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Solution Overview

An intelligent
all-in-one platform.
Premise-based or hosted,
your choice.
It’s called the customer experience, and consumers
rate it highest when the service they get is seamless,
personalized and satisfactory.
The problem is, traditional “multi-point” communications
systems fragment the service process, which can push
satisfaction levels well below where they need to be.
In the contact center, an exceptional customer experience
begins by unifying communications and the business
processes that drive them. It culminates with your agents
responding to every customer more dynamically.
In this age of the competitive edge, productivity and
cost controls still matter.

Satisfied customers, however, matter most.

IP Communications for the Contact Center

Build a better experience

for your customers
A communications platform should be complete enough to
make your contact center a service powerhouse, yet flexible
and innovative enough to adapt every time your customers
require it, when competitive pressures demand it, or when
you simply need to rise above the crowd.
Interactive Intelligence offers a single IP communications
platform and pre-integrated application suite that’s
both complete and agile. Because when it comes to your
customers, building a better experience around them gives
you the ultimate advantage over everyone else.
Enhance contact center
Manage interactions based on their and agent performance
value to your business “The Intelligent Contact Center.” Maintaining a
Handle and blend inbound/outbound multi-channel customer’s account record is one thing, but knowing
interactions. Consumers want convenient options to contact their buying habits and preferences makes your agents
your business. So give them the telephone plus e-mail, Web perceptively more helpful. Tailor an analytics framework and
chat, online forms and fax—inbound as well as outbound. identify cross-selling/up-selling opportunities for individual
customers using tracking, reporting and CRM functionality.
Automate multimedia routing and queuing processes. Then guide agents to offer personalized services accordingly—
Whether one location or multiple sites, structure rules-based, and intuitively—with screen-popped data and service scripts
skills-based and priority routing routines for calls as well as equally tailored toward specific customers.
e-mails, chat requests and pre-defined media such as trouble
tickets. After all, losing a customer in a communication maze Raise service levels with quality monitoring. Imagine
is the surest way to lose their business. a single environment for synchronized voice and screen
recording, whisper coaching, agent scoring, agent e-mail,
Create revenue-producing outbound campaigns. real-time queue and system statistical views, visual and audio
Goal-oriented preview, power, precise and “agentless” multi- alerts, and rapid automated message alerts. The result isn’t
modal campaigns feed revenue streams by targeting distinct just better operational performance, it’s better service for
customer groups and specific times of the day or week. your customers.
Monitoring and analyzing campaign performance in real-time
simply lets you optimize revenue opportunities. Get more productivity with the same number of agents.
Schedule the exact number of agents you need to meet
Administer everything in a single environment. Every demands—no more, no less—and achieve desired service levels
IT professional’s dream is one interface to manage every with a minimum headcount expense. Even better, track schedule
aspect of a communications system—local users and remote adherence with real-time monitoring, and you actually get more
users, lines, stations business applications, IP networks, SIP work-time out of every agent. Every day.
device and digital phone connections, security access and
even moves, adds and changes. When an IP communications Energize self-service offerings. Agents aren’t very valuable
system is built on a single platform, IT dreams do indeed when they spend more time answering questions than
come true. processing orders. Give customers a 24/7 self-service path to
information and personal transactions with tools such as speech-
enabled IVR and auto response for e-mail and Web chat.
Unify communications on the desktop. Agents work
smarter when they have the ability to manage calls and
queued chats and e-mails in one place. They’re also more
effective when they get real-time presence management
controls and company directories, along with application
integration to put customer information and business
processes on the desktop.
Full featured contact Choose your
center solution deployment method
Performance throughout Premise-based or a hosted
your contact center SaaS solution…
Total contact management Interactive Intelligence is one of few vendors to
IP PBX • PBX √ give you the option. An all-in-one platform on
ACD • multimedia queuing • priority & skills-based routing • e-mail √
your site, or a Software as a Service solution
routing hosted from our secured, SAS-70 certified data
Auto attendant • structure voice menus, prompts √ center. Your contact center gets complete IP
Interaction tracking √ communications capability either way.
Real-time presence management √ CIC’s hosted SaaS features
Multi-lingual support √
• Automatic call distribution (ACD)
Remote and at-home agents, mobile workers √
• Interactive voice response (IVR)
CRM integrations • screen pops, database lookups, embedded call
√ • Outbound/predictive dialing
Outbound dialing • predictive, power, preview, precise, multi-modal • Quality monitoring/multimedia
√ recording
Pure blended inbound/outbound campaign managment √ • Business continuity
IVR • intelligent speech recognition • self-service automation √ • Workforce management (WFM)
Graphical application generator • deploy enhanced interaction
• Knowledge and e-mail response
√ management
Quality monitoring • Web self-service
Real-time continuous monitoring √
Multi-channel interaction recording • on-demand,
√ Choose your services
Knowledge management, e-mail/Web auto response √
End-to-end reporting • ad-hoc custom reporting √ From simple administration
Agent monitoring/mentoring/scoring √ to total service
User-definable alarms • Alert monitor view √ Interactive Intelligence supports your contact
center from every conceivable angle…
Real-time system/agent/workgroup supervisory monitoring & alerts √
Screen recording √ A Worldwide Partner Channel to lend sales,
Post-call satisfaction surveys √ service and implementation support whenever
Advanced functionality you need it.
Knowledge management, e-mail/Web auto response √ Strategic Consulting based on industry
Workforce management • workforce optimization √ best practices in conjunction with Interactive
Multi-site interaction routing √ Intelligence’s solutions, to optimize your contact
Third-party integration tools: LDAP, SOAP, XML, center’s communications and business processes.

TCP/IP sockets
Managed Services that provide complete
Complete customization √
system management, proactive remote
Specifications monitoring, and the services of a certified
Single point of administration • phone auto-provisioning √ Interactive Intelligence Engineer, all leveraging
Enhanced security • TLS and SRTP standards, √ Interactive Intelligence best practices.
audio/call encryption
Multi-site support √ Professional Services for custom software
Switching flexibility • TDM, IP-based (SIP), hybrid packages, integration packages, CRM screen

TDM/IP for staged migration, Cisco TAPI automation, screen automation with embedded
Third-party PBX integrations √ call control, and other services.
Education Services for training and technical
certification in all aspects of the Interactive
Intelligence solution. Courses are offered online,
at Interactive Intelligence’s World Headquarters
and regional offices, or on-site at your location.
Global Support from a dedicated full-time
Interactive Intelligence Support team and
certified Support Engineers.

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.

IP Communications for the Contact Center

Deliberately Innovative
Innovation Value
Since 1994 Interactive Intelligence has taken a first-to- A unique standards-based platform and pre-integrated
market approach to developing new technologies for multi- application suite for multimedia, plus the proven ability
channel business communications in the contact center. As a to deploy and support IP communications solutions for
recognized innovator of IP telephony software and services, businesses worldwide—Interactive Intelligence combines
it’s an approach we continue to take. innovation and experience for value few vendors can match.

1st… All-in-one platform for PBX, ACD & IVR Complete yet flexible
1st… Skills-based routing of calls, chats & e-mails
1st… SIP-based IP telephony software suite software solutions for
1st… All-software IP PBX the contact center
and IP telephony
With more than 2,500 implementations worldwide and an
established support infrastructure spanning the Americas,
Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Interactive
Intelligence offers the industry experience needed to meet
the communications requirements of our customers as they
compete in a global business environment.

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