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RICi-E1, RICi-T1
Fast Ethernet over E1/T1 Intelligent Converters

• VLAN stacking transports user traffic

transparently, keeping the user LAN
settings intact. In addition, the
management traffic may be tagged
with a different VLAN, fully
separating user traffic from
management data.
• The DHCP client automatically
obtains IP address, IP mask and
default gateway, minimizing
installation time.
• The units feature fault propagation.
When a TDM link failure is detected
RICi-E1 and RICi-T1 shut down the
user port.
• RADview-Lite, RAD’s SNMP-based
element management software
FEATURES DESCRIPTION provides SNMP traps, status
polling, and configuration
• Connect Fast Ethernet LANs • RICi-E1 and RICi-T1 are intelligent download. Remote element
over E1 or T1 circuits converters connecting Fast Ethernet management is available in
LANs over E1 or T1 circuits. They RADview-Lite through ConfiguRAD
• Inband and out-of-band enable service providers and ISPs Web-based application, or by
management access via: to supply transparent Ethernet Telnet.
ASCII terminal services, without interfering with
user traffic. • The devices are managed inband
Web browser from the Fast Ethernet user port or via
Telnet • RICi-E1 and RICi-T1 have one the TDM port. Management traffic
E1/T1 port and one 10/100BaseTx and user Ethernet traffic are
SNMP port. Packets are forwarded from transported together on the same
RADview-Lite the Ethernet network to the TDM Ethernet flow, separated by different
network at wire speed, fully VLANs, thus ensuring traffic security.
• Wire-speed packet utilizing the expensive TDM
forwarding circuit bandwidth. DIAGNOSTICS
• Remote and local loopbacks are
• 4-levels of QoS, based on • The 802.1p priority scheme used for problem isolation at the
four VLAN priority queues enables users to define four
physical layer.
as per 802.1p different QoS levels, according to
the application requirements. • A built-in ping utility checks IP
• Plug-and-play using DHCP connectivity by pinging remote IP
client • The Fast Ethernet bridge handles hosts.
1562-byte frames, supporting
• Fault propagation of E1 or VLAN applications, and other • A trace-route application quickly
T1 error conditions to protocols requiring large frame sizes. traces a route from RICi-E1 or
Ethernet port In filter mode, the bridge learns RICi-T1 to any other network
MAC addresses and filters local device.
traffic, and in transparent mode it
forwards any received packet.
RICi-E1, RICi-T1
Fast Ethernet over E1/T1 Intelligent Converters
SPECIFICATIONS • Line Impedance • Physical
100Ω, balanced Height: 43.7 mm / 1.7 in
E1 INTERFACE • System Clock Width: 240 mm / 9.4 in
• Number of Ports Internal or loopback timing Depth: 170 mm / 6.7 in
One Weight: 0.5 kg / 1.1 lb
• Diagnostics
• Compliance Remote and local loopback
• Connector
• Data Rate RJ-45 RICi-E1/*/&
2.048 Mbps Fast Ethernet over E1 intelligent converter
• Line Code • Type RICi-T1/*
HDLC-like framing (native HDLC Fast Ethernet over T1 intelligent converter
• Framing compatible with RAD products) * Specify power supply type:
• Max Frame Size • Type 48 for -48 VDC
1800 bytes
10/100 Mbps autonegotiation, & Specify interface type:
• Line Impedance full/half duplex, flow control U for unbalanced interface
120Ω, balanced • Compliance Note: E1 unbalanced option is supported via an
• System Clock Conforms to the relevant sections adapter cable (CBL-RJ45/2BNC/E1, see Supplied
Internal or loopback timing of IEEE 802.3 and 802.3u Accessories).

• Diagnostics • Connector SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES

Remote and local loopback RJ-45 • AC/DC power cord or adapter plug
• Connector GENERAL • CBL-RJ45/2BNC/E1 Interface
RJ-45 • Indicators adapter for converting a balanced E1
T1 INTERFACE PWR (green) – Power status RJ-45 connector to a pair of BNC
• Number of Ports TST (yellow) – Test status unbalanced coaxial connectors –
One ALM (red) – Alarm status supplied when ordering E1
LOS (red) – Loss of signal
• Compliance unbalanced option (E1U)
ETH LINK (green) – Ethernet link
• Data Rate • Power • CBL-DB9F-DB9M-STR
1.544 Mbps AC: 100 to 240 VAC (±10%), Control Port Cable
• Line Code 50 to 60 Hz • RM-33
B8ZS, AMI DC: -48 VDC (±10%)
Hardware kit for mounting one
• Framing • Power Consumption unit in a 19” rack
Framed/Unframed 5W
• Max Frame Size • Environment
1800 bytes Temperature: 0–50°C/32–122°F data communications
Humidity: Up to 90%
International Headquarters
APPLICATION 24 Raoul Wallenberg Street
Tel Aviv 69719, Israel
Tel: (972) 3-6458181
Fax: (972) 3-6498250, 6474436
Email: market@rad.com
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900 Corporate Drive
Mahwah, NJ 07430
Tel: (201) 529-1100
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Email: market@radusa.com

Figure 1. Providing Transparent LAN Services over Leased Lines
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