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Definition of hand gestures
A gesture is a form of non-
verbal communication made
with a part of the body, used
instead of or in combination
with verbal communication.
The language of gesture
allows individuals to express
a variety of feelings and
motion of
hands or
body to
or help to
express a
thought or
Types of gestures
Types of gestures

Single hand Two-hand

gestures gestures

Gestures made GESTURES
with other RELIGIOUS
body parts MEANING
Single hand gestures
Two-hand gestures
Gestures made with other body parts
Categorize Of Gestures

Friendly gestures Formal gestures

Celebration gestures University gestures

Categorize Of Gestures

Finger counting Other gestures

Sign language
Friendly gestures

Air kiss Fist bump

A-ok Cheek kissing
Doff/hat tip Elbow bump
High five Namaste
ILY sign
Shaka sign
Thumbs up
Dap greeting
Air kiss

A facial expression in
which the lips are pursed
as if kissing. Sometimes,
the air kiss includes
touching cheek-to-cheek
gesture may be
accompanied by the
mwah sound

Perfectly all right

excellent, fine,
in working order
Doff/hat tip

A hat tip, or doff

(British English), is a
cultural expression of
recognition, respect,
gratitude, greeting,
or simple salutation
between two persons
High five

The high five is a

celebratory hand
gesture that occurs
when two people
simultaneously raise
one hand, about
head high
ILY sign

The ILY is a gesture

used in the United
States and other
countries. It
originated in
American Sign
Language as a
combination of the
letters I, L and Y
(I Love You)
Shaka sign

The shaka sign is a

common greeting
It is often associated
with Hawaii
In Hawai'i call the
"Aloha Spirit," a
gesture of friendship
Thumbs up

A thumbs up or
thumbs down is a
common gesture
represented by a
closed fist held with
the thumb extended
upward or downward
in approval or
Dap greeting

Dap is a form of
handshake and
friendly gesture that
has recently became
popularized in
western cultures
Fist bump

The fist bump (also

known as a report or
fist pound) is a type
of gesture similar in
meaning to a
handshake, high five
or nose rub. A bump
also can be known as
a symbol of giving of
Cheek kissing

Cheek kissing is a
ritual or social
gesture to indicate
friendship, perform a
greeting, to confer
congratulations, to
comfort someone, or
to show respect
Elbow bump

The elbow bump is

an informal greeting
where two people
touch, or tap,

is a common spoken
greeting or salutation
used in Nepal and
Formal gestures (Salutes)

Raised fist
Scout sign and salute
Nazi salute
Roman salute
Three-finger salute
Two-finger salute
United Macedonia salute
Raised fist

The raised fist is

usually regarded as
an expression of
solidarity, strength or
Scout sign and salute

The three-finger
salute is used by
members of Scout
and Guide
organizations around
the world when
greeting other Scouts
and in respect of a
national flag at
Nazi salute

The Nazi salute, also

known as Hitler
salute (German:
Hitlergruß, literally
Hitler Greeting)
Roman salute

The Roman salute

(Saluto Romano) is a
gesture in which the
arm is held out
forward straight
Three-finger salute (Serbian)

The salute is often

used by sport fans and
players when
celebrating sport
victories. After winning
salute is based on the
way that Orthodox
Serbs perform the Sign
of the Cross
Two-finger salute

The two-finger salute

is a salute given
using only the middle
and index fingers
This salute is used by
Polish military and
uniformed services
and by Cub Scouts.
United Macedonia salute

The United
Macedonia salute is a
salute with the
thumb and pointing
finger shaped in a
circle and the left
over three fingers
pointing up
Celebration gestures

Fist pump
Victory clasp

Applause (Latin
applaudere, to strike
upon, clap) is
primarily the
expression of
approval by the act
of clapping
A demonstration of
approval by clapping
the hands together
Fist pump

The fist pump is a

celebratory gesture
in which a closed fist
is raised before the
torso and
subsequently drawn
down and nearer to
the body in a
vigorous, swift
Victory clasp

A victory clasp is a
double hand gesture
used in celebration
of one's own victory
University gestures

Gator Chomp
Guns Up
Hook 'em Horns
Sic 'em Bears
Gator Chomp

The Gator Chomp is

a gesture made by
fans of the
University of
Florida to show their
support of the Florida
Gators sports teams
Guns Up

Guns up is the slogan

and hand signal of
Texas Tech
University. It is
used by students and
alumni as a greeting.
It is also used as a
victory sign during
athletic events.
Hook em Horns

Hook 'em Horns is

the slogan and hand
signal of The
University of Texas
at Austin
Students and alumni
of the university
employ a greeting
Sic em Bears

The Sic 'em Bears is

the recognized hand
gesture and yell for
Baylor University
support and Baylor
Bears fans (Baylor
Bears refers to the
sports teams of
Baylor University)
Finger counting) Chinese
number gestures)
Other gestures

Air quotes Loser (hand gesture)

Head bobble
Hand waving
Nod (gesture)
Hitchhiking Poke
Puppy face
Index finger Rock-paper-scissors
Crossed fingers Shrug
V sign
Manual communication
Curtsey Secret handshake
Air quotes

Air quotes, also

called fingerquotes
similar gestures has
been recorded as early
as 1927
Did not appear until
Air quotes are
often used to express 
satire, sarcasm,  irony 
Head bobble
(Indian head shake (
The motion usually
consists of a side-to-side
tilting of the head
performed by the
listener in agreement
with what is being said
by the speaker, such
that the speaker
perceives there is 'no
Hand waving

term handwaving is
an informal term that
describes either the 
debate technique of
failing to rigorously
It is also used in
other situations as a
good bye sing

Hitchhiking (also known
as thumbing,tramping,
hitching,  autostop or 
thumbing up a ride) 
is a means of 
transportation that is
gained by asking people,
usually strangers, for a
ride in their automobile 4
free 

A handshake is a short ritual
 in which two people grasp
each other's right hand, often
accompanied by a brief up
and down movement of the
grasped hands.
It is commonly done upon
meeting, greeting, parting,
offering congratulations,
expressing gratitude, or
completing an agreement
handshaking was practiced as
far back as the 2nd century
BC. A depiction of two
soldiers apparently shaking
hands can be found on part of
a 5th century BC tomb
index finger
The index finger, (also
referred to
as, forefinger, trigger
finger, pointer finger
Pointing directly with the
index finger at a person
is considered rude
A more polite way of
pointing to a person
would be to direct the
hand in their direction,

when held up or
moved side to side
often saying "We're
number one!"
Crossed fingers

cross one's fingers is a

hand gesture used to 
superstitiously wish for
good luck
pre-Christian times and, in
many early French-
Brazilian cultures
one to make a wish and
the other to send it up to
the heavens
 It is also seen as bad luck
to cross your fingers on
both hands.
MSN type (yn)
V sign

The V sign is a
hand gesture in
which the first and
second fingers are
raised and parted
 its use as a "Victory"
sign (for V as in
Manual communication
• message between persons

Pupils in a traditional • Successful communication

classroom situation signal to between people of
their teacher that they want different cultures
to be heard

A curtsey (also
spelled curtsy or 
courtesy) is a
traditional gesture of
greeting, in which a 
girl or woman bends
her knees while
bowing her head

Hand-kissing is a 
ritual of greeting and
The person kissing
bows towards the
offered hand and
touches the knuckles
with his lips
Loser (hand gesture)

The loser is a 
hand gesture made
by extending the
thumb and index
fingers, leaving the
other fingers closed
to create the letter L
The gesture was
popular in the 1990
Nod (gesture)

A nod of the head is
a gesture in which
the head is tilted in
alternating up and
 used to indicate 
acceptance, or 

Poking is an action
of tapping and/or
softly jabbing
another person with
the tip of one's finger
 or a sharp object.
This is usually done
to gain the other's

Puppy face

A puppy face  is a 
facial expression that
humans make
the look is expressed
when the head is tilted
down and the eyes are
looking up
Usually, the animal looks
like it is about to cry.
Many people consider
this cute. 

Rock-paper-scissors is
a hand game played by
two or more people. The
game is known by many
names ,including paper
rock scissors jan-ken-
pon, kauwi-bauwi-bo,
The game is often used
as a selection method

performed by lifting
both shoulders up,
and is an indication
of an individual
either not knowing
an answer to a

 bending at least
one knee to the
ground, was from
early times a gesture
of deep respect for a
Secret handshake
hand-rubbing as an
indication of
coldness or kind
(American Sign Language)