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spoken in ""

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" Making Out in, Korean

Revised Edition

by Peter Constantine revised by Gene Balk

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Introduction 4
I. What's upr II
2. Basic Phrases 20
.3. Got a Minuter 24
4. Hey There! 29
5. Look at that! 34
6. Coming and Going 36
7 .. Eat, Drink, Be Merry! 41
8. I like It! 48
9. Curses & Insults 56
10. Party Talk 64
IL Getting Serious 76
12. On the Phone 78
11,3. Lover's Language 80
14. Farewell 90 Introduction

Making Out in Korean introduces a colloquial form of spoken Korean, which you would not learn at any formal language course. It gives you an edge when maneuvering through the ins and outs of everyday life in Korean.

Unlike English, Korean has several speech levels that are formally codified. Age, social standing or the degree of intimacy you have with the person being addressed determines the level of politeness you should adopt. The different speech levels are marked by the verb endings placed at the end of sentences. Needless to say. you are required to use the polite form with strangers, your seniors and to those of a higher social status. However as your relationship with them develops, a more relaxed and casual form of the language may be adopted.

Making Out in Korean presents the intimate and colloquial speech level of Korean that is often used among very close friends including couples. This book contains "street-Korean" in addition to derogatory and vulgar expressions to enrich your spoken Korean!

Apart from the "Curses and Insults" section, any words requiring caution are marked and coupled with explanations to avoid misuse. Although most of this phrase book adopts an intimate and colloquial style of speech. selected expressions

Introduction 5

are presented in the polite (informal) form, when necessary, and are marked in brackets. The polite (informal) form of Korean is achieved by attaching -yo at the end of intimate speech forms, which usually end in -0 or -eo.

Care should be taken not to jump the gun before a relationship has matured. Using an informal or vulgar speech level in the wrong social context would be considered extremely insulting to a Korean person. To be on the safe side. refrain from adopting such levels of speech until the other party initiates it or both parties have reached a mutual agreement to do so.

Basic Grammar

The Korean language follows the word order of SubjectObject-Verb as opposed to the word order (Subject-VerbObject) of English. Verbs are placed at the end of sentences, a position that reflects its importance in Korean grammar.

I am going to school. 2{.J:il 7~.

Literally means "School go:'

hak-Jdcyo gao (Statement) hahk-kkyo gah.

Another salient feature of spoken Korean is that any element of the sentence may be omitted except the verb as long as you can clearly gather from the context what is being talked about. As a result, a single verb can be a complete sentence in Korean as indicated by the third example below.

Go to school! ~.:Li!. 7~.

literally means "School go."

hak-kkyo gal (Command) hahk-kkyo gah!

6 Making Out in Korean

Let's go to school. ~jj! 7~,

literally means "School go."

Are you going? '~7

Literally means "Go]"

hak-kkyo go. (Suggestion) hahk-kkyo gah.

go? (Question) gah?

Going to school! (You're joking!)

~jj! 7H hak.kkyo gao (Exclamation) hahk-kkyo gah.

In Korean, the same sentence structure can be used for both sentences and statements. The following examples illustrate that by merely substituting the question word "where" with "school" changes a question into a declarative statement

Where are you going? Oi. CI .7~7

literally means "Where go?"

I am going to school.! 7L

literally means "School go,"

erdi ga? (Question) erdee gah?

hak-kkyo go. (Statement) hahk-kkyo gah.

Expressions in the intimate form of speech can be converted into the polite (informal) form by simply adding -yo at the end, which usually end in -0 or -ee:

hak-kl<yo gao (Intimate level of speech) hahk-kkyo gah.

literally means "School go."

Introduction 7

hak.kkyo gayo.

(Informal polite level of speech) hahk-kkyo gahyo.

Literally means "School go."

Reading Romanized Korean

Two systems are used to show the pronunciation of the Korean phrases in the ordinary English alphabet.

The upper line on the right of the page follows the official Revised Romanizatlon of Korean prepared and authorized by the Korean government in 2000. The letters used in this transcription have to be pronounced in a certain way only: they should not be treated like the letters in English which have different sounds in different words. for example the a in 'apple,' 'father,' 'syllable' and 'date.'

Because it can at first be quite difficult for English speakers to read rornanized Korean correctly, an approximate phonetic equivalent, designed to reflect the closest English equivalent to each Korean sound, is given in a second line underneath the official transcription of each phrase. Where necessary. a hyphen (-) is used to mark a syllable boundary so that any confusion in pronunciation is avoided.

Each phrase is also written in Korean script immediately under the English equtvalent on the left of the page, so that if you have difficulty in making yourself understood by following the romanized versions you can show the book to the person you're talking to and they will be able to read what you mean.

8 Making Out in Korean


( I ) Simple consonants

..., g,k L n c d,t

As Ong =i

:u. p "i; h

(2) Double consonants

1'1 kk tt: tt Ijll pp

2 r,1 ;j;: ch

Dm ~k

t::I b,p E t

)J.. S5

Most of the consonants are pronounced as in English except the tensed (double) consonants.

Double Consonants

There isn't much problem pronouncing romanized Korean except the tensed (double) consonants that require a relati.vely strong muscular effort in the vocal organs without the expulsion of air.

English kk





Korean 11

Approximate in English as in "',ski," usky"

as in "steak," "sting" as in "speak:' "spy" as in "sea," "sir"

1111 M. ]J:.

as in "bridge," "midget" (similar to a.tutting sound in an exhaling way)


(J) Simple vowels

~ a ~ eo .L 0 T u - eu

H ae ~I e

Introduction 9

(2) Diphthongs

~ ya ~ yeo . ..LI.. yo 4 wa wae 19. wo ,-J wi

EngUsh Korean
a (ah) ~
eo (er) ~
o (aw) .L
U (00) T
eu (oh)
j (ee) I
ae (a) H
e (e) ~I
oe (we) J..I
ya (yah) ~
yeo (yaw) ~
yo (yo) ..LI..
yu (yu) 1T
yae (ya) H
ye (ye) ~I
wa (wah) .J.}
wae (wa) -41
wo (wo) T~
wi (wi) ,-J
u.i (ooe) -l 1T yu rll we

H yae ~I ye -l ui J..I oe

Approximat.e in English as in "father"

as in "turd"

as in "fall"

as in "boo"

as in "taken"

as in "see"

as in "tad"

as in "beg"

as in "welcome" asin "yarn"

as in "yonder"

as in"yogurt" (said with a slight pull) as in "yule" (said with a slight pull) as in "yak"

as in "yes"

as in "wipe" (first vowel sound of the word; rhymes with "bah")

as in "wax"

as in "wonderful" as in the "weed"

this is a combination of 2 sounds u as in "pull" followed by eeas in


10 Making Out in Korean

The Korean writing system, Han-geul (£1~)demands that any written syllable must begin with a consonant sign. This means that even when 3. syllable begins with a vowel sound (the syllable contains no spoken consonants) you have to start the syllable wlth the zero consonant 0, which has no sound ..

o (ah) O~ U (00) Sf oe (a) oH
eo (er) Oi eu (oh) 0 e (e) 011
o (aw) .2 ; (ee) 01 oe (we) £j What's Up?



Howareyoul ~&So~A-IIR 7

onnyeonghoseyo?* ahn·nyawng-hah~seyo?

I'm fine, thanks. And you? ne, annyeonghoseyo?

L.-II, ~'c3o~A-IJR7 ne, ahn-nyawng-hah-seyo?

AnnyeQnghaseyo? ~'c'lt;fAjIR?is a greeting that asks about the other person's well-being or good health. This expression can be used at any time O'f the day as "Good morning,' "Good afternoon," "GO'O'd evening," "Hi," "HeIlO'." or "How's it gO'ing!" The common response is simply Ile. Qllnyeongluueyol L.~I, ~'c'lt;fAiI2?_

How do you do? j;:l;;~?:!.! ~ q r:~.

,heo-eum boep-kket.sseumnida.

cher'Ohm bwep-kket-ssohm-nee-dah.

What's new?

~~ ~]qR?

byeoml eoMjiyol byawlleel erjrjeeyo?

-Nothing much. .:::lAi.:::l2.HR.

geujeo geuraeyo • goh-jer goh-rayo.

-Things are hard. § ~~OiR.

jom himdeureoyo. jawm heem-dohr-eryo.

-Things are busy. a I:l~U~~R.

jom baptloyo. jawm bah..ppah-yo.

How have you been? R:;; 0i%l:;tJ1 XILHA-IJR?

yojeum eotteoke jlnaeseyo? yo-johm ertter·ke jeena-seyo7

12 Making Out in Korean

-I've been fine, thanks. ~ XILHR.

jell jinaeyo. jahljeenayo.


How are you doing? ~ ~SjOf?

jol isseosseol jahl eess-ersser?

Yo. what's up?

O~, ~. ~SjLf7

yaJ jal isseonnya? yah,jahl eess-ernnyah?

Dude, what's up? AH}]I, ~ ~S'iLf?

saekkiJ jell isseonnya?* sokkee, jahl eess-ernnyah?

jtJs,ik. jal isseonnyo?*

jah-seek, jahl eess-ernnyah? "'Saekld"baby animal" and.jasik "human baby" are used in Korean slang the way "asshole" is used in American English. When said to one's closest friends, they can be expressions of affection - but handle with care.

H.ow·ve you been?

Of~)jl ;i:1~Of?

eotteoke jineresseo? ertterke jee-nasser?

-I'm fine.


jeri isseosseo. jahl jee-nasser.

Have you been doing OK? jaljinaesseo?

~ x] ';:H Oi? jah/jee-nasser?

What's Up~ 13

-Yeah.manl =:l2.H, 01 X~-6J O~!

Handle with care.

Where did you go? Of cl3:J:S'i Of ? .

It's been a while. .2. £!!12! 0 I 0 L

-Yeah! =:li:!.H!

-Yeah, it's been ages. =:l eH, .2.~ I2!O I 0 L

How's Peter/Mary? :iII E-j / tJll2.1 ~~ Of ?

geuroeJ j jasiga! gohra, ee Jahseegah!

eocfigasseosseol er-dee gahsser-sser.?

oruenm(miya. awran-mahnee-yah

geurae! goh-ra!

geuroe, oroenmoniya. goh-ra, awran-mahnee-yah.

Peter/Mary jed .;s5e01 Peter/Mary jahl eeser?

-Yeah, Peter/Mary is fine. eung, (Peter/Mary) jal ;sseo. ~, (:ITI Ej / !DlI2.I) ~ ~ oj, ohng, (Peter/Mary) johl eesser:

The subject is oftenomltted when it is clearly understood from the context.

How are Peter and Maryl Peter haro Mary Jol isseo? :ITIE:.~ o~ ~ OJ[ 2.[ ~ ~ OJ ? Peter hah-gaw MaryjahI eesser?

. Yeah, 'Peter and Mary are fine.

g , (:ITI E1o~ ~ Dl!2.1) ~ ~Oi.

Anything new with Peter/Mary? :iIIEI/DlI2.1 ~ '§!ru.Oi ?

""":Yeah,. helshe's doing fine.

g, ~'§!ru.Oi.

eung, (Peter hogo Mary) Ja' isseo.

ohng, (Peter hah-gaw Mary) jahl eesser?

Peter/Mary byeolli' eopseo? Peter/Mary byawlle/lerpser?

eung, byeollileopseo. ohng, byawllee/erpser.

14 Making Out in Korean

-Yeah, he/she's OK. ~, ~ A:ILH.

-Yeah, he/she's doing so-so.

~, .:lA:l :r 2.H.

What's wrong, man? 211 .:12.H, ~D~7

Handle with care.

-Nothing's wrong with me.

O~!f-3j£ O~L-Io~.

eung. jell jinae. ohng, jahl jeena.

eung, geujeo geume. ohng, goh-jer goh-ra.

wae geurae, imma? wa goh-ra, eem-mah.

amugeot-tto aniya. ahmoogert-taw ahnee-yah.

What are you doing here? eojjeon iriya?

O{~ <gJ 01 O~? erjjern eereeyah?

-Nothing special. _, L-~

..... 0.

Really? ~~7

geunyang. goh-nyahng.

jeongmol? jerng-mahl?

What's Up! 15

Are you serious? ~M~?

Oh, yeah? .:12H7

You're lying! 7i~~!

Are you lying? 7i~~OIA:17

Don't lie! 7-j~~ DH

Stop lying!

7-j~~ o~A:1 DH .:1~ fiHI

What? ¥P

Huh? O-j7

I don't believe itl ~~ T- 7~ ru.0i!

Why? 2117

Why not? .2" o~L-Jo~?

You're joking! ~EtOIA:1 !

You're not joking? ~g 0~L-IAI7

jinjja? jeen-jjah?

geurae? goh-ra?

geojinmal! ger-jeen-mahl!

geojinmarij;? geryeen-mahree-jee?

geojinmal mal gerjeen-mahl mah!

geojinma' geuman hoel ger-jeen-mahl goh-mahn hal

mwo? mwo?

eoh? erh?

mideul su ga eopseo! meed-ohl 500 gah erpser!

wae? wa?

wae an;ya1 wa ah-nee-yah?

nongdamiji! nawng-eJahmee-jee!

nongdom anij;? nawng-dahm ahnee-jee?

What's Up! 17

1 6 Making Out in Korean

I'm not joking. nongdom onlyo. I don't care. sang-gwan ern here.
~@ O~L..lo~. nawng"CIahm ahnee-yah. ~.:gt. ~. "5H. sahng-gwahn ahn ha.
He/She's joking! nongdomiget-jji! It's got nothing to do namng sang-gwan eopseo.
-5@OI~AI! nawng"CIahm-eeget-Jjee! with me. nah-rahng sahng-gwahn erpser.
q~ ~-t:!- ~01.
Are you making fun nollinyo?
of me? naw/lee-nyah7 I'm not interested. gwansim eopseo.
~2.14? .:gt.~ ru. 01. gwahn-seem erpser
I guess so. geureoket-jli. I think that's it. geugeoya.
:::1~~AI . goh-rerket-Jjee. :::17~ OL goh-ger-yah.
Maybe. geureol klceoya. I think this is it. Igeoyo.
:::1~ 7-Io~. goh-rer! kkeryah. OI7~oL ee-ger-yah.
Maybe not. onil klceoyo. You're crazyl neo micheo-sseol
O~~ 7~O~. ah-neel kker-yah. Ll DI~Oi I ner mee-cher-sser!
That's impossible. moldo an dwae! Damn! jeglmll
~.r. ~ £II! mahJ.<law ahn dwa! xiI71;g-! je-gee-roh!
You can't do that. geureoken motae. That's right. mojo.
:::1. ~ {!! ~. '5H. goh-rerken mawta. ~o~. mahj-ah. I' 8 iMaking Out in Korean

Is this it? oI71o~?

This is it. OI710~.

Sure. =r~.

It.'s true. ~l,1;~O~.

I understand.

~'il:Oi .

No problem. ~A-jl ~Oi.

I like it! :;;;:oH

-Me, too.


OKI ~O~! ~'il:01 !

*Literally means ".1 know."

Yol O~!

Handle with care,

Great! ~o~!

Literall,y means "I. like it."

igeoya? ee-geT-yah?

igeoya. ee-ger-yah.

geureom. goh-rerm.

jinjjaya. jeen-jjah"yah.,

arasseo. ahrahsser.

munje eopseo. moonje erpser.

joa! jaw-ahl

nado. nahdaw;

joa! jaw-ah! arasseol* ahrahsser!

yo! yah!

joa! jaw-ah!

What's Up! 19

I hope so =r2f&J 1::1 ~ 2.K .

It's risky. .!fI~5H.

Cheer up.

~ 41.

Smile ~ot !2} ..

geureogil barae. gohrer-geel bahra.

wieomhae. wierm-ha.

him nee, heem no.

usee bwa, ooser bwah.


o 00 o

Basic Phrases


Yes. L~1.

<:> O.

N.o. o~L-I.2.. O~L-I.

Right. gto~.

What? !j!~?

ne. (polite) ne.

eung .. (intimate) ohng

anio. (poUte) ahneeaw.

ani. (intimate) ahnee.

maJa. mahjah.

mwo.? mwo?

Basic Phrases 21

Who? .!:r~?

nugu? noogoo?

Where? Ojq?

·eodi? erdee?

When? ~Ail?

eonje? ernie?

Why? £~?

woe? wa?

H.ow? OJ'~71I?

eotteoke? ertterke?

Which? Oj~ 717

eotteon geo? erttern ger?

Whose? .!:r::r 7i?

nugu .kk.eo? noogoo kker?

This. OI7~.

igeo. eeger.

That. A17~ . .:l7~ ..

;eogeo. (something over there) jerger.

geugeo. (something close to the listener)


Here. oPI.

yeog.;. yawgee.

There. API. 7171.

jeogi. (over there) jergee.

geogi. (dose to the listener) gohrerl kkeryah.

22 Making Out in Korean

Maybe. ::I~ 7-10~.

geureo/ldceoya. gohrerl kkeryah.

Maybe not. o~~ 7-10~.

anilldceoya. ahneel kkeryah.

I q

no nah

You Li

ne~ ner

He/She All


jyoe (used in Q person's presence) jya

gyoe (used;n a person's absence) gya

We uri
¥2.1 ooree.
You (plural) neonedeul
Li L~I ~ nernee-dohl.
They jyaenedeul
All Lil ~. jyane-dohl Basic Phrases 23

Don't! -oP::1 D.!

Please. Ail~.

Thank you. YA.t[L.Ic. •. .:ilO • .5j1-t

Can I have this? 017-1 7.A~.s:. ~?

How much is this? 017, ~o.OjIR?

That's not cheap. ~PH o.L-IOjIR.

That's too expensive! Li!j!- 1::I1.J.4 R!

I'm not buying this. 017-1 ~ ~ 7-1 OjIR.

Make it cheaper and I'll buy it.

% CiAlH:! ~]jIR.

hoji mol hahJee mah!

jebol. jebahl.

gomsohamnida (polite). gahmsoh-hahm-needoh. gomawo (intimate). gawmahwo.

igeo gajeodo dwae? eeger gohjer.<Jaw dwa?

igeo eo/mayeyo? (polite) eeger erlmah-yeyo?

ssange anieyo. (polite) ssahn ge ahneeeyo.

neomu bissayol (polite) nermoo bee-sohyo!

igeo an sol Idceoyeyo. (polite) eeger ahn sahl kkeryeyo.

jom deo ssa~myeon salldc.eyo. (polite)

jawm der ssah-myawn sohl-kkeyo.

Got a Minute?

3 moment. N~~ 7Ic~2f.

jamkkanman gidaryeo. jahm-kkahn-mahn geedah.ryaw ..

When? <t\Ail?

eonjel ernje?

Till when? ~A1ImAI?

eonie kkaj;? ernje kkahjee?

Whattimel lJ.'!. "'loll?

myeot~ssie? myawt-sseee?

Am I too early?

q Lf!¥- ~~ ~AI?

no neomu iliiik wat~iii?

nah nermoo ee/jjeek waht-jjee?

Got a Minute! 25

Is it too late? Ll~~~AI7

When is it good for you? 'C!Ai17 ~ ~ O~?

neomu neujeot-jji? nermoo nohjert-jjee?

eonjega jo~? ernjegah jaw.ah?

What time is good for youl myeot~ssigo jo01

~ AI7 ~ ~ 0 ~ ? myawt·ssee--gah jaw-ah?

How about later?

q.g.oJl OjIT/l?

How about tomorrow?

L/1 <gJ OJ crij ?

How about the day after tomorrow?


When can leome? q 'C! };il :7 ~£ £Il7

When can we go?

-¥- 2.1 'C! Ail ~ 4' ~ OJ ?

What time do we arrive? -¥-2.1 ~ AloJl .£~~H?

.nojung~ eottoe? nahjoong-e ertta?

naeil eottae? naeee! ertta?

more eottae? mawre ertta?

no eonje gado dwae? nah ernje gahdaw dwa?

uri eonie gal su isseo? coree ernje gahl soo eesser?

uri myeot-ssie dochoke? ooree myawt-sseee daw-chahke?

What time wiUwe be ba.ckl uri eonje ijeum dora wa?

¥-2.1 '2:! Ail ~ ~o~ .2} 7 aoree ernje jjahm dawrah wah?

Are you ready? ~tll~Oj7

When will you doitl <t\A-li ~ 7iO~7

When will you be done? ~A-II ~~.4' ~Oj7

junbi dwaesseo? joonbee dwasser?

eonie hal kkeoya? ernje hah! kkeryah?

eonje kkeunnoel su isseo? ernje .kkohn"nal sao eesser?

26 Making Out in Korean

How long will it take? ~D~q ~2n

eolmana geollyeo? erlmoh-nah gerllyaw?

-It'll be done soon. s'M ~ 710~.

geumbang dwoel kkeoya. gohm-bahng dwwel kkeryah.

Not now.

AI~:= ~~.

Before. .:J.~ 011.

Next time. C~:;i 011.

I don't know. ~~~.

I don't know when.

<C!.Xil cgJAI ~2.L

jigeumeun on dwae. jeegoh-mohn ahn dwo.

geuJeone. goh-jerne.

da-eume. doh'"<)hme.

molla. mawllah

eonje iljji molta. ernje eeljjee mawl-Iah.

Got a Minute? 27

I don't know now.

Als.§ ~c~.

I'm not sure.

~~-c;1 ~~~.

Sometime (later). c~ g 011.

Any time's OK. O~.!f.ctflq ~O~.

Every day~ DH cgJ

I .

You decide when. L-{17~ <C!@AI iH:l ~H.

Whenever you want. Li17~ ~i5~:: ~o£ oK.

OK,let's meet then.

.:J. %I, .:::r rrtI '2J- q .

Let's go! 7~A~ !

Let's go for it. ~ ~ '5H .!i!.A~.

Hurry up. ~cl~2.I.

Let's start again. c~AI i5~AL

Let's continue.

III ~ i5~.A~ .

jigeumeun molla. Jeegoh-mohn mawl-lah

hwak-ssiri molla. hwahk-sseeree mawI-lah.

da-eume. da~hme.

omuttaena joa. ahmoo-ttanah jaw-ah.

maeil. mueel.

nlga eonjen}; gyeo'iJeonghae. neegah ern-jenjee gyawl-jjerng-ha.

nlga wonhaneun goseuro hoe. neegah won-hohnohn gowsoh-row ha.

geureom. geuttae manno . gohrerm. gohtto mahnnah.

gaJo! gahjah!

han beon hoe bojo. hahn bern ha bawjah .

ppalli "po iii. ppahllee ppahlee.

das; halo. dahsee hahjah.

gyesokaja. gyesaw-kahjah.

28 Making Out in Korean

Yeahl O~!

yo! yah!

ppalli holldce. ppah-lee hahl-kkee.

I'll do it quickly. '!!1[2..1 %1-711.

I'll finish soon.

EW ~';i;!}jl,

geumbang Idcennaelldce. gohm-bahng kken-nalkke.

Finished? ~X1:0i7

Idceunnasseo? kkohn-nahsser?

-I'm finished. ~X1:Oi .

Idceunnasseo. kkohn-nahsser.

Hey There!


Listen to what I'm saying! LH ~ % ~Oi .I;l.j-l

Listen to him/her.

AI! ~. %~OI!i!.1-.

Listen to them.

Al!L·1I ~ ~ % ~OI .I;l.j-.

Did you hear me? LH ~ ~.5Zi0l7

Can you hear me? LH ~ ~2=1?

ne mal jom deureobwa! ne mahl jawm dohrerbwah!

jyae mal jom deureobwa. jya mahr jawm dohrerbwoh.

jyaenedeul mal jom deureobwa. jyan-edohl mahl jawm dohrerbwoh.

nae mal deureosseo? no mohl dohr-ersser?

nae mal deullyeo? no mohl dohl-lyow?

Literally means "Can you hear my voice clearly!"

Do you understand?


arasseo? ahr-ahsser?

Do you understand, or not? arasseo, mo.llasseo?

WitOi I ~~Oi 7 ahr-ahsser, mowl-Iahsser?

Can you understand me? 41 ~ 01'5H'5H7

-I don't understand. 01 'CiH7~ ~ !r#.

I didn't understand. ~ ~~oj.

nae mal iaehoe? no mohl eeoho?

ioegaan dwae. eeagah ohn dwa.

jot mollasseo. jahl mawl-Jahsser.

30 Making Out in Korean

I couldn't understand. OI5H~ ? 7~ ru~01.

What? il-n

What did you say? 1j!-~ 2.~.:il ~ 01 ?

I don't understand what you're saying.

-9-2 ~~AI £ 23101.

Don't say such things. .::lEi ~ "5~AI D~.

iaehal 55U ga eopseos.seo. eeahahl ssoo gah erps-ersser.

mwo? mwo?

mworago haesseo? mwo-rahgaw hasset?

museun .marinj; moreugesseo. moo-sohn mahr-eenjee mawroh-gesser.

geureon mal haji mo. gohrern mahl hahjee mah.

Hey There! 3 I

You shouldn't say things like that.

.:lEi ~~ "5~121 ~ .xjj.

Did you say that? L~17~ .:::z.~017

You said that, right? l~17~ .::l~AI?

I didn't say that.

t± :J.Ej ~ et ~ ~Oj.

I didn't say anything. t± O~-9-~.I. <z! ~Oi.

I didn't tell anyone. o~1f.etE11 . .I. ~ <z! ~01.

Let's speak Korean!

et~~.£ "5~A~!

literally means "Let's do it in Korean."

Can you speak Korean? et~w "5~A'IIR 7

Let's talk. 0"71 E- "5~A~.

Let's talk more. ':::::'~'2! [~ OH7I"5~A~.

geureon mareun hamyeon on dwae.

gohrern mahrohn hah-myawn ahn dwa.

nigo geuraesseo? neegah goh-rasser?

nigo geuraet-jji? neegah gohrat-jjee?

nangeureon mal han jeok eopseo.

nahn gohrern mahl hahn jerk erpser.

nan amumaldo an haes.seo. nahn ahmoo-mahldaw ahn hasser.

amuhantedo mal an haesseo. ahmoo-hahntedaw maht ahnhasser.

han-gungmallo haja! hahn-goong-mahllaw hahjah!

han-gungmal haseyo? (polite) hahn-goong-maht hahseyo? hon-gungmal hoe? (intimate) hahn-gaong-mahl hal

yaegl jom haja. yagee jawn hahjah.

jogeumman deo yaegihaja. jawgohm-mahn der yagee-hahjah.

Look at That! 5

Look! SiI-!

Look at this! 0!7-I ~ SiI-!

Don't lookl .!i!.;J;:! DH

Don't look at this/thatl 017~ 1·;J;:i:7-j .!l!AI D~!

Can you see it? .!l!O:j ?

-I can see it dearly. ~ !i!.o~.

-I can't see it.

~ ~ . .!l!O:j.

Did you see that? Ai71 ~ot?

Did you see it? :171 ~o-j?

-I saw it. :17-1 ¥.tot.

-I didn't see it. ::J.71¥ WO!,

bwal bwah!

igeo Jom bwa! eegerjawm bwah I

bClji mol bawjee moh!

igeo/jeogeo boji mal eegerljerger bawjee mah I

boyeol bawyaw?

jal boyeo. jahl bawyaw.

jal onboyeo. jahl ahn bowyow.

ie~geo bwosseo? Jerger bwahsser?

geugeo bwosseo? gohger bwahsser?

geugeo .bwasseo. gohger bwahsser.

geugeo mot bwasseo. gohger mawt bwahsser;

Look at That! 3S

I. don't want to see it. .!i!.jl ~;J;:I 8!o~.

Did you see linjul :S-9- Wo!?

I want to see you soon.

q L-j ~2.1 .!i!.4l. 1.! OJ,

Are you going to .meet Junju soon?

iSl-9- E '2J~ 71 O~?

-I'm going to m.eet Junju soon.

B-9- ~ '2J~ 7-j OL

Did you meet John? e '2JXJ: o-j ?

-I m.etJohn. e'2JXJ:o-j .

Well, we meet again. o-j, EE ll!

bogo sip~jji ana • bdwgaw seep-jjee ahnah .

Jinju bwasseo? jeenjoo bwohsser.?

no ne~ ppalli bogosipeo.

nah ner ppahllee bawgaw-seeper.

Jinjugol mannal Id<eoya? jeenjoo gawt mahnnahl kkeryoh?

jinju got manned kkeoya. jeenjoo gawt mohnnahl kkeryah.

John mannasseo? john mahn·nahsser?

John mannasseo. John mahn-nahsser.

eo, tto monnane. er,ttow mahn-nahne.

Coming and Going


Come herel 012:1 2.}!

in waf eeree wah!

Come over here! 012.1£ 2.}!

iriro waf eereeraw wah!

Come later .•

H~OII 2.},

najung-e wa. nahjoong-.e wah,

Can you come?

~ 9 9l0i?

01 ssu isseo? awl.ssoo eesser?

Com.e with me. HW ~oI7~,

narang gachiga. nah-rahnggah<heegoh,

Coming and Going 37

He/She's coming here. 7H ~71 ~ :rlo~,

They are coming here. 7MLil~ OPI ~ 7iN,

I'll go soon.

~ ~ 7-joL

I'll come over soon.


I can go.


I think I can go.

.y 9 ~~ 7-l ~oH.

I can't go.

§'; 7~,

I want to go. L} 7~.:il~0i.

Do you want to go? L:j 7 ~ .:il~ 017

Do they want togo? 7ML-I1 ~ 7~.:il 1l01iiH?

I want to go to Seoul. L} Ai~7~.i!. 1101.

I really want to go. q ~~ 7~1!. 1l01.

I don.'t want to go. L} 7~.J1 ~AI ?Jo~.

gyae yeo,i olkkeoyo. gya yawgee awl kkeryoh.

gyaenedeul yeog; 01 kkeoya. gyane-dohl yawgee awl kkeryah.

got ,01 kkeoya. gawt gahl kkeryah.

gotgolkke. gawt gohlkke.

gal.ssu Isseo. gohl ssco eesser,

gal.ssu .isseul geo gatae . gahlssoo eessohl ger gahta.

mot-.kka. mawt-kkah,

nagago sip eo.

nah gahgaw seeper.

neo gago sipeo? ner gohgow seeper?

gyaenedeul ga:go sipeohae? gyo-nedohl gahgaw seeper-ha?

no seoul ,ago .sipeo. nah serool gahgaw seeper.

no jeongmal gogo .sipeo. noh jerng-mahl gahga seeper,

ncr gogo 5i""']JI

nah gahgaw seep-jjee ahnoh,

38 Making Out in Korean

I really don't want to go. LI- ~ ~ 7~~ ~AI 3[OL

You're going, right? Li ~ 7~AI?

I'm going. q ~ 7'O~,

I'm not going. LI- ~ ~ 7'10~,

I didn't go LI- ~ :ll0l,

Don'tgol 7~.AI D~I

Don't go yeti o~~ .7~AI D~I

I have to go.

LI- AlE 7~O~ !rIl.

I must go now.

LI- AlE ~ 7~O~ X/l.

May I go? .q 7 ~ .s:.XII?

I'm going/leaving. q Ll-c~.

Shall we go? ~cl ~m?

no jeongmol gogo sip-jji ana. nah jerng-mahl gahgaw seep-Dee ahnah.

neo gof Ickeoji? ner gahl kkerjee?

no gal Ickeoyo. nah gahl kkeryah.

nei an gallckeoyo. nah ahn gahl kkeryah.

no on gosseo. nah ahn gahsser.

gaji mal gahJee mah!

ojik goji mol ahjeek gahjee mah!

no }igeum goyo dwoe. nah jee-gohm gahyah dwa.

nojigeum Ickok gayo dwoe. nah jee-gohm kkawk gahyah dwa.

no gado dwae? nah gahdaw dwa?

no gondo. nah gahndah.

uri go/lcko? ooree gahlkkah?

Coming and Going 39

Let's go! 7~A~1

Let's get outa herel q7~AH

Let's split! ~OlAI;q!

goja! gahjah!

nogojo! nah-gahjah!

heuteojijo! hohter-jeejah!

40 Making Out in Korean

He/She left. 7" [[;j~oj.

gyae tteonasseo. gya tter·nahsser.

Stay here! ~71 ~oj I

yeogi isseol yawgee eesser!

Where are you going? L~ ojc]7~7

ne~ eod; go?' ner erdee gah?

Go slowly. ~~EI 7~.

cheoncheoniga. chern-chernee gah.

Eat, Drink, - M .. I Be . erry.


I'm hungry. q I:lHJlTI.~.

I,'m starving. t:lH.::ilTI.~ ~3:!l. oj .

na baegopa. nah bagaw..pah.

baegopa juk.kk.esseo. bagaw-pah jook·kkesser.

Utetally means "I'm dying from hunger; I'm going crazy from hunger:'

Have you eaten? L~ ~ ~91oj7

-I haven"t eaten yet.

o~~ ~ ~~oj.

Do you want to eat something?

~~ ~ l£i ~ 2.H7

I'd like to eat something.

q ¥l .~. l£iJl ~,oj.

.00 you. want some more? c'j l£i ~ 2.H7

I'm thirsty. q ~W2.~.

neo bap meogeosseo? ner bahp merg..ersser? meogeosseo. ahjeek ahn merg-ersser.

mwo jom meogeullae? mwo jawm merg-ohllo?

no mwo jom meok.-kk.o .sipeo. nah mwo jawn merk.kkow.seeper.

dec meogeulloe? der merg-ohllo?

na mongmalla.

nah mawng"mahllah.

I want to drink some beer. no maek.jju masigo sipeo.

q gjj2jS. o~AI.::il4!. ol. nah mok-jjoG mah-seegaw seeper.

I: want some liquor .. L~ ~. o~AI.::il ~oj,

no suI masigo sipeo.

nah 5001 mah.seegow seeper;

42 Making OUt in Korean

Try some ..• (beverage) .. , a D~A9 ~.

Korean vodka .A. :7C


MUd, milky rice liquor Ilf~ 2.1

... jom mosyeo bwa.

. " jawm mahsyaw bwah .

soju sawjoo

mak .. kkeolli mahk-kker/lee



Wine ¥.x-9'

Plum wine DH~.?f'-

This tastes too weird. ~Ol ~71~H.

I think this has gone bad. 0171 ~e1 71 ~oH.

moek-jju mak-jjoo

podoju pawdawcjoo

maesiljju massel-jjoo

mas; sin-gihae. mahsee seen-geeha.

igeo sang-han geo gafae. eeger sahng-hahn ger gahta.

Eat. Drink, Be Merry! 43

I think this stuff's stale. 017i g!OI l! 7-1 ~OH.

Literally means "This taste has left."

Wowl This tastes good! £I-! ~~c~.

More, morel Cl, Cl!

Do you want to drink some more?

Cl D~~2.H7

-Thank you, but I still have plenty.

O~L..I, O~~ ~ol i:f~01.

Come on, dude, have some morel

.::I.2pQ ~.=il Cl O~A9. ~D~!

Handle the expression with care.

It's on me! LH7~ ~Jil!

Literally means "I'll pay!"

How about some food? ~ Q:j.Jl ~017

Is the food ready? tgJ- ~t::Il c] ~Op

-Yeah, it's ready. :;, c] ~01.

igeo mosi gon (eo gatae. eeger mahsee gahn ger gahta .

wal masit-tta! wahl mahseet-ttahl

deo, deo! der, de'!

deo masillae? de, moh-seellol

ani, ajlk man; namasseo. ahnee. ahjeek mahnee nahm-ahsser.

geureoji malgo deo masyeo, imma!

gOhrer-jee moh/gaw de, mahsyaw, eemmahl

naega naelkke! nagah nalkke!

bop meok-kko sipeo? bahp merk-kkow seeper?

bap junbi do dwaesseo? bahp joonbee dah dwasser?

eung, do dwaesseo. ohng, doh dwasser.

44 Making Out in Korean

This is a feast! B=r~BO]L.i]._g_!

jinsuseongchonineyo! jeen.sooserng<hahnee-neyo!

A formulaic phrase used when one is inv.ited for dinner.

Try this!

0]7-1 ~ ~O-j ~!

Try that!

A-I7~ ~ ~O-j :s!.H

Dude, stuff your face! ~o~, '!l!t2.1 QjO-j I

Handle the expression with care.

That I.ooks deUcious. 9!~~c~.

Wow, it looks deliciousl 2i,9!91~cH

Oh, that smeUs good! o] ,ill AH ~ c.~ I

What's this? 0171 ¥~o~?

Taste it. 9! ~:!i!{.

What~5 it called? 017-1 01 ~Ol ¥~O~?

Is it hot? (spic.y) DH.!fn

This is boilingl ~7-I.!f~ !

Igeo Jam meogeo bw,J! eegerjawm merger bwah!

jeogeo Jom meogeo bwa! jerger jawm merger bwahl

imma, ppalli meogeo! eemmah .• ppahl-lee merger~

mosit-kket-tfa. mahseet-kkeHtah.

wa, mosit-kket, tta! wah, mahseet-kket. ttaM

ya, naemsae jota! yah •. namsa jawtah!

igeomwoya? eeger mwoyah?

mat jom .&wa. moht Jawm bwah.

.igeo ireumi mwoya? eeger eerohmee mwoyah?

maewo? mawol

tteugeowo! ttohgerwo!

Eat, Drink, Be Merry! 45

Yudd o =:!

It tastes like shit! gtal A]~ ~OH!

It's awful! gt gto-]!

I. can't eat this!

~ ~~O-j!

Water. waterl


My tongue's on fire! %l GlIA, ~Hc~!

How'd you eat this? o 17-1 O-j~ 7l1t1l Of?

eueuld ohohk!

mas; jim I gatae! mahsee jeerahl gahtal

madeopseo! mahderpser!

monmeok-kkesseo! maw·nmerk-kkesserl

mul, mul! mool, mool!

ibeseo bullanda! eebeser boollahn-dah!

igeoeotteoke meogeo? eegerertterke merger?

Are these chopsticks? aI7-!3..'!7~?fOlo.~?

igeo jeot-kkamgiyal eeger jert-kkahrahg-eeyah?

46 Making Out in Korean

Give me a. fork. .£.3. ~~.

You want a knife?


Have some bulgog;. * ~ jl71 ~ Qj 0-1. !i!{.

* Sweet and savory stir-fried beef.

I'd like to try some boshingtang. *'

q 1:2. ~ ~ ~ 0-1 .!i!_jl 1;! 0-1.

* Dog-meat stew:

Careful, that tteokbokld* is hotl

~1:liiH, ~-¥,-ol DH~~.!

pokeujwo. pawkDhjwo.

Koljulkko? kohl jool-kkah?

bulgogi jom meogeo bwa. boof..gawgi jowh merger bwah.

.no bosintong.~ bogoSipeo, bool-gawgiJawh merger .bawgaw seeper.

josimhae. tteok-ppolckJ maewo! jow-seemha,. tterk pawkkee mawo.

* Rice cake mixed with hot 'hilly paste and vegetables.

That's a dip. don't drink it! ~ o-IQj~ 71 o~,o~AIAIO~!

Give me some.

q ~ .~~.

jjigeo meongneun geoyo, mosi}i ma!

jjeeger merng·nohn gerya, moh-seejee mah!

na.Jomjwo. nah jawn jwo.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry! 47

Give me a little more. ±-a- c,! ?~.

You want more food? Cl ~ ~ 2H?

-I.'d like m.ore food. q Cl Qj~2H.

Enough? *~iiH?

-Enough! ~~aH,

jogeum deo Jwo. jaw-gohm der ]wo .

dec meogeullae? der mer-goh/la?

no dec meogeullae. nah der mer-gohIla.

chungbunae? choong-boona?

chungbunae. choong-boono.

I Like it!

- -


I like this.

q 017-1 ~ojl~OL ~O~ ..

na igeo marne deureo. (objects) nah eeger mahme dahrer.

joa. (non objects)

jaw.ah ..

I like that.

q Xi JiWGlI .~ Oi .

no jeogeo marne deureo.


nah Jerger mahme dohrer. joa. (non objects) jaw-ah.

IreaJlylike that! q ~J~ ~W ~oH

no geugeo jeongmal joa! nah gohger jern~mohl jow.ahl

I Uke It! 49

I. don't like that. q .:::I7-I {iOi.

1 don't really like it. q ~7-I ~£oL

No, thanks. -tt!.NO~R. ~~OiR.

no geugeo sireo. nah gohger seerer.

no geugeobyeolloya. nah gohger byawl./awyah.

gwaenchanayo. (polite) gwan-chahn.ahyo dwoesseoyo. (polite) dw(]sseryo

gwaenchona. gwan-chahnah. dwaesseo.


Gwaenchanayo and its more casual version gwae1!C:hona mean "It's OK." white dwoesseoyo and the casual dwaesseo mean "It's done,"

I want .•• q ... tfcH.

This 0171

That xP-i ~7i

no •••. hallae. noh .... hah/la.

igeo eeger

ie~geo (something over there) jerger

geugeo (something dose to the listener)


I want •.• (used with nouns) no got .. kko sipeo.

q ... .S!.::i1. ~ Oi . nah gaht-kkaw seeper;

I don't want ... (used with nouns)

q ... (S!71) {lOi.

A computer


no (gat-Idd) sireo.

nah (gaht-kkee) seerer.

keompyuteo kerm·pyuter

50 Making Out. in Korean



kamera kahmerah

./!It radio 2.~CI.2.

I'C/dio rahdeeaw

A video recorder l::Il CI.2.

bidio beedeeaw

Atape E11 ru

teip teeep

TV Ell::II

fib; teebee

CD Aiel

$Sid; sseedee


emdi emdee

.A mobile phone


hyudaepon hyuda.pawn

A 'laptop computer xE;~

noteubuk nawtoh-book

l Like It! 51

I don't .need that. q ::l7i i!§!R ~iOj.

I don't. need this. q 0171 i!§!R ru,Oj.

I'm busy. q ttluuf.

I'm happy. q~&'6H.

I feel good. q 71g. ~Of.

I.'mglad to know that. ~2H~Al ~(]f~4

I'm sad. q ~Ii.i.

I'm fine.

q t!!?i!fOf.

I'm afraid.

q .!j!AH~,

I'm getting sic.k of i.t! ]:;17Pf~ .

I'm ir.ritated! }:};f~q!

Man, I'mirritatedl 011 OJ , ;IAj-~q!

I'm confusedl

%~7f %{]:;I£ 2 3)[Oj!

na geugeo piryo eopseo. nah gohger peeryo erpser.

na igeo plryo eopseo. nah eeger peeryo erpsee

nabappa. nah bahppah.

na haengbokae. nah hang.bawka.

na gibun joa.

nah gee-boon jaw.ah.

allyeo jwoseo gomawo. ah/~lyaw jwoser gaw~mahwo .

naseu/peo. nah soh/per.

na gwaenchana. nah gwan<hahnah.

na museowo. nah moo-serwo.

jigyeowo! jee-gyawwol

jjajeungnal jjah.,johngnah!

ei~ jjajeungna! eee,liah-johngnah!

mwoger mwonji moreugesseo! mwogah mwonjee mawroh·gesserl

Literally means "l don't know which is which:"

52 Making Out in Korean

I'm going crazy. q []1*I~oj.

na michlgesseo. nah meechee-gesser.

I'm pissed oft!

q ~ ~il:oj!

na yeol badasseo! nah yawl bahd-ahsser!

I'm madl (angry) L+~~~oj !

na hwanasseo! nah hwah.nahsserl

I'm ready.

q ~tli c} ~oj.

na Junbi da dwaesseo. nah joon-bee dah dwasser.

I'm sleepy. q ~24.

na jollyeo. nah jawl/yaw.

I'm tired. q lil-2-O-H.

na pigonae. noh peegawna.

I Like It! 53

I'm wasted.

4 ~Oi.

no kasseo. noh kohsser.

Literally means "I left!;" too much alcohol. too many parties ...

I'm totally wasted!

q ~~c5I~oj!

I'm out of itt D-I2.17~ ~~ ~O,~.

My head's going"ping!"i.e .• it's spinning.

I'm bored! ~~oH!

I feel sick. L.~ OPI~.

I'm disappointed. q ~W~Oi.

I'm disappointed in you. q L-j~E11 ~2:t~0i.

What a drag! O~, UI-~SH!

Oh, god! (How awful!) Ail.gOlI!

What a pity! ~ ~ ~C~!

Can you do it? L-j W T ~Op

-I can do it. q W T ~Oi.

na wanjeoni gasseo! nah wohn-jernee gahsserf

meoriga bing"ing dora! mer-reegoh beeng-beeng dawro!

simsimae! seem-seemal

no apa. nah ahpah.

no sllmonghaesseo. nah seel-mahng-hosser.

no neohante silmanghaesseo. nah nerhahnte seef..mahng-hosser.

ah, ttabunae! ohh, ttoh-boona!

sesang-e! sesohng-e1

cham an dwaet-ttal chahm ahn dwat-ttahl

neo hal ssu isseo? ner hahl ssoo ees5er?

no hal ssu isseo. noh hohl S500 eesser.

54 Making OUt in Korean

,-I can't do it.

q ~oH.

na motae. noh mowto.

Sorry, I can.'t do it. 01~c5r;t;:I'21, ~ £j~0i.

mianhajiman, an doegesseo. meeohn-hahjee-mohn, ahn dawegesser.

Sorry. ~~gJ-L-lcL

I can.'t believe it. 'E:!~ 9' 7~ ruOi.

I'll do it. LIl7 ~ t} JlI.

joesonghamnido. (polite) jawe-sowng-hahmneedah. mianae.


mideul ssu ga eopseo. meedohl 5S00 gah etpser.

naega holfck.e. nogoh hohlkke.

I like It! 55

I know. ~~ <;l0i ..

I know him/her. q AM ~o~.

Do you know that? L-I .::::z./l ~o~?

Oh, you know that. L-I .:J./l ~~o~.

I don't know~ q ~2.~.

I'll think about it. a {!jZfcjH ~JlI.

I'm so confused.

L-Il¥- ~:Y2~.

I made a mistake. ~9'~0i.

Am I right? LIl7~ 9.!'O~7

Am I wrong? LH7~ ~ 2~?

algo isseo. ohlgaw eesser.

na jyoe ora. (used in person's presence)

nah jya ahrah.

na gyoe ora. (used in person's absence)

nah gya ohrah.

neo geugeo ora? ner gohger ahrah?

neo geugeo oliano. ner gohger ahljotJ..nah.

no molla. nah maw/lah.

jom saenggakoe bolfck.e. jawm sang-gahka bawlkke.

neomu het .. fck.allyeo. nermoo het-kkahllyaw.

silssuhaesseo. seeesco-ncsser,

naego mojo? nagah mahjah?

no~go teullyeo? nagah tahllyer?

Curses and Insults


What do you want? .!f~O~7

mwoyo? mwoyah?

What do you want, assholel mwoyoJ immo?

.!f~OL ~o~7 mwoyah,eemmah?

What? .!fn

What you lookin' at?

~ .5!.J-?

Anything wrong? :m-4?

You givin' me attitude? OJ¥, ~2~ !i!J?

mwo? mwo?

mwol bwo? mwol bwah?

kkomnyo? kkawm-nyah?

eojjuJ jjoeryeo bwa? erjjoo,jjaryaw bwah?

Literally means "Why an! you looking down on mel"

What are you staring at? ~ ~c~ !i!.~7

-None of your business. 'i=l"olo~.

mwol cheodo bwa? mwol cherdah bwah?

namiya. nahm-eeyah

Literally means "Other person." The idea is:"That is the kind of question you could ask yourself. but I'm not you - so it's none of your business!"

Mind your own business. -N?:! o-P::I oL

chomgyeonhoji mo. chahm-gyawhahjee mah.

Curses and Insults 57

Go away! JJ1 x~ !

Go away, man! 7}jxt ~D~!

Fuckoff! ~7]~!

kkeojeo! kkerjer!

kkeojeo. imma! kkerjer, eem-mohl

jot.kkal jawt-kkah!

Literally means "Kick penis!" From Jot, "penis," and Icka, "kick."

Excuse me? .!f~ 7

mwo? mwo?

What did you just say? ~E .!f~ 2.~.Jl ~ OJ?

banggeum mworago haesseo? bahng-gohm mwo-rahgow hosser?

Do you know who I am? LH7~ -=r2;::lq ~O~?

naega .nugunjina ara? nagoh noogoon-jeenah ahrah?


58 Making Out in Korean

Come here, I'll teach you some mannersl

»+7~AI 'iji:: A~}}lo~, 012.1 2}!

ssogoil eomneun saekklya. in wa!

ssah-gahjee erm-nohn sakkee-ya, eeree wah!

Literally means "You have no manners, baby; come here!"

Come here! 012.1 2}!

Don't joke with me! -sEt-a-~AI D~ I

Stop it! ~'2.!- "5H!

Shut upl %l ~*~ I

What're you doing? .!f~ -a-~:: ~OIO~?

What'd you hit me for? .2fl ~?

What'd you push me for? 2H ~Oi?

I'.m gonna kill youl Li ~~ ~~ :rto~.

Have you finished? c~ ~Xl:0i?

You wanna fight? ~N rrp

in waf eerree wahl

nongdamhaji rna! nawng-dahm-hahjee mah!

geuman hae! goh-mahn hal

ifJ dakcheo! eep dahkcher!

mwo haneun jisiya? mwo hah-nohn jee-seeyah?

wae cheo? wa cher?

wae mireo? wa meerer?

nee jugyeobeoril kkeoyal ner joogyaw berreel kkeryahl

do kkeunnasseo? dah kkoh-nnahsser?

mat-Jjang tteo? maht-bahng tter?

Curses and Insults 59

We gonna fight, or not? ),I,~~ .7-1 oj, ~. 71 0~7

Let's fight and see! e!- 12:! "5H ~A~~!

Ouch! O~O~!


:1.121 !

That hurts! O~li~ !

Literally means "Save a person's life!"

Don't hit .mel rrjJ2.P:::1 D ~ I

You deserve it! g[O~£ ),I,~!

Don't do it again! c~~ -a-~AIDH

Say you're sorry! A~I!~iiH I

-Sorry. DI~3Il.

$Saul kkeoyo, mal kkeoya? ssah-ool kker-yah, mahl kker-yah?

hon beon hae bojagu! hahn bern ha baw-jahgoo!

ayo! ahyahl

geumon! goh-mohn!

opel! ahpah!

sorom sallyeo/· soh-rohm sohllyaw! dowajuseyol daw-wahjooseyo!

ttaeriji rna! tta-reejee moh!

majado ssa! mohj-ohdow s.sah!

dosln hojima/ dah-seen hah-jeemoh!

s~gwohoe! sahgwah-ha!

mionhoe. mee-ahnho.

60 Making Out in Korean

You're right. L~17 ~gto~.

nega mojo. negah mahjah.

I was wrong. LjJ7~ ~~loL

naega teullyeosseo. nagah tohl-lyawss-er.

It was my fault. LH7~ ~~~Oi.

naego jalmotaesseo. nagah

Forgive me. @-A:JoH ;;;t

yongseohae jwo. yong-serha jwo.

I forgive you. @-A-j oH ~ /II.

yo.ngseohae julkke. yong-serha joolkke.

You're makin.g me laugh! 5:71Lill

ut-kk.ine! oot-kkeene!

You win. L117~ OI~Oi.

niga igyeosseo. neegah ee-gyawss-er.

. 1 lose. 4l7~ 1i0i.

no ega Jeosseo • nagah jersser.

Curses and I nsults61


I'll kick your penis! ~m!

jot-kka! jawt-kkahl

You're lower than an insect. beollemando motan saekki.

~ ClIl2l £. ¥e!- AH 771. berlle-mahrKiaw mawtahn sakkee.

Son. ofa, beggar. 71J::1 AH7JI.

geoji saekk.i. gerjee sakkee.

Son of a bitch. 7H AH'71.

gae soekki. ga sakkee.

Son of an idiot. I::I~~ AHl}1.

bobo saefdd. bahbaw sakkee.

,\ ... <"....


~~ .. *"

,;I' , " .

Fuck! MI·~!

ssiball sseebahll

Fuckyou! MI~E! MJ~ t,j!

s$ibal nom! (to male) ssee-bahl nawn.

ssiboI nyeon! (to female) ssee-bahl nyawn! ssibangsae!


62 Making Out in Korean

You peasant!

~'.1! ~~!

You look like a penisl ~~g~1

~ ~:: '.11

Don't show off! :g-8 ~ "5~Alo~!

Go drink your mother's breast milk and then come back!

7~A1 ~D~ ~olq Ci ~ . .Jl 2f1

Go home and masturbate! ~<>II 7~A1 ~~OJl-~ j:i!

Are you insane? ~ AI'Molo~7

Crazy manl oltl ~I

Crazy womanl Dltl '.1!

Ah, stupid!

O~, ~~~ AH'JI!

Dickhead! ~cjP~cl !



ssyangnyeon! (women) ssyang-nyawn! ssyangnom! (men) ssyang-nawn!

jot-kkateun .nom! (men) jawt-kkaht-ohn nawm! jot-kkateun .nyeo.n! (women) jawt-kkaht-ohn nyawnl

jallan cheok hajima' jahllahn cherk hahjee-mah!

gaseo eomma jeojlna deo meok-kko wa!

gahser erm-mah jerj-eenah der merk-kkaw wah!

jibe gaseo ttalttarinacheo! jeebe gahser ttahl-ttahr-eenah chert

woen jiroriya? wan jeerohr-eeyah?

michin noml mee-cheen nawn!

michin nyeon! mee-cheen nyawn!

ah, meongcheong-han saeldd! ahh. merng-cherng-hahn sakkeel

dolttaegari! dawltta-gahree!

jijeobunan saelddl jeejer-boonahn .sakkee!

. Curses and Insults 63

Bad-luck-woman! };H? ru::: '.1!

Bad-Iuck-manl AH? ru::: AM'}I!

Oh, I lost my appetitel ol, 'EJ 9! ruot I

jaesu eomneun nyeon! jasoo erm-nohn nyawnl

jaesu eomneun saelddt ja500 erm-nohn sakkee!

ah, bammat eopseo! ahh. bahm-maht erpserl

Implies that the person being insulted is so unseemly that the speaker's stomach is turning.

Pervert! ~ Ell AH"I!

You're a dirty man. C1~~ A~}JI.

You're a dirty woman. C121~ '.1.

Oh, shit smell!

o~, L1Ai.g~ AH}}I!


~~IA~ 1::!-j2~!

Why don't you go somewhere and die!

Oi C[ 7 ~A1 ~~IAi I::!-j 2~ I

What a fucking messl OL JtI~ ~ ~L'H I

You motherfuckerl Liol ~~~!

Damnl MI~!

byeornae saelddt byawnta sakkee!

deoreo-un saekki. derrer-oon sakkee.

deoreo-un nyeon. derrer-oon nyawnl

ah, neojeobunhan saeldd! ahh, nerjer-boon-hahn sakkee!

dwejeo beoryeol dwejer berryer!

eod; gaseo dwejeo beoryeol erdee gahser dwejer berryawl

ah, sSipal jot-Manne!

ahh, sseep-ahl jawt-kkahn-nel

nimi sSipal nom! neemee sseep-ahl nawml

ssibalt s5ee-bahl!

64 Making Out in Korean

Bastard! ~~ AHJ711

horo saekki! hawraw sakkeet


~. ~~ AHJJI!

jot-kk.ateun saekkil jawt..kkaht-ohn sakkeel

gae gateun nyeonl ga gaht-ohn nyawnl


7H .~::: Id!

You piece of shit! ~.s:. o~i::! AH J}I !

jot-tto anin saekki! jawt-ttaw ahneen sakkeel

Party Talk


All the expressions in this section are polite speech.

Do you come here often? oPI ;q_;;;. .2.AiIR?

You look like you're having fun.

~ :AHOI ~O:l .!i!.OIL-IIR.

-Yes, I'm having fun. Lit. :AHDI ~0:lR..

This place is happeningl o~ 71 =t!! ?tc~ !

-Yeah, this place is happeningl

011, OPI -t!!&O~R!

yeogi joju oseyo? yawgee jahjoo awseyo?

cham Joemi .isseo boineyo. chahm jamee eesser bawee-neyo.

ne, Jaemi isseoyo. ne, jamee eess-eryo.

yeogl kwaenchanta! yawgee kwan-chahntah!

ye, yeog; kwaenchanayo! ye, yawgee kwon<hahn-ahyo!

66 Making Out In Korean

This place is fun. OPI ~~ ;t:H~OfR.

This place is fantastic. oPI 9:!~OjR.

What's your name? ol~ol Oj~711 £[AiIR?

-My name is ...

Ail 01 ~ ~ ... ~L.II;:.L

Are you here alone? ~A~ :HOIR?

-Yes,I'm here alone.

L'i!, ~A~ :HD-IR.

-No, I'm here with my •.• o~L..I2., ... iM :HD-IR.

Father o~M-JAI

Daddy o~uuf



Mum ~D~

Older sister ~L..I


yeog; jeongmol joem;sseoyo. yawgee jerng-mahl jameess-eryo.

yeog; meos;sseoyo. yawgee merseess-eryo.

ireumi eotteoke dwoeseyo? eerohm-ee ertterke dwoe-seyo?

je ireumeun imnido.

je eerohm-ohn eem-needa.

honJo WGsseoyo? hawn-jah wahss-eryo?

ne, honjo wosseoyo. ne, hawnjah wahss-eryo.

on;o •••• mng wosseoyo. ahnee-aw ... rahng wahsseryo.

abeoi; ahber-jee

aPIJa ahppah

eomeo.n; ermee-nee

eommo erm-mah

eonni (female) ernnee

nuna (male) noonah

Party Talk 67

Older brother 2.HH~


Yonger sisterlbrother


Friends B-=?-

Boyfriend ';:j-:;q~-=jl

Girlfriend O:pqB-=jl



Wife o~41



;unior *I:IH

Can I join you? ~~oH£ ~mR?

Can I sit here?

0'171 &O~_II_ ~]]~H.?

Please sit down. Ojl, &£Ail£.

OPIJa (female) awppah hyeong (male) hyawng

dongsoeng dawng"sang

chin-gu cheen-goo

namjachi" nahm-jah<heen~oo

yeojachin-gu yaw-jah<heen~oo

namfJyeon nahm-pyawn

onoe ahna

seonboe sern-ba

hubae hooba

hap-sseokaedo doelkkayo? hahp-sserka-daw dwel-kkahyo?

yeog; onjado doelkkayo? yergee ahnjah-daw dwel-kkahyo?

yeo anjeuseyo. ye, ahnjoh-seyo.

68 Making Out In Korean

Is someone sitting here?

0;171 !rT VOiR?

-Someone'! sitting here. oPI TT VOiR.

Can I buy you a drink? ~ M H A~.I ~m.£l.?

Where are you from? OiCjA-j ~OiR?

-I'm from ..•

A~:: .. , OIIA~ ~OjR.

yeog; nugu isseoyo? yawgee noogoo esser-yo?

yeog; nugu isseoyo. yawgee noogoo eesse=yo.

sui han jan sado doelkJcayo? 5001 hahn john sahdow dwel-kkohyo?

eodiseo wasseoyo? erdeeser wah-55er-yo?

jeoneun eseo WQsseoyo.

jernohn eser wah-sser-yo.

the U.S. [JI~

England ~~

France ~a~.A. -0-

miguk mee-gook

yeongguk yerng-gook

peurongseu pohrang-eoh


Party Talk 69

Germany .£01

-. <=

Canada 7Hqc~


01 '§t2.lo~

Russia ciAlo~



Japan ~~

China %~

Hong Kong 3fL.:a

C> ""

Indonesia CC1£L.~IAlo~

Thailand EH~

Where do you live? Oi CJ oj 11;,{ o~.£l. ?

-I live in ... ... ojl -Mo~£l..

New York -rr-&

hoju hawjoo

dog;' daw-geel

kaenada kanoh-doh

itallia eetahl-Ieeah

reos;a rerseea

han-guk hohn-gook

i'bon eebawn

jungguk joong-gook

hongkong howng-kawng

indonesia eendaw-neseeoh

taeguk tagook

eodie saroyol erdeee sahr-ahyo?

... e saro,Yo .

. .. e sahrohyo.

nyuyok nyuyok

70 Making OUt In Korean
LA. ere;
~oUOI ereee
Seoul seo-ul
Ai¥ ser-oo/
Busan busan
.!T!tr boo-sahn
London reondeon
~12:! rem·cern
Sydney sideuni
AIE.L-! see-dohnee
Melbourne melbeon
~~ melbern
Paris pari 19 yeo aop
li~2.1 pahree ~o~~ yer ahawp
Rome roma 20 seumu
£D~ rawmah AI::! sohmoo
How old are you? naigo eotteoke doeseyo? 21 seumu' han
q017~ 0I~J11 £j).~IR? nah-eegah ertterke dweseyo7 A~~ sohmool hahn
-I'm ... years old. . .. sorfeyo. 22 seumu' du
-MO!OIIR. Al::lt:::: sohmool doo
... sahree-eyo. _e-r
15 yeo' daseot 23 seumu'se
~c~~ yerl dahsert A~).~I sohmool se
16 yeol yeoseot 24 seumu' ne
~~~ yerl yer-sert A~L:l1 sohmool ne
17 yeolilgop 25 seumu' daseot
~~B yefl eel-gawp A~C~~ sohmool dahsert
18 yeo.1 yeodeol 26 seumu' yeoseot
~O~~ yerl yer-derl A~Q:j~ sohmool yawsert Party Talk 71

72 Making Out in Korean

27 A~~E

28 ~~O:I~

29 A~O~~

30 A~.·:::.

3' Ai::: e1


Ai ::',1.,11


Ai ::: L~I


Ai :=c~J.>:!

40 D~.~

50 ~

Are you a student? 8t~OI.Ail51?

"'m a .•.

A1:=: ... ru L-J c] .

Doctor £IA~

seumuI iIgOf' sohmooleelgawp

seumul yeadea.1 sohmoa! yawderl

seuml aop sohmoo! ahowp

sea",un ser-rohn

seareun han ser-rohn hahn

sea.reun du ser-rohn doa

seoreun ,se ser-rohn se

seereu ne ser.roh ne

seareun daseot ser-rohn dahsert

ma--eun mah-ohn

swin sween

hak-ssaeng-iseya? hahk.-ssang-eeseyo?

jeaneun imnida.

jernohn eemnee-dah.

uisa ooeesoh

Party Talk 73

Dentist ;1;:II!.I-£IA~

Lawyer ~~N

PrQfes50r .lil.==f=

Secretary l::l·lkl



NUl'$e l!.:2A

Business person A~Cfj,7 ~

Company employee ~A~~

Public servant

Hairdresser [] I.gA~

Salesperson ~CfjA~~

Wow. what a nice job you've gotl

2.1-, '3!. ~:::: ~ "5~AI L11 51!

What kinds of hobbies do you have?

91017 ~ Oi ~ 711 £1 Ail 51?

chikkwauisa chee-kkwah ooeesah

,byeonasa byawnaw-sah

gyosu gyosoo

biseo beeser

seonsaeng sernsang

ganasa gahnaw-sah

sa--eopkka sah-erpkkah

hoesawon hwe-sahwawn

gongmuwon gawng-moowown

miyo.ngsa mee-yongsah

yeong-eop sawon yawng-erp sahwawn

WG. meosinneun il .hasineyo! wah, mersee-nnohn eel hahseeneyo.!

chwirniga daeseyo? chwi-meegoh ertterke dweseyo?

74 Making Out in Korean

-My hobby is •••

Xii ~I [J I:: ." 'fJ L-i c~.

je chwimineun ... imnida.

je chwi-meenohn .•. eem-needah.

Sport ~~

undong oon-downg

Tennis Ell '-I A

teniseu tenee-soh


go/peu gowl-poh



eumak ohmahk

Ballet W~I

bolle bahlle

Cooking R2.1

yori yoree

Fishing !rfAI

nak-ss; nahk-ssee

Party Talk 75

Skiing -, A5'1

What music do you like? OJ ["! 2: '2t ~ O~"[;HR?

-I like ...

A~:: .". ~O~l5HR.

You know this song? 01 .x.~H ~O~R?

-Yes,1 do. L,!, ~otR.

-I don't know it. @[ ~2.~5i..

- This is the first time I'm hearing lt,

x-j 2: ~OjR.

Would you like to dance? % ~~HR?

seuki sohkee

eotteon eumak joahaeyo? erttern ohmak jawah-hayo?

jeoneun Joahaeyo.

jernohn jowoh-hayo.

yi norae arayo? yee nawra ohrnhyo?

ne, arayo. ne, ahrahyo.

jol mol/a yo. jahl mcrwl-Iahyo.

cheo-eum deureoyo. cher-ohm dohreryo..

chum chulloeyo? choom chool/ayo?

76 Making OUt in Korean

-I can't dance.

~ ~ ~lSl.

-I'm not in the mood. ~ ~ 71g.OI O~LlOjIR.

You dance well. g. ~ ~L~IR.

Shall we go elsewhere? OJ q c~::: e,l£: ~i:!HR 7

What time do you have to be home?

~ AlmAI ~Ojl 7~O~ £11,27

chum mot chwoyo. choom mawt chwoyo.

chum chul gibuni anieyo. choom chool geeboon-ee anee-eyo.

chum Jal chuneyo. choom jahl chooneyo.

eodi dareun dero gallaeyo? erdee dahrohn deraw gallayo?

myeot .. ssilck.aji jibe gaya dwaeyo?

myawt-sseekkah-jee jeebe gahyah dwayo?

What time are you leaving? myeot-ssie gal Ick.eoyeyo?

~ AI Ojl -?J 71 0n,2 7 myowt-sseee gahl kkerye-yo?

-I have to go now. AlE 7~O~ £IIR.

Don't go now. AlE 7~AI [J~ . .AiIR.

Go later! OI[[P~ 7~.AiIR!

What shall we do? !f~ ~}}~R7

What's next? olXil .!j!.~ ~}}~£ 7

-It's up to you.

o~J! {J,::: CIl£ o~.AiIR.

jigeum gaya dwaeyo. jee-gohm gahyah dwayo.

jigeum gaji maseyo. jee-gohm gohjee mahseyo.

ittoga gaseyo! eettahgah gah-seyol

mwo hallaeyo? mwo hahlla-yo?

IJe mwo halkkayo? eeje mwo hohl-kkahyo?

hogosipeun daero hoseyo. hahgaw seepohn daraw hoh-seyo.

Party Talk 77

Do you wanna come to my place?

.5f-2.1 ~ 0 £: ~i!HR?

-I'm not sure.

~ .2.2~Oj£.

Just for coffee.

.::z.~ ?ill! []~AI2.i 7~R.

-Yes, let's go. L'I. 7~R.

uri jibeuro gOflaeyo? ooree jeeboh-raw gahllayol

jol moreuget-sseoyo. jahl mow·rohget·sseryo.

geunyong keopl mosireo ,oyo. goh-nyahng kerpee mah-seerer gahyo.

ne,gcryo. ne,gahyo.

Getting Serious


1 want to know more about you.

LiOlI r:Hf5HAi Ci '§t::il ~Oj,

Shall we meet again? ~2.1 Ef. ~1gj-7]~?

When can 1 see you again? CC!x-j1 c~AI 'l!~ T ~Oj?

Can 1 call you? LH7~ B~'OH£ Ql?

Will you call me? L+"~lEjI B~~2Il?

Here's my phone number.

0171 LH B~~£.o~.

neo-e dae-oeseo deo algo s;pea. ner-e da-osser der ahlgaw seeper.

uri tto mannalkka?

ooree ttow mahn-nahl-kkah?

eonje dasl mannal ssu isseo? ernje dohsee mahn-nahl ssoo eesser?

naego jeonwahoedo dwoe? nagah jernwah-hadaw dwa?

nahante jeonwahallae? nah-hahnte jernwah-hohlla?

igeo nae jeo.nwabeonoya .. eeger na jernwah-bernaw-yah.

Getting Serious 79

What's your number?

~~~~7~ Oj~]fl Ql?

-My phone number is ... LH B~H~:!£.:::: ...

563- 4718

.2.~~ (011) A~~~w-

890 -1234

~-=]l-~ (011) ~01~AI-

jeonwabeonoga etteoke dwae? jernwah-bernaw-gah etterke dwa?

naejeonwabeononeun ... na jemwah-bernaw-nohn ...

o-yuk-sam(e) sa-chil-il.pal aw-yook-sahm (e) sah-cheel-eel-pahl

pal-gu-gong. (e) il-yi-sam-sa pahl-goo-gawng (e) eel-yee-sahm-sah

I il 2 yi 3 sam 4 so 5 0
~ eel 01 yee A~ sahm A~ sah .2. ow
6 yuk 7 chil 8 pal 9 g 0 gong
C> yook *1 cheel ~ pahl =r =
=i" "" goo C> gowng What's your e-mail address?

olDlI~ -?~l~ Oj~]fl Ql?

- My e-mail address is •.• LH Ol[]·n~ ~~:::: ...

It was fun.

};HOI ~9iOj.

imeilJusoga eotteoke dwae? eeme-eel joo-sawgah ertterke dwa?

nae yimeil jusoneun •••

na yeeme-eel joosaw-nohn ...

jaem; isseolseo. jamee eess-ersser.

On the Phone


Hello. Q;j~Ai!R.

This is Robert. Is Mary at home?

~ ~tij E 'r.!c~!R, DlI2.1 ~011 ~DiR 7

Mary is out.

DlI2.[ Die! q=U::~!R.

Wait a minute. ~~'2! 7!c~2.1 AiIR.

Mary! Telephone! DlI2.I! B~~I

It's me, Robert. q £tij EO~.

What are you doing? Alit ~~ '5H7

Shall we meet now? Alit '2!'etn~7

I wanna see you.

q l,..1 ~Jl 1iDi ..

yeoboseyo. yawbawseyo.

jeon Robeoteu-lndeyo. Mary jibe isseoyo? (polite)

jem Raw-bertoh.eendeyo,

Mary jeebe eesseryo?

Mary eodi nagannundeyo. (polite)

Mary erdee nah-gahnnoon-deyo.

jamldcanman gidariseyo. (polite) jahm-kkahn-mahn gee-dahreeseyo.

Mary! Jeonwa! Maryl jernwah!

.na Ro.beoteuytJ. noh Raw-bertoh-yah.

jigeum mwo .hoe? jee-gohm mwo hal

jigeum mannafldca? jee-gohm mahn-nahl-kkah?

no neo bo,o sipeo. nah ner bawgaw seeper,

On the PhoneS I

I can't go out now.

xlit ~ q7~.

jigeum monnoga. jee-gohm mawn·nahgah.

I'll call you tomorrow.

L117~ Lf\~ B~~PH.

naega naeil jeonwoho/ldce. nagah noeel jern-wah-hahlkke.


.~ ~Di.

jal isseol jahl eesser!

literally means "Stay well" usually said by the person who called.


~ I .:J. 2." !

eung, geLiroe! ohng, gohra!

Lovers' Language


• love you • .A~iMoH.

saranghae • sahrahng-ha.

I'm crazy about you. t!- Ll:7~ ~o~ 01j;:I~Oj.

nan neoga loa michigesseo. nahn nergah jaw-ah meecheegesser.

I'm yours. t!- L-1.77-lo~.

nan nikkeoya. nahn nee-kkerya.

You're mine.

I.:j LIl77-l0~.

neon noekkeoya. nern na-kkerya.

You're beautiful. L1 N Ollu~.

neo cham yeppeo. (to women) ner chahm yepper

You're handsome.

L1 N .gt ~~Oi.

neo cham jol saenggyeosseo. (to men)

ner chahm jahl sang-gyawss-er.

Lovers' Language 83

You·re sexy. L~ ~AloH

Your .•. is/are beautiful_ L~ ... Oll u~ .




Lips <EJ~





Legs c~2.1

Nose ~



Neck .2.


Shoulder Oj7JH


Butt ~~Ol

You have a. beautIful body. I.:j .g0H:;1 ~ Ollu~.

neo sek-ssihoe. ner sek-sseeha.

neo .. _ yeppeo. ner ... yepper.

nun noon

ip-ssul eep-ssool

son sawn

eolgul erlgool

dari dahree

ko kaw

goseum gahsohm

mok mawk

eokkoe erkka

deung dohng

eongdeong-i ohng-derng-ee

neon mommae~ga yeppeo. nern maw-mma-gah yepper.

84 Making Out in Korean

You smell nice.

LfEH!! ~g 'i:!j),H7~ q.

Can I kiss you? 71~oH£ £117

neo.hanten Jo-eun naemsaega na.

ner"hahn-ten jaw-ohn nam-sagah nah.

laseuhaedo dwae1 keesoh·hadaw dwa?

Kiss me! 71.A.Q"?~ I

Do you wanna sleep with m.el


Oh, I'm embarrassed.

ojo}, gliJ5H.

Don't be shy. ¥1l2.1.!f~o~AI. c~ ..

Close your eyes.

~ Uo~!<!.I-.

Turn off the light. ~7}j !<!.I-.

Idseuhae jwoi keesoh..fJa jwo!

narerng jago .sippeo? nah-rahngjahgaw seeper?

ai, changpihae. ahee, chahng.peeha.

buldc:eureowo haji mo. boo-kkoh-rerwo hahjee moh.

nun gama .bwa. noongahmah bwah.

bulkkeo bwa. booj:.kker bwah.

Lovers' Language 85


Is this your first time? L-j ;Xi g 01 O~?

Tell me the truth. A~-@j CjJ_£ W15H .!i!f.

I'm still a virgin. q o~~ .x-j L~ OL q o~~ ~ztolo~.

I'm frightened. .!f.A;.!f~ .

Don't worry. ~~o~AI D~.

ne~ cheo-eumlya? ner cher-ohmeeyoh?

sosildaero molhae bwa. sahseeJ:.daraw mahlhabwah.

no ajik cheonyeoyo. (female) nah ohjeekcher-nyawyah.

ne ojik chonggag;yo. (male) noh ohjeek chawng-goh-geeyah.

museowo . mooserwo.

geok-ijeonghoji rna. gerk-jjerng-hahjee moho

I'U be ·careful.


I wanna hold your hand. Li ~~O~ ;!i!.~ ~01.

josimhalkke. jaw-seem..fJahlkke.

neosonJaba bogo sipeo.

ner sawn-jahbah bawgaw seeper.

86 Making Out in Korean

Look into my eyes. L.H ~"'Ic~ S!.j-.

nae nun cheoda .bwa. no noon cherdoh bwah.

Hug me. q <2!o~ 9--1.

no anojwo. na ahnah jwo.

Take your .... om ... 13i0J S!.j-!

... beoseo bwa! , " berser bwah!

Clothes ot
~ awt
Jeans cheongbaj;
~t:I~AI cherng-bahjee
Dress deureseu
c: ajl~ doh-resoh
Skirt chima
*ID~ cheemllh
T-shirt tisyeocheu
EIAi* tee-syaw"'Choh
Socks yangmal
%"W yohng-mahl Lovers' Language 87





Bra t:l2}

Underwear Jt!! E-I

sinbal seen-bahl

kudu koodoo

beura bohroh

poent; pantee

The Korean word paent •• despite 'its derivation from the English "panty:' is gender-neutral.

I'm coldl q ~.'f-l J

Make me warm.

at:e <5"~]j1 -crH '?-I.

Come closer to me.

c-j 7~mol £1-.

That tickles. :zJ-AI Cj .'f-l.

I wanna see your ...

q 1-1 ., .. .!:i!~ ·~OJ,

I wanna touch your ...

.q 1-1 ... '2l A IJl~ oj .

I wanna suck your ... q 1-1 ... ~.:il ~. OJ.

Thing 71

na chuwo! nah choowaw!

ttatteutage hoe jwo. ttahttoh-tahge ha jwo,

deo gokkai wo ..

der gahkkah-ee wah,

gonjireowo. gohnjee-rerWo.


na ni ... bogo sipeo.

nah nee ... bawgow seeper,

na ni ... manjigo sipeo.

nah nee . .. mohn-jeegaw seeper.

no ni ... ""olgo .sipeo.

nah nee .. ,ppahlgaw seeper.

kkeo kker

88 Making Out. in Korean

Breasts 7~6:

Pussy !i!7-:1 7171

D.ick XP;I .7171

gaseum gohsohm

hoji (derogatory form) bawjee

ge()gi (gender natural)" gergee

Jaji (derogatory form) johjee

geori (gender nutural)* gergee

* Geogi literally means "there",

Balls ~~

Nipples ~~·7-:1

Butt ~~Ol


El "" I~



buml boorahl

jeot-kkok-jji jert~owk-iiee


mureup moo-rohp

balkkarak bahlk-kahrahk

lovers'language 89

Fingers .e7F~

I'm afraid I'll get pregnant. ~~~:;ry~ .5!.j- ¥A~.!f~.

Usea. condom! ~~ .Mi I

I don't like to wear a condom.

~~. ~:::: 71~oj.

.If you don't wear a condom, I won't doitl -e§- ttlM '2:!, ttl~ 7}j O~ !

sonkkarak sawnk,.kahrohk

imsinhalkka bwa museowo. eem-seen-hahl-kkoh bwah mooserwu,

kandotnsseo! kown-dawn sserl

kondorn sseuneun geo sireo. kown-dawn ssoh-nohn ger seerer.

kondo.m an sseumyeon, an halkkeoya!

kawn-dawn ahn .ssoh-myawn, ahn hahl-kkeryah.

Oh, it feels so good!. o], 71~ ~ot!

Touch me! q I2!X~ %l!

Bite mel 7}H~oj 94!

Q~,gjbun joa! ahh,geeboon jow"ohf

no maniea jwo! nah mahnjer jwo!

kkaemurea jwol kka-moorer jwo!

90 Making Out in Korean

More, more!

2:.-5-l2J: el, 2:.E'2.!' ell

Deeper, deeper! c-J blol, cl ~ol!

Faster, faster

ei 'l!If2.], ei 'l!If2.]!

Harder:, harde'r! ci Ai]JlI, ci Ail/·n!


~ 7Z!' [!-, ~I"'Z!' [!- !

'.'m coming, I'm coming! qgc~, qgc~!

2.~ .71 ~oH!

'. came .

.r q ~01'.

q ¥~01.

-I know. ~o~.

Did it feel good? 7.1 it ~8J:Oi?

Let's get married. .5f2.1 .~.g tI~;q .

I wanna be your wife. L.11 o~LJl7~ £j.Jl 1.!0i.

jogeumman deo, jogeumman deo!

jawgohm.mahn der. jawgohm· mahn der!

deo gipi. deo gipi!!

der geepee. del geepeel

deo ppalli, deo ppalli! der ppahllee, der ppahlleel

deo sege, deo segel der sege, der segel

jamkkanman, jomkkanman! jahm·kkahn-,mahn, jahm. .kkahn·mahn!

noonda, naonda! (men) nah..awndah, nah-awndah! ol1!ulkkeogotoe! (women) awrahl kker gahtal

no ssasseo. (men) nah ssahsser.

no ollasseo. (women) nah awllahsser.

ora. ahmh.

gibun joasseo? gee-boon jaw..ahsser?

uri kyeoronhaJa,

aoree kyawr"awn.flahjah .

ni anoega doego ,sipeo. nee ahnagah dwegaw seeper.

lovers'language 91

. wanna be your husband. 1.-11 ~-l:':!ol £j.Jl 1101.

ni doego sip eo.

nee nahm.pyawnee dwegaw seeper.

. don't want to get marri.ed ajigeun gyeoronhogo .sip~jji "no.

yet. ahjeegohn gyawrawn.flahgaw

O~~~~.g15'~.J2l.!AI t'iO~. seep..ijeeahnah.

I'm too young.

AlE::: Li¥ ~al

literally means "It's too early;"

I'm already married.

q ~~~O:I ..

I love you,. but I can't become your wife/husband.

~ A~Wo~AI '2l- i l11 o~41 ~ / EtB~~ 4' gfOi.

I need time to think. {JrZ{~ AI:c!ol mRaH.

j;geumeun neomu iIIeo. jee-gohm-ohn nermoo eeller.

no gyeoronhaesseo. nah gyawrawn-hasser.

neol somnghajiman, ni anaeneun/nampyeoneun doel ssu eopseo.

ner! sahrahng-hahjee-mahn,. nee ahnG"nohnlnahm.pyawnohn dwel 5$00 erpser.

saenggakal sigan; piryohae. sOllg.gahkohl seegahneepeerycrha.

92 Making Out in Korean

This is 50 sudden. L~.!:p ~:;J;Pl O~.

We must think about this. ~2.1 Ci ~:z..j-aH .li!}o~ ~ 7-1 ~OH.

neomu gop..Jlagiya. nermoo gaht>-hah.gee-yah.

uri deo $aenggakae bwoyo doe/.lckeo gcJtae.

ooree der sang-gahko bwohyah dwel kf<er gohto.

Do you want to come to •.. norong gallae?

with me? nohrohng gahllo?

q~ ... Y2H?

the USA Dl~

Canada 7~qC.~



Australia ~9

I want to stay in Korea.

q ~~Ojl ~.Jl 1l 01.

migulc meegook

koenodo konohdah

yureop yoorerp

hoJu hawjoo

na han-guge it-kko sipeo.

noh hohn-googe eet-kkow seeper.



Let's not see each other again.

~2.1 c~AI ~ '2!QAI ~A~.

I hate you! L~ ~01!

Don't call me again. C~~~~<5P;1 D~.

Getlostl 7Jj Xi!

Give it up, already. ~7IiiH.

I don't love you anymore. C~ ol~ Igj A~~t;~AI 6fO~.

You're boring. Li "HDIru.Oi.

Literally means "You're no fun."

Stop following me. TI&7i1 ~AI D~.

uri dosinean mannaJi molJo. ooree doh·seenohn mahn-nohjee mahljah.

nee slreo! ner seerer!

dasin jeonwohoji mo. doh-seen jernwah-hohjee mah.

kkeoJeo! kkerjer!

pogihae. pawgeeha.

deo ylsang neol saranghoJi ana. der yee-sahng nerl sah-rahng.nohjee ahnah.

neo Jaem; eopseo. ner jamee erpser.

gwichanke gulii md. gwee-chohnke gooljee moho

Do you have another lover? dareun sorom soenggyeosseo?

c~:= .A~W ~~Of? dahrohnsoh.rahmsong-gyowsser?

It's my fault. LH7~ ~~~Oi.

naega }almotaesseo. nagah jahl-mawtosser.

94 Making Out in Korean

Can we start again? etA! A!~fJ "i? ru01?

I can't live without you. L~ ru~. ~=TgJ 01.

Please understand me. Ai! ~ q ~ 0 111"""5H ?~.

11'11 never forget you.

Ig;I gg; ~ ru.~ 7jo~,

dasi sijak hal sun eOfJseo? dahsee seejahk hahr soon erpser?

neo eopsin sol ssu eopseo. ner erpseen sahl 5S00 erpser,

lebal no jom iaehae Jwo. jebahl nah jawm elX/ha jwo.

neol ijeul sun eopseul kkeoya. ner/ eejohl soon erp50hl kkeryah.

Can we still be friends? ¥2.1 ~~£ AI~ ? 910l?

I'll always love you.

~ ~Ailq A~EfW 7jo~,

I'll miss you .

.5!.::il 1t.0l ~ 7-jo~,

1.'11. always think about you. ~AiIq L-I {!F-t %t 711 ,

uri chin-gulO jinoe/.ssu .isseo? ooree cheen-gooraw jeenal S500 eesser?

neol eonjena saranghal kkeoya. ner! ern-jenah sohrahng./Jahl kkeryah.

bogo sifJeo ji/.kkeoya. bawgaw seeper jeel kkeryah,

eon/ena nee soenggok holkke. ernjenah ner sang-gahk. hahlkke,

Farewell 95

1.'11 call you when I come back.

¥O~.2j-Ai :t:!~~71I.

I'n be back soon.

~ ~711.

Do you have to go? ~ 7~O~ £fl?

Please don't gal Ail~ 7~AI D~!

Stay here with me. q%!- -?to [ Q;j71 ~Oj,

I, have to go. q 7~O~ ill.

1':ry to understand. OI11"H"5H ~.

Take (are of your health. *~{d 3H,

Don't cry! ~AI D~!

Wipe your tears I ~~ !ffO~I

Wait for me. 71.ct24 9~.

dorowaseo jeonwo holkke. dowrah-wahser jern-wah hahlkke.

gotolkke. gawt owlkke.

kkok goya dwae? kkawk gahyah dwa?

jebolgoji rna! jebahl gahjee mohl

naranggochi yeor; .isseo. nah--rahng gahch-ee yawgee eesser;

no laya dwoe. nah gahyah dwa.

jaehaejwo. ee-aha jwo ..

momJosim hoe. mawm-jawseem ha.

ulji ma! ooljee mohl

nunmul dolcl<al noon-mool dahkk-ahl

gidaryeo jwo. geedah-ryaw jwo.

94 96 Making Out in Korean

Don't make excuses! ~~o~AI []H

byeonmyeonghaji mal byown-myowng-hohjee mohr

I c Li

Don't give me excuses!

~l!1 cq.~ 2£ ~AI 8;!:o~!

pinggye ttaw;n deut-kko sip-jji anal

peeng-gye ttoh-ween doht'-kkow seep-jjee ohohl


L-t 2

Are you going to meet Jinju soon?

~ 2jO- € 'C!- ~ 7~ 0 ~ ?

Jinju got manno' kkeoyo? jeenjoo gowt mohnnohl kkeryah?

-I'm going to meet Jinju Jinju got mannal kkeoya.

soon. Jeenjoo gawt mahnnahl kkeryoh.

~9 € 'C!-~ 7'Ot.

Harder, harderl ci Aillil, ci Aillil!

deo sege, deo segel der sege, der segel

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I'm too young. jigeumeun neomu iIIeo.
AIi5-:= Li!j! 'gJ2.1. jee-gohm-{)hn nermoo eeller.
Lit.erally means "It's too early."
C. I'm already married. no gyeoronhaesseo.
T q ~-E~Oj. nah gyawrawn-hasser.
ISBN: 0-80~8-3693-0
1'1 I love you, but I can't neol soranghajimon, ni
L-I become your anaeneun/nampyeoneun
<= wife/husband. doel ssu eopseo.
~ A~~O~AI 'C!-, 1-11 O~41 nerf sahrahng-hahjee-mahn. nee
1'1 :: 1El'~:=@ -9 '6i0i. ahna-nohnlnahm-pyawnohn
~ dwel S500 erpser.
1'1 I need time to think. saenggakol sigoni piryohae.
~ ~zt~ Alliol -jg51~H. sang-gahkahf seegahnee peeryo-ha.
.......................... "' ...... ~ ISBN: 0-8048-351 0-1

ISBN: 0-8048-3370-2


ISBN: 0-8048-3555-1