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Make a maze in Blender and Unity 3d

software used
Gary williams's maze maker

save as a dxf with

blender 249b

unity 2.61 free

Make a maze in the mazemaker, import the bmp in wintopo, hit '1-touch vectorization',
export .dxf Import the dxf with migius'
importer into Blender 249. There will be extra verts at the corners, scale the mesh down until there's a 1.0 gap or less between the extra corner
vertices and the corner vertices. In edit mode/vertexes, you can get a
'edge length' in the f9 buttons menu under 'mesh tools 1 or mesh tools more'.
Select all vertices and
'rem doubles' with a tolerance of 1. You might have to scale down again
and do rem doubles again.

Now you just have the minimum verts. select all edges and extrude EKEY
ZKEY to make walls. select all faces and run mesh/scripts/solidify selection Campbell Barton's script,
I think I used a thickness of .5. There will be some glitches to clean up by hand, edges that criss cross, select the edge and go GKEY move
and then SHIFT-Z move in x and y only to straighten them out.

If there are too many verts, select verts you want to work on in wireframe mode, hit CTRL-I select inverse and
HKEY Hide, then ALT-H to unhide all.

This took about 90 minutes, too long!

Some are easier just to delete

the faces and rebuild.

Then get a side view wireframe mode vertexes

draw a bkey box around the bottom verts, change to face mode and
delete the bottom faces since they won't be seen. I'm keeping the top ones for leaping over!

Now in object mode spacebar add plane, add a floor and ceiling. Select all and export to FBX.

Next track down the 'turntable' tutorial by Matt Beckman. It has the minimum files but doesn't have the 1st
Person Controller from the FPS tutorial.

Make a copy
of his turntable download where you make unity projects. Copy the maze_new7.fbx into the /yourasset directory and the textures into
the /yourasset/textures directory.

Note on my windows vista when I run unity it says'unity has stopped working
errors close the program' DON"T close it, it will load eventually.
BTW '.unity'
is a SCENE not a PROJECT, so you want to open SCENE. I don't know if
the .unity comes with turntable, I just renamed my 'dino.unity'
maze.unity in the copy. Run Unity 2.61, open scene, 'maze.scene' in
Assets. drag the maze_new7 in the Project tab into the #scene viewport,
it should appear textured. Next drag the First person controller from
Project Tab into the scene.

There's a hand tool in the upper right corner used to move around
the viewport, alt mouse drag pans, the view middle mouse wheel zooms.

Next to that is a 4-arrow Move tool click on that to move items.

In the hierarchy tab, click on maze_new7, it gets highlighted.

go File/save scene You can get rid of some of the tabs by clicking
close tab in their upper right corners, just hit 'layout 2x3' in upper
right corner of screen to get them back. Go game object create other
point light to make some lights.

select the maze_new7 from the project tab, NOT the hierarchy tab, and
check 'generate colliders' or you'll fall through the floor.

Another way, this is supposed to be better, is to select the maze_new7 in project go to fbx import area and change scale
to .5, then go assets/reimport/apply.

In spite of my best efforts

the 1st person controller is weird even after I dragged the camera onto it making the camera a child, and deleting the egg (graphics).

It's going right through the walls. BTW if you have a space navigator,

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unplug it, it will trash Unity.

If you can't see go edit/render /settings/ambient light in the inspector.

Copyright 2010 by Terry Morgan

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