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The following is a an education questionnaire.

University Technology Malaysia is an

organization which helps in providing education and education related modifications in the
system. We would like you to fill the following:




Gender: male/female


1. Do you like to attend/ join college activities:

a) Yes b) No

2. How many activities that you have involved during your study?
a. Not interested
b. 1-3 activities
c. 4-7 activities
d. 8-10 activities
e. More than 10 activities

3. Are you satisfied with your current co-curriculum marks/ grade?

a) Yes b) No

if no, why?


4. Are you know how your co-curriculum marks calculated?

a) Yes b) No

10. My teachers help to teach me about the scope of education:


1. I believe that education helps to develop skills and personality:


1. I do not have enough resources to attain proper education:


Thanks for filling the complete form. We would get back to you with the results as soon as
possible. The information provided shall remain confidential.

1. Do you think your team is satisfied with your behaviour?

1. Are you efficient in developing new team strategies?

1. Have you ever encountered with some issue with any of your subordinates?

1. How effective are you in applying new policies?

1. Would you like to continue with the same team?

1. Name:

1. age:

1. Name of institute/college/school:

1. Do you own a computer system/laptop:

a) Yes b) No

5. If yes, since how long?

6. Do you think computers have made life simpler?

a) Yes b) No

7. For what task do you mostly use the computer for?

a) Official b) networking c) playing games d) other (please specify)

8. Do you think that computer education is important in schools?

a) Yes b) No

9. Computers provide motivation for students to learn?

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Name of online program:
4. Name of university:
5. First Language:
6. Years of graduation study:
7. Number of online courses taken:
8. Number of hours I spend per day online on educational purpose:
9. I am easily able to access the internet as needed for my studies:

a) Yes b) No

10. I am comfortable communicating online:

a) Yes b) No

11. I am comfortable with written communication:

a) Yes b) No

12. I possess enough computer keyboarding skills for doing the online work:

a) Yes b) No c) Somewhat

13. I feel comfortable communicating online in English:

a) Yes b) No c) To some extent

14. I possess a webcam for video conferencing: