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Crankshaft Machining System Showcased by Komatsu Machinery Corp. & Komatsu NTC Ltd.

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall 1. Booth No. E1046, E1047.
Komatsu Machinery Corp. and Komatsu NTC LTD. will be jointly showcasing the integrated Crankshaft Machining System
and perform process demonstrations at the JIMTOF 2008 during Oct.30th - Nov.4th, 2008.

Product pictures Machining Portions Product Features and Advantages

①Both ends milling and centering for front end process.
Both ends milling
Both ends center drilling ②A laser to measure counterweight figure enhances
Milling& optimum centering process.
Centering ③MQL system is adopted for center drilling process.
 MQL : Minimal Quantity Lubrication
④Datum surface milling unit can be optionally installed.

Main journal milling ① High process efficiency and minimal tooling cost are
the advantages of its internal cutter design and work
Pin journal milling stationary machining.
Mill ②High flexibility in cutting speed for different material
GPM190F-5 types (FCD, Steel) by AC spindle motor.
③Energy saving and Low noise level.

Front shaft turning ①Two chucks in both cutter units to independently

Rear flange turning clamp and re-clamp the both ends of workpiece
enables multiple process usually required 3 lathe
Turning & Main journal semi-finishing machines. ( front, rear, main journal )
②40 insert tips per tool with less tool change intervals
Machine can extend full automation time.
③High rigidity of insert support enhances reliability to
breakage and availability for full automation process.
①MQL system in oil hole drilling improves process
Oil hole cross drilling efficiency.
Oil hole angle drilling ②Cartridge type built-in spindle enables high
Oil Hole maintainability.
Machine ③Driving Motor for each travel axis is located at center
position enhancing cutting speed and accuracies.
④Compact sized with high rigidity design is comparable
to #40.

Main journal grinding ①Small footprint, just 2550mm machine width.

Pin journal grinding ②Space saving design due to united mechanical &
Grinding electrical unit.
Machine ③Linear motor drive and high rigidity slide guide for
NTG-CKP1 higher grinding speed and accuracy.
④Hydrostatic spindle, built-in motor drive and
hydrostatic live center for higher grinding accuracy.

①Cable-less transfer way used for trolley type power

supply and optical transmission.
Auto Loader ②Higher transfer speed and lower noise by using
GGA30C-6 Cable-less design.
③Easy re-formation such as transfer line extension and
additional carriers installation due to cable-less

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