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 hat must you demonstrate to

become CEng registered?
If you’re ready to progress in your career, registration as
a CEng will help you. Take a look through this information
to see exactly how you go about taking an important step
forwards in your profession.

To gain Professional Registration you will need to option. If you do not hold a formal qualification, but can
demonstrate competence in your application form provide other evidence of your technical knowledge and
and face-to-face at the professional review interview. understanding, you can still become registered.
As part of your application, you will need to present
evidence that demonstrates your level of competence. CEng:
 an accredited Bachelor’s degree with Honours
This means you will need to explain what you do in
in engineering or technology, plus either an
your work and provide evidence in your application
accredited Master’s degree, or appropriate
form which supports the points shown below.
Further Learning to Master’s level
Evidence  an accredited, integrated MEng degree
If you are working towards CEng registration you must show:
 an accredited Bachelor’s degree with Honours
 how you used your technical and/or engineering in engineering or technology, started prior to
knowledge and understanding to improve or September 1999
exploit new and advancing technology
 other formal qualifications, e.g. qualifications
 how you have applied a combination of theoretical gained overseas, that may be assessed by the
and practical methods to analyse and solve a IET as equivalent to the above in the context of
technical and/or engineering problem. This may your overall application
include the identification of a potential project and
 work-based technical knowledge and
where you have conducted appropriate research
understanding, assessed by the IET as equivalent to
to design and develop an engineering solution
the above in the context of your overall application
 where you exercised your technical and
 a combination of the above.
commercial leadership skills

 your personal commitment to professional

standards and recognition of obligations to
society, the profession and the environment. For more information about the Engineering
Council Competence Framework, take a look at
Technical knowledge and understanding the Engineering Council Standard of Professional
The list opposite sets out the different ways in Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC) at
which you may demonstrate the knowledge and www.engc.org.uk
understanding to underpin the competences for
registration. Remember that formal education is just one

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CEng registration – how to apply
Your first step towards Professional Registration is to become a
member of the IET. You’ll be one of 150,000 members from 127
countries around the world. You’ll receive a superb package of
benefits including access to online forums, free and discounted
publications, invitations to events and be part of a network of the
brightest and the best of the world of engineering and technology.

Simply visit www.theiet.org/membership to join us Whichever option you choose, you must nominate two
online. Once you’re a member you will be ready to Supporters to endorse the details of your application.
proceed to the next stage. If you have frequently changed jobs or worked as a
contractor for a number of organisations, it may be
How to apply useful to name an additional Supporter too.
In your application for registration, you will be asked
Remember to ensure you follow any instructions and
to give basic details such as your name, contact and
read the guidance notes thoroughly before submitting
membership details, your work experience and details
your application.
of any formal education and training.
After our initial review of your career history, you may
There are two ways in which you can apply for registration:
be asked to provide further evidence from your work
Either complete an application form, visit to support your application. If more information is
www.theiet.org/profreg needed, the IET will send you the appropriate forms.

Or, if you are an existing member and have used IET The IET is committed to the professional development
Career Manager to compile your evidence, you can of its members and we will do as much as we can to
complete the application automatically. Use the Career assist you with any aspect of your application.
Manager checklist to ensure you have completed the
necessary sections.

If you have any further queries, please contact

the IET Registration & Standards Department on
01438 767333 or at profreg@theiet.org.
We will be happy to help.


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CEng – what happens next?
In our experience, the support of a dedicated member of staff
helps to make the process as smooth as possible. That’s why,
once we have received your application, it will be allocated to an
IET staff member who will remain your personal point of contact
throughout the registration process.

Internal review Interview venues

Your application will be reviewed by staff and then Please indicate on the application form your preferred
it will be sent to experienced members, who have centre for the interview. We have facilities to interview
been trained to assess potential candidates for at many local centres worldwide. Where face-to-face
registration. They will consider whether or not you facilities are not available, video conferencing may be
have demonstrated the competence required for used as an alternative.
registration and you will be advised if any further
If you have special requirements, please let us know
evidence is needed to support your application. Once
so that appropriate arrangements can be made.
they are satisfied that you have made the best possible
case, then your application will be progressed to a Decision
professional review interview. The IET will then decide if it can recommend your
registration to the Engineering Council. If you are
Your interview
successful, you will receive a letter to confirm
The IET interviews all applicants for CEng registration.
the decision and your name will be added to the
The interview lasts approximately an hour and is
Engineering Council register.
conducted by two members of the IET, who have been
trained for this purpose. You will be able to discuss If you have not yet been able to demonstrate
many aspects of your work, in order to demonstrate your competence at the level required for registration,
personal contribution and your competence in your role. the IET will continue to support your professional
development and advise what additional experience
You are invited to give a 15 minute presentation at
or knowledge will be required.
the beginning of your interview. The purpose of the
interview is to confirm that you have reached the In some circumstances, it may be appropriate for the
overall level of competence expected of a professional IET to recommend a different registration category;
engineer. The interviewers will give you the opportunity however, you will be advised of this as soon as
to expand on the information in your application and possible in the process.
clarify any outstanding issues. They will also give you
the opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to
the profession, for example, through your promotion
of engineering or technology in the wider engineering
community or in other ways.


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