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Language Focus: talking about when things happen, describing weekday and weekend

routines, talking about interesting and unusual activities, talking about the order and duration of
Topic: Day in, Day out
Objectives: at the end of the unit SS will be competent to talk about routines by using
frequency adverbs and prepositions of time, interesting activities and the order of events.
Prior Knowledge: third person –s, wh-questions, days of the week.
1. Interactive material unit 4
2. Resource activities
3. openMind book level 1
4. PPP

Date: from Wednesday, February 23rd to Tuesday March 1st 2010.

openMind Level 1 & 2 Made by Areli Andrade Glz.

Ste Time Purpose Task (Teacher) Task (Pupils) Interactio Assessment
p n
1 20 Test’s feedback T provides feedback Find out their problems SS-SS Check SS weaknesses
and re-write the written and strengths.
-Show on the screen
2 15 Introduce new unit pictures p. 37 Do ex. A and B T-SS Check Ss vocabulary
-show some idioms with Ss make sentences SS-SS about the time
time using some idioms proverbs.

3 15 Introduce Draw a clock on the Give ideas T-Ss Check vocabulary

vocabulary beard and ask what time S-S undestanding
is it?
Show a slide -talk about the time
(simple way)
Do ex. 1 A,B,C
4 15 Read a magazine Ask Ss to do ex 2 A,B Ss do exercises 2 A and T-SS Check Ss reading and
article Group Ss in pairs B S-S speaking abilities

5 10 Review frequency Lead- in p T39 T-SS Practice fluency and

adverbs Invite Ss to do ex 3 A Ss listen and answer the Ss-Ss pronunciation
questions, check in pairs
and open class.
Read the conversation Drill the conversation in S-S
6 30 Practice frequency Group Ss in trios to do Ss talk about how to use T-Ss Explain and check
adverbs ex B and C frequency adverbs and Ss-Ss Ss’ understanding
present conclusions to
the class
7 10 Support Ss’ Shows frequency Talk about doubts Ss-T-Ss Confirm
explanation adverbs’ interactive undesrtanding
openMind Level 1 & 2 Made by Areli Andrade Glz.
openMind Level 1 & 2 Made by Areli Andrade Glz.
Ste Time Purpose Task (Teacher) Task (Pupils) Interactio Assessment
p n
1 7 To introduce new Ask , Are you Give some ideas T-Ss Check students
grammar superstitious? information
2 20 To discover the Encourage Ss to do ex. Ss in pairs do exercises s-S Check ss
grammar and 8 A, B, C in pairs check in open class understanding
practice it

3 10 To check clauses Show grammar Look at the presentation T-Ss-T Refroze explanation
understanding animated presentation and give some ideas

4 7 Practice clauses Ask Ss to do ex 8 D Ask and answer S-S pairs Check Ss accuracy
questions using until,
before and after

5 15 To understand the Ask Ss to read and Answer the exercises S-S Use mechanics
mechanics complete ex 9 A and B and compare with a correctly

6 30 To practice writing Invite Ss to write a Write a famous person’s S-S Improve writing third
paragraph about a routine person singular.
celebrity’s routine , In pairs check each
show an example PPP other paragraph.
(writing section) *check
“desciptores generals”
unit 4

7 10 Check ss’ porblems Answer worbook unit 4

openMind Level 1 & 2 Made by Areli Andrade Glz.