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Marketing Management

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Sekolah Pascasarjana

OT History

From Traditional Remedy Products to Everyday Needs Products

Adventure in Indonesia began in 1948 when the public acceptance of traditional health drink
increasingly widespread.
In line with the development of business and community needs, OT also build a variety of
production facilities as well as new business units, starting with toothpaste and toothbrush with
FORMULA brand.
In 1985 formed a holding company by the name of the ADA, which stands for Attention,
Direction and Action. Under the ADA flag, business development and product diversification
continues. Continuously increasing production capacity and increasing the products require a solid
sales team. To handle and control the distribution channels in order to spread these OT products,
management has appointed PT ArtaBogaCemerlang as sole distributor in Indonesia.
In 1995 the ADA again renamed ORANG TUA. The brand of ORANG TUA that laden
historical values were already rooted in Indonesian society, thereby becoming one of the advantages
in positioning themselves in the community. On the other hand, said the ORANG TUA were also
identical to the traditional health drink that has been embedded in consumers mind. Therefore, the
revitalization of the name and logo should be considered in line with business development strategy
which entered the consumer goods business.
In 2004 logo ORANG TUA modified to reflect as the company whichproduce top choice
products for dynamic, energetic, youthful customers, and became the pride of its employees.
Business is growing with the addition of business units and new products. The business has
now entered the various categories of industries, such as Personal Care, Confectionery, Health
Drink, Wafer & Biscuit, Dairy Products, Jelly Product, RTD Tea, and Snack & Nut. The company
originally engaged in the production of traditional health drink has now developed into a
manufacturer of daily necessities.



The Premier Company delivering first choice brands and innovative solutions to consumers
in Asia Pacific.

We exist to brighten and delight the lives our CESS (Consumers, Employees, Shareholders,
and Society) by creating and meeting consumer's needs.

Kiranti is a safe and efficacious natural health drink for women.Each Kiranti product has
through efficacy testing and clinical trials in medical institutions or reputable universities in
Indonesia.Kiranti also has obtained a certificate of standardized herbal medicine from POM
(Pengawas Obat dan Makanan), food and drug administration institution, of Indonesia.Kiranti
available in 3 variants (Sehat Datang Bulan, Pegal Linu, and Sehat Datang Bulan plus Juice) with
packaging bottle (150 ml).Kiranti has become very well-known woman health drink about its savor
and taste. This is reflected by the many compliments that have been submitted by the consumer.

Dual role of today’s women as workers and co-partner, make women more active,
independent, and dynamic. With the higher activity, the women risk of exposure to external factors
beyond its control which will affect the physical health and emotional balance is increase. That's Life-
toxins. Life-toxins can make a woman was not optimal in carrying out its role.
Life-toxins naturally present every day and cannot be avoided. For instance are free radicals.
Free radicals are everywhere, ranging from cigarette smoke pollution, vehicle pollution, UV radiation,
unhealthy foods, vegetables, and fruits that contaminated with pesticides, until the fragrance
The things that touch the emotional level are also life-toxins. Life-toxins on an emotional
level can lead to mental stress can also trigger stress if it cannot be managed properly. Examples
include the cause of traffic jams, work piling up, tight deadlines, relationship problems and family
One way to overcome this problem is to consume antioxidants that neutralize free radicals to
reduce the risk that impact to health. Antioxidants are urgently needed by women considering lifestyle
and unhealthy diet, solid routines, and often stressful.
A good antioxidant product made from natural ingredients and contains high antioxidant
and has other benefits.
Business and health beverage industry is currently being developed in Indonesia, especially
beverages that contain antioxidants; it is driven by public demand for a refreshing drink and has
health benefits,especially for urban communities that often have direct contact with the stress and
pollution. So Orang Tua group saw this opportunity by launching products, named Balancea, that
contain antioxidants designated for urban women.


1. Nu green tea

Nu Green Tea green tea drink is claimed to be most in demand by the people of
Indonesia. By carrying out the motto of green tea beverages that are rich in polyphenols as
ANTIOXIDANT, Nu Green Tea as one of the alternative green tea drinks for the green tea
lovers in Indonesia. Price: Rp. 3,500, -.
There is an interesting marketing strategy taken by Nu Green Tea, which shows
commercials ads by using the Japanese and with Japanese songs, as if this Nu Green Tea is
derived from the Japanese state.

2. Original love juice

Marketing Mix


If Kiranti has sour taste turmeric, now Kiranti launched a new variant named Balancea.
Balancea is a natural antioxidant drink derived from 3 natural ingredient called exotic herbs, the
Rosella, Pomegranate, and Barbados Cherry with a more refreshing taste. This combination of
natural ingredients gives maximum benefit, because Rosella, Pomegranate, and Barbados Cherry
contain antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin B. That's why life-toxins must be confronted with
natural things, such as positive thinking and consumption of natural materials such as Balancea.
Fight Life Toxin Naturally! On May 7, 2010, Kiranti Balancea launch their new products.


Balancea intended for the public, especially middle upper-class women aged 20 years to 39
years. As a new product the price of Balancea is Rp5.000 per bottle.


1. Balancea give away 100 FREE Show Tickets for the first 50 fightlifetoxins.com members
Due to its main target is women, then Balancea try to invite the women who are very
concern to the issues of fashion to follow the event "Jakarta fashion week" to conduct a
campaign to distribute free tickets to that event but with the condition: should become a member
on the website and of course has been use Balancea.

2. Balancea do the promotions in an office in Jakarta

By using the tagline: Ladies Fight Life Toxin Naturally "Punch The Bag Hits Your
toxins," Balancea invite the female employees to fight against toxins inside the body. So
Balancea gives free samples of beverages and also opened a booth in offices and there are
games to make it more attractive.
3. Social Networking
4. Via twitter and facebook


Consumers can find Balancea in minimarket and supermarkets, such as Circle-K, Indomart,
Alfamart, Superindo, Yogya department store, Borma department store etc.
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