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Arrivals Active Vocabulary

1. duty-free - не подлежащий обложению таможенной пошлиной или сбором;

2. flight deck - кабина экипажа
3. departure - отправление, отъезд, отход
4. departure lounge - зал ожидания
5. arrival - прибытие
6. to cancel - отменить
7. to delay - задерживать
8. check-in desk - место регистрации (пассажиров)
9. excess baggage charge - оплата за излишек багажа
10. boarding pass - посадочный талон
11. conveyor belt - конвейер
12. to take off / to land - взлетать/ приземляться
13. to declare - декларировать
14. invoice - I. счёт, фактура: 2. выписать счёт, фактуру
15. allowance I. разрешение, допуск; 2. скидка
16. to book / to reserve резервировать
17. left luggage office камера хранения багажа
18. excess излишек, избыток
19. duty – таможенная пошлина
20. air terminal - терминал аэропорта
21. checking-time - время регистрации
22. long-distance flight - рейс дальнего следования
23. forced landing - вынужденная посадка
24. customs - таможня
25. country of residence - страна проживания
26. fill in - заполнять
27. passport check-point - паспортный контроль
28. grant a visa - выдавать визу
29. smuggle sth in (into the country, out of the country) - провезти что-то
Task 1. Translate the words and phrases into Russian:
Customs, boarding pass , country of residence, air terminal, forced landing , customs
officer, grant a visa, long-distance flight, checking-time, duty, fill in, smuggle sth in (into the
country, out of the country), pay duty.

Task 2. Match the English word combination on the left with its Russian equivalent
on the right:
1) a duty-free shop а) аварийная посадка
2) lo delay domestic flights b) зарезервировать комнату в отеле
3) to loose one's boarding pass c) отменить внутренние рейсы
4) to put the baggage on the conveyor belt d) отдыхать в зале ожидания
5) to book a room in a hotel e) брать чемодан из камеры хранения
6) crash landing f) беспошлинный магазин
7) to lake a suitcase from left luggage office g) потерять посадочный талон
8) to have a rest in the departure lounge h) класть багаж на конвейер

Task 3. Translate the words and phrases into English:

Вынужденная посадка, таможенные правила, дальний рейс, время регистрации,
посадочный талон, таможня, заполнять, провезти что-то контрабандой, паспортный
контроль, таможенник, страна проживания, зал ожидания, таможенный сбор,
предоставить визу

Task 4. Make up word combinations. Translate them into Russian:

to visit departure
basic this restaurant
to declare of a contract
fortunate at the check-in desk
cancellation at Customs
scheduled a flight deck
to inquire about smth taking off
to reserve allowance

Task 5. Match the English word combination on the left with its Russian equivalent
on the right:
1) I'd like to make a reservation on the A. Я бы хотел заказать билет
2) How much is overweight? на..
3) Here's your boarding pass B. Где находится выход 32?
4) Where would you like to sit? C. Пристегните ремни
5) Where is Gate 32? безопасности.
6) Do you want first class or economy? D. Где бы вы хотели сидеть?
7) The plane arrives at 8 p.m E. Самолет прибывает в 8
8) The plane takes off at 7 a.m часов вечера.
F. Вот ваш посадочный талон
G. Когда мне нужно прибыть
H. регистрацию?
9)Fasten seatbelts
I. Вам билет первого или
10) When am I supposed to check in?
эконом класса?
J. Какой перевес?
K. Самолет улетает в 7 часов

Task 6. Translate the sentences into English:

1. Простите, я могу курить теперь?
2. Вам придёмся пройти и зал ожидания, т.к. рейс задерживается.
3. Не могли бы Вы сказать мне, где находится камера хранения, пожалуйста?
4. Зайдите в отдел таможни и зарегистрируйте свой багаж.
5. Мистеру X. пришлось оплатить таможенную пошлину за превышение веса багажа.
6. Не могли бы Вы помочь мне с декларацией?
7. Мой секретарь зарезервировала комнату в Вашем отеле несколько дней назад.
Это одноместный номер с душем и телевизором.
8. Не могли бы Вы произнести этот номер ещё раз?

Task 7. Make up sentences out of the following words:

1. / Would / to make / the 10th / a / firm / I / of / like / reservation / August/ please / for/.
2. / Domestic / were / the day / all / before / delayed / yesterday / flights /.
3. / Lounge / the/ are / our / flight / their / for / departure / in / relatives / waiting/.
4. / Duty-free / the / you / buy / perfume / in / may / shop /.
5. / The / the / not / to visit / deck / allow / rules / do / flight /.
6. /To have / a / for / samples / Customs / you / have /declaration / these /.
7. / Tell / you / could / where / me / are / please / the / telephones /?

Task 8. Read the text and try to understand it without a dictionary:

At the Airport
Pal arrived at the airport two hours ago to catch her plane to Tokyo. At the check-in
counter, a ticket agent looked at her ticket and her passport, and her baggage was
checked in/weighed on the scales. Pat's suitcases were very heavy, so she had to pay an
excess baggage charge (amount of money for additional weight). Next, she was given a
boarding pass (a ticket that allows her to get on the plane). The boarding pass has a seat
number written on it, and Pat was given a window seat in the non-smoking section. Her
suitcases were labeled and set off to be loaded into the hold of the airplane.
While waiting for the flight to be called. Pat goes to the newsstand to buy a newspaper.
Then, she goes through the security check, where her carry-on luggage (the bags she is
keeping with her on the plane) is searched. Then Pat goes into the duty-free shop where
she has a chance to buy some things cheaply. The goods she buys here are cheap
because they are not taxed.
In the departure lounge Pal joins the other passengers who are sitting and waiting until it is
time for their flight to depart. After a few minutes Pat hears the announcement: “Flight 156
to Tokyo now boarding at Gale Three”, and she goes to board (get on) her plane.

Task 9.Fill in the gaps with the words and expressions from (the text):
1. When you arrive at the airport you first go to the ... counter.
2. You have to have a ... pass so that you can get on the plane.
3. Alter the security check, you wail in the ... lounge.
4. You can buy many things cheaply at the ... shop.
5. When you hear the announcement, you go to the ... to board your plane.

Task 10. Read and translate the text:

Business trip abroad
The day before your journey, study again the data in your ticket: airport of departure, the
airline you are going to fly by (your carrier), flight number, departure check-in time (the time
by which passengers should be at the airline check-in desk to be accepted for the flight),
the departure time for the aircraft.
If you fail to arrive at the check-in in due time, you will not be accepted for transportation
on the flight for which you have reserved a seat.
The outgoing passengers may leave the country only if they have an exit visa and a foreign
passport. At every international airport there is a customs control. A passenger may carry
duty free articles if they are for personal use. Restricted articles may be imported, but in
this case they liable the customs duty.
When you arrive abroad the first thing you will think about is where to stay. Almost always
people stay at hotels or guest-houses. It is necessary to book a room in advance by letter,
telephone or telegram. Otherwise you may arrive at the hotel and be told that there are no
rooms available. On arrival at the hotel go to the reception desk and confirm your
reservation. The clerk will then give you a registration form to fill in and sign (the form is
usually filled in block letters). At large hotels you may ask for any service by telephone.
You tell the operator if you wish to be called at a certain time, you call room service when
you want a meal or drinks sent up to your room, valet or maid service if you need
something (a suit or dress) cleaned or pressed. Let the hotel management know well in
advance the day and the time of your departure.

Task 11. Answer the following questions:

1. What problem will you face if you fail to arrive at the check in due time?
2. What condition can the out-going passengers leave the country on?
3. What do you call the card they give you with the seat number on it?
4. What do you call the part of the airport you walk through when you arrive or depart?
5. What do you call the people who look after you on the plane?
6. What do you call the place where you collect your luggage after you land?
7. What cards do you show when passing through customs?
8. What is the most interesting and the most boring part of flying (from check in to the time
you leave the airport at your destination)?

Task 12. Where do you go first when you travel by plane? Put these places in the
correct order.
Write 1-6 on the left:
__passport control
__ baggage reclaim
1 the check-in desk
___the plane
___the arrival hall
___the departure lounge

Task 13. Read and act out:

1) On the Plane
PASSENGER 1: Excuse me, may I have an in-flight magazine, please?
STEWARDESS: Here you are. And how is your neighbor?
PASSENGER 2: Much better, thank you. Your medicine works wonders. I’m quite well.
STEWARDESS: Glad to hear it.
PASSENGER 2: What are you reading? Is this a business magazine?
PASSENGER 1: Yes, that's right. Are you a businessman?
PASSENGER 2: I have my own firm. We sell computers, mainly portable ones.
PASSENGER 1: Where are you from? I mean, what city do you live in?
PASSENGER 2: Chicago.
PASSENGER 1: Is this your first visit to Los Angeles?
PASSENGER 2: Oh no. I've been there many times. It’s a beautiful city, but I did not have much
time to go sightseeing. I was always busy.
+PASSENGER 1: Ah-ha! And now is this business or pleasure?
PASSENGER 2: I’m on business.

2) At the Airport
ANNOUNCER: Welcome to John F. Kennedy International Airport.
ATTENDANT: Where will you be flying today?
ATTENDANT: May I see your ticket, passport, and visa, please?
TRAVELLER: Here you go. My visa’s on page six of my passport.
АТТENDANT: Could you like a window or an aisle seat?
TRAVELLER: Aisle, please
ATTENDANT: Do you prefer smoking or nonsmoking?
TRAVELLER: Nonsmoking.
ATTENDANT: I have 13 E available. How many pieces of luggage do you have?
ATTENDANT: Here's your boarding pass. The plane will board half an hour prior to departure.
You'll be leaving from gale three, on your left.
TRAVELLER: Thank you.

At a travel agency
AGENT : May I help you?
NANCY: Yes, I need a ticket to Paris.
AGENT: One way or round trip?
NANCY: Round trip.
AGENT: When would you like to go?
NANCY: Next month, 2nd April 2011. I prefer a morning flight.
AGENT: Do you prefer any airline or it doesn’t matter?
NANCY: I don’t mind but I do want to go business class and have a direct flight.
AGENT: When would you like to return?
NANCY :I want to return on 15th April.
AGENT: Let me check the computer. Yes, there is a flight available on Blue Skies. The tickets will
cost $1645.
NANCY: All right, I’d like to book this flight.
AGENT: Thank you. You can collect your tickets at this office on 28thMarch.
NANCY: Thanks.

At the airport check-in

NANCY: Hello
AGENT: Hello. May I have your ticket and passport?
NANCY: Yes, here they are.
AGENT: How many pieces of luggage would you like to check in?
NANCY: Just one, I also have one small bag.
AGENT: Your luggage is two kilos over the limit. You will have to pay an extra charge of $100.
NANCY: No problem. Can I pay by cash?
AGENT: Of course.
NANCY: Here you are.
AGENT: Thank you, have a nice flight.
NANCY: Thanks.

At Customs

AGENT: Welcome to Paris. Do you have anything to declare?

AGENT: Could you open your bag please?
NANCY: Sure, is everything OK?
AGENT: Yes ma’am, enjoy your stay in Paris.
NANCY: Thanks.

Arrival to the Destination Airport

AGENT: Welcome to Canada. May I see your passport please?
NANCY: Sure. Here it is.
AGENT: Where are you coming from?
NANCY: I'm coming from Seoul, Korea.
AGENT: What is the purpose of your visit?
NANCY: I'm here on business.
AGENT: How long are you planning to stay?
NANCY: I'll be staying for three weeks.
AGENT: Where will you be staying?
NANCY: I'll be staying at a hotel.
+AGENT: Have you ever been to Canada before?
NANCY: No, this is my first time.
AGENT: Do you have anything to declare?
NANCY: No, nothing.
AGENT: Enjoy your stay.
NANCY: Thank you.

Lost Baggage
WOMAN: I hate waiting for baggage, don’t you?
WILBUR: Oh, yes. Mine always seems to be the last.
WOMAN: I’m always so nervous. Last year they lost my suitcase. Have they ever lost yours?
WILBUR: Mine? No.
WOMAN: Ah! There’s my bag now. Right, I’ve got it. Bye.
WILBUR: Ah, excuse me. My bag hasn’t arrived yet.
AIRLINE AGENT: Which Flight?
WILBUR: Urn, Redwood Airlines from Seattle.
WILBUR: Pardon me?
AIRLINE AGENT: The flight number. RRA 438?
WILBUR: Yes. Everyone else’s bags came off the baggage claim, and now it’s stopped. But mine
never arrived.
AIRLINE AGENT: Uh huh. Did it have your name and address on it?
WILBUR: It had my name, address, zip code and telephone number.
AIRLINE AGENT: We’ll try to find it for you, sir. Can you fill out this form? Description of bag, flight
number, value of contents etc.
WILBUR: Oh. Yes.
AIRLINE AGENT: Do you have an itemized list of the contents?
WILBUR: No. Why?
AIRLINE AGENT: Your insurance company might ask for an itemized list. You’d better write one.
AIRLINE AGENT: And don’t worry. Ninety percent of lost bags turn up some place.
WILBUR: I hope so.
AIRLINE AGENT: If it doesn’t turn up within twelve hours your insurance will pay for the things you
need right now — a clean shirt, socks, underwear, that kind of thing.

Task 14. Fill in the blanks with a vocabulary word in the box below:

check-in security check present

confirmation number domestic agent international
counter boarding passes

1. The airline agent will give you your _____ when you check in.
2. This is an ____ flight, so you will need to bring your passport.
3. When I went through ____, they told me I couldn’t take my pocket knife on the plane.
4. Please wait in line for the next available ___.
5. After I paid for my plane ticket, the travel agent gave me a ____.
6. Many ____ airlines do not have international flights.
7. You can buy a ticket at the ____ if you don’t have one.
8. My suitcase was too big, so I had to ____ it.
+9. When you go through security, they might ask you to ____ your passport and boarding pass.
10. We need to ____ before we can go through security.

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