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Make It Clear Studio Launches MakeItClear.

TV, a Free Faith Based Streaming


The site includes productions by Make It Clear Studio.

Orlando, FL, January 23, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Make It Clear Studio is dedicated to producing Christian
based films that are high quality with a message that is evangelistic and consistent with God's Word.

Three big film projects are: The Bible Says, short films on topics like, cheating, lying, bullying, vaping,
and sex-trafficking designed with a leader and student guide for each topic to help students understand
what the Bible says about those topics and others; next, Issues and Answers for Today, filmed as
25-minute TV episodes with a host, Bible teacher, and often guests using Scripture to answer issues taken
from the headlines today; finally, My Name Is Melissa, a full length motion picture in pre-production that
is an intense drama to show movie-goers the Biblical basis for being pro-life.

As Make It Clear Studio completes production of it's films, some of them will be made available for free
on www.MakeItClear.TV

Make It Clear TV is a free service supported by the donations of it’s viewers.

You can find more information about Make It Clear Studio at www.MakeItClearStudio.com and more
about Make It Clear Ministries at www.MakeItClear.org

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