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The Total Security Solution For Government CardAccess® 3000

✔ Scalable, Enterprise Class ✔ Multiphase Threat-Level ✔ Open Architecture Integration

✔ Universal Identity Management ✔ Remote System Management
Management Solution ✔ Visitor Management Solution with Web Client
✔ Integrated Video & Security ✔ Superfast Processing ✔ Synergistic Panels & Software

A Napco Security Group Company

Continental CardAccess® 3000
Access Control & Security
Solution for Government
DEFENSE AND MILITARY FACILITIES systemwide and individual device control, including global control
Continental’ software and hardware team up for the latest identifica- using high/low counters, e.g, parking facilities.
tion government compliance, FIPS/TWIC/ Biometric Compliant PORTS & HARBORS
FIPS201 full reader support & multiple credential and reader
These bustling environments are characterized by high traffic areas
formats. Continental panels’ firmware supports FASC-N autonomous
where multi-variate people and international shipments converge.
badge expiration evaluation for fast accurate processing; validation
Continental Systems help maritime security and port authorities
of ID card certificate and monitoring of Government Revocation List;
keep a tight ship, with high capacities for personnel IDs and
PKI, and TSA Hotlist. Also CA3000 has complete Disaster
automatic validations; support for asset tracking, including asset &
recovery/redundant systems option for volatile environments.
vehicle tags; long range cards, credentials and readers. Also
POLICE, SHERIFF AND CORRECTIONAL DEPARTMENTS CA3000 supports multilingual operator support, with language
Criminal, high-risk environments require absolute access control preference auto-loaded on user log-in: Arabic, Danish, Dutch,
and surveillance, asset management and tightly controlled creden- Russian, English, French, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and
tials and immediate facility control. Continental offers law and peace Spanish, custom language entry supported too.
officers all this, including easy visitor management with automatic
badge-creation based on scannable state ID forms, auto-expiring
As national, state and local government security concerns increased
visitor badging. Global and local lockdown activated by badge-
exponentially, Continental anticipated heightened demands, with
holder, system operator or script, including free access doors,
Threat Level Management, 15 assignable threat level groups, 5
deployed by single or multiple APBs with “2-Person Control” option.
color-coded states, that with a click, can instantly deactivate access
Anti passback, timed anti passback and assigned occupancy limits
privileges, by badge, or badgeholder groups. To meet high-peak-
are all standard.
times, these systems support fastest processing for ½ second
MUNICIPAL UTILITIES door-open times with PIV/TWIC and FIPS 201 evaluated at the panel,
“Soft targets” such as Water and Power utilities can be well-secured even processing full cardholder CHUID numbers. And the system
and managed by Continental systems’ real time monitoring and supports onboard storage for up to 1 million cards or 500,000 full
faster response capabilities via central office reporting or remote data PIVs. ID enrollment is data-entry error-proof, supporting an
web client control. CardAccess enables tracking of authorized and Enrollment Station Reader , which both validates certificate from the
unauthorized activity on site or remotely with enhanced remote web Government website and auto-populates cardholder data. Speed
hardware & software system configuration control and reporting. system changes with 50 to 75% faster downloads, direct connection
Also the system offers easily deployed and time-scheduled elevator with speeds in excess of 921 Kbps, using accelerated 32-bit control-
control and Global inputs/outputs and activity links provide ler processing up to 54 MIPS).

Enterprise Class, CA3000 scalable access • InterAccess - Open API support allowing third Remote System Management via web client
control & security platform for minimal TOC parties to seamlessly integrate Continental Continental hardware
• Control from 1 to 32,000 doors; over software and harness the power and speed • Designed and built by Continental’s ISO9001;
1,000,000 carholders/panel. of hardware. 2000 Certified manufacturing facility, onboard
• 30,000 access groups and over 32,000 • Supports a wide range of technologies and power supplies, relay- and lightning/ESL-
readers/ location, with no software to upgrade. databases including partitioning, as well as protection, etc.
Universal Identity Management Solution importing of Microsoft® Active Directory® and • Built-in labor savings, upgrade migration, low
Oracle® exports. maintenance costs.
• ID credential, smart card, and biometrics
• Advanced Import / Export Utilities. Open data • Long product line continuity even in legacy
management system .
exchange of badge and personnel, ERP & systems; field upgradeable.
• Onboard storage for up to 1 million cards or other databases (e.g. Oracle).
500,000 full data PIVs. • Industry’s longest 3-year warranty.
Seamless Universal Video, Security and ID
Multiphase threat level management and/or Integration solution from single station Super fast speeds even at peak hours
Lock-Down by group, area or systemwide • Door opens in under 1/2 a second; downloads
• Integration with most security systems and
Visitor Management solution & custom photo offers a central reporting option 50 to 75% faster- 921 Kbps; accelerated
badging utitlity processing 54 MIPS.
• Email and SMS notification.
• Global inputs/outputs and activity links for
Open Architecture Integration • Integrates with third-party manufacturers of systemwide and individual device control.
• Microsoft SQL Server database based. video cameras, NVRs/DVRs, biometric devices
Competitively priced – no annual software and readers, intrusion, fire, etc.
licensing fees for low total cost of ownership.

A Napco Security Group Company

Continental Access • 355 Bayview Avenue, Amityville, NY 11701 • (631) 842-9400 FAX: (631) 842-9135 • www.cicaccess.com