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A VDI Solution with Intel Optane Persistent Memory Supported Twice the Users

as a DRAM-Based Solution

For a similar price point, a four-node cluster of Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 servers with Intel
Optane persistent memory outperformed the same cluster with DRAM only.

Durham, NC, January 22, 2021 --(PR.com)-- With more businesses around the world having transitioned
to working from home, robust virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is key to the core goals of many IT
teams. Principled Technologies (PT) used the VDI benchmark Login VSI to test a four-node VMware
vSAN cluster of Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 servers in two memory configurations:
- 1.5 TB of Intel Optane persistent memory and 384 GB of DRAM per node
- 768 GB of DRAM per node only

The configuration with Intel Optane persistent memory was able to support twice the number of VDI
users as the DRAM-only configuration at 708 users compared to just 352. Despite the sharp performance
difference, the two configurations carried a similar cost, meaning that the Intel Optane persistent
memory-based configuration was 51 percent more cost effective than the DRAM-only one.

Additionally, the cluster with Intel Optane persistent memory had a comparable desktop response time as
the DRAM-only solution at both 352 users (the max supported by the DRAM-only cluster) and at 708

To learn more about how an Intel Optane persistent memory-based VDI cluster could help businesses
support more virtual workers and save on per-user costs, read the executive summary at
http://facts.pt/930Hd6R, read the full report at http://facts.pt/ADMMVck, and see the infographic at

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