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Mendoza, Thea Shinee

B.S. Arch 2
History 15 MWF 11:30-12:30
Reaction Paper

1) How were the Filipino guerrillas portrayed in the film able to support themselves while hiding
in the mountains and how did they go about their resistance without adequate weapons and
supplies? What did they say were the motivations behind their continued resistance to the
American military forces despite the advantages enjoyed by the Americans?

The Filipino portrayed a role that is not easy to handle. They were hiding in the
mountains because the American invaded their territory. When the American invaded their
territory they have no choice to hide in the mountains to maintain their dignity for the country.
And when it comes to guerrillas, they are the people who are willing to scarify what is right for
their country. The guerrillas continued their journey in the jungle at the same time they planned
very well on how they attack the American soldier. There is a scene were one guerrillas tried to
kill the head of the American soldier but he failed by that incident the American put barb wire so
that one can come in easily.

2) In the film, how did the American soldiers justify their country's occupation of the
Philippines? In dealing with the civilians and the guerrillas, what steps did they follow which
eventually brought an end to the prolonged resistance of the Filipino guerrillas?

The American soldier occupied in the Philippines through religious a political action. In
film it was shown, the Filipino arrested one friar. When American arrived in the village, they feel
like they are the highest rank in the society. The ways of living the American soldier need to
adjust on how the Filipinos interacted with them. In the film amigo the guerrillas surrender to the
American because no one will support them when it comes food supplies. The guerrillas have no
more choice even though against their will, they will still follow the laws of the American.

3) How did the characters who portrayed ordinary, non-combatant civilians deal with both the
American occupation troops and the Filipino guerrillas? Cite examples of the different ways in
which these civilians ensured their survival from the war.

The ordinary people portrayed an extra ordinary character because one of the American
soldier who fall in love with a Filipina. The audience was entertained because they were funny to
look at with misunderstanding language. Even though the American invaded the Filipino, they
still continue their life like an ordinary day. The Filipino character is history if you realize in the
film even though the American take all our food supplies we still smile because there is a time to
make fun out of it even thought you have big problems. One good examples, is when the
Americans put the barbed wire because their where news that some Filipinos are in the jungle
hiding and suddenly attacked one by one to the American. One of the characters escaped and told
the events on what the American done to their village.
4) Based on the events dramatized in the film, why would the education system established by
the American colonial government in the Philippines gloss over (or even exclude) the teaching of
the Philippine-American War (previously called the Philippine "Insurrection" or Rebellion) to
Filipino students?

If you seen the old movies about the history of our country it was shown how the
American treated the Filipinos in a wrong way. The Filipino disagreed the rules and regulations
made by the American due to their advantages towards the Filipino citizen. Based on the
education system the Philippine-American War summarized the invasion by the American
because they treat us “indos” due to our skin tone. Rebellion is a group of people where they
disagree the government laws or rules. They are the one who fight for their country and stand
their position to prove to the American that they are not slaves to play around.

5) What conclusion/s did you draw from the film?

Based on the film, it was shown the history of Filipino-American War. The American
helped us in terms of government and economic growth because of this we became a democratic
country. I realize that long time ago it was not easy to live because there were soldier roaming
around and you don’t want to put your lives behind bars. Even though the American invaded us,
we still have our attitude to smile like there is no problem.