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150 Quezon Avenue, Lucena City, Quezon Province, Philippines


General Information
Activity Attended: General Parent Orientation
Organizations/Providers: UCCP Magill Memorial School Incorporated
Inclusive Date/s: June 28, 2019
Place Held: UCCP Magill Memorial School Incorporated Social Hall
Participants: Parent or guardians of students
Faculty (Elementary, JHS, and SHS)
School Principal

Activity Objectives
The following are the objectives of the activity, namely:
 Inculcate camaraderie among parents in achieving the same vision which is to help the school
in providing quality education
 Inform the parents regarding the school policies and regulation

Narrative Report

As teachers, our primary goal for our students is to promote learning, inspire them to bring out
their best and help them become more productive members of the community.

Teachers are more familiar with their students and they become closer by building good
relationship with their students, and by treating them with respect. However, this ideal situation would
not be possible without the help and support of all school stakeholders.

Stakeholders are individuals or groups who have an interest or concern for the school. They
include parents, school administrator, and local government, who contribute to the development of the
school community. Thus, a healthy relationship between the teachers and stakeholders is important, as
this will enable everybody to harmoniously work together, which will have a positive impact on the

Parents desire a successful educational system for their children; while the students themselves
want to receive good education. The full support of the parents of the students of UCCP Magill
Memorial School Incorporated is really evident, and last June 28, 2019 the school held its first General
Parents Orientation wherein the orientation was attended by the parents from the Elementary up to
Senior High School. The teachers from the Junior High School Department discussed different matters
in regards to the school background, mission and vision, policies and regulations, and most importantly
the grading system. The school believes that the parents should be aware of the policies of the school in
order to assist their children and to know how they are graded in the different subject areas.

Furthermore, the parents can help teachers by monitoring the behavior and social development
of their children at home and motivate them to become academically proficient.

To fulfill our goals of developing successful students, teachers and school must work together
with the parents in planning and building a school community where children thrive as they enhance
their learning capabilities.


The activity was carefully planned by the school. It was very evident that all the attendees were
satisfied and the objectives were met.
150 Quezon Avenue, Lucena City, Quezon Province, Philippines


Prepared by:

Ms. Maricar C. Cartina, LPT

JHS Teacher