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Student Name: Tsuei Wu

Patient Initials: Ms Ld. Smk


Definition of Diagnosis:

A blood clot in a deep vein, usually resulting from damage to the vein or blood flow
slowing down or stopping. .

Signs and Symptoms Nursing Diagnosis

• Questioning members of health care team Deficient knowledge about Deep Vein
• Verbalizing inaccurate information Thrombosis and its treatment.
• Inaccurate follow-through of instruction
• Denial of need to learn
• Incorrect task performance

Nursing Intervention Rationale

1. Provide physical comfort for the learner. 1. This allows patient to concentrate on what
is being discussed or demonstrated.

 2. Establish objectives and goals for 2. This allows learner to know what will be
learning at the beginning of the session. discussed and expected during the session.

3. Pace the instruction and keep sessions short. 3. This prevents fatigue. Learning requires

4. Allow for and support self-directed, self- 4. Adults learn when they feel they are
designed learning. personally involved in the learning process.

5. Allow adequate time for integration that is 5. Information that is in direct conflict with
in direct conflict with existing values or what is already held to be true forces a
beliefs. reevaluation of the old material and is thus
integrated more slowly.
Patient Teaching Outcome
• Provide instruction for specific topics. Patient verbalizes understanding of condition and
• Explore community resources. treatment options.
• Refer patient to support groups as needed.
• Include significant others whenever
[Check those that apply]

(_) New diagnosis:_____________________________

(_) Language differences:________________________
(_) Hospitalization
(_) Diagnostic test:_____________________________
(_) Surgical procedure:__________________________
(_) Medications:_______________________________
(_) Pregnancy
(_) Other:_____________________________
As evidenced by:
[Check those that apply]

Major: (_) Verbalizes a deficiency in knowledge or skill. (_) Requests information.

(Must be (_) Expresses and inaccurate perception of health status.

present) (_) Does not correctly perform a desired or prescribed health behavior.
Minor: (_) Lack of integration of treatment plans into daily activities.

(May be (_) Exhibits or expresses psychological alteration, (anxiety, depression) resulting from

present) misinformation or lack of information.

Date & Plan and Outcome Target Nursing Interventions Date

Sign. [Check those that apply] Date: [Check those that apply] Achieved:
The patient will: (_) Assess patient's readiness to
(_) Describe disease process, learn by assessing emotional
causes, factors contributing to respose to illness:
• Acceptance
(_) Describe procedure(s) for
disease or symptom control.
• Anger
(_) Identify needed alterations in
lifestyle. • Anxiety
(_) Other:
• Denial

• Depression

• Other:

(_) Allow person to work through

and express intense emotions
prior to teaching.
(_) Examine patient's health
(_) Assess patient's desire to
(_) Assess preferred learning

• Auditory

• Group

• One to one

• Visual

• Other:

(_) Assess literacy level.

(_) Provide health teaching and
referrals: ___________________
(_) Plan and share necessity of
learning outcomes with patient -
(_) Evaluate patient - s/o
behaviors as evidence that
learning outcomes have been
(_) Other:________________

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