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Chapter Two: Rogues

History of Rogue Squadron of Imperial operations. On one such mission, the squad-
ron helped liberate many prisoners from Kessel after res-
The origins of Rogue Squadron could be traced back to cuing Wedge Antilles from near imprisonment there. The
the Battle of Yavin, where the two pilots who would ulti- pilots then put an end to end Moff Seerdon's schemes
mately establish Rogue Squadron—Luke Skywalker on a number of worlds, including his attempt to take con-
and Wedge Antilles—were the only members of the Re- trol of valuable bacta supplies needed by the Rebellion.
bel Alliance's Red Squadron to survive the battle.
Narra and Renegade Flight were destroyed on an escort
After the battle, Red Squadron was reformed and would mission at Derra IV, along with a convoy carrying sup-
operate as two groups. The first was Renegade Flight plies for the new Rebel base on Hoth. After this, Rogue
under Commander Narra, the squadron leader; the sec- Flight officially became Rogue Squadron, with Luke Sky-
ond was Rogue Flight under Luke Skywalker. Rogue walker as their commander, and with new pilots added to
Flight was built around Skywalker and Antilles, with ad- their roster. As the Rogues became more autonomous,
ditional pilots including Zev Senesca, Wes Janson and they became a group with no standing orders, ready any
Derek "Hobbie" Klivian. time or place for urgent missions that would arise. During
the Battle of Hoth the Rogues' membership was aug-
The Rogues' early operations included missions to mented with additional personnel to crew their twelve
Kwenn Space Station and Vactooine. When the Rebels snowspeeders with pilots and gunners. Some of these
finally evacuated the base on Yavin 4, Rogue Flight temporary Rogues were added at the last moment, like
helped cover their escape through the Ison Corridor. smuggler Dash Rendar. The snowspeeders of Rogue
Following the evacuation, Skywalker, Antilles and the Group gave the Rebels enough time to evacuate Echo
others continued to sometimes work as Red Squadron Base, although many of the squadron's members lost
under Narra's command, like a rescue mission when their lives in doing so.
they allied themselves with an aged clone trooper from
the Clone Wars. The squadron later fought at Jabiim. After the evacuation of Hoth, Antilles took command dur-
ing the absence of Skywalker during his trials on Dago-
The Rogues headed to Dantooine to rescue the Impe- bah, leading a dangerous mission at the Maw. Then
rial pilot Tycho Celchu, whose spying for the Rebels Wedge led important missions such as the Battle of Du-
had been discovered. The mission was a success and brillion, the Mission at Destrillion, the Battle of Kothlis
Celchu eventually became a Rogue. A short time later, (this eventually resulted in the capture of information re-
the pilots were sent on a mission to help cover the es- lating to the second Death Star) and the Battle of Fon-
cape of scientists working for the Alliance. Since the dor. After the capture of Han Solo, Skywalker and Antil-
evacuation of Yavin, the Rogues' Lieutenant Sarkli had les formed a squadron of 12 units around the core group
caused tension among he and his fellow pilots, believ- and the Rogue Squadron was formed. Antilles often
ing he was not getting the credit he deserved. During commanded the squadron when Luke had important off-
the Ralltiir mission, Sarkli decided he had enough and flight missions. One of Luke's last missions with the
joined the Empire. The pilots' next missions included an squadron was the Battle of Gall against the Imperials, in
escort operation on Barkhesh and the rescue of a an attempt to flush out the bounty hunter who had ab-
downed Rebel supply ship. ducted Han Solo.

On Corellia, when the Empire learned of a secret meet- Rogue squadron participated in countless important mis-
ing between Imperial officer Crix Madine and Rebel sions during the year leading up to the battle of Endor.
commanders, Rogue Squadron helped cover the offi- The Squadron participated in the stealing of the shuttle
cers' escape. The squadron began to work on a number Tydirium, the rescuing of prisoners captured on Hoth, the
of missions under the direction of Madine, including the First Battle of Bakura, the subsequent pursuit of the Im-
liberation of Gerrard V from the oppression of Moff Kohl perial Escort carrier Exploiter to Geonosis, and last but
Seerdon. On that mission, the Rogues disabled the TIE not least, the Battle of Bespin.
interceptor of Lt. Kasan Moor, commander of the 128th
TIE Interceptor Squadron. Moor took the opportunity to During the Battle of Endor, Rogue Squadron was dis-
defect to the Alliance, and flew with the Rogues on mis- solved and absorbed into the general fleet, with many of
sions that were successful thanks to her knowledge its pilots distributed to other squadrons. The remaining

12 X-Wing: Rogue Squadron Sourcebook

Chapter Two: Rogues

Rogues and new pilots were grouped into a unit called Horn, Gavin Darklighter, Erisi Dlarit, Lujayne Forge, and
Red Squadron, which Antilles named in memory of the Bror Jace. Antilles chose Tycho Celchu as his Executive
Battle of Yavin; he himself took the role of "Red Leader". Officer, a choice he fought for with some of the upper
In fact, only five pilots remained in Rogue Squadron— echelons of the New Republic's military, as Celchu was
Wedge Antilles (Red Leader, X-wing), Tycho Celchu under suspicion from previous encounters. The pilots of
(Green Three, A-wing), Wes Janson, Derek Klivian (Red their command were quickly thrust into the line of fire in
Four, X-wing), and Keir Santage as Red Seven (X-wing). the disastrous First Battle of Borleias. Very soon after,
All of them (except Red Seven) survived the battle. Borleias was taken in a second, heated assault. From
Borleias, the New Republic was in position to take an
The new Rogues being selected shortly after the Battle offensive action toward the core, particularly the capital
of Endor.After Endor, the squadron was hastily and tem- world of Coruscant. Rogue Squadron would continue to
porarily reformed with available rebel pilots who could be lead the way.
spared in the aftermath of the battle, in order to defend
the planet Bakura under Luke Skywalker, who was still With two new additions of Aril Nunb and Pash Cracken,
considered Rogue Leader. Rogue Squadron infiltrated Coruscant. They went in as
teams of two but all subsequently met up, gaining an ally
Rogue Squadron, officially reformed under Antilles, was in Asyr Sei'lar, a Bothan who was an alumnus of the
considered the best of the best, undertaking their first Bothan Martial Academy. Celchu shocked the Rogues,
mission to Cilpar with a lean team of six: Antilles, Jan- when he showed up on Coruscant after having been pre-
son, Klivian, Celchu, Plourr Ilo and Dllr Nep. Joined by sumed killed in a disastrous attack by Warlord Zsinj on
Elscol Loro following this mission the squadron moved Noquivzor. He had been brought in beforehand by
on to Mrlsst and then Tatooine where Elscol moved on to Wedge as backup. Tycho had purchased six Z-95 Head-
new things with a converted Imperial Intelligence team hunters, of which five were used in the attack to bring
led by Sixtus Quinn. down Coruscant's orbital shields. The sixth was flown by
Corran Horn into a storm created by the Rogues by boil-
During the following year, Rogue Squadron eventually ing the city's water supply with Coruscant's orbital mir-
swelled to twelve—regular size for a New Republic star- rors. Their goal was to take down a power Grid Subsys-
fighter squadron. They were involved in skirmishes on tem buried under a Statue. Although this endeavor was
various worlds, including Brentaal IV where they cap- successful, Horn was subsequently captured by Ysanne
tured Baron Soontir Fel, who defected and joined the Isard using the Headhunter's override codes (given to
squadron. They were also involved in the failed defection her by turncoat Erisi Dlarit). Horn was taken to Lusankya
and rescue of Sate Pestage on Ciutric. but presumed dead in the rubble where the storm and
his attack had taken place.
Of the remaining squadron members, Janson and Klivian
went to train new squadrons, Fel disappeared, Celchu Tycho Celchu was accused of being the traitor and was
took on a mission for NRI and Nrin Vakil transferred out brought on trial, defended by fellow Rogue Nawara Ven.
to deal with his grief. Antilles undertook a publicity tour Meanwhile, Corran Horn was trapped in Isard's Lusan-
on numerous New Republic worlds. When using diplo- kya facility. He managed to escape, while Celchu's trial
macy had reached its limits in getting worlds to join the was tearing Rogue Squadron apart. Finally, when
New Republic, it was decided to that taking Coruscant Ysanne Isard blasted out of Coruscant on the Lusankya,
was required. Erisi Dlarit, the real traitor, faked being pulled by a tractor
beam, and rendezvoused with the Super Star Destroyer.
Antilles was then tasked with reforming Rogue Squadron
in 6.5 ABY. The reconstituted Rogue Squadron would be To pursue Isard, Rogue Squadron resigned their com-
an instrumental part of the New Republic's push against missions and participated in the Bacta War. With only
Imperial forces led by Ysanne Isard, with the ultimate minimal resources, they managed to lure the Star De-
goal of capturing Coruscant. Over 1200 pilots volun- stroyer Avarice to the New Republic, and they heavily
teered to join the resurrected Rogues. damaged Lusankya, making her surrender. Ysanne Isard
was presumed dead, shot down by the Rogues as she
The reformed squadron was quickly trained with a vari- tried to escape. Thyferra was liberated, and Rogue
ety of missions designed to test the Rogue's abilities in Squadron gained a pilot in Tal'dira. However, Nawara
numerous areas. It was comprised of pilots like Corran Ven became the Squadron's XO, never to fly an X-Wing

X-Wing: Rogue Squadron Sourcebook 13

Chapter Two: Rogues

for he had lost his leg and wasn't able to fly well enough from the fact that Iella Wessiri coughed as soon as Cor-
with a prosthetic. ran Horn mentioned that area of the Lusankya. The real
Isard had already betrayed Rogue Squadron by not sup-
During that time, Klivian led a temporary Rogue Squad- porting them in their attempt to kill the clone Isard and
ron during the "true" Rogue Squadron's absence. How- rescue the rest of the Lusankya prisoners at Ciutric.
ever, an alleged filing error kept the resignations from Rogue Squadron was successful however, and the clone
being documented, and the Rogues were again New of Isard was killed.
Republic officers, and the mission on Thyferra was ret-
roactively considered a New Republic-sanctioned cam- Following the return of Emperor Palpatine, the Rogues
paign. Antilles turned command over to Celchu and were back, flying mission after mission to safeguard the
founded Wraith Squadron. Antilles commanded both New Republic. After the fall of Coruscant, Antilles was
squadrons against Warlord Zsinj and after that he re- ordered to reconfigure Rogue Squadron into a multi-
turned to his command as Rogue Leader. fighter unit. Antilles felt this would destroy the cohesion
of the unit, but his commanders felt that the prestige
Rogue Squadron saw a great deal of combat during the coming from using the Rogue Squadron name would be
Thrawn Crisis, including the Battle of Sluis Van and the worth it. Antilles established a force using V-wing air-
Battle of Bilbringi, and immediately afterwards, the con- speeders, B-wings, and E-wings, with over 100 starfight-
quest of Prince-Admiral Delak Krennel's Ciutric Hegem- ers in total devoted to Rogue Squadron. For that reason,
ony. The New Republic took one of its outlying planets he chose to base it on Lusankya. During this time it
and then prepared to attack Ciutric, the capital planet of fought in the First Battle of Mon Calamari and Second
the Hegemony, while simultaneously looking for clues Battle of Phaeda, although the Lusankya did not join the
that would lead to the remaining Lusankya prisoners. squadron in battle until the latter conflict.
One of them, Urlor Sette, unexpectedly turned up at a
party for the squadron, but when Corran Horn recog- In 11 ABY, the Rogues were deployed on a number of
nized him and said his name, an implanted device killed campaigns, most notable of which was against the Invids
Sette. The Squadron went on a mission to Commenor, led by former Imperial Admiral Tavira. Corran Horn, now
finding some of the prisoners and learning that Isard trained as a Jedi, was instrumental in this campaign as
might be alive. During the attack on one of Krennel's he found the dark side users behind the Invids and
outlying planets, Horn was shot down. He found a se- stopped them. In 12.5 ABY they were one of the few
cret facility that showed evidence of a Pulsar Station, New Republic survivors of the Battle of Orinda.
not unlike the Death Star, and the Rogues moved to
attack it at a moon orbiting a gas giant, only to be am- A situation on the newly found planet of Adumar called
bushed. They were saved by two squadrons of TIE De- for Wedge to return to the cockpit with Tycho Celchu,
fenders, Stranger and Interloper Squadrons, under the Wes Janson and Hobbie Klivian in 13 ABY. Antilles led a
command of Colonel Broak Vessery, and taken to a se- diplomatic envoy which succeeded in bringing the neu-
cret base, having suffered the death of 2 pilots and the tral world to the New Republic. The four pilots used
critical injury and presumed death of 2 more. Surpris- Rogue Squadron markings on their X-wings and flew as
ingly, they met Ysanne Isard, who was responsible for Red Flight with call signs Red 1 through Red 4.
their rescue. She revealed that the Isard they had
thought they had killed was a clone, and she had sur- The Caamas Document incident also called for Rogue
vived to make herself a threat, and that all Isard wanted Squadron's unique talents as they were pressed into
was her demise. ground-based service in an attempt to find out the truth
behind the document. The return of Thrawn also saw the
The squadron was trained to use TIE Defenders and Rogues thrust back into the frontlines in an attempt to
then attacked Ciutric. The New Republic attacked at the protect the New Republic.
same time, killing Krennel in the ensuing space battle.
The real Isard tried to recapture Lusankya at Bilbringi, The signing of the peace treaty ending the Galactic Civil
but was shot and said to be killed in the attempt by Iella War marked the time for many pilots from Rogue Squad-
Wessiri. There are reliable sources that suggest Isard ron to retire.
might have actually been kept alive near the bow that
was sealed off and tended by droids. This hint comes

14 X-Wing: Rogue Squadron Sourcebook

Chapter Two: Rogues

Wedge Antillies (Wes Janson) were the first to complete a snowspeeder

cable attack against an AT-AT, which tripped it so that it
Wedge's early life was split between attending school on may be destroyed with a shot to the neck. Later, he led
Corellia and working aboard the Gus Treta space station an assault group in the Battle of Endor against the sec-
with his older sister Syal, where his parents, Jagged and ond Death Star, and destroyed the Death Star's power
Zena, operated a starship-refueling depot. Syal eventu- regulators, allowing Lando Calrissian in the Millennium
ally left the family to pursue an acting career, marrying Falcon to fire the shots that destroyed the battle station.
an Imperial fighter pilot, future defector and friend of He is the only pilot to participate in the destruction of
Wedge, Soontir Fel. Many years later Fel and Syal went both Death Stars. Six years later, at age 31, he grudg-
missing, presumed dead, but Wedge maintained hope ingly accepted promotion to the rank of general.[2] Previ-
that they would resurface. During the campaign against ously, he had turned down a promotion numerous times
warlord Zsinj, Wedge came into contact with Baron out of fear that he would not be able to continue as a pi-
Soontir Fel flying for the Warlord with elements of the lot with Rogue Squadron. It was only when Ackbar pro-
Elite Imperial 181st Squadron. Upon shooting down Fel moted him and allowed him to retain his position in the
over the former Selaggis colony, Wedge learns that the squadron that he accepted.
man he thought was Fel was actually an actor named
Tetran Cowall (Nemesis of Wraith Squadron Leader
Captain Garik "Face" Loran) who was hired by the War-
lord to distract Antilles so that the droid-ships of the
mock 181st could detonate near Antilles's fighter and kill

When Wedge was 17, the pirate Loka Hask pulled away
from the station his family owned while the fuel lines
were still attached to his craft, Buzzzer. The resulting
fireball would have killed all aboard had the Antilles fam-
ily not sacrificed themselves to save the station. Wedge
was devastated and set out in a dilapidated Z-95 Head-
hunter borrowed from family friend and Corellian smug-
gler Booster Terrik to seek vengeance. Numb with shock
and determination, Wedge, with help, tracked the pirates
to the Jumus system and coldly obliterated Buzzer,
though Hask escaped.
Commander Wedge Antilles (As of Rogue Squadron's
Insurance money allowed Wedge to buy a freighter, and
shift to operational status)
he spent several years running supplies for Terrik to the
Type: Brash Pilot
nascent Rebellion. He only joined its starfighter division
during an open call for pilots. He was one of four pilots
Blaster 6D, brawling parry 4D+1, dodge 6D, melee com-
(along with Biggs Darklighter, Jek Porkins and Cesi Eir-
bat 4D, vehicle blasters 4D
riss) who assisted Captain Nera Dantels in bringing
badly needed R2 units to Yavin 4.
Aliens species 5D+2, bureaucracy 6D, cultures 3D+2,
languages 5D, planetary systems 6D, survival 3D+1, tac-
He flew against the Death Star in Red Squadron at the
tics: starfighters 6D
Battle of Yavin, where he played a key role, destroying a
TIE fighter that was shadowing Luke Skywalker. He was
Astrogation 6D+1, repulsorlift operations 5D, space
also (along with Biggs Darklighter) one of Skywalker's
transports 6D, starfighter piloting 7D+2, starfighter pilot-
wingmen on the run that resulted in the destruction of the
ing: X-Wing 9D+2, starship gunnery 7D, starship shields
Death Star. Shortly afterwards Antilles and Skywalker
co-founded Rogue Squadron, with Antilles eventually
taking command after Luke left the unit. In the Empire
Bargain 4D+1, command 5D+2, command: Rogue
Strikes Back during the Battle of Hoth, he and his partner
Squadron 7D+2, con 4D, gambling 5D, hide 3D+2,

X-Wing: Rogue Squadron Sourcebook 15

Chapter Two: Rogues

search 4D, sneak 4D Tycho Celchu

Brawling 4D+2, stamina 5D+1 Tycho is a human male from Alderaan, the son of an Al-
TECHNICAL 3D deraanian Holonet magnate, and brother of Skoloc Cel-
Computer programming/repair 5D+2, repulsorlift repair chu and Mia Celchu. He joined the Imperial Navy, where
4D, space transports repair 5D, starfighter repair 6D+2 he trained under Soontir Fel alongside future Rogues
Force Points: 1 Hobbie Klivian and Biggs Darklighter. On his 21st birth-
Character Points: 28 day, he was speaking to his family on Alderaan when the
Move: 10 connection suddenly was cut. Later, he learned that that
Equipment: Blaster pistol (4D), flight suit, comlink was the moment when the Death Star destroyed the
planet, killing all its inhabitants.
(As of the Second Battle for Borleias)
Brawling parry 4D+2, aliens species 6D, starfighter pi- Tycho defected to the Rebel Alliance but his defection
loting 8D, starfighter piloting: X-Wing 10D, command: was cut off when his TIE interceptor was shot down over
Rogue Squadron 8D, starfighter repair 7D Dantooine. Luke Skywalker led a rescue party to save
Force Points: 1 him, managing to do so just as he was about to be deliv-
Character Points: 31 ered to Kessel. He was present when the Empire at-
Equipment: Blaster pistol (4D), flight suit, comlink tacked the Rebel base on Hoth, rescuing Hobbie Klivian
when his snowspeeder was damaged during the evacua-
(As of the Battle of Coruscant) tion. Tycho joined Rogue Squadron and flew an A-wing
Tactics: starfighters 6D+2, starfighter piloting: X-Wing at the Battle of Endor. Tycho followed Lando and Wedge
10D+1, starship gunnery 7D+1, hide 4D into the Death Star tunnel, and broke off when ordered to
Force Points: 1 do so by Lando to draw off some of the Imperial pursuit.
Character Points: 34 After the turning point at Endor, Tycho distinguished him-
Equipment: Blaster pistol (4D), flight suit, comlink self in many battles, proving his loyalty both to the Alli-
ance and to his friends.
(As of the Battle of Thyferra)
Astrogation 7D, tactics: starfighters 7D, sneak 5D, star- He volunteered to infiltrate the Imperial capital of Corus-
fighter piloting 8D+1, starship gunnery 7D+2, starship cant, but was captured by Ysanne Isard. Her attempts to
shields 6D+2, starfighter repair 7D+1 turn him into a sleeper agent failed, but when he es-
Force Points: 1 caped and returned to the Rebellion, certain officers ex-
Character Points: 40 pressed their doubts as to his loyalty. Wedge Antilles
Equipment: Blaster pistol (4D), flight suit, comlink campaigned to have him made Executive Officer of
Rogue Squadron. Tycho was instrumental in the con-
quest of Coruscant, but when fellow Rogue Corran Horn
disappeared and was presumed dead, Tycho was tried
for his murder. Corran's re-appearance at the last minute
saved Tycho's life, and his reputation within the New Re-
public. Tycho later used the Imperial Credits, deposited
in his name in an attempt to frame him, to fund the lib-
eration of Thyferra.

While Wedge formed the new Wraith Squadron, Tycho

took command of the Rogues. He later accompanied
Wedge to the world of Adumar, along with Hobbie Klivian
and Wes Janson. After Wedge's promotion to General,
Tycho accepted the promotion to Colonel and took over
Rogue Squadron on a permanent basis. He later retired
and married Winter, became an advisor to Princess Leia
Organa, and turned the squadron over to Gavin

16 X-Wing: Rogue Squadron Sourcebook

Chapter Two: Rogues

M-3PO (Emtrey)
M-3PO, also known as Emtrey, was a black military pro-
tocol droid of the 3PO series, that served in Rogue
Squadron as its quartermaster.

Emtrey was cobbled together from parts of other protocol

droids. Because of his improvised nature, he had a pro-
tocol droid's body, but had the head of a flight controller
droid. Emtrey was built on Hoth by a Rebel lieutenant
named Losca for the purpose of procuring goods. He
had special programming to assist with that purpose: a
'scrounger mode' activated when hounded about acquir-
ing parts.

Emtrey also had a strange program that disabled his nor-

mal personality and functions when told to shut up more
than 3 times. This program essentially turned him into a
'dumb' terminal with access to Emtrey's memory banks.
Both of these features were used by Rogue Squadron
members during the time he served with them. After the
New Republic took Coruscant for the first time, this ter-
minal mode was disabled.

It was later revealed that the terminal mode was actually Type: Cybot Galactica M-3PO Series Protocol Droid
built into Emtrey by New Republic Intelligence in order to DEXTERITY 2D
discover if then Captain Tycho Celchu had been suc- blaster 2D+2
cessfully brain washed into an Imperial Agent. Emtrey KNOWLEDGE 3D
was given this and other programming that made him bureaucracy 5D+2, business 5D, cultures 6D, languages
into a very valuable tool for a spy, which would've ex- 10D, streetwise 6D+1, tactics 5D, value 6D+2
posed Celchu if he was a spy if Celchu used him in that MECHANICAL 1D
manner. Emtrey was also able to provide proof that Cel- communications 3D+2
chu had not met with Imperial agents as Corran Horn PERCEPTION 1D
accused him of doing. Horn's reappearance, followed by bargain 5D+1, con 4D, forgery 3D, gambling 1D+2, in-
the betrayal of Imperial mole Erisi Dlarit made Celchu's vestigation 4D+2, persuasion 3D
innocence obvious. STRENGTH 1D
After Celchu's trial, and the departure of Ysanne Isard Computer programming/repair 3D+1, demolitions 3D,
for Thyferra, Rogue Squadron members resigned to top- security 4D
ple the puppet regime she had set up on that planet. Em- Equipped With:
trey, along with all the squadron's equipment and fight- -Humanoid body (two arms, two legs, head)
ers was surplussed out by someone in the military as a -Light armor (+1D against physical damage, +1 against
way of giving back door support to the former members energy damage)
of Rogue Squadron. Emtrey was acquired by the former -Two visual and audial sensors – human range
Rogues, and he served in a variety of capacities with -Vocabulator speech/sound system
them. He was later named liaison on board the Valiant, a -AA-1 VerboBrain
droid ship that survived the destruction of Alderaan. -TransLang III Communications module with over seven
million languages
Once Isard was defeated, Emtrey returned to service Move: 8
with the New Republic. Size: 1.7 meters

X-Wing: Rogue Squadron Sourcebook 22

Chapter Two: Starships

TIE Interceptor Craft: Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Interceptor /h

Type: Modified space superiority starfighter
Emperor Palpatine, knowing the superior abilities of the Scale: Starfighter
TIE Interceptor, as well as its relatively low cost, had Length: 6.6 meters
planned to replace all standard TIE Fighters with Inter- Skill: Starfighter piloting: TIE
ceptors. By the Battle of Endor, TIE Interceptors filled Crew: 1
20% of the total Imperial Starfighter Corps, and over- Cargo Capacity: 75 kilograms
whelmed many Rebel fighters. Consumables: 2 days
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x2
Officers of the Imperial Navy were sometimes known to Nav Computer: Limited to 4 jumps
adopt TIE Interceptors as their personal craft, installing Maneuverability: 3D+1
shield projectors and hyperdrives so the Interceptors Space: 9
could be utilized as escape vehicles. Apwar Trigit was Atmosphere: 400; 1,150 kmh
one such officer. Hull: 3D
The hyperdrive unit added considerable mass, including Passive: 25/1D
also greater consumables and a small navigation com- Scan: 40/2D
puter. This reduced the performance of the TIE Inter- Search: 60/2D
ceptor. Focus: 4/3D+2
Due to their speed, distinct shape, and narrow profile in 4 Laser Cannons (fire linked)
comparison to the TIE/ln fighter, TIE Interceptors came Fire Arc: Front
to be referred to occasionally as "squints" by enemy Skill: Starship gunnery
pilots. Fire Control: 3D
Space Range: 1-3/12/25
Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5 km
Damage: 6D

56 X-Wing: Rogue Squadron Sourcebook