept at its most basic level I could say that there isthe seen, visible, physical universe ~ ‘plane No.1" ~ and the invisible, unseen universe ~ ‘plane No.2’. This is an extreme simplification, but this booklet is not intended to be a manual of occultism. I am writing here to give you hard, practical, usable information in order to achieve a practical end result. What some were ready to pay hundreds of dollars for, you are going to receive complete in a short, concise manner in these pages, and ready immediately to use. The information here is in fact priceless. Put it into practice and you will see why! ‘So we have ‘plane No.1” - the physical, what we see and touch, and ‘plane No.2" what we cannot see and touch. Now understand this: one plane cannot do without the other! But how can we know that the invisible plane exists? Because all existence is dualistic! You can’t have black without white, you can’t have wealth without poverty, you, can’t have motion without stillness, and you can’t have light without day. There can be no harmony without discord, no silence without noise, no laughter without tears, no love without hate and no fulfilment without disappointment. To suggest that the physical is all that exists is to deny the duality we know exists elsewhere! Here is what the magicians of old believe - and what many of my readers may also recognize — and that is that the two planes interact and influence one another! This is the idea - or to be precise, law ~ on which all magick rests! Put another way: what happens in the invisible influences the visible, and zice ‘versa! (Seasoned occultists will recognize the simplicity of my argument, for they will know that the invisible world, or plane, in truth consists of many worlds and lanes within itself, each influencing the other!)