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Business idea is to sale t-shirts, caps/hats, mugs/cups and cultural handicrafts

online through a website by adding some more value on them. The thing is that the
t-shirts, trousers, mugs and hats would be having some special quotations or
images/pictures or nick names or logos of any company or any slogan offered by
our website. User would be selecting the options from given on the website or
could be requesting his own desired saying or nick name or would upload his/her
own favorite picture to print on his/her selected item. Client will need not go for
searching a lot in the market or on e-shops rather he/she would get it home via

Categories of handicraft products will be as following

„‘ ·ooden handicrafts
„‘ aarble handicrafts
„‘ Traditional embroideries
„‘ Traditional clothes
„‘ aetal handicrafts
„‘ `eather handicrafts
„‘ Clay decoration pieces
„‘ aarbles and precious metal ornaments

Categories of customized products are as following

„‘ T-shirts
„‘ augs\cups
„‘ Trousers
„‘ áats\caps

! ‘ (Assumption)


„‘ `arge, diversified and potential market.

„‘ There is large product variety and range is available because of diversified
å Ê 

„‘ @t has strong, diversified and supportive retail infrastructure.

„‘ Riversified product range that service different market.
„‘ Cheap labor rates that result to competitive price.
„‘ 2eed low capital investment.
„‘ There is flexible production flexibility.
„‘ `ow barriers of new entry.


„‘ `ack of infrastructure and communication facilities.

„‘ Unawareness about international requirements and market.
„‘ `ack of co-ordination between government bodies and private players.
„‘ @nadequate information of new technology.
„‘ @nadequate information of current market trends.
„‘ `ess interest of young people in craft industry.


„‘ —ising demand for handicraft products in developed countries such as USA,

Canada, Britain, France, Germany, @taly etc.
„‘ Reveloping fashion industry requires handicrafts products.
„‘ Revelopment of sectors like —etail, —eal Estate that offers great
requirements of handicrafts products.
„‘ Revelopment of domestic and international tourism sector.
„‘ E-Commerce and @nternet are emerged as promissory distribution channels
to market and sell the craft products.

„‘ Competition in domestic market.

„‘ Balance between high demand and supply.
„‘ uality products produced by competing countries like China, @ndia.
„‘ Better Trade terms offered by competing countries.
„‘ @ncreased and better technological support and facility in competing


Pakistan is fortunate enough for its fine handicrafts in all over the world, many
private enterprises import the cultural handicrafts at international level and earn
Ñ Ê 

alot, where the other countries use their own stamps for selling those products,
sometimes precious handicrafts like metal works and wooden products are
smuggled from here which has high demand in international market.

·e have a great opportunity to promote the label of our own country with our
special products as well as we have opportunity to produce such king of precious
ornaments and handicrafts at low labor cost in our country, as well as it will pay a
part in poverty reduction somehow, similarly providing own desired designing on
user¶s selected items is an innovation in Pakistan, online t-shirts and the other
related things would be designed by outsources.

c ‘‘‘ ‘
‘ ‘
The total estimated cost for this project is 10 lacks rupees. Out of the total 7 lacks
will be used for purchasing ready made handicrafts from different areas of Pakistan
and the rest will be used to meet the working capital requirement.

 ‘" #


‘ $

c‘%&‘!‘ ‘ $

ù Ê 

aost of the enterprises directly exports handicrafts at low cost, moreover some
websites are doing this work but not at that large scale, but they are offering high
rates of cheap products, similarly some of them don¶t offer single pieces for sale.
·e shall do marketing through online advertisement, through broachers and
placing placards on the handicrafts related stores.

‘‘ %) $‘ ‘
Online advertisement 25000
Broachers 2000
Placards\charts\banners 5000

c‘ ‘)
 ‘* ‘$‘

Rue to Pakistan¶s fine quality handicrafts production and high demand over the
country and outside the country this market is getting broader day by day. but the
online market for such kind of precious handicrafts is not that large and there is a
gap in market, we need to improve our quality along with the quantity of these

‘) ‘

áandicrafts are considered to be more of an article than a commodity and treated

delicately and carefully. Therefore, demand for handicrafts remains almost
throughout the year, largely depending on the conduct of exhibitions and trade
where traders display their products particularly in the foreign markets i.e. Europe

USA. As handicrafts is considered to be a costly item, its demand generally

increases during seasonal, cultural and religious occasions i.e. Eid, Christmas,
2ew Year arrival.


The target markets are divided into following types

1-áouse hold formation (2ew áome Builders)

2-Occasional (Christmas, Birthday, Eid, aarriages, Thanks giving)
3-Professional aen and women (aen in age range of 25 -50)

+  ‘ $ The increasing household formation will increase the target markets.

 ‘: The sales of crafts generally revolve around special occasions

  ‘) ‘$‘# ) : They spend lot of money on house hold decorative
items .They will be the part of our target market.


The substantial supply of handicrafts has transformed the Pakistani handicrafts

market into a fiercely price-competitive market place. 2evertheless, innovative and
new to market , handicrafts items place still have good market prospects. @t is
essential for the handicrafts marketers to find new products to stay competitive.
Although Pakistani consumers may be willing to pay a high price for exclusive
items they are very price conscious and want value for money. Among traditional
items, candles, festive items, including decoration, and all types of scented items
have best prospects. The average growth for the overall handicrafts is estimated at
1-2 percent over the years

) ‘

There are thousands of small and large scale manufacturing setups working in the
industry. Baluchistan, 2·FP, Punjab, Sindh and Azad Jammu and Kashmir have
their own unique
specialties in handicrafts and are famous for different crafts.
6 Ê 

-$ ),$ , c.c//, 
 ( ‘
‘ 0  ) ‘
·e will use the following strategies:


The price of our products will be on the per unit basis, it will depend on the
category of the product, the type of work, the more precious craft work will be
charged higher in comparison to the other products.

) ‘
·e will place our products in some departmental stores so that they will sell it on
10% commission. And people or say consumer will come across our products .

„‘ ! ‘' $‘'
·e will place our product info along with prices on some social media web sites,
like facebook, twitter, orkut etc . a large number of viewers will come across our
product, and will get to know about our products.

·e will print interactive and eye catching broachers to attract our buyers.

‘ ‘+$
‘(Smeda ·ebsite)

Pakistan exported about USR 14m of handicrafts in 2001-2002. An estimate of

about USR 20m has been placed for the year 2002-2003. áowever Pakistan as
compared to @ndia lags behinds in the handicrafts industry. @n @ndia, the total value
of goods produced in the handicrafts sector is about USR 58m. Such figures are
hard to calculate for the Pakistani handicrafts.
ë Ê 

 ‘ 1
) ‘

The human resource requirement is given as

 ‘‘ )-
‘‘ ' ‘‘
CEO 1 18000
aanagers 3 15000 each
Accountant 1 13000
Relivery human resources 3 10000 each

2(‘!!%!‘% 3!‘

‘‘ )-
Offices 3
Furniture 4 chairs and 3 tables(for 3 offices)
Sofas 3
Fans 3
Air-conditioners 3
·all clocks 3
Carpets 3
Computers 6
Vehicles 3 bikes+3 pickups


—eadymade handicrafts would be sold as well as the plane products like t-shirts,
mugs etc would be purchased and value will be added through outsourcing, we
need not using our own machines for designing and no need hiring labour,because
according to analysis it would be costly to adding value by our own.


3Outlets: `ahore Karachi @slamabad

„‘ Stock room120sq.ft
„‘ Customer service corner120sq.ft
„‘ Garage for office vehicle120sq.ft
š Ê 



„‘ Fuel consumption cost of Traveling for getting suppliers.5000\month

„‘ Fuel consumption cost of traveling for home delivery.10,000\month
—ent per outlet.5000\month

„‘ —ent of 3outlets.15000\month
„‘ Electricity bill.700\month
 4 56/557) ‘


„‘ Online site registration on trading portal.1000\year

„‘ Cost of buying domain for uploading site.5000\year
Cost of one motor bike.25, 0000/—S

„‘ Cost of buying 3 motor bicycles for home delivery

„‘ Site development cost.5000/—S
„‘ Total Furniture cost includes 3fan, 3tables, 6chairs,


—aw material cost.


„‘ ·ooden handicrafts „‘ ù  

c Ê 

„‘ aarble handicrafts „‘ ù  

„‘ Traditional embroideries „‘ £  

„‘ Traditional clothes „‘ £  

„‘ aetal handicrafts „‘ £  

„‘ `eather handicrafts „‘ å  

„‘ Clay decoration pieces „‘   

„‘ aarbles and precious metal „‘ ù  

„‘ T-shirts „‘ £  

„‘ augs\cups „‘ £  

„‘ Trousers „‘ Ñ  

„‘ áats\caps „‘ £  


„‘ Resigning cost incase of customization order.1000\order



„‘ Shipping cost of using services of cargo international company.5000\order




„‘ 1employee for managerial post.15000\month

„‘ 3employee for customer services in outlets.30000\month
„‘ 3employee for home delivery purposes.30000\month
 4/25557) ‘
cc Ê 


„‘ Online advertisement to get max targeted audience.25,000\month

„‘ —ent of Bin board for outlets publicity.5000\month
„‘ Brochers .7000
 4 55557) ‘


‘ ‘

Capital investment:





·orking Capital:

  ‘ 56/557) 

i    ‘25557






 ) ‘

The project is assumed to be solely based on equity

c£ Ê 

‘%  )‘

A comprehensive financial analysis & projections of the project show that the
project has
a potential to bring healthy positive returns to the investors. All estimates are
conservative with minimal number of sales in the initial phase.

@—— 44%
Payback Period (yrs) 4.17‘

9‘: ‘! ‘

To create an enabling environment for the targeted poor producer groups in non
farm sector, particularly in rural and peri-urban areas, enabling them to help
themselves become vibrant and competitive entities in the economic growth of
Pakistan And establish a common platform /giant store of hand made crafts from
all over country. ·here not only local people served but also foreign market gap of
represent ting seat of Pakistanis products is fulfilled via online web portal. Also we
provide a new feature of customizing cloths that customer¶s attraction.

c5‘"‘! ) ‘

Capital investment:

·orking Capital:

@nitial Financing:

34‘   ! ‘‘ ‘ ‘5!6‘!‘5

!‘!)‘  7 #
 ‘!  ‘ ) % ‘!‘ !‘
!5 ‘

%!) ‘!%‘! #‘

$ ) ‘ ‘

‘ &‘8‘& ‘' 6‘ ‘

% !) ‘ ‘
cå Ê