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It's rather commonplace to say these days that ideologies have worked on

people's alienation from one another and seriously shook the confidence
between fellowmen.Whether brother or sister, whether you called yourself
husband and wife,the sentimental bond passed through the ideology
filter.The unions between people, always cautious on their neighbor seldom
took place on the basis of sharing true feelings .However love did survive but
in very few cases, because everything that has lived under communism is
the only thing relevant to our discussion, not as you would like to object that
the fanatical eagerness of the followers of the ideological truth that received
confirmation of their absolute ideas, engaged political in the social realities
of Romania would have had their reasons.Instead the inner worlds of
geniuses, all those alternative realities from which people to claim an ounce
of dignity were severely crushed in the bud and I know that this statement is
subject to your criticism.
Healthy functioning societies accept an open competition to all ideas
whether their senders believe at times that they can change the world or
they put in mind to destroy it sublimating their resentful ideas in a willful
rebellion against societal phenomena that they conceive as a threat to
human integrity. This type of narcissist schizoid in full eruption at Hollywood
is the expression of a general discontent of our lifestyle helped by technique
and crowned by consumption. Looking further into the psychology of these
riots, these schizoids suffer willingly of material deprivations being unable of
approaching a way of life they began to hate it. A schizoid has nothing fitting
under his mask of apparent wilderness has no emotional bonding that could
be addressed by,his intelligence graft on an emotional instability places him
alone in the world that has lost the quality of a life in accordance with his
wishes. Our interest here branches between genius and insanity .A genius is
recognized for struggling for the quality of life itself while a madman will
work towards its destruction.Self-love leads us to live a schizoid life in a
world that we belive to own and from which we expect the fulfillment of our
desires while the true love of our neighbor opens the horizon of a world fully
in accordance with the desire of our hearts most secret mysteries that make
it possible the self-knowledge understood as self-correcting for the good of
our beings. In very rare cases a schizoid passes on the side of good, for him,
this trip is the answer to the question: where you are going at night? that
instead to answer you:to the brothel, it hits you with an answer like: To the
well of spirit! We understand the later and only approaching his paradigm
what an honest answer like this can mean to a schizoid.It’s the schizoid
wanting to persuade the other to emotional challenges that transcend the
presence of both of them now linked to each other in this world. Schizoid
behavior pushes the one who is in his presence to exceed the limits of
conventional emotional binds both to a direct relationship between two
people one of which believes himself to be stripped of his will.Your objection
in this case leads us to Christ on the cross that might have been in the same
situation in which you do not believe in. A schizoid subordinated his will to
the other’s choice while inserting him the idea of being in total control over
his own will. When this idea is shared by a social group, as happens in the
cases where a tyrant is removed from power by the minions in his
service,history itself becomes schizoid. It can give rise to a social schizoid
complex case where an entire society becomes schizoid. How this disease
knows no remission but only as a whole reassessment happens that the
Romanian people found themselves incapable of hating their odious past,
because as with Nazism this past is beyond human possibilities of
understanding the lack of humanity and becomes very dangerous for the
future the passing over in silence the complicity to be collectively guilty.
Without come and gone Romanians have no way to live than tainting the
criminal proceedings throughout the country terrifying an entire Europe with
the level of corruption in the last twenty years. It's one thing we can be
proud, it is even the national character. The five o'clock news no matter how
awful appear to us define it on the screen. This country is a hard matter of
resentful feelings or emotions as much as we like to lie that we are humane
among ourselves. Evil as a schizoid understands it is the lie becoming main-
stream that doesn’t originate in a duality of the true - false, good - evil, light
– dark type where the quality of universality extracted from draws for a lie
without knowing that this should always be opposed to the truth and its
intoxicant among the masses as the harm that a schizoid may cause in the
world can only have a trait of universality.
The voice that you will never hear utter the schizoid’s words it’s there
present, however, suppressed by cough whenever this inspires the strong air
of freedom,it is the inner voice which accompanies his angry words against
the most beautiful feelings of freedom. From the two voices one whispers to
the schizoid only the latter and only to itself: Under the spell of night I learn
the power of a demiurg of fate / I will carry on, desperate to raise a secret
plan of loneliness / I give to you in silence until my dream caresses me.He
loves his inner voice, is stunned by its music,the words he can’t utter but to
listen to, it's true on a different music of the spoken injurious words to
others,never addressed to them but to himself .

Love through the element of catharsis fights against the spread of this
mental illness and makes life tolerable as sultry as the environment in which
this expresses itself may be.Love to be loved in return!