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Houston, Texas

Tapes i - 7, IA, IB
February 2, 1974
Time: 07:27 CDT 79:12:27 GMT

CC CDR, Houston, we're with you once

more through Goldstone. We've got you for about 5-1/2 min-
CDR Roger, Crip.
CC CDR, Houston. We copied the NOUN 93's
and we're GO for torquing.
CDR Roger.
CC CDR, Houston, we're about i minute from
LOS. Next station contact is through Bermuda in 4 minutes
at 13:06. And how did your error needle test go?
CDR Went real well, Crip, no problems at
all, and I'm zeroing out the optics now and we'll press on.
CC Okeydokey.
CC CDR, Houston, we're AOS through MILA.
We have you for about i0 minutes here.
CC CDR, Houston, through Bermuda. How
do you read?
CC CDR, Houston, do you read through
Bermuda for 9 minutes?
CC CDR, Houston, comm check.
MCC - Think he's been talking about -
CC CDR, Houston, comm check through Bermuda
for 7-1/2 minutes.
CDR Roger, Crip.
CC Hey, there you are. Were you reading
my previous calls?
CDR Negative.
CC Okeydoke. Been trying to give you a
call through MILA. We just handed over through Bermuda.
Reading you loud and clear now.

Time: 07:27 CDT 79:12:27 GMT

do the VERB 74 over Hawaii and we'll also like to get through
the logic sequence of checks there, which are on page 3-2.
CDR Okay.
CC CDR, Houston, we're AOS through Hawaii.
We have you for about 8 minutes.
CDR Roger, Crip.
CC Okay_ as soon as - -
CDR PO0 integrating now. And BUS 2 phase B
is reading 118, it's a tad high.
CC Copy that, stand by i and we'll be ready
for a VERB 74 ENTER to make sure we got data here.
CDR Okay, guess I better do a VERB 96 on
this POO. It looks like it's going to take a while to inte-
CC Why don't you hold onto that for a minute,
we'll see if we get it. Integration sholdn't take too long.
CDR Okay.
CC CDR, Houston. Jer, we're showing 117.8
on phase D, and we think that's okay. We - we don't see
phase B here, but both of them look comparable. CDR, Houston.
While we're waiting for this integration to be completed,
we'd like to go ahead and press on with the logic sequencer
checks, and you're to GO to press on with them down through
step logic 2 on up.
CDR Okay.
CC Those are on page 3-2.
CDR That's complete, standing by.
CC CDR, Houston, the logic checks are GO,
and you are GO for PYRO ARM as required.
CDR Okay, going to OFF on the logics.
CC Okay, Jet, we show the integration is
complete, we are ready for a VERB 74 at your convenience.
CDR Coming at you.
CC CDR, Houston. Okay, we're complete with
that EMOD dump and you're clear to go ahead and press on with
your P52 if you like. Or wherever you are on your checks
CDR Okay, I'm just getting into the FDAI
error needles test, and then I'ii jump into P52.
CC Okay, we're looking a long, good time here.
No - no hurry at any of it.
CC CDR, Houston, we're 1 minute from LOS.
Next station contact is through Goldstone in 5 minutes at
12:57, and we'll also be using ANTENNA LEFT all the way
through the States.
CDR Okay, good; see you then.
CC Okeydoke.
Time: 07:27 CDT 79:12:27 GMT

CC CDR, Houston.
CC CDR, Houston. How do you read VHF?
CDR VHF and S-band. How do you read me?
CC Loud and clear on VHF now, Jer, how do
you read me?
CDR Okay, reading you loud and clear, l'm
killing S-band. Okay, Crip.
CC Very good. We're going to stay on VHF
here and let Truly go ahead and work on S-band today so we
can keep a little bit separate. Verify time we do have PO0
CDR You have PO0 and ACCEPT and P27's in progress.
CC Very good, we'll go ahead and get your
quad sync and state veetor and entry REFSMMAT before we do your
VERB 74 ENTER for the EMOD.
CDR Okay.
CC If you got time to copy it, I've got
some stars for you for your P51 and 52, on page 3-4.
CDR Okay, go ahead.
CC Correction_ l'm sorry, it's on page 3-2
for your stars. Got some big ones for you today. Going to
use stars 22 and 26.
CDR Okay, 22 and 26.
CC Okay, probably obvious to you, we'll be
doing that P51 there in the midst of a dump but the rates
and so forth should be small enough, we don't anticipate any
problems. Okay, your burn Tig on page 3-4. Your NOUN 33,
if you're ready to copy.
CDR Ready to copy.
CC Okay, it's 01412 all balls.
CDR Okay, 01412 all balls.
CC Okay, and that does it on things I got to
read up to you, I'm assuming of course, that you do have
the checklist change in here that modified all the times that
we've got today.
CDR That's affirmative, it's all in and we're
in good shape.
CDR On the CMC selfcheck, it went through in
good shape. I ended up register 2 was reading 6 and register
3 was reading 2.
CC Okay, we copy. We were we were watching
the end of that.
CDR Okay.
CDR Okay, looks like - Are you ready for
VERB 74?
CC No, we're going to hold up on that, you
can go ahead and go to block now, we're about 30 seconds from
LOS. Next station contact is through Hawaii at 12:45, that's
about 14 minutes away. Be ANTENNA LEFT there and we'll - we'll
Time: 07:27 CDT, 79:12:27 GMT

CDR Rog, Crip.

CC Hey there you are. Were you reading
my previous call?
CDR Negative.
CC Okeydoke. Been trying to give you a call
through MILA. We just handed over to Bermuda. Read you
loud and clear, now.
CC CDR, Houston. We're i minute from LOS.
Next station contact in 7-1/2 minutes through Ascension at
13:24. And it'll be ANTENNA RIGHT there.
CC CDR, Houston. AOS AScension for i0 min-
CDR Roger, Crip. EMS ENTRY checks okay
starting with the Delta-V TEST.
CC Rog.
CC CDR, Houston. GNC notices down here that -
that the equivalent of your THRUST light on twice. Did
you happen to go through that EMS FUNCTION Delta-V TEST twice
CDR That's negative.
CC Okay. Let us ponder that for a minute.
CDR Hey, I didn't even notice it. The Delta-V
test and the null bias test are both looking good. The Delta-V
indicator stopped at minus 21.2. And the bias looks like
it's plus 2.1 per hundred seconds.
CDR l'm reading 10.2 plus 0.i.
CC Okay. Copy that, thank you.
CC They tell me that's precisely what we we
measured our launch day. Incidentally, Jer, might talk a
little bit about on there on your next page 3-4, we don't want
to be looking when you do the TVC checks, and a little bit
later on when we do the cold fire. I think the checklist change
that we sent you is clear enough there that we you can
start your SPS thrusting prep before we get AOS. And then
we'll do the prime and sec TVC TEC checks when we get AOS at
CDR Okay, Crip. I'ii try to stick right to the
schedule here so we can keep track of each other.
CC Okeydoke.
CDR Since I'm a little bit ahead here, Crip. I
think I'ii run through that EMS DELTA V TEST one more time.
CC Okay. Why don't you do that. And we'll
keep an eye on it here.
CC Incidentally, Jer. That's really of no
particular concern. We'll be taking a look at the data
later to see if there was a possibility that we got a hit
that might have caused the light to come on twice here.
Time: 07:27 CDT, 79:12:27 GMT

CDR Okay.
CDR Perfectly normal up here.
CC Okay. We concur. It looks looks very
normal here also.
CC CDR, Houston. We're 1 minute from LOS.
Next station contact is through Carnarvon in 24 minutes at
13:57. 13:57. And again, we'll start off on the RIGHT
antenna there.

TIME: 08:22 CDT, 79:13:22 GMT

CC CDR, Houston; AOS Ascension for i0 minutes.

CDR Roger, Crip. BMS entry checks okay,
starting the delta-V test.
CC Reg.
CC CDR, Houston; we're AOS through Carnarvon
for 10-1/2 minutes.
CC CDR, Houston; whenever you're ready we
can press on with the primary TVC check.
CC CDR, Houston. How do you read?
CC CDR, Houston. How do you read?
CC CDR, Houston; understand you are reading
me 5-square, but I'm not reading you. We need BAT A on line
before we can go into the go into the gimbal cheeks. And
would you try one more time on me, please?
CC CDR, Houston; we switch -
CC - - we switched recievers.
CDR - - and we got a good voltage indication.
And so we thought everything was copasetic until we closed or
threw the main bus tie, BAT A/C breaker to ON - the switch
to on and at that time we got a good indication of switch
tie. And then shortly after that BAT A voltage dropped back
to zero again. And the current also dropped to zero, and
that's where we stand right now.
CC Okay, I'm now reading you on VHF, Jer.
CDR Alfa/Charlie.
CDR Roger. Crip says he reads, so I'll get
off S-band and get back on VHF.
CDR Crip, did you read that whole thing?
CC I believe we copied it all here. Stand by
and let me get the word back to you.
CDR Dead, huh?
CDR Crip, I'd suggest we cycle that breaker one
more time.
CC Understand the breaker is OUT now. Is
that correct?
CDR Negative. It stays IN, it's just the
indication that's showing zero. It's the BAT bus A BAT A
CDR That's the kicker, Crip, we're not getting
a breaker pop on us or anything, it's just that the indicator
is dropping off to zero.
CC Okay, did you get a current reading at
all on that?
CDR That's affirmative.
CDR We were getting 5 to 6 amps.
CC Copy, 5 to 6.
CDR Right. This was at the time we threw
the main bus tie.

Time: 09:03 CDT, 79:14:03 GMT

CC CDR, Houston. We'd like to think about

this for a minute. We'd like to take battery D off line by
opening up the main bus tie.
CDR Are you sure you want to do that, Crip.
Part of the procedures here is when you have bus tie problems
like this, is you leave them where they are and don't mess
with them.
CC Yeah. Let me - Let me reconfirm it.
CDR We're not to wild about that idea right
now .

CC Okay. You're - You've got a good point_

Jer. What we'd like to do is take it off by opening up the
breaker on panel 275, bat bus D main D.
CC Correction, bat bus D, bat D.
CDR Roger.
CC Skylab, Houston. We are i minute from
LOS. Next station contact is through Guam in about 4 minutes, at
14:10. 14:10. And we'll try to let you know more about how we
want to procede there, Jer.
CDR Okay, Crip.
CC CDR, Houston. We're AOS through Guam.
We've got you for i0 minutes.
CDR Roger, Crip. Loud and clear. How do
you read me?
CC Read you the same.
CDR Okay.
CC We're still talking down here. We'll
get back with you in just a minute.
CDR Roger.
CC CDR, Houston. While we're considering what
we want to do and what we're probably getting ready to do is to
make take a look at the battery bus itself and check it out.
We'd like to go ahead and get some heaters back on that we'd
previously turned off. And if you'll look on page 3-5 and
that paste-in we've got there, right in the middle of it,
we have you turning on engine package heaters Bravo and Charlie
and quad heaters Bravo and Charlie. We'd like you to go
ahead and do those two steps.
CDR Okay. Engine heaters and quad heaters,
Bravo and Charlie.
CC That's affirm.
CDR Okay. Those heaters are on, Crip.
CC Thank you.
CDR Hey, Crip, we're getting intermittent
caution and warning master alarms here and no indication on
the panel as to what our problem is.
CC Copy.
Time: 09:03 CDT, 79:14:03 GMT

CC We're looking at it, Jer. We don't

see anything right now, either.
CDR Okay.
CC CDR, Houston. What we'd like you to
do on panel 275, we want to go ahead and open up the breaker
BAT BUS A, BAT A and then we want you to go through a
normal trun - -
CDR Negative, negative, negative.
CC - Sorry. Stand by. Stand by.
CDR Okay. We just had a caution and warning.
CC Okay. Stand by. You got the caution
and warning that you can tell what it is, or is it intermittent?
CDR Well, it's still intermittent. We're
not even getting a flash on the enunciator panel.
CC Okay. The previous breaker I read to you
was incorrect. It's on panel 275. Main A, BAT BUS A, we
want to open that. The first ones in the on the row. And
then we want to go through a normal charge sequence on battery
A, and we want you to monitor the current.
PLT Okay, Crip. Main A, BAT BUS A, circuit
CC That's affirm.
PLT How do yon read?
CC Yeah, Bill. That's - I read you loud and
CDR Okay, Go ahead.
PLT Okay, Crip. Main A, BAT BUS circuit
breaker coming open now. And that gave us another master alarm.
CC Copy you've got a master alarm associated
with opening that breaker?
PLT Yes. And we also got a master alarm, now
that we think of it, when we pulled the BAT BUS B, BAT B
circuit breaker.
PLT And, Crip. Right now, I guess, we don't
have BAT relay BUS power, is that right?
CC Stand by i, Bill.
PLT Okay. I don't think that's going to affect
our batt charge and procedure at all.
CDK Another caution and warning, Crip.
CC Skylab, Houston. We would also like to
go ahead and close the BAT BUS D MAIN D circuit breaker on
panel 275.
CDR Okay. BAT BUS D MAIN D going closed.
PLT That's complete.
CDR (Garble) - -

Time: 09:18 CDT 79:14:18 GMT

CC Skylab, Houston. We would also like to

go ahead and CLOSE the BAT BUS B MAIN B circuit breaker on
panel 275.
CDR That's complete.
CDR And, Crip, we're showing a CREW ALERT
light in the command module.
PLT Okay, when I pull the BAT RELAY BUS BAT A
and BAT B breakers there Crip, I got a master alarm. I'm going
to push the BAT RELAY BUS BAT B back IN.
CC Copy.
PLT Okay, Crip, we're charging BAT A. I do
not have any indicator on the amp meter.
CC Copy. Charging and no indicator on the
amp meter. We are 30 seconds from LOS, next station contact
is going to be through Goldstone in 16 minutes at 14:36, 14:36,
and it will be antenna LEFT there.
PLT Okay, Crip, and if you didn't read, we
are getting a very slight current, I was incorrect, it's very
CDR Houston, CDR. Did you copy that?
CC Missed out on the last.
CDR He said he got a very low current, very
small charge current.
CC Copy; low, small charge current.
CDR Right, so that indicates to us that it
really looks like BAT A is pretty high on charge.
CC Rog. Would you check the breaker BAT A
BAT BUS A. And cycle it if it's CLOSED.
PLT Okay, BAT BUS A BAT A circuit breaker is
IN, I'm going to cycle it to OPEN and go back to CLOSE.
PLT Okay, Crip, I'm holding off. Did you want
that cycled or not?
CC That's affirmative.
PLT Okay.

Time: 09:34 CDT 79:14:34 GMT

CC Skylab, Houston, we're back with you

through the States, over Goldstone, got you for about
17 minutes.
CDR Roger, Crip.
CC Can you tell us if cycling that breaker
helped out on when you were charging awhile ago.
CDR Yeah, right now, we're looking at full
voltage on the battery and what's the charge current now,
PLT We're pulling about 1.2 amps now, Crip.
It first started off just above full-scale low.
CC Okay, and was that a result of cycling
the breaker?
CREW (Garble).
CC Skylab, Houston. I missed your last.
Was that a result of cycling the breaker?
PLT Negative. After first cycling the breaker
initially I still had the low charge current, went over and
checked the BAT BUS A, looked at it for a while, went back
to BAT charger again just to check and it had gone up to
about 1 amp. It is now read about 1.2, the voltage on BAT A
is about 39 and one half.
CC Okay, we got that, Bill.
CDR Hey, Crip, do you have a battery temperature
reading down there for BAT A?
CC No, afraid we don't.
CDR Okay.
CC Skylab, Houston. I guess we concluded
from all this that we've either got some kind of a circuit
breaker problem that we don't quite understand or a battery
problem. We're going to peruse the data that we've gotten
and think about it and get back with you later on that.
(Garble) the bus itself, BAT BUS A does look good. So what
we'd like you to go ahead and terminate the battery charge
per your procedures on board, and then we'd like you to
configure panel 275 per the checklist on page E3-5.
CC And we're going to press on, trying to
use battery A, if that doesn't work, then we're going to go
ahead and use battery C.
CDR Okay, you want to do this TVC check with
just one battery, huh?
CC Negative, we - well, if you go back and
configure per 275 I believe we'll have BAT B on also.
CDR Okay.
CC The intent is that we should be entirely
nominal configuration if we get all this done.
Time: 09:34 CDT 79:14:34 GMT

CDR Okay, Crip, just as soon as we threw the

MAIN A bus breaker IN, soon as we CLOSED it, BAT A voltage
dropped off to zero.
CC Okay, CDR, Houston, we're going to go to
what we'd like to do is go ahead and pull battery A off and
put BAT C on. You do that by opening up BAT BUS A BAT A
circuit breaker and CLOSING BAT BUS A BAT C circuit breaker
on panel 275.
CDR Okay. That's complete and looking good.
CC Okay, CDR, we'd also like to - Stand by i.
CC CDR, Houston. We would like to turn
the heaters off on package for Bravo and Charlie and quad
for Bravo and Charlie.
CDR Okay, Crip.
CDR Ready for a primary TVC check, Crip?
CC That's affirm.
CDR Crip, were the (garble) trim values okay?
Extension yaw trim?
CC Checking.
CC Trims look good.
CDR Okay, Crip, we saw the gimbal motors
go on but I'm not getting any indication out of my GPI
CC Okay, copy that.
CDR I'm checking over here to see if there's
any breakers that aren't pushed in that should be.
CC Jet, your SPS indicator is, the GPI is not?
CDR That's affirmative.
CDR My GPI indicators are sitting at zero.
CC Copy.
CC Okay, Jer we copy then that you went
to SCS, that should have been the problem.
CDR (Garble) looking good.
CC Okay, can you switch over to RIGHT
antenna for us.
CC Skylab, Houston, we're about 30 seconds
from LOS, next station contact is going to be Carnarvon in
about 43 minutes at 15:35. Jer, after we go LOS here, we'd
like you to go ahead and turn the gimbal motors off, we'd
also like you to turn the Bravo and Charlie quad and package
heaters back on and we would like you to take the batteries
off the line by opening up the bus ties. The main bus ties.
CC CDR, Houston. Did you copy my last?
CC CDR, Houston. How do you read?

Time: 10:33 CDT 79:15:33 GMT

CC CDR, Houston, we're AOS through Carnarvon

for 7 minutes. How do you read?
CDR Roger, Crip. Loud and clear on A.
CC Read you the same, Jet. We'd like to
clarify how far you got in the TVC checks last time over the
States. We've - not sure whether you got all the way through
the primary or all the way through the secondary or what.
CDR We got all the way through the primary M(?)
TVC and that was good. The secondary M(?) TVC was good. And
we did not do the auto gimbal trim check, which we're prepared
to do now if you'd like to watch it.
CDR Houston, CDR. How do you read?
CC Okay, Jer, we're just checking with you
on your last statement and I guess we're ready for that, if
we can make sure that we got the batteries back on line and
the gimbal motors on.
CDR Okay.
CC Okay, and we'd also like to make sure we
get the heaters off for Bravo and Charlie quad and engine
CDR Okay, we'll do the heaters first and then
the batteries.
CDR BUS A and BAT B is back on BAT BUS B.
CDR (Garble) orders one.
CDR Okay, Crip, you ready to copy the auto
gimbal trim check?
CO Yes, sir, press on.
CDR Allright. I just showed you a primary and
a secondary MTVC. Here we go.
CDR Okay, Crip, it looked real good.
CC Okay, real fine. Jer, can you tell us
whether you got the BMAG 2 drift check out of the room?
CDR Yes sir, I did and I've started i.
CC What about the P52?
CDR Haven't done the P52 yet, it's dark now,
ought to be able to get it done now.
CC Rog. For your information, we're planning
on going ahead and do the cofire check over Guam which is
about i0 minutes away. We can do it either way you want to,
we can give you a new Tig or we can just go ahead and treat
it like a slip Tig.
CDR Why don't you give me a new Tig? It's
less confusing.
CC Okay, want you use 15:51, it's NOUN 33.
CDR Okay, 15:51.
CDR And, the BMAG 2 drift check was done
over 2 hours and do you want to read - do you want the values?
CC Appreciate them.
Time: 10:33 CDT 79:15:33 GMT

CDR Say again.

CC Yes, sir.
CDR Okay, for NOUN 20's, roll 21254,
33200, 35773; on the thumb wheels, 220, 3333 3, 002 7, and the
delta T was 2 hours even.
CC Okay, we got those, thank you.
CDR Okay.
PLT Crip, I have another little anomoly
I think has occured, I'd like to explain to you.
CC Go ahead.
PLT Okay, when we're coming up there to
reconfigure the 275 panel I closed the BAT - BUS A BAT C
breaker, that's the 80-M(?) breaker on 275. Now the BAT BUS
tie switch, see, they were already closed, so I should have
gotten a good BAT BUS
PLT - - closing the BAT - the MAIN B, the
MAIN A BAT C breaker in order to get main - the bu
the battery C tied to MAIN A, if I have not sounded too
confusing there. The - I still have no current showing on
CC Bill, you were dropping out there, we're
about 30 seconds from LOS and we're going to see you at Guam
in 8 minutes from now, and you can run through that anomaly
with us there, that's at about 15:48, 15:48.
PLT Roger.

TIME: 10:47 CDT, 79:15:47 GMT

CC CDR, Houston; we are AOS through Guam

for 6 minutes.
CDR Roger, Crip.
CC Okay, we'll be standing by for the eofire
check. And when Bill gets a chance he might run through that
anomaly that he was reporting earlier.
PLT Okay, Crip, how do you read?
CC Okay, we're reading you loud and clear
now, Bill.
PLT Okay, I don't think there's a problem
there. I think I was looking at the wrong selection on
the meter and interpreted it incorrectly. I think we're
all right.
CC Okay, fine. We need to get BAT Charlie
CDR Okay, Crip, we got the gimbal motors off
right now.
CC Okay, we do not need the gimbal motors
to do the check.
CC Okay, we see the cofire command and it
looks good.
CDR Roger, looking good here.
CDR Okay, Crip, N-2A is 2000, N-2B is 2300.
CC Okay, that sounds good.
CC CDR, Houston. As soon as you get down and
can give us a POO and ACCEPT we can try to restore EMP-51
at this site.
CDR Okay, I just called POO.
CC And if Bill is still sitting over there,
can he tell us whether the up telemetry switch is in normal
now, or is it still on command reset.
PLT It's in normal.
CC Okay, that awhile ago when we had the
crew alert it is possible that that switch view where we were
at might have been in command reset. And we were doing an
antenna switch here and might have produced that crew alert.
PLT I don't think that's so. I did go to
command reset, but I'm very careful now to always keep my
finger on it until I return it to normal.
CC Okay, that right now was the only thing
that we saw that might have caused it. One other question.
Can you tell us if those intermittent caution and warnings
that we were seeing back over the states, if they quit when
we put battery B back on BAT bus B?
CDR I can't really say, Crip. I try to think
maybe so, but I wasn't paying that much attention to the
TIME: 10:47 CDT, 79:15:47 GMT

relative, you know, the relative relation between the two.

CC Okay, it - it was possible that those
may have been produced by BAT relay bus being unpowered.
CDR Okay, that's probably likely.
CC Okay, also, your stars 22 and 26 are still
available for the P52, but you can do this night period if
you like.
CDR Okay.
CC Okay, CDR, the computer belongs to you
again. We're about 30 seconds from LOS. Next station contact
is going to be over Goldstone in 17 minutes at 16:12. And
you can go ahead and whenever you get to the point where you'll
be powering down the comuter - computer we'll be taking the
B-mag i drift check at that point. And you can go ahead and
secure and go back with working with Richard when you get to
CDR Okay.
CC And you might check quad heaters on.
CDR RiGht , we're turning them on now.
PAO This is Skylab Control; Guam has loss of
signal. Next station is Goldstone in 15-1/2 minutes. We'll
play back now the VHF air-ground communications from the
Carnarvon station.

Time: 12:38 CDT 79:17:38 GMT

PAO This is Skylab Control at 17 hours

38 minutes Greenwich mean time. Skylab is about 10-1/2 minutes
away from Goldstone. We now have the tape of the VHF com-
munications from the last pass over the United States. We'll
play that at this time.
CC CDR, Houston. You still got the VHF
powered up, Jer?
CDR Yes sir. Go ahead.
CC Okay, we just wanted to find out if you
were still there and see if we could get the P52 B MAG i
and the results of the THC thruster checks.
CDR Okay, (garble) check; NOUN 20, 212.59, 334.50
357.09; thumb wheels, 212.3 333.5 356.6. Delta T was 3500.
Okay the P52 was stars 22 and 26, NOUN 05 all zips. NOUN 93,
plus 00181, minus 00338, minus 00220. (garble) time was 16:04:40:00
CC Got all that.
CDR Okay, and the TAC power check worked
out fine.
CC Okay, real fine. Jet, we're pretty much
convinced that the problem is that circuit breaker down
on panel 275 with that BUS A BAT A and one thing that may
have a film or something that has developed over it and you
might cycle it about oh, around 20 times to see if that helps
CC Then of course, after you cycle it, try
to put BAT A back on, if it's producing any juice.
CDR Houston, CDR, you're dropping out.
CC Okay, how do you read me now, Jer?
CDR Okay, read you good now. I'm on LEFT
ANTENNA, how's that?
CC Okay, coming down good now. What I was
saying was that the problem we were experiencing with battery A
while ago we have concluded that it has to be associated
with BAT BUS A BAT A circuit breaker, maybe it has - perhaps
a film has developed over the circuit breaker itself and
cycling it a number of times, like about 20 times may help
out, so you might try that and then try putting it back on
see if it's getting any juice out.
CDR Okay, let's give it a try. I was afraid
maybe we had an internal short in the battery.
CC No. None of the data we've seen down
here supports that.
CDR Okay, BAT BUS A MAIN A - Correction BAT
BUS A, BAT A circuit breaker right?
CC That's affirm.
CDR Okay, I'Ii cycle it 20 times.
CDR Okay, it's cycled 20 times and I've got
it IN now.
Time: 12:38 CDT 79:17:38 GMT

CC Copy.
CDR Okay, I've got good voltage. I've got
BAT BUS A voltage of 26.
CC No, that's you're seeing that from the
mains right now, Jer.
CDR Yeah, that's right.
CC Okay, the last item that we can come up
with is that you might push on - push on it rather smartly.
We'll kep an eye on it.
CDR Okay, that does it. Pushing on it very
hard does it.
CC Okay.
CC It's apparently intermittent when you
release the pressure.
CDR I've got 36.8 or so.
CC Okay, and does that stay there when you
take your thumb off?
CDR Negative.
CC Okay. Tell you what; that's enough
fooling around with it today. Why don't you go ahead and
secure so you can get back and do your 92/171.
CDR I'd rather stay here.
CC I was afraid you were going to say that.
CDR Okay, slave driver.
CC Time to go back to work. All the fun's
over. We'll think about that BAT A and see if we can come
up with anything smart.
CDR Okay.
PAO This is Skylab Control. That's the end
of the tape of the VHF communications over the United States
during the last revolution. Skylab's 4 minutes away from
beginning another pass over the United States, starting at
Goldstone - well, the Skylab won't actually pass over the
United States during this acquisition, it'll be over the
Pacific Ocean paralelling the west coast, be in acquisition
through Goldstone and Texas. About 3-1/2 minutes to acqui-
sitions, we'll stand by for that pass.