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Impor ters & Expor ters of Japanese & Korean Car Par ts

О к о м п а н и и A B O U T U S
Аль Шамали Auto Parts LLC завершает тридцатилетие успешной работы в отрасли Al Shamali Auto Parts LLC has completed thirty years of successful operations in the
автомобильных запчастей в ОАЭ. С момента своего основания, как одна из поставщиков automobile parts industry in UAE. From its humble beginning as a single automobile
автомобильных запасных частей, в течении этого времени она приобрела сеть более чем из spare parts showroom, over the time it has grown into acquiring a network of more
тридцати надежных поставщиков в Японии и увеличила свое присутствие на рынке Дубаи. than thirty reliable suppliers from Japan and has increased its presence in Dubai market.
Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd for ‘AISIN’ Clutches and water pumps, Nippon Piston Ring Co. Ltd. for ‘NPR’ Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd for ‘AISIN’ Clutches and water pumps, Nippon Piston Ring Co. Ltd. for
Piston Ring, Sankei Industry Co. Ltd. for ‘555’ Suspension Parts, Teikoku Piston Ring Co. Ltd. for ‘NPR’ Piston Ring, Sankei Industry Co. Ltd. for ‘555’ Suspension Parts, Teikoku Piston Ring
‘TPR’ Piston Ring, Nissan Pump Mfg. Co. Ltd. for ‘NPW’ Water Pumps.Водяные насосы являются Co. Ltd. for ‘TPR’ Piston Ring, Nissan Pump Mfg. Co. Ltd. for ‘NPW’ Water Pumps are our
основными ,а остальные находятся в 10 лучших торговых домах экспорта из Японии, такие major Japanese Supporters and the remaining are the top 10 export houses from Japan
как Toyo Trading Co. Ltd.’ Taiyo Corporation, SPK Corporation, K&M International, Elin Company such as Toyo Trading Co. Ltd.’ Taiyo Corporation, SPK Corporation, K&M International,
Ltd., Ushio Industries Ltd., OCT Corporation, Reco Export Agencies, Yeasu Trading Co. Ltd., Morita Elin Company Ltd., Ushio Industries Ltd., OCT Corporation, Reco Export Agencies, Yeasu
& Co. Ltd. Trading Co. Ltd. & Morita & Co. Ltd.

Дополнение к этому “TEIKIN” запчасти для двигателя из Индонезии является нашим In addition to that ‘TEIKIN’ Engine components from Indonesia is our main partner in
основным партнером в автомобильной линии. Automotive Line.

Изучив любую группу группы один раз, клиент никогда не испытывает необходимости искать Having dealt with any of the group’s showroom once, no client ever feels the necessity to
что-то более. Мы имеем большую базу данных клиентов со всего мира с упором на Ближнем look around for more; having a large database of clients from across the world focusing
Востоке, Африке, странах СНГ и азиатских рынках. Аль Шамали хорошо известно на рынке и in the Middle East, Africa, CIS countries and Asian markets. Al Shamali is well known in the
славится своей надежностью. Доступность и широкий выбор запчастей для бензиновых и market and reputed for its reliability. The ready availability of a wide selection of petrol
дизельных двигателей для японских и корейских автомобилей, является одним из главных and diesel engine parts for Japanese and Korean vehicle is one of the main advantages of
преимуществ работы с нашей группой. dealing with our group.

Клиенты Аль Шамали Auto Parts группы только от нас зависит для своих автомобильных Al Shamali Auto Parts Group’s customers solely depend on us for their automotive parts
деталей нужно, потому что наши услуги, предоставляемые на них. Имея более чем 150 need because of our service provided to them. Having more than 150 experienced and
опытных и обученных сотрудников, которые могут понять ожидания клиентов и обслуживать trained staff who can understand the customers expectation and serve them according
их в соответствии со своими потребностями. Аль Шамали является самой популярной to their needs. Al Shamali Auto Parts Group is the most popular in the region in terms of
в регионе с точки зрения обеспечения надежного сервиса с уникальным отношением к providing reliable service with unique commitment to quality and timely delivery system.
качеству и своевременной системы доставки. Клиенты, которые работают по этому профилю Customers who enter U.A.E to source their automotive parts might have visited any one
с ОАЭ , наверняка посещали один из наших салонов, по крайней мере один раз и возможно of our showrooms at least once and might have dealt with us
имели дело с нами.

AL SHAMALI | auto parts group AL SHAMALI | auto parts group



The brand 555 belongs to Sankei Industry Co.Ltd., which is one of the largest Japanese
steering and suspension manufactures. All the products are manufactured under strict
control and meet high requirements of the Certification System ISO 9001. Tie rod ends, ball
joints, control arms, idler arms are regularly supplied to assembly lines of such Japanese
automakers as Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Honda and in UAE we are the authorized dealers of
555 suspension parts.

The Choice for original quality with over 30 years of experience as a global manufacturer
One Team Best Future, Aisin is a Japanese company with over thirty years of experience
of engine components serving both Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and the After
in automotive parts manufacturing. Aisin Group offers a wide lineup of products covering
Market, TEIKIN is now available in more than 35 countries spread across 5 continents
almost every automobile-related field, including drive train, body, brake & chassis, engine and
and is manufactured in Indonesia. TEIKIN has always been committed to deliver only the
information related products. The Group’s strength lies in its unparalleled, comprehensive
highest quality products accompanied by outstanding service dedication to our customers
technological capabilities, which combine its broad product lineup with development and
worldwide. TEIKIN high precision engine components are manufactured using state-
production capabilities. The Aisin Group works to transcend the boundaries of product
of-the-art proprietary technology and synergized by the application of finest material
fields with a fresh perspective toward building high value-added products that customers
experts available. Supported with widespread distribution of strong marketing networks,
enjoy for their safety, performance, design and comfort. Their main philosophy is “Quality
TEIKIN’s extensive product range caters to the rigorous demands of the various Japanese,
First”. And in UAE we are one of the authorized dealers of AISIN.
Korean, American and European engine applications. We continuously improve ourselves to
deliver the most desirable balance of quality, value, availability and service to the market.
Teikin is our exclusive product and we are proud to possess this premium brand.

AL SHAMALI | auto parts group AL SHAMALI | auto parts group

FIC is the most popular Japanese brand in hydraulic brake
parts which is accepted by customers all over the world.
It is our pride that we are the sole distributor for FIC in
the UAE.

As a producer of high precision products
from Japan, “ROCKY” is one of the leading
brands in engine valves & valve guide in the
world. Known for its durability and high quality
material, Rocky provides users with long
wearing engine valves & valve guides to seal
combustion chambers properly, keeping your
car performance up to the optimum level.

The most durable C.V. Joint manufactured in Japan with wide range of applications. We proudly
say that we are the sole distributor of URW in this region.

Nippon Piston Rings is the most TP Rings is one of the major
powerful name in the world market manufacturers of piston rings
for automotive parts among the and liners in Japan and we are
Japanese manufacturers and it is one among the suppliers of TP
our pride to be a distributor in this products which has a very high
region. demand in global market because
of its precise quality.

Piston Ring uses the latest Kyosan is the most powerful name
machining equipment with in aftermarket manufacturer of
specialized lines for each fuel pumps for Japanese cars who
product group in achieving high are the suppliers of O.E.M also.
quality, short production time & Helps the automotive industry
environment-friendly OE product to drive the vehicle smoothly by
in Japan. RIK is the popular name in pumping the gasoline and make the
the spare parts world especially in vehicle to roll on the road.
the Middle East.

GMB is the one of the world’s largest designers and producers of automotive
products and we are proud to be its distributor in this region.
Autobahn batteries are from Indonesia and made with German Technology, which comes
both in Dry and Maintenance free versions with wide range of applications. We are in the
process of making an accomplished distributor of Autobahn batteries both in local and
overseas market with new line of products to meet the optimum level of demand by our
NPW is a well known product of automotive cooling system
manufactured in Japan. we are handling this solid brand from
more than 20 years.

AL SHAMALI | auto parts group AL SHAMALI | auto parts group

The name stands for high quality and durable Ignition coils.

DREIK is the popular name for Oil Pressure switches with a complete range & high quality of products.

TOYO It maintains quality standard to gain the confidence and secure complete satisfaction of the customers by
A high quality Universal Joint entire fulfillment of technical study and by improvement & development of fresh products.
made in Japan supported
by intense research and SANWA
development, continuously given It offers a wide range of Brake adjusters and Hub bolts of High Quality satisfying the needs of the
MUSASHI is the largest selling Japanese
state-of-the-art technology customers and giving the best service in the best way possible.
made oil seals in the world with wide
and dynamic advances to satisfy
range of applications.
& meet the need of every client.
It now stands as the leading manufacturer of automotive parts, which meets the most stringent quality

MRK from Japan manufactures King Pin Kit, Valve Guides, Clutch bearings, etc which has very well established
HKT a high confidence in the customers because of its competitive rates and cost effective catering a wide
In conjunction with our OEM business, HKT always offers precise quality range of vehicles that is reliable and made to perform.
to their customers at global aftermarket business.

RBI is a Professional Automotive Rubber Parts Manufacturer from Thailand and Exporter with 27 years
of Industrial expertise. Their commitment is to provide worldwide customers with a wide range of reliable
SUN/UNISOL quality products at most competitive price. We ASAP are the first company in this region to import these
The best selling Japanese belts across products.
NEW ERA the world as the quality takes them to
New Era is perfect choice when it comes the highest level and the customers AUTO RIKEN
to automotive electrical components. acknowledge the brand. It offers supreme quality of Piston, Liners and Gaskets for automobile that provide satisfaction in term of
products and acceptable prices because of an accurate quality control process.


The most popular name among the The carburettor Parts from Japan HASAKI produces high quality timing components from TAIWAN.
carburettor parts and we proudly announce having popularity worldwide because
that we are one of the leading importers in of continuous technological study for
our region. further improvement of the products
Automotive Parts further increased the range of products under the guiding theme “Meeting the
and giving the best service to their
Customer’s Demand” and with a goal to play a role in the strong support of the customer; Asian products
are from China and of great demand in UAE market. Asian Brake boosters, Carburettors, Shock Absorbers,
Oil pumps, CV Joints are less expensive and will give impressive results.
TAMA is the first choice when it comes to temperature control system in a vehicle which is manufactured
by leading automotive company in Japan.
Brake pads and brake shoes are manufactured to international standards that bring excellent stopping
SEIWA is the terrific brand among the Japanese plug cord set producers and is known product by the end
user as well.
The product offers a wide range of filters at a High Quality satisfying the needs of the customers and
giving the best service in the best way possible.
SANKEI is the pioneer in electrical switches radiator caps and temperature sending units, etc. which are
manufactured in Japan.
MAXEEN produces superior quality automotive components from China.

PARAUT is the O.E. product from Japan for those who are looking for durability and high performance. Is the product from Philippines and makes complete lines of High Quality Alternator and Starter for
replacement as well as original parts for almost all application in automobiles & construction machinery.
Timing Parts from Japan are very well sought after for their high quality and most importantly, the JPC
performance because of its strict quality control and also a well-organized production system that Offers supreme quality of Alternator, Starter and Distributor and is a product from Malaysia.
maintains the qualities of the products.

Radiator caps, Distributor rotor, condenser are of superior performance not only contributes to industry’s Primol lubricants are well known the world
advancement and more comfortable lifestyles, it also plays significant roles in preserving the environment, over for use in cars and light commercial
reducing the consumption of resources and helping pave the way to the creation of a new generation of vehicles; Primol is the brand from UAE and
operating systems. Century products are from Japan. also very fast moving product to African

AL SHAMALI | auto parts group AL SHAMALI | auto parts group

Main Facility
Plot No. S10106, JABEL ALI, DUBAI, UAE

Corporate Office
2nd floor, Commercial Bank of Dubai Building, Baniyas Square
P.O.Box : 4411, Deira, Dubai, UAE., Tel : +971 4 2215355, Fax: + 971 4 2224294
Email: Tokyo@alshamaligroup.com
Web: www.alshamaligroup.com


Al Shamali Auto Parts LLC Century Auto Parts LLC

Tel : + 971 4 2215123 Tel: + 971 4 2271400
Fax: + 971 4 2219081 Fax: + 971 4 2277046
Email: shamauto@alshamaligroup.com Email : cenparts@alshamaligroup.com
www.shamaliauto.com www.centuryautoparts.com

Imperial Auto Parts LLC Indus Auto Parts LLC

Tel : + 971 4 2212955 Tel: +971 4 2292297
Fax : + 971 4 2212877 Fax: +971 4 2249709
Email: impauto@alshamaligroup.com Email: indspart@alshamaligroup.com
www.imperialautoparts.com www.indusautoparts.com

Al Shamali Grand Parts LLC Al Mayyad Auto Parts (Korean Division)

Tel: +971 4 2224439 Tel: +971 4 2237013
Fax: +971 4 2226620 Fax: +971 4 2278599
Email: granpart@alshamaligroup.com Email: almayyad@alshamaligroup.com 2nd floor, Commercial Bank of Dubai Building, Baniyas Square
www.grandparts.com www.almayyad.com P.O. Box: 4411, Deira, U.A.E. Tel: +97104 2215355, Fax: +971 4 2224294
Email: tokyo@emirates.net.ae / tokyo@alshamaligroup.com www.alshamaligroup.com


Tel : + 971 4 2385586
Fax : + 971 4 2385569
Email: aisinparts@alshamaligroup.com

AL SHAMALI | auto parts group

2nd floor, Commercial Bank of Dubai Building, Baniyas Square
P.O. Box: 4411, Deira, Dubai, U.A.E. Tel: +971 4 221 5355, Fax: +971 4 222 4294
Email: tokyo@emirates.net.ae / tokyo@alshamaligroup.com

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