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� Regd. No. Indore MP/ICD 216/2021-2023 � �����������������

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4 detected with SA
variant of Covid-19
in India, one with
������ ‘RESCUE TEAMS ����������� Brazil strain
IN ACTION’ ������������������������� ���������
Forty-seven people, in- ���������������������� ����������������������
cluding 24 men, 21 women ������������������������� ���������������������� For the first time in India,
and two young children, ��������������������������� ������������������������� four people were detected
drowned in Bansagar ���������������������� ��������������������� with the South Africa vari-
canal when a packed bus ������������������� �������������������������� ant of SARS-CoV-2 and one
heading towards Satna ������������������� ������������������������ tested positive for the
from Sidhi district skid- ��������������������� ����������������������� Brazil variant in the coun-
ded off the road and fell ���������������������� ������������������������� try, the Centre said on Tues-
into it on Tuesday morn- ������������������������ �������������������������� day.
ing. The accident took ������������������������� ��������������������� In India, the South Africa
place near Sharda Patna ������������������������ ��������������������� strain has been detected in
village, under Rampur ����������������������� �������������������������� four returnees - one from
Nanki police station, ���������������������������� ���������������������������� Angola, one from Tanzania
around 7.30 am. Around �������������������������� ���������������� and two from South Africa
55 people had crowded ��������������������� in January, ICMR Director
into the 35-seater bus. ��������������������� Seven people, including General Balram Bhargava
Seventeen girl students, ��������������������������� the driver, Balandru said.
who were on their way to ����������������������� Vishwakrma, managed to All travellers and contacts
attend the entrance exam ������������������������� swim to safety. have been tested and quar-
of ANM in Satna, are ������������������������ Post-mortem examina- antined.
among those dead. tion has been conducted "The ICMR-NIV is at-
Sources said the passen-
gers had boarded the bus
CM PRAYS FOR on all the bodies, which
have been handed over to
tempting to isolate and cul-
ture the SA variant strain
around 4.30 in the morn- MISSING PERSONS the families and next of from the samples of these
ing from the Sidhi bus �������������������������� kin. A magisterial probe four individual returnees,"
stand. The driver had ��������������������������� has been ordered to ascer- he said.
heard there was a traffic ��������������������� tain the cause of the acci- One Brazil returnee has
jam on the highway at ��������������������� ������������������������� dent. tested positive for the
Chuhia Ghat and he took ���������������������� Brazil variant of SARS-
a short cut. He drove ��������������������������
������������������������������������������� CoV-2 in the first week of

down a narrow road con- ������������������������� ��������������������� February. The traveller and
structed along the canal, ������������������������� �������������������� contacts have been tested
which is part of the ��������������������� ��������������� and quarantined.
Bansagar project. Some- ������������������������ �������������������������� "The virus strain has
where along the road, the ����������������������� ���������������������������� been successfully isolated
driver lost control of his ���������������������������� ���������������������� and cultured at ICMR-NIV,
vehicle and the bus fell �������������������� ����������������������������� Pune," Bhargava said,
into the water. ���������������������������� ������������������������������ adding that experiments to
As the bus plunged into ������������������������ ��������������������������� assess vaccine effectiveness
the canal, some of the ��������������������������� ��������������������������� are underway.
students and other pas- ������������������������ �������������������� Elaborating on the two
sengers crowding near ��������������������������� ���������������������������� strains, Bhargava said the
the door jumped off the ������������������ ��������������������������� South African variant of
vehicle and onto the �������������������������� ����������������������� SARS-CoV-2, also known as
bank. They raised an ���������������������������� ������������������������������ �������������������������������������� 20H/501Y.V2 or B.1.351,
alarm and passersby ������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� emerged independently in
rushed to the site to save �������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ South Africa and was first
the passengers. Some of ����������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� reported in mid-December.
them called the police. �������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������ �������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������

Indore-Chennai flight makes WhatsApp messages, flirting by MP judge draw SC warning

emergency landing within ��������� Court over the sexual ha-
rassment allegations made
that if they have some un-
derstanding with each oth-
cer is this? We don't under-
stand", added Shrivastava

20 minutes of take-off
The Supreme Court on by a junior judicial officer. er, is it good to go ahead? exclaimed. At this stage,
Tuesday made sharp ob- Senior advocate Ravin- However, the bench added the Chief Justice said it
servations on the conduct dra Shrivastava along with that the petitioner has al- agrees with Shrivastava's
of a district judge from advocate Arjun Garg, rep- ready learnt a lesson and submissions.

AIRCRAFT’S windshield cracked during flight Madhya Pradesh, who sent

offensive and inappropri-
resenting Madhya Pradesh
High Court, read out sever-
pointed at a settlement be-
tween the parties.
Senior advocate R Bala-
subramanian, represent-
ate messages to a junior of- al WhatsApp messages Justice S. A. Bobde and Shrivastava replied that ing the district judge, sub-
������������������ Control (ATC) tower stat- ficer and justified this con- sent by the District Judge comprising Justices A.S. the woman officer wanted mitted that the lady officer
������ ing that cracks had devel- duct as mere "flirting". to junior lady officer. Shri- Bopanna and V Ramasub- a settlement, but the High has withdrawn her com-
oped in the windshield of A former district judge vastava said he is a senior ramanian said: "WhatsApp Court committee probing plaint under the Preven-
IndiGo’s Indore-Chennai the cockpit at 3.45 pm. from Madhya Pradesh judicial officer; hence his messages are quite offen- this matter did not accept tion of Sexual Harassment
flight had to make an ATC Indore immediate- moved the top court chal- conduct should have been sive and improper. For a it. He added the petitioner Act, therefore the discipli-
emergency landing at the ly provided all required lenging the disciplinary more appropriate with the judge this conduct with has admitted that he was nary proceedings by the
Devi Ahilyabai Holkar facilities by declaring full proceedings initiated by lady officer. junior officer - not accept- flirting with the lady. High Court are not main-
Airport on Tuesday after emergency at the airport. the Madhya Pradesh High A bench headed by Chief able." The bench queried "What kind of judicial offi- tainable. ������������
a crack developed in the The aircraft landed safely
aircraft's windshield at 4.03 pm.

Middlemen rule the

when it was just 25 nauti- Aryama Sanyal, air- ����������������������������������������������
cal miles from the air- port director, informed
port. that an alternate aircraft

roost in RTOs, extortion

The pilot managed to was arranged by Indigo
land the aircraft success- for the passengers. The
fully and all the 100 pas- flight departed to Chen-

continues at checkpoints
sengers on board heaved nai at 06.38 pm, but with
a sigh of relief. only 61 passengers to
IndiGo flight 6E-6195 Chennai. Rest of the pas-
departed from the city sengers opted to go to

���������� airport for Chennai at

03:41 pm. The pilot of the
Bangalore, Hyderabad,
Coimbatore, Cochin, so TRANSPORT DEPT is a money-making industry
aircraft declared an they were sent by other ���������������
False propaganda emergency to Air Traffic direct flights. ������
over laws:•Modi The Madhya Pradesh
�������� ������������
�������������������� 89 new C-cases in Indore Transport Department
cannot shirk its responsi-
������������������ bility for the bus tragedy
������ in Shardapatan village,
������������������������� Sidhi. The department is
����������������������� ����������������������������������������������������� at fault, because but for ���� ��� ������������� ��� �������
����������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������� earning money through ������ ��������������������������������
������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������� underhand dealings, the ����������������������������������
������������������������ ��������� department hardly pays ��������������������������������
���������� ������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� attention to anything else. ������������������������������������
���������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ Agents are ruling the
Suo motu contempt ��������������������������������������������������� roost in all regional trans-
case against Rajdeep ����������������������������������������������������� port offices (RTOs) across
���������� ��� �������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
the state. It is the agents Gadkari scrapped checkpoints,
�������������������������������������������� who get every work done
in those offices. but started again in 2018
Though the state govern- ������������������������������

Army uses drones, cameras to monitor Chinese pullback at Pangong Lake

ment has stopped the sys- �����������������������������
tem of agents, the middle- �����������������������������
��������������������������� men are running the ������������������������������
�������������������� NEW DELHI: Army team will physically verify where 13 jetties were sta- RTOs. ������������������������������
������������������������ teams armed with drones and re-verify disengagement tioned, long-range guns One can get anything ������������������������������
�������������������������� and cameras are monitor- at Pangong Lake. "It will be a were positioned, bunkers done by greasing the ������������������������
ing evacuation and dis- joint inspection team, both were constructed and per- palms of the agents ��������������������������
Puducherry govt mantlement of military in- from Indian Army and Chi- manent structures built to through whom fitness of a �����������������������
loses majority frastructure by Chinese nese PLA," said a senior gov- accommodate thousands of bus is checked. ��������������������
����������� ��� troops at Pangong Lake in ernment officer. People's Liberation Army Therefore, they give fit- ��������������������������
���������������������� Eastern Ladakh. The officer further stated troops. ness certificate to those ��������������������������������
���������������������������� Further, the disengage- that Indian Army teams will "We will verify physically buses that are unfit to run. ������������������������������
��������������������� ment process at both use drones and high-resolu- whether each and every- Agents are seen round the ����������������������������
����������������������� northern and southern tion cameras to check and thing is dismantled and re- clock outside the RTOs. �����������������������������
��������������������� banks of the Pangong Lake record dismantlement of moved from the position. As nobody in RTO office ���������������������������
����������������������� is expected to be complete military infrastructure, espe- We will go up to Finger 8 to pays any attention to com- ���������������������������
���������������������������� by February 20. cially created along Pangong check if disengagement is mon man, all the work is �������������������������
����������������������� The Indian Army team ������������������������������������������������������������ Lake by Chinese troops. happening as per the being done through the ��������������������������������
������������������������� along with the Chinese Peo- China has created a mili- agreed terms," the officer middlemen. ������������
ple's Liberation Army (PLA)
����������������������������������������������������������� tary garrison at Finger 7 explained. ������������ ������������


KILLED IN Free Press 'On The Spot' painting
MP govt & school assn
ACCIDENT competition winners spotted

determine fees
INDORE classes or exams. Fur- against private schools Two persons were killed
ther, it added that neces- have been received by the after they were hit by a
Complaints against pri- sary action will be taken District Education Offi- recklessly driven loading
OUR STAFF REPORTER vate schools charging full against the schools cer and MP Child Rights rickshaw in Rau area late
Indore fees even while providing whose complaints have Protection Commission on Monday. The two were
only online classes for been received. regarding fees. Many or- returning home from
The matter of school fees students are continuous- However, in respect of ders have been issued by their work when the acci-
charged during corona pe- ly coming up. Parents of fees, orders have already the regime since the dent happened. The po-
riod has reached the students studying in pri- been issued by the High Corona period, but still lice have registered a
Supreme Court with the vate schools have even Court and the govern- parents are upset that no case against the errant
latter issuing notices to met the Minister of State ment that lump sum fees action has been against driver of a loading rick-
CISCE (Council for the In- for School Education will not be collected from the private school. shaw and started a
dian School Certificate Ex- seeking relief. the parents. Also, only ed- "We have received sev- search for him. Free Press ..... The judges of the painting competition
aminations), Madhya After the meeting, the ucational fees will be eral complaints from par- According to Rau police
Pradesh state government, minister asked them to charged. ent associations and req- station staff, the incident OUR STAFF REPORTER GROUP B WINNERS 2; and Navya Trivedi in
CBSE (Central meet officials of the educa- Despite this, private uisite instructions have took place on CAT Road Indore Hitanshi Agrawal in Grade 3 were awarded
Board of Sec- tion department. Further, schools are pressuring been given to officials for at around 11.30 pm. The Grade 6 from Shri Satya consolation prizes.
ondary Educa- as decided and instructed parents to pay lump sum ensuring that no child is deceased were identified Students have been anx- Sai Vidya Vihar bagged GROUP B
tion) and Asso- in the meeting, the educa- fees. Parents had also com- denied online education as Sanjay Jamre (30), a iously waiting for the re- first place.
ciation of Un- tion department issued a plained to the collector in absence of fee pay- resident of Jhirniya vil- sults of 'On The Spot' Siddhi Agrawal in Grade CONSOLATION PRIZES
aided CBSE notice to all the private against two-three private ment. District education lage in Khargone district painting competition or- 7 from St Joseph School Divyanshika Saigal in
Schools, fol- schools in the state. schools in Indore district. officers have been or- and his relative Rakesh ganised by the leading bagged second place. Grade 7; Shivaansh Nand-
lowing a The department dered to investigate the of the same area. They English daily of Central Meesha Patel in Grade 4 wal in Grade 5; Abdullah
petition said that even if Nearly 400 complaints matter and clarify the sit- were staying and work- India, Free Press in asso- from Shri Satya Sai Vidya Bin Zuber in Grade 6; Rani
filed by
the fees of a child
is not deposited, private
against private schools uation," KK Dwivedi, Di-
rector, DPI (Directorate
ing in Rau.
Both got critically in-
ciation with DHL Infrab-
ulls. The event was pow-
Vihar came in third place. Sarkar in Grade 7; Bhumi-
ka Bindoriya in Grade 7;
Palak schools will not be able to After the Corona peri- of Public Instruction), jured and were rushed to ered by Indian Oil. GROUP C WINNERS Arini Tiwari in Grade 7;
Sangh, Indore. The next deprive them of online od, about 400 complaints said. the hospital where they Free Press on the spot Dhruv Verma in Grade 9 Daksh Yadav in Grade 4;
hearing in the case will be died during treatment. painting competition, an from Shri Gujarati Samaj Rashida Dahodwala in
after 3 weeks. The passersby have given open and unbiased plat- AMN School bagged first Grade 7; Ishwari Soni in
The parents had filed a Jabalpur Bench of the senting petitioner along head of tuition fee. the registration number form to budding artists in place. Grade 6; Rishbha Matta in
petition in SC against the High Court by the sangh. with Sangh secretary Advocate Chanchal Gup- of the loading vehicle Indore, was organised dig- Bhavya Gupta in Grade Grade 7; Saniya Shrivas in
alleged unjustified fees High Court had ruled that Sachin Maheshwari, pre- ta, president of the Sangh, and the police have regis- itally this year due to 10 from SICA Senior Sec- Grade 6; and Pahal Agraw-
charged by the schools dur- tuition fees can be recov- sented the fees receipts of said that the petition de- tered a case against the Covid-19 outbreak. As per ondary school bagged sec- al in Grade 7 were awarded
ing the height of corona ered by the schools. Hence, some private schools be- manded that a committee errant driver. The police registrations, 6,739 stu- ond place. consolation prizes.
pandemic when only on- in appeal, parents ap- fore the court. The repre- should be set up under the are also collecting infor- dents participated in the Japnit Gupta in Grade 11 GROUP C
line classes were held. Ear- proached SC in the matter. sentatives quoted that supervision of the High mation from the spot to event. from Shri Satya Sai Vidya
lier, a public interest litiga- In the hearing, advocate schools have been charg- Court to determine the know the exact reason for Here are the winners of Vihar came in third place. CONSOLATION PRIZES
tion (PIL) was filed in the Mayank Kshirsagar repre- ing complete fee under the proper tuition fees. the accident. the competition in various GROUP A Tanvi Chopariya in
categories: Grade 8; Aditya Saha in

Autorickshaw drivers protest Man dies in collision between two bikes

Grade 12; Isha Kawade in
GROUP A WINNERS Rishima Mahajan in Grade 9; Bhuvan Kumar
grade 2; Kartika Malviya Jain in Grade 10; Aayushi

against bike taxis at RTO

Indore: A person was killed when his bike collided head- Vedant Tripathi from in kindergarten (KG - 2); Sahu in Grade 8; Zoya
on with another bike in Khudel area on Monday night. Ac- Daly College bagged first Garima Vishwakarma in Qureshi in Grade 11; Na-
cording to police, the deceased was identified as Rahul, a place. Grade 2; Shivam Kashyap man Sinha in Grade 8;
resident of Ambamoliya village. He was going somewhere Aradhya Shrivastava in in Grade 4; Kaashwl Khu- Priyansh Bairagi in Grade
on his bike when a bike coming from the opposite side col- Grade 2 from Queens Col- rana in Grade 2; Avni 7; Ridhima Jain in Grade
lided with his bike. It is said that there were two people on lege bagged second place. Sharma in Grade 2; Ira 8; Kanak Panchal in
the other bike. All three received injury in the accident. Shreshta Yadav in Grade Nagar in KG-2; Reeha Grade 12; Maulika Joshi
They were taken to the hospital but Rahul could not be 3 from Delhi Public School Amit Shah in Grade 1; in Grade 10; and Tanvi Pil-
saved. The police have registered a case and further in- Nipania came in third Abeer Agrawal in KG-2; ley in Grade 9 were award-
vestigation is on. place. Yashasvini Rathod in KG- ed consolation prizes.

Man attempts self-immolation at DIG office during jansunwai

OUR STAFF REPORTER room in the office. official immediately in-
Indore The youth was identi- formed Chhoti Gwaltoli
fied as Mahesh Tripale, a police station staff and
Chaos prevailed in the resident of Ramanand instructed them to book
OUR STAFF REPORTER "We staged a demonstra- tery operated rickshaws, DIG office premises after Nagar. Mahesh told me- Mahesh's friend for pro-
Indore tion against the illegal op- and elimination of 'Avaji' a youth poured kerosene dia persons that two per- voking Mahesh to pour
eration of bike taxis in the (unauthorised aides of RTO to immolate himself dur- sons named Dharmen- kerosene. Investigating
Autorickshaw drivers city as many people are op- officials) and agents from ing the jansunwai on dra Jain and Satpal officer SI Tina Shukla
staged a demonstration at erating the taxis without RTO office," Bidkar added. Tuesday. However, time- Tomar had grabbed his said we had detained Ma-
regional transport office permission. Moreover, ly action of the police- land. He said he had hesh's friend but Mahesh
on Tuesday under the ban- there is no office of these RTO dashes off men thwarted his at- lodged many complaints didn't say that his friend
ner of Auto Rickshaw Asso- taxi services in the city and letter to SP (cyber cell) tempt. with Dwarkapuri police had instigated him. Ma-
ciation against app-based those working for it don't The incident took place station staff but no ac- hesh told the police that
bike taxis plying across the have police verification," as- RTO Jitendra Raghuvan- at around 1 pm while tion was taken, so he had he had planned the en-
city. sociation's Rajesh Bidkar shi has dashed off a letter to Jansunwai was going on. come to the DIG office tire thing on his own and
The association members said. the Superintendent of Po- A youth reached DIG of- with a plan to set himself his friend was unaware POLICE SWING INTO ACTION
also accused the RTO offi- He added that they also lice (Cyber Cell) for taking fice premises and he on fire and draw atten- about it. Later, the police In the wake of Mahesh's attempted self-immolation, Dwarkapuri police
cials of corruption by protested against corrup- action against app-based poured kerosene on him- tion to his case. also contacted the owner registered a case against Dharmendra, Satpal and Vinod late on Tuesday night.
claiming that no work is tion in RTO and alleged bike taxi services. In his let- self after removing his POLICE TAKE of the weekly newspa- Police station in-charge Satish Kumar Dwivedi said that the accused have been
done in RTO without taking that no one can get their ter, Raghuvanshi men- shirt. He was trying to per, who confirmed that booked under various sections of the IPC for land fraud. Mahesh had sold a
bribes. work done in RTO without tioned that these services immolate himself when ACTION he is a news reporter. SI piece of the plot to the accused but the accused had prepared a registry of
The agitators shouted slo- giving bribes. "Our major are running in the city the policemen posted in AGAIN FRIEND Tina said that prohibito- the entire plot fraudulently. Dwivedi further said that another case was
gans against RTO Jitendra demands were immediate without any permission the DIG office swung Mahesh had reached ry action has been taken registered against accused Dharmendra and his wife for cheating a person in
Raghuvanshi and later sub- ban of bike taxis, fixing fare and not following the rules into the action and they the DIG office with a against Mahesh's friend the name of selling a flat in Vaishali Nagar. The accused told the complainant
mitted a memorandum of of app-based taxi services of Motor Vehicle Act as stopped the youth and friend, who is also a and further investiga- that they are selling a flat and took Rs 27 lakh from complainant Gupta but
their demands. by RTO, fixed stands for bat- well. took him to the wash- news reporter. A police tion is underway. they didn't give possession of the flat nor did they return the money to him.

Docs remove 3-foot-long Basant Panchami heralds onset of MPBSE push for students'
iron rod from patient's leg spring, Goddess Saraswati worshipped
full attendance
Indore the previous year by the
Tuesday exhibited a dis- A number of puja pandals dis- Board of Secondary Edu-
tinctive sight of colour playing colourful idols of Madhya Pradesh Board of cation for the 2021 exami-
yellow -- flowers, food, at- Saraswati were installed in tem- Secondary Education nations.
tires that symbolically ples and residential colonies in (MPBSE) announced that MPBSE examination for
represented the augmen- the city. the lack of full attendance class 10th and 12th will
tation of spring season, as Bengalis celebrated the festival in regular classes can ad- start from the last week of
people celebrated Basant with a different hue as special versely affect the exam re- April, i.e. about a delay of
Panchami in the city. Bengali food including khichudi, sults of students. two months from the usu-
With the beginning of sandesh were served on the occa- Though not categorical- al time-table.
Spring season, the weath- sion. Hundreds of Bengalis from ly stated, some school The board examination
er turned out to be pleas- the city gathered for this day- teachers and principals will be conducted till the
OUR STAFF REPORTER "Any delay in surgery ant and positivity gleamed long celebration at Kali Bari are saying that it might end of May 2021. Also,
Indore might have proved fatal for through the bright yellow temple, Bapat square to mark the mean that the student's MPBSE has announced
the patient as infection themed offices, temples, occasion. marks would be deducted that the board examina-
Doctors of Maharaja Yesh- might have damaged his or- schools and shops. "This is the first main festival if they do not have full at- tion can be given online,
wantrao Hospital on Tues- gans. We immediately On this occasion, a pro- after Durga puja and in Bengal it tendance or in a worst- citing outspread of coron-
day saved the life of a 22- planned the surgery and re- cession was taken out in is celebrated with great fervour. case scenario they might avirus.
year-old man by removing moved the iron rod from his Abuja Muhurta and wor- Here also we organised special even be disallowed from From the session 2020-
an iron rod of about 3-feet body after operating him ship of Goddess was per- programme that began with sitting for the exam. 21, the board has made
from his lower limbs. The for more than one and half formed in various temples Saraswati puja followed by bhog The board will conduct several changes for the
patient had reached MY hours," Dr Maheshwari dedicated to goddess and other programmes," said examinations for the year students of class X and
Hospital after travelling for said. He added that the pa- Saraswati. Gautam Ghosh, media coordina- 2020-21, keeping the ques- XII who have appeared for
four hours from Khandwa. tient is fortunate as the rod Goddess Saraswati was tor Bengali association Indore tion paper printing, blue- the board examination.
According to senior sur- missed his vital organs. anointed before the puja (Bapat square). Several mass print and evaluation There will be no supple-
geon, Dr Sumit Shukla, the "Patient is out of danger in temples. Subsequently, weddings events were also or- method as per previous mentary examination
rod was stuck in the thigh now but is under observa- Saraswati Mahayagya ganised in the city citing the day years. from this session, but two
region of the patient, pene- tion. He has some muscle was organised in which a Goddess Saraswati worshipped by Bengali community as auspicious. It is noteworthy that the main exams will be taken.
trating the buttock near the damage but he can live a large number of devotees academic system has been Students will not have to
anal area. normal life ahead except for in Tulsi Nagar society After the yagya, Ma- Education institutes go online & celebrate fest adversely affected in this wait for next year for cate-
Harish, resident of Khand- some weakness in his legs," took part. haarti was organised in session due to lockdown gory improvement. They
wa, is employed as house- Dr Maheshwari added. Prayers were offered to which a large number of Schools, colleges and universities across the city also celebrated the occasion by on account of Covid-19 can appear in the re-exam-
keeping staff in Gurjar Hos- Along with Dr Mahesh- the goddess to help the devotees from different offering special prayer to goddess Saraswati. Schools held virtual celebrations outbreak. ination. This means that
pital in Khandwa. He was on wari, Dr Sumit Shukla, Dr country fight corona pan- areas of the city were for primary and middle school students as most schools in the state are still Keeping this in mind, if a student fails in the
night duty in hospital and Avinash Gautam, and Dr demic and finally get lib- present. After Mahaarti, running via online education only. Devotees wore yellow clothes, made the School Education De- board examination, then
had fallen from the fourth Ankit Thora played impor- eration from the deadly Prasad distribution start- donations and performed special pujas. Not only the clothes, yellow flowers partment has decided to he/she can re-take the ex-
floor on the iron road which tant roles in saving the pa- virus, said KK Jha, socie- ed which continued con- were used as offerings and also part of decorations in households as an keep the online / soft copy amination just after 3
penetrated his lower limb. tient's life. ty spokesperson. tinuously till late night. indication to welcome the spring Season. dispatch, blueprint and months.
Mhow-Ratlam DEMU train to resume on Feb 20
Indore: The operation of train number 09347/09348 Mhow-Ratlam-Mhow Special DEMU is going to
resume on February 20. Divisional railway spokesperson said the train 09347 will depart from Mhow
at 2.05 pm and reach Indore at 3.00 pm and depart from here at 3.05 pm and it will reach Ratlam at
6.05 pm. Train 09348 will depart from Ratlam at 10.00 am and reach Indore at 12.40 pm and depart at
12.50 pm it will reach Mhow at 1.50 pm. The train from Ratlam will start on Feb 21.



OUR STAFF REPORTER symptoms, everyone was "We have started contact
Indore tested. tracing of the people and
"When few more people in have been taking samples
Negligence by the people in the office got symptoms of all those who came in
following Covid-19 norms and then such a high num- contact with these people.
is becoming the main rea- ber of patients were found As many as 105 samples
son for the gradual rise in positive. All the patients were taken and sampling of
positive cases during the have been traced and have 75 more people will be
last three days, say health been kept in isolation done," the contact tracing
department officials. while one of them has been in-charge said.
On Monday night, as admitted to a private hospi- As many as 93 cases were Registrar Anil Sharma leads the convocation procession during rehearsal at UTD campus on Tuesday

DAVV first in state to

many as 93 people tested tal," Dr Dongre. tested positive in Indore on
positive which is the high- FILE PHOTO
In all, 11 of the patients Monday turning the rate of
est in the last few days. have mild symptoms, 12 are positive patients to 4.78 per
City's journey to control ripples among the resi- ny and negligence and ig- asymptomatic, and three cent which was hovering

hold offline convocation

deadly Covid-19 was badly dents there and brought of- norance by some of the em- suffer from weakness. between 1 and 2 per cent for
hit on Monday when 26 pa- ficials on their toes. ployees had resulted in the He said that positive pa- the last many days.
tients were tested positive According to control infection spreading. tients belonged to the Total number of positive
in Asarawad Khurd (Anu- room and contact tracing Initially, one of the pa- same office and locality cases stood at 58,180 with
radha Nagar). A sudden in-charge, Dr Anil Dongre, tients had symptoms, but due to which sanitisation 927 deaths. Active cases in

since Covid outbreak

surge in the number of cas- these 26 positive patients he ignored. Later, when of the same has also been the city are 372 while 56,881
es from a single area sent worked in the same compa- many started showing initiated. patients have recovered.

IIM-I's Atharv is Software engineer raped by tenant OUR STAFF REPORTER

ty auditorium where con-
vocation will be held.
for convocation in cere-
monial dresses will be

back, this time in OUR STAFF REPORTER

is a software engineer
and her ex-tenant named
Rakesh had raped her.
He lured the girl with this
promise and had physical
relations with her.
Devi Ahilya Vish-
wavidyalaya, which is go-
Meanwhile, the rehears-
al of convocation was con-
ducted at university audi-
held on February 18.
On February 18, execu-
tive council meeting

online mode A software engineer was

allegedly raped by her
tenant after promising to
She said that she knows
the accused for the past
three years. He along
After a few days, the
girl asked him to marry
her, but he refused. The
ing to hold its convocation
on February 19, will be the
first university in the
torium on UTD campus on
The rehearsal was held
would also be held where-
in preparation of the con-
vocation would be re-
Over 1200+ campus doubling registrations to a
marry her. The police reg-
istered a case against the
with his wife and a child
were living as tenants at
accused also assaulted
the girl when she persist-
state to hold the ceremony
in offline mode since
without ceremonial dress-
es. Teachers and some
viewed. DAVV was to hold
convocation on March 23
finalists to participate staggering 17k+. The fest
looks forward to hosting
accused on Tuesday night
and started a search for
the girl's house. Rakesh
had an argument with his
ed with her demand.
Sometime later, Rakesh's
Covid-19 outbreak.
As it's the first event
members of executive
council participated in
last year but it was can-
celled following outbreak
in the fest the 1200+ campus finalists him. wife after which his wife wife came back to live DAVV is holding in offline the convocation. of Covid-19.
from February 19-20. Mak- Rau police station in- left the house and she with him and the victim mode since the pandemic DAVV is organising con- Lately, Raj Bhawan had
OUR STAFF REPORTER ing the best of the situa- charge Narendra Singh started living with her realised that Rakesh had started, the who's who of vocation on February 19 given approval to DAVV's
Indore tion, Atharv made itself Raghuwanshi said that a parents. Then, Rakesh no intention of divorcing the university are imple- in which 182 gold and 22 request of holding convo-
accessible to not only na- 23-year-old woman ap- told the victim that he his wife. Later, she in- menting coronavirus silver medals will be cation in offline mode.
The largest cultural, man- tional participants, but proached the police sta- will divorce his wife as formed her family mem- guidelines very strictly. awarded. Apart from that, DAVV's convocation will
agement, and literary fest garnering international tion with her mother and they are having disputes bers and reached the po- The university stated students who completed be the first in the state,
across Central India, participation as well for lodged the rape com- over petty issues, and lice station to lodge a that enough distance will PhD in session 2018-19 and which will be held in of-
Atharv is back; this time in the first time ever," said plaint. She said that she would marry the victim. complaint. be maintained among par- 2019-20 will receive de- fline mode since the pan-
ticipants inside the varsi- grees. The final rehearsal demic

Unused govt assets to be sold via online auctions

OUR STAFF REPORTER a executive body of Mad- Addressing the work-
Indore hya Pradesh Road Devel- shop AGM of MPRDC Pra-
opment Corporation Lim- teek Sharma said that the
Unused land and proper- ited. Principal secretary of state government has re-
ties of various depart- Public Assets Department cently set up a new depart-
ments and agencies of the Anirudh Mukherjee and ment for public asset man-
State government will be chief general manager agement through which
auctioned online. The auc- Pradeep Jain were special- the state government will
online mode. Atharv media coordinator tion process has been start- ly present in the work- auction the unused assets
The fest will be held from Sourav Dasgupta. ed by the Public Asset shop. Also, the chief exec- of the State government
February 19 to 20. The or- Atharv'20 has continued Management Department. utive officer of Indore De- online.
ganisers promise that it to innovate across do- A portal has also been cre- velopment Authority He said that many gov-
would be bigger than ever. mains and has a total of 23 ated for this purpose to of- (IDA) Vivek Shrotriya and ernment assets are not be-
"The Covid-19 pandemic events that range from de- fer information about the AGM of Madhya Pradesh ing utilised properly, and
has dampened people's bates to treasure hunts, properties to be auctioned Road Development Corpo- with their commercial use
hopes and aspirations dance to photography, case and online auction ration (MPRDC) Limited and monetization, the gov-
without having a place to studies to virtual mock process. Prateek Sharma and ernment will get addition-
express themselves. trading. The fest has also The process of auction- Rakesh Jain, along with al financial income. He
Atharv hopes to rejuve- introduced a new event ing of land at Amitesh Na- Mill is being started soon This was informed at a The workshop was organ- officials of the CREDAI, said that information of
nate that fire in people based on public policy, gar in the city and land by the Public Asset Man- workshop held here at Ho- ised by the Public Asset builders, investors etc. such assets in the state is
again. With this year's with a hope of understand- parcels of Ujjain's Vinod agement Department. tel Radisson on Tuesday. Management Department, were also present. being collected and listed.
theme being 'Lost Stories,' ing our youth's opinion
Atharv'20 provides the per- and suggestions for the

Rehabilitation centre for beggars Basant Panchami Tantrik

fect opportunity to show- country.
case your emotions. This "Atharv'20 presents an

celebrated in Mhow
year, Atharv aims to be all-new virtual platform so
everyone's voice and let
everyone's voice be heard,"
said the organisers.
that one can get an experi-
ence of the fest right from
the comfort of their own
PLAN TO INVOLVE mental officers and em-
ployees were present in the
care at the centre.
All the resources and fi-
held for
Owing to the global pan-
demic, Atharv will be con-
homes!," Sourav said.
From Madhu Jain (Direc-
Addressing the meeting,
nancial assistance will
also be made available to abusing
ducted online and reach tor - IIFL Foundation) to collector Singh said that to the interested organisa-
participants' homes across IIM Indore alumnus- Is- make the city beggar-free, a tions by Municipal Corpo-
India. "From Kanyaku- hang Jawa (Partner - OUR STAFF REPORTER beggar rehabilitation cen- ration. Along with the
mari to Kashmir, from Gu- BCG), the events will allow Indore tre will be started. Appro- care, the voluntary organi-
jarat to Kolkata, Atharv participants to pitch their priate arrangements will sations can also help in OUR STAFF REPORTER
reached out to eager par- ideas and solutions to in- In order to make the city be made for the people who training them in various Indore
ticipants all over, breaking dustry leaders and learn beggar-free, a rehabilita- beg on the streets and else- professional skills so that
all previous records by from their insights. tion centre will be set up where. They will be given they can earn something Rajendra Nagar police
for them in the city, in health check-ups, food, for their livelihood. on Tuesday arrested a
which NGOs would play a clothes etc at the centre so Members of various or- so called tantrik from
Power company staff stages major role.
This was decided at a
that they stop begging. He
said that this effort can be
ganisations including
Pravesh, Amarlal Vriddha MHOW (FPNS) the procession. At the cul-
Dewas who made abu-
sive phone calls to a

demo against privatisation meeting held under the

chairmanship of
lector Manish Singh on
made successful only with
public participation.
Collector Singh sought
Ashram, Nirashrit Seva
Ashram were present in
the meeting. The members
Basant Panchami was cele-
brated in Mhow town on
mination of the proces-
sion, a felicitation function
was held at the library in
Rajendra Nagar po-
lice station in-charge
Tuesday for the rehabilita- suggestions from the vol- agreed to cooperate with Tuesday. A procession was which three local eminent Amrita Solanki said
tion of thedestitute per- untary organisations pres- the administration in the taken out from Ahilya stat- personalities, educationist that a 26-year-old
sons and monks living in ent in the meeting and fur- campaign. Collector Singh ue at Hari Phatak and it Om Prakash Dholi, Om- woman of the area had
the city. ther urged them to cooper- praised the positive atti- passed through the main prakash Sharma and Dr lodged a complaint
IMC commissioner Prati- ate in this campaign being tude of the social organisa- areas of the town and then Ramratan Chorasiya were that she was receiving
bha Pal, additional com- run by the administration. tions and said that public concluded at Rai Sahab felicitated. phone calls from an
missioner Abhay Rajgaon- He said we need volunteers representatives and people Ramchandra library at Khandelwal samaj also unidentified person,
gaonkar, members of vol- who can take care of at large would have to be Sanghi street in the after- took out a procession of God- who was abusing her
untary and social organi- monks and destitute peo- involved to make the pro- noon. People from all dess Saraswati in the town to over the phone. When
sations and other depart- ple with sensitivity and gramme a success. walks of life took part in mark Basant Panchami. the woman blocked the
number the accused

Dental College Reader accuses HoD of mental harassment, favouring wife

started making phone
calls from other num-
On the basis of the
OUR STAFF REPORTER commissioner sum- He also humiliated me in mobile number, the po-
Indore moned the principal of front of students by I DIDN'T TALK TO HIM Investigation in matter lice arrested him and
Government Dental Col- shouting at me in the he was identified as
A simmering dispute be- lege Dr Deshraj Jain classroom and in the
FOR YEARS: DR GUPTA is undergoing: Principal Bhupendra Tantrik.
tween two faculty mem- with the documents in OPD. I have made vari- Dr Sourabh Gupta rubbished Police came to know
bers of Government Den- the matter on Tuesday. ous complaints against all allegations and said that he Principal of college that the accused had
tal College went public Complaint Dr Arvind him but no action has has not talked to Dr Jain for DR DESHRAJ JAIN also harassed other
when a Reader lodged a Jain alleged that Dr been taken," Dr Jain many years so how could he said that they are in- women over phone. He
MHOW (FPNS) and employees of the com- complaint of mental ha- Sourabh Gupta has de- mentioned in the com- have harassed him. vestigating the used to obtain the mo-
pany were present. They rassment against the clared himself HoD of plaint. "All allegations against me are complaint and a bile numbers of
The officers and employees raised slogans against the head of the department conservative dentistry He also alleged that Dr false and I am ready for any committee has also women and he used to
of power distribution com- government for privatis- with the divisional com- department even though Gupta is favouring his enquiry over the same. I am been formed in the make phone calls and
pany in Mhow staged ing all institutions in the missioner. no such orders were is- wife, who is also Reader the HoD of the department matter."We will take abuse them.
demonstration again pri- country. In his complaint, the sued. in the department, in al- and it is also mentioned in any decision over the According to the po-
vatisation of the company. Many of the works have Reader alleged that the "Dr Gupta has been ha- lotting PhD scholars. Dental Council's website. Both matter soon. As far as lice, the accused
Power distribution compa- already been given to pri- HoD is not following the rassing me mentally "In January 2021, he Dr Jain and the Reader joined the matter of conflict knows the com-
ny's Rajesh Mahor led the vate companies and it has seniority list and giving from 2016 when he forced had allotted a student un- the college almost at the same over guiding a PhD is plainant woman's hus-
agitation. been seen that the private undue advantage to an- students to lodge a false der my guidance for PhD time and she is senior on the concerned, we will give band and he obtained
Union leaders Ram companies don't work seri- other Reader, who is his complaint against me. but she didn't work and basis of merit due to which she a choice to the student her number from her
Dholi, Garav Bamne, ously, and often misbehave wife. Later, students admitted informed me that she is was made the PhD guide ," Dr to decide," Dr Jain husband. Further in-
Prashant Telgaonkar with the customers, the Acting over the com- that they were forced by working under another Gupta added. added. vestigation is under-
along with women officers union leaders said. plaint, the divisional Dr Gupta for the same. guide," Dr Jain alleged. way into the case.
����������������������������� � ������
MAXIMUM: 29.0°C, MINIMUM: 14.0° C
MORNING: 87 per cent, EVENING: 49 per cent
SUNRISE: 6.49 am , SUNSET: 6.24 pm


Ex-BJP functionaries
surrender before court
��������������� The land was evacuated by

Three loan sharks, includ-

ing two BJP leaders, who
tionary), Atul Gehlot,
Sameer Finance and Vijay
Sood are harassing him
for the borrowed money.
The police had arrested
������� evening. Permanent con- allegedly compelled pho- Vijay but the rest of the
structions on the ground tographer Nilesh Shelke accused were absconding.
The local administration were also demolished. to commit suicide surren- The accused who were
on Tuesday took complete According to ADM dered before the court hiding here and there
possession over a closed Narendra Suryavanshi, here on Tuesday. The tried to get anticipatory
takayami (ginning facto- the court has decided the court handed over the ac- bail but did not get bail.
ry) land and opened ways Kavelu Karkhana land cused to Chintaman po- After nearly five months
for its public use. case in favour of the gov- lice remand for two-days. of evading arrest- Digvi-
After court’s order the ernment. There were 14 Photographer Nilesh jay Singh Chauhan, Ran-
administrative officials, a commercial and more Shelke had committed deep Makad and Atul
team of Ujjain Municipal than 150 residential en- suicide by eating sulphas Gehlot surrendered be-
Corporation and police croachments over the tablets near Dharambarla fore JMFC Deepa Pal’s
reached the spot to take land. A total of 14 en- in September 2020. He left court. The court sent the
possession of precious croachers occupied a suicide note in his scoot- information to Chinta-
land of Kavelu Karkhana about 8 hectares of land. er’s box. He wrote that man police station. From
�������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������� ���������
at Neelganga on Tuesday. The land is worth over Rs BJP leader Digvijay Singh here, TI Praveen Pathak
Notices were already pees were demolished. and it was to be returned the land. It was occupied started removing the com- 300 crore has now been Chauhan (he was presi- reached the court. He
served to encroachers who The Kavelu Karkahana to the government after from the Neelganga inter- mercial encroachment. entrusted with Ujjain dent of the Dulatganj sought remand of the ac-
were occupying the gov- (factory) in the Neelganga the closure of the factory. section to the Manch- Meanwhile, some people Municipal Corporation Mandal and later the par- cused for questioning.
ernment land. All the ille- area was established in But this process was not haman Ganesh temple. tried to resist the action of which will soon execute ty had removed him from The trio have been re-
gal constructions on the the Scindia state era. The completed. Meanwhile, From 12 noon, two JCB the administration but the its development plan office), Randeep Makkar manded to police till Feb-
land worth crores of ru- land was takayami land people started occupying and one poclain machines police drove them away. here, he added. (the BJP’s IT cell func- ruary 18.

Congress begins Kisan Three from
city among UMC distributes saplings, organic Cops focus on financial,
Samman Padyatra 4 test positive
Tally 5,206, toll 103
fertiliser on Basant Panchami relationships issues
���������������� ���������������� Krishnpal bought a
���������������� ������� ������ Harley Davidson bike by
������ taking a loan from HDFC
Ujjain Municipal Corpora- The police are zeroing on Bank. His close friend
Four more persons tested tion distributed over 200 money transactions and il- Salman Lala also bought
positive taking the number saplings and free organic licit relationships to mur- car on finance. These vehi-
of corona patients to 5,206 fertiliser on Basant Pan- der of Krishnpal Singh cles have not been found by
in the district on Monday. chami on Tuesday at Patel Rathore alias Chhote the banks. Krishnpal and
The death toll is 103. Nagar at Ankpat Marg. The Thakur. Thakur was found Salman have defaulted on
As per the medical bul- sanitation officials spread dead in a closed house in the instalments.
letin issued at 11 pm, out of awareness about segrega- Abhishek Nagar on Mon- CSP Nanakheda Vandana
37 sample reports received tion of wet and dry garbage day afternoon. Chauhan and TI OP Ahir
���������������������������������������������������������������� on the to the residents of the area. Krishnpal’s naked body called on the kin of Krish-
������������ COVID-19 day, 4 Ex-municipal corporation with several deep wounds npal on Tuesday evening.

��������������� tary Kuldeep Indora also

DISTRICT persons includ-
president Sonu Gehlot,
health inspector Purushot-
����������������������������������������������������������������������� of knife was recovered by
the police from a house
However, the police are yet
to share the essence of the
UPDATE ing ������������������������������������������������������������
������� participated in the yatra 3 tam Dubey and other offi- which he had taken under interaction.
on Tuesday. from Uj- cials were present. itation mates to remove street vendors. The pri- his possession- by force. ASP Amrendra Singh
Congress started Kisan Malviya condemned the jain City and 1 from Nagda ����������������������� the same immediately. vate and government The house belongs to one Chouhan said that the in-
Samman Padyatra on union government and including 1 woman tested Singhal appealed people banks took part in the Madhu Jain who lives in vestigation is now focusing
Tuesday under the leader- said that despite the con- corona positive. Overall, 50 �������� not to throw garbage in camp and accepted 138 Indore. Police have also de- on financial transactions
ship of MLA Ramlal tinuous protest the govern- patients, 21 of them symp- On Tuesday municipal open. On this occasion ad- loan applications of street tained Krishnpal’s ex-girl- and illicit relationship. Kr-
Malviya. District ment is not repealing the tomatic, have been getting commissioner Kshitij ditional commissioner RP vendors for granting the friend one Manisha Jain ishnpal Singh was report-
spokesperson Vivek Soni laws which are harmful to treatment. Singhal took the stock of Mishra and nodal officers loan of Rs 10,000 each. As from Indore in the case. edly a homosexual. He had
informed that the Kisan the country’s farmers. The Samples of 1, 69, 632 per- sanitation arrangements were present. per reports SBI, BOI, BOB, On Tuesday the police links with many youths. It
Samman Pad Yatra aims yatra started from village sons have been taken in Vishwa Bank colony, ������������������� HDFC, ICICI, Axis Bank, had also taken her to Shri may be that someone has
to protest against new agri Narwar. District rural across the district so far LIG area, Sandipani Na- Kotak Mahindra Bank and Ganga restaurant and Fa- murdered him. The issue
laws and to pay respect Congress president Kamal and no report is awaited. gar, Bapu Nagar and other ���������������������� some other banks took mous Kulfi at C-21 Mall, op- of transactions is also un-
and support the farmers of Patel, Sheru Patel, Sureh With 4 more discharged on narrow streets of the city. Under Pradhan Mantri part in the camp. Deputy posite Nanakheda Bus der investigation because
the country who are agi- Choudhary, Nasir Patel the day, the total number of Singhal irked on watching Swanidhi scheme (PMSS) commissioner Subodh Stand. It is being seen as a he lent and took money
tating against the same. and other farmers’ leaders corona winners has gone garbage vulnerable points the municipal corporation Jain and bank officials police exercise to draw the from the people, the officer
Congress national secre- were present. up to 5,053. in these areas and told san- organided a loan camp for were present. crime scene. added.

News in Brief Natya festival to

begin with Abhigyan
‘Early detection of cancer can cure it completely’ Jagadguru Ramnareshacharya’s
Shakuntalam ���������������
the cause of cancer amongst people.
Dr Anil Singhavi, an Indore-based on-
Jayanti Mahotsava celebrated
���������������� cologist, elaborated on Cancer in 2021 de-
������� Early detection of cancer can cure it scribing the innovations taking place in-
completely. Gynaecologist Dr Satinder ternationally in the field of treatment of
Kalidas Sanskrit Academy Saluja said during a national webinar on cancer. He made discourse on the various
(KSA) will organise a natya fes- Cancer Awareness organised by science misgivings prevalent in the society with
tival which will begin on Thurs- committee, IQAC and department of zo- regard to treatment and post-surgery care
day and will last till Saturday at ology and biotechnology of Government of the patients. He appealed to the people
the premises of the academy. Girls Post-Graduate College (GGPGC). not to believe the hearsay and be confi-
During inaugural function Dr Saluja expressed her deep concern dent in the capabilities of their doctors.
Tirth Mela Authority head for lack of awareness in the society re- They should also understand their own
Makhansingh Chouhan will be garding about cancer in women, especial- capacities and trust the power of healing
the chief guest while Vibhash ly in the rural belt. She and other speak- through medicine and meditation both.
Sanyas Diwas celebrated Upadhyay will be the special ers emphasised that early detection can Dr Anand Kar, a scholar of cardiovascu- �������������������������������������������������������������
guest. Senior theatre artist lead to proper treatment and complete lar problems and thyroid cancer, stated
��������������������������������������������������� Satish Dave will preside over cure from the disease and save the life of that thyroid is a very tiny endocrine gland ��������������� gadguru Ramnare-
���������������������������������������������� the programme. the patient. She advised women to under- but it controls all the functions of the body. ������ shacharyaji are continu-
�������������������������������������������� KAS’s in charge director go periodical check-up if they come Any anomalies in the bodies should be im- ously involved in such a
������������������������������������������ Pratibha Dave informed that across any symptoms related to cancer. mediately attended and if they are diag- The 66th Jayanti Mahotsa- mission, he added.
�������������������������������������������������� on the concluding day higher Dr Nitin Tomar, oncologist and re- nosed with cancer they should patiently va of Jagadguru Ramnare- Ex-IGP Dr Pannalal said
���������������������������������������������������� education minister Dr Mohan searcher from MGM, Indore, spoke at and regularly undergo proper treatment. shacharya was celebrated that Ramnareshacharya
��������������������������������������������� Yadav will be the chief guest length on various dimensions of oral cav- The webinar was presided over by the at Shridham Ram-Janki by eradicating class dis-
����������������������������������������� and senior theatre artist Shri- ity cancer and explained their initial principal Dr Anita Manchandia. Con- Mandir, Neelganga on ac- cretion has propagated the
����������������������������������������� pad Joshi will preside over the symptoms. He said oral cancer is among vener Dr Leena Lakhani presented the count of Basant Panchami message of equality of
�������������������������� programme. The festival will the most common form of cancer theme of webinar. She explained about here on Tuesday. every human being. Physi-
start with staging of play Ab- amongst human beings. According to Dr the dark side and the bright side of the Veteran litterateur and cian Dr Vimal Garg also
higyan Shakuntalam on Tomar, the main causes of the oral cavity disease both on medical parameters as former IAS officer Dr Mo- spoke.
Women celebrate Basantotsava Thursday while on Friday cancer are consumption of tobacco and well as on the spiritual plane. She urged han Gupt on the occasion Members of Akhil
Vikramor- vshiyam will be or alcohol. He also warned that products the people who are struck with the dead- said that seers being rep- Bharatiya Shrimuth Ma-
staged and on Saturday play that are used to get rid of tobacco chew- ly disease in any form to maintain their resentatives of God use to hotsava Nyas, Kashi fet-
Malvikagnimitram will be ing or smoking like nicotine chewing belief system and undertake the battle establish religion in the ed the top seer. Events
staged at 6.30pm. gums are also nowadays considered to be with courage and hope. society. Seers like Ja- like Sitaram pujan, bhak-
ti geet, abhinandan,
�������� �������������� pravachan, mahaarti and

Farmer’s FPO yields 300 associates, Signature campaign

bhandara were also held.
Dr Hari Mohan Budholia
conducted the proceed-

Rs10 lakh turnover in 3 months launched in dist court ings.

��������������� at a reasonable rate,

PANCHANG 17.2.2021
������� it also the famers (UTTARAYAN)
makes aware about ��������� �����������
A farmer took an new techniques of ����� ��������������������������������
exemplary initia- farming. FPO is ��������� ������������������������������
tive and formed duly registered by ���� �����������������������������

���������������������������������������������� and formed a Registrar of Com- ����� ������������ �������������

�������������������������������������������������� ‘farmer producer panies , Gwalior. ���� ���������������������������������������������

organisation The progressive

�������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������������� �� ��������������
�������������������������������������������� (FPO)’ a duly regis- farmers are roped ��������
tered company to into seed produc- ����������������������������������������������������������� �
��������������������������������������������� ���� �
����������������������������������������������� help other farmers tion progamme, Ujjain: A signature campaign was launched in the district ���

������������������������������������������������������ sell their crops at �������������������������������������������� Dhakad added. court through the National Advocates Forum demanding
good rates. ��������������������������������� Through the FPO the early implementation of Advocate’s Protection Act here on


������������������������������������������������������ ����

���������������������������������� The Haldhar Farm farmers will be able Tuesday. Advocates are representatives of the general pub-
Producer Company started Talking about the business to sell their crops in groups lic in the court of law, but there has been an escalation in the � �

by farmer Rajesh Dhakad model Dhakad told that in to anyone directly to get a number of cases reported of deadly attacks against these
337 register for VU’s convocation of Barnagar tehsil in Octo- the year 2012 an outlet was good rate for their crops. prosecutors all over the state, said a lawyer. On January 18, � �

������������������������������������������������ ber -2020 has attracted over setup in the town in name of Dhakad is also planning 2021, a memorandum in this regard was submitted to the
������������������������������������������ 300 farmers within just 3 Sanwariya Kisan Bazar to an outlet for vegetables collector by the city advocates. Abiding by this campaign, � � � � �� � � � � �� � � � � � � � � �
��������������������������������������������� months and has recorded a minimise cost of farming also where the farmers all the advocates signed the document and to advance the RUNNING CLASSIFIED
������������������������������������������������� turnover of Rs 10 lakh. The and that outlet inspired him will sell their vegetable at cause a further memorandum will be handed over to Chief DISPLAY CLASSIFIED 7 DAY 500/-
���������������������������������������������� organisation was formed to constitute an FPO. good rate as compared to Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, he added. Divisional head 50/- SQ.CM. B/W.
15 DAY 1000/-
30 DAY 1500/-
������������������������������������������������ with the help of agricul- Dhakad said that his FPO ‘mandis’. The farmers can Kiran Juneja, district president Niti Acharya Soni, nation- 75/- SQ.CM.
���������������������� ture and horticulture de- provides seeds, fertilisers also do market their crops, al secretary Apeksha Shukla and district president Sagar
FREE PRESS CALL- 9425082195
partment. and pesticides for farming Dhakad added. Thirwar were a part of this campaign.
��������� � FREE PRESS
����������������������������� � ������

Tongue in cheek ������������������������ Basant Panchami celebrated at Mount Litera Zee School
Without roof
������������������������ ������������������
and offline in school. Yellow
colour - representative of spiri-

T here are many sky-rise buildings in Bhopal. Yet the

poor seem to have barely any roof over their heads.
An elderly man daily hits his hay by the wayside near
SATNA SEES sius in Bhopal and settled
at 29.1 degree Celsius.
The festive occasion of Basant
Panchami was celebrated at
tual knowledge, was given im-
portance as the day was cele-
brated. The staff of the school
Jail Road in the city. When the winter was at its peak DROP OF 7.0° CELSIUS, The state capital recorded Mount Litera Zee School with assembled to pray alongside
and biting northerlies were blowing across the city, the
man had to sleep under the open sky. Few noticed him.
HOSHANGABAD a minimum temperature of
15.4 degree Celsius. Similar-
pomp and gaiety on Tuesday.
This year the celebration was
the school principal Manoj Baj-
pai and attained blessings from
In one such chilly night, a Good Samaritan saw him lie 5.2° CELSIUS ly, Indore recorded 28.5 de- held both on online platform Goddess Saraswati.
under a tree. The man offered him a quilt the next day. gree Celsius after a drop of
The seat of power and that justice are not very far from ������������������ 1.8 degree Celsius while it
the site where the poor man kips. Many people pass by
him in imported cars. Few have time to stop there for a
������ recorded a minimum tem-
perature of 16.2 degree Cel- Programme to honour writer
while and help him. One day, a morning walker
stopped and wanted to know the problems of the man.
The morning walker also leaned over with a food pack-
Untimely rain accompa-
nied with hailstorm
brought down tempera-
sius. Day temperature in
Satna stood at • 25.1 degree
Celsius after seeing a drop
Dr Yogendranath Shukla
et. He said it was not known why such people were not ture in many parts of the of 7.3 degree Celsius. With Indore: A felicitation pro- short story writers of In-
getting room Rain Baseras? Another morning walker state. Satna witnessed a 5.2 degree Celsius fall, gramme was organised in dore including Dr Shukla
said, “The Rain Baseras are ivy-covered!” drop of around 7.3 degree Hoshangabad day temper- honour of senior writer played a big role in mak-
Celsius in day tempera- ature settled at 27.2 degree and professor Dr Yogen- ing the short story get an
Love’s in the air ture, highest in the state,
followed by Jabalpur (6.2
Celsius, Rewa too recorded
a drop of 5.1 degree Cel-
dranath Shukla recently at honourable place as a
genre of Hindi

T he winter is slowly drifting away. The spring is in

the air. So is romance. The city experienced drizzles
on the morning of Basant Panchami. Sprinkles from
degree Celsius) and Rewa
5.1 degree Celsius. •
Except for the Ujjain divi-
sius in day temprature.•
literature. Pro-
gramme was
presided over by
the sky on the first day of the spring infuse
youthful energy into every human
sion, almost all the part of
the state experienced un-
IN NEXT 24 HOURS School of Jour-
nalism and Mass
being. The City of Lakes, with timely rain. Umaria and Various districts in Rewa, Communication
its woods and hillocks, are Datia experienced a hail- Shahdol, Jabalpur, Sagar, HOD Dr Sonali
ready to welcome the King of storm. Umaria recorded Hoshangabad, Chambal, Nargunde.
Seasons. A thousand blended 7.0mm rainfall, Jabalpur Bhopal and Gwalior divi- Pritamlal Dua auditorium. Special guest was sen-
notes can be heard in Van Vi- 6.2mm,• Sagar 4.0mm, sions may experience rain Chief guest Sahitya ior teacher Dr Pushpen-
har. A strange fragrance of Mandla 3.0mm and Pach- in next 24 hours. Rain ac- Academy Madhya Pradesh dra Dubey. Writers Prat-
mango flower emerges from marhi 1.0mm on Tuesday. companied with hailstorm director Dr Vikas Dave ad- apsingh Sodhi, Jyoti
the woods at night. After a few As per weatherman, the may occur in districts like dressed the programme by Jain, Devendra Singh
days, the moon will be up to change in weather is due Rewa, Satna, Chhindwara, saying, "Writing short sto- Sisodia, Dr Shobha Jain
glorify her eternal lover, to cyclonic circulation Seoni, Damoh, Sagar, ries is not easy, rather it is and Dr Garima Sanjay
Night. The twigs have be- over Madhya Pradesh. Raisen, Sehore, Guna, very challenging. Dr Yo- Dubey were also felicitat-
gun to spread their fan to Maximum temperature Bhopal,• Datia and Bhind gendranath Shukla accept- ed by the organising
catch the breezy air. The dropped by 3.2 degree Cel- in the next 24 hours. ed this challenge. Senior committee.
firmament is still hazy. It may still rain. Though moral
cops are lurking everywhere, the young lovers are out,
because spring comes only once in life. Therefore, there
is every reason to defy those cops. Road safety awareness Jain Social Group party
prog at Radhabai School
Indore: Jain Social
William Wordsworth Group organised a
party after a year of
has rightly said: Dewas: Under road safety aware- Covid-19 at a city
ness, a slogan writing competition hotel recently. Party
Have I not reason to lament was organised in Radhabai School started with a sun-
What man has made of man? in collaboration with the district downer in which all

V accines against the coronavirus have arrived. It is

not yet known how successful they are to chill the
virus. Many have been given the jab. Though the world
transport department and Human
Services Institute recently. All the
students participated in the com-
the members were
dressed in floral at-
tire followed by
has rolled up a sleeve to shoo away the enemy, expect- petition with great enthusiasm. prom night. Group
ing the vaccines to see off covid-19 is mistaken. Instead District transport officer, Jaya Vasava, explained the impor- enjoyed Liquid Band of Sandeep Dhoom. Various enter-
the disease may circulate for years and become en- tance of following traffic rules. During the programme, stu- taining activities were organised on the occasion in
demic. When the virus first struck, everyone was tak- dents gave the message of road safety through a street play. which everybody participated with great enthusiasm.
en by surprise. It will, however, be wrong to think that
the vaccine is a miracle. A little more than a year after
the virus was first identified, inoculators have already
administered thousands of doses. Many residents in
Shri Gujarati Food carnival at Isba Institute
Bhopal are averse to the vaccine because of fear. Ma-
jority of them feel the vaccine may have an adverse im-
Samaj elections ������������������
pact on their health. Still, the vaccines may spare pa-
tients from death and the severest infections that re-
on Feb 28 ������

quire hospital admission. It may also stop the spread of ������������������ Isba Institute of Profession-
the virus. This will greatly slow the pandemic. But no- ������ al Studies organised a food
body should lower guard against the disease. A senior carnival on the theme 'One
politician is seriously afflicted with the virus. The officer-in-charge of India, Great India, in which
election of Shri Gujarati cuisine of different states
Tailpiece Samaj, Indore, Pradeep-
kumar Shah said that
was served by the partici-
pants who were wearing the by chairman Ranjan Mittal.

M any children living in cities can barely differenti-

ate between a piece of raw turmeric and that of a
ginger. The other day, two students
elections of Shri Gu-
jarati Samaj are going to
be held on February 28,
traditional dress of that re-
gion. The Decision of hold-
ing the food fair was taken
All the students participat-
ed in this programme with
great enthusiasm.
were making tea with ginger. 2021 Sunday. The list of
They never knew that they had candidates was released
bought raw turmeric instead
of ginger, as they
look similar.
after the nomination on
Tuesday. Out of 31 candi-
dates for the administra-
Seminar at SICA College
When one of tive committee, 3 candi-
them began to dates have withdrawn
grind it she saw their names after which
yellow juice come 28 were left, and out of
out of it. She these, 18 candidates are
thought the gin- to be selected. 7 candi-
ger might be im- dates had submitted
ported one. So she nomination forms for
was happy. The the Board of Trustees, ������������������ Tare welcomed the guest
tea was ready but out of which 2 candi- ������ speaker and expressed that
it smelled different- dates had withdrawn such sessions will be help-
ly, though. Yet they their names. At present, A seminar was organised ful for developing the writ-
took it happily, 5 candidates remain by the Department of Mass ing skills of students. Prof
thinking imported ginger is not as good as they which include Dilipbhai Communication and Jour- Ritu Mishra gave the intro-
thought of. Nevertheless, the next day when they came Babubhai Parmar, Kirt- nalism, SICA College on the duction of the guest speak-
to know it was a piece of raw turmeric, they laughed ibhai Shamjibhai Patel, 'Possibilities in the Field of er and Dr Anamika Bhag-
on their foolishness! Kumarbhai Pankajku- Writing for the Students of wat conducted the seminar.
� ���������������� mar Kothari, Pankajb- Journalism' recently. Guest The programme concluded
� ������������������������� hai Bachubhai Shah and speaker of the session was with the vote of thanks pro-
Raj Ganpatbharati writer Jyoti Jain. College posed by prof Jitendra
Goswami . principal Dr Unmekha Choudhary.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Fools and wise-folk are alike harmless. It
is the half-wise, and the half-foolish, who are the most dangerous.”

FOR FREE FLOW OF TRUTH Out of Africa: WTO's first woman chief States for a large part of her life and also obtaining dual cit-

A worrying spurt in New Vistas

izenship, Dr Okonjo-Iweala — who was supported by Africa,
the European Union, and the Caribbean — did not receive
the same support from the Trump administration. At a WTO

Maharashtra & Kerala AARSHI TIRKEY & KRIPA ANAND

meeting in October 2020, WTO spokesman Keith Rockwell
had said, “One delegation could not support the candidacy of
Dr Ngozi and said they would continue to support the South

he second --- or is it the third? --- surge of the Covid-19 Korean minister [Yoo Myung-hee] — that delegation was the

pandemic in Maharashtra could well be traced to the fter South Korea’s candidate, Yoo Myung-hee, pulled USA.” Yoo Myung-hee withdrew her candidacy in the first
reopening of the economy. After a three-month hia- out of the race on February 6, the path was paved for week of February after months of diplomatic pressure to
tus, a record number of new cases of infection are being re- Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to become the next di- pull out of the race.
ported from the state. In the last week, the total cases rector general of the World Trade Organisation. She is the The fact that Dr Okonjo-Iweala is from Nigeria, a develop-
recorded were 21,356, the highest since the week ending first woman and the first African in the organisation’s 25- ing country, would also mean that she has a deeper under-
January 17. Maharashtra has now left Kerala behind in the year history to have accomplished this. In fact, the United standing of the social, economic, political, and cultural is-
number of new infections. On Sunday alone, there were Nations itself — since its inception in 1945 — has never had sues affecting low- and middle-income countries. Having
4,092 new cases, the highest single-day number since Janu- a woman in the number one spot. worked for the upliftment of LDCs at the IDA and being well-
ary 6. The total caseload of Maharashtra now stands at Dr Okonjo-Iweala has already made history in Nigeria by versed with the ground realities that a developing country
20,67,643, with 51,552 fatalities. Whether the latest spurt is becoming the country’s first woman finance minister (be- faces could very well be the balancing factor that the organ-
due to the resumption of near-normalcy or otherwise is tween 2003-2006 and 2011-2015) and by briefly serving as the isation requires. This is crucial, since the WTO has some-
hard to tell, but in the absence of any other explanation, it foreign minister in 2006. She is a seasoned economist and an times been accused of favouring developed nations. Devel-
is natural to link the surge to the relaxation of the anti- international development expert; she has an economics de- oping countries will be watching how the new DG deals with
Covid-19 norms and stipulations. More and more people are gree from Harvard University and a PhD in Regional Eco- issues like the special & differential (S&D) treatment provi-
seen on the road and in public transport. The wearing of nomics and Development from the Massachusetts Institute sions that are being disputed by developed countries. While
masks is random, if at all; social distancing is mostly ob-
served in its breach, especially on the local trains which re-
of Technology. She also has worked at the World Bank for 25 There have been WTO chiefs from Europe, many would argue that the WTO DG’s role is purely admin-
years, rising to the number two position of managing direc- istrative, the DG does wield significant soft power and there
sumed service from February 1. Reopening of public eating tor in 2007, handling a US$ 81 billion operational portfolio in Oceania, Asia, and South America but not one have been several instances of the use of this soft power in
places too might have played a role in reviving the virus.
Meanwhile, the vaccination programme in the state was hit
Africa, South Asia, Europe, and Central Asia. During her from Africa so far, despite the continent the past. A great example of this is Azevedo’s efforts that
time here, Dr Okonjo-Iweala was at the forefront of numer- helped achieve consensus among countries on the Bali Pack-
by glitches, with only a quarter of those eligible to take the ous initiatives to help poor countries. In 2010, she raised US$ representing 27 per cent of the WTO’s age in 2013.
second jab able to take it and several others listed to be vac-
cinated for the first time going back without receiving it on
50 billion from donors for the International Development As- membership, with 35 per cent members from Dr Okonjo-Iweala will be taking over an organisation that
sociation (IDA), which is the World Bank’s fund for the low- has been leaderless since last August and is possibly facing
Monday. The problem was ascribed to a computer glitch. On est income countries. In an interview with South China
developing countries. Dr Okonjo-Iweala’s its deepest crisis yet. The WTO has not been able to secure a
the other hand, the nation-wide vaccination programme Morning Postin August 2020, she said, “I come with a résumé appointment as the WTO chief comes at a time multilateral trade deal for years and has also failed to meet a
too seems to have been marred by shortages of the vac-
cines, though Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan reas-
that shows I’ve done reform… And those reforms were bold
— they were courageous, if you allow me to say so.”
when the world is extremely divided in terms 2020 deadline to end subsidies for overfishing. Most notably,
since 1995, the WTO has not been able to finalise any trade-
sured that soon regular supplies of the vaccines would re- The appointment of a new WTO DG became necessary af- of colour, race, and ethnicity negotiation round of global trade talks, thereby failing to
sume and a regulated programme to give the first jabs to ter the former chief, Roberto Azevêdoresigned a year before provide any benefits to its members. The Doharound that be-
the 50-plus population would be duly rolled out. Till the last the end of his term, officially stepping down on August 31, veloped countries to secure vaccines first — while leaving gan in 2001 was unable to benefit poor countries; many of
weekend, over 80 lakh Indians had been given their first 2020. He had said that he wanted to give WTO members developing countries to wait. Recognising the inequality in these were African countries. The organisation has also
jabs and were now expected to take the second soon. The enough time to choose his successor. However, this rendered vaccine distribution and procurement, South Africa and In- been unsuccessful in reaching any major pacts since 1995,
priority in the first round was rightly given to healthcare the organisation leaderless during a difficult time. The lib- dia submitted a proposal before the WTO to suspend Covid- apart from the Trade Facilitation Agreement in 2017. Also, of
workers and those in the frontline of the anti-Covid-19 eral international economic order was — and still is — fac- 19 related intellectual property (IP) rights to allow countries course, international trade has been majorly affected by the
drive. The second dose being mandatory, health authorities ing a backlash, while the trade and technology war between to manufacture vaccines in a timely and affordable manner. coronavirus pandemic, fuelling a recession that is going to
closely monitor the programme for the post-jab response the US and China has had a negative effect on global trade. With Azevêdo’s resignation, it was high time that the WTO affect us for years. Harvard Economics Professor Kenneth
and corrective action, if required. Thus far, barring stray The US’s reluctance on appointments to the appellate body saw a woman and an African in the top spot. There have been Rogoff writes in an article, “the short-term collapse in glob-
cases of unusual reaction from a few recipients of the first also stymies the WTO’s efforts to settle contentious trade dis- WTO chiefs from Europe, Oceania, Asia, and South Ameri- al output now underway already seems likely to rival or ex-
jab, the vaccination seems to have proceeded on the expect- putes. The negotiations for the Doha Development Agenda ca. However, the organisation has never been led by an ceed that of any recession in the last 150 years.”
ed lines. Though Vardhan has ruled out the availability of have stalled — without any conclusive decision on important African, despite Africa representing 27 per cent of the The WTO has had to grapple with massive dislocations in
the vaccine in the open market anytime soon, he was issues, such as public stockholding programmes for food se- WTO’s membership, with 35 per cent members from devel- international trade brought about by the pandemic. The or-
nonetheless confident that with 18-19 vaccine candidates curity. Moreover, despite the resistance of developing coun- oping countries. Dr Okonjo-Iweala’s appointment as the ganisation needs to be revamped and Dr Okonjo-Iweala, with
under development, there should soon be no shortages for tries, developed countries were keen on steering negotia- WTO chief comes at a time when the world is extremely di- her passion for trade and promise for proactive leadership
the authorities to administer the jab to enough Indians, in tions towards 'Singapore issues', which covers investment, vided in terms of colour, race, and ethnicity. could very well be the guiding force that the WTO desper-
order to induce herd immunity. However, the immediate competition policy, government procurement, and trade fa- Fadumo Dayib, the first female Somali presidential candi- ately needs. The world is in turmoil right now, with the pan-
challenge is to tackle the renewed surge in Maharashtra cilitation. The division between developed and developing date sees her appointment “as a validation of African demic being a major contributing factor. In a July 2020 in-
and Kerala. Whether the two worst-hit states should re-im- countries became acute, with the Trump administration for- women’s competency and leadership skills, and of African terview for The Africa Report, Okonjo-Iweala said that “mul-
pose the restrictions of the early days of the pandemic to mally submitting a 2019 proposal to do away with the WTO’s women’s excelling despite the systematic hurdles and obsta- tilateralism has never been needed more than now…A mul-
stop the surge needs to be seriously examined. Nothing can self-declaratory mechanism for determining developing cles facing them.” Dr Okonjo-Iweala brings an impressive tilateral trading system is one that can produce results for
be more precious than human life itself . country status — a move that would affect India. skill set to the table and would also bring a fresh perspective all, win-win solutions. And the WTO is squarely at the cen-
However, the biggest challenge facing the multilateral trad- to the WTO as she has not worked in the organisation before. tre of that.” With the right leadership, the WTO can rein-
For & anti-CAA in ing system today is Covid-19, because of which the world is
facing its deepest recession since World War II. National
Since she is chair of the board ofGlobal Alliance for Vaccines
and Immunisation(GAVI), and is the World Health Organi-
force its relevance to the world, by fostering transparency
and predictability, reducing trade tensions, and by helping to
poll-bound states lockdowns, export bans and trade restrictions that followed
the pandemic have only highlighted the importance of keep-
sation’s Covid-19 special envoy, member states — particular-
ly developing countries and LDCs — can hope to place vac-
promote growth and development for all.

ith the three Muslim migrant sensitive states of ing trade routes open for medical goods, equipment and vac- cine manufacturing and distribution at the top of the WTO’s Aarshi Tirkey is Junior Fellow, and Kripa Anand a
Assam, West Bengal and Kerala set to go to the cines. Now that a vaccine is here, a more pressing issue has agenda. Research Intern with ORF.
polls, the BJP has brought upfront the controver- been the use of advance purchase agreements (APAs) by de- However, despite having studied and worked in the United Observer Research Foundation
sial Citizenship Amendment Act which prioritises non-
Muslims from neighbouring countries for the grant of cit-
izenship. The anti-CAA protests had seen the Muslim mi-
nority organise itself nation-wide against the BJP govern- ONE FLEW OVER THE NEST #Trump for 2024?
ment. Following the outbreak of the coronavirus early last WEDNESDAY'S SWIPE TO THE
year, the protests had died down. However, the BJP has now Trump remains 2024 candidate of choice for most Republicans, poll shows
sought to exploit the CAA to galvanise the anti-Bangladeshi The Guardian@guardian
opinion in the three states scheduled to elect new assem- Good idea?
blies in the next couple of months. Union Home Minister And he'll lose again... even by bigger margins. Finance Minister Nirmala
Amit Shah, in his pre-election rallies in Assam and West ArizonaSunshine@rmwiersema
Sithraman has committed
Bengal, has reiterated that the CAA would soon be imple- to the setting up of a ‘Bad
mented. Notwithstanding the protests against the legalisa- Remember when Sarah Palin was the run away favorite for the Republican nomination? How about Guliani? Or when Jeb! was garunteed
Bank’ (asset reconstruction
tion of religion as a denominator for conferring citizenship to be the nominee. 3 year predictions don’t tend to count for much. company) to solve the
on non-Muslim refugees from the Islamic Pakistani, Jason Beers@beers_jason
growing problem of non-
Afghanistan and Bangladesh, the truth is that even without performing assets of public
such an explicit mention, priority was always given to them This does not bode well for those of us who were unwilling to destroy our lives to support a demagogue ... I suspect there will be repercussions
sector banks. So far, so
in grant of citizenship. By incorporating religion in the for Americans left or right who backed away from Trump and his vicious mob. And 'Mitch Ado about Nothing' should be held accountable.
good. The tricky question
Act, the de facto was sought to be made de jure, thus giving Elan Durham@europabridge1
is: Who will take a haircut?
cause for provocation to the Muslim minority and the hyp- Normally, bad housing
ocritical secularist-liberal elements. Shah’s objective in ex- I will never cease to be amazed at how people can be so brainwashed by this obvious lying, cheating vile individual. Those being some of
loans are easier to
cluding Muslims in the CAA might have been to polarise the nicest things I can think of to call it.
liquidate. But the crux of
the polity in the states where the sentiment against illegal Jo Coote@CooteJo
the problem is complex,
Bangladeshi migrants is a huge factor, electorally. While he hypothecated corporate
has promised to implement the CAA, the Congress, the fixed assets to a consortium
Communists and the Trinamool Congress have undertak-
en to oppose it. Since these parties have their gaze fixed on In these changed times and climes, religion seems to have become every Indian’s identity of banks, which are rather
difficult to resolve. The

Now , polarisation has crept

the sizable Muslim vote, they will compete for the anti-CAA bulk of bad loans are with
voters while Shah seeks to consolidate the pro-CAA elec- 10 PSBs, which are, as on
torate. The election outcome alone will tell whether or not March 2020, approximately
Shah’s gambit has succeeded. 15 per cent of total
advances. Incidentally, such

into the ‘gentleman’s game ’

FPJ ARCHIVES JANUARY 25, 1963 an exercise has never
succeeded in the resolution
of industrial, corporate bad
loans in Mexico, Brazil,
Argentina, Italy, Greece,
Malaysia, Indonesia and
other countries. Most
of patriotism. Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, off- zealot is so nonchalantly pasted on a Muslim to importantly, who will own
Outlook spinner Ghulam Ahmed (uncle of former Pak-
istani captain Asif Iqbal), Syed Mustafa Hassan
malign his character and besmirch his image.
This is absolutely unfair.
the bad bank? It cannot be
the government nor, as per
Kirmani, Abid Ali, Abbas Ali Baig, Muhammad Muslims have been living in India for centuries the FM’s suggestion, a
SUMIT PAUL Azharuddin, Zaheer Khan, Irfan Pathan, and their contributions to the nation-building consortium of banks,
Muhammad Kaif, Muhammad Shami, among have never been doubted. But a paradigm shift in obviously because they
others. Never did we identify these remarkable public perceptions, especially in those of Hindu cannot simultaneously be a
cricketers with their religion (read Islam). It was India, is being noticed of late. Muslims have been seller of bad debts and
‘How religion poisons everything........’ their private issue and they too never brought in relegated to the status of second-class citizens equity holders of an
The subtitle of Christopher Hitchens’ ‘God is their religion like today’s Pakistani cricketers, and their patriotism is being questioned. organisation that buys such
not Great’, 2007. who offer namaaz on the ground and pray togeth- Cricket, which was the last bastion of secular- stressed assets. Both the
er in full public view. Jaffer also played without ism and India’s composite culture, is now being finance ministry and the

ormer prolific batsman Wasim Jaffer re- ever bringing in his Islam. And now, after playing besmeared with religious hues and overtones. RBI must undertake a
cently stepped down as coach of the Ut- for 20-odd years, he’s being called a religiously in- Players from the minority section are being tar- study before setting up
tarakhand state team, alleging that the clined coach who’s promoting players of his reli- geted and their integrity is being debated. Except such a bank.
Cricket Association of Uttarakhand (CAU) secre- gion and also inviting religious personalities to for Anil Kumble’s wholehearted support, all the Satish Murdeshwar
tary and selectors had been ‘pushing non-deserv- the game. This is a serious and shameful allega- bigwigs who played alongside Wasim are quizzi-
ing players’ to be selected in the team. CAU re- tion. cally silent. Wasim first played for Bombay and Spin win
sponded by dragging Jaffer’s religion into the Years ago, cricket scribe Rajan Bala wrote: “The after that, he relocated to Vidarbha. The Chennai test witnessed
controversy. CAU Secretary Mahim Verma made beauty of the Indian cricket team is its seamless Though the Vidarbha team stands by him, his a juicy pitch from Day 1 and
several allegations against Jaffer, the most seri- accommodation of Muslim player/s and creating Bombay teammates have chosen to keep mum. was tailor-made for
ous of which was that Jaffer was promoting ‘re- a sense of bonhomie and camaraderie which nev- Sachin Tendulkar, Sanjay Manjrekar and Rahul spinners. Winning the toss
ligion-based selection’ in the team. He was even er allowed fanaticism to thrive.” So very true. Dravid have not said anything about this un- on such a spiteful wicket
accused of inviting maulvis to the team’s train- SMH Kirmani, a devout Muslim, played in an era pleasant episode that has tarnished Wasim’s im- would have been a boon for
ing! when his coevals were Sunil Gavaskar, Bedi, age and shaken him. Ajinkya Rahane feigns ig- any captain and skipper
This religious segregation, nay polarisation, is Prasanna, Venkatraghavan, Kapil Dev, BS Chan- norance. The BCCI hasn’t thus far issued an offi- Virat Kohli, having lost his
now worming its way into the ‘gentleman’s game’ drashekhar etc. Neither his teammates, nor cial statement in support of Wasim. Ganguly is last four test matches,
as well. And this is really upsetting in the ‘new’ cricket lovers ever thought of Kirmani as being a also silent. Who’re they afraid of ? These people grabbed the opportunity
India. In his active cricketing career of close to religiously odd man out in the team. Even today, can condemn foreign celebrities for poking their with both hands. Rohit
two decades, playing 31 Tests for India and scor- Siraj and Shami are Muslim cricketers playing nose into India’s internal matters, but are sadly Sharma set the ball rolling
NEHRU CAUTIONS PEKING ing prolifically on the domestic circuit, Jaffer was
never called a religiously prejudiced cricketer.
for India.
But when a respected Muslim cricketer and
doing nothing to show solidarity with Wasim.
This reminds one of Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s
with a hurricane century on
the first day and R Ashwin
Accept terms in full or face catastrophe' But now in these changed times and climes, reli- coach like Wasim Jaffer is falsely accused of pro- famous quote, “In the end, we will remember not turned the tables on the
THE FPJ NEWS SERVICE gion seems to have become every Indian’s identi- moting players of his religion, this further push- the words of our enemies, but the silence of our second day. On the third day,
NEW DELHI, JAN. 24: Prime Minister Nehru today gave a clear ty and the bête noire of every sane and sensible es the already cornered Muslims and makes them friends.” he played saviour, scoring a
warning to Peking that her refusal to accept 'in toto' the Colombo individual. Today, almost every second Muslim is feel vulnerable. Why all of a sudden, is every We’re indeed living in intolerant times, with ter- century and on the fourth
proposals would lead to a catastrophe. a fanatic and every Hindu is a religious and true Muslim being seen as a fanatic and anti-India? ribly prejudiced people. Alas, no sphere has been day, got two early wickets, to
He declared that the Government of India was completely and nationalist. Just like the way the blasphemy card is played by spared. This is indeed saddening. hasten the end. The Chennai
wholy bound by these proposals. Mind you, there’ve been very many Muslim the majority Muslims in Pakistan against the hero proved a match-winner
He said that the proposals wee "advantageous to us and were cricketers donning the cap for India and playing Hindu, Sikh and Christian minorities to settle old The writer is an advanced research scholar of Semitic in his own right.
gained by diplomacy. We should accept them." for the country with excellence and a great sense scores, here in India, the label of a fanatic or a languages, civilisations and cultures. C K Subramaniam

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Ex-J'khand & Bihar Guv Rama Jois passes away
BENGALURU: Former Jharkhand and Bihar Governor and noted jurist Justice Mandagadde Rama Jois, passed away on Tuesday due
to age related ailments, sources close to Jois family told the media. He was 89. Jois suffered a cardiac arrest, the sources added. He
is survived by wife and two children. Jois was a staunch Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) follower and one of the early
proponents of the Ram Janmabhoomi movement in the country.

Puducherry Lt Guv Crisis in Pondy govt as

News from South

one more MLA quits

Kiran Bedi sacked
N RATHI CHITHRA gested that they boycott the As-
Opposition demands resignation of CM Narayansamy
N CHITHRA weaken a ruling establish-
Chennai sembly polls as the Govern- Chennai ment through resignations.
ment was not allowed to func- While the overall strength
In a late night development, tion. The Congress government of the Assembly is 30, in re-
President Ram Nath Kovind On February 10, a delegation in Puducherry faced a major cent days four Congress leg-
directed that former super cop- led by Puducherry Chief Min- existential crisis on Tuesday islators including two minis-
turned-politician Kiran Bedi ister V Narayanasamy had met with one more MLA, A John ters – A Namassivyam and
“shall cease to hold” the office President Kovind in Delhi. It Kumar, resigning bringing Malladi Krishna Rao -- had
of Lieutenant Governor of was during this meeting that the strength of the ruling quit (Namassivayam and an-
A bull runs through the crowd during traditional Puducherry. the delegation urged the Presi- party and its ally DMK on a other ex-MLA had joined the
'Eruthu Vidum Vizha' (a bull race) in Vellore district, The President has instead dent to recall Bedi, accusing par with that of the opposi- No to quitting BJP) and one legislator was
on Tuesday PTI asked Telangana Governor by V Narayanasamy having her of interfering in the ad- tion’s tally. The development Chief Minister Narayansamy, disqualified, bringing down
Tamilisai Soundararajan to multiple face-offs and getting ministration of the Union ter- comes just a day before the after a party consultation, the party’s tally to 10 includ-
hold additional charge as LG of embroiled in judicial litiga- ritory. The delegation also scheduled visit of Congress rejected the Opposition’s ing the Speaker. The
Customs arrests realty firm Puducherry. tion. claimed that Bedi was “imped- leader Rahul Gandhi to the call for his resignation. “As Narayansamy government
MD in dollar smuggling case Bedi, who received an elec- While the Chief Minister and ing” the implementation of poll-bound Union Territory. far as we are concerned, the has the support of three
toral drubbing as the BJP’s the Lieutenant Governor kept various schemes. The Opposition parties have government is strong and DMK MLAs and an Inde-
KOCHI: Customs on Tuesday arrested an Chief Ministerial candidate in blaming each other for the Bedi’s removal comes close been quick to demand the all legislators stand united. pendent legislator. On the op-
executive of a private construction firm on the 2015 Delhi Assembly elec- standoff, the administration on the heels of a crisis in the resignation of Chief Minis- The opposition’s call for position side, the All India
charges of abetting smuggling of foreign tions, was appointed Lieu- suffered as many governmen- Narayansamy Government ter Narayansamy. [my] resignation is NR Congress has seven leg-
currencies received as "a kickback" in connection tenant Governor in May 2016. tal schemes were stuck pend- with four legislators, including Much of the current crisis unjustified,” he told islators and the AIADMK
with a Kerala government's project to provide From the beginning her tenure ing clearance from the Raj Ni- two ministers, resigning from has come about thanks to the journalists adding that his four. Add to this the tally of
housing for the poor. Unitac Builders Managing remained controversial with vas. the party. One of them, MLA BJP’s meticulously executed Government would act by three nominated legislators,
Director D Santhosh Eapen was arrested after the Raj Nivas and the elected In recent weeks, senior Con- Malladi Krishna Rao, is now Karnataka and Madhya the Constitution. all belonging to the BJP. That
questioning by the investigating officials at the Congress Government headed gress leaders had even sug- slated to join the BJP. Pradesh type of strategy to makes it a 14-14 tie.
Customs (Preventive) Commissionerate here,
where he had been summoned, sources in the

Protesting para teachers ED attaches over

BJP govt is rectifying the
agency said. He was later granted bail by the
Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate (Economic
Offences) Court when Customs produced him
following the arrest.
jump into Adi Ganga Rs 17-cr assets of
‘Devendrakula Vellalar name
change to protect caste system’ ARITRA SINGHA / Kolkata been on a sit-in protest outside
Amnesty Int’l India
mistakes of history: Modi
CHENNAI: CPI general secretary D Raja on
Monday alleged the Centre's decision to accept
Bikash Bhawan, the education forcement Directorate on AGENCIES 'The irregularities and of the historical heroes
A section of the para teachers minister’s office in Kolkata since Tuesday said it has at- New Delhi and heroines that have
the demand for bringing all sub-sects of who have been protesting last December 8. tached over Rs 17 crore injustice against the made an immense contri-
Devandrakula Vellalar community under their
collective was an attempt to protect the caste
against the ruling Trinamool
Congress for not giving them a
Talking to Free Press Journal,
Bhagirath Ghosh, a para teacher
bank deposits in connec-
tion with its money laun-
Prime Minister Narendra
Modi on Tuesday said that
makers of Indian bution to the country, the
Prime Minister said.
system. He also claimed it was aimed at
establishing the BJP, heading the union
permanent post and also not in- said that they will continue their dering case against two en- the government is correct- history by the writers He lamented the fact that
creasing their salaries, on Tues- protest. tities of Amnesty Interna- ing irregularities in writ- the people who sacrificed
government, to establish itself politically in Tamil day jumped into the Adi Ganga “Our sit-in demonstration is tional (India), the global ing of history which did of Indian history are everything for India and
Nadu. "Devendrakula Vellalar name change is an
attempt to protect the caste system on which the
canal that flows beside West about to enter three months. For human rights watchdog. not give importance to now being corrected' Indianness have not been
Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee’s the last two weeks we were on The agency said in a most of the people who sac- given their due in history
BJP hopes to nurture its political ambitions and residence to protest against the hunger strike. Though we have statement that a provision- rificed their lives for the ing the foundation stone of books.
establish itself (in Tamil Nadu)," he told reporters government. lifted our hunger strike, we will al order has been issued nation. Maharaja Suheldev Memo- "These irregularities and
here. Due to the timely intervention continue with our demonstration under the Prevention of The correction is being rial and development work injustice against the mak-
of the police including the till the demands are fulfilled,” Money Laundering Act done as the country ap- of Chittaura Lake at Uttar ers of Indian history by the
PC orders action against Kolkata Commissioner of police mentioned Bhagirath. (PMLA) "attaching bank proaches the 75th year of Pradesh's Bahraich via writers of Indian history
Soumen Mitra, the protesters Notably, the CM had recently an- accounts of Amnesty In- its independence, said the video conference. are now being corrected as
begging at traffic signals could not enter the CM’s resi- nounced a three per cent annual ternational India Pvt Ltd Prime Minister while ad- It is more important to re- we are entering the 75th
BENGALURU: The Bengaluru Police dence. The security has been pay hike for para teachers in the (AIIPL) and Indians for dressing people after lay- member the contribution year of Independence."
Commissioner on Monday issued an order to the beefed up in the area since then. budget, but they asserted the raise Amnesty International
traffic police to curb begging menace at traffic A group of para-teachers has is not enough. Trust (IAIT)".
signals causing inconvenience to commuters. "It is CBCI urges EC not
noticed that at busy traffic junctions, beggars and
to hold Assembly
others are collecting money from motorists which
is not only obstructing the smooth flow of traffic polls in Holy Week
but also causing a nuisance to the commuters," for Christians
Police Commissioner Kamal Pant said in a memo.
He said that law and order and traffic police
should initiate joint action against such people
of the Catholic Bishops'
Conference of India has urged
immediately. LAW KUMAR MISHRA / Patna said the accused, Raj Singha- and Rs 1e lakh from the main the Election Commission not to
nia alias Arvind, was guilty of accused. hold assembly elections due in
Five women killed as vehicle For the first time in the history an offence that was "most The matter had come to light four states, including Kerala,
of criminal justice system in heinous" and "rarest of rare", in September, 2018 when the and one union territory in the
plunges into roadside canal Bihar, a 31-year-old principal of and hence deserved no lenien- girl fell sick and was taken to a Holy Week for Christians
TUTICORIN: Five women were killed and 30 a private school has been cy. The court also slapped him doctor who said she was preg- beginning March 28. The term
injured when a mini-cargo vehicle carrying women awarded capital punishment with a fine of Rs 1 lakh and nant. Upon being queried by of the legislative assemblies of
went out of control and plunged into a roadside and his colleague, a school sentenced for life an accom- her horrified parents, she dis- West Bengal, Tamil Nadu,
canal near here on Tuesday, police said. The teacher, life imprisonment for plice Abhishek Kumar on closed that she was being sub- Assam, Kerala and Puducherry
women were on their way to work when the raping an 11-year-old student whom a fine of Rs 50,000 was jected to sexual exploitation at is coming to an end on
driver lost control of the vehicle and it plunged of their school. imposed. the school, situated in Phul- different dates in May and
into a small canal at Maniyachi, they said. The Pronouncing the judgement The Court also directed the wari Sharif locality. June, and polls are likely to take
injured were admitted to the government medical in the case registered in 2018 district magistrate of Patna An FIR was subsequently place in April. The Holy Week
college hospital, police added. under POCSO Act at Phulwari and State Legal services Au- lodged at the Mahila police sta- which is observed by Christians
Sharif police station on the thority that compensation of tion and the girl was made to across the world begins this
Over 55 lakh voters to cast votes outskirts of Patna, special Rs 15 lakh should be paid to the undergo abortion at a govern- year on March 28 with Palm
POCSO judge Awadesh Kumar victim by the state government ment hospital. Sunday and goes through
in gram panchayat elections Maundy Thursday, Good Friday,
AMARAVATI: Over 55.75 lakh voters will get to Holy Saturday and Easter
exercise their franchise to elect 2,639 sarpanches
and 19,553 village ward members in the third India's fight against Covid Sunday on April 4, Catholic

is inspiring the world: PM

Bishops' Conference of India
phase of elections to the gram panchayats in (CBCI) secretary V C Sebastian
Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday. Panchayat Raj said in a press release.
and Rural Development Principal Secretary Gopal HYDERABAD: India's fight against
Krishna Dwivedi said in a release on the eve of Covid-19 is inspiring the world,
the election that 26,851 polling stations have though at the beginning of the pan-
been set up under 160 revenue mandals in 13 demic other countries worried about
districts. the countrys situation, Prime Minis-
ter Narendra Modi said on Tuesday.
Thunderstorms, lightning India is following a human centric
approach to furthering global good,
forecast for south coastal AP which is based on a healthy balanced
AMARAVATI: Following months of dry winter welfare and well-being, he said, vir-
weather, the Met department forecast tually delivering the valedictory ad-
thunderstorms in parts of south coastal Andhra dress to 'Heartfulness Practitioners'
Pradesh for two days on Friday and Saturday. on the platinum jubilee celebrations
"Thunderstorm accompanied with lightning are of Heartfulness Institute of Shri
very likely to occur at isolated places over south Ram Chandra Mission.
coastal AP," said a Met official. The sudden "At the beginning of this (Covid-19)
unexpected showers come at a time when the pandemic, the whole world was wor-
rabi crop of paddy is at a crucial stage and many ried about India's situation. But today
aquaculture farmers are busy tending to their India's fight against corona is inspir-
shrimp and fish ponds. Devotees offer prayers after taking holy dip in the Ganga at the ing the entire world... India is follow-
Sangam on the occasion of Basant Panchami during the ongoing ing a human centric approach to fur-
Muslim businessman donates Magh Mela, in Prayagraj, on Tuesday PTI thering global good," Modi said.
Rs 1 lakh for Ram Temple

IAF gets ‘desi’ dogs to scare

CHENNAI: In a gesture aimed at communal
amity, a Muslim businessman from the city has
donated Rs 1 lakh towards the construction of the
Ram Temple at Ayodhya, as voluntary contribution

away birds from runways

from devotees in Tamil Nadu for the shrine in
Uttar Pradesh has been growing. Daily wage
earners like cobblers and small traders are among
those making contributions to help raise the
proposed magnificent structure. "All those whom AGENCIES / Agra several airbases. These Experts say that the breed is
we approached have been generous in donating hounds will be trained by ex- best known for its stamina,
for the noble cause," he added. The Indian Air Force (IAF), for perts to scare away the birds. sharpness and agility. Mudhol
the first time, inducted the "To address the problem of hounds are also known to be
Popular Kerala actor Ramesh Mudhol Hound, an Indian ground-dwelling birds such as fiercely loyal to their owners
breed of sight hound from lapwings and larks, IAF and are excellent hunting
Pisharody set to join Cong Karnataka, to chase away planned dog walking module. dogs.
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Popular birds and animals from the IAF chose to use a domestic These agile all-weather dogs
comedian, film and TV personality Ramesh runways and reduce risk of breed as part of the Aat- that enjoy good health and re-
Pisharody is all set to officially join the Congress bird-hits. Four Mudhol hound manirbhar Bharat. Taking a quire minimum grooming,
party in Kerala, according to top party sources. puppies, including two fe- cue from PM's 'Mann Ki Baat' have already been recruited by
The 39-year-old Pisharody however made it clear males, were brought to the in which he had praised this the Indian Army, CRPF, CISF,
that he is not going to contest elections, but Agra airbase on Sunday. breed, we decided to try the BSF, SSB, ITBP and the police
would be actively involved in campaigning for the These were handed over to Mudhol hound. The qualities departments of a few states.
party. The entry of the actor in the party came the IAF by Deputy Chief Min- and temperament of this na- A few weeks ago, IAF offi-
about after talks between former Chief Minister ister of Karnataka, Govind M. tive breed were found suitable cials placed an order for seven
Oommen Chandy and Leader of Opposition Karajol, on behalf of the Ca- for bird scaring. The Air Force puppies. After completing all
Ramesh Chennithala, said a top source. Pisharody nine Research and Informa- station here was selected as a the formalities, four Mudhol
is expected to share the stage with Chennithala in tion Centre (CRIC) in Bagalkot pilot project. Depending on the hounds, aged around three
his ongoing state-wide yatra, which on Tuesday district of Karnataka. success of the project, it will months have been handed to
entered his home district of Alappuzha. A senior IAF official said be extended to other stations," the IAF officials of Agra Air
bird-hits are a big problem at the official said. Force station.
Shah to visit Bengal again this week
NEW DELHI: Union Home Minister Amit Shah will be visiting poll-bound West Bengal again this week
to energise party cadres to fulfil the BJP's goal of winning over 200 seats in the upcoming Assembly
elections. Shah's two day trip slated for February 18-19 is part of the regular visits he has planned to
keep up the momentum for the strategy chalked up by the party in the state. On his previous visit on
February 11, he had visited Cooch Behar to flag off the fourth phase of the party's 'Parivartan Yatra'.

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4 detected with... Toolkit case: Court allows Disha
to speak to family, meet lawyer
It has multiple mutations, including in receptor binding domain of spike
protein, and majority of the cases in South Africa are due to the variant
strain, which has spread to 44 countries While the Brazil variant of
SARS-CoV-2, also known as 20J/501Y.V3 or P.1, lineage emerged inde-
pendently in Brazil in early January. It has attributed to increased cases
in Brazil, particularly Manaus. The mutations in the receptor binding do- Muluk gets temporary Ravi, who was on Sunday sent to a like why she was allegedly not pro-
main of the spike protein The Brazil strain has increased transmissibili-
ty and has spread to 15 countries. Meanwhile, the number of people
pre-arrest bail; Delhi Police five-day police custody after being ar-
rested in Bengaluru for allegedly cre-
duced before a court for transit re-
mand and not provided a lawyer of her
who have tested positive for the UK variant of SARS-CoV-2 in the coun- seek info from Zoom ating the toolkit, was allowed by a choice. However, Police Commissioner
try has climbed to 187. There has been no mortality, Bhargava said. "We Delhi court on Tuesday to speak with S N Shrivastava denied any lapse.
have been able to culture and isolate this strain and test the efficacy of NEW DELHI/MUMBAI her family members over the phone "Disha Ravi's arrest has been made
the vaccine," he said. A very close watch is being kept on these vari- for 15 minutes a day and meet her in accordance with the law which
ants, he stressed. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said a simi- The Delhi Police on Tuesday defend- lawyer for 30 minutes a day. doesn't differentiate between a 22-year-
lar strategy for flights, which was followed for detecting the UK variant, ed the arrest of activist Disha Ravi in Chief Metropolitan Magistrate old or a 50-year-old," he told reporters
might be followed for detection of South Africa and Brazil variants too. the toolkit case, saying it has acted in Pankaj Sharma also asked the Delhi at an event while dismissing criticism
WhatsApp messages, flirting... accordance with the law, even as an- police to hand over to 21-year-old Ravi of the police action against Ravi.
other suspect Shantanu Muluk was a copy of the FIR and other docu- According to the police, Ravi, along
The bench queried Balasubramanian, the woman may have withdrawn granted a 10-day pre-arrest bail by the ments related to her arrest and per- with Mumbai lawyer Nikita Jacob
the complaint, but the larger question is that whether the inquiry Bombay High Court. mitted her access to warm clothes, and Pune engineer Shantanu Muluk,
should be conducted by the High Court. Balasubramanian, reiterated Intensifying its probe, the police masks, books, etc. created the "toolkit" related to the
that the retried judicial officer told the High Court that the lady officer have sought details from video con- While several opposition parties and farmers' agitation against agri laws
withdrew her complaint, yet departmental proceedings have been ini- ferencing platform Zoom about a Jan- activists have questioned the manner that was posted on Twitter by activist
tiated against his client. Chief Justice noted he may have thought that uary 11 meeting by a pro-Khalistan in which Ravi was arrested and Greta Thunberg.
it is a private conversation, and the matter before the gender sensiti- group on the controversial toolkit brought to the national capital, the It alleged that they shared it with
sation committee came to an end after the lady declined to participate. backing the farmers' stir that has Delhi Commission for Women on others to "tarnish" India's image and
The bench reiterated: "High Court wants to proceed, and it is duty been cited by critics as "proof" of a Tuesday sent a notice to the city police collaborated with pro-Khalistan ele-
bound to do so limited to disciplinary proceedings. What is there in law conspiracy to fuel protests in India. seeking a report by Friday on issues ments.
which can prevent High Court proceedings?" Shrivastava submitted that

Alumni support Disha, want her released

the High Court is proceeding with the matter even after the retirement
of the petitioner, as it wanted to "send a strong message". Balasubra-
manian argued that these charges were levelled during his client's pro-
motion just to spoil his chances of being promoted. The Chief Justice SHANKAR RAJ / Bengaluru ers is horrifying the world to highlight issues
replied that this phenomenon is ubiquitous. "All kinds of allegations and completely related to climate change.
come during promotion. We cannot generalise it. In this case there is The Alumni from Mount unacceptable. We “She has coordinated with
allegation", observed the bench. Concluding the hearing, the Chief Jus- Carmel College in Bengalu- demand that the climate activists across the
tice said, " we are likely to make some sweeping observations in this ru extended its full support Delhi Police re- world to get politicians and
case, you withdraw and contest the enquiry." After a detailed hearing to 22-year-old climate ac- lease her and the corporations to act and un-
in the matter, the top court adjourned the matter for a week. tivist Disha Ravi and con- Bengaluru Police dertake measures to prevent
Army uses drones... demned her arrest by the and Karnataka the world from getting
Delhi Police. Disha is an government act to worse. Her participation as a
The agreement states that Chinese troops will move back to Finger 8 alumnus of the college and protect the consti- young woman of colour in
and Indian troops will pull back to the Dhan Singh Thapa post between studied business adminis- tutional rights of climate change activism has
Finger 2 and 3 of the north bank of Pangong Lake. Further, there would tration there before she In a statement, the alumni a woman resident of the been important in bringing
be a temporary moratorium on military activities, including patrolling joined Goodmylk, a compa- said: “The blatant targeting state of Karnataka.” attention to the vulnerabili-
to the traditional areas. The mountain spur jutting into the lake is re- ny that makes plant-based of a young woman citizen The statement said Disha ties faced by marginalised
ferred to as Finger in military parlance. The north bank of the lake is di- alternatives for dairy prod- expressing her support with Ravi coordinated with cli- communities in countries of
vided into 8 Fingers. India has claimed its territory till Finger 8 and Chi- ucts. the nation’s protesting farm- mate activists from around Global South.”
na disputes its claims till Finger 4. There have been regular face-offs be-
tween the two armies between Finger 4 and Finger 8, a distance of
eight kilometres, on the northern bank of the lake. Further, Indian and
Chinese troops are also falling back from eyeball to eyeball confronta-
tion position in the South bank of the lake. In the southern bank of the
Sedition law can’t be invoked to
quieten disquiet: Delhi court
lake, tanks that were separated less than 100 metres have been pulled
back by forces of both countries. India and China are engaged in a ten-
month-long standoff at the Line of Actual Control. The confrontations
began on the north bank of Pangong Lake, both in the waters and the
bank as Chinese incursions increased in early May last year. AGENCIES / New Delhi FARMERS’ PROTEST peace and order in the society.
"However, it cannot be invoked
Middlemen rule the... A Delhi court has said the law of by Delhi Police earlier this to quieten the disquiet under
The work related to driving licence, registration of a vehicle and oth- sedition cannot be invoked to month for allegedly committing the pretence of muzzling the
er things are done through agents. Because the transport department quieten the disquiet under the sedition and spreading rumours miscreants. Evidently, law pro-
remains busy in extortion, such tragedies as happened in Sidhi gener- pretence of muzzling miscre- by posting fake video on Face- scribes any act which has a ten-
ally occur. Neither the transport minister nor the commissioner has in- ants. Additional Sessions Judge book during ongoing farmers' dency to create disorder or
spected the RTOs for long time. The transport minister and the officials Dharmender Rana made the ob- protest. disturbance of public peace by
only pay attention to transport check posts, the real source of under- servation while granting bail to The court said the law of sedi- resort to violence," the judge
hand dealings. The 94% of revenue collected by the transport depart- two persons — Devi Lal Burdak tion was a powerful tool in the said in an order passed on
ment is received from the RTOs, and 6% of it comes from the transport and Swaroop Ram — arrested hands of the state to maintain Feb 15.
checkpoints. Despite that, everyone pays attention to the check posts
that supply only 6% of the revenue to the department. The reason for
paying attention to the checkpoints is that a huge amount of dough is
received from there. Hired men called cutters deployed at check posts
extort money from vehicle owners. Road transport inspectors, trans- Tapovan tunnel: Rescuers
keep at it as hopes recede
port sub-inspectors and transport head constables are posted to those
check posts. Their job is to check the fitness of those vehicles which
pass by the checkpoints. These officials are, however, hardly seen on
duty. Through those cutters, money is collected for political parties.

ISF terms for joining Left-Cong
ARITRA SINGHA / Kolkata mentioned that though the Con-
gress had urged them to leave
The Left Front and the Con- the alliance with AIMIM, they
gress held a closed door meet- didn’t receive any communica-
ing regarding their seat shar- tion from the party regarding

ing ratio for the upcoming as- the demands of ISF.
sembly polls. Meanwhile, Indi- “Our party’s chairman
an Secular Front leader Abbas Nawsad Siddiqui held talks
Siddiqui, who was supposed to with Left Front leaders and de-
be present, didn’t attend the manded to field 70-80 candi-
meeting saying that if the Left- dates of ISF. The Left Front was ARUN SHARMA / Tapovan is the toll as total
Congress alliance allowed ISF supposed to hold talks with the
to pitch 70-80 candidates espe- Congress. But no communica- Bright lights illuminate the 11 bodies have been
cially in all the districts, then tion has been received. If they surreal scene deep inside recovered from the
ISF will join the alliance. agree to our demand then we the tunnel: slush and mud,
Talking to Free Press Jour- will join the alliance,” men- tread marks of vehicles that
tunnel, 146 people
nal, ISF chief Abbas Siddiqui tioned Siddiqui. have been going in and out are still missing.
for the past week, and a sin-
gle excavator still at work. 3 cleared the tunnel’s part,

Baghel writes to FM, seeks more bodies of the estimat-

ed 30 people initially feared
trapped inside the Tapovan
and is being continuously
pumped out.
But it means more slush.

restoration of excise duty hydel project tunnel in Ut-

tarakhand’s Chamoli dis-
trict were pulled out on
Fewer rescue workers were
at the job during Tuesday
evening than the day before.
NEW DELHI/RAIPUR amount of Rs 3,700 crore in Tuesday. At around 150 metres, it’s
GST compensation fund But the pace of work dur- easy to see what the rescue
Chhattisgarh Chief Minis- from the Central govern- ing the day has been slow, workers are up against. A
ter Bhupesh Baghel has ment for the 2020-21 finan- officials said. Water is seep- solid wall of mud blocks the
written a letter to Union Fi- cial year. After announcing ing out from the yet to be rest of the tunnel.
nance Minister Nirmala 60 lakh tonnes rice quota for
Sitharaman, requesting Chhattisgarh in the past, the
her to sanction excise duty Central government has re-
to Chhattisgarh as it was duced the rice quota of the
provided before. state by 16 lakh tonnes, due
Baghel has stated in the to which the state is likely to
letter that the year 2020-21 suffer a huge loss in the dis-
has been an extremely diffi- posal of additional paddy
cult financial year because collected by the state.
of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Chief Minister also
This year, due to the adverse stated in the letter that the
impact of the pandemic on decision to set up 'Agricul-
all economic activities, the tural Infrastructure Devel-
state's financial resources opment Cess' is welcome,
are expected to decrease by but the decision to reduce
about 30 per cent, he said. excise duty would certainly
"In the Union Budget for the have adverse effect on the
year 2021-22, reduction in resources of the state.
excise duty of petroleum The excise duty deduction
products, gold and silver would cause additional
and many other items has damage to the state and its
been announced along with public welfare programme.
the imposition of 'Agricul- Baghel has requested the
tural Infrastructure Devel- Finance Minister that in
opment Cess'. This is ex- view of the limited re-
pected to cause an addition- sources available to the
al loss of Rs 900 crore to Rs state as compared to the
1,000 crore to the state in the Centre, Chhattisgarh
coming financial year," should be provided ex-gra-
Baghel said. tia amount as excise duty.
The Chief Minister fur- This would save the state
ther stated in the letter that from additional financial
the state is yet to receive the loss.

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Tamil family of 4 win court battle to stay in Australia
MELBOURNE: A Tamil family won another victory in an
Australian court on Tuesday in their battle to avoid
deportation to Sri Lanka. Three-judge bench on Tuesday
rejected an appeal by the Australian government against an
earlier judge's ruling that the younger daughter had been
denied procedural fairness when she made a protection
visa application that would have allowed her to remain in


The military has not given a date for it but has imposed a state of emergency for one year

Suu Kyi faces new charge

AGENCIES / Yangon Tun dismissed the suggestion they
Myanmar's military has repeated its were in detention, saying they were in
promise to hold new elections and re- their homes for their security while
linquish power as anti-coup protests the law took its course.
continue across the country. He also said Myanmar’s foreign poli- AGENCIES nitely without court permission.
Army spokesman Brigadier General cy would not change, it remained open Yangon The legal maneuver comes two weeks af-
Zaw Min Tun, once again claimed that for business and deals would be up- ter the military seized power in a coup
the military took control after alleged held. Police in Myanmar filed a new charge that shocked many in the international
voter fraud, but did not provide any ev- The military will be hoping its reas- against ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi, community who had been hopeful that
idence. surances will dampen the campaign of her lawyer said on Tuesday, in a move that Myanmar was taking steps toward democ-
“Our objective is to hold an election daily opposition to its rule and to the may allow her to be racy. Since then,
and hand power to the winning party,” ousting Suu Kyi and her government. held indefinitely the junta has ratch-
Zaw Min Tun told the junta’s first news As well as the demonstrations in without trial as part The new charge was for breaking eted up the pres-
conference since overthrowing Suu towns and cities across the ethnically of an intensifying a law that has been used to sure on protesters
Kyi’s government. diverse country, a civil disobedience crackdown by au- resisting the
The military has not given a date for movement has brought strikes that are thorities who seized
prosecute people who have takeover, including
a new election but has imposed a state crippling many functions of govt. power in a coup. violated coronavirus restriction. It violently breaking
of emergency for one year. Zaw Min Meanwhile, peaceful demonstrations Suu Kyi, who was carries a maximum punishment of up some demon-
Tun said the military would not hold against Myanmar's military takeover deposed and detained strations and or-
power for long. resumed Tuesday, following violence in the military three years in prison dering internet ac-
“We guarantee ... that the election against protesters a day earlier by se- takeover on February cess blocked.
will be held,” he told the nearly two- curity forces and after internet access 1, already faced a charge of illegally pos-
hour news conference, which the mili-
tary broadcast from the capital, Naypy-
was blocked for a second straight
sessing walkie-talkies - an apparent at-
tempt to provide a legal veneer for her Malaysia to deport Myanmar migrants
itaw, live over Facebook, a platform it Groups of demonstrators turned house arrest. KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's government
has banned. out early in Yangon and other cities The new charge was for breaking a law will repatriate 1,200 Myanmar migrants
Asked about the de- to protest the Feb. 1 coup and de- that has been used to prosecute people next week despite a military coup in
tention of Nobel prize mand that the nation's elected leader, who have violated coronavirus restric- their home country, but has assured that
winner Suu Kyi and Aung San Suu Kyi, and members of tions, lawyer Khin Maung Zaw told re- they will not include minority Muslim
the president, her ousted government be freed from porters after meeting with a judge in a Rohingya refugees or those registered
Zaw Min detention. court in the capital, Naypyitaw. with the UN refugee agency. But the UN
It carries a maximum punishment of High Commissioner for Refugees on
Myanmar’s foreign policy would not change, it will three years in prison. But, perhaps more Tuesday voiced concern that there may
remain open for business and deals would be upheld worryingly, because of changes to the Pe- be vulnerable women and children
Brigadier General Zaw Min Tun nal Code instituted by the junta last week, among the group.
Army spokesman it could allow her to be detained indefi-

Independent panel to Prosecutors seek Siddharth

Chatterjee takes Aus to amend laws to
probe Capitol riots fine for Navalny
over as top UN
envoy in China
make Google, FB pay
BEIJING: Senior UN official AGENCIES on Feb. 25.
AGENCIES blames on the Kremlin. Siddharth Chatterjee of India Canberra The amendment to be in-
Moscow Russian authorities have re- has formally taken over as the troduced to Parliament on
jected the accusation. United Nations Resident Australia's government said Wednesday "improve the
Prosecutors on Tuesday Earlier this month, a Coordinator in China, a key on Tuesday it will amend workability of the code
asked a Moscow court to fine Moscow court sentenced posting of overseeing the work draft laws that would make while retaining its overall ef-
jailed Russian opposition Navalny to two years and of 27 agencies, funds and Google and Facebook pay for fect," Treasurer Josh Fry-
leader Alexei Navalny on eight months in prison for programmes of the global news to clari- denberg and
charges of defaming violating terms organisation in the world's most fy that pub- Communica-
a World War II veter- of his proba- populous country. lishers tions Minis-
an, maintaining tion while re- He will be UN Secretary-General would be ter Paul
pressure on the top cuperating in Antonio Guterres's senior-most paid in lump Fletcher said
Kremlin foe. Germany. The UN representative in China. sums rather in a joint
Navalny rejects the sentence stems Chatterjee, whose early in the than per statement.
accusations of slan- from a 2014 em- Indian Army, was decorated for click on news article links. The opposition center-left
AGENCIES / Washington reported on Monday. Capitol in light of the attack. dering the veteran bezzlement gallantry by the President of The legislative changes de- Labor Party agreed at a
"We must get to the truth of "It is clear from his find- who was featured in conviction that India in 1995. He holds a scribed in a government meeting of lawmakers on
US House Speaker Nancy how this happened," she ings and from the impeach- a video last year pro- Navalny has master's degree in public policy statement as "clarifications Tuesday to support the bill,
Pelosi has said the Congress said. ment trial that we must get moting constitution- rejected as fab- from Princeton University in the and technical amendments" guaranteeing its passage
will establish an "outside, in- Trump was acquitted by to the truth of how this hap- al amendments that ricated and the United States, and a bachelor's follow Australian ministers' through the Senate where
dependent" commission to the Senate of inciting the vi- pened," she said. allowed an extension of European Court of Human degree from the National weekend discussions with the government does not
investigate the January 6 at- olence. But Democrats and The commission, she said, President Vladimir Putin's Rights has ruled to be un- Defence Academy in India. Facebook CEO Mark Zucker- hold a majority of seats.
tack on the US Capitol by the some Republicans have "would investigate and re- rule. lawful. Commenting on his new berg and Sundar Pichai, But the government might
supporters of former US backed an independent port on the facts and causes" Navalny, 44, an anti-corrup- During Tuesday's hearings assignment, Chatterjee told PTI chief executive of Alphabet have to compromise with
President Donald Trump. probe into the riots, which of the attack; "the interfer- tion investigator and Putin's at Moscow's Babushkinsky here: "Over the past four Inc. and its subsidiary further Senate amendments.
In a letter to lawmakers, left five persons dead. ence with the peaceful trans- most prominent critic, was District Court, prosecutors decades, the world has Google. Australia Institute's Center
she said the commission Pelosi said that US Army fer of power"; and the "pre- arrested last month upon re- asked the judge to order witnessed the profound The conservative govern- for Responsible Technology,
would be modelled on the in- Lieutenant General Russel paredness and response" of turning from Germany, Navalny to pay a fine of economic and social ment hopes to enact the so- a think-tank that supports
quiry into the September 11, Honore had, over the past both the Capitol police and where he spent five months 950,000 rubles (about $13,000) transformations that have taken called News Media Bargain- the proposed world-first leg-
2001 attacks on New York few weeks, been assessing other branches of law en- recovering from a nerve- for slandering the 94-year- place in China, lifting hundreds ing Code before the current islation, accepted the pro-
and the Pentagon, the BBC the security needs of the forcement. agent poisoning that he old veteran. of millions out of poverty. session of Parliament ends posed changes.

2 plead guilty
as leading
HK activists
go on trial
AGENCIES / Hong Kong

Two former Hong Kong law-

makers pleaded guilty to il-
legal assembly charges
Tuesday, as a trial opened
A resident clears snow from a sidewalk on Tuesday in Chicago, Illinois. for them and seven other
The city is digging out after a snowstorm dropped more than 17 inches prominent democracy ac-
of snow in the some areas of the city in the past 24 hours. –AFP tivists in what is seen as a
crackdown on dissent in the
60 killed, many hurt in Congo boat capsize semi-autonomous Chinese
BUTEMBO: At least 60 people died after a boat carrying around The activists are charged
700 capsized in the Congo river in Mai-Ndombe province on with organizing and partici-
Monday. Al Jazeera quoted Steve Mbikayi, minister for pating in an illegal assem-
humanitarian action, as saying that on Monday 700 people were bly during massive anti-gov-
on board the vessel that sunk near the village of Longola Ekoti, ernment protests in 2019.
in Mai-Ndombe province, the previous night. "So far the rescue They include Martin Lee,
team has recovered 60 lifeless bodies and 300 survivors. There an 82-year-old veteran of
are still several missing after this shipwreck," Mbikayi said. The Hong Kong's democracy
boat had departed from Kinshasa and was heading to Equator movement, and Jimmy Lai,
province. a newspaper publisher who
is being held without bail on
5 get death in B'desh writer’s murder other charges related to his
DHAKA: A Dhaka court has sentenced five militants including pro-democracy activities.
fugitive sacked army major Syed Ziaul Haq to death in The two who pleaded
connection with the 2015 writer-blogger Avijit Roy murder case. guilty were Au Nok-hin and
Another defendant, Safiur Rahman Farabi, has been jailed for Leung Yiu-chung, both for-
life, bdnews 24 reported on Tuesday. Judge Mojibur Rahman of mer members of the Hong
Dhaka's Anti-Terrorism Special Tribunal delivered the verdict on Kong legislature. Au plead-
Tuesday. Four of the five convicts who received capital ed guilty to both charges,
punishment are Md Mozzammel Hussain alias Saimon alias while Leung pleaded guilty
Shahriar, Md Abu Siddiq Sohel alias Sakib alias Sajid alias just to participating in an il-
Shahab, Md Arafat Rahman and Akram Hossain alias Abir. legal assembly. Prosecutors
Besides Ziaul, Abir is also on the run. dropped the organizing
charge against Leung. The
Rockets strike near US base in Iraq, 1 killed other seven pleaded not
BAGHDAD: Rockets struck outside Irbil international airport near guilty.
where U.S. forces are based in northern Iraq late Monday, killing Before the trial, support-
one U.S.-led coalition contractor and wounding more, Iraqi ers and several of the ac-
security and coalition officials reported, sparking fears of new cused rallied outside the
hostilities. At least three rockets hit areas between the civilian court. One banner read
airport in the Kurdish-run region and the nearby base hosting "Peaceful Assembly is Not a
U.S. troops. One civilian contractor with the coalition was killed Crime; Shame on Political
and five others wounded, a coalition spokesman, Col. Wayne Prosecution." Lee
Marotto, said in a statement posted on social media. One U.S. Cheuk-yan, another former
service member was also injured, he said. He did not reveal the lawmaker who is among the
nationality of the dead contractor and said this was under defendants, said that the law
investigation. No one immediately claimed responsibility. has become an instrument
–Agencies of political suppression.
BIZ BUZZ Sensex, Nifty end marginally lower; PowerGrid rallies 6%
Equity benchmarks Sensex and Nifty ended Sensex settled 49.96 points or 0.10% lower at
Indian exports to United States marginally lower on Tuesday as investors booked 52,104.17. Similarly, the broader NSE Nifty inched
profits at higher levels amid a mixed trend in 1.25 points or 0.01% lower to close at 15,313.45.
rise14% to $4.9 billion in December global markets. After touching a lifetime high of Axis Bank was the top laggard in the Sensex pack,
India's exports to the United States jumped by over 14% to 52,516.76 in the opening session, the 30-share BSE shedding 2.42%, followed by ICICI Bank, Infosys. INDORE | WEDNESDAY | FEBRUARY 17, 2021

S&P says pace of rebound

4.89 billion dollars in December 2020 from 4.28 billion dollars

Amazon to make
in the year-ago period. December also marked the fourth
consecutive month of positive growth, indicating a strong
recovery in trade.

India's high priority for now should be Fire TV stick, other

to impact India ratings
to grow at 7-8%: Bimal Jalan
Describing the Budget 2021-22 as "extremely good", former
RBI governor Bimal Jalan said that India's high priority for now
should be to grow at 7-8%, and then give a "great preference"
devices in India
for employment rather than only investment. Jalan further said AGENCIES
it does not seem that India will be able to achieve a USD 5- New Delhi
trillion economy target by 2024-25. "This year's Budget is SEES INDIA ON COURSE FOR ECONOMIC RECOVERY IN 2021-22, GDP GROWTH AT 10%
extremely good... I think the rate of growth in India should be E-commerce and technolo-
7-8%," he said. AGENCIES Budget. gy major Amazon will soon
New Delhi � India needs to quickly S&P said while high start manufacturing of its
vaccinate most population
Tata Comm partners with Google India's improving growth
for recovery to continue
spending announced in the
Budget would aid revival,
electronics products in-
cluding the 'Fire TV' stick
Cloud to expand cloud adoption prospects are critical to sus- � Budget to support India the economy was still facing in India.
Tata Communications has partnered with Google Cloud India tain the high fiscal deficits recovery through several risks as it transi- After a virtual conversa-
to drive cloud adoption for Indian businesses. This partnership projected by the govern- spending in 2021, 2022 tioned from stabilisation to tion with Amit Agarwal, Further, Amazon also has
will expand its managed public cloud services portfolio to ment in the Union Budget � Improving growth recovery. Global Senior Vice Presi- announced its plans to be-
include capabilities for Google Cloud, the company said. "The for 2021-22 (Apr-Mar), S&P prospects critical to "We estimate that India dent of Amazon and Coun- gin manufacturing Amazon
partnership between Tata Communications and Google Cloud Global Ratings said. sustain India's deficits faces a permanent loss of try Head for India and Devices in India. In a blog-
India will enable organisations to deploy and access Google India's GDP growth is ex- output versus its pre-pan- Chetan Krishnaswamy, post, the company said that
Cloud services through Tata Communications' IZO Managed pected to bounce back in � India faces permanent demic path, suggesting a Vice President, Public Poli- it will commence its manu-
loss of output vs pre-
Cloud while providing them ease-of-use coupled with end-to- 2021-22 on account of rapid pandemic path long-term production cy of Amazon India on facturing efforts with con-
end services," the company said. normalisation and low base deficit equivalent to about Wednesday, the Union Min- tract manufacturer Cloud
effect. � India's long-term 10% of GDP," S&P said. ister for Electronics and IT, Network Technology, a sub-
Kotak hikes two-, three-year MCLR, The agency sees GDP
growing 10% in 2021-22,
production deficit
equivalent to 10% of GDP
The agency said India
needed to "quickly and thor-
Ravi Shankar Prasad took
to Twitter and the home-
sidiary of Foxconn in
Chennai and start produc-
cuts overnight, 1-year loan rates which is close to the Re- � India's banking system oughly" vaccinate most of grown social media plat- tion later this year.
Kotak Mahindra Bank has increased its marginal cost of funds- serve Bank of India's performance to improve its population for recovery form Koo, to make the an- As per the blog, the device
based lending rates on two-year and three-year tenures by 5 growth forecast of 10.5%. from 2022-23 to continue, while the emer- nouncement. manufacturing programme
basis points each, according to data available on the lender's S&P said the Indian econ- gence of new COVID-19 "Held a very good conver- will be able to produce hun-
website. The private sector bank has reduced lending rates on omy is on track for a recov- ability of the government's from the original aim of variants and the possibility sation with @AmitAgarwal dreds of thousands of Fire
overnight, six-month and one-year tenures by 5-10 bps. ery in the next financial strained fiscal position," it 3.5%. of early withdrawal of glob- and @Chetankrishna of TV Stick devices every
year and expects the pace of said. The sharp rise in the ex- al fiscal stimulus were ma- @amazonIN today. Delight- year. Amazon will continu-
Govt may add 7-8 coking coal mines post-crisis upturn to have
"important implications"
The Budget projected a fis-
cal deficit target of 6.8% of
pected fiscal deficit for 2020-
21 was primarily due to the
jor risks to recovery. On the
banking front, S&P expects
ed to share that soon Ama-
zon will commence manu-
ously evaluate scaling ca-
pacity to additional market-
in second auction tranche for the country's sovereign GDP for next year, while it government cleaning up its performance to begin im- facturing of electronics places or cities depending
The Union Coal Ministry may add seven to eight new coal credit rating. sharply revised up the pro- books by bringing some be- proving materially from products like FireTV stick on the domestic demand, it
blocks to the list of mines planned to be offered for the "This includes the sustain- jection for 2020-21 to 9.5% low-the-line items into the 2022-23. in India," Prasad said. added.
second tranche of commercial coal auction, Additional
Secretary M. Nagaraju said at a stakeholder conference ahead
of the next auction round. The coal ministry has already
selected 75 mines with reserves of around 37 bln tn fuel for
the auction.
No respite: Petrol at TEPID DEBUT
BROOKFIELD INDIA FMCG industry grows 7.3%,
Mahindra for harnessing pvt sector's
capability for vaccine distribution
Rs 99.87 in Rajasthan REIT FALL 2% ON
LISTING DAY rural sales up 14.2%: Nielsen
Mahindra group chairman Anand Mahindra called for MUMBAI: Petrol price on MUMBAI: Shares of AGENCIES growth uptick in Novem-
harnessing the capability of the private sector to scale up Tuesday soared to Rs 99.87 Brookfield India Real Estate Mumbai ber, was sustained in De-
COVID-19 vaccine distribution saying widespread vaccination per litre in Rajasthan - the Investment Trust on Tuesday cember also, it added.
is India's main hope against any new waves, which are now a highest level India has closed the day over 2% The FMCG industry in In- In 2020, the FMCG Indus-
serious threat. In a tweet, Mahindra said although India ever seen - as fuel prices lower in its debut trade dia has recorded a value try had a value degrowth of
currently stands at the fourth position it is not enough. "Up to were hiked for the eighth against its issue price of Rs growth of 7.3% in October- 2%.
(sic) 4th place but this is clearly not enough. We have the day in a row. 275. December quarter helped In October-December
production capability," he said. Petrol price was raised by Rates are higher in states On the BSE, the stock by consumption-led recov- quarter, products such as
30 paise per litre and diesel that levy higher VAT. listed flat at Rs 275.05. ery during the festive peri- liquid toilet soap, antisep-
Jubilant Foodworks forms subsidiary by 35 paise, according to a
price notification of state-
In Mumbai, petrol price
rose to Rs 95.75 a litre and
During the day it jumped
1.83% to Rs 280.05. Later it
od and increase in sales
from traditional as well as
tic liquid, floor cleaner, toi-
let cleaner in the 'Hygiene
in Netherlands for biz opportunities owned fuel retailers. diesel was priced at Rs closed at Rs 269.96, organised trade, according released by NielsenIQ's Re- & Immunity building' cate-
Jubilant Foodworks, which operates Domino's Pizza and Simultaneously, the oil 86.72. Rajasthan, which registering a decline of 1.8 to data analytics firm tail Intelligence team. gories continued a high-
Dunkin' Donuts chains in India, on Tuesday said it has formed firms hiked cooking gas levies the highest VAT on 3%. Nielsen. NielsenIQ is a part of value growth of 46% in
a wholly owned subsidiary in the Netherlands to explore (LPG) price by Rs 50 per fuel in the country, had the On the NSE, it listed with a The metro market wit- global measurement and comparison to the corre-
business opportunities in the food service industry in the cylinder and that of jet highest petrol and diesel premium of 2.43% at Rs nessed "significant recov- data analytics company sponding quarter.
European country. "(It has been) incorporated as a wholly fuel (ATF) by 3.6%. prices. In Sriganganagar 281.70 from the issue price. ery", while rural India, Nielsen. "The 'home and personal
owned subsidiary of the company for exploring business LPG now comes for Rs town of the state, petrol It later closed at Rs 269.20, which is performing well "The Fast Moving Con- care' basket made a con-
opportunities," the company said. 769 per 14.2-kg cylinder in soared to Rs 99.87 and lower by 2.10%. after a quick recovery from sumer Goods (FMCG) in- sumption-led recovery (5%
the national capital. diesel jumped to Rs 91.86 In traded volume terms, the pandemic, continued to dustry in India, saw a volume growth vs year
Bank of Maha unions say market The increase in petrol
and diesel priced pushed
per litre.
While branded/premium
12.70 lakh shares were
traded at the BSE and over
be "buoyant" and witnessed
double-digit growth during
bounce back with a growth
of 7.3% in the quarter end-
ago), while Food categories
saw a 10% growth riding on
players fuelling privatisation news retail rates, which differ or additive mixed petrol is 82.81 lakh units at the NSE the quarter under review. ing December 2020. This boost in consumption as
Bank of Maharashtra has once again been named in a news from state to state depend- already over Rs 100-mark during the day. Large manufacturers also growth in Traditional well as a price increase in
report as a potential candidate for privatisation, but its union ing on the incidence of lo- at some places in three The initial public offer of bounced back with con- trade (Grocer, Chemist, some food baskets," it said.
leaders claim it is an instance of misinformation. "The media is cal sales tax or VAT and states of Maharashtra, Brookfield India REIT was sumption-led growth dur- Paan shops etc.) and Or- This growth recovery was
reporting these names without any source, and this is fuelling freight charges, to their Madhya Pradesh and Ra- subscribed 8 times earlier ing the quarter, while the ganised Trade (Modern widespread in the food bas-
sentiment in the market," said Devidas Tuljapurkar, general highest level. jasthan, the Rs 99.87 a litre this month. small ones clocked double- Trade and Ecommerce) ket, including 'Staple
secretary, Maharashtra State Bank Employees Federation. In Delhi, petrol now price of regular petrol is The initial public offer of digit growth amid rise in was driven by consump- Foods' that grew 18% in the
comes for Rs 89.29 per litre the highest that the coun- had a price band of Rs 274- consumption, said the tion," it said. December quarter, vs a
Govt raises Rs 310 crore by tendering and diesel for Rs 79.70. try has ever seen. 275 apiece. FMCG Snapshot for Q4 2020 The festive period-led year ago.
shares in Engineers India buyback
Center has raised Rs 310 crore by tendering its shares in the
buyback programme undertaken by Engineers India,
Department of Investment and Public Asset Management
SAT stays SEBI's order banning RailTel raises Unacademy set to
Rs 244 crore
Biyani, other Future promoters acquire TapChief
Secretary Tuhin Kanta Pandey said. "Engineers India buyback
of shares fully subscribed. Government received Rs 310 crore
out of total buyback size of Rs 587 crore," he tweeted.
ahead of IPO
NRIs eye southern real estate market AGENCIES/ Mumbai merce giant Amazon over
the former's Rs 24,713-crore
Corp of India Ltd has
AGENCIES/ New Delhi than 1.5 lakh registered
professionals, who use the
for investment: Commonfloor report The Securities Appellate deal with Reliance. raised around 2.44 bln ru- Edtech major Unacademy platform to collaborate
Non-resident Indians (NRIs) are increasingly showing interest Tribunal (SAT) has stayed In August last year, Future pees by allotting 25.96 mln on Tuesday announced ac- with a number of experts
in the southern markets, especially Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and the order passed by market group had entered into a equity shares to 14 anchor quisition of majority stake from their chosen domains
Kerala, for real estate investments, with over 75% of searches regulator SEBI, that had deal with billionaire investors ahead of its ini- in professional networking and take up short-term pro-
in these markets during 2020, according to a report. The put a one-year ban on Fu- Mukesh Ambani's RIL to sell tial public offering. platform TapChief. fessional projects.
maximum search or demand comes from those NRIs living in ture Retail Chairperson its retail, wholesale, logistics The shares were allotted As part of the deal, Un- Founded in 2016 by
the US, followed by the UAE and Britain, said the report by Kishore Biyani and some and warehousing units. at 94 rupees apiece, which academy will acquire a ma- Shashank Murali, Binay
Commonfloor, a Quikr platform. other promoters from the According to FCRPL, re- is the upper end of the jority stake in TapChief, Krishna, and Arjun Krish-
securities market. Earlier on February 3, the structuring of the home price band, on Monday. and enable the exit of all ex- na, TapChief also caters to
India's GDP to contract 1% in SAT has also directed the
Future Group promoters to
Sebi had barred Kishore
Biyani and certain other
furnishing businesses in
the Future Group (with the
Amongst domestic in-
vestors, HDFC Life Insur-
isting investors, a state-
ment said.
over 150 enterprise cus-
tomers across sectors.
December quarter, says BofA deposit a sum of Rs 11 crore promoters of Future Retail physical store format of Fu- ance picked up the largest Unacademy said post the In the past, the company
Against the majority view of a rebound in the growth as an interim measure. from the securities market ture Retail and online store allocation of 14.34% stake acquisition, TapChief will has raised funding from
numbers for the December quarter, the house economists at "In a hearing held on Feb- for one year for indulging format of Future Enter- for 349.9 mln rupees, fol- join the Unacademy Group Blume Ventures, Cred
the Wall Street brokerage Bank of America Securities on ruary 15, 2021, the Securi- in insider trading in the prises being demerged into lowed by Nippon Life MF with a valuation of Rs 100 founder Kunal Shah, for-
Tuesday pencilled in a 1% contraction in India's GDP for the ties Appellate Tribunal has shares of the company. a new company) had been with 12.29% stake for 299.9 crore. It, however, did not mer Flipkart executive
third quarter. On an average, economists at almost all the stayed the effect and opera- In addition, the regulator well known in the public mln rupees. provide details about the Mekin Maheshwari,
rating agencies and brokerages have forecast 0.4-0.7% tion of SEBI's order accus- had imposed a fine of Rs 1 since 2016. Other domestic institu- quantum of stake acquired, Paytm, Aprameya Rad-
positive growth for the economy. ing the promoters of the crore each on Kishore "Future Group counsel tions that were allocated the investors exiting and hakrishna (TaxiForSure),
Future Group of insider Biyani, Anil Biyani and Fu- Somasekhar Sundaresan shares were ICICI Pruden- money invested by Unacad- 500 Startups and others.
Heranba Industries IPO to open on trading in the context of
purchases of Future Retail
ture Corporate Resources.
Besides, they have been
argued that the actual
terms of the restructuring
Mutual Fund, Tata Mutual
TapChief leverages a host
"Our endeavour at Un-
academy has always been
February 23; to raise Rs 625 crore shares made in March asked to disgorge Rs 17.78 were initiated only in April Fund and Edelweiss Mutu- of technology solutions to to democratise education
Gujarat-based crop protection chemicals manufacturer 2017," Future Corporate Re- crore for the wrongful 2017, while the purchases al Fund. UK-based Aurigin empower professionals to and make learning accessi-
Heranba Industries will hit the capital market on February 23 sources Private Limited gains made by them. were made in March to Capital and Utilico Emerg- interact and learn from ex- ble and affordable for
to raise up to Rs 625 crore and the price band for the initial (FCRPL) said. The development comes avail of the creeping acqui- ing Markets Trust, Cohe- perts, work with businesses everyone.," Unacademy
public offer has been fixed at Rs 626-627 per share. The The case will now come at a time when Future sition limits under the sion MK Best Ideas Sub- from across the world, and Group co-founder and chief
company will raise the money through an Offer for Sale (OFS) up on April 12, 2021 before Group is locked in a bitter takeover regulations," FCR- Trust also invested. aggregate their personal executive officer Gaurav
of up to 90,15,000 equity shares, according to a statement. SAT for the next hearing. legal battle with e-com- PL said in a statement. brand online. It has more Munjal said.

on second day of subscription
The initial public offer of Nureca Limited, which is into the
business of home healthcare and wellness products, was
on deposits for 2020-21 on Mar 4
NEW DELHI: Retirement fund body EPFO is likely to announce
Electrified by Tesla, bitcoin crosses $50,000
subscribed 14.77 times on the second day of subscription on the rate of interest on provident fund deposits for financial year AGENCIES/ Mumbai porting "select crypto currencies" on
Tuesday. The Rs 100 crore-public issue received bids for 2020-21, on March 4, when its Central Board of Trustees will its network.
2,07,03,200 shares against 14,01,595 shares on offer, as per meet at Srinagar. After a wild stretch in which Bitcoin While most expect a slow evolution
data available with the NSE. The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is likely to repeatedly set new highs amid mur- toward widespread usage of bitcoins
take up the proposal to announce rate of interest for 2020-21 at murs of its seemingly unstoppable as- as currency Richard Lyons, a finance
Logistics major Seven Islands files its Central Board of Trustees (CBT) meeting scheduled on March
4, source said.
cendance, the digital currency
crossed the $50,000 mark for the first
professor at the University of Califor-
nia at Berkeley, says it's inevitable.
for Rs 600 crore initial public offer Talking to PTI, K E Raghunathan, an EPFO trustee said that on time on Tuesday. Lyons predicts Bitcoin and other
Seven Islands Shipping has filed its papers with stock Monday he received the intimation that the next CBT meeting is Bitcoin is rallying as more compa- digital currencies "will become trans-
exchange regulator for a Rs 600 crore initial public offering scheduled to be held on March 4, at Srinagar and that the nies signal the volatile digital curren- Bitcoin as part of a new investment actional currencies increasingly over
(IPO) of equity shares. The issue comprises a fund raise via agenda papers are likely to be sent soon. cy could eventually gain widespread strategy, and that it would soon be ac- the next five years.
fresh issue amounting to Rs 400 crore and an offer for sale up He said that there is no mention about discussion on interest acceptance as a legitimate means of cepting Bitcoin in exchange for its cars. It's not going to happen overnight,"
to Rs 200 crore by FIH Mauritius. The portion reserved for rate for 2020-21 in the intimation mail. payment. Bitcoin has been mostly Then Blue Ridge Bank of Char- he said.
qualified institutional buyers will be 50% of the offer, for non- Speculation is rife that the EPFO may lower interest on seen as a store of value, like gold, with lottesville, Virginia, said that it would Lee Reiners, who teaches fintech
institutional investors 15% and for retail investors 35%. provident fund deposits for this fiscal (2020-21), from 8.5% it few places accepting it in exchange become the first commercial bank to and cryptocurrency courses at Duke
provided for 2019-20,in view of more withdrawals and lesser for goods or services. provide access to Bitcoin at its branch- University School of Law, said BNY
Ampere Electric to set up plant in contribution by members during this fiscal mainly due to the
COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, in March, EPFO had lowered
Companies have been leery because
Bitcoin's volatility and its use by par-
es. The regional bank said Wednesday
that cardholders can purchase and re-
Mellon's move makes sense because
"there are now numerous high-net-
Tamil Nadu; to invest Rs 700 cr interest rate on provident fund deposits to a seven-year low of ties who want to avoid the traditional deem Bitcoin at 19 of its ATMs. worth individuals and investment
Ampere Electric, the electric-mobility arm of Greaves Cotton, 8.5% for 2019-20, from 8.65% in 2018-19. banking system for a myriad of rea- BNY Mellon, the oldest bank in the funds embracing crypto as an asset
on Tuesday said it will invest Rs 700 crore in a phased manner The EPF (employees provident fund) interest rate provided for sons. Last Monday, however, the elec- US, followed a day later, saying it class to be added to their portfolio."
over 10 years to set up a manufacturing plant at Ranipet in 2019-20 was the lowest since 2012-13, when it was 8.5%. tric car company Tesla sent a tremor would include digital currencies in But Reiners believes companies will
Tamil Nadu. The proposed plant will be spread in 1.4 million The EPFO had provided 8.65% interest rate to its subscribers through the digital currency markets, the services it provides to clients. remain hesitant to accept Bitcoin for
sq feet and is expected to be completed by this year. for 2016-17, and 8.55% in 2017-18. saying that it was buying $1.5 billion in Mastercard said it would start sup- payment because of its volatility.

McLeod Russel back in black in Q3,
Adani to invest Rs 10K cr FPJ’s ‘Free initiatives’ campaign
to develop Dighi Port wins gold at Adfest 2020
revenues rise 22.3% to Rs 448 crore
McLeod Russel India Ltd posted a consolidated net profit of
10.4 mln rupees for Oct-Dec, compared with a loss of 229.7
mln rupees a year ago. Revenue from operations for the A STAFF REPORTER tively. But the masthead is-
quarter rose 22.3% to 4.48 bln rupees. Sequentially, the net AGENCIES/ Mumbai development of facilities Mumbai n’t where we stopped.
profit fell 99.3% and revenue was down 10.3%. The for dry, container, and We dedicated the first
company's other income fell to 9.4 mln rupees from 106.8 mln Adani Ports and Special liquid cargo. Free Press Journals's "Free ini- two pages of our newspa-
rupees a year ago. Economic Zone (APSEZ) "DPL will evolve as an tiatives" campaign has won per to the problem at
on Tuesday said it has alternative gateway to a gold at Adfest 2020, Asia's hand. Pages which were
Titan Jan jewellery sales rise 28% completed the acquisi-
tion of Dighi Port for Rs
JNPT and will invite and
support the development
biggest and reputed adver-
tising creative award shows.
filled with the perspec-
tives, opinions, solutions of
YoY on wedding season demand 705 crore and would in- of port-based industries The campaign, created important opinion makers
Jewellery sales of Titan Co Ltd surged 28% on year in January vest over Rs 10,000 crore APSEZ to service cus- on port land," it said. by Taproot Dentsu, won in and influential celebrities.
largely due to strong demand during the wedding season, the in developing it as an al- tomers in Maharashtra As per the terms and best use of print in media "This is one of the simple
management said at Edelweiss India e-Conference, 2021. Sales ternate gateway to JNPT. which includes the high- requirements of the Res- category. Adfest an- and brave ideas and such
at Tanishq rose during the month as some weddings were JNPT is India's largest ly industrial areas and olution Plan, the trans- nounced the winners of the Adfest’s Network of the Year On relevant days, both do get applauded. This is
postponed from Oct-Dec to Jan-Mar or Apr-Jun. The share of container port and is one development in the fer of concession rights Adfest 2020 Lotus Awards for the fouth year in a row. nationally and internation- brand centric which was
wedding jewellery in total sales was 23% in 2019-20 (Apr- of the 12 major ports in Mumbai and Pune re- has also been approved on February 15, 2021. Campaign: To lead the ally, we dedicated our born out of the name of the
Mar) compared with 14% about 5-6 years ago, the company the country. gions, it said. by the Maharashtra These awards were change was to be the masthead to the problems newspaper itself – Free
said. "APSEZ completed the "APSEZ plans to invest Maritime Board ('MMB') scheduled to take place in change. So, we changed that were being highlight- Press. We live in an era
acquisition of 100% DPL over Rs 10,000 crore to and APSEZ has settled Thailand last year, but our masthead. ed on that day. where less is more. I’m de-
RComm deeper in red on quarter in for Rs 705 crore on Feb-
ruary 15, 2021....DPL, the
develop the port into a
multi-cargo port with
the dues of financial
creditors, MMB, and oth-
were postponed due to the
coronavirus pandemic.
We leveraged the word
“free” in our brand name
On World Food Day, for
example, we changed our
lighted that this new-age
approach was liked the
Oct-Dec, consolidated sales fall 12% 12th port to join APSEZ's world class infrastruc- er admitted costs and With 60 jurors, the judging and replaced the word masthead to Free Food. On minute it was presented to
Reliance Communications Ltd slipped deeper into red in the string of economic gate- ture as well as investing claims, it said. process was guided by “press” with the problems National Sports Day we Abhishek Karnani, Director,
December quarter, posting a consolidated net loss of 14.46 bln ways across the eastern in the development of APSEZ is the largest Grand Jury President Judy we wanted to raise aware- were Free Sports, Free FPJ. And even more de-
rupees as against a loss of 14.20 bln rupees a quarter ago. and western coast of In- rail & road evacuation port developer and oper- John, Global Chief Creative ness about. ‘ School on World Education lighted to hear a gold
The company had posted a 105.98-bln-rupee loss in Oct-Dec dia would establish the infrastructure for seam- ator in India with 12 Officer at Edelman, Toronto. Problems that India Day, and Free Rights on award being given which
2019. Revenue from operations fell 11.7% on quarter to 1.74 company's footprint in less and efficient cargo strategically located Taproot Dentsu Mumbai needs to be freed from. Human Rights Day. is very rare at such award
bln rupees. On a year-on-year basis, revenue fell 33.3%. Maharashtra, the largest movement," it said. ports and terminals rep- and Dentsu Webchutney And problems that will get Similarly, on Children's shows," Santosh Padhi aka
contributor to India's It will strengthen and resenting 24% of the Mumbai were among seven solved once certain sec- Day and National Farmers' Paddy, Chief Creative Offi-
MTNL consolidated net loss widens on GDP," APSEZ said.
This would enable
repair existing infra-
structure and invest in
country's total port ca-
offices whose winning
works helped Dentsu win
tions are provided with
certain facilities for free.
Day, we were Free Child
and Free Farmer respec-
cer & Founder, Taproot
Dentsu said.
quarter to Rs 640 crore in Oct-Dec

Nestle India's Q3 net

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd posted a consolidated net
loss of 6.38 bln rupees for the December quarter, against a
loss of 5.82 bln rupees a quarter ago and 10.65 bln rupees a
year ago, the company said in an exchange filing today. The
Biz optimism for Jan-Mar quarter positive: D&B
rises to Rs 483 crore
topline rose 5.3% on quarter but fell 11.6% on year to 3.6 bln AGENCIES/ Mumbai Singh further said the surge in opti-
rupees. mism is also likely to have been driven
Business optimism has turned positive by rising consumer demand, higher
Varun Beverages consolidated loss AGENCIES
on a year-on-year basis for the ongoing
quarter after witnessing negative
businesses transactions and normalisa-
tion of supply disruptions.
narrows to Rs 19.7 crore in Oct-Dec Mumbai growth throughout 2020, amid rising These factors have led to an increase
Varun Beverages Ltd's consolidated net loss narrowed to consumer demand, higher businesses in demand for passenger vehicles, two-
197.33 mln rupees in Oct-Dec from 593.12 mln rupees a year FMCG major Nestle India transactions and normalisation of sup- wheelers and retail sales, all-time high
ago. In Jul-Sep, the company had reported net profit of 1.53 today reported a net profit ply disruptions, according to a survey. GST revenue collection in December
bln rupees. Revenue from operations--net of excise duty--for of Rs 483 crore in the Octo- The Dun & Bradstreet Composite Busi- 2020, and the highest e-way bills collec-
the quarter rose 9.1% on year to 13.31 bln rupees, but fell ber to December quarter ness Optimism Index stood at 79.9 for the tion (a receipt required for inter- and in-
26.2% sequentially. due to strong domestic first quarter of 2021, registering an in- "The survey data indicates a positive tra-state transport) in over two-and-a-
sales growth that was crease of 26.8% as compared to the year- upturn in GDP growth during January- half years, he said.
Jain Irrigation consol loss narrows broad-based and largely
driven by volume and mix. ly demonstrated the unwa-
ago quarter. Five out of six optimism in-
dices have registered an increase as com-
March 2021. The latest Index reflects the
optimism generated from green shoots
Dun & Bradstreet's commerce disrup-
tion tracker also shows less disruption
YoY to 1.2 bln rupees in Oct-Dec Nearly two-thirds of its vering commitment to stay pared to the first quarter of 2020. of economic recovery and the deploy- to business activity, with data for De-
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd's consolidated net loss in the key products were boosted the course on our purpose The latest survey was carried out in ment of COVID-19 vaccines from Janu- cember 4, 2020, indicating only 41% of
December quarter narrowed to 1.19 bln rupees from 2.79 bln by in-home consumption and values," said Suresh December and covered 350 chief execu- ary 2021," said Dun & Bradstreet Global businesses were still disrupted, com-
rupees a year ago, and 1.69 bln rupees in Jul-Sep. Revenue and posted double-digit Narayanan, Chairman and tive officers and managing directors. Chief Economist Arun Singh. pared with 90% in mid-July 2020.
during the quarter rose 9.9% on year and 12.6% sequentially growth, the company said. Managing Director.

Credit Suisse upgrades India markets L&T Finance

to 14.28 bln rupees. In Q3 FY20, it had a net "Our employees, partners,
profit of Rs 473 crore. suppliers, stakeholders in-
GE T&D India posts Rs 56 crore net The sale of products to-
talled Rs 3,417 crore in Q3
deed our entire ecosystem
went beyond the call of raises Rs3K cr
profit in Q3 versus loss year ago
via rights issue
FY21 as compared to Rs duty and made extraordi- NEW DELHI: Credit Su- passed. China has limited po-
GE T&D India Ltd posted a net profit of 559.2 mln rupees in 3,131 crore in the year-ago nary efforts in an excep- isse has upgraded India and tential for future GDP gains,
Oct-Dec, compared with a 377.3-mln-rupee loss a year ago. In period. tionally challenging year," Australia from Market negative EPS momentum
Jul-Sep, the company had reported net profit of 86.1 mln E-commerce grew by he said in a statement. Weight to Overweight while relative to the region, late-cy- MUMBAI: L&T Finance
rupees. Revenue from operations for the quarter rose 10% on 111% and now contributes The board of directors downgrading China and cle valuations and the re- Holdings (LTFH) said it has
year and 18.8% sequentially to 10.34 bln rupees. 3.7% of domestic sales, the has recommended a final Thailand stock markets. gion's biggest potential pay- closed its rights issue and has
company said adding de- dividend of Rs 65 per equi- "The upgrades reflect our back from pandemic related raised over Rs 2,998 crore.
Neogen Chemicals consolidated PAT mand in out-of-home chan-
nels continues to improve
ty share amounting to Rs
627 crore for the year 2020.
expectation that economic
and earnings recoveries are ther," Credit Suisse said
current account windfalls.
We also cut Thailand from
LTFH has closed its rights
issue to raise Rs 2,998.61
rises 4% on year to Rs 8.5 crore but still impacted by Covid- The total dividend for 2020 just starting their most rapid about India and Australia. Overweight to Market crore. The rights issue was
Neogen Chemicals Ltd's consolidated net profit for the 19 pandemic. aggregates to Rs 200 per eq- phases for the two markets. "We downgrade China from Weight for the opposite rea- oversubscribed by
December quarter rose 3.9% on-year to 85.12 mln rupees. Innovation and renova- uity share which includes EPS momentum for the two Overweight to Market son Â- that the most exciting approximately 15%, it said.
Revenue from operations rose 3.5% to 851.79 mln rupees. tion pipeline continues to one interim dividend of Rs are among the region's best, Weight in an APAC portfolio phase of its recovery lies too The non-banking finance
Sequentially, the net profit rose 15.4% and revenue was up be a thrust area, it added. 135 per equity share paid on and the pandemic is no because the most exciting pe- far in the future in 1H22," company is present in
3.9%. The company's other income rose to 348,000 rupees "The year gone by has tru- November 20 last year. longer a major factor for ei- riod of its recovery has Credit Suisse said. businesses, including rural
from 184,000 rupees a year ago. finance, housing finance,

Defer Net neutrality, demand telcos Axis Bank, United India

infrastructure finance and
Prabhat Dairy consolidated net investment management.
The allotment of shares
profit down 14% YoY, sales fall 54% will take place next week on
Prabhat Dairy Ltd's consolidated net profit for the December
quarter fell 14.2% on year to 87.85 mln rupees, the company
said in an exchange filing today. Revenue from operations for
NEW DELHI: Industry
body COAI has urged the
government to bring over-
settle cases with Sebi no new licensing conditions,
including that of traffic man-
agement practices for net
the same day, the company
said, adding the shares will
be listed on BSE and NSE on
the quarter slumped 54.2% to 923.56 mln rupees. the-top (OTT) service neutrality etc., should be im- NEW DELHI: Axis Bank An investigation by Sebi or by February 26.
Sequentially, the net profit fell 5.7%, while revenue rose 5.1%. providers like WhatsApp, posed on TSPs," Cellular Op- and its promoter United In- found that during October "We are delighted that our
Google Duo etc under li- erators Association of India dia Insurance Company 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018 rights issue was
Andhra Sugars consolidated net profit censing regime and defer
net neutrality rules on tele-
(COAI) said.
Telecom operators have
have settled with regulator
Sebi cases of alleged disclo-
period, the value of trades
by United India Insurance
oversubscribed and we are
thankful to our investors for
falls 23% on year, sales down 4.4% com operators till the time been demanding that the sure lapses and have paid Company in the securities their support.
Andhra Sugars Ltd's consolidated net profit fell 22.6% on year 'same service same rules' government should impose more than Rs 51.5 lakh as of Axis Bank on each trad- "The response reflects the
for the December quarter, to 251.11 mln rupees. Revenue from are applied on the apps. messaging apps till the time 'same service, same rules' to total settlement amount. ing day was more than Rs 10 faith in the resilience of our
operations was down 4.4% at 3.56 bln rupees. Sequentially, COAI, whose members in- clarity emerges in the inter- provide a level playing field The matter pertained to lakh. business model which
the net profit fell 23.7% and revenue was down 8.8%. clude Reliance Jio, Bharti national jurisdictions. in the sector. alleged lapses in disclo- The promoter was re- along with our AAA credit
Airtel, Vodafone Idea etc, "Till the time any decision The net neutrality princi- sures with respect to quired to make disclosures rating, and the strong
BGR Energy posts loss of Rs 78 crore wrote to the telecom depart-
ment on February 9 in re-
is taken regarding licensing
of OTT communication
ples, approved by the tele-
com department in 2018,
change in promoter's share-
holding in the private
about such transactions to
the private lender within
backing of our parent, gives
us the confidence of
in October-December period sponse to the recommenda- providers, the un-equitabili- prohibit service providers lender. The entities were al- two working days as re- continuing on our path of
BGR Energy Systems Ltd posted a consolidated net loss of tion of the Telecom Regula- ty between TSPs (telecom from discriminating leged to have violated Pro- quired under PIT norms. creating a stable and
782.2 mln rupees for the December quarter, as against a net tory Authority of India service providers) and OTTs against internet content hibition of Insider Trading In five instances, the said sustainable organisation for
profit of 271.2 mln rupees a year ago. The loss narrowed from (Trai) on OTT players that should not be increased fur- and services by blocking, (PIT) norms, as per two sep- disclosures were made by all our stakeholders,"
the 1.51-bln rupees loss posted in Jul-Sep. no regulations should be ther in any manner. throttling or according pref- arate settlement orders United India to the lender Dinanath Dubhashi, MD &
imposed on the calling and "Therefore, till such time, erential higher speeds. passed on Monday. with a delay of 10-17 days. CEO of LTFH, said.
VA Tech Wabag Oct-Dec consolidated
PAT rises 36% YoY to Rs 41.7 crore
VA Tech Wabag Ltd's consolidated net profit for the December
quarter jumped 35.7% on-year to 417.8 mln rupees. Revenue
Blue economy: Favourable policy Indian ad spends to rise
measures offer long-term growth 23% in 2021: GroupM
from operations rose 17.2% to 7.96 bln rupees. Sequentially,
the net profit rose over twofold and revenue rose 30.9%.

Sandhar Tech consolidated net profit TEJI MANDI fishing harbors. To start with, 5 major AGENCIES
doubles to Rs 29 crore in third quarter fishing harbors – Kochi, Chennai, Mumbai India's rank
Sandhar Technologies Ltd's consolidated net profit for the
December quarter doubled on year to 292.41 mln rupees, and
According to the world bank, Blue Economy
is the sustainable use of ocean resources for
Visakhapatnam, Paradip, and Petuaghat –
will be developed as hubs of economic Advertising spends across
� slipped by one
notch to being tenth
revenue rose 23.5% to 5.93 bln rupees. Sequentially, the net economic growth. It involves improving the activity. These centers will be upgraded and media platforms in India
profit rose 50.8% and revenue was up 18.8%. livelihoods while preserving the health of modernized with state-of-the-art will grow by 23.5% in 2021 in overall ad spends
the ocean ecosystem. infrastructure and amenities. Substantial to Rs 80,123 crore in 2021 af- and the growth in
Clariant Chem net profit rises 23% on It covers a wide range of interlinked
established and emerging sectors like
investment to be made in the end-to-end
supply chain, seamless cold chain, and
ter a sharp 21.5% decline in
the pandemic-hit 2020, a me- 2021 will help it
year to Rs 13 crore in third quarter fisheries, material goods (hydrocarbons, hygienic handling. It will enhance the dia buying agency estimat- regain the ninth spot
Clariant Chemicals net profit for the December quarter rose minerals, and sand and gravel), services quality of fish and export competitiveness. ed on Tuesday.
22.6% on year to 132 mln rupees. Revenue from operations (shipping, ports, shipbuilding, tourism), and Further, there is also a plan of developing Terming the estimates as
for the quarter rose 7.3% to 2.02 bln rupees. Sequentially, the renewable energy (wind, wave, tidal, inland fishing harbors along the banks of "not optimistic, but realis- have incremental spending
net profit fell 93.1%, while revenue rose 11.8%. thermal and biomass). rivers and waterways. This is a welcome tic", GroupM South Asia's happening on television, it
announcement as fishing harbors are central chief executive Prasanth said, adding that print me-
Dredging Corp posts Rs 25 crore loss Importance for India :
The Indian Ocean Region is abundant with
to the growth of the Blue Economy. They are
also closely linked to the social-economic
Kumar pointed out that
they will still be lower as
dia will also hold its 16%
share of the overall pie in
in third quarter versus PAT year ago resources. It is particularly rich in areas of had exported 13, 92,559 MT of seafood development of fishermen and coastal compared to the nearly Rs 2021, he said.
Dredging Corp of India Ltd reported a net loss of 256.07 mln fisheries, aquaculture, ocean energy, sea- worth USD 6,728.50 million. communities. 83,000 crore achieved in In India, digital will have
rupees in Oct-Dec from a profit of 313.6 mln rupees a year bed mining, and minerals. Frozen shrimp remained the major export 2019. a 40% share in incremental
ago. Revenue from operations jumped 27.9% to 2.59 bln It provides tremendous economic item in terms of quantity and value followed Beyond fisheries : Weeks before the an- ad spends as against the
rupees. The company's other income fell to 5.52 mln rupees opportunities to develop marine tourism and by frozen fish. The USA and China have Finance Minister has further announced to nouncement of the pan- 90% levels seen globally, it
from 10.14 mln rupees a year ago. shipping activities. emerged as the major importers of India's set up a multipurpose seaweed Park in Tamil demic, the agency had esti- said.
Among these, fisheries and minerals seafood. This sector has demonstrated an Nadu with an investment of Rs 100 crore. It mated a 10.7% growth in ad TV's share will slip mar-
Take Solutions consolidated net loss activities are growing fast.
It is necessary for India to tap the
impressive annual growth of 10.87% since
2014-15. It reached a record fish production of
provides enormous scope for developing
indigenous seaweed-based industries like
spends for 2020 to Rs 91,641
ginally in the ad spends on
the back of an 18% growth,
narrows QoQ to Rs 25 crore in Oct-Dec enormous potential of the ocean-based Blue 142 lakh tons in FY 2019-20. And, provides value-added products, nutraceuticals, India's rank slipped by but the medium will contin-
Take Solutions Ltd posted a consolidated net loss of 254.54 Economy. As per a Niti Aayog report, it has livelihood to over 2.8 crore people in India. biofuels, bioplastics, etc. Moreover, this has one notch to being tenth in ue to be at the numero uno
mln rupees in Oct-Dec, as against a net loss of 1.16 bln rupees acted as a catalyst for the development of the potential to provide livelihood to at least the overall ad spends across spot with a 45% share, it
a quarter ago. In Oct-Dec of 2019, the company had reported the number of industries, both on land and Budgetary provisions: 1.5 crore people. Coastal fisherwomen have the world and the hand- said, adding a 28% growth
a net profit of 504.38 mln rupees. Revenue from operations for at sea. And, it can serve as a growth Recognizing the potential of fisheries, the been engaged in seaweed collection for the some growth in 2021 will will lead digital mediums to
the quarter jumped 27% to 2.16 bln rupees. catalyst in realizing the vision to become a Indian government has been constantly past few decades. Growing focus on this help it regain the 9th spot, gobble up TV's share.
$10 trillion economy by 2032. increasing its focus on this sector. In line with segment will be beneficial to them. the agency said, adding that When asked about the
Goodyear India October-December net Growing emphasis on fisheries:
this, the finance minister has allocated an
amount of Rs 1220.84 crore in FY 21-22 for Teji Mandi (TM Investment Technologies
from a share in incremental
spends, the country will be
lack of measurement in
certain genres within TV,
up fourfold on year at Rs 49 crore India is emerging as a global player in the the fisheries department. It is the highest ever Pvt. Ltd.) is a SEBI registered investment at the sixth spot. Kumar said the TRPs
Goodyear India Ltd's net profit for the December quarter fisheries sector. It shipped 12,89,651 MT of annual budgetary support for the Department, advisor. No information in this article should Unlike the global experi- played an important role
jumped over fourfold on year to 489.7 mln rupees. Revenue seafood worth USD 6.68 billion during 34% increase over the previous budget. not be construed as investment advice. ence, where digital is gain- and the absence of the data
from operations rose 20.7% to 5.14 bln rupees. Sequentially, 2019-20. The industry managed to grow The Finance Minister also announced a Please visit www.tejimandi.com to know ing ground very fast, the ad presented its own set of
the net profit rose 0.8% and revenue was up 6.9%. despite the covid impact. In 2018-19, India substantial investment to develop modern more. spends in India will also challenges.

Sub-junior women hockey trials on Feb 18
MUMBAI: Hockey Maharashtra will be conducting trial to select the
sub-junior women’s team to participate in the forthcoming 10th
Hockey India Sub Junior Women National Hockey Championship to
be held at Simdega, Jharkhand from March 10 to 18, 2021. The
selection process will be held at the Mumbai Hockey Association
England dance to spin tune
FP NEWS SERVICE India 1st Inn: 329 & 286
Ltd ground, Churchgate on February 18 and 19 (Thursday & Friday) Chennai England 1st: 134 & 2nd
(53-3 overnight )
from 2.00 pm. Registered players born on or after 1st January, 2005

are eligible to participate in the selection trials. Those interested in pinners Axar Patel and D Lawrence st Pant b Ashwin 26

representing Maharashtra are requested to report at the ground by Ravichandran Ashwin J Leach c R Sharma b Patel 0

predictably completed J Root c Rahane b Patel 33

1.30 pm.
the annihilation of clueless B Stokes c Kohli b Ashwin 8

England batsmen, getting O Pope c I Sharma b Patel 12

England, Bangladesh Legends named back India in contention for B Foakes † c Patel b K Yadav 2

MUMBAI: England Legends and Bangladesh Legends will be the the World Test Championship M Ali st Pant b K Yadav 43

two new teams in the 'Unacademy Road Safety World Series T20' final with 317-run win and lev- O Stone lbw b Patel 0

which will be played in Raipur from March 2 to 21, the organisers el series 1-1, on the fourth day S Broad not out 5

said on Tuesday. According to a media release, Australia Legends of the second Test here on Extras: (b-6, lb-1) 7
have pulled out of the event because of the coronavirus-related TOTAL: (54.2 overs) 164
Debutant Patel made full use
travel restrictions in their country and Bangladesh Legends have
FoW: 1-17, 2-49, 3-50, 4-66, 5-90, 6-
of favourable conditions to 110, 7-116, 8-116, 9-126, 10-164
been named as their replacement. England Legends have been bag five-wicket haul, while BOWLING: I Sharma 6-3-13-0, A Patel
included as the sixth team for the tournament. Ashwin finished with a match- 21-5-60-5, R Ashwin 18-5-53-3, M Siraj
haul of eight wickets, not to 3-1-6-0, K Yadav 6.2-1-25-2
Indian team for Delhi WC announced forget his classy hundred with
NEW DELHI: Notwithstanding his subdued outing in national the bat.
They demolished England "My job is to manage
selection trials, Commonwealth Games gold medallist Anish
for a paltry 164 on the fourth
Bhanwala was on Tuesday picked in Indian men's 25m rapid-fire day in pursuit of an impossi-
the squad of players
team for the ISSF World Cup in Delhi owing to his better prospects ble target of 482, giving India that we have here,
of securing an Olympic quota. All the country's top shooters, their biggest win over the grit, got into the game and with conditions like these and Dan Lawrence (26 off 53 balls) and Ashwin kept a tight leash and trying to do that
including the 15 Tokyo Olympics quota holders, are going to tourists in terms of runs. scored 600 runs in the game," we have to learn from this and off Ashwin. on him. to the best of my
participate in the mega event, scheduled to be held at the Dr Karni India have now risen to sec- an ecstatic Kohli said in the find a way to score runs," said Ashwin flighted one to entice Coming round the wicket, ability. I think we've
Singh Shooting Range from March 18-29. ond in the WTC standings and post-match presentation. Kohli's opposite number Joe Lawrence out of the crease and Ashwin got one to turn away as
need to at least win one more While critics, mostly from Root. the ball turned and travelled Stokes, with a forward defen- got some wonderful
players and a squad of
Pique named in Barca squad for CL and draw another in the four-
match series to make the cut
the English side, had panned
the pitch but two hundreds
The Indian team currently is
so strong that it could afford to
between the batsman's legs.
Pant was unsighted for the
sive prod, tried to keep the ball
down. players that is more
BARCELONA: Gerard Pique has been included in the Barcelona for the final in June. and three fifties by the home rest its best pacer Jasprit Bum- better part as he moved down But all he managed was an in-
squad for the Champions League tie against Paris Saint-Germain
than capable of
After a crushing 227-run de- team batsmen showed that it rah, miss out its premier all- the leg and maintaining his bal- side edge onto the pads and
after recovering from a knee injury. Ronald Koeman has named the feat in the first Test, Virat was all about understanding of rounder Ravindra jadeja but ance, collected it to effect a Kohli, who had placed himself
winning here," Root
Spanish defender in his squad for the first leg of the last-16 clash Kohli couldn't have imagined a conditions and brilliant appli- yet make a telling statement, smart stumping that would at wide second slip, gleefully said at the post-match
with the French champions. Pique was out of action with a cruciate better comeback going into the cation from the likes of Rohit nullifying any advantage that make even Wriddhiman Saha caught the loopy gift. press conference.
knee ligament issue since November, but he was able to return to crucial Day/Night Test in Sharma, Ashwin, Kohli, England team might have pos- and all his ardent fans very Root, as he waged a lonely
training with the first team at the start of the week. Ahmedabad in just over a Rishabh Pant and debutant Pa- sessed. happy. battle, got a reprieve when his
week's time. tel. Opener Rohit should come in Ben Stokes (8 off 51 balls) has reverse sweep off Kuldeep Ya-
"The conditions were From the visitors' own for special mention consider- been famous pulling off Houdi- dav, while batting on 32, was
Greenwood signs contract with Man U challenging for both ranks, No.9 Moeen Ali went on ing the start that India needed ni acts but on Tuesday, no such dropped by Mohammed Siraj
MANCHESTER: Manchester United on Tuesday announced that sides, but we showed a six-hitting spree in his 18-ball after first Test disaster. Rohit magic was in store against two stationed at deep point.
Mason Greenwood has signed a new contract which will keep him more application 43 to show the ones above him set the tone and then it was a top-quality slow bowling opera- Fittingly it was another
at the club until June 2025, with the option to extend for a further with the bat. We did- in the order, how it is done on a Test match that Ashwin will re- tors. Stokes, for close to an smart Pant stumping off
year. Greenwood is a product of the club's famed academy and has n't panic out there dust bowl. member forever. hour, scratched around for Kuldeep that brought
been at Manchester United since the age of seven. The 19-year- looking at the "Credit to India, they out- Young Rishabh Pant, whose eight runs as both curtains down on a
turn and played us in all three depart- glovework at times invites un- Axar highly satisfactory
old, who is United's youngest-ever goalscorer in European
bounce, we ments. It has been an educa- necessary scrutiny, pulled off a outing for Kohli
competition, has already made 82 appearances for the club. showed tion for us, you could come up lovely stumping to get rid of and company.

China, Japan to skip ISSF World Cup

NEW DELHI: Shooting powerhouses China and Japan are among a host "As much as people were "If you looked at our second
of countries skipping the ISSF World Cup in New Delhi, scheduled from
March 18-29. Some of the countries which have not sent in their entries
predicting things from the outside, innings, we got 300 as well. It
for the tournament include the likes of China, Japan, Germany, Russia, I thought the balls that was doing wasn't unfair if the toss went
Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait and Malaysia, the National Rifle much wasn't getting wickets. It either way. Both teams should be
Association of India (NRAI) said in a release on Tuesday. was the mind of the batsmen that in the game from the first session -
FC Goa look to end run of draws got us wickets," Ashwin said Virat Kohlii
MARGAO: A run of six consecutive draws have led to FC Goa going
from favourites to finish third behind Mumbai City and ATK Mohun
Bagan to fighting for a spot in the top four in the Indian Super League
(ISL). They take on Odisha FC at the Fatorda Stadium here on
Wednesday and will be vying to break that unwanted streak. Goa
Bumrah doubtful for white ball Test India in 2nd
spot in WTC Bairstow, Wood for Pink
ball Ahmedabad Test
currently lie in fourth, level on points with fourth-placed Hyderabad and KUSHAN SARKAR is simple. The
only two points adrift of Bengaluru FC in sixth. They have three games
left to play in the league stage and the match against bottom-placed
New Delhi five T20 Interna-
tionals and three
Odisha FC could be their best chance to take three points. India's senior speedster ODIs against PTI / Chennai
Jasprit Bumrah is likely to England will be PRESS TRUST OF INDIA workload of the players.
Indian eves to face Serbia in friendlies be rested for the eight white
ball matches against Eng-
the last chance
for Indian team
The resounding 317-run win
over England in the second
Bairstow was given rest
after the two-Test series
NEW DELHI: The Indian women's team is all set to kick-off its land as part of the team's ex- management to Test here on Tuesday pro- England on Tuesday against Sri Lanka, where
preparations for the 2022 AFC Women's Asian Cup with three tensive workload manage- have a look at all pelled India to second in the brought in wicket-keeper he had scores of 47, 35 not
international friendly matches in Alanya, Turkey where in the first of ment programme. potential players World Test Championship Jonny Bairstow and pacer out, 28 and 29.
these three matches, it will square-off against Serbia on The matches are scheduled going into this standings issued by the ICC. Mark Wood to their squad Wood was also given a
Wednesday. Coached by Maymol Rocky, the team has had a two- in March. year's World After the series-levelling for the day/night Test break after the series in the
month training camp in Goa, before setting sail for Turkey, where Bumrah was rested for the Cup. win at Chepuak, India have against India, starting Feb- island nation where he
midfielder Sangita Basfore will be leading the side. second Test at Chepauk, keeping a gruelling season in "Bhuvneshwar Kumar 69.7 percentage of points ruary 24 in Ahmedabad. went wicket-less in the first
which India won by 317 runs mind. might make a comeback and (PCT) and 460 aggregate England lost the second Test and took three wickets
to level the four-match series "Jassi has already bowled Mohammed Shami after a points, behind New Zealand Test here on Tuesday by 317 in the second.
AIFF show-causes FC Goa captain Bedia 1-1. close to 180 overs, including break will play a few white who have already qualified runs as India drew level in "Moeen Ali will return to
MARGAO: FC Goa captain Edu Bedia was on Tuesday show- However, Bumrah will be nearly 150 overs (149.4 overs) ball games. Nattu (T Natara- for the WTC final to be held the four-match series. England for a break while
caused by the All India Football Federation's (AIFF) Disciplinary back in action for the upcom- in four Test matches (till first jan) and Saini will also come at the Lord's June. The selectors also decided Jonny Bairstow and Mark
Committee for an allegedly violent foul on an opponent during his ing two high-stakes Test Test versus England) since back in the white ball teams. New Zealand have 70.0 PCT to send spin all-rounder Wood join the squad having
side's Indian Super League match against Chennaiyin FC last matches in Ahmedabad, the start of Australian tour. As far as Jassi is concerned, and 420 points. Moeen Ali, who played in been rested for the first two
week. The incident occurred during the injury time of the match on which will decide New "Add to that, the number of he can well get ready playing India, who had lost the first the second game, back to Tests," the England and
Zealand's opposition in the hours spent on the field. It is 14 to 16 high intensity IPL Test by 227 runs at the same England as part of their ro- Wales Cricket Board (ECB)
February 13 at Bambolim, which ended in a 3-3 draw.
inaugural World Test Cham- only logical that after these games for Mumbai Indians," venue, need to win the one tation policy to manage said in a statement.
pionship final. two Tests in Motera, where the source said. more and at least drawn anoth-
KXIP to be renamed Punjab Kings It is almost certain that the he will have a big role to play, Ravichandran Ashwin had er to make it to the WTC final. England squad for Third Test
NEW DELHI: Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Kings XI Indian think-tank (head he should be given rest for a good IPL 2020 for Delhi Cap- They were fourth on the
Punjab has been renamed to Punjab Kings, co-owner of the coach Ravi Shastri, skipper white ball leg," a senior BCCI itals and it will be interesting table before Tuesday's result. Joe Root (C), James Anderson, Jofra Archer, Jonny
franchise, Mohit Burman has confirmed. Burman has also said Virat Kohli and bowling official, privy to the develop- to see if the senior off-spin- Virat Kohli's men are cur- Bairstow, Dominic Bess, Stuart Broad, Rory Burns,
that the franchise will unveil a new logo on Wednesday ahead of coach Bharath Arun) along ments, told PTI on condition ner has a Rahul Dravid-like rently playing in their sixth Zak Crawley, Ben Foakes, Dan Lawrence, Jack
with the trainers and physios of anonymity. comeback (2011 England se- series of the WTC cycle, hav- Leach, Ollie Pope, Dom Sibley, Ben Stokes, Olly
the upcoming mini-auction slated to be held in Chennai on
would take a final call on The logic behind resting ries) in the white ball games ing won 10 matches, lost four Stone, Chris Woakes, Mark Wood.
Thursday. resting the pace spearhead, Bumrah for the white ball leg against England. and drawn one.

Anju Devi Sports Academy Christian Eminent in final School, Khajrana recently. Guruvachan Singh and
Jiya Joshi were adjudged best players of the Hockey Indore win by 7 goal the first authorised sub junior ranking badminton
event after the corona period. Singles and
excels in foundation day events INDORE : The semi-final match of the MYCC A Grade
Cricket event organised by MYCC under the aegis of
tournament. Prizes were given away by MLA
Mahendra Hardia, Mahesh Joshi, Pranav Mandal,
INDORE : Hockey Indore defeated Hockey Shivpuri
ASO by seven goal in the senior state men’s hockey
doubles match of boys and girls will be played in
tUnder-11, 13 and 15 categories. Winners will be
INDORE: The foundation day of Anju Devi Sports IDCA was played between Christian Eminent and CCI at Neha Sharma, Rajeshwari Sharma, Nausad Patel awarded with certificates and attractive prizes.
Academy was celebrated at JJ Public School Khandwa NDPS ground. CCI batted first and scored 198 runs in 47 and Suryadutt Joshi. The programme was conducted Shuttlers may contact Vikas Soni for their
overs. Nitesh Lashkari contributed a brilliant 109 runs. by Hemant Joshi. participation till February 18.
Shubham Gunjal and Faiz Qureshi took three wickets
each. In response, Eminent entered into the final after T20 B-grade Moira Trophy cricket MP powerlifting
winning the match by seven wickets. Eminent scored 202
runs for the loss of three wickets in 41 overs. Shubham Trimurti and Index Academy in next round team announced
Gunjal contributed 65 runs while performing double, Aftab INDORE: In the T20 B-grade Moira Trophy cricket INDORE: The 46th Senior National (male and female)
Sheikh contributed 36 runs and Prathamesh Sharma tournament being organised in memory of former powerlifting championship will be held at Sugun
contributed 44 runs. The final match will be played Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpayee, Trimurti Club Auditorium, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) from February
between Christian Eminent and NDPS. and Index Academy entered the next round with 17 to 21, in which the Madhya Pradesh powerlifting
impressive victory in their respective matches on team will also participate. The state team comprises of
Indore win roll ball Tuesday. The match is being played at Nehru championship being played at Itarsi on Tuesday. For eight men, three women and one national referee will
Indore, Prateek Bhawsar and Mayur Talodia scored
tournament titles Stadium. On Tuesday, ICC Club batted first and
scored 103 runs in 20 overs with the help of two goals each, while Ajay Gehlot, Nitish Gaur,
represent MP.
The team members are: Men - G Dhurv Raj Kure (59
Akshat’s 22 runs. Himanshu Saini took three Gurupreet Singh made one goal each. kg, Bhopal), Dr. Dhurve Naik (66 kg,Ujjain), G
wickets. Shailendra Sevatiya (74 kg, Chhindwara), G Bhavesh
Road on Tuesday. Many events were organised to In reply, Trimurti Club achieved the target in 18 District sub jr ranking Barve (83 kg, Indore), G Vishal Gadge (83 kg, Indore),
mark the occasion. In football match, Anju Devi Sports overs. Himanshu scored 25 runs and won the
‘man of the match’ award for his all-round
badminton at Devi Ahilya G Chandan Singh Chaudhary (93 kg, Indore), G Ankit
Chauhan (120 kg, Indore), G Apoorva Dubey (120+
Academy beat JJ Public School 2-0. Dev Tetwal and
Saman Shukla scored one each goal for the winning performance. In the second match, Index
Academy put up 183 runs on the scoreboard in
Badminton Academy kg, Indore).
Women- G Sargam Chauhan (57 kg, Indore), G Pooja
team. In the chess competition, Rita Rajani emerged INDORE: Badminton competitions that were on
first, Suhani Patidar second and Ishika Shardia 20 overs. Shubham Rajauria scored 53 runs and Kumari (57 kg, Indore), G Isha Singh (72 kg, Morena).
hold in the city due to corona will start again. The Referee- Avinash Dubey (Katni). All the powerlifters
secured the third position. In basketball, JJPS Sandeep Gupta 54.
first district sub junior ranking badminton event of and officers, chairman of Madhya Pradesh Olympic
defeated Anju Devi Sports Academy. The winners were In reply, RS XI were all out for 80 runs. Man of
Indore District Badminton Association will be held Association, Ramesh Mendola, Ramesh Dave, KM R
rewarded by academician Kailash Sharma and school the match Anjan Haldhar took four wickets. During
at Devi Ahilya Badminton Academy, RR CAT Tiwari, W Lal, U P Singh, Sharif Khan, Ajay Jaiswal,
director Anil Fatehchandani. Organising secretary the match, Ratnesh Mendola, Deepak Rajaura,
Road from February 20 to 23. District Badminton Dinesh Thakur and Gunjan Srivastav congratulated
Ritesh Fatehchandani was also present on the Deepak Kardam got acquainted with the players.
INDORE: Indore boys and girls have won titles of Association secretary Kamal Kasturi and team members. The above information was given by
occasion. Specially talented players were also Amit Melane, Rakesh Sirasia, Bhushan Verma
state-level roll ball tournament organised at Govt HS competition secretary Vikas Soni said that this is the state media incharge Yogendra Hardia.
honoured on the occasion. and Sachin Savner were present on the occasion.
Bug in SHAREit Android app can get your data hacked
New Delhi: A bug in Android file sharing app SHAREit which has been the most downloaded applications in 2019, which means millions of Indian
downloaded over 1 billion times in Google Play Store contains several users may also be at data leaking risk. “We discovered several vulnerabilities
unpatched vulnerabilities that can be abused by hackers to leak sensitive in the application named SHAREit. The vulnerabilities can be abused to leak

data of its users. The bugs can be exploited to run malicious code on a user's sensitive data and execute arbitrary code with SHAREit permissions
smartphones where the SHAREit app is installed, according to a new report by using a malicious code or app,” said Echo Duan, a security researcher
by cyber security firm Trend Micro. Now banned in India, SHAREit was one of with Trend Micro. –IANS


Think twice before spanking your kids

Amazing Ayurveda
Shwetpradarantak can cut headache risk.
Rajj Churn This formulation is effec-
tive against brain related
Key property: This problems. This powder can
ayurvedic formation can also help you sleep better.
help control white dis- Ingredients: Shank- According to a study, smacking children is as bad as physical and emotional abuse, and it ups the risk of trauma later in life
charge in women. It pushpi (Morning
can provide relief Glory), sweet flag, FROM OUR BUREAU problems, parental sub- ences and spanking, at lished in the Journal of
in back pain. It brahmi patti (Indi- New Delhi stance use, parental in- age 3. Paediatrics.
also promotes an Pennywort), carceration, and ACEs and spanking at 3 For decades, parents

weight gain. jatamansi (Nardus panking is just as parental death—have years were unique risk have debated discipli-
Ingredients: White root), kutmeetha, bad as adverse ex- statistically indistin- factors for increased ex- nary methods for chil-
kohl and rose water. ashwagandha and periences like guishable effects on ex- ternalizing problems at 5 dren who misbehave.
Quantity: 1 to 2 grams. It paathavidhara. abuse, neglect, and fami- ternalizing behaviour years, the study shows. Those who support
can be taken with rock sug- Quantity: 2 to 3 grams. It ly dysfunction for in- problems in early child- Results support calls to spanking believe their
ar or rice water. Or as per can be taken with milk or creasing risk for future hood. consider physical pun- children won’t suffer
directed by the physician. as per directed by the trauma in children’s Researchers analysed ishment as a form of lasting negative effects.
physician. lives, a new study shows. responses from 2,380 ACE. Spanking opponents,
Smriti Amrit Churn (To know more about Shri Mohta The study provides evi-
dence that spanking and
families in the Fragile
Families and Child Well-
“This suggests that the
detrimental effects of
including paediatric and
psychology organisa-
Ayurvedic Rasayanshala,
Key property: It helps boost call: 0151-2523227/ or reach at adverse childhood expe- being Study. Mothers re- spanking and ACEs on tions, say non-violent
memory. It's consumption mohtarasayanshala riences, or ACEs—which ported outcomes of ex- children are likely to be discipline is the better
include measures of ternalizing and internal- similar,” says Julie Ma, practice based on many
Disclaimer: The description of the above-mentioned physical and emotional izing child behaviour assistant professor of so- studies that have shown
products is an excerpt from a booklet, Sankshipt abuse, neglect, intimate problems at age 5; and cial work at the Universi- that spanking is likely to
Aushad Parichay Patrak. Please consult your doctor/ or partner violence, the main predictors, ad- ty of Michigan and lead worsen children’s
contact the clinic before taking them. parental mental health verse childhood experi- author of the paper, pub- behaviour problems.

Sleep for at
least 6 hrs Heavy metal pollution dips in Most Indian firms to turn to AI
for decision-making by 2023
to remain
productive: Ganga water, thanks to pandemic AGENCIES / New Delhi AIOps will become the
new normal for IT opera-
and AI, IDC India.
By 2026, 20 per cent of all AI

Says Musk O
AGENCIES / New Delhi ver 40 per cent of con- tions, with at least 40 per solutions will be closer to AGI
sumer-focused AI sys- cent of large enterprises (artificial general intelligence) -

new study by a team tems in finance, adopting AIOps solutions leveraging neuro-symbolic
of scientists from the healthcare, government and for automating major IT sys- techniques that combine deep
Indian Institute of other regulated sectors in In- tem and service manage- learning with symbolic meth-
Technology (IIT) Kanpur dia will include provisions ment processes by the same ods to create robust humanlike
shows a significant reduc- to explain their analysis and time, the IDC predicted. decision making.
tion of heavy metal pollu- decisions by 2023, a new IDC “Businesses are embrac- “By 2024, 50 per cent of en-
tion during the COVID-19 report said on Tuesday. Indi- ing technologies like conver- terprises will run varying
pandemic in the Ganga wa- an organisations are looking sational AI and machine levels of analytic and AI
ter, informed the Ministry of for technology vendors and learning, driven by their models at the edge and 30 per
Science and Technology on integration partners to business objectives of inno- cent of those edge AI appli-
Monday. bridge the talent gap and en- vation, resiliency, and offer- cations will be accelerated
The scientists analysed hance decision-making ing transformative experi- by heterogeneous accelera-
daily geochemical record of capabilities. ences,” said Rishu Sharma, tors,” the report mentioned.
the Ganga river and showed “AI is turning out to be Principal Analyst, Cloud —IANS
that reduced industrial dis- helpful in directing deci-
charge during 51 days of sions on everything from
mandated nationwide lock- bank loans, risk assessment,
down decreased the dis- The research was support- automated customer serv-
solved heavy metal concen-
trations by a minimum of
ed by the Indo-US Science
and Technology Forum
The scientists analysed daily geochemical ice, crop advisory, health-
care, and others,” said Swap-
50 per cent. (IUSSTF), a bilateral organi- record of the Ganga river and showed that nil Shende, Senior Market
In contrast, inputs from sation under the Depart- reduced industrial discharge during 51 days Analyst, IDC India.
agricultural runoff and do- ment of Science and Tech- By 2025, the number of
mestic sewage like nitrate nology (DST), Government of mandated nationwide lockdown data analysts and scientists
and phosphate remained al- of India and US Department decreased the dissolved heavy metal to adopt AutoML for the end-
most the same as these of States. It was published to-end machine learning
sources were not impacted by ‘Environmental Science concentrations by a minimum of 50 per cent. pipeline from data prepara-
by the nationwide confine- and Technology Letters’. tion to model deployment
ment. –ANI will double in the country.

Marijuana legalisation for adults linked

San Francisco: Tesla and
SpaceX CEO Elon Musk in a
podcast disclosed that he
sleeps no more than six
Specific area of brain
hours a night because sleep-
ing less decreases total
In an episode of the pod-
prompts desire to overeat to increased usage in teens
cast ‘The Joe Rogan Experi- AGENCIES / Texas
ence’ Musk confessed that he AGENCIES / New Jersey recreational use: an 18% in- in these normally low-risk

tends to work a lot and even study led by the 10- crease in the likelihood of groups may be attributed to

schedule meetings at one or member team of re- he findings of a recent lifetime use and a 23% in- marijuana use becoming
two in the morning. searchers from the study suggest that crease in past-30-day use. more normative due to legal-
“I tried sleeping less, but University of Texas at El since California's legal- These numbers may reflect isation, along with relatively
then total productivity de- Paso discovered a specific isation of adult recreational greater use of vaping prod- greater overall declines in
creases. I don’t find myself area of the brain tied to rec- marijuana in 2016, adoles- ucts, and the overall increase marijuana use among youth
wanting more sleep than six ollection and the desire to cents living there might be was even more likely among in historically ‘high-risk’
(hours),” he said. seek and consume food. It more likely to use it. those in demographic groups groups during the study
Earlier, Musk said then could lead to a way to Paschall, PhD, a senior re- with historically lower rates period.
that one has to work at least inhibit the desire to overeat. search scientist at the Pre- of marijuana use. The study also indicated
80 hours a week to be suc- Science is a step closer to a vention Research Center of “I was somewhat surprised greater increases in the fre-
cessful. He went even fur- new response to obesity, the Pacific Institute for Re- to see relatively greater in- quency of past-30-day mari-
ther and said that it could be thanks in part to a study con- search and Evaluation in creases in the prevalence of juana use among older ado-
as much as 100 hours if you ducted by a team that in- Berkeley, California says, marijuana use among lescents, males, African
really want to change the cluded Sergio Iniguez, Ph.D., “The apparent increase in grade, sex, ethnicity, race and younger adolescents (7th American and Asian youth
world you live in. associate professor of psy- marijuana use among Cali- lifetime and past-30-day mar- graders) relative to 9th and who were regular users.
“There were times when, chology at The University of fornia adolescents after ijuana use. The marijuana 11th graders, among females There were notable increases
some weeks...I haven’t count- Texas at El Paso. the brain control the link bad cholesterol, and coro- recreational marijuana legal- use question was updated in versus males, among non- in marijuana use frequency
ed exactly, but I would just Iniguez, who directs between the cue (seeing the nary heart disease. isation for adult use in 2016 is the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 Hispanic versus Hispanic among adolescents in 2018-19,
sort of sleep for a few hours, UTEP’s Iniguez Behavioral dessert) and the action “This is a big discovery be- surprising given the steady surveys to include the words youth, and among Whites which may reflect national
work, sleep for a few hours, Neuroscience Lab and (ordering the dessert). cause we now have experi- downward trend in marijua- “smoke, vape, eat, or drink,” versus youth in other racial increases in the use of
work, seven days a week. helped design novel experi- Iniguez and team found mental tools that allow us to na use during years before reflecting the wide variety of groups,” says Paschall. vaping products.
Some of those days must mental techniques for the re- that animal subjects con- turn off neurons while the legalisation.” marijuana products now “In other words, there were The researchers suggest
have been 120 hours or some- search, said that people tend sumed fewer treats when subjects engage in a specific Paschall and his colleagues available. greater increases in marijua- that recreational marijuana
thing nutty,” Musk noted. to overeat when exposed to they regulated that region behaviour,” Iniguez said. analysed data from over The researchers observed na use prevalence after recre- legalisation may present in-
In 2018, Tesla employees cues or environments that of the animal’s brain. “This research shows that three million 7th, 9th, and significant increases in the ational marijuana legalisa- creased opportunities for
told Business Insider that remind them of treats, The techniques and the a specific part of the pre- 11th graders who participat- prevalence of lifetime and tion among youth in ‘low- adolescents to obtain mari-
they would frequently see which is one reason why data eventually could help frontal cortex of the brain is ed in the California Healthy past-30-day marijuana use risk’ groups, which is juana and that the increasing
their boss asleep while people opt for dessert even overcome some issues important for the initial Kids Survey from 2010-2011 among nearly all demograph- concerning.” availability of non-smoking
curled under tables, desks, after a filling meal. linked to obesity such as stages of learning to seek through 2018-2019 school ic groups from 2017-2018 to Paschall says he can only products such as edibles may
and even on the factory floor. The study showed that stroke, Type 2 diabetes, high food.” years. The adolescents pro- 2018-2019 school years, after speculate as to the reason, prove appealing as well.
–IANS neurons in a specific part of blood pressure, high levels of –ANI vided information on their the legalisation of adult but that the greater increases –ANI

Deep cleaning tips and tricks: Beyond the reach of humble broom
AGENCIES / New Delhi Both spaces have a whole you out. Similarly, it is im- with a cleaning solution rust strain remover would
lot of corners, fixtures, and portant to get the right kind that has orange oil. see you through this prob-

ith the change of equipment to be cleaned of cleaning agents, Hot rag or sponge can be lem. However, it is impor-
season, a whole lot with really tough grease solutions, and equipment. microwaved for 20-30 sec- tant to caution against use
of spring cleaning and stains. If you keep them onds or even in dipped in of bleach for removing
is due. In addition to the for the end, you may get Use gloves and home hot water. The heat helps rusts as it will leave stains.
cleaning one regularly tired by the time you get made cleaning solutions to cut the oils in the grease Use stiff nylon brushes to
does, the task of deep around to cleaning them up. You may not be wearing and helps it come out easy. clean toilets and make them
cleaning is humungous. gloves during regular The orange oil is to leave a look sparkling clean.
Here are a few tips from Stick to the basics cleaning, but during deep shiny coating.
experts of a popular home The first round of cleaning cleaning you may end-up Use duct tape on sofa
service provider that can has to be a basic one – dust- using a variety of harsh Use microfibre cloth or and carpets
help you to overcome some ing, wiping, vacuuming, cleaning reagents. There- scrubs for cleaning Yes, duct tape has yet anoth-
of the most difficult clean- washing, etc. Then comes fore, it is advisable to wear Microfibres have dual bene- er use cleaning, especially if
ing challenges, and reach the hard part, scrubbing, gloves and use home made fits. They are good collec- you have pets like dogs and
sports beyond the humble brushing, etc., and there- cleaning solutions. Domes- tors of dust, and are great cats at home. Roll duct tape
broom. after, closing the whole ritu- tic options like vinegar cleaners. Plus, they help in on a sponge or paint roller
al with a final round of and baking soda are high- giving finishing touch to fix- and use its stickiness to re-
Break down the challenge basics. ly effective in removing tures, mirrors, tiles, etc. move pet hair from sofas
Depending on the size of toughest stains by them- They are best used towards and carpets.
the house or the fight in the Arm yourself with the selves and even amplify- the final round of cleaning. However, we caution to
cleaning army, you should right gadgets ing impact of detergents drain, clean oven, ceramic help to remove rust to easy greasing of food use this first on a part of the
break down the cleaning Cleaning everything with and cleaning solution. stove top, stainless steel, stubborn stains. which collects dust over The rust strains in wash mattress and sofa to see if
challenge. Identify the most the floor mop, kitchen Baking soda in combina- and even refrigerator. Sim- time. You would find it rooms the tip is actually working
difficult challenges like duster, or even the utensil tion with vinegar, salt ilarly, lemon is an equally Cut the grease with easy to cut the tough Rusting of sinks, tubs, and on the kind of upholstery
wash rooms and kitchen, scrubber will hardly get the pastes, and other mixes effective cleaning weapon a hot rag grease on cabinets, slabs, toilets leaves some really you have at home.
and take them on first. stains out but surely wear can be used to unclog the in your pantry which can Indian cooking leads to etc, if you use a hot rag hard stains. A good anti- –IANS
Gerard Butler
erard Butler says he enjoyed serving as a producer on the disaster action film Greenland as the stint
allowed him to have control in shaping the film. Butler also starred in the Ric Roman Waugh directorial
wants to produce alongside Deadpool star Morena Baccarin. Greenland, which released last year, follows a family’s fight for
survival in the face of a cataclysmic natural disaster. Though he is known for big-budget studio tentpoles
like Gods of Egypt and Geostorm, Butler said he would like to further lend support to independent films. “I’m a
films to control freak! As an actor, when you’re coming up, you beg for roles, and you’re lucky to get one and then you

suddenly find yourself in a position where movies are being made, because you’re involved.” —PTI
have control

I got to know her importance ‘I am a

once she was evicted... happy
Eijaz Khan made his love for Pavitra Punia Insta official this Valentine’s Day. Cinema Journal
caught up with the actor to talk about his relationship status
LIPIKA VARMA gether. She is amazing. I am happy side Bigg Boss house. At that time, that you have to heal yourself first,
to have her in my life. Love makes we didn’t want to accept a lot of otherwise you end up scarring oth-
Taranveer Singh talks
ike every year, the current the world go round...so don’t get things; mostly I didn’t want to ac- ers. I am now ready for love so
season of Bigg Boss also scared, rise in love,” Eijaz says cept. But, when she was evicted that’s why this amazing person
witnessed love blossom- about his relationship with Pavitra. from the house, I got to know how [Pavitra] walked into my life.” about his journey from being
ing between two contest- Eijaz says he and Pavitra are important she was to me. Indispen- In the previous seasons of Bigg an assistant director to making
ants: Eijaz Khan and Pavitra poles apart, and probably that’s sable, actually. I couldn’t live one Boss, there have been several in-
Punia. But, it wasn’t all rosy from why they fell for each other. “We minute without her. I respect her a stances where two contestants a directorial debut under
the word go for the two. After sev- are polar opposites. She is water lot... I respect her individuality. I have professed their love for each Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s banner
eral fights and disagreements, the and I’m fire... She is genuine, real, learnt how to align my life accord- other inside the house. In some
two eventually developed feelings nice and humble. She is as beauti- ing to her aspirations. And, I want cases the love story progressed
for each other. And, recently Eijaz ful as a rainbow. Her positive qual- to see her happy all the time.” into marriage, while the unlucky
made his relationship with Pavitra ities aren't limited to a few things.” Ask him if he plans to take ones fell apart. Take, for example, AB lovely human beings I have ever come
official by putting up a ‘I love her’ Talking about how he realised things to the next level and tie the Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tan- across! For a new filmmaker like myself,

post on Instagram. his love for her, Eijaz says, “We knot with Pavitra, Eijaz quickly re- don, and Tanisha Mukerji and Ar- s an assistant director Taranveer having a positive experience is important
“We are very much in love and to- went through a lot of emotions in- sponds, “Don’t talk about these maan Kohli from the season seven Singh used to run door to door for in an industry. I also assisted on the film
things. We are in a very happy of the reality show. Both the pair assignments. As an outsider, hus- Karthik Calling Karthik and I must say
space right now. Things will started off as friends and soon fell tling was his way to find a space in Excel Entertainment is a fab place to
happen as and when they are for each other. Even after the show the industry. But that is now his back- work for any young mind. We are always
supposed to.” ended, Gauahar and Kushal were story. Taranveer’s directorial debut, Tues- encouraged to share innovative ideas...
Eijaz has had a rocky personal quite open about their love for days & Fridays, is up for a theatrical release somewhere that gives confidence.
life. He was in a relationship in the each other, while Tanisha and Ar- on February 19. Produced by Sanjay Leela After working with them, you finally
past with actor Anita Hassanan- maan kept it low profile. But as Bhansali, the movie revolves around two decided to write Tuesdays & Fridays?
people, Varun and Sia, and how their seven- No, in between I also hounded Ayan Muk-
week dating plan turns into a twisted love erji and worked as an AD with Dharma
story. The movie marks the debut of Anmol Production. I absolutely loved the film
Thakeria Dhillon, son of veteran actress Wake Up Sid, I can watch the film any-
Poonam Dhillon, and former Miss India, time and many times! Though I did not
Jhataleka Malhotra. It also features Niki know Ayan, I tried to reach out to him
Walia, Zoa Morani, Anuradha Patel, through everyone I knew back then. Then
Parmeet Sethi among others. two of my friends who knew Ayan man-
In a conversation with the Cinema Jour- aged to set up an interview. And, I went to


nal, Taranveer revisits his journey re- meet Ayan with the printout of my CV,
plete with blood, sweat, and tears, and work sample and story ideas...exactly
talks about the sweet fruit of his persever- what we do for any job interview. Now,
ance. Excerpts from the interview: when I look back it sounds stupid. In fact,
As your debut film gears up for release, when I asked Ayan if he needs a hard
what is your frame of mind right now? copy of my CV after our conversation, he
Nervous, anxious and I am feeling exactly smiled and said, ‘no, thanks’. However, he
what I always felt before the result is de- must have seen something worthy in me
clared after the exam. For the world, I am and took me on his next film, Yeh
a debutant film director, but I worked for Jawaani Hai Deewani. In a way, I really
the last 15 years to finally get my debut. hustled to find my space, but I am happy! I
I started in 2007 when I enrolled in think I redefined the word ‘hustle’, I am a
dani, Italian-Canadian singer Na- fate would have it, things didn't film school. happy hustler!
talie Di Luccio, and Niddhi work out for either of them, and That is quite a regular story of every bud- Your film is backed by Sanjay Leela
Kashyap. Sharing his take on rela- the couples ended up parting ways. ding filmmaker who starts their journey Bhansali. Does that put you under
tionship, Eijaz says, “I don’t want Other contestants whose relation- from film school to film set...isn’t it? extra pressure?
to compare my relationship with ship didn’t reach the ‘happy ever Yes, but my journey is about how I bagged There are two things I would love to
any individual. Every individual is after’ were Karishma Tanna and my first job as an assistant director (AD) achieve through this film: I want the audi-
different. I can talk only for my- Upen Patel (season 8), Aarya Bab- with one of my favourite filmmakers. I ence to watch my film and love it; also, I
self. Our parting ways was ‘aapsi bar and Minissha Lamba (season absolutely loved the film, Jaane Tu... Ya want Sanjay sir to feel proud of me. I am a
sahmati se’ taken decision. What I 8) to name a few. Jaane Na, when it released and I was in new director, making a film with
have learnt is I wasn’t ready for These guys might have been un- film school back then. I was a huge new actors and though it is a tiny
those relationships. And, I’m hap- lucky in love, but there are some admirer of Abbas Tyrewala be- film, with the budget we got, I
py they have all moved on and love stories which are still going cause he is one of the finest screen- want to justify that. So, I am look-
found happiness. I wasn’t ready for strong. Last season’s contestants, play writers and storytellers of our ing for a positive result. Having
it because I didn’t love myself, did- actor-model Asim Riaz and singer time. So, after watching that film, I said that, I also know that I got a
n’t respect myself. I wanted to get Himanshi Khurana, are still dat- made up my mind to work with him chance to work with senior actors
validation; I gave my best and ex- ing. In all seasons of Bigg Boss so as an AD and I started almost like Anuradha Patel, Parmeet
pected them to do the same. Any far, there’s only one love which has hounding him; I started mes- Sethi only because I was helm-
relationship needs to have a bal- managed to get a happy ending. saging him and convincing ing the film under SLB Pro-
ance. For instance, I don’t want to Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaud- him how interested and duction; no one knows me
get into a relationship where my hary (Bigg Boss 9), fell in love on passionate I am to work here. Why would a senior
heart skips a beat. I want to be the show and got married in 2018. with him... And, finally, I actor listen to my script?
in a relationship where my And, we hope that Eijaz and Pavit- worked with him in his It has only happened be-
heart is at peace. From my ra’s love story too goes Prince and second film Jhootha Hi cause of the banner. I
past relationships I have learnt Yuvika way! Sahi. He is one of the am thankful!

Cinema Journal EXCLUSIVE! Bollywood Bytes

Shashank Arora, Sharib Khurrana Nushrratt Bharuccha takes over the music scene
Hashmi on Tigmanshu lists perks of
ushrratt Bharuc-
cha’s recent mu-
“Saiyaan Ji is extreme-
ly close to my heart be-
views, we have main-
tained our winning
being an actor
Dhulia’s suspect list! sic video, Saiyaan
Ji, with Yo Yo Honey
ing my first single music
video ever with Honey
streak.” On the work
front, Nushrratt will

ollywood star Ayush- Singh has been making sir. Saiyaan Ji is our next be seen in Hurdang
mann Khurrana is quite some noise ever fourth song together af- opposite Vijay Varma,
currently shooting for since it released. ter Dil Chori, Care Ni Janhit Mein Jaari and
Anek in Shillong, Megha- Nushrratt says featuring Karda and Chote Chote Chhorii for which she
laya, after an outdoor stint in the video has been a Peg and with the song was recently seen
in Kaziranga, Assam. He special journey for her. now crossing 100 million shooting. —CJ Desk
says as an actor he is really
fortunate to visit so many
new places and make new PIC: TWITTER/ NAGARJUNA
memories. “Anek is giving
me the opportunity to ex- Nagarjuna wraps up Brahmastra shoot
plore India and marvel at its

beauty like never before. Af- elugu superstar Nagarjuna has wrapped up his portions for
ter Assam, I’m now at Shil- the upcoming fantasy adventure film Brahmastra, the actor
long. I have incidentally tweeted a slew of pictures from the set on Tuesday while
been here before but I could- sharing the news. In the images, the star is seen posing with co-ac-
n’t explore it like the way I tors Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, and director Ayan Mukerjee.
wanted to. I’m shooting a Brahmastra also has Amitabh Bachchan in the cast and is the first
film at this picturesque part of a sci-fi trilogy. The film is scheduled for release in 3D, IMAX
VINAY MR MISHRA space in Hansal Mehta’s place for the first time in my and standard formats. —IANS
Scam 1992. Not just this, vet- life and I have to admit that

t has been widely re- eran actor Ashish Vidyarthi I been blown away with how PICS: VIRAL BHAYANI
ported that filmmak- will also be seen in promi- picture perfect it is,” Ravi Dubey to headline web
series titled Matysakaand
er Tigmanshui Dhu- nent role in the show. Ayushmann said.
lia is making the “The other cast members “As actors, we are
screen adaptation of primarily comprise of fresh really fortunate

Vikas Swarup’s much ac- faces,” a source said. The to visit so many elevision ac-
claimed novel Six Suspects. shooting for the show will new places and tor Ravi
While Scam 1992: The Har- soon go on floors. But, not make so many Dubey, who
shad Mehta Story fame much is known about the memories,” recently unveiled
Pratik Gandhi and actress characters the actors are be- he added. the trailer of the
Richa Chadha lead the pact ing cast for. Shashank, —IANS new season of his
of suspects, Cinema Journal Ashish and Sharib remained show Jamai 2.0, has
has got exclusive updates on
the other cast members of
unavailable for a comment.
Six Suspects is helmed un-
another ace up his
sleeve. According Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor
the upcoming web series.
According to sources,
der Priti Sinha and Namra-
ta Sinha’s banner Reel Life
to a source, Ravi is
all set to play a lead
go site seeing!
Shashank Arora, who played Entertainment. The show a role in the web se- f reports are to be believed, love birds
Salman Khan’s younger murder mystery is touted ries titled Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor will soon
brother in Bharat, whas been as an “Agatha Christie Matysakaand. Ravi move in together. It is said the couple,
cast as one of the primary meets Elmore Leonard” is currently in who has been dating for three years, is get-
characters. Along with him, drama. The book primarily Jaipur shooting for ting a home built for themselves. On Tues-
Sharib Hashmi, who has be- revolved around murder of the series. The day, Alia and Ranbir were spotted at a con-
come one of OTT favorites, the son of Uttar Pradesh’s source also said struction site in Pali Hill, Mumbai. The
also plays a pivotal role in Home Minister. What hap- that many Bolly- couple was accompanied by veteran actor
the show. Sharib recently an- pens when police find six wood actors had au- Neetu Kapoor, Ranbir’s mother. It is also
nounced he will be a part of strange, displaced charac- ditioned for the said Alia and Ranbir spent the coronavirus
Sidharth Malhotra-starrer ters with a gun in their pos- part, but was eventually bagged by Ravi. The lockdown together. A report by an enter-
Mission Majnu. Interestingly, session, and each of them show will also feature actors Piyush Mishra tainment portal claimed that Alia bought
the project will mark the re- with a reason to kill the and Ravi Kishan! a place in Ranbir’s building for whopping
union of Sharib and Pratik, man, forms the crux of —CJ Desk Rs 32 crore. —CJ Desk
who earlier shared screen the plot.
REGD. NO. INDORE MP/ICD 216/2018-2020 RNI NO. 38281/83

There is no secret to
success. It is the result of
❝ preparation, hard work,
and learning from failure.

As bus skids, plunges into canal

���������������������������������� Kiran
F orty-seven people, including 24 around 4.30 in the morning from the Bedi
men, 21 women and two young Sidhi bus stand. The driver had
children, drowned in Bansagar heard there was a traffic jam on the
canal when a packed bus heading highway at Chuhia Ghat and he
towards Satna from Sidhi district
skidded off the road and fell into it
on Tuesday morning. The accident
took a short cut. He drove down a
narrow road constructed along the
canal, which is part of the
K iran Bedi has
been removed as
the Lieutenant Gover-
took place near Sharda Patna vil- Bansagar project. Somewhere along nor of Puducherry, the
lage, under Rampur Nanki police the road, the driver lost control of
station, around 7.30 am. Around 55 his vehicle and the bus fell into the
people had crowded into the 35- entrance exam of ANM in Satna, water. Seven people, including the
seater bus. Seventeen girl students, are among those dead. Sources said driver, Balandru Vishwakrma,
who were on their way to attend the the passengers had boarded the bus managed to swim to safety.


D ebutant left-arm spinner Axar

Patel's five-wicket haul in
England's second innings -- cou-
Rashtrapati Bhavan
said in a statement on
Tuesday. Telangana
pled with Ravichandran Ashwin's Governor Tamilisai
all-round performance -- made In- Soundararajan has
dia's job easy as they registered a been directed to dis-
FLIGHT MAKES commanding 317-run win in the charge functions of
EMERGENCY LANDING second Test on Tuesday, and level APPLE DOUBLES ITS the Lieutenant-Gover-

A n IndiGo airlines flight from

Indore on Tuesday had to
the four-match series 1-1. The win
takes India to the second spot on
MARKET SHARE nor of Puducherry.
Earlier in the day,
make an emergency landing at Devi
Ahilyabai Holkar Airport after a
crack was detected in the wind-
the World Test Championship
points table. India need one more
win in this series to seal a spot in
D riven by record sales of previ-
ous-generation products like
the iPhone 11, iPhone SE (2020) and
Puducherry Social
Welfare Minister Kan-
dasamy said the Cabi-
shield of the aircraft. The Chennai- the final that will be played in June iPhone XR, Apple logged a massive net headed by Chief
bound flight with 100 passengers at Lord's, London, in England. 93 per cent growth (year-on-year) in Minister
departed from the airport at 3.41 2020, said a new IDC report on Mon- Narayanasamy will re-
pm, and within four minutes the air day. Apple has, for the first time, sign after the resigna-
traffic control (ATC) received a doubled its India smartphone mar- tions of Congress leg-
message from the aircraft about a ket share in the festive quarter of islators in Puducherry
crack in the windshield. Arrange- 2020. The iPhone maker, at the sev- ahead of the assembly
ments were subsequently made for enth slot in the India smartphone elections later this
an emergency landing and the tally, exited 2020 with year-on-year year.
flight landed safely at 4.03 pm. growth of 93 per cent.


��������������������������������� Ffuture
ourteen-month old Fatima faced a bleak
afflicted with a killer muscular
galore Baptist Hospital late last month. She
emerged "a lucky winner of a lottery"
disorder, but a Rs 16 crore 'revolutionary' through a compassionate access pro-
gene therapy she underwent at a city hospi- gramme by drug major Novartis that
tal after winning a 'lottery' has given her a helped her get the costly treatment, afford-
new lease of life. Fatima, daughter of Mo- able only by multi-millionaires, the hospital
hammed Basil and Khadija from Bhatkal said. "The cost of this medicine is about 2.1
town in the coastal Uttara Kannada district million US dollars, which is roughly about
in Karnataka, is recovering after she was Rs. 16 crore," hospital Director (CEO)
given 'Zolgensma', the gene therapy at Ban- Naveen Thomas said.
� ������ INDORE | WEDNESDAY | FEBRUARY 17, 2021


T wo crows, husband and wife, and a cobra lived on
a banyan tree in a forest near a small kingdom.
The cobra was wicked and ate the crows' eggs when the

Int'l Vedic
crows left the nest in search of food. The crows did not
know what to do. They went to a wise jackal and ask

for advice. The jackal suggested a plan to them. As per
the plan, one of
the crows flew
Khadi saris for
women cops
to the royal ttarakhand Chief Minister
palace and find- Trivendra Singh Rawat on Tues-
ing a chance,
stole a very pre-
cious necklace
W omen front desk executives of
the Delhi Police at its various
offices will soon be seen donning
day said an International Vedic
School will be built on the banks of Bha-
girathi in Tehri where students will be
belonging to the khadi silk saris. The Delhi Police has taught Sanskrit apart from Hindi and
queen, even as purchased 850 exquisite khadi silk English languages. Launching the Tehri
the guards watched. The crow deliberately flew slowly sarees at a cost of RS 25 lakh for its lake festival on the occasion of Vasant
to its nest, so that the guards could follow it. On reach- women officers at the front desk. Panchami, he said the institution will
ing the banyan tree, the crow dropped the necklace The Khadi and Village Industries help the entire world learn about Indian
into the tree's hollow cove, where the snake lived. On Commission (KVIC) has supplied 850 culture. Rawat said the future of Ut-
finding a cobra in the hollow, the guards killed it and exquisite dual-tone sarees made of tarakhand tourism lies in Tehri where
retrieved the necklace. The crows thanked the jackal high quality "Tasar-Katia Silk" to lake festival will be held every year on
and lived happily thereafter. Delhi Police. Vasant Panchami.

Honda Sleep and success

unveils Musk prescribes six hours

Rs 1.96L T esla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk
in a podcast disclosed that he
sleeps no more than six hours a night
has to work at least 80 hours a week
to be successful. He went even fur-
ther and said that it could be as

because sleeping less decreases total much as 100 hours if you really
productivity. In an episode of the pod- want to change the world you live
cast 'The Joe Rogan Experience' Musk in. "There were times when, some
confessed that he tends to work a lot weeks ... I haven't counted exactly,
and even schedule meetings at but I would just sort of sleep for a
one or two in the morning. "I few hours, work, sleep for a few
tried sleeping less, but then total hours, work, seven days a week, "
productivity decreases. I Musk noted. In 2018, Tesla employ-
don't find myself want- ees told Business Insider that they
ing more sleep than six would frequently see their boss
(hours)," he said. Earlier, asleep while curled under tables,
Musk said then that one desks, and even on the factory floor.

onda Motorcycle &
Scooter India Pvt
Ltd today launched 'Aks-e-Mausiqui' Overcoming petrol blues
the CB350 RS motorcycle
starting at 196,000 rupees,
ex-showroom. Bookings for
A n online exhibition of archival portraits of leading
Indian classical artists, including Kishori Amonkar,
Pt. Birju Maharaj and
E ven as filling-up a full tank of petrol is fast becoming
a pipe dream for many, the alternative as well as fu-
turistic electric powered vehicles seem to offer better run-
the motorcycle are open on Shovana Narayan, tak- ning price realisation. The running cost of EVs comes to
the company's official web- en at their live per- Rs 1 per km, Rs 9 for petrol, Rs 6 for diesel and about Rs 2.5
site and across all Honda formances is current- per km for vehicles being run on CNG.
BigWing dealerships, but ly open for view. The
the company said deliveries photographs are taken
would start only by early by Lucknow-based
March. The new motorcycle photographer Rakesh
is the fourth model to be Sinha The exhibition
launched under the BigWing is titled 'Aks--e--
portfolio, which caters to Mausiqui' (Shadow of
350-500cc range. Music).
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Also into dairying, warehousing QUICK NEWS

6 years in power �������������������������� B'desh navy ship at Mumbai

B angladesh Navy ship Prot-

toy visited Mumbai for two

he Aam Aadmi Party n Monday, when a blue- days on Sunday and Monday.
(AAP) on Tuesday com- coloured helicopter landed in a The ship had a crew of 137 per-
pleted six years in power in cloud of dust in an open sonnel and was docked at the
Delhi. On this occasion, Del- ground in Vadpe village near Bhiwandi Mumbai Port Trust for these
two days. Due to COVID-19 re-
hi Chief Minister Arvind in Maharashtra, virtually the entire
strictions, routine courtesy call-
Kejriwal lauded his govern- village ran out to gawk at it and wel-
ons, social get togethers, ex-
ment's efforts in handling come its owner Janardhar Bhoir.
change visits and other sports
the Covid-19 pandemic, pro- Bhoir, 55, a down-to-earth farmer-cum- fixtures between the visitors
viding free ration for poor builder-cum-entrepreneur, but with and host naval personnel were
families during lockdown, high-flying ambitions, has invested in a flyer, almost every week he flies to avoided, the Indian Navy said.
etc. Addressing a press con- chopper to help manage his businesses places in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi,
ference, Kejriwal said, "Del- spread across several cities and states Punjab, Haryana and occasionally to
hi government could suc- in western and northwest India. "I be- other major cities, but rued that he 74 years of Delhi Police
cessfully tackle Covid-19." long to farming family. A few years ago,
I entered the realty business construct-
wasted a lot of time in road traffic, at
airports and getting convenient con- T he Delhi Police on Tuesday
celebrated its 74th Raising
Day with a grand ceremonial pa-
ing huge warehouses which are in nections to smaller places that are off
great demand in this region, and later the air-map. "A pilot friend of mine rade at the New Police Line,
diversified into the dairy business had suggested I could consider acquir- Kingsway Camp Ground. Police
Commissioner SN Shrivastava
also," Bhoir said. A veritable frequent ing a helicopter," he explained.
emphasised on a scientific ap-
proach for Delhi police and the

Myanmar diaspora
various measures taken for it.
Bitcoin past $50K mark Chief guest Minister of State for
do happen' A fter a wild stretch in which Bitcoin
repeatedly set new highs amid protests coup Home G. Kishan Reddy conferred
medals on 75 police personnel.

A mid fading hopes of the

survival of those who
went missing after a glacier dis-
murmurs of its seemingly unstoppable
ascendance, the digital currency
crossed the $50,000 mark for the first
T he Myanmar diaspora has gone
global in their protests against the
military coup in their homeland by Memoirs of Ashoka
aster in Uttarakhand's Chamoli
district 10 days ago, NDRF
time on
staging demonstrations in countries
like Japan, Taiwan, India and Thai- P enguin Random House India is
to publish prizewinning writer
Irwin Allan Sealys stunning new
Commandant PK Tiwari on Bitcoin is land. The
Tuesday said search-and-res- rallying Myanmarese novel, titled "ASOCA: A Sutra", an
imagined memoir of Ashoka The
cue operations will go on till the as more diaspora is
Great, the emperor who ruled most
last victim is reached. Asked compa- protesting in
of the Indian Subcontinent and
about the chances of survival of nies sig- Tokyo outside
played a pivotal role in the spread
those missing, the NDRF com- nal the the Japan Foreign Ministry office ask- of Buddhism from India to other
mandant said he cannot say volatile digital currency could eventu- ing the Japanese government to con- parts of Asia in the 3rd century
anything with confidence but ally gain widespread acceptance as a le- demn the army action in Myanmar. BC. Earlier, Penguin had published
miracles do happen. gitimate means of payment. Bitcoin Pro-democracy protestors are dressing the 30th anniversary edition of
has been mostly seen as a store of val- up in red - the colour of Suu Kyi's Na- Sealy's critically acclaimed debut
ue, like gold, with few places accepting tional League for Democracy (NLD) novel "The Trotter-Nama".
it in exchange for goods or services. party and carry her photographs.

1L visit Kaziranga KXIP is now Punjab Kings

Students protest Disha arrest
Free Internet for
BPL families
T he Covid-19 pandemic
could not dampen the spir- I ndian Premier League
(IPL) franchise Kings XI

T o bridge the digital divide

by providing high-speed,
S tudents in Delhi and Bengaluru held
protests against the arrest of 21-year-old
Disha Ravi and demanded her immediate re-
it of 1.11 lakh tourists, includ-
ing 175 foreigners, from visit-
ing the UNESCO world her-
Punjab has been renamed Pun-
jab Kings, co-owner of the fran-
chise, Mohit Burman has con-
affordable Internet connectivi- lease. Student activists of All India Students' itage site firmed. Bur-
ty to every household, Kerala Association (AISA) were on Tuesday seen Kaziranga man has also
Chief Minister Pinarayi Vi- protesting National said that the
jayan on Monday launched the outside the Park and franchise will
KFON (Kerala Fibre Optic Net- Delhi Police Tiger Reserve (KNP & TR), con- unveil a new
work) in the state. Speaking at headquarters sidered as one of the best con- logo on Wednesday ahead of the
the launch event, the Chief demanding served wildlife reserves in the upcoming mini-auction slated to
Minister said that KFON will the immedi- country. Besides rhinos, the be held in Chennai on Thursday.
revolutionise the digital space. ate release of KNP & TR has 121 tigers, 1,089 "We put it to research, both with
"With KFON, free internet con- arrested 'climate activist' Disha Ravi. AISA elephants and huge numbers of fans and with closed groups, and
nectivity will be provided to 20 activists were seen protesting with placards Asiatic buffalo, swamp deer have finally arrived at the new
lakh BPL families. It will also amid slogans of 'Inquilab Zindabad' and and other endangered animals name," he said.
cover villages in all 14 districts. 'Disha Ravi ko riha karo' on Tuesday. and snakes.
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J apanese tennis player Naomi Osa-
ka advanced to the semi-finals of
O disha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Tuesday laid the founda-
tion stone for the country's largest hockey stadium in Rourkela
ahead of Men's Hockey World Cup 2023,
the ongoing Australian Open after which will be hosted in Bhubaneswar and
overpowering Taiwan's Su-Wei Hsieh
on Tuesday. The three-time Grand
Rourkela. The new international hockey sta-
dium to be named after "Birsa Munda" is go-
Slam champion ing to be the modern field hockey facility. 'universe'
Osaka defeated
Hsieh in two
The stadium site is located within the sprawling campus of Biju Pat-
naik University of Technology and is adjacent to the Rourkela air strip. S outh superstar Nagarjuna
Akkineni on Tuesday finished
shooting for the upcoming fanta-
sets and sealed sy-adventure "Brahmastra" and
a comfortable INDIA OUTPLAYED US: ROOT said he is waiting for the audience
victory in 66 The second Test against India was an edu- to experience the film's "outstand-
minutes at Rod cation for England on how to play in condi- ing" universe. Directed by Ayan
Laver Arena. In the other women's sin- tions favouring spin bowlers, said England Mukerji, "Brahmastra" is billed
gles quarter-finals, American tennis captain Joe Root after his team lost the sec- as a three-film series and stars
player Serena Williams Serena defeat- ond Test by 317 runs to India on Tuesday. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.
ed Romania's Simona Halep 6-3, 6-3 in "Credit to India, they outplayed us in all The first part will see Kapoor play
the quarter-finals and as a result, the three departments. It has been an education for us. You could come up Shiva, a man with special powers.
American has her dream intact of reg- with conditions like these and we have to learn from this," said Root. Nagarjuna took to Twitter and
istering her 24th Grand Slam win. shared pictures from the sets.

ballerina avatar 'Darlings' to go
A ctress Jacqueline Fernandez
took her hotness quotient
on floor
notches higher with pictures she
posted on Tuesday dressed as a bal-
lerina. The posted two pictures in a
T he Shah Rukh Khan production
Darlings, starring Alia Bhatt, is
set to go on floors soon. The makers
ballerina avatar, looking fit as ever. plan to release the film later this
For caption, she left emojis of a lion, year, it was revealed on Monday. An
a tiger, a rainbow and a heart. Her official announcement on the proj-
post has garnered over 12 lakh likes. ect will be made soon. Darlings is
Fans have been gushing in the com- pitched as a quirky story about a
ment section, over how they cannot mother-daughter duo. While Alia
get enough of her graceful and sen- plays the daughter, actress Shefali
suous look. Shah is cast as the mother.

In Eng, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu

Godzilla vs. Kong to release on March 31 FP SCHOOL is an initiative of
Free Press to provide a wholesome
newspaper to school-going children.
T he much-awaited 'Godzilla vs.
Kong' will be released in four
languages. The makers of the high-
Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. Godzilla
vs. Kong', which is releasing on
March 31, will be simultaneously
It is a digital daily, published
Mondays through Fridays. Children
ly-anticipated flick, Warner Bros., available to watch in movie the- or parents interested in subscribing
shared the news on Twitter along aters and on the streaming service to the newspaper only need to
with a teaser clip from the movie. HBO Max. Warner Bros. had earli-
WhatsApp 'FP SCHOOL' to
They noted that the forthcoming
film will be released in English,
er moved the film's release date two
months earlier than expected.
The subscription is free.