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Build for Change®

University of Pega
PegaRULES Process Commander® (PRPC) v5.5
System Administration

System Administrators or Operations support staff members are responsible for maintaining the health of systems
installed in their enterprise. Pegasystems Build for Change® technology provides a new kind of software that enables the
business to rapidly design, implement, and deploy applications. Our system administration and performance analysis tools
help proactively manage and tune PRPC applications. These tools are simple to use and make system deployment,
maintenance, and monitoring of a PRPC implementation very straightforward. Automatically exporting and importing
RuleSets, managing rules on a system, and creating a custom security model for an enterprise are also incorporated.
This 5-day hands-on course teaches students how to use out-of-the-box (OOTB) PRPC tools to deploy, monitor, and
maintain a PRPC implementation. Students learn about the architecture of PRPC, how to install PRPC, configure the
environment, and deploy PRPC applications. Once a PRPC solution is deployed, students also learn how to use the
System Management tools to monitor all Process Commander nodes and respond to problems highlighted by key system
health indicators across the enterprise. This course also focuses on the use of performance tools to tune the environment
in which your system runs.

Course Objectives
By the end of this course, students know how to:
ƒ Identify the components ƒ Migrate rules from one ƒ Customize the PRPC ƒ Use logging and
that comprise the environment to another security model to suit your performance tools to
architecture of PRPC and following best practices needs analyze the performance
be able to install the ƒ Authenticate using ƒ Identify how PRPC uses a of your solutions
product as an EJB into an LDAP and implement database and be able to ƒ Use OOTB tools to tune
application server Single- Sign-On (SSO) optimize the use of the the environment in which
database PRPC solutions run using
a holistic approach

Target Audience
System Administrators and Operations support staff who will be deploying and maintaining PRPC implementations

ƒ Experience installing and managing an Application / Web server
ƒ Familiarity with relational database management systems
ƒ Knowledge of your businesses processes

Course Length: 5 days

Course Topics
ƒ PRPC Architecture ƒ Authorization
ƒ PRPC Installation ƒ PRPC Database Persistence
ƒ Configuring the Environment ƒ Database Performance
ƒ Overview of Classes and Rule Resolution ƒ Reporting
ƒ Exporting and Importing Rules ƒ Logging
ƒ Application Deployment ƒ PegaRULES Log Analyzer (PLA)
ƒ Rule Management ƒ Autonomic Event Services (AES)
ƒ Understanding Requestors and the Clipboard ƒ PRPC in the Enterprise
ƒ System Management Tools ƒ Performance Tools
ƒ Agents and Listeners ƒ Performance Analysis and Tuning
ƒ Authentication

University of Pega
The University of Pega provides hands-on training delivered onsite or virtually by expert instructors who are certified in
Pegasystems technology, application design and development best practices. Each course combines lecture with
supporting hands-on lab exercises for maximum understanding and retention. Our courses can be customized for your
environment and adapted to meet your needs. Call now for details on how to get the PRPC knowledge necessary to meet
project requirements (617.866.6500 or +44 (0) 1189211488).

About Pegasystems Inc.

Pegasystems Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGA) provides software to automate complex, changing business processes.
Pegasystems, through its unified process and rules technology, gives business people and IT departments the ability to
use best processes across the enterprise and outperform their competition. Our new class of Business Process
Management (BPM) technology makes customers' enterprise systems easy to use and easy to change. By replacing
policy manuals, system specifications and lines of manual coding with dynamically responsive updates, Pegasystems
powers the world's most sophisticated organizations to Build for Change®. Pegasystems award-winning, standards-based
BPM suite is complemented with best-practice solution frameworks to help leaders in the financial services, insurance,
healthcare, and government markets drive growth and productivity. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, Pegasystems has
regional offices in North America, Europe, India, and the Pacific Rim.
For more information about the University of Pega, call us at either 617.866.6500 or +44 (0) 1189211488, visit us on the
Web at www.pega.com or e-mail us at education@pega.com.

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