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The ICFAI University Univor Rajawala Road,

Central Hope Town, Selaqui,

Dehradun Dehradun - 248197

(Established under Section 4(2) of Phone: 0135-3003010/02

The ICFAI University Act, 2003)

IUD/Reg/001/2021 February 02, 2021

Further to Uttarakhand Government letter No. 1404/XXIV-C-4/2020-01(07)/2020 dated
11th December 2020.
The University shall function in BLENDED MODE ill end of the Even Semester.

3. The students have a choice of attending classes in Online Mode or if they prefer to attend classes
physically, they may do so, pursuant to the following guidelines:

(a) Parental Consent as per Annexure-I attached.

(b) Negative RTPCR Report of CcoVID-19 (for students coming from other States) valid for
within 72 hours.

First Year Students.

(a) Permitted to join physical class for Even Semester starting from 08 March 2021 after
Online Exams for Odd Semester. Students to submit the following:
For UG Students For PG Students
(i) Class X Marksheet & Certificate (i) Class X Marksheet & Certificate
(ii) Class XII Marksheet & Certificate (ii) Class XII Marksheet & Certificate
(ii) Character Certificate (iii) Graduation Marksheet & Certificate
(iv) Transfer Certificate (iv) Character Certificate
(v) Migration (v) Transfer Certificate
(vi) Domicile (where applicable) (vi) Migration
(vii) Category Certificate (vii) Domicile (where applicable)
(where applicable)
(vii) Anti Ragging Affidavit duly signed by (vii) Category Certificate
self & parent/guardian
(Link: https://amanmovement.org where applicable)
registration/public/amanmovement/ (ix) Anti Ragging Affidavit signed by self duly
signed self & parent/guardian
Affidavit.php#) (Link: https://amanmovement.org
(b) Those students preferring Online Mode, may continue to study in Online Mode.
5. Senior Students (Secondto Fifth Year Batch)
(a) The student wishing to join physical classes, shall intimate to the Mentors for the same.
Detailed guidelines being issued by the Mentors.
(b) To obviate sudden inflow of students, the following staggered schedule would be adhered to:

22 February 2021
() 4th &5h year students - BA LLB/BBA LLB.
(i) 2 &3 3" year students- LLB.
(ii) 2 &3 year student -B Tech.
(iv) 2n year student B Ed.
(v) 2nd&3Td year - BBA.
UNlvers/ Rajawala Road,
The 1CFAI University Central Hope Town, Selaqui
Dehradun 248197
Dehradun Phone 0135-30030 10/02
(Established under Section 4(2) of
The ICFAI University Act, 2003) ED

01March 2021
(i) 2m&3 year students -

6. Comprehensive Exams. The comprehensive exams for all would be held in physical
from May 17-26. 2021 (depending on the COVID-19).
The University has empanelled a number of hostels. The hostels would follow t
7. Hostels conditions as necessitated
guidelines and ensure maximum safety of the students. They will lay down the
by the State Govt orders. Details of the hostels and fee charged are as per Annexure-II attached.
Students may decide to stay in any hostel of choice. The University has 'NO LIEN' on the hostels but
shall facilitate your stay.

Contact Person. Mr. Sanjeev Bisht 8218047561 /9412941989 (Boys Hostel)

Ms Atulya - 9837303370 (Girls Hostel)D
8 Transportation
(a) The students staying in the hostel would be provided transport to/from the University by
hostel in-charge.

The University shall facilitate transport arrangement from local vendors for students who
need any support for the same.

- 7775094383
Contact Person. Assistant Registrar

The 1CFAI University yersity, d Rajawala Road,
Dehradun Central Hope Town, Selaqui,
under Section 4(2) of Dehradun - 248197

University Act, 2003) Phone: 0135-3003010/02

lum E

Parents Consent
For Sending Their Ward to the University
T agree and
Ofmine Classes/Examinations During COVID-19 Taking
accept the fact that the ICFAI
a safe and secure University Dehradun has taken all possible measures to
environment to its students, staff and visitors. provide
possible for the
University to prevent all risks of However, since it is practically not
following consent: infection, I in all my conscience, willingly give the
(a) Tunderstand that
my ward can study in Online Mode till Even Semester.
(b) I understand that I am free either to send or not to send my ward to the
(c) By
submitting this Consent Form, I am agreeing to sending ward to the
University voluntarily. my

(d) In case of
symptoms of COVID-19 surfacing in my child, I shall take him/her
from the University
immediately and I shall send him/her back to University againaway when
he/she completely recovers from
COVID-19. I understand and only
submit an RT-PCR accept the fact that I shall have to
negative COVID-19 test report to the University when my ward
University. joins back
(e) I understand and
mask acknowledge that my ward will have to carry everyday to Universitya
(an additional extra if one gets lost
soiled) and sanitizer.
( I also understand that
everyday there will be temperature check at the University and
ward with temperature of more than
100F, will not be permitted inside till he/she any
(g I will ensure that
my ward follows all hygiene norms and health related guidelines
of the University at all times.
(h) I acknowledge that the ICFAI
University, Dehradun has done its best
recommendations of the AYUSH, the Ministry of Health, State and to implement
guidelines and has put in place preventative measures to reduce the Local of Administrative
However, because of the nature of the virus being so, the spread COVID-19.
ward will not become infected with COVID-19. University cannot guarantee that my

(i) I understand and

acknowledge that given the unknown nature of COVID-19, it is
not possible to fully identifyeach and every individual risk of
contacting COvID-19. Hence,
shall not hold the I
University responsible in case my ward gets infected it in future.
) I accept full responsibility for
bearing all medical and hospital expenses and any
other related expenses resulting out of my ward
getting the infection.
The ICFAI University oversiy Rajawala Road,
Central Hope Town, Selaqui,
Dehradun Dehradun 248197
(Established under Section 4(2) of Phone: 0135-3003010/02
The ICFA University Act, 2003)
eritu Eth

k) T hereby undertake not to initiate any legal action for damages or any other criminal
action of any nature whatsoever against the University authorities and management in the event of
my ward or anyone else contacting COVID-19 and consequences thereof.

() My ward has been advised to upload Arogyasetu App. in his/her mobile.

(m) Hostel. I understand that the choice of hostel is entirely mine. The University is
just a facilitator and shall in no circumstance be held responsible for any reason in case of
unsatisfactory service whether cOVID-19 related or any other.


father/mother/guardian of
Studying in Institute/School Programe
Year Semester Enrollment No.
ofthe ICFAI University in agree to abide by all the points stated above concerning COVID-19.
Or related issues as amended/updated from time to time by the University and communicated via ERP,
SMS, e-mail or whatsApp to students and parents. I hereby certify that my ward is not COVID-19
positive and my ward has my consent to attend the University. I accept and declare that though the
University is taking all possible measures to check possibilities of infection yet in case my ward get
infected he/she will back to University only when he/she is completely cured from COVID-19 and is
certified accordingly.

Name of Parent Mr/Mrs/Ms Sign with date

charges tor the hostel accommodation Hostel Fee for the Year 2020-21
and mess for the empanelled hostels is as given below and the same is payable directly to the Hostel and conditions.
S. Name of the hostel
Contact No
owners as per
per specified

specified te
Fee for the year 2020-21
Seats Available Single Occupancy Twin Triple Sharing Mode of
Web link of the hostel
Nest Hospitality Girls9810304981 Sharing
Hostel 37
Rs.12,000/ Rs 10,000/ Rs 9,000/-
Sweet Home Girls
Hostel 8171236948 NA NA Rs 7500/- http://sweethomegirlshostel.com/
Divya Kunj Girls 9012011333
Hostel NA NA Contact to Hostel
Yearly https://m.facebook.com/divyakunidehradun/posts/2ref=content_filter

Bhawna Girls Hostel

Remt nav=0&refsre=https2%3A%2F62 Fm.facebook.com2Fpg%2F
divyakunjdehraduno2FpostSY%2F%3Fref%3Dcontent filter& rdr
9997170440 40 NA 10,000/- 9,000/- http://www.bhawnahostel.in/
Love Kush Girls Monthly
9758133535 80 NA 10,000/- 9,000/
Hostel Monthly https://www.facebook.com/storyphp?story fbid=10244071 1374155
Stanza living Girls 8799772455 70 NA NA
Hostel 13125/ Monthly https://www.stanzaliving.com/dehradun/pg-hostel-in-
Stanza Living Boys 8799772455 116
NA 13650/- NA Monthly https://www.stanzaliving.com/dehradun/pg-hostel-in-

pondha malefpattaya-house
8 Home in the city 9967677456 250
Boys Hostel Type 1-17,250/-
to 14,250/
Type 1-14,500/
to 12,750/-
Triple type 1 Monthly
12,900/-to 11,650/-
Type 2-20,000/- Type 2-15,500/-to Quad - 11,650 to rev1&v=1130.9.21.armó4&biw=360&bih=709&hleen
to 16,250/ IN&cds=0&sxSTf=ALeKk00KoVzNZ3t]7¢YhYm3G4wulgcPapg16
11,750/ 10,350/-
1&source=sh/x/kp/local&entrvpoint=sh /x/kp/local
9 Samarth Boys Hostel 9717712113 49 NA
16000/ 14000/- Monthly https://www.facebook com/2221222821759562/
10 Saivatika Boys Hostel 8077340994 52 12500/- 10,000/- 9000/- Monthly https://www.facebook.com/sai.vatika.921
11 Sunrise Boys Hostel 9548339298 67 NA NA 9000/ Monthly http://www.hostelsunrise.com/en-us

. NA: Not available

2. Hostel Accommodation is available on first-come, first-served basis. The students are advised to see the hostels and take a decision as per their choice.
3. Contact details of warden girls and boys hostels Mr, SANJEEV BISHT- 8218047561,

9412941989.Ms, ATULYA VERMA -9837303370.