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Product Description Application Areas
It is an acid corrosion inhibiting additive for CORWIN-AC2 is recommended as an additive
aqeous acid solutions of hydrochloric acid, for acidic cleaning compositions from 1 to 2%
sulfuric acid, hydrofloric acid, nitric acid, ra- tio by volume for protection of metal
phosphoric acid, acetic acid or their mixture parts or the system being cleaned. It is a bio-
used for cleaning of pipelines, boiler parts degrad- able product and cleaned metal can
made of steel and alloy steels. It gives high be safely disposed into the environment.
degree of corrosion protection to ferrous
metal parts when treated with acidic clean-
ing compositions containing up to 20% acidic

Physical/Chemical Properties Benefits at a Glance

Appearance : Viscous Fluid ❖ Broad Spectrum acid corrosion
inhibition. Wide Temperature
Color : Amber Colour
Odor : Odorless Protects most common steel and its al-
Density @ 29 °C :1.1020g/cc loys.
Cost Effective.
Flash Point, °C : None Waste is Environmental Friendly.
Shelf Life : 12 months
pH Value : 1.0-3.0
CORWIN AC2 is an Iodine based
Corrosion Protec- Which is very effective to inhibit the corro-
: Excellent sion formation properties of wide range of
acids used for cleaning of scales, rust and
Fuming Properties : Fuming Less other deposits from the boilers, pipelines,
Washability : Easily Washable Pumps Joints, heat exchangers and other
enclosed systems.
Application Method
Mix with cleaning composition in a ratio of 1 Avoid skin contact, inhalation, indigestion. Take special
to 2% and use as per requirements. care to ensure product does not get into contact with the
eyes. Incase of accidental splashing wash with plenty of
cold water and seek immediate medical advise.

Information in this literature is to the best of our knowl-
PACKING edge true and accurate. However, since conditions under
35, 50 Kg. Carboys & 220 Kg Drums which products may be used are beyond our control, rec-
ommendations are made without warranty or guarantee.
Mfg. In India by:
Store away from heat and open flames.